F1 2019 Gameplay Video Blowout: F1 at Night in Bahrain

F1 2019 26 May 5, 2019 by

We continue our coverage of F1 2019’s first media hands-on event with a handful of gameplay videos from the title. These will include players’ first real look at the new Formula 2 class, but first, here’s a showcase of the game’s improved night-time visuals.

Codemasters has been working on F1 2019 for the last two years. While we’d never call last year’s title a bad-looking game — at least, we didn’t in our review — the team has spent the time tweaking the visuals. At first, even we’ll admit we couldn’t see much of a difference, but a direct back-to-back comparison during last week’s presentation confirmed it. The biggest change is undoubtedly the lighting engine, specifically during night races.

Modern F1 cars are incredibly complex shapes, and 2019 adds a great deal of subtlety and complexity to reflections. You can see it best in the above videos, featuring a Renault lapping Bahrain circuit.

Also notable above is the improved atmospheric visuals. The spotlights dotting the track all feature a bit of a haze around them, giving a palpable sense of depth to the air. We saw this elsewhere in the game during the early hours too, with that slightly misty feeling of morning.

None of this is reinventing the wheel, but it’s a solid set of tweaks to bring the visual experience closer in line with the real thing. The benefits aren’t just for players either: with the F1 esport series set to be even bigger this year, the game’s broadcast appeal is important too.

In addition to the replay above, you can check out the onboard below:

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with F1 2019 lead handling designer David Greco.

Stay tuned for more footage, and our in-depth hands-on coverage tomorrow!

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