F1 2019 Will Feature Microtransactions — Including Items Only Available Via Cash

F1 2019 93 May 24, 2019 by

One of the major tenets Codemasters is pushing for the upcoming F1 2019 is customization. We’ve now learned that microtransactions will be a part of the equation when the game launches next month.

When we took part in the F1 2019 preview event a few weeks ago, game director Lee Mather talked us through the game’s customization. Players will earn Competition Points via multiplayer events, which they can then use to unlock unique liveries, suits, helmets, and more.

At a similar preview event, Mather told Screenrant that there will be a form of microtransactions in F1 2019. This ties to the customization features, and in fact, some items will only be available through cash purchases. When Screenrant asked if the Premium Tier was a cash-only affair, Mather’s response was “for the very high level ones, yes.”

The full article also confirms that players will only be able to unlock other customization items through different in-game challenges.

It’s a surprising move from Codemasters. The racing genre has had all manner of approaches to the MTX model: some titles like iRacing or RaceRoom are practically built off it. Polyphony Digital reversed its decision on microtransactions in GT Sport by introducing them last summer, right after the Forza franchise declared it wouldn’t use them.

As is, this sounds like Codemasters will be limiting paid-for items to visual customization only. As for how much the system relies on the Premium Tier, or how easy it is to earn Competition Points, we’ll surely find out more before F1 2019 launches June 28.

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