Certain F1 2019 Customizable Liveries Cost $2 Each

F1 2019 is now available across the globe. It introduces a variety of new features to Codemasters’ long-standing franchise, including a rather controversial one: microtransactions.

We learned about the inclusion of microtransactions before launch from Codies itself at a preview event. There, game director Lee Mather explained that customization would be central to the game’s online modes this year. Players would use the new spec F1 car, with multiple liveries available to tweak to their own tastes. Their digital avatar would get in on the action too, with custom helmets, outfits, and gloves.

Players can unlock a good chunk of these items via multiplayer actions in F1 2019. However, some are only available through real-cash purchases. With the game now out, we have a clear idea of the associated costs.

On the PlayStation Store, livery layouts cost $1.99 each. It’s slightly more over on Xbox, at $2.39 a pop. Helmets go for $1.49 (XBS: $1.79), while suits and gloves are $0.99 each ($1.19). Badges are oddly the same on both platforms, also at $0.99.

It’s important to note that these liveries are all editable, though not as freely as elsewhere in the genre. Players can tweak the colors, usually anywhere from two to four per livery, to their specific choices. It’s certainly far more DriveClub than Forza or Gran Turismo in terms of creative freedom.

As it stands, there are more options available to players via in-game unlocks than microtransactions. It’s unclear how the numbers will grow post-release, however.

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