Fanatec Reveals New Limited Edition ClubSport F1 2021 Steering Wheel

Fanatec has revealed a new limited edition version of its ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 for 2021. It’s, unsurprisingly, called the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2021, and is limited to just 2021 units worldwide.

It’s the latest wheel in an annual tradition that goes back to 2018. Each year Fanatec releases a version of the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 with open grips and a unique look, limited to the same number of units as the calendar year. In the past we’ve seen the golden F1 2018, the silver F1 2019, and the very orange F1 2020.

This year’s color scheme is a little bit more interesting than usual, although it doesn’t look too different at first glance. However once the lights go out or the curtains are drawn, the 2021 wheel takes on a new life as the wheel starts to glow.

That’s courtesy of a phosphorescent compound which is part of the material used on the button surrounds and grips. It absorbs light and slowly re-emits it in the dark — working best with short wavelength light such as fluorescent tubes or low energy bulbs.

The feature is something that will actually come in handy for those of us who prefer to race in the dark, making it easier to find buttons without having to refocus on the wheel.

Aside from the the glow, the features of the ClubSport F1 2021 will be very familiar. It comes with a 5mm-thick carbon fiber front plate, Alcantara grips, and has the Podium Advanced Paddle Module as standard. That comes with 3mm-thick carbon fiber shift paddles and black anodized aluminum clutch paddles, which is unique to the 2021 wheel.

The various controls — 11 buttons (with included customisable caps), two rotary thumb encoders, three 12-way multi-position switches, and toggle switches — allow for up to 67 different functions. The wheel also features the ClubSport Quick Release adapter (now called QR1), and players can upgrade to the QR2 version when it becomes available.

You will need to be quick if you want one though. Despite only being revealed this morning, more than a third of the global allocation of 2021 units has already been taken.

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