Car of the Week | Week 62: The Red Standard (Red Bull X2014 Standard Car)

Quick one for me this week: I really didn't like the GR010. Then again, I don't get along with most high–downforce cars, so maybe I'm talking out my butt more than usual.

Like the FT-1 Gr.3 last week, the GR010 is a racing Toyota just doesn't put down power at all. Out of tight 2nd gear corners, there comes a certain point in the rev range where the engine completely and very suddenly overwhelms the rear tyres. Back in that limited–time Olympic Esports tie–in event at Deep Forest, I've had to restart countless times from sudden power oversteer, until I swallowed my pride and put TCS on 1, and then proceeded to beat the event by a wide margin first try. It may be common consensus that TCS will always slow down a driver, but with me and the GR010, TCS saved me a LOT of time—who knows how much longer I'd have spent hitting restart on that race if I kept banging my head against the engine block of this car.

I think the GR010 is a lot more willing to bite into apexes of corners than the TS050, the de facto Gr.1 car when fuel is a limiting factor in the race, but the TS050 puts down its power a LOT better coming out of them, I think because the TS050 has a much higher output with its electric motors driving the front wheels, helping alleviate power oversteer.

It seems to me that the batteries in the TS050 are a lot more efficient in charging and discharging than those of the GR010 as well; when both cars are depleted of charge, I spent about 3 seconds off throttle braking and turning for the final corner of Sard A, and I got more than 3 seconds of VERY heavy battery boost out of said corner with the TS050 versus the very weak 1 second boost I got from a GR010. While the low output batteries of the GR010 lasts a lot longer by providing a lower level of very consistent boost up to 250km/h, it also means the car completely dies off after it depletes it charge, as opposed to the TS050 that stays strong the whole race. Also, the ICE in the TS050 is able to charge its battery when running at low loads—it was charging its battery on the long gait to the pit box, but I noticed no such thing in the GR010. All that is to say, the longer the race, the more it favours the older TS050, and it's not like the TS050 is the slower of the two in a hot lap scenario, either.

In practice, while the TS050 is faster, the difference wasn't nearly night and day as I had expected. But, if you haven't gotten a free GR010 from "participating" in the Gazoo Racing Cup, the damn thing costs three freaking million credits in the Brand Central—thrice that of the faster, more efficient, and easier to drive TS050. And here I thought the LMH class was supposed to be cheaper to run than LMP1. I can't see any reason as to why anyone would want to buy one if they don't already have it. Maybe if we get more LMH to compare against it, we'd have more context and can have a more informed opinion of it.

(Also, I wish we could adjust the battery boost level of these Le Mans Prototypes via the MFD, and then use that boost with the Overtake button. It would add such depth to Gr.1 races.)
I got one important topic/request guys, concerning my future car picks: Without wanting to dictate to you what to do, I would just like to ask you politely to (if possible) put your future purchase priorities more on the used car dealer and especially legendary car dealer. SOME of the future cars, that I'm going to pick are very rare and especially very expensive.

That said, I just wanna make sure, that most (or all) of the regular participants can...well actually participate, if I make one of these "special picks". I plan to regularly participate on the Saturdays from September onwards btw. :)

A car not bought yet from the brand central, can always be easily bought on the spot. That does unfortunatly not apply to used cars, legendary cars, and especially the damned invitation cars.

It's not, that you have to rush things now, as I pick what...around 4 cars A YEAR? But I want you to be prepared so to say. :)

Thank you for your considiration guys. :)
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I got one important topic/request guys, concerning my future car picks: Without wanting to dictate to you what to do, I would just like to ask you politely to (if possible) put your future purchase priorities more on the used car dealer and especially legendary car dealer. SOME of the future cars, that I'm going to pick are very rare and especially very expensive.

That said, I just wanna make sure, that most (or all) of the regular participants can...well actually participate, if I make one of these "special picks". I plan to regularly participate on the Saturdays from September onwards btw. :)

A car not bought yet from the brand central, can always be easily bought on the spot. That does unfortunatly not apply to used cars, legendary cars, and especially the damned invitation cars.

It's not, that you have to rush things now, as I pick what...around 4 cars A YEAR? But I want you to be prepared so to say. :)

Thank you for your considiration guys. :)
Hey, when we ran the FC RX-7 back in Week 1, half the lobby didn't have the car. It's nothing new. If someone doesn't have the Car of the Week, they can always join the lobby with a comparison car; we allow a 10PP headroom over the COTW's stock PP value for that reason. I'm even thinking of increasing that headroom.

Besides, there's no commitment to COTW. Participate as much or as little as you'd like. If you don't have the week's car, you can always skip the week, or come back to it with a review later.

For anyone here who REALLY wants to pick a UCD/LCD/Invite exclusive car, you can reserve one car per person here. That gives us a narrowed down list of which cars to prioritise getting. I will keep track of the person who chose the car, which car they chose, and who has yet to have said car here in a table, updating it as necessary. When the interested parties have the car, we can then feature the pain in the ass car.

For UCD/LCD exclusive cars, the person who reserved the car can tell me to pick the car when it next becomes available, or when enough people have had the car.

I'll start with an example.

Person:Car:Acquisition/ Est. Price:When to Feature:Waiting On:
ObeliskChaparral 2J '70LCD/ 2,500,000Cr. or Sun Also Rises all goldAs soon as is available in the LCD.
XSquareStickItPorsche 911 Carrera RS (901) '73LCD/ 745,000Cr.When everyone has the car.Yard_Sale
Alex p.something stupidly slow and expensivehell if I knowtoo soon, whenever it isa lottery win

@Alex p. , please tell me what you think of this idea, and name one car you'd like to reserve if you want to go along with this idea.
Hey, when we ran the FC RX-7 back in Week 1, half the lobby didn't have the car. It's nothing new. If someone doesn't have the Car of the Week, they can always join the lobby with a comparison car; we allow a 10PP headroom over the COTW's stock PP value for that reason. I'm even thinking of increasing that headroom.

Besides, there's no commitment to COTW. Participate as much or as little as you'd like. If you don't have the week's car, you can always skip the week, or come back to it with a review later.

For anyone here who REALLY wants to pick a UCD/LCD/Invite exclusive car, you can reserve one car per person here. That gives us a narrowed down list of which cars to prioritise getting. I will keep track of the person who chose the car, which car they chose, and who has yet to have said car here in a table, updating it as necessary. When the interested parties have the car, we can then feature the pain in the ass car.

For UCD/LCD exclusive cars, the person who reserved the car can tell me to pick the car when it next becomes available, or when enough people have had the car.

I'll start with an example.

Person:Car:Acquisition/ Est. Price:When to Feature:Waiting On:
ObeliskChaparral 2J '70LCD/ 2,500,000Cr. or Sun Also Rises all goldAs soon as is available in the LCD.
XSquareStickItPorsche 911 Carrera RS (901) '73LCD/ 745,000Cr.When everyone has the car.Yard_Sale
Alex p.something stupidly slow and expensivehell if I knowtoo soon, whenever it isa lottery win

@Alex p. , please tell me what you think of this idea, and name one car you'd like to reserve if you want to go along with this idea.
Re the PP change.

no higher than 15, imo. +20 is far enough out there that a car could be seconds quicker depending.
Hey, when we ran the FC RX-7 back in Week 1, half the lobby didn't have the car. It's nothing new. If someone doesn't have the Car of the Week, they can always join the lobby with a comparison car; we allow a 10PP headroom over the COTW's stock PP value for that reason. I'm even thinking of increasing that headroom.

Besides, there's no commitment to COTW. Participate as much or as little as you'd like. If you don't have the week's car, you can always skip the week, or come back to it with a review later.

For anyone here who REALLY wants to pick a UCD/LCD/Invite exclusive car, you can reserve one car per person here. That gives us a narrowed down list of which cars to prioritise getting. I will keep track of the person who chose the car, which car they chose, and who has yet to have said car here in a table, updating it as necessary. When the interested parties have the car, we can then feature the pain in the ass car.

For UCD/LCD exclusive cars, the person who reserved the car can tell me to pick the car when it next becomes available, or when enough people have had the car.

I'll start with an example.

Person:Car:Acquisition/ Est. Price:When to Feature:Waiting On:
ObeliskChaparral 2J '70LCD/ 2,500,000Cr. or Sun Also Rises all goldAs soon as is available in the LCD.
XSquareStickItPorsche 911 Carrera RS (901) '73LCD/ 745,000Cr.When everyone has the car.Yard_Sale
Alex p.something stupidly slow and expensivehell if I knowtoo soon, whenever it isa lottery win

@Alex p. , please tell me what you think of this idea, and name one car you'd like to reserve if you want to go along with this idea.

I think that's a great idea.

Well if I had to reserve ONE car, it should be sth. stupidly expensive AND slow. I'll go with the Mercedes S Barker '29. Can I also reserve the Alfa 8C 2900B, pretty please?
Porsche CGT DDM.jpg
Hey Lee, I do have that Porsche. A few of them I reckon, all in different tunes
Well, that was just an example. I might pick it, I might not.
I think that's a great idea.

Well if I had to reserve ONE car, it should be sth. stupidly expensive AND slow. I'll go with the Mercedes S Barker '29. Can I also reserve the Alfa 8C 2900B, pretty please?
Updated the OP with these reserved cars. When would you like to feature these cars? When enough people have them? When they come on sale at the LCD? Or when your turns to pick roll around again?

If anyone else wants to reserve picks, let me know either here on the thread, DM me, or shoot me a message on PSN.
Well, that was just an example. I might pick it, I might not.

Updated the OP with these reserved cars. When would you like to feature these cars? When enough people have them? When they come on sale at the LCD? Or when your turns to pick roll around again?

If anyone else wants to reserve picks, let me know either here on the thread, DM me, or shoot me a message on PSN.

First let me tell you, that I think, that your're doing a great job. :)

Regarding your question: well as always, I like to pick cars in the order of their achieved lap time, always when it's my "regular turn" to pick. In these cases here, as they are 2 very expensive cars, I would wait until...idk the end of the year (?), until all (or most) of us, actually have the cars.

Also as you pointed out, no one is forced to buy or even use them. :)

Would be amazing if you could create a spread sheet, which you'de ideally update and post it in here from time to time, especially when the cars in question enter the UCD and the LCD. It would be a nice reminder for all.

Again, you're doing god's work mate! Thank you. :)
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Fair warning…

If any of you choose the Barker Tourer, I’m showing up in a 68’ Fiat 500 - just so y’all have to wait an eternity at the end of each race for me to finish.
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 18 - Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo Gr.3


Once a blossoming, heavenly scented flower in Sport, has its age show, as it wilts away in this era of Gran Turismo?

Well, it's another Toyota, but not your usual one.

The Toyota FT-1 was a conceptualized what-if car under the then 'Future Toyota' brand the company had started out from their CALTY design research team in California. Their first offering came with the FT-HS: a concept car that one can see got its hues taken to create what eventually became the FT-86, on which, long story short, became the compact economic sports offering in the GT 86/BRZ/FRS.

Not done with that, they would move to make another concept car. Debuting in 2014, the FT-1 would take the sporty hues of past well known RWD Toyota sports cars that would hopefully translate to the future of the brand's sports car image. Those hopes would be answered as the FT-1 would end up being the study concept that makes up the current era J29 GR Supra.

The guys at CALTY wasn't done though, as they've made what's probably a track racing variant of the FT-1. Dubbing it as a Vision GT car, the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo was born with what just might be a fully racecar realized variant, with all sorts of vents and adjustments that allows for a swell time on the racetracks. Essentially a Zonda R to the Zonda line. Gotcha.

To regulate for Group 3 competition, the car loses 60 horsepower, bringing it to 544 horsepower, and gained a 280 kilogram load to give it its 1.28 ton weight. Before the GR Supra, the FT-1's seen a chunk of competition as a quick turbocharged car with handling as its major factor. That was on Sport. In 7, it's sort of a redundant choice unless you're like me who's taken a liking to some of the odd off choice machinery in Grouped classes.

You probably saw it in Episode 3.. Yes, since I nominated it, I don't need to tell you it's the Signature Racecar of this little writeup's main character. And as you probably see up here: that's a brand spanking new livery for her.

Y'know, I've always thought.. will we ever land a proper road going Signature Car before it's time to put your effing lights up?

insert wubbing here


Episode 18: Back in the game

A small motel in Salinas, California, USA

Opening the door of her room, Candy steps out, takes a quick look at the desert morning, then inhales all the air she could with a smile just as big..


Candy: "This air.. whoooh.. I suppose it's time to.. let it out.."

If this was months back, there was no way she had the courage to step out of her comfort zone then, as she shouted a quiet, but confident..


Though with no response from anyone or anything around, Candy felt a tingling within..

Candy: "That felt spectactular. Now.."

Just as she turned around the nearby corner, she comes around and stops to a sight of..

Candy: "That's a horde of women? What on.."

But before she could finish that sentence, a shepherd's hook appeared off screen, slowly moving to position, then as if the act was bad, made a sudden quick yank to this sweet little lady's neck.

Candy: "AIII!!"


Not long later, Candy couldn't again resist the strength of her neck taking another whiplash like effect to a more premium motel room, landing on the bed.

As as soon as she hears the door slammed, she gets up, reeling in pain, watching on this charming man turn around and walk towards her slow, imaginary explosions in play behind..

Sonny: "Ahh, great. To think the fan club's here already.. what's shaking, Candy baby? [teeth glares]"

Candy: "Sonny?"

Now off the bed and on her feet, she had to ask..

Candy: "Strange. Why are you in a place like this anyways?"

Sonny: "To get away from people like THEM. I might love the fame and the money [teeth glares], but when you're a living exaggeration, it just gets really stressful sometimes, lor."

He shows a face of distress, but to her, it's time for blunt truths, responding..

Candy: "I would feel for you, but that would mean I care about you. You can measure how much of that fact is true.."

Sonny: "Better the uncaring loser like you than that who cares too much of me, and they're complete strangers, beh."

Not expecting a blowback, she replied more calmly now..

Candy: "Ehh? Too true.. I'm glad I'm this anti-social then.."

Following suit, the egoist too tensed down.

Sonny: "I.. umm, sorry, sis. Racists and my unofficial fan club are some things that really brings out the bad in me. That I know of for the moment. And Nirvana, but you know that, babe."

Candy: "Apologizing? That's odd."

Sonny: "Hey! You're gonna take it or.."

Candy: "Of course. That'd be rude of me. We're friends, right?"

Sonny: "I can read your mind. Don't think you can go straight to the point like that lah. But I'll take anything. I'll still be friends with you, lah, that's okay."

Pointing out towards the window casually, Sonny then

Sonny: "Check it out. You aren't along in Sonny Meng's great friend circle coming over."

Candy: "Now what's this?"

She took the bait, and the sight she got was with a denim jacketed biker just arriving on his cruise bike and parking it outside the room.

His skullcap might hide his head, but not enough of it for Candy to recognize Graham, as she spoke..

Candy: "Wild with an e.. The super rookie?"

Sonny: "Super rookie? Umm, that's quite the apt description you've made for him."

He walks by the room door and before he could knock, opened in record speed.

Graham: "Morning, guv."

Sonny: "Top of the morning to you to, my dude Graham! Come, before they spot me."

The shepherd's hook that hasn't been questioned about gets another use as Sonny grapples Graham's neck at a quick glance and yanks it quick.

Graham: "R-right.. whoa-hey!"

He lands on the bed, narrowly dodging the lone woman inside that asked..

Candy: "Graham! You know Sonny Meng?"

And as he gets up, he responds back..

Graham: "Oh? Why morning, Candy. Didn't see you there. Y'see.. you're in that part of the world where you're living under a rock should you not an idea who Sonny Meng is."

Candy: "I mean.. umm, as more than just pure mention."

Before he would say anything, the other guy spoke.

Sonny: "Yep. Matter of fact, Graham here's my newest little apprentice."

Graham: "That's the gist of it anyhow."

Candy: "Oh? Mentoring? You? That's new."

Sonny: "Not new. Old. I've been doing it like.. this time in the UK. Bunch of kids from different backgrounds. Wonder where they are? I doubt they remember old Sonny Meng. Wait, I'm not old. You two! Am I old?"

Expecting an obvious response, Graham came with it first..

Graham: "Heavens no. Candy?"

Candy: "I'd say yes to spite him, but I won't lie: he's still dashing."

Quickly shaking her head before attraction came to be, Candy then curiously asked aggressively.

Candy: "But why stop doing this? You know how much more idolizing people will be if you take on this mentor role.."

Sonny: "I'll admit it's me being me. I might be some badass, but the last bunch of brats I put under me can't come close to my level. Had a race, and well.. the rest is history! Thank you, thank you!"

Graham: "Sounds to me all that's come in their left ears just came all out by the right."

Candy: "You think? Though, what makes you think Graham's any different?"

Obviously, Graham slumped his shoulders hearing that as an insult..

Graham: "That's real uncalled for, Candy.."

And for that moment, Sonny had the words as he enthusiastically replies..

Sonny: "Wild dude! I got your back. To start, well, he's got the smarts. I mean.. not even a single hint, and guy actually figured out Jake's The Outlaw."

Graham: "I did? I mean, there's this lot of professional bank robbers that met their demise thanks to that man. And meeting Jacob just mere moments before.. What say you? What's your findings of The Outlaw being a mortal man?"

Candy: "I was with his wife when he did it."

Sonny: "Haiyaa, that easy?"

Just as Sonny reached for the details, a demand to reach for the door sounded out..

Graham: "Knocking?"

Candy: "You have more guests? Could it be.."

Sonny: "Whoever answers that gets a hundred dollar bill."

As he waves that bill of money, Graham leaps out like a wolf and snatches it, landing by the door leading outside.

Graham: "Watch and learn, sir and ma'am."

Clearing his throat, he speaks with a gentle accent..

Graham: "I apologize, but can you please return another time, thank you."

Not a moment later, Candy notes..

Candy: "No response."

Instead of his ears, Sonny instead uses his nose, getting irked as he realizes..

Sonny: "Tch.. this smell of tobacco. It's her.."

Graham: "Who's her?"

Graham peeps out to see a brunette, tall and shady on many counts.

While Sonny and Candy knows who this is, Graham..

Graham: "Yeah, who's her?!"

And as he's always done, Sonny confronts this unwelcome guest with a casual level of hostility.

Sonny: "Yo, Nirvana! Come to ruin my vibe as always. You gonna rat me out again to that unsavory crowd out there?"

Nirvana: "Hmph. Nirvana hasn't any intention for that this day. Step aside. Don't you wish to let me in?"

Letting her in allowed Graham to analyze the wince on Candy's estranged facial expression..

Graham: "I take it from that expression.. you're not comfortable, ma'am?"

Candy: "Again, with the mortal enemies in the same room not strangling each other.. I already don't like this tone."

Graham: "Hold on: again?"

Candy: "Not my first step in this wrestling ring, wild with an e. But let's spectate."

Walking in, Nirvana acts high and mighty, speaking with stature..

Nirvana: "Nirvana.. takes it you're still ongoing in that mission of respect that has been laid out?"

Sonny: "Respect? That crap again? You can trust me I got loads of that, just not as poor as you think."

Nirvana: "Hmph. It matters little. But still.."

She looks around the room, even taking off her sunglasses to review..

Nirvana: "You let Nirvana enter this den of living.. so.. you pass.. barely."

Sonny: "Feh, whatever. I know why you're here, toots. Just that.. the last time I had a Seca trip, you didn't quite follow like what you'd do with old me."

Nirvana: "Nirvana had her reasons. Not to mention that time, being in The List wasn't even a reality. But shall we proceed to more pressing matters?"

As soon that's done, Nirvana and Sonny turn towards the other lady in the room, who glances in surprise just as she realizes..

Candy: "M-me?!"

Sonny: "Oh yes. You remember the big guy wants you personally in The List? Graham pretty much gave me the green light on that with last week's heist."

Graham: "I only said you did it flawlessly, in the end, I mean.."

Sonny: "Doing the Italian Job in crowded ass Tokyo is definitely worthy of praise, my dude."

Nirvana: "Much as it's HIM that talks, Nirvana also cannot disagree."

Sonny: "Say it ain't so.."

She continues with a quick closer approach, reaching for her cigarette lighter as she readies another one to puff with on her lips..

Nirvana: "If you want Nirvana's word on it, Candy Lam is exceptionally talented. You remember the Jeep?"

Candy: "No, I don't want to remember how you almost killed me to some.. poor loser who's dead now.."

Sonny: "Oh? The devil in the details come out, lah?"

She didn't want to remember the dead body she's saw that day, but she then did, noting the man responsible..

Candy: "Assassin's Guild guy. Shady suited man who knows the dark one. Goes by Emile or something."

Nirvana: "Emile.. Orson? Working outside of California.. Nirvana must investigate.."

While Sonny stands dumbfounded, Graham leaps in to voice..

Graham: "THE Black Flash? Humm.. why's there the Guild involved in your day to day, Candy?"

Candy: "N-no idea.. don't pester me."

Sonny: "So, the Guild's on to her? You don't know, Nirvana?"

Nirvana: "Uhmm.. Nirvana.. doesn't. Have you encountered the Trinitia?"

Candy: "Trini what now? I, umm.. no. Most likely no."

In the middle of them all, Graham thought..

Graham: "Perhaps.. no, it's too far fetched."

Candy: "The Trinitia? Umm, anyone okay for a quick reminder?"

Even if it was what she's wanted, Sonny spoke it in his annoying self promoting tone..

Sonny: "3 hot babes with a killer instinct. One's a good pal we call Ginnie."

And hearing that name again, she continued with the curious thought..

Candy: "That's not the first I've heard of.. this Ginnie."

Sonny: "Yeah, should I.."

As he turns to Nirvana, she stood still, menacingly, giving a vibe that screams to this egoist..

Sonny: "That looks like a no. Fair enough."

And just as she begins to seemingly settle, she reveals..

Nirvana: "Nirvana believes we shouldn't waste our time more. Laguna Seca, was it? Nirvana wants a time, hmm?"

The first to reply listened to the voices she hears in her stomach however..

Candy: "How about.. after breakfast?"

Sonny: "After breakfast. Candy, I love the way you talk."

Nirvana: "Then it's settled."

But before she readies an exit, she pauses and observes the one man she didn't pay much attention towards..

Nirvana: "You're Graham Wilde."

Graham: "That's right, ma'am. You?"

Nirvana: "Nirvana Kellen, that is my name. Broker of secrets, information.. that is my game. And do know.. that you're being kept well and alive after.. that unfortunate incident. Ciao."

And dumbfounded Graham tries to figure out how she knew, with everyone else watching, Candy then speaking..

Candy: "Incident?"

Graham: "How.. would she know of that specifically?"

Sonny: "Were you not listening to what the fox just said, bro?"

WeatherTech Laguna Seca
Salinas, California, USA
Late Morning


An iconic Californian race venue, there's fun in the sun to be made this weekend with a race coming up tomorrow.

Race teams pile up to gather around this Group 3 major event, taking no expense in their practice time earned in today.





Enthusiasm runs through the blood flow of this circuit, though the same can't quite be said for the little lady just arriving by the driver's parking area..

Candy: "Dusty, sandy.. how do these people even bear these conditions?"

Placing his motorbike just nearby, Graham gets off and moves towards the grumpy Candy, not caring about her mood..

Graham: "You alright, Candy."

Candy: "WHAT?! Helloo!! We were in that room 15 minutes ago, wild with an e. Don't you give me that quick 'hello it's me' crap!"

He figured that was her tone coming out, but had no reason to deter his angle, responding..

Graham: "Umm.. so, are you all right?"

Candy: "Guess I just hate these surroundings. So.. umm, you had an incident?"

Nervous was on his mind, but Graham had composure in this reply.

Graham: "I assure you, ma'am.. it's not a wet diaper.."

Candy: "Your speaking about this is definitely more than just toilet trouble, Graham.."

The more she pursues, the more he dislikes, being the thought his mind's riddle with.

It gave him the idea to move it along..

Graham: "I prefer we talk about that.. perhaps never. Now, I need to keep my senses in check. I figure.. see you around, darling."

And just as Graham was going to start walking, a certain somebody intrudes just as he stopped doing so abruptly.

Sonny: "Yo. I figure we can have a short moment together before the inevitable time on track."

Expecting a nag, Sonny raised his brows hearing Candy's mood swinging to the other end..

Candy: "Go on ahead, actually."

Graham too had his leap backwards for this surprise..

Graham: "Crikey! That sounded off.."

Candy: "No, honest. Knowing Sonny Meng on the outside is just.. hatred all around, but inside.. he's just a man with a passion for more than himself."

While Graham inspects curiously, Sonny does so too, but with his name heard has this ego of his run through him..

Graham: "Comment?"

Sonny: "She's quite a wild card alright. You're going sometime soon, Graham?"

The bit where he's unbearable came to Graham as he starts to walk away in distraught.

Graham: "Okay. No. Just don't say anymore, mate. I'm gone."

Left with Sonny and Candy, they begin to walk towards the pit lane.

The silence then breaks, Sonny pointing out after a moment of rubbing his short facial hair..

Sonny: "Look, I'm going to annoy you, sis. Did you know that Graham suggested that motel because I suggested him there in the first place. Who would've known after Sonny Meng's 5th stay, the fan club's going to come right up my doorstep like slippers on the welcome mat?"

Candy: "Humm, annoy me? I remember that day. You did say competition brings us together, not divide us. And every effort I find to get a restraining order from yourself.. that line keeps coming back."

Their walk keeps going..

Sonny: "Keep talking, it's going to head towards Nirvana on Tsukuba.."

Candy: "I.. the presence of you and Nirvana together.. I still can't get how you two are just.."

Sonny: "You see it, ma? Me and she: we are going to go wild on each other on track with you, Graham Wildman, and who knows what else?"

As they reach the pit lane, and Sonny's scheming mind comes out as he hangs them behind his head..

Sonny: "The day's still young, so I'm thinking.. can you get my back and.. we can annoy Nirvana together?"

Candy: "Fascinating. Alright."

And putting them by his side, Sonny then thinks of griefing Candy, with just the idea..

Sonny: "You're staying in America for how long now? Ehh, doesn't matter. How about we duke it out in Big Willow after this race of ours?"

Candy: "I'm thinking a revisit might.. help bury that hatchet. I can't stay in the past forever, right?"

Sonny: "I'd agree, but my mantra runs on me finding the perfect link to the future to satisfy my failing past."

Candy: "That so? Ehehe."

And not long later..


Sonny: "Red like the devil. I can't mistake that's her car for tomorrow's tango, baby."

Candy: "Lamborghini Huracan GT3.. there are just questions coming in. Answers from you?"

Sonny: "Nothing. Nada. Zilch. This is the first time I'm seeing it personally. I had Ginnie help out with scouting videos on the dark net on it. Let's say she's a major boon [eyes glare]."

Another mention of Ginnie gets Candy even more and more lured to this taboo figure..

Candy: "Ginnie this and that. I.. need to meet her. The Trinitia girl."

Sonny: "Oh? I really want to know how you know she's a Trinitia? But if you insist, how about a visit to my real casa that's not Deep Forest. I can arrange that meeting for you."

Candy: "Eh? You can? You don't.. look the killer type."

Sonny: "No, but Nirvana is rumored somehow to have them in her pocket should she needs it. One of her sources of that nasty fear factor she got, lor."

Candy: "She doesn't strike to me as a killer too.."

And speaking of killer, Nirvana then walks close from behind, despite Sonny knowing her hint of tobacco's not so easy to mask.

They both turn to see Nirvana with a red and black racer's attire, of which Sonny can't help but quote.

Sonny: "You know, I hope the doctors don't diagnose you for lung cancer, because baby you're making a killing to them."

Nirvana: "It matters not. So.. Candy. You might be thinking this is Nirvana's big surprise?"

Candy: "Really? You presume I'm that gullible with that question."

Nirvana: "Hah. Nirvana supposes so. Well.. this is the day Nirvana finally brings Sonny Meng to his knees in the world he sees himself as God."

Sonny: "B[BLEEP]h, that's what I call dedication."

Nirvana: "Nirvana.. appreciates this gesture, even if it is from the miasma such as you. But do heed that this is not the surprise intended by Nirvana. But should a clue be required.. it's to shake the foundations of the Earth. Ciao."

As Nirvana walks her strut away, Sonny and Candy don't linger around and head close for shade, watching screens.

Sonny: "Well, I'm beat. What more surprises am I expecting now, beh?"

Candy: "Umm.. that team over there's taken some eyes.."

Those eyes gaze upon something known simply as a magnificent machine..


Candy: "Wow! A McLaren F1! This must be a racer's nirvana. No pun intended."

Nirvana, also around, comments on this finding..

Nirvana: "Hmph. That is also a surprise not intended.."

Sonny: "F1? And Sim Gear stickering? 2 bucks says Nash is here. But.. I don't see any filming crew, so.."

Nirvana: "Of his own accord, then? Either way, Nirvana has plans to prepare. For real: ciao."

And again, she's gone. And Sonny of course gets talkative..

Sonny: "I have a feeling she's not too good with big crowds, lor. That's something you two have in common."

Candy: "You mention the height, and I know you're bluffing.. very poorly."

Sonny: "You know what, if Little Luce's just as short.. actually ignore that. Let's go find us that McLaren."

5 mins later.jpg

Reaching for the classic supercar turned racer, Candy and Sonny sees the man coming out: a certain retired Le Mans racer with a theme song that needs mention.

But he's never looked so dashing and athletic at this age before today.

Sonny thought this is the time to bring back old memories.

Sonny: "What's this? Deja vu? Nash my man, your old bones are finally getting to good use."

Nash: "That so? Verily, I mean, that last shareholders outing wasn't to my taste. So.. time to bring out an old favorite of mine."

Sonny: "The F1? In Group 3? I.. umm.. can't process that balance of performance being nice on that."

Nash: "They had to make one just for me a couple days back! And that's not all: I've been skulking around certain places, hearing Group 3 teams picking these up, then chaos will ensue. The MSO has never been busier."

She stood still, then had to ask in curiosity..

Candy: "Umm.. and how about you? Giles told me about your disease.."

Nash: "That Giles is a good sport, I say. For that.. well, we were going to do some.. bribing. But I opted to just prove I'm not a normal man and take on a rigorous physical test. I passed, so that's me, cleared."

Even under the racing suit, Sonny sees in his head the sight of this man in his underwear..

Sonny: "Yeah, I can tell you put on some muscle from our last time together. OH NO, HE'S HOTT!"

Nash: "Oh, that's just.. that new protein plan I've adopted. I'm not in my 20s anymore, after all, and the car I'm taking here is.. well.. rather taxing."

Being in front of a McLaren F1 for the first time, she then understands the allure of racing classics..

Candy: "I've heard of the stuff of legends, but.. now I know nobody who REALLY doesn't want to take this out for a spin."

Nash: "You're not the first. As my heir, Moto-san tries to take any chance to get behind the wheel of my greatest motoring expenses. A swift no's going to be the case at all times, except.. well.. let's hope that exception never comes to fruition."

Sonny then spoke..

Sonny: "You know, Nashy old dude.. Candy here's racing. You're here to get yourself a first taste of little miss diabeetus here on track."

Nash: "No, that's not what he means."

Said Nash in concern with that sentence, but Candy at least tolerates this speech.

Candy: "I know."

Nash: "In any case, that's something I look forwards to. There's another thing, if you don't mind."

Expecting them to follow, Nash leaves his racecar behind as they head further in the pits.

Candy: "And where are you taking us?"

Nash: "To a certain driver named Ross."

Her first thought of that typical American surname would be..

Candy: "The dark one?"

Nash: "Maybe more than just Jake. Let's see.."

And just as Nash tries to remember, the group passes through somewhere peculiar.


Sonny: "Don't tell me we're passing your team, Candy. Look at this! It's Toyotas all over the ages."

Candy: "And that in the center's my car.. that is the best repaint I've ever seen. Though, I do lose the #1 designation."

Nash: "Fascinating, verily so. You designed the livery, or.."

Candy: "I have people do that. Between you guys and I.. my artistic side's pretty poor."

Nash: "What's to be ashamed of a little poor drawings, Candy? I can't draw diagrams even when my life depended on it."

Sonny: "That's a bit overblown."

Nash: "Says the exaggerated piece of work.."

And after they leave behind the Japanese manufacturer giant, they find..

Sonny: "Chevy, eh? That's not Jake. In fact.."

Sonny takes note of the man pacing by the silver Corvette race car, being that of his best friend's little brother: the one he calls Keith Ross.

A more accepting person than Jacob, Sonny treats him with the same positive vibe.

Sonny: "K-man! Over here, bro!"

Keith: "Eh? Ahh darn, he's found me so soon?"

Keith walks out to the sun, greeting the Sonny led group of racers.

Sonny: "You know, I really overlooked the fact you're racing tomorrow with me and these guys, man. But it's that.. I'm me, hehe [eyes glare]. Where's the usual bunch? Uncle Louie and Rex?"

Keith: "They're still in New York, so I'm by my lonesome, dude! So, who's these guys? Wait!"

He might seem the part of his brother, but his mannerisms differ, as he observes his brother's racing teacher, and a short but well known Hong Kong racing staple.

Keith: "Nash Kirkham and Candy Lam! Considering your fame.. you've an entourage alright!"

Nash: "We've never had a proper introduction, have we, Keith? My ties are just only to your brother and no one else. Nash Kirkham. A pleasure."

Keith: "You're like.. whoa. Super cool for an old dude. You ever come meet Alan, you tell him I say hi, okay?"

Nash: "He's figured we run the same show. Good start, lad."

Treating him like Jacob's younger self, he slaps the back of his head as he walks on/

Keith: "OOF! Oh God, guy hits like a horse kicking back."

Candy keeps her arms crossed seeing yet another man she'd like to punch..

Keith: "And Le Glace Pacer? Oh my goodness! Rex won't believe me if I ever tell him about it! Hehe.."

Heart feeling cold, she responds..

Candy: "So YOU'RE the Keith he's mentioned? Truthfully, you're a far cry from your brother.."

Keith: "You can say that again. That dude might all be brooding and seriousness, but he's still my big bro. He's the coolest dude I have the pleasure to live along.. because he's the only one! Heh.. umm.. I'm Keith. I'm what he calls his baby brother. But on the track, we're on the same page. No joke!"

Intruding, Sonny steps in and continues..

Sonny: "Being the direct opposite of Jake's just how I remember this guy."

Keith: "Shut up, man.. you were like real popular at school."

Sonny: "Not to mention they immortalized the fact that Sonny Meng came to that high school and graduated with that amazing case of people losing their lunches and their licenses."

Keith: "Alright, man, that story's been heard over and over. I think we move on from that."

Keith turns back to Candy and Nash, trying to get their interest.

Keith: "I take it that if you're walking with these guys into a bar, the greatest racer's joke would pop up. But like he said.. it also means we're racing together tomorrow, right?"

Nash: "Oh yes. Candy?"

Candy: "I'd like to see what caliber you are for sure. You used to run in Super GT.."

Keith: "Heck yes I do. I'm going to prove today that my successes in that league isn't where I peaked. It's going to be here!"

His prideful sounds of joy disgruntled her however..

Candy: "Ugh.. Isn't that refreshing? How do you brim all this confidence where the sun shines too bright?"

Sonny: "Hmm.. I'm feeling the breeze of practice in a while.. how about it, Nashy the shark?"

Often with friends, Sonny can't control what comes out, and this last one had this aged Brit glance..

Nash: "Nashy.. the shark? Umm.. well.. I guess you're right. It's alright if we adjourn now?"

Candy: "Sure. I'd like a moment with Keith before we do."

Keith: "For you? Sure! Before you do, how about an autograph?"

Her master plan in action, she deduces this action to be the one that gets her to..

Candy: "Annnddd.. that moment's done! See ya!"

And as Candy and Nash exits, Sonny consoles Keith's swallowing of his newest failure..

Sonny: "Bro, you blew it."

Keith: "I know, shut up!"

Not long after the suggestion, Candy takes to the roads of Laguna Seca.

Candy: "New paintjob, but on the inside, you're still my beautiful flower... blossom for me!"


Do I think the FT-1 is a flower? I can't say for sure. But if there's something about the car, it's that for its sensible aggressive styling, it handles just as its looks suggest. It's a car with aggressive as its main factor to play with. And to win with something aggressive, you gotta BE aggressive. That really is the simplest piece of advice I can provide you when taking the FT-1 Group 3 car.

But if you scrolled down here, you want the meat, not the skin, right? Before I take on the car's general good sides, we might as well cover up the bad ones. Being a Vision GT might be one, but that's completely subjective. There are about 3 things I need to mention. Let's see..


Firstly: the turbo. Now, with a turbo, you're expected to be thirstier in exchange for more oomph in your drive. That's what we got with the Genesis in Week 13: a car with a great mid to top end range in acceleration. The FT-1 is in that weird state that the car's general weakpoint is the amount of power it has on higher RPM ranges being quite lackluster, and no: there's not a single issue with its powerband that hints this. Speaking of which, there's no trickery or witchery required to shift this thing upwards: just shift when it blinks, and not later, since it loses oomph at that edging region.

Now, what does this turbo give to the car aside not doing its job? How about accentuating its weakness? No, not turbo lag, I'm talking about throttle oversteer out of a corner. I guess we're not going to escape this in Group 3 machinery that's been nominated. By the way, it's definitely noted when going out of a corner, as I've made a few tests on how its launch is actually super nice if you're not revving. Though, you're kind of lucky if you're not a newbie, since this is an issue ironed out mostly by turning on TC, early shifting mid-corner, or by having good throttle management: unlike the Genesis. This alone makes me feel a bit more comfort in driving this in comparison.


Lastly, we must mention stability. The FT-1 hates curbs, undulations, sudden changes in height. You name it. Again, something we've encountered with the Genesis X. But while the Genesis you can see being a GT based machine, the FT-1 VGT is slung low, making this sort of issue more of a given for this car.. And the Peugeot VGT too, actually. I'm a VGT nut for racing in Group 3, so there's a trinity like I had with music (not important, but for me, that's Metallica, Queen and Rush.) I got Peugeot for speed, VW for general use, and this FT-1 for the corners. But let's not stay there. While the FT-1's slung low, again in comparison to the Genesis, this issue is notably less an issue because of the more manageable throttle should you slip out a bit.

There might be more to mention, but let's head to the good before I dissuade you all to trying the car. First, and.. yep my notes say first and only good point: the handling. Turning the car all the way is the very reason why I really remember the car: it's the closest thing to a Group 2's proper handling in a Group 3 car. It's not only stable, responsive, sexy, but like I said: aggressive is how you will want to put in mind when using the car. This thing eats corners for breakfast. If you can visualize a racing line, you can also visualize driving this car on it with no issue, not including speed control, braking, and oh you were visualizing so that you and the car are actually at the wall now.

Obviously what we've found here is a low power BOP hero? Maybe. I'll let Tidgney's full car analysis handle that when that comes out. Whatever bad it's got I say really is outweighed by the one super good it does, but that specialization isn't enough it appears on the grand scheme of contest. What I probably didn't mention also should be noted as.. run of the mill Group 3 goodness. There's plenty of that.


If you're repping Toyota for manufacturers, you're always going to be in good hands. But if you fancy a take on a lesser Toyota, you also have options. I know, plural. Because GT500 Supra says hi, and even that car's more ignored than this, really.

Even as the night finally comes, her body's not up to the heat of this part of the US.

Sweating like a dog that can't let its tongue loose, Candy lies on her motel room's chair as she hangs dry under the air conditioning.

Candy: "Well, I am SO done with the sun. Time for a bath.."

After a quick peek at the doors closed and shut, and the blinders doing its work, she zips straight to the room's lone bathroom, and..

Later 2.jpg

(because let's face it 2 weeks of getting people thinking lustful thoughts is a very shaky okay in my book)

Now with her sleeping gown, Candy stares into the beautiful night constellations, and finding a few bright stars had her think..

Candy: "Hmm.. such a bright night sky. Mama, baba.. I wonder how you will see me now?"

After a quick wipe of her teary eyes, she decides to call it a day, until she sees a certain pair of figures walking outside.

Candy: "Oh?"


As she inspects closer, she recognizes them as..

Candy: "The pompous ass Sonny Meng, and the mysterious Nirvana.. they must've had their street race tango earlier. I suppose.."

Carrying nothing but her wit and clothes, she heads out and overhears them as they sit together on a bench watching the same sky.

She's expecting their non hostility phase, and at least she's right about that for this peaceful night.

Sonny: "I don't harbor no ill will, babe. Just that if you gotta smoke, not in my face, capisce?"

Nirvana: "Nirvana might just puff one up now just to prove my point."

Sonny: "Haiyaa.. B[BLEEP]hes be b[BLEEP]hing.."

Nirvana: "Does this hatred of smokers only point towards I, Nirvana?"

Sonny: "Nah. Just that.. My mom passed from cancer, and not just any cancer. Lung cancer. I mean, we know to f[BLEEP] cancer and all, but I prefer we don't get too personal in our running rivalry."

Nirvana: "Noted.. My condolences. And should Nirvana remind now Nirvana is 2-up from you?"

Sonny: "Yeah, but go ahead, keep the score. Because tomorrow, we're changing that for me! Hehey.. you'll never stand a chance on my real turf."

Nirvana: "Hmph, it matters not. Do not be surprised for Nirvana has trained extensively for this moment.. not to mention Nirvana's secret weapon still hasn't arisen."

She's watching from not too far off, but even with Nirvana's head in one way, it's as if she has eyes on the back of her brunette hair as she mentions..

Nirvana: "By the way, Candy is approaching us having a solitary moment from behind."

Sonny: "You heard her. Don't make me Hanzo Hasashi your neck again, Candy baby.."

He sports that grin upon thinking of that random shepherd's hook earlier.

And just as Candy walks closely..

Nirvana: "Nirvana sees you have gusto, because these eyes mention you're ready to retire for the night."

Sonny: "Just give me a moment to just One Step Ahead you for a second.. hmm.. it's about family?"

Candy: "Umm.. fine. You got me."

Admits Candy as Nirvana then makes a mental note.

Nirvana: "A quick admission. Nirvana knows what face to not show to you."

Sonny: "I figured it was because of me mentioning my late mother. It's the inspiration for what's making me of today.. the best me I can hope to be."

Candy: "We're not leaning into the movie franchise, I hope."

Sonny: "No way! This is the real world. Come sit with us."

Leaving a space between them, Candy hops on the bench and sits as they watch the night sky shine upon their faces.

Candy: "Hmm.. you know.. as odd as this sounds.. this is like a family outing in America, is it? Me, with father and mother.."

Speaks Candy with innocence, as her companions then suddenly open their eyes and their mouthes in shock.

Sonny: "Ohh ya?"

Nirvana: "Eeehh?"

Candy took a quick look to see hesitating faces in red.

Candy: "What's with the expression?"

Nirvana: "Umm, Nirvana.. ehh.. hehe.."

Sonny: "That's.. quite the thought to feed upon.."

Nirvana: "Nirvana.. umm.."

She hops down, watches this duo with arms on her hips..

Candy: "My gosh.. did I say something?"

Sonny: "You most certainly did! Didn't I tell you that I'm looking for the Mrs. Meng?! Don't you see the possibility you just opened between me and that freaking Nirvana?!"

Nirvana: "To think this one has caused Nirvana's composure to.. falter."

It was the moment she wanted, as she decides to keep this shindig going..

Candy: "Alright, mom and dad, I'll stop. Hehe.. that felt good."

Sonny: "Like the big guy would say.. you're quite the spunky brat, ain't she?!"

Nirvana: "Perhaps.."

While they continue their bashful phase, Candy now wants out before anyone notices them, hopping back on the chair, then speaking in a somber tone..

Candy: "But you know.. I was never close with my own parents as a single child. Nowadays, being at the top of the racing charts would give me hope that when I do see them one more time, I have something to prove to them. Just that.. I'm a bit insecure that it might not all be enough."

Sonny: "Enough? Baby, your dreams have a fruitful and reachable goal. I say as long as you're happy, don't let anyone else sway that from you."

Candy: "What's your family like?"

Sonny: "Like you, I was an only child too. But I got lucky in the family love lottery. Though, not too long ago, my own mom died as I was at the top of my game. Everyone said: Sonny Meng broken by the loss of his mother. I said: It's time to move on and not give a f[BLEEP]k on what others say, and be that one badass dude above them all. Got that new goal to find me someone to be my perfect other. Thus.. the fan club."

Nirvana: "Nirvana knows enough that you don't want any of them."

Candy: "I figured that to be obviously, umm.. obvious. But Nirvana?"

Sonny: "As I said that you said to me.. competition brings us.. closer."

And her once dormant mischief then comes in..

Candy: "And how about that? No objections from the bride?"

Nirvana: "There is.. but Nirvana will let you carry on this charade some other time. Good night."

Her face still like a fresh apple, she leaves in a haste.

Candy: "The chance I get to finally tick you off, and now.. I end up tickling your hearts to the same resonance.."

Sonny: "Kind of incredible I didn't fall for you, but HER of all people.."

As Candy began to think of her marital future, she then is swiftly handed a hundred dollar bill..

Candy: "Wha-hey! What's this? A hundred?"

Sonny: "Consider it my thanks for giving that freaking Nirvana something else to think about in her arch nemesis, beh.. Yeah heyy, boyy.. you ah, weird y'know."

Tomorrow, the race is set to start, and before the warm up lap begins, Candy puts on her helmet and..

Candy: "And I think that's all set up. Great!"

Swinging by, Keith enters the scene, thoughts of another chance to impress now in his head.

Keith: "Knock knock? Candy Lam? Miss Candy Lam? Or is there some form of calling I should be saying for I which apologize for not realizing?"

He then waltzes in and sees Candy looking like a teenage girl ready to race.

From that choice of words earlier, Candy strikes back with..

Candy: "No, no. Candy is usually how it goes. What's up, Keith? Is there a form of address on you too? Perhaps it's Captain?"

Keith: "Haha! Of course not! But good one.. Well, did you hear? About the sudden last minute shuffle that apparently went down yesterday. Bunch of racers from nearby Trial Mountain had to relocate here due to a landslide or something."

Candy: "It didn't affect us, so I took no heed of it. Why are you so keen at it?"

Keith: "Nothing. Nothing.. I mean.. it's nothing. Just that the track's going to be a little more packed is all. You did qualify a good position, right?"

Candy: "As long as nothing gets in my way, I'll show you what I can do."

Keith: "Though, these days, you're not really getting much in terms of results."

She's not showing it, but her clenched fists and crossed eyes hints her fury..

Candy: "Is.. that an insult?!"

Keith: "No way. It's that Group 3 attracts all kinds of sick talent, y'know. Like Nash Kirkham's big revival to the track. He gets something done and he's bound to attract all kinds of creepy customers to our shop, y'know what I'm saying?"

Candy: "Creepy? I prefer.. fresh meat."

Keith: "I know what you're saying."

Candy: "Now buzz off.. I want my solitary moment before the race gets going.."

Keith: "Right. Umm.. good luck, darling!"

Nothing can hide her rage now, as she readies to burst..

Candy: "Did you forget already in that-URGHH-just address me as Candy! How dare you!"

Keith: "Oops!"

Spoke Keith as he makes a quick dash out, remembering his role to Lucia as one of her choice punching bags..

After the formalities, the large grid then began to stop for this long hour long endurance.


And as the race starts, Candy's great lead ahead however turns to tragedy as..


After a quick chatter with her crew, she offs her comms to quote..

Candy: "First turn woes are real.. don't worry.. I'll show you some why they call me.. well, you know."


Under The Sun
Under The Sun

For the FT-1, I'd say the Tuner's Analysis is where you can really find this car's real shining moment. Of course, since this is a Grouped racing car, you're not getting much. For one: I don't think there's a good tune of the car at all going about for the current physics, so.. what have we learned? It's not got a push in the late RPMs, and it's got handling and stability for days. So.. sounds like a very simple fix.


First up: you're going to need a better turbo. Unlike regular VGT cars, you can change up the turbo of this Toyota to a mid or high RPM turbo. And of course the turbo is where we're going to get some shakeup in the power band. I don't care what you say: just go for high, since you're a dumbass if you think getting these up to near 800 PP and expect to survive. You're going to detune this power no matter how I see it. Either by using the CPU or restrictor is definitely up to you, but you do want to early shift with that latter option. Notably, with a high RPM turbo, the effect of mid corner oversteer comes to a halt, especially when you reduce power, meaning..


We can amplify handling! This brings me back to Week 10, where we got the new 2023 Super Formula. The handling notes is just literally give the stable oversteery car more oversteer. That rule works here too. How much is up to you, but you know the drill. Raise the rear, harder frequency and numbers on the rear all around. How much, well, that I cannot help you with.


What else? The gearbox? This after all is dependent on what PP you're running your FT-1. My safe bet is 300 KM/H, but if you're going with the new turbo, go with a tighter setup to stay in those higher revs. And for final top end? I think 315 is fine. That's what I use for the WTC700 grind in Le Mans. And if we go to differential, I don't touch much. Maybe keep the deceleration value as is, or raise it a bit if you find yourself spinning the car out. I've never had that happen with a tuned FT-1, really.


For all honesty, a well tuned FT-1 VGT Gr.3 is the closest you ever will feel driving a Group 2 car in.. wait a minute, did I say that earlier? Tune this car right and the way you can tell that's the case is that you're not driving an F1 car while feeling that sensation. And yes: I too am still out of the loop with the memes.


I obviously love taking these pictures now, anddd there's like this much text. I hope we get something tunable next week. Oh, little did Mr. S to the PD knows not what's up..

As the race enters the later stage, Candy notes that the current leaders are of the group she's met in recent days..

Candy: "We're coming in the end game on the front pack.. Now where were we?"


With worn tires and on fuel saving to finish, she notices the Corvette, agitated for his intrusion earlier.

Candy: "That's Keith alright. Let's see how he reacts to a push like this!"

Keith: "It'll take more than that to even disturb this focus!"


And as the final moments of this race begin, a lone car begins to trail..

Candy: "W-why am I shaking.. I can't lose.."


Candy: "A demon! No.. the Outlaw!"

Prince Charming

And inside that race tuned Mustang comes the dark one with the plan to win..

Jake Ross: "Did somebody ask for a race? Central command, give it to me."

Rin: "You've made two stops to their paltry one. You've got fresher tyres and more fuel. Full steam ahead to the finish line, Jake-san!"

Jake Ross: "With. Pleasure."


Candy: "I can't shake this.. dark one must've pitted twice!"


Jake Ross: "Roar with fire, oh horror.. Burn those vines to a crisp, you did."

Candy: "Ahh.. he can't be.. just a whole another level.."


Jake Ross: "Baby brother, you're next."

Keith: "Jake's on peak performance.. I better let him pass, or better.. let's make this fun."


Jake Ross: "Useless, useless, USELESS!"

Keith: "Good grief.."


Jake Ross: "That McLaren's not good on thin rubber.."


Nash: "Truly, my heart pounds.. Is this how it's like to confront you?"

Jake Ross: "I'm.. sorry, old man."


Jake Ross: "There we are.. front and center again."

Sonny: "Jake came back? I ain't going down a second time!"

Nirvana: "If the strategy works... Nirvana must remain alert!"


Nirvana: "Out of my way, dirtbag!"


Graham: "The number six car's back up front, eh? Let's concentrate on what's ahead.."


Sonny: "HAIYAA, not again, not again, NOT FREAKING AGAIN."

Nirvana: "That was incredibly satisfying.. fufufu. I, Nirvana.. should monologue after the race ends."


Jake Ross: "For her racing debut.. she ain't half bad. Why's she inside here?"

Nirvana: "Phooh.. this pressure will break me.. Nirvana needs another angle."


Jake Ross: "Jess, she's letting me pass."

Rin: "I don't see anything unusual."


Jake Ross: "Enthuse me, rookie."

Graham: "He wants me to entertain me. Mate, you have no idea how well I can keep this car straight on this here tread."


Graham: "Ahh crap, I'm wide.."

Jake Ross: "Sandstorm? Graham.. that better not be intentional."


Jake Ross: "Jess.."

Rin: "It's too early to tell!"

Nirvana: "Goodness.."

Sonny: "HOLY, Graham! You better be alright, dude."


Nirvana: "Something is not right.."

Jake Ross: "That ain't right. This was his win, not mine."


"The final 3's all but confirmed on the last run around! Who will take home the prize? Car #6's comeback seems to be shaking around the persistence of #61 and the #666 car!"


Nirvana: "This is unusual. Why do so?"


Rin: "Jake?"

Jake Ross: "This first win I won't let it run with blood, Jess.."

Rin: "No flags yet.."


"The final 3's all but confirmed on the last run around! Who will take home the prize? Car #6's comeback seems to be shaking around the persistence of #61 and the #666 car!"


Nirvana: "That was exhausting.. Nirvana now can hurt that so called god now that he bleeds with this loss."

Jacob: "Jess, the prize giving can wait.. we go see Graham first."

Rin: "Loud and clear, ot-to!"

While the post race celebrations were to take stage earlier, the lead racers however had a mind to head for the emergency medical room.

Candy dashed in first, seeing Sonny outside the locked door among a crowd..

Candy: "You saw it too, right?"

Sonny: "Saw it? I was a first witness to that crime, beh. If it's even a crime. Steward cams say.. it's all incident, lor."

Nirvana then comes over, feeling smug, but the remorse overwhelms her..

Sonny: "Big tall and ugly. I hate to say it.. but congrats on the big win. But again.. about my dude Graham."

Nirvana: "For Nirvana.. it's something that's hopefully just a breeze in the wind."

She's cryptic about it, but Candy can decipher that riddle, commenting..

Candy: "She's telling us she cares with a tone that's incredibly uncaring.."

Sonny: "Nash and Keith are on their way.. oh? Look who came over.. I almost forgot!"

Not willing to remain his jolly side, he notices another man walks in slow with his beloved by his side..

Sonny: "Your gambit paid off good, man. Real good. Kicked me in the ass, this was what you tried on me."

Jake Ross: "I ruined your day. Sounds like a win to me, ain't it, Jess?"

Rin: "Yessir! Heehee! Hiya, little sis!"

Candy didn't take well to that catchphrase however..

Candy: "Rin-san, For the last time.."

Jake Ross: "But I'm more concerned about Graham.. as fellow rookies.. well.."

Nirvana: "Do not feel guilt, boss man. Nirvana saw it all.. gliding on the sand like broken rollerskates on the great revelation.."

Candy: "I.. like that metaphor."

Nirvana: "The intensity of the race caught you two."

Jake Ross: "We don't deal with sand when you race on the city streets.. just another lesson learned, Nirvana."

But just as they turn to the door, they then see Graham, walking out fine while the crowd roars out a round of applause for his unharmed outlook.

He then walks towards the group of racers, giving hugs and receiving social gestures from hand braces to high fives..

Graham: "Blimey.. Oh, the gang's all here?"

Sonny: "Yeah, we was worried sick of you! That was a nasty case of crash. How're you holding up after your first big incident, yo?"

Graham: "It was.. alright, I wager, but I'm not letting that crap happen to me again, guv."

Jake Ross: "After bullets in the knee, of course you'd walk it off."

Graham: "Big Jake.. you really know how to strategize. That last minute roster shuffle brought you over, and you didn't disappoint in the slightest, haha!"

Sonny: "Yeah.. but speaking of which, take your attention to the little elephant in the moment, gang."

They all then turn to Candy, who initially glanced but took a brave face just as quick..

Candy: "Who, me?"

Graham: "Little elephant?"

Sonny: "She ain't an elephant, but aside from Nash.. we got ourselves a tourist.."

Jake Ross: "I do hope your plans include.. a few days into Los Angeles, my little Asian flower."

Rin: "Oh yes! You can come to our place."

Candy: "Yes! L-lovely! I was going to inform in advance, but seems like you always beat me to the punch."

The first thing was to not just celebrate a race well done, but also Graham coming from that incident mostly unharmed..

Waiting outside a roadside barbecue, Candy stands out, searching for someone, ending as she hears the modular V8 come crawling in..


As she dashes towards the car, she meets with the driver..

Candy: "Just the man I wanted to see!"

Jake Ross: "Candy? You, umm, require my presence?"

Giving a fake smile, Candy then asked..

Candy: "That I do. I guess it's okay with Rin-san, but.. it's about those men I met in Tokyo. The sarge Maverick, and that one Zumi-san calls the Black Flash. You sent them, didn't you?"

Jake Ross: "Sent them? Mack does whatever the hell he wants. Emile however.. he said something in the lines of.."

Rin: "[imitating] She's a person of interest I must.. seek out."

Hearing of Rin's imitation game, she then asked..

Candy: "Eheh, you have to teach me that someday."

Rin: "The power of imitation can get you places. If only we can do something about your small stature."

Candy: "Knock it off!"

Rin: "No.. sorry~"

Teases Rin as she pulls down her right cheek..

It's a taunt, Candy thought, leading to Emile being the focus of this impromptu discussion..

Candy: "But Emile? I don't feel comfortable with hitmen like him coming up my doorstep like he owns the place. Guild or not Guild."

Jake Ross: "Assassin's Guild, you mean? Well.. what if it was me in his place?"

Candy: "I don't know where to begin with you.."

Jake Ross: "Exactly. The moment it's someone hostile, that's when you should worry. Usually when we mention the Guild, we don't take fancy to their kind. Lucky for you I say."

Not liking Candy's link with those criminals she can't interrupt, Rin changed the subject..

Rin: "Oji-san mentioned you live in Ginza.. for someone to aspire for a quiet life, that's surprising for you to choose in the city."

Candy: "I-I don't have to elaborate why I live there, I hope.."

Rin: "Not really. Just curious."

Jake Ross: "Anyways.. why are you out here, and not on with the men.."

Candy: "Well, that Nirvana chose not to come along, and being the only lady on the table seemed rather alien for me."

Jake Ross: "You made your point. Perhaps you two should sit together. Jess loves American barbecue."

Candy: "You eat a lot? You don't seem the type."

Rin: "As do you, and Ciya-kun always seem to note every time she sees you gobble down a snack. Look at us.."

From Jacob's towering perspective, he sees his wife and the shorter Candy playing along with those words..

Candy: "Must be that lack of metabolism."

Rin: "Emm.. meta what? Ahh, whatever. I suppose I'll head in now."

And Rin walks towards the front of the shop, leaving behind the leads of today and yesterday..

Candy: "Well then, dark one.. any more surprises for me?"

Jake Ross: "The thing about surprises, missy, is that they work when you don't see them coming. And let's be fair.. I ain't got no idea what's to come."

Her teasing self comes out again, mentioning in glee..

Candy: "Well.. have I got a surprise for you. I made Sonny Meng and that Nirvana woman blush at each other. They've got a chemistry it seems."

Hearing this of his subordinates in his street racing crew, Jacob noted quietly and unusually feels strange of it..

Jake Ross: "I'll take note of that.. peculiar."


Do I like this car? Yep, exactly why it's nominated. I had a VGT Group 3 racing trinity, and in that trinity, only the Peugeot remained for me to consider coming into 7. Yep, it's fallen off that favor conga line in between game transitions.

But what is it on the scale? Let's put it in perspective with the Genesis. That car is a Neutral, but it finds itself being used for competition online as a viable choice.

This car is living under the shadow of THE top tier go-to choice. Having finally unravelling this box, I can safely say it's a Sleeper, but definitely not one that can work in every realm it can touch on. Don't you hate it when even though you have a lot of potential champions in each racing class, they're often left behind. Balance is a fickle thing, I'm afraid.


I guess it's time to let out the trivia of what makes Candy Lam the lady I call Le Glace Pacer. Just about 75% of her characterization stemmed from her turning into this impromptu main character of my mish mash of a weekly car review thread which I blend with some personal fictional story progression.

And here be the list of what was initially planned for her before COTW did wonders to her development, let's see..

  • Meant to be introduced in Sport, that I made obvious..
  • Meant to be an antagonist: yes, a BAD GUY, aimed particularly at Sonny
  • Her personality would be that bitter, serious self you saw in earlier episodes before she's opened up with the roster.
  • She's never intended to live in Tokyo.
  • And that connection with the Japanese street racing scene never was meant to be..
  • So is Toyota's Tenacious Ternion..
  • Initially meant to have the GR Supra as a Signature Car.
  • One of the 3 women included in Sonny Meng's progression on finding the perfect wife.

Don't listen to my inner egotistical heart saying I made Nirvana as the antithesis for my exaggerated self. But as they say: opposites attract? Will that stay on?

I remember when I made that on the GT Sport Liveries thread on the Outlaw's Nightmare/Horror.. that this Ennio Morricone song has to play. That was I feel around 5 years ago. It took that long, but I'm glad I got to be able to play this car.

Only one newcomer, and it's the original little brother Keith. That's exactly what he is in my internal notes. I don't think there's much I want to elaborate on him. He's simple, he's nerdy, a fan of video games, music, anime and nice big muscle car lineup.. your typical run of the mill weeaboo with a cooler older brother. Perhaps a lot like us, actually. No, I haven't applied these new fangled weeaboo stuff to him yet. Y'know.. umm.. Genshin, Vtubers..

Next (this I mean) week with the GR010 is looking to be quite a short one.

For The Outlaw/Jacob Ross (5) and Rin Nishimura/Jessica Ross (5)
see Episode 2

For Sonny Meng Xian Zhen (5)
see Episode 3

For Nirvana Kellen (6)
see Episode 4

For Nash Kirkham (5)
see Episode 10

For Graham Wilde (Sport)
see Episode 17

The current era successor of the well known Ross racing family of Ventura Bay, California. A casual player who takes his journey step by step and reeling in the experiences to be this future force of nature his brother already is..

Theme Song: Airbourne - Ready To Rock (Black Dog Barking)
Racing Duel Music: AC/DC - Rock Your Heart Out
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: 26
Current occupation: Race car driver
Distinct features: Partially scruffy, blonde combed back hair. Diamond face with rough edges. Blue eyes, hard edged grecian nose, and wide, deep mouth. Average height with slightly thin build.
Choice of clothing: Wears a zipped up sports jacket at all times, but contents vary from racing teams, anime or American football logos. Under all that's always a t-shirt with blue denim jeans and matching sports shoes.
Cars: A whole collection of them, but is 95% of the time seen with his Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6)

Like his brother, Keith too was born in the sunny side of coastal California. But there, the similarities end. However, while his brother distanced himself from his family after a certain event, Keith was the only exception to that rule.

Carrying a nice flowing blonde hairdo, Keith grew up as if he was more normal than that of his only other sibling: not in military school and instead in your usual elementary. Considering his father's reputation, Keith became a strong contender for the family's legacy as soon as he was bred into it, from entering racing schools as soon as he was able, to even forcing, then growing an interest in his father's signature car: the Corvette. It's not unusual for Keith to show this interest strong towards his friends and classmates, wearing racing memorabilia as his usual fashion statement.

Befriending a certain Asian American Badass and a small fat nerd with a flair for the young internet imagery, the once wimpy Keith took his influences from their actions, coming out into adulthood with his geeky yet cool flair of his, and took his future to the track after high school. While initially flourishing in the amateur leagues, an opportunity came for him to take part in Super GT for Honda. Unknowingly, alongside his nerdy friend, he's accompanied by a set of characters whom his brother set up with to watch him, eventually befriending them. Said group includes an Italian Interpol agent, his German hot head sweetheart, and the Bristol Harbinger.

Despite scoring high overall, and eventually getting into GT racing, rumors spread of Keith being too pampered, and the presence of his brother's intervention to the racing scene bound to come. Then, it all came down to Keith officially named the successor of his family's racing heritage: a name he strongly objected to at first, but then he didn't relent to represent when encouraged by his brother who he endeared so much all his life. And due to recent events, the Ross brothers dream start to flourish after today..

Keith Ross: Jacob's much younger brother, slated to succeed his family despite his focus on fun.(5)
3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina: a mythical group of assassins now remaining hidden to the masses. (5, Ginoa Fantoccia) (7, ???) (Sport, Miranda Summers)
Will: first of the new age List member, also Lucia's older brother, a Ring racing specialist and lover of German exotics.(5)
The Scott Brothers: Texan oil magnates who's also Sonny's main sponsors. (Sport, ???) (Sport, Theodore 'Teddy Fabulous' Scott)
Amadine: Boniface's older sister, part BDSM worker, part bounty hunter on the rise (6)
Mister V/Vulture: Izumi's more Chinese leaned brother. Once a Japanese CEO of a multi million financing organization. (5)

Members of The List Foundations yet to be introduced proper:
'Clean Gator': A hearty, overweight truck racer (5)
Look where I've been:



Jk jk, the movie wasn' horrible as I thought it would be. But dat easter egg at the Sushi kitchen/eating scene was just chef's kiss

giphy (15).gif

"Well, there he is..."

I still can't believe there's a Gran Turismo movie, and that after playing EVERY single GT since day 1 religiously, the movie officially releases on my birthday, the 11th of August.

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For Week 20 of Car of the Week, our resident automatic transmission player with a penchant for black liveries, @Baron Blitz Red , has decided to level the playing field by picking a car that not only has no gears, but also no lights!

Please welcome into the spotlight for Week 20, the Volkswagen ID. R '19!

Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit_.jpeg

No gears, no lights, no problem!

In my quest to find good and new to the series cars, I've stumbled across one that has impressed me in some ways, and crushed me in others...

One of the things I've done in real life, involved driving around 5,000 kms to change from one vehicle to the next, just so I could race up a mountain. Back in 1985 lol 😂

This car has been there and done that...

Let's shine the COTW spotlight on the Volkswagen ID.R 2019 !!!

THANKS for letting me pick!


Assuming we're sensible folk who don't specifically go out of our way to do a race in the pitch black night with a car that has almost no lights while very specifically banning driving aids in our lobby settings because we're masochistic clowns, we hope to see you in our weekly lobbies on Tuesday, 15th of August, 10 P.M. CST and/or Saturday, 19th of August, 5 P.M. Singapore time to see if we can ID any of the ID.R's strengths and weaknesses (aside from a lack of lights)! We aren't that dumb, right guys?

...uh, guys?

For anyone else that actually likes using their eyes and brain, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions here on this thread regarding the ID.R (assuming you've bought one for some weird reason...).
Managed a 05.43.754 stock with its stock RH tyres on the Nords with it.

YT review: "Well, well, honestly this thing is bloody amazing! Yes, typical for an EV car, its top speed is laughable (~280 km/h), but the GRIP MAN! Considering its pathetic top speed, and that it "only" runs on RH tyres, the lap time it managed is SERIOUSLY impressive. On top of that, it does look pretty cool and is very easy and nice to drive. Top car this!"

Verdict: sleeper

EDIT: Good news regarding the S Barker. In my list there are 5 cars before it (all slower, the wambulance being one of it), and more might follow, so I'll choose it by approximatly the end of NEXT year. So guys: you got PLENTY of time to acquire it.
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Just a friendly reminder for anyone who didn't see Alex's edited post above, the Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer '29 reserved by them is currently available in the LCD for 13 million credits, for anyone looking to get involved with testing it.

Apparently, he found 5 cars to pick before the Barker, which means it's not going to be chosen quite so soon. I'm not even sure if that's supposed to be a good thing or not...
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Just a friendly reminder for anyone who didn't see Alex's edited post above, the Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer '29 reserved by them is currently available in the LCD for 13 million credits, for anyone looking to get involved with testing it.

Apparently, he found 5 cars to pick before the Barker, which means it's not going to be chosen quite so soon. I'm not even sure if that's supposed to be a good thing or not...


@Alex p. mate i think i beat you to the HiMedic, so make that four cars.

@XSquareStickIt can you confirm? I think i asked you on PSN.

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SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 19 - Toyota GR010 HYBRID


I've always questioned why it's called Gazoo Racing, and why they didn't quite stick with TRD. No, don't ask me to Google, that's for future SPD to take care soon.

So, did anyone forget about the Toyota GR Super Sport Concept?

I know. So Gazoo Racing actually decided the first step past their TS050 Le Mans racer is a sports car with a thousand horsepower through a 2.4L V6 placed amidships layout powering all 4 wheels. It looked ridiculous for a road legal car, but if you have things like the Senna, the AMG ONE and the Valkyrie, it's all not too spectacular. But it's the unique example of a Japanese take on this class of ridiculous road legal racing cars.

While we have to wait to see if that'll materialize, what did was the successor to the TS050 Hybrid. Called the GR010, this car would begin the corporate take over of the new fangled Le Mans Hypercar class that took off in 2021. The TS050 would be the most successful car of this class for a couple years before LMDH came along and added more competition.

If we look into the car's whole gimmick, it's a 670 horsepower streamlined monster bringing about a ton load. But interestingly is the hybrid system working by bringing power purely to the front wheels only, rather than having motors for each wheel in the TS050. Also the valves going down by 2, so it might not have that chesty hairy man feeling you might want in a Hypercar.. perhaps the Cadillac or Vanwall cars can cater to that. And maybe Peugeot, but the Peugeot VGT has that covered (yes, to me they sound the same).

I'm not going to put in the details, but simply put: this car won races, gets some extra racers to mess with, and the future of mainstream endurance racing looks to be quite the spectacle. Sounds to me we all win, but driving the car itself is a whole different story altogether.

I, uhh, said the words.


Episode 19: Power of Three

Kyoto Driving Park
Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


Even before the sun comes to rise, a bevy of GT racers come around Yamagiwa's fabled hillside track.


A mixture of cars occupy these roads..


From an iconic endurance spec BMW to a race worthy Ferrari..


As well as Candy's refurbished FT-1 racecar.


All the racers give it their all, despite the early hours suggesting otherwise.


But an anomaly stands out..


Super Formula's Hayato Matsumoto finds himself also getting involved with a GT spec NSX ready to rumble.


Not to mention..


After taking a loss to newer machinery in the past week, Nash Kirkham powers through the morning trail with his V12 powered McLaren and a renewed motivation..


And with Cierra behind the wheel of the Ferrari, Hayato isn't the only newcomer on these roads, albeit in her case being unofficial..


Nash isn't the only person on fire however..


And like any fire, they spread to the end, where Lucia finds a spot to overtake..


Only to seemingly fall short, but time will tell how this will progress..

Later in the Void.jpg

Now putting the cars to a standstill, the drivers come out of their cars, exhausted.


Putting aside her helmet, Candy rubs the sweat off her face with her elbow, noting to herself..

Candy: "Phew.. that's what I call a daily workout. Isn't that right?"

And as she turned to Lucia, she then notices an offensive sense of body language as she heads towards the ninja wannabe nearby..

Candy: "Umm..."

She then swang a quick playful hook towards Moto-san, who reacted with a defensive glance..

Lucia then shouted through her helmet..

Lucia: "SCHWEIN!! You gave that one, did you?"

Hayato: "Eh?! I most certainly did not! When I race to win, I race to win. No. Exceptions."

Confounded with the behaviour, Candy came close to inquire..

Candy: "What's going on? I missed something?"

She might be angry, but composed enough to reply..

Lucia: "Candy? We had a photo finish, and our impromptu race steward told me.. I got ahead by a hair's length across. I call bu[BLEEP]it. No way I'm faster than this formula racing dummkopf."

Hayato: "Lucia-chan.. I implore if there was telemetry data to show, I will show. For now.. heheha! [slow clapping] I applaud of your efforts."

Candy: "Lulu, earning the respect of others through the track is a high honor."

She's not going to stop, though Hayato, as he turned to Candy, not hiding the distress from that German rage.

Hayato: "I suppose an example is due, Candy-chan. No way I can get through that thick head of hers."

Candy: "Right.. umm.. back in Deep Forest, I had this sort of rage against this British girl who's kind of an amnesiac. After we raced, we.. umm.. had a mutual respect."

Oddly, Lucia came to a halt with her bitter heat, and questioned this..

Lucia: "Rage? What did she do?"

Hayato: "It's the one with the taser and the flowers, heehee."

Hearing that, Lucia went on, calmer..

Lucia: "It makes me wonder what prompted that, Candy."

Candy: "All I'm trying to say is that.. you achieved something, and I know for all his career, however a dick he might be, Moto-san's not a sore loser."

He knew it was a compliment, so he replied eagerly..

Hayato: "What?! Pfft, nonsense, that phase is past, nyeeheehee!"

Remembering Moto-san's role in racing, Candy has that in thought as she spoke happily..

Candy: "Either way, looks to me you've entered the killing field, Moto-san. I've met a lot of new competition that got tabloids saying this GT racing gal's struggling to keep her footing at."

Hayato: "Sounds eerily familiar."

The Asians then slowly peer towards Lucia, who didn't take long to realize..

Lucia: "Don't. Even."

Hayato: "Nyeeeh.. fine. Believe me, you're no slouch, Lucia-chan. If jiji wasn't on a roll today, he'd say so too."

Lucia: "I suppose.. but I get one thought otherwise."

Hayato: "I know this part all too well.."

Moments Later.jpg

On the other side of the pit building be where the other GT cars rest.


Cierra, with a brand new racing suit, nervously comes forwards the white haired Nash, quoting..

Cierra: "I.. sure an glad to finally caught up to the legend.. ehe.."

Nash: "Don't sell yourself short, my dear. Verily so, my brother has picked the greatest racer he could muster up and develop you to heights you've never possibly could reach by your self."

She points to herself, smiling as she speaks..

Cierra: "That's ME, alright. But you?"

Nash: "Oh? I got on the path through the road of the tried and tested. I'm willing to prove I'm capable then, and being honest: being capable now's just a tad too taxing."

Said Nash as he holds his chin in curiosity and worry.

Palms to her chest, Cierra spoke to disagree..

Cierra: "Impossible! You really took us for a ride."

Nash: "As you saw. But after last week's excursion.. I feel an improvement's due."

Cierra: "I-I.. yessir! Let's keep organizing these short Group 3 meets, ehe.."

He had something to say about that last statement however, replying with composure..

Nash: "I don't disagree with you, Cierra. By the way.. the car you drove's made for my brother. A shame he's still really against circuit racing."

Cierra: "Hmm.. you're going to tell me you tried all you could?"

Nash: "Why yes. Maybe he needs someone else: to meet the right person, but who on Earth is capable of that, I've yet to find.."

Worried about her superior figure, Cierra nervously blasts out vocally..

Cierra: "I-I-I'd be HAPPY to help find this person! THE day your brother gets his smile back is.. going to be the greatest day ever! Count on me and that G-Dog to make it work!!"

Nash: "A veritable statement, Cierra. Now let's go find Hamza."

Just as Cierra exits the area, Nash thought to himself..

Nash: "She not Dorah, veritably so, but.."

As these two groups, sans Hayato, come together, Candy unexpectedly comes forwards to speak..

Candy: "Nash. They can't call you old no more if they see how you were fast out there."

Nash: "Why I appreciate that, but yet.. I have doubts.."

Cierra however turned towards the other European in the scene, holding her palms in joy..

Cierra: "Lulu! You kept up."

Lucia: "Uhh.. ja, I did, but.."

Candy: "No buts, Lulu. You raced your heart out, and being a couple seconds behind isn't lacking in any way."

Having enough of this self doubt, Nash comes with words of wisdom..

Nash: "Lucia, you're a proper Mythic racer, and don't let your self doubt close your ears to feedback. You're on the swell. Just keep at it, and maybe you can keep up with the likes of The Guts."

Funny enough, memories of The Guts' unparalleled attraction to Lucia has her think..

Lucia: "Herr Guts. I suppose I shouldn't let him down. I'm his favorite girl after all!"

Candy: "Don't let Bernardo hear you say that."

She obviously needs to be educated, Lucia thought, and thus..

Lucia: "Candy.. you weren't there when he and that racing animal first met. Assume that it wasn't him or that animal who wanted to hurt somebody.."

However indirect those words are, Candy didn't take long to figure it out..

Candy: "It was.. oh naughty! Naughty Lulu!"

Cierra: "HAH! I CAN'T believe that!"

She didn't quite show a caring face as she slowly raised her right hand with a clenched fist, of which Cierra didn't take long to figure out as well..

Cierra: "OH GOD, PLEASEPLEASEplease~"

Lucia: "Two for flinching.."

Two playful jabs come through, Cierra not feeling at ease receiving them however painless they are..

But another man comes in, walking in with stature..

Hamza: "Salam-alay-kum.. I hope I'm not interrupting anything, brother."

Nash: "Just arrived, Hamza? I've led these racers around.. a chock full of capable beings for the track around the clock."

Nash shows a presenting gesture to the Ternion, Cierra being the first getting that hint.

Cierra: "There's not a time on th-the clock I've not raced on."

She said enthusiastically.

Quickly nodding at this, Hamza then turns his attention aside..

Hamza: "It's in your eyes. Heh. Candy?"

Candy: "There might come a time I race on Le Mans, so it's an open idea."

Hearing that, Nash couldn't help but quote..

Nash: "Sounds like something Paul would say, am I right Lul-Lucia?"

Lucia: "I can't agree more."

Hamza: "Speaking of Le Mans, are you ladies ready for our little morning journey to the fastest there is?"

Aimed at the ternion, Candy spoke..

Candy: "Interesting. To say the least, that is. I'm ready. Ladies?"

Lucia: "I'm not a morning girl, but lucky enough we're not in Germany for this."

Cierra: "I can race 24/7, Lulu! Bring this thing on!"

Watching the whole scene, Nash looks on with a positive mood..

Nash: "Look at this. All of them seem inspiringly chipper."

Lucia: "I'm unsure about them, but for me: money talks, ja?"

Nash: "Oh! Right. That completely slipped my mind."

After Nash slaps his head in realization, Hamza walks by, inquiring the rest..

Hamza: "Come along now.. feast your eyes on this."

5 mins later.jpg

Slow An' Easy
Slow An' Easy

What finally came to sight was something with a reputation in the grandest of playing fields.


Ignoring Cierra zipping through, Candy opted to point out..

Candy: "Lulu, look!"

But receives a slap in the back of her head instead..

Candy: "HEY!"

Lucia: "I'm not blind, Candy, don't you even.."

Thinking about its grand presence, Nash calmly asks..

Nash: "The Toyota Hypercar? Interesting how you can have such an influential pull to get one of these just for us, Hamza."

Hamza: "It might sound easy, but I assure you that's not the case. Not like I want it easy anyways. What's she doing?"

Obviously pointing to Cierra jumping around as if she saw a unicorn, she then yelped out..

Cierra: "I've been meaning to.. to.. [yelping sounds]!"

Lucia: "Candy, I think the car broke her, haha."

She then turned to the rich Arab, questioning..

Cierra: "We're driving the car, right? RRIGHT?!"

Candy: "Volume, Cierra."


Seeing her shout to her friend's face, Hamza notes out eagerly..

Hamza: "Excitable, isn't she?"

Nash: "Well, it's either not excitable, or too excitable. Usually, Peggy helps monitor this, but.."

From behind him, Lucia walks by towards her over enthusiastic friend..

Lucia: "Excuse me, Nash.."

Nash: "Oh?"

And as she closes in, she winds back her right arm, and lunges forwards with a grand hook to Cierra's right cheek, sending her flying back.

Wiping her hands, Lucia notes on Cierra's unmoved body..

Lucia: "There."

And the spectators also have something to say..

Hamza: "My goodness, what a fist!"

Candy: "That looked painful.. eheh. Remind me to never cross you ever, Lulu."

Nash: "Blimey! Umm, cameraman: next scene!"

With Cierra out, Candy and Lucia gets to decide who goes first.

Deciding by coin toss, the little Hong Kongese heads out first, along with the sun beginning its morning shine.


Explaining on why he's gone for the moment, on support for this new experience is..

Hayato: "Alright, Candy-chan? You hear me?"

Candy: "I hear you, Moto-san. This is more intense that I thought it'd be!"

Hayato: "Nyehh.. when you get used to it, you'll want to come back to it more than you can imagine. Of course.. subject to your own taste, Candy-chan."

Candy: "Taste? Well, I probably need your coaching skill, Super Formula racer. Think you can do that?"

Hayato: "Hehh, I'll try. Where should we begin? How about not totaling this expensive car so your girl club can have their round too? The car's turbo will come in HARD in the late stages, so keep your hands steady and your feet on check."

Candy: "That's hopefully not going to be a problem.."

So, are you looking for an AWD entry level ride for getting into Group 1? Tough luck if you splurged your 3 million credits on this behemoth, because this ain't it. What could be it? Umm.. to my knowledge, that's the Mazda LM55 VGT and the Bugatti VGT. Now, I didn't say entry level and competitive, because if we look at competitiveness, that's another league entirely, and trying to get them both together is how Group 4 works.


How exciting is this?! A Group 1 car, finally. Indeed an unintended stopping point for my writing, but we're bound to reach this level of performance. We did have a taste of the SF23, but comparing this and that car is like comparing cats and dogs. Not to mention how to manage this car. While the SF23's an elevation hating beast with a nasty case of power oversteer on the early gears, the GR010 is okay in the sense that you can push it on the early gears. It's AWD, sure, but like I mentioned in the intro: it's AWD, with the front wheels being powered by motors. Kind of like the 2nd generation Honda NSX, only that this is the newest hottest Toyota racer of recent days.

If anyone's getting buyer's remorse already.. I can 95% correctly assume it's the sudden power oversteer. Two factors attribute to this madness: the turbo, and the car's notable lack of grip when turning in higher RPM ranges. Also the fact it's not actually AWD. But checking the powerband really doesn't solve anything: it's your usual smooth running turbo V6 that don't mind you shifting early. Because the torque settles into the power very smoothly and nicely. This behavior's noted when the RPM's going upwards past 6000, buuutt.. no RPM measurement in cockpit? Barnacles.. though it's nice to see a working State of Charge meter.

If we look at the certain other hybrid cars' battery boost, that also begs the question on what's causing this? For this car, it has a.. maybe unique way of it's setting by having it start at 75 MPH, and turns off at 155 MPH, and also drain considerably less of the juice unlike the other hybrids. So, it's probably obviously in front of me, but I suppose I'm just not seeeing what's wrong and assume the car's rear suspension isn't built well for the sudden turbo blowing in those 6000+ RPMs. Just gotta watch your input during this period, really. Although, someone correct me if another car has a mid speed hybrid boost application.


Anything else to note? Hmm.. I can't say it's understeer, but it feels like it. So while you're battling your throttle, you'll also need to play around the car's rather excellent but not so super duper 95/100 handling. No, of course I just assume it can't turn too good. That's what I feel with this car. Maybe I'm too spoiled with tuned race cars that handle better than what came from the shops. It just doesn't want to turn like I want it to turn, that's what I'm feeling.

But seeing all these paragraphs of the car's bad means there might be some good? Of course there is. If you're smooth with your inputs and.. pretty much don't do more than 50% gas while turning at 6000 RPM area, you're getting what might be a challenging machine to take the reins and prove you're better than those who don't drive it. Even with a little bit of discipline, the great stock setup and great late RPM acceleration means you can fly with this car around circuits and enjoy it. But if you're new to Group 1.. just get that Bugatti.


To the tuner's analysis? Umm.. I don't know. I'm using a few tunes to refer to, and WHAT'S THIS?


You can see I sort of have the same thought. I'm also thinking 'wide early gears and combined with late RPM focused end gears' like they do. It's what people have been doing to these hybrid powered Group 1 cars since Sport. You're going to suffer if you enjoy doing grid starts with this, but this is a class where you might want to keep with the rolling starts.

Now, If you're me and don't want no sbinalla effect, you can do with the differential's acceleration and get that to equal or have the front at a good number higher. It won't eliminate that entirely, trust me, but you definitely want this if you're the kind of dude with bad inputs. That's definitely not me. I'd advise against 60 and 5 for this setting, but you can also consider the aero levels for the car. Maybe raise the rear a teeny bit if you're going haywire with the oversteering suspension tune you put on.

On the whole, it'll take more than a good tune to get you rolling with the pros in this thing. Sure, it's a.. sort of unique take on what the dominating Group 1 cars offer, but it's not quite there yet. I'm hoping for the LMDH cars to come follow suit. I mean: there's a freaking V8 Lamborghini in that now. How will they make that work, eh?

As morning progresses further that day, the GR010 comes back in, planned that this will be for the last time.


Exiting the car in the garage, Lucia hops out, puts aside her helmet and holds it under her shoulder.

Lucia: "Phew.. that was an incredibly daunting task.."

Not used to the car's speeds, she's filled with adrenaline, while also exhausted.

While the Toyota crew starts to put the car away, Lucia finds her mates sitting on the side, laughing along.

Lucia: "Cierra and Candy. Guten tag. Well. I lived without crashing it."

The tone changes as Lucia enters the scene, with Cierra beginning the conversation.

Cierra: "Lulu? W-when you keep saying to yourself y-you're lacking.. it's definitely not in the consistency, ehe.."

Candy: "Emm.. What she said."

Lucia: "Whatever. It doesn't help I'm 2 seconds behind you, Candy. You have a knack for Toyota race cars, it seems."

Candy: "That's how I've rolled these past years. To great success."

Despite her tough guy attitude, Lucia then shifted herself into a lower gear..

Lucia: "I.. ja.. want to admit something."

Cierra: "PLEASE! I mean: please."

She sat down, then let it all out..

Lucia: "It's about that I've always seen you as good friends, but over that period of me leaving the trio of that company.. I grew to hate. Hated the fact we were doing things together, then as we split ways, I've been keeping tabs over the successes of you three."

Candy: "Oh.. I think we've expected this talk, Cierra, don't you?"

Cierra: "If she don't have to come flailing.. yes."

Lucia: "So that was the entire line of thought, until that day in Maggiore."

Candy thought of an opinion, then brought it to words..

Candy: "Hey! I know this: that time I leapt at her from a certain angle: out of nowhere."

Cierra: "Considering your size, ehe.."

Cierra's shift in tone to playful did cause Lucia to raise her voice..

Lucia: "You mind? We're trying to have a moment here, Frau!"

Cierra: "AAIIEEE!! MERCY!!"

Watching her timid friend run off into an imaginative hillside, Candy spoke in worry..

Candy: "How did you-not even a finger.."

Lucia: "She hasn't changed a bit.. unlike yourself, Frau. Your point, please?"

With an extra layer of that worry added, Candy proceeded with the conversation..

Candy: "R-right.. so you crying out was not because you missed me. It's because I finally confront Lulu in her peak, yet she's not shown any thing to show for."

And she continued, as if she's being given the words for this situation.

Candy: "Annoying, isn't it? To do your best when it's not enough. Did you know why we're even here in Kyoto for some fun with a Le Mans Hypercar? It's not all fun. Hamza's looking for a justification. Get us as a team."

Lucia: "You talk like.. like.."

As her mind strongly suggests Bohemian Like You, Candy too has the words for this as she spoke more confidently.

Candy: "Sonny Meng. The pompous ass, of course. We've.. befriended and he thinks it's fine to rub off some of his talent.."

And as she saw the sorrowful face, she glided through these skies, calmly assuming..

Candy: "Your face tells me I'm right, though."

..eventually finding her way near the sun, as it reaches out with a chokehold, dodged by a quick reaction..


Lucia: "I'm going to end YOU!"

A chase was to begin, but she calmed and sat back down.

Lucia: "But.. like you said.. you're right. Once I saw you, with Jacob of all people.. I said to myself: this is the people that will help me reach my goal, however deep this hole I fell into might be."

Glad it all de-escalated, Candy came close to her friend and embraced her with her left arm around her back.

Candy: "Lulu.. looks to me you have some catching up to do. Let's get Cierra out of here before someone calls it strange she's out and about like she's being abused."

Lucia: "Hehe.."


On the garage next to that, the men overheard everything, now closing it out.

Hayato: "Well, jiji? I say that settles it quite nicely."

Nash: "Verily, I agree. Hamza?"

Hamza: "You're asking the one with the money at stake on these women, isn't it?"

They might be friends, but Nash has professional standards, feeling a slight betrayal hearing that non-answer as he replies..

Nash: "I'd like an answer, not an opinion. Jacob will rat you out on those kind of replies."

Hamza: "Very true. I suppose they will need the training but a career in Group 1 is indeed a possibility. Brother, I like their odds after.. maybe 2 years in their current running?"

Now satisfied, Nash moves on, arms crossed while asking..

Nash: "Jolly good. And Cierra?"

Hamza: "We'll endorse her with progress towards her Super License, then I suppose she needs a manufacturer to race for."

Nash: "Sounds to me she might like her future. I spoke to my brother, and he's.. accepting. We'll need to figure out a way to rid of her international warrants before someone bats an eye."

He's not smart, but Hayato lends out what he knows..

Hayato: "Jiji, I'm thinking.. Guild Contract?"

Nash: "Too pricy."

And after a quick blowback, he raised his objection to that excuse.

Hamza: "Pricy? What is pricy to YOU even?"

Nash: "They know I've been handing these out, so much the next one will even dent me funding.. I suppose we do what the Cinderella's been doing."

Hayato: "Fake alias. Of course. Boring."

Hamza then questions the situation..

Hamza: "Your son disagrees."

Nash: "No he's not. That's just his excitement face going away."

Hayato: "Yeah, like you know what it's like to know me, Arab guy."

And again then questions this situation..

Hamza: "And his annoying face now emerging?"

Nash: "Yes. Do you want to see his begging face?"

Hamza: "Do what you must, I say, my brother.."

Done with that, Nash puts out a quick double clap, signalling his McLaren's race team ready nearby.

Hayato: "You! Jiji! You clap that clap telling your race team to put the car away, is it?"

And to his surprise, Hayato sees the team move aside and making a royal carpet line from him to the legendary car they surrounded earlier..

Hayato: "Nani? Just like that?"

Nash: "My boy, I am in a veritable good mood, and if you think this is a trick, well.."

His face shifted in a flash from his usual serious self to a more joyous one.

Not wanting to wait, Hayato bolted through this imaginative red carpet and headed straight in without hesitation.


As the BMW V12 came to life, Hamza notes with curiosity..

Hamza: "That's a face I probably shouldn't be expecting to see."

Nash: "His whole life's a complete mess, Hamza. Seeing those girls reminds me of Shinzo.. and thus tells me I should begin being a good father, after being a not as good one to.. you know.."



Simply put: not quick, has a gimmick that works okay, but it's a trap. A quick drive around tells me it does need a boost (not intended pun), and considering the whole mish mash of Group 1, I'm not expecting anything like that to happen. Not to mention it has a tendency to attempt murder worse than certain classic offerings in the game.

And the Carrera GT, but well..


And now we have three. Looks to me being one of the biggest manufacturers in the game also influences to the choices we can make. Not that I mind, I do want the A70 Supra as it was DENIED that spotlight on the Forza Horizon 5 COTW.

I did warn you about the shorts, right?

No newcomers? Yup, a first. I'm not sure what to expect for next week, but MAYBE there's one there.

The original story? Group 1 madness in Goodwood was the initial plan. 1 LM Prototype, 1 Group C, 1 VGT, and this thing square off in a race, akin to Week 5. Sadly beginning this week, I don't have the time to do much in the game world: I'm taking on a temp job while making a career making application to a health and safety course. It might already be the end of me for those Tuesday lobbies. I'm still game for Saturdays.

For Hayato Matsumoto (6)
see Episode 5

For Lucia Weiss (5)
see Episode 6

For Cierra Mercer (Sport)
see Episode 9

For Nash Kirkham (5)
see Episode 10

For Hamza Abd-al (6)
see Episode 14

3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina: a mythical group of assassins now remaining hidden to the masses. (5, Ginoa Fantoccia) (7, ???) (Sport, Miranda Summers)
Will: first of the new age List member, also Lucia's older brother, a Ring racing specialist and lover of German exotics.(5)
The Scott Brothers: Texan oil magnates who's also Sonny's main sponsors. (Sport, ???) (Sport, Theodore 'Teddy Fabulous' Scott)
Amadine: Boniface's older sister, part BDSM worker, part bounty hunter on the rise (6)
Mister V/Vulture: Izumi's more Chinese leaned brother. Once a Japanese CEO of a multi million financing organization. (5)
Rex: Keith's unseperable pal: obese rich son, but just as smart as he's fat and talented on the race track. (6)

Members of The List Foundations yet to be introduced proper:
'Clean Gator': A hearty, overweight truck racer (5)

SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 20 - Volkswagen ID. R


Some time ago, we got X, and it gave it to us alright. But now we come to R, and that AC/DC song that headlined WWE Smackdown came to mind..

So, umm, Volkswagen. They're no stranger to any kind of automotive news headlines, it seems. By the mid 2010s, two things came forth, that is dominance in various racing sport disciplines, particularly their rallying they see with the Polo R WRC. Also mentioned is Le Mans, of which I'm sure it's not some VW badged as something else, but a quick sleuth reveals this is for the Audi R18, so bleh, there it is.

The other headline? Emissions scandal. I'm not going to go in depth with this, but the consequence that came from was a corporate restructuring. One such outcome from this was the announcement of their ID brand of battery powered electric cars for the market. And unlike many other concept development offshoots, Volkswagens sell, as they've always done, though not on the whole load of their concepts they've developed. From the revival of the Volkswagen Samba Bus, to some other contemporary electic models of their usual lineup, they also made what they dubbed the first electric race prototype.

Called the ID. R, the purpose of this race experiment was to see how much far ahead can Volkswagen push their self developed electric ID platform can do on the motorsports side of things. And what the car provides really sells it. A 680 horsepower dual axle electric motor setup brings forwards 1.1 tons of a sleek, aerodynamic piece of kit. While it can come to 60 at under 2 seconds, top speed comes recorded at a meager 170 MPH.. don't ask why this is measured, but if you ask me, this is not bad for no emissions.

Now that sounded great, but what makes it a real machine is what it's achieved in its debut on Pikes Peak. Handled by Porsche factory driver Romain Dumas: the name on the side of the car, the ID. R took on 2018's Pikes Peak and remixed the competition to a whole new wavelength, beating not just as an EV record, but being the first car to get on the top at under 8 minutes: to be exact at 7:57.148. What other records? How about fastest EV around the Nurburgring with 6 minutes 5 seconds? How about getting that top time in the 2019 Goodwood Hillclimb by being the, excuse me, genesis of breaking the 40 second threshold? Say what you like about the ID. R, but what it's done to the racing world is just plain shock and awe.

I'm afraid the electricity puns don't end there. Cue the AC/DC.


Episode 20: Thunderstruck

A large private cardiology practice
Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture


Waiting with a bag of medicine on the side, Candy's surroundings don't mistake her for being in a specialist medical institution.

With yet another Def Leppard hit in her ears through her large headphones, Candy sings along the next song coming up: Rocket, as it starts up..

Candy: "Hmm, aaaaahhh, oooooooOOoohh.."

The door nearby then opens, with a certain French aristocrat walking out in slight distress..

Not willing to see this man troubled, Candy stood up and approached him with worry.

Candy: "Bon! You're back! Are you alright? Is everything.."

Boniface: "Why.. umm.."

Candy: "Don't tell me.."

Bringing himself back to composed, Boniface confidently spoke back..

Boniface: "Of course it was all a success. My sister is going to be fine. There will be weeks of recovery. Meaning more time of us in this beautiful nation."

Hearing that honest statement, Candy slumped a little as she replied..

Candy: "Cut it out! You aren't here for me, Bon.."

Boniface: "A statement I find to be more and more false as time goes on, ma cherie."

He heads for the nearby cushioned seat followed by Candy sitting by his side.

Boniface: "I thank you of course for suggesting this place, Candy, but I would ask why you know such a place anyways?"

Candy: "Of course! I went to a few top dollar doctors around the country for treating my hypertension.. the one here in Fuji is one I find appealing. Within other larger cities, I think the one here soothes my heart the best in terms of environment, n-no pun intend."

Boniface: "I see. It makes sense, you know, ma cherie. I overheard this place used to be a children's hospital."

She knew it was an insult he failed to hide, prompting an agitated response that sounded like..

Candy: "Dick."

Not putting thought to that last statement, Boniface..

Boniface: "N-not thinking of your.. miniature height condition, Candy, just.. well.. I notice the unchanged decor being colorful and vibrant is all!"

Only an idiot will eat up that excuse, she thought, but her reply's more subtle..

Candy: "Uhhuh, sure."

Boniface: "It's not like there's even a children's ward around as the untrained eye can see. And to be honest.. my sister was the one who inquired this anomaly."

Candy: "The more you say, the more I will inquire.."

Obviously breaking her good mood streak, Boniface tried to deter that..

Boniface: "I suppose you're here for a prescription?"

Candy: "What are you thinking? I'm not sugarcoating it, Bon."

Boniface: "I'm not that dumb, Candy. My sister even knows your appeal here comes mainly how we're not far from Fuji."

Candy: "Your smarts run in the family, is it? So, you're going there later?"

Boniface: "Why of course. Poids Leger Auto also set me up with a practice session. My sister called, suggested something special?"

She's still in the grumps, but Candy still found that word interesting, gazing at Boniface with uninterested eyes.

Candy: "Special? Amuse me."

Boniface: "To be honest, I would. I too haven't a clue, ma cherie."

Not content with him hiding information, Candy attacked, slowly crawling towards him on the cushion.

Candy: "I know a few people around, maybe they can tell us?"

Boniface: "Candy? Please.. I'd keep the surprise in check. Makes it so much more exciting, don't you agree?"

She then started to rub a little of her body towards him, putting that exasperation aside to play with him as they sit alone..

Candy: "I.. guess I do."

Boniface: "Heh.. how brutish of you.."

And just as they are about to begin their playful little game, a noise from across the hallway startled them, sending them back to their original position..

Candy: "What's that racket?"

Boniface: "I.. umm.."

And not long after: they see what might be a rabid chase..



Watching the Cinderella run across a no run zone with Peigi somehow keeping up with a wheelchair held with a tray carrying a defibrillator, Candy couldn't believe what she's seeing..

Candy: "Peggy and the Cinderella?! This has you written all over it, Bon!"

Boniface: "Of course, they have to be this unpredictable..."

And to add to that, Peigi took out a scalpel out her sports bra and without much hesitation..

Peigi: "NYAH!"

Cinderella: "COR WHAAAAT?!! Did you just, ARRGHHH?!"

Struck by her right shoulder, the Cinderella swoons to the side and crashes in to the cushioned seats.

To see this scene clearly is unheard of, as Candy leaped aside to see..

Candy: "WHOA! That's the greatest throwing of a scalpel I have ever seen! We should.."

Boniface: "Oui, let's go!"

Now off the wheelchair, Peigi walks slowly, and lends out a sinister calling..

Peigi: "EEYAAAAHAHAHAHAAAH! Jiro and JJ aren't here to save you now, Cindy!"

Cinderella: "It's official.. I HATE HOSPITALS!!"

And just as the paddles would come together, nothing happened, as Peigi questioned..

Peigi: "ZAP! ZAP! Umm.. zap zap? Blimey, what gives?"

Cinderella: "Umm.."

Looking behind, Candy and Boniface stand as they swing about the paddle's connectors..

Candy: "I think it's really convenient these things come with this sort of emergency off switches in these possibly unsafe safety tools, while it's no switch.."

Boniface: "Product design at its best, ma cherie."

Not being her first time denied of this action, Peigi then takes something out of her rear pocket..

Peigi: "Nyaa.. you think that's going to stop me?! TADAAHH!"

Candy: "I-IS THAT A TASER?!"

Her answer was a definite yes as she didn't think twice to shoot the startled Candy.

Peigi: "CHIU!!"

Unable to react, Candy readied the electrified probe strike, but something came in the way.

Realizing the lack of pain, she then sees where it went, shouting..

Candy: "BON?!"

Boniface: "AIE-AIE.."

He drops to the floor, stuttering, and even Peigi didn't expect this, as she scratches her hair watching..

Peigi: "MWAA?!"

The Cinderella would get back up and immediately snatch that double shot taser off her friend's hands, angrily remarking..

Cinderella: "That's enough of this s[BLEEP]te, Peggy! Now look what you've done did?!"

Not your usual girl, Peigi doubles down as she replies in defense..

Peigi: "We can't have a day without you objecting to what I want to do, Cindy. You guys are sometimes buzzkills!"

Cinderella: "For good reason, Peggy! For bloody good reason! Ugh. I guess I gotta do it."

She then closes her face in towards Peigi, speaking softly..

Cinderella: "James Bond."

[glass shatters]

And with her pupils shrunk and mind out of control, Peigi loses control with that keyword spoken, flailing her body around before sitting in the corner in panic.


Effectively off screen, the Cinderella turns over towards the other two as she wraps around her wounded shoulder with a rolled bandage.

Cinderella: "That'll get her brain in a fix for the moment."

Candy: "Being honest.. I would never expect you to be in a place like this. You had this nightmare the last we met about hospitals, was it?"

Cinderella: "Man, how'd you get such a memory, darling.. whatever. Umm, Chosen Bon? Got yourself in a stiff with that moment of heroism, chum. You alright?"

Fortunately only aching, Boniface gets up and sweeps his clothing of any blemishes..

Boniface: "I'm.. fine.. that was unsettling, mademoiselle."

Cinderella: "The things you're glad you never want to deal on a daily basis."

They couldn't mishear that sentence as she spoke with a casual tone about it, looking at each other with surprised faces, then turning back to tell her..

Candy: "DAILY!"

Boniface: "M-DAILY?!"

Cinderella: "That's right. I got a good friend that don't mind keeping me safe from whatever, but to say she's a nutter, well.. you saw the surface of it."

Boniface: "To answer your question.. well, the Mountain Blazers are here for some verification. As well as look up that MINI of yours. Not to mention.. J.J and Daijiro?"

Cinderella: "Both at the speedway already. What's say you, Candy? Got a plan for the day after?"

Her heart starts to pump faster and faster as she thinks about how to answer that, eventually leading to her answering in a nervous manner..

Candy: "Umm.. I was thinking.. something nice and quaint to help get us to know each other better.. how about a date?"

Following suit, he replied with a shaken composure..

Boniface: "That's.. a nice thought, Candy. Maybe tonight sounds nice?"

The one person out of this equation however..

Cinderella: "What's this then? A bunch of lovebirds. Peggy?"

Upon request, the Cinderella gets a Gollum level response..

Peigi: "HISSSSS~"

Cinderella: "Oh, right.. Almost forgot.."

Now done at the hospital, they head off through the mountain roads to the famed raceway.


While she might be at the wheel, Candy took a quick peek towards Boniface, allured by the view on his phone that he keeps to himself.

Thinking this is a good time, she asked..

Candy: "Hmm, you know, Bon?"

Boniface: "Oui? You are speaking?"

Candy: "What are you up to?"

Boniface: "N-nothing. Just browsing some fiction for me to read later on.. so what's this about?"

Candy: "I'm just having a few ideas for what I'd like for this date of ours.."

She said in a calm sensual manner, but thinking otherwise, Boniface feels his privacy intruded..

Boniface: "Now now! Might I just suggest a nice dinner to start us off with. Nothing too much."

Candy: "Ahh.. I already can't wait.. I know this place in Kawasaki you're going to love. Paul mentioned you're quite the lover of wine."

Boniface: "Oui, yes, fine, but do we have to discuss it with HER?"

Sitting comfortably behind, the Cinderella playfully makes a reply.

Cinderella: "Howdy there, sunshine. Charge forth steed! Thank you, thank you."

Candy: "It's in her name, but it's not like she knows love as an artifact."

Cinderella: "Punter, shut up! I know what's love."

That unconvincing tone only gave Candy leverage to question this in a casual manner.

Candy: "Yeah?!"

Cinderella: "Course I do! Besides, you two seems to be amateurs at this game as much as I am."

And her bluff doesn't work as the front seat occupants start to snicker..

Candy: "Would you, hehehe.."

Boniface: "Ohh, hahaha"

Cinderella: "What's so funny?"

Candy: "They say you can't remember but you can think. I don't think there was any thought on those set of words, my fairy tale."

The game's up, and at least the Cinderella isn't one to double down..

Cinderella: "OHH?! Er-umm, I mean.. Ohhhh."

Boniface: "Don't beat yourself over it, mon ami."

Trying to not think about it, the Cinderella explains a gut feeling..

Cinderella: "Well it's not that I'm in the wrong totally, fellas.. Just that.. maybe there was something in me past life that hints that I've experienced love one time.."

Candy: "Ohh.. heh, we're not the experts you're looking for, Cindy.."

Expecting one thing, getting the other agitated her..

Cinderella: "Come the bleeding f[BLEEP] on! Can't you take a hunch in full face for just this once?"

And Boniface has other thoughts to this..

Boniface: "Would you believe me if I said.. I believe her, Candy."

Candy: "Of course you do. You're the kind of man who believes in those sappy movies where love triumphs all. I'm sure that won't be the case that'll trigger your memories back, my fairy tale princess."

This is her future, she thought, thus led to giving an honest follow up to that statement..

Cinderella: "Honest to Jesus.. I'll take anything."

Candy: "Though.. I didn't think Peggy has trigger words that get her all trauma'd up.."

Cinderella: "It's reason for me to hang out with you lot this moment, actually. Not to mention she has quite a roster of them key words.."

As they close in to the track, a trickle of rain begins to drop from above, followed by a small strike of lightning visible in the distance.


Candy: "Oh great. It's getting wet out here."

Fuji Speedway
Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture


Upon arrival to the track, the rain pouring starts to set a deluge on the famed speed circuit.

Candy then notes, as she gets out and leaves her MINI in the usually restricted pit lane area..

Candy: "Ugh.. this rain's getting heavier. No wonder it's desolate."

Not far behind, they take cover under the open empty garages and speak loud enough to bypass the barrage of rain splashing.

Boniface: "I believe there is some zen to this weather. Madam, do you have any idea where your crew is?"

Cinderella: "I wish. I'm more concerned about Peggy.."

And as she begins to step out, something comes this way..


Obviously aimed for her, the Cinderella was ready for this and jumps aside, unknowingly colliding by a pile of worn tires that destabilize, and cause a small rubbery avalanche.

Cinderella: "No.. NO NO NO S[BLEEP]!!"

Surrounded by tires, the Cinderella tries to dig out of the mountain of wet rubber as she then sees Peigi and her trademark sinister smile..


Peigi: "CINDY! CINDY CINDY CINDYYYY! Cindy! Look what mess we got into. I was thinking to find Jiro first.."

Cinderella: "That'll be swell, darling, cheers.."

But a swift turn to her car and receiving of a certain weapon from a bag inside hints something nasty approaches.

Peigi: "But FIRST!"

Cinderella: "Ohh.. Oh no."

Peigi then reveals her signature firearm, but with its payload reloaded.

Peigi: "Lookie here, Cindy: guess what the nearby weapons surplus shop got for me? BAM! Taser RELOADED!"

Cinderella: "Peggy.. PEGGY WAIT! I DIDN'T MEAN TO-"

Unable to dodge, Peigi gets a direct hit.

Cinderella: "-ugugugugug.."

Peigi: "Keekeeh! KEEKEEKEEE!!! Bonus round!! Look what I got..."

And from that same bag, Peigi shows a side of her kleptomaniac as she takes out a devices she was to use earlier.

Cinderella: "Bububbu-bollocks.. (She yoinked that defib from earlier?!)"

Watching from the comfort of inside a drier garage, Candy and Boniface this time felt not to get in the way..

Boniface: "Perhaps a quick exit is to be warranted."

Candy: "I'm behind you on that, Bon. Yep.."

The two started to make their exit along the drenched pit lane, unable to fully exit the deafening screams mixing with the rain.

Later 3.jpg

Walking across the wet landscape together under shade, the provisional couple decides to mix in their voice with the splashing.

Candy: "They really don't have to be here, right?"

Boniface: "True, but this is all just a part of our Big 3 delegation. Getting along with them has to be the first move."

Candy: "So, I'm expecting that snaky J.J and the mountain himself.. Daijiro-san, was it?"

Boniface: "That you are. But now, it seems.."

The sound of water then mixes with the sound of well kept Japanese tuners getting around the track.


Boniface: "That's them. Perhaps I'd like to know more about your take on this weather, and running cars at speed under it?"

Candy: "I'm in that position in my career that knows how to just adapt to the wet.. and all these other things they throw at me. You see I'll opt to keep an open mind about it.."

Familiar with this, Boniface looks away..

Candy: "You don't seem impressed."

Boniface: "That all sounded like it was dialled in by Paul."

Candy: "Like you had it against him for your entire life, is it?"

Boniface: "Putting it simply: we raced in the early days of our career. Our methodologies differ. Our personalities differ. Even our thoughts differ. It used to be bad blood between us, until that day.."

Curious, Candy followed up as she held her elbow..

Candy: "That day, being?"

Boniface: "When we raced on the Ring for a supercar championship I'm sure you've heard of when we first met."

She knew it was going to come up, but mentally wasn't ready for it, showing less than eager eyes.

Candy: "I try to forget what happens that day."

Boniface: "And you still do?"

Candy: "Mmhmm.. despite it being paramount to my growth.. You and Paul?"

He then looks upwards, thinking good of the man he once hated..

Boniface: "I guess I was born to be the opposite of him, but perhaps there's more to it now that we're allied and all together."

Done with the situation, Candy thinks of what's been on discussion for the day..

Candy: "Perhaps it's okay now we're alone to talk about.. how we're going to spend some time together?"

Boniface: "Under this weather?"

Now leaning close, she crawls her fingers up Boniface's well kept suit vest..

Candy: "It's not like there's anyone else around.."

Boniface: "Umm.. Candy?"

He points towards a nearby garage that's open, revealing..


Candy: "That's a Group 1 Bugatti."

Boniface: "It's no Bolide, but up close like this.. it's marvelous.."

Still under the noise of the rain, Candy also notices the amount of people, comparing with her thoughts on a typical race team..

Candy: "There's also a skeleton crew around it.."

And as she looked on, a tall man walks towards them, donned in race suit.

Rodulf: "Might I be of service, little mus?"

Candy looks up this towering figure, and her first instinct took over.

He's one scary fellow, she thought, and when she got to reply, she couldn't keep it hammered down..

Candy: "Oh? Muscle? We're just.. umm.. passing by. Right, Bon?"

Boniface, while also a little shaken, keeps his composure thanks to his recognition of this man.

Boniface: "Goodness, monsieur? I didn't expect you here.

Unfazed, he crossed his arms in response..

Rodulf: "He remembers me. How adorable."

Boniface: "The barbarians are indeed at the gate."

Rodulf: "Stop with the shaking of your lower intestines, racer. Can't you be nice at least for old associates?"

Unlike Boniface, Candy's composure is all over the place..

Candy: "Shaking of.. what?! Bon, I'm not getting this.."

Rodulf: "Don't worry, little piss on the panties. I'll handle this. Address me as Rodulf, but all I hear is that name.. Grim Reaper, Helwalker.. whatever. To say people are afraid of what I've done, well, you stop hearing your ass, and get to listening."

Boniface: "He's what they call the greatest of those in the Assassin's Guild.. perhaps you've heard of them, mon ami?"

Candy responds with thoughts of this shady organization, remembering the incident that happened in her home..

Candy: "Not quite, but can't say I haven't. When it comes to direct contact, I've been in contact with an Emile, sound familiar?"

Touching his facial scars, Rodulf responds sternly..

Rodulf: "The Black Flash? Ya, that's familiar alright. The greatest hitman of the American West Coast."

Candy: "Turns out he's a friend of a friend. Not to mention he's come over to make an example of his work at my place of living.."

Rodulf: "So.. he's gone out of America? I suppose he's told you of the organization's high interest of you and that MINI?"

Candy: "You know?"

Rodulf: "Little mus.. perhaps I should tell you Emile is under me. But don't misjudge: the Guild has some beef behind those behind that MINI of yours."

Candy: "And me?"

Rodulf: "You're the barricade. An interesting one. We might have to put you down."

Those chilling words got Candy so afraid, she stood her ground, closed her eyes and readied for the worst, shouting..

Candy: "Do your worst!"

Obviously jesting, Rodulf questions this..

Rodulf: "She reeks of stupid, this one?"

Boniface: "In this rain, monsieur? All kinds of weird things have been happening this day.."

He then tries to get some sense into her, talking into her right ear sensibly.

Rodulf: "I, umm.. don't think that is necessary. You're going to be really unlucky if Emile's defense manuevers didn't scare off the stragglers."

Not getting a response, Rodulf loosens his savage flair, inquiring..

Rodulf: "Hello? Little Candy? I'm not here to cause harm this day. Hello?"

Candy: "Shut up shut up shut up.. The moment I open these eyes, h-he's going to gouge them out."

Rodulf: "I would've already done that if that's the case. If there's anything, I'm a straight forward person, mus."

Not willing to continue, he turns to Boniface, requesting..

Rodulf: "Be that way, I guess. I'm going for a practice run now. Your car is... 2 to 3 doors away, Richelieu. Don't keep Amadine waiting."

Boniface: "Merci."

Now out of the scene, Candy however didn't budge..

Boniface: "Candy, that man's gone now. You can.. Candy??"

Candy: "Think. Happy. Thoughts."

Boniface: "Then I have no choice.."

Not even a moment later, Boniface takes Candy down the pit lane the way he knows how: through the grabbing of her dress neckline and dragging her through the road.


They then arrive to a set of vehicles, with a lone person awaiting while the race team finds themselves busy in the background..

Playing with one of her steel trimmed calling cards, Amadine Richelieu sits by bored until she sees the sight of her younger brother and what he's brought..

Candy: "Stop, STOP! Enough with the neck grabs! HELP!!"

Boniface: "Ama? Ama? Help me out for a moment."

Amadine: "MARVELOUS!!"

She leapt off the chair and sensually walked towards the arrived persons.

Boniface: "You got bored, sister? I apologize for keeping you waiting."

Amadine: "Pas de souci, Bon bon. And this must be your new sweetheart? Ehehe. She is as sweet as you are.."

Boniface: "Nonsense. Nobody's THAT sweet."

As Boniface lets go, Candy gets back on her feet, not happy with that outcome.

Candy: "Ahh, about time! Now who's this?!"

Amadine: "Sourpuss.. je m'appelle Amadine Richelieu. His older sister. I'm, ehh.. you can say a killer of men."

Candy: "That tight leather suit's a dead giveaway."

Amadine: "Oh, but since you look up to our little bon bon so fancifully.. if that's a word, I have such a gift for you.. where is it.."

Playful in this untrusting way, Amadine takes from a nearby bag she's left a set of sweet treats.

Amadine: "Here we are!"

Candy: "Lollies? I've never seen this brand before.."

Amadine: "Umm.. It's a.. local French favorite.. not a single word, Bon!"

Knowing this ruse, Boniface objected internally..

Boniface: "This is going to be.. brutish.."

Handing Candy a red one, she then asks..

Candy: "What flavour is this?"

Amadine: "Try and see for yourself.. let me go get.. this.."

She opens the packaging and didn't think twice on putting the treat into her mouth, feeling for a taste.

Candy: "It's apple! Mmmmhmm.."

Boniface: "Oh, well, it's sweet now.."

Candy: "Why would yo-omm-mm.. MMPH!"

As she realizes what this is, Amadine drags in a trunk of her goodies, and opens it swiftly.

Amadine: "Aww, she found out the hard way. CUFF ON! BELT ON! AND... AHAHA!! HARNESS!!"

Candy: "MM! MMM!! MMMHMMM!!"


Surrounded in leather belts and straps, along with a blindfold, Candy struggles by the wall she's bound towards, only able to give out tears of anguish, muffled by the rain, and the siblings talk it out..

Amadine: "You know what, Bon.. she truly is a sweet sweet thing. Wait till she meets the stallion.."

Boniface: "Ugh God no! Well.. If you wish for a private talk, Ama.. do remember she can still hear from all that.. you've set up."

Amadine: "Like I care! So, the car's ready. Fuelled up and with those grooved tyres for this weather. Looks to me you still want more?"

Boniface: "Oui, there is two. One has to be about Sorensen being here?"

Done with her playful phase, Amadine replies with a serious tone..

Amadine: "You still remember the Assassin's Guild wants info. There's probably an assassin from the guild watching her at any moment of the week she drives something. He wanted to meet her personally, see what the fuss is about. I mean: I'm here, but he insisted."

Boniface: "I suppose you're okay with sharing your work details with the likes of me. It never was like that before the big manor fire."

Casually shooing this aside, Amadine replies in a jolly stride..

Amadine: "Bon.. That fire pretty much ignited a new me. Who knew that's what third degree burns do to me?"

Boniface: "Get smart? You can't even do simple arithmetic like your run of the mill savage."

Amadine: "I suppose that isn't my strong suit. Just these muscles would do."

Boniface: "Keep telling yourself that."

As the eldest, she's often bullying of Boniface's stature, but decides it's time to move on to..

Amadine: "You mentioned a second issue."

Boniface: "The red car. I didn't ask for a ID R."

Amadine: "That came with Rodulf, actually. He knew you were coming, and wanted to have some rounds against it with his racing Bugatti. Is he on track or.."

Just as she asked, they hear the W16 passing through..


Amadine: "Oh there it is! Never mind me asking, Bon."

No more questions left for the time, Boniface moved on to Candy, Amadine following by his side..

Boniface: "So, what about her?"

Amadine: "You see here she's our little troublemaker. I'll rip off that dress and slap her on some nice leather for us to enjoy, then I'm going to break out the whip! Hweee! I know you love that, Bon."

Boniface: "She can hear this fine.. I wish she shouldn't even know about it.."

Amadine: "If you want, I can muff her ears and we can get the screams out without hassle."

Those internal objections eventually piled up, getting Boniface to his breaking point about this..

Boniface: "Okay, you will be able to do this, it's just that.. this one's my lady, Ama. A potential addition to the family, just like Ginoa. I prefer she don't remember me for having a sister that has ways to satisfy a certain lust."

Amadine: "If she's going to be YOUR sweetheart, I say she gets to know us the right way."

Boniface: "Argh, Mon Dieu! Unwrap her before she decides to hand me a restraining order, Ama.."

Amadine: "D'accord.."

5 mins later.jpg

Now freed from her bondings, Candy however got out of that in a daze, eyes still red.

Boniface: "Candy? How are you feeling, mon ami?"

Candy: "Whew.. what did I just experience??"

This unusual high phase of course infuriates the aristocrat..

Boniface: "Ama, what did I say about tranquilizers in the gag lolly?! Wasn't no the answer I heard?! How much was there?"

Amadine: "A little.."


Still unwanting to do anything, she mentions..

Candy: "That didn't feel like a little.."

Boniface: "I suppose it's a necessity.. lucky I thought of those Mountain Blazer people.."

As Boniface swipes through his phone to contact certain peoples, he turns back to Candy after sending a few messages, noting..

Candy: "Uhh.. I feel like crying in the corner for a few hours.."

You never see him furious until now, to be fair, as he continues to shout..

Boniface: "AMAAA!"

Amadine: "What, I forgot to apologize? Is that what you wanted?"

Boniface: "Uggh, no matter. You're no help. I guess it's not just me getting the taser today.."

Hearing taser, Candy had to ask..

Candy: "What are you-"

And before she knew it, a pair of probes came out to her exposed shoulders, and zapped her nice.

Candy: "Aaaggguugguggugguuuu..."

Ready for this, Boniface catches her, and looks at the intended assailants of this crime..

Cinderella: "Direct hit!"

Peigi: "More where that came from, big French! She need another injection?"

Boniface: "Th-that won't be required! Merci."

After a while, Candy filters out the taser's extra voltage, now facing the large green giant that violated her earlier..

Amadine: "Hi there. Remember me?"

Candy: "EYAAH!"

She immediately dashed to the side of the nearby green Porsche, everyone else watching..

Amadine: "What, is being future funny older sister going to be like this?"

Candy: "S-so far! Umm.. AHAH!"

She then makes a quick dash to tackle the Cinderella..

Cinderella: "AAHH, OHH BOTHER!"

And take hold of the double shot taser, with one shot remaining. Not hesitating, she went and aimed for Amadine.

Just as the prongs were to reach her chest, they come through, but no reaction is seen, giving her to reply..

Amadine: "That was rapid. Though, the head's where you should aim. I'm fully insulated down here.."

Candy: "Oh good. I probably won't forget that.. Sorry, Cindy."

Cinderella: "Cor, she's a fighter, ain't she?"

However, on the other side of the room, the lone man sits down in severe depression of what's transpired..

Peigi: " KEEKEE! You alright, Bon?"

Boniface: "This is a nightmare.."

Candy: "Bon? What is?"

Boniface: "How this is all laying out over should you wish for a try at.. our potential endeavor, Candy."

Willing to take his attention, Candy moves over, kneels down and looks at him, trying to bring his spirits back up.

Candy: "Stubborn.. no, I disagree. Definitely not expecting this kind of character for sure, but you shouldn't stop trying.. umm.."

He sees her face, once again bright red..

Boniface: "She's.."

Amadine: "Blood's gone to her head?"

Candy: "It's as if everything that's transpired today just helped me come close to you."

And the duo from a certain UK street racing group noted from a good distance..

Peigi: "See that? We did something [slurping] special today, Cindy."

Cinderella: "Don't make me taze you, Peggy."

Now everyone gathered and on their feet, Candy notes the odd car out..

Candy: "By the way, I see that ID R. Kit car, or.."

Peigi: "Kee? Hey, I know this one. It's the genuine article, Candy."

Hearing that, Candy looked towards the siblings, and not even a word came out to hear..

Boniface: "You don't have to ask if you want a go at Romain Dumas' prized stallion, mon ami."

Amadine: "In the wet, eh? We didn't pack a spare race suit for you to drive in that.."

Candy: "It's alright.. I got that handled. Someone get me an umbrella? Suit's in the car."

It didn't take long for Candy to hop in the seat of one of the most well known electric race protoypes known to man.


She knows how to handle the wet, but inside this, she opts to just remain steady with the ride.

Much later, she then gets a radio transmission..

Boniface: "How's the car?"

Candy: "I-intense.. though.. it's nothing I can't handle."

Boniface: "Is that so? Do us all a favor and don't crash it in this weather. I too want a go at it."

Candy: "You challenge me? Set us a time and place.. we can always race again."

Boniface: "Tempting.. but that can come another time, I assure you. Best of luck, mon ami."

Now alone, she then quotes to herself..

Candy: "Whew.. today is a day of surreal experiences.. and the second time I get advice not to crash anything.. weird."

Breathing Lightning
For All Kings

Say hello to the car that people are wondering will get into Mini Mexico, because yes: it's still not there after being one of the most absolute S2 handling machines of Horizon 4. And a fan favorite too.


We hop in with yet another week with one entire segment. It's even worse in this car when it comes to what it can do, what can be changed, and what you can possibly do with it. Though this week's car is a high downforce, high powered zero emissions killer of records. Oh, and it might look wet in the pictures and the whole scenario, but I used a dry Suzuka mainly to get to know the car better.

First thing is we have to address the DRS. Now, unlike the DRS you see in the Audi RS 5 we had quite some time ago, the one you get here has a throttle and speed restriction. You can't get it fired up until you reach 140 KMH/87 MPH, and are on full power. But aside that, you're welcome to use it to bring the car up to speed faster than you can say indubitably. The issue I have with DRS on this car also isn't like the Audi, which my gripe with is that it's mandatory for use to be competitive. While it's similar here, the ID R isn't a Grouped car, so unless it's a one make race, you're not going to find fair use of this advantage.

Speaking of acceleration, this is where you're going to get the magic of how this car breaks all those records, and they're not too special unless you mention they're done so without any combustion. Combined with AWD and this downforce heavy body, you're never going to have trouble getting the car from point A to point B unless you suck. I assure you.. in all the weeks I've been part of this thread, I definitely say nobody sucks. It's been the pinnacle of online racing from my end, and I hope there are more avenues with this kind of racing. Back to the car: now you're not going to get any issues reaching the 170 MPH top speed unless you're on Tsukuba, or what have you miniature tracks.


Now let's point out how the car handles. This is where you're going to need to be better than your run of the mill racer. It's all good to get power on the car no matter how much turning you're doing, just be wary getting the car to power while turning will greatly reduce the angle you're turning. So some trigger discipline is kind of needed to get the best of the car on exit. If you're bouncing the throttle with this, do mind also you will only get that needed added angle when your input's in that 40-50% region, and remember what I said about the car's turning angle losing as it gets power? It's very fickle, but at least aside that it's stable, so you're not going to launch it off to the nearest shadow realm.

I'm going straight to the tuner's analysis now, because what you can do with the ID R is limited. More than that VGT we got in Week 14. The only meaningful setting you can change is suspension. Kind of a shame about the rest, because this is an amazing base we can work on. I've noted the car feeling.. a little floaty when it comes to general handling around Suzuka, so I stiffened the lot, especially by the bum. What I do get is a car that kicks out the rear by the back a little bit: perfect for me.


You know what keeps up thinking HOW DARE YOU? Well, Week 34, sure, but so is the fact that the car can't have dirt tyres. Then I sort of realized Pikes Peak is a road rally these days. Not to mention in the rain.. the car's one of the greatest joys ever to ride over the water. It can and will fly through like Romain Dumas did in Goodwood. Just of course, that throttle issue needs to be controlled even more in these conditions.

much much much later.jpg

The rain has subsided.

Candy looks on to see the tall Swede inspect around her car, looking through every nook and cranny..

While she and Boniface watch on, he then notes..

Boniface: "It's too bad they're not making a series out of it. It would be interesting."

Rodulf: "You always find things interesting even if you conceptualize? Whatever.."

Hearing these opinions, Candy then spoke..

Candy: "I'm not sure what side to pick on that.. eh.. Found what you sought?"

Rodulf: "Bingo.. small, potent plastic explosive.."

Said Rodulf in his menacing cool tone as he pulls out a small remote explosive..

Seeing it visibly armed, she tenses up in alert.

Candy: "F-for real?! The last time.. that wasn't there. And that time you guys scoped out my car."

Boniface: "Between then and today.. I heard it did disappear that one time.."

Candy: "Ohh.. that adds up."

Rodulf: "After a quick disarm and perhaps investigation, I'm going to go dispose of this trash.. It's about time we might get somewhere.."

Snapping off some wiring, Rodulf then moves away, passing by an approaching Amadine.

Amadine: "Ohh.. Eyes and ears don't deceive, brother? A bomb?!"

Boniface: "Yes, Ama. A bomb."

Amadine: "Exciting, isn't it?! Sounds to me the people who lent you that modified MINI don't trust you one bit!"

She's still feeling afraid about it, of which Boniface remarks..

Boniface: "They knew we'd be on to them, so they have THAT kind of contingency. Barbarians."

Candy: "Blast me sky high! Talk about a breach in trust! GRRR!! Amadine, was it? Any idea who's doing this to me?"

Amadine: "Hey! Even if I do have that knowledge, that's the kind of info we don't usually give around. Don't you see monsieur Helwalker's on it?"

Hearing this grammar, Candy asked..

Candy: "We, as if in, as part of your rich French connection, or.. that wolf?"

Amadine: "Both! Surprised? Actually, don't be. I'm a rather self serving, low profile player in the Guild. My rise to fame's coming soon.."

About to question that, Peigi comes in, obviously not wanted in this scene.

Peigi: "What's fresh, me homies?"

Boniface: "Quoi?"

Candy: "Never let me hear you say that ever, Peggy.."

Peigi: "Or what?! Do me in?"

Not intending any harm to her, Boniface talks back with nothing..

Boniface: "Good question."

Seeing this, Amadine sees her bag in the same spot and takes out..

Amadine: "Humm... aha! Well, you can have a treat on me! Pick a flavour."

Peigi: "So many colors! It's just so enticing, keekeeh!"

Candy however remembered earlier, and can predict this nasty future..

Candy: "This is.."

Boniface: "[whispers] Stay quiet, mon ami."

And done with the choosing, Peigi opens up a purple one, excitedly speaking..

Peigi: "This one! It's gotta be grape!"

And quickly goes for a lick..

Peigi: "Delicious! KEE!! Keh? mmstickymm.."

Forcing the whole thing into her mouth, Amadine shouted ecstatically..

Amadine: "GAG! Now.. LEATHER!"

Peigi: "N-n-MMMM!!!"

Getting the hafu down in a bind, Amadine continues..

Amadine: "HARNESS! And later.. no holding back: THE WHIP!!"

As if it was timed perfectly, a bolt of lightning struck from a far and shone on Peigi's bound face, making obvious the fear on it.

While Candy watches on concerned, Boniface smiles and gives a small round of applause towards this scene going on.

Amadine: "I'll see you two later, au revoir!"

Making their leave, the couple to be remains..

Boniface: "Ohh.. That was sudden. Who knew that DJ was such a gullible fool?"

Candy: "Now we know. I've yet to question why the Assassin's Guild have a steady supply of top end racing machinery, Bon."

Boniface: "That is something I cannot answer truly, Candy. I were to make a guess, that Rodulf might have the reason. Perhaps we should wait for him."

Candy: "God of Heaven above, I hope not. He reeks of something.. not good."

Boniface: "But there's something else I have in mind. Now remember while we were at that cardiology center earlier? We've to head back there by the night, so.. I'm afraid this formality of ours will have to come later."

With the plan heading back to Tokyo for some leisure ruined, Candy's unmistakably hearbroken.

Candy: "Aww."

Boniface: "Sorry, Candy. Unless something else comes up, that's going to be the case."

But a blaring sound came from afar, getting the attention of Candy being familiar to the EMS around this country..

Candy: "How about that?"


With an unusual situation, Boniface sees the ambulance come down the pit lane, stopping in front of the garage..

Boniface: "Hold on a second.."

And as the rear door opens, he then sees the paramedics jumping out, then bringing the stretcher out.

On it was a casual sitting Mirielle Richelieu, sternly looking at her little brother.

Candy however felt that theme song from earlier coming out again.

Boniface: "Mir? Why are you here! You should be resting!"

Mirielle: "Calm yourself, brother.. I know what I'm doing. Besides.. we have an update: I'm transferring to another cardiac center, in Tokyo."

Boniface: "Oh, splendid! We should leave on the double then. May I?"

She's not feeling the hasty behaviour of her little brother, interrupting him with..

Mirielle: "Like I say.. you should listen, brother. I'm stable. Everything is going fine."

Boniface: "Sister.."

Mirielle: "Enough whimpering. If you should join me, fetch Ama and get this whole setup with Poids Leger packed up as soon as you can. We can't afford to waste any more time."

She replies with grump, allowing Boniface to leave with reason..

Boniface: "Very well.."

And after his departure, Candy, who was to follow, then heard..

Mirielle: "Ahh, that Bon. You must be the Candy he so enjoys to detail any moment he recalls.."

Candy: "That's me. Sounds to me you're another of his.. relatives."

Not cutting any corners, she spoke up with authority.

Mirielle: "Sister. Mirielle Richelieu. You may address me as madame."

Candy: "Madame.."

And after hopping off her stretcher, she makes her rounds of this person she's now met..

Mirielle: "Humm.. Ama was right. You are quite.. delectable, if that's the right word. I figure she must've given you the leather treatment.."

Candy: "That she has."

Mirielle: "It's part of her. I'd apologize, but it seems her taste on lust is one thing that I can't change. Always a hassle. But she is my sister. As Boniface wants you too.."

Candy: "Eh?"

And the next passing around the front as Mirielle grab Candy by her neckline, suggesting a threat.

Mirielle: "I'm not going to boss him around, but do be warned that should you belittle my brother's attempts to woo you, or show any mediocre standard, you will be cast out to irrelevance, and don't say I don't have that power."

Candy: "Ulp!"

Done, she drops her, and sits back on the stretcher, treating it like a throne as she states..

Mirielle: "That will be all. Now please: you're welcome to join us in Tokyo. If you'd so like to grant company for what's good there.. that's also just as."

And as the ambulance readies to depart, Candy thinks..

Candy: "Snuck up the backside of incredible wealth, she hints. Seems to me there's more to this family.."


I've delegated to not give the ID R a rating, because.. it felt like it's marred mainly by what you can do with the car.

It's an excellent car with some degree of difficulty. I like what it offers, just that what it can do is quite limited. You can't even race it against other models in custom races, and I'm not into driving a 2 million credits car with that kind of restriction.

But if you think you want to dissuade a pal or two that electrics can't race (this is true in Forza Horizon 5), this is the one you need to show. Or whenever we get to see the likes of the McMurtry Speirling in a game.


At least, to be honest, the car's not a Grouped car. That would be so PD to do so. Now to hopefully see the Pikes Peak T16 that I'm a huge fan of that preceded this on the climb record.

So, for this week, I've cut out some things. Interactions with Daijiro and J.J are one, the other being a quick run with that Bugatti Group 1 car.

I'm not going to check if I hinted that Boniface has sisters. They're also VILLAINS. Formerly, actually. You can also see the Castlevania inspiration I've gotten with these characters on the whole: something quite subtle when I first got writing them back in 2014. Or more accurately just my takes on Shego and Wednesday Addams. Let's see what's their synopses are like.

Mirielle I guess can be explained by her internal code name as rich b-word. And as a former antagonist, I've a lot to get her going for this new reboot. Also with what might be so far my favorite new leitmotif for her that's also this week's small musical choice. I've been binging it for quite some time.

Initially as the antithesis for resident femme fatale Ginnie (she's coming, alright, but that will be put forward if the Ferrari F40 is upcoming), Amadine is meant to be the second banana in the other deadly game of having quite a few assassins in the world. And I've made some changes to her usual self. The bit when she's fighting hasn't changed. And new car, of course.

For Peigi Daitoku (Sport)
see Episode 4

For Boniface Richelieu (6)
see Episode 7

For The Cinderella (7)
see Episode 11

For Rodulf Sorensen (6)
see Episode 12

Primarily known as a top running figure head for the nuclear energy industry, Mirielle's standing as a tough, merciless woman in this industry has earned her a feared moniker as the Nuclear Baroness.

Theme Song: Anthrax - Breathing Lightning
Gender: Female
Nationality: French
Age: 30
Current occupation: Industry director
Distinct features: Bleached blond, clean short ponytails, with thin application of makeup. Rounded triangular face with a much wider forehead. Always winced amber eyes. Small nose and mouth. Bleached lightly caucasian skin tone, with a slightly short height with average proportions.
Choice of clothing: As seen by the public, she's always seen with a formal suit combined with a body length dress. Has bowties all over the body, prominently her neck, left arm, hair and on her socks. Behind closed doors, Mirielle has a gothic sense of fashion, liking to dress with overblown frilly designs.
Cars: Usually has someone else drive her Porsche Taycan Turbo

A strong standing figure that's always hiding any sense of morality, Mirielle is the in-between 2nd of 3 current generation of the infamous Richelieu of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon: a family whose wealth surpasses many that of just about anyone in Europe thanks to their stake in developing nuclear products, particularly electrical power and energy developments worldwide. While the lone son dabbles in top tier road car racing, and the eldest sister working with high respects from the Assassin's Guild, Mirielle gets herself in the family business as the VVIP that handles a majority stake of the West European nuclear energy business, with her methods and merciless acts giving her the nickname 'Nuclear Baroness'.

As she was born and raised in high society, Mirielle was never your usually normal spoiled rich girl. She had strange hobbies, odd interests and is generally seen as a sociopath even in her young days. When an incident that involves a few rich families cause a forceful shape in her personality to something twisted and cruel, the family retreated all the way south to Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon. She never recovered from this, but this eventually gotten her the footing she needed to be for the future: to be better than those she saw as part of the Parisian rich and wealthy.

It didn't quite stop anyone from seeing her passions: engineering. Initially going for space travel, Mirielle realized that it's all a huge gamble, dropping it as soon as she sees the state of the world. By the time women were to find interest in fashion or men, Mirielle's interests was to make sure her family's on the top of the food chain, and takes a huge gamble in taking stakes in the nuclear energy business as soon as her parents passed down their inheritance. However, this move made her a target, and led to her hiring certain members of the Assassin's Guild to protect her, adopting one known as the Killer of Killers to be her right hand lady.

While their successes came to be with her iron fist, it didn't come without any repercussions. Mirielle's heart started to decay due to the exposure to radiation on a periodical basis and needed replacing fairly frequently. Unable to cope with this financially over time, and seeing the struggles of her siblings, Mirielle had no choice and made a deal with the Kirkham Foundation. Now as one of the many shareholders, Mirielle's possibly decaying health gave her the push to change her ways, beginning with supporting her little brother's role as the newest member of the Mythic Initiative.

Ama's entire life has been behind a shadow, always being second place. But this lustful devil puts herself at a prominent position as a killer and a bounty hunter on the rise, thanks to opportunities arising that work well with her renewed, sexy business plans.

Theme Song: Pearl Jam - Why Go
Gender: Female
Nationality: French
Age: 33
Current occupation: Bounty hunter
Distinct features: Dyed dark green long straight hair, with heavy makeup. Rounded triangular facial features. Overall face gives off a masculine Nordic vibes, with green heavily lashed almond shaped eyes, thick nose and mouth. Tall, caucasian figure with a large voluptuous body with bare hint of muscles.
Choice of clothing: Depending on the moment, the outside clothing varies, from needing a thick jacket or not. There's always a tight body fitted combat suit with sharp heels under all of that.
Cars: Porsche 911 Carrera RS (964)

A lustful passionate emerald, Amadine is the first of 3 current generation of the infamous Richelieu of Sainte-Croix-du-Vernon: a family whose wealth surpasses many that of just about anyone in Europe thanks to their stake in developing nuclear products, particularly electrical power and energy developments worldwide. While the middle child handles this business without remorse, and the youngest son dabbles in top level racing, Ama finds herself in the business of bounty hunting, also within the shadows of her many nemeses.

If there's one thing anyone knows about this family, it's that money never is an issue for the Richelieu. Before the family retreated to the south east edge of the country, she was born and raised in the elite classes of France's rich within Paris city borders, Amadine soon found her calling in life thanks to many part in her physical prowess, dexterity and strength. Her affinity for green stems when she was playfully called She-Hulk by her peers as she grew more built and more savage like in her teenage days, even though she gained a more associative and an opportunistic way of thinking then. It wasn't an issue for her; rather it's her way of remembering what she likes of her past. Upon reaching adulthood, she would dabble into various medium catered for adults: a passion she shares with her little brother, though it got her to that personality she's always clinged toward today.

With her first kill from an individual that has been heavily abusing his wealth against her own family's, Ama learned said thrill firsthand, and became a self taught killer, assisted by her family and wealth. Working as a private hire BDSM by day, her unique flair slowly reveals, especially with the use of calling cards. While not exactly famous, Ama's also the only known survivor from a one on one battle against the most feared assassin in the world: one of the Trinita L'Assassina known as the Killer of Killers. She's serious about her work, but she's also known to toy around her victims, challengers.. perhaps anyone she's keen to meet with her own two eyes.

3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina: a mythical group of assassins now remaining hidden to the masses. (5, Ginoa Fantoccia) (7, ???) (Sport, Miranda Summers)
Will: first of the new age List member, also Lucia's older brother, a Ring racing specialist and lover of German exotics.(5)
The Scott Brothers: Texan oil magnates who's also Sonny's main sponsors. (Sport, ???) (Sport, Theodore 'Teddy Fabulous' Scott)
Amadine: Boniface's older sister, part BDSM worker, part bounty hunter on the rise (6)
Mister V/Vulture: Izumi's more Chinese leaned brother. Once a Japanese CEO of a multi million financing organization. (5)
Rex: Keith's unseperable pal: obese rich son, but just as smart as he's fat and talented on the race track. (6)

Members of The List Foundations yet to be introduced proper:
'Clean Gator': A hearty, overweight truck racer (5)
It's @Jackattack-i 's turn to pick the next Car of the Week. Now, which variant of the RCZ will he choose?

The VGT version, apparently. Please welcome into the spotlight for Week 21 of GT7 COTW, the DAIHATSU COPEN RJ Vision Gran Turismo!

Nishiazuma Sky Valley_.jpeg

Style by tsubo_ms-14s: RALLY JAPAN 2022 カラー
#rallyjapan #copen #dsport

...what do you mean I've made that joke last time already, and that that joke gets progressively less funny the more times I use it?!

And after choosing the Prius last time I can’t resist picking it this time,
The Daihatsu Copen VGT. Not the rcz I don’t want to see it be torn apart by your reviews. Not yet

Oh, come on. I'm not THAT scary or negative in my reviews, am I?

(silently checks how many cars we've tested that I've actually liked)
(silently realises I've only liked maybe 6 of the 20 cars we've done)
(silently having a crisis)

Ah–hem... of all the reviews we've done here since GT6, one particular review left a very deep impression on me, that being a review of this very car in GT Sport by MisterWaffles. Back then, we were collectively lamenting the car's lack of use due to its condemnation in Gr.X. Now in GT7, the RJ VGT plays by the rules of PP like every other car in the game, and yet nothing has changed AT ALL for the RJ VGT which means we can actually compare other cars to it and try to find some use for this fun little pocketto rocketto!

Smiles! Positivity! Cuteness! Your spouse will love you again! You'll get a promotion at your job! And win the lottery half the time! All that and more await you should you choose to join us for our weekly race meets on Tuesday, 22nd of August, 10 P.M. CST and/or Saturday, 26th of August, 5 P.M. Singapore time, when we will race the RJ VGT bone stock to see how big a smile it can put on our faces! (I mean, it's not like you can do ANYTHING to this car anyway). Check the first post of this thread if you're interested! If racing is not your thing, we also welcome writing out whatever thoughts and opinions you may already have on the car right here on this thread. Only nice thoughts and opinions, of course...

The Copen being classified as a Racing Car causes a lot of problems for it. On the one hand, the Copen RJ gives you adjustable suspension, diff, aero, ECU and brake controller out of the box. On the other hand, the transmission cannot be modified AT ALL and as a VGT, the engine also cannot be upgraded too, so the only things you can buy in the tuning shop are tyres, ballast, restrictor and the hydraulic handbrake. Oh, and the RJ starts with Sports Hard tyres despite being a Racing Car.

Also, the Copen RJ being classified as a Racing Car and not a Road Car bars it from pretty much all of the initial single player races that require the latter. So even if you abandoned all reason and start the game by dumping 1 mil credits out of the 1.5 mil you get from buying the Deluxe edition of GT7 into the RJ, you wouldn’t get any use out of it. And that same version also gives you a Yaris that can be used in a good number of those initial races. And while the RJ is eligible for some of the later races, you’ll have to be a special breed of stupid to even consider entering the RJ into races against cars that have a lot more than 146 horses at their disposal.

We’ll have to see how the RJ fares in one-make racing on Wednesday. And I will be there cause I’m working the night shift for this week and the next two weeks.
I would just like to say that 1st, 2nd and 7th gears in the RJ are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The former two because I can just floor the throttle from a standing start in 3rd. The latter because the RJ gets nowhere near the redline in 6th gear while going down Conrod Straight.


That is all.
The Volkswagen ID lineup is supposedly VW's way of turning over a new leaf by going extremely eco. They then chose to introduce that lineup to us with the ID.R, a car with the singular goal of tearing apart entire mountains and countrysides to carve out the fastest lap time humanly possible through the roads that snake through those scenic locales, with no rules other than those of nature and physics. Probably a good thing. We know how well VW and rules mix.

(God damnit, me, really? The first paragraph of the review?)


Style by akacerbera15: ID.R Test livery
#test #replica #carbonfibre

But it does seem to be the magic formula that generates undisputable results. The VW ID.R has broken so many records within its short lifespan, it's hard to imagine that it was the stricken firm's first attempt at an all electric bookkeeper: Fastest electric car at the Nordschleife. Fastest ever at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Goodwood Festival of Speed, and Tianmen Mountain Big Gate Road. VW has now retired the car... with plans to work on an Evo version.


One might be forgiven for thinking then, that the ID.R must be properly terrifying to drive at its limits, especially if they've followed motorsports from a certain era. Contrary to this however, the ID.R is perhaps one of the most well behaved cars I've ever sampled in GT7! The ID.R has "only" 670HP (500kW), which goes to all four wheels via an electric motor at each axle, making it an extremely neutral car up to, and even past its limits; the car never threatened any shenanigans with under or oversteer, and even when I accidentally upset the car by putting a wheel or two off–track, the resultant slide was so easily and quickly corrected with just a flick of counter steer, with the lifting of the throttle pedal being for my own comfort moreso than the car's. It's almost brain dead easy to drive at inhumane speeds, which no doubt has played a big role in helping its driver build the confidence to cinch so many records at treacherously narrow tracks with nothing but certain death awaiting past the tarmac. About the only nitpick I have with the car is that I personally struggle to trail brake with it, as it sounds to me like the rear engine completely cuts out its regen braking to stabilise the car when less than half the brake pedal is depressed, suddenly dumping all the workload to the front tyres when they ought to do the most turning, and yes, this is a prominent issue even with a full rearward +5 brake bias.


Reading about the ID.R's shocking feats in real life is one thing, but even with the knowledge of its breakthrough capabilities, nothing could have possibly primed and prepared me for the utterly ludicrous and visceral driving experience of the ID.R, even in a virtual setting. Standing starts are so lightning quick in this car, it genuinely feels like unpausing a rolling start rather than a standing start. This thing shoots off the start line so quickly that I genuinely think mixing in other cars, especially ICE cars, together with the ID.R in a standing start is akin to putting them before a railgun firing squad. As with any car, it stops faster than it goes, and under hard braking, the motors clamp down so hard like a pair of loan sharks reaping back what they've given, loudly winding down and tightening their noose on the axles, bringing the car to a crawl to its knees much quicker than even the fastest category of closed cockpit regulated racers of Gr.1. In fact, together with its no holds barred aero, the ID.R I estimate needs just half the stopping distance of even a Hybrid LMP1 on matching compounds. It pulls and stops so hard that it feels unhealthy, even through a TV screen!

And that's even before I realised this thing has a Drag Reduction System (DRS). Because, you know, why not.


In practice, I find that the DRS on the ID.R seems almost bugged; I ran my bone stock ID.R in a custom race at SSRX starting 2nd on a standing start with both the throttle and DRS fully depressed from loading screen to terminal velocity, and I could not make up any ground at all to the AI–driven ID.R that didn't use DRS. The drag reduction is almost negligible, but the downforce reduction is properly tangible, making me think that "DRS" on the ID.R stands more for "Downforce Reduction System" rather than Drag. Just like the 2019 Audi RS 5 Turbo DTM also chosen by Baron, DRS on the ID.R is only available to activate from 140km/h (87mph) and above with at least three quarters throttle application, which I find is such an arbitrary and crippling limitation, because in this game, reducing downforce at the rear simply makes the rear end of the car so much more willing to cooperate and rotate going into high speed turns such as 130R and Eau Rouge, without sacrificing too much stability. If, for whatever reason I have to lift mid–turn, like, say, in an emergency situation to avoid a wreck ahead, the rear wing immediately snaps back into its understeer generating position, and that's just bloody dangerous. It makes me not want to use DRS going into the turn, even though it would be much faster, simply because not using it is much safer. The ID.R is supposedly built with no rulebook in mind, and I think such an arbitrary limitation to its DRS is at a stark clash with the car's character that shouldn't exist.


While the ID.R boasts independence from atmospheric air to generate power with its all–electric drivetrain, the car is still painfully old fashioned when it comes to generating grip: via air reliant wings, splitters, and canards; enough of it to whip up enough dirty air to start another scandal. This of course makes the ID.R a terrible car to race, even in a one–make scenario. Adding onto this woe, said all–electric drivetrain has a rev–limited top speed of 280km/h (174mph), and the car transcends to that speed so quickly that it won't even need half of Conrod Straight to hit terminal velocity. What this translates to in a racing scenario is that the car struggles to even line up alongside a fellow ID.R driver in a one–make race for an overtake on the brakes into the next corner, let alone get an overspeed to pass with the aid of slipstream, and DRS cannot help at all once at terminal velocity, given that it's rev limited rather than drag limited. I daresay overtakes in an ID.R one–make is impossible if the drivers didn't have a significant skill gap between them. This thing was built as a Time Attack tool and never meant to race, and it shows when we do our usual thing of trying to squeeze some meaning out of these overlooked cars by racing them bone stock against copies of itself.


And that, ultimately, is the one fatal blow against the ID.R, severe enough to nullify any praise or fancy descriptions I can adorn it with: it has absolutely zero use case scenario in this game, aside from being a quick shock and awe experience like a roller coaster. I don't know about you, but if I ride a roller coaster enough times in succession, I'll get used to it and become bored of it, no matter how bloody fast it goes.


The ID.R has deeply impressed me, so much so that someone who isn't a fan of VW like me would wholeheartedly rock it in Gr.1 or 800PP events if events at that level didn't always involve stupidly high fuel use multipliers. I want so badly to just run out and tell the world that they're missing out on life, and that they owe it to themselves to try driving the ID.R if they haven't already. Hell, I wish I could do my daily Sard A grind with this car, but even on 1x fuel use, this thing struggles to last 20 minutes on full tilt. I can't even make a salvaging claim that this thing is at least good for one–make races like I could most of the road cars I really enjoyed testing in COTW. If the car was affordable, eh, sure, why not. We've all paid for plane tickets to a foreign country to get gouged by tourist traps in our lives. But would you be willing to pay 2 million Credits for what is essentially a roller coaster ride alone? I, of course, can't answer that for you. I'm just in pain that something this awesome is so hard to justify having.


The only lasting takeaway I got from the ID.R then, is that it perhaps helps me understand how PSVR2 users must feel.
SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 21 - Daihatsu COPEN RJ Vision Gran Turismo


So what is the worst million dollars expenditure in the game ever? Here's a consideration.

I was going to insert a rant on why we haven't gotten an LA400 Copen in the game yet, particularly when its current top trim is actually a joint venture with Toyota Gazoo Racing, so if it might be on a shortlist, I'm not shocked or anything.

But actually we do. Well, yes but no.

Essentially a souped up Copen LA400, the Copen RJ VGT is just a race spec variant of this car. That's it? The only info I can ever find on this car is on the in game description that didn't even exist in its debut game of Gran Turismo Sport. And even though it looks kind of fat, it's actually still classified as a kei car. Which means it's still got a 660 cc engine displacement they're supposed to be regulated on. But it manages to pump out 146 horsepower that lifts around 600 kilograms of car. For a kei car, this is quite quick, but I guess after 2 weeks of the super quick, it's right move to come to something subtle. For me anyways. I'm seeing everyone having differing thoughts.

It's now time for a Throwback! Now, the way Throwbacks work is that we pit in past COTW nominated machinery on the track and see how well they do in comparison to this week's nominee. Since PP isn't exact or regulated in any shape or form (having a tuned car etc.), you can say there's no hint of any competition, or the table you find whenever a Showcase comes on.

Well, there's a part of me that's not supposed to come out. It's this or I randomly comment from Sundowner again. I mean, based from what kind of rage I'm seeing about this car's existence, demand for PMCs is about to sky rocket, like the good old days after 9/11!

Speaking of throwbacks, this is the first car I ever drove on Gran Turismo Sport's open beta, and well, the following Vision GT car I drove after this is the Peugeot VGT. And of course the first car I looked at writing a short story at that period. Then, that car would be driven by, well you should've guessed, the in-story Copen owner Rin. Ahh, yes, early GT Sport era was quite the time of suffering for content and variety.


Episode 21: Dressed to Kill

Exiting a lofty American hotel by Gainesville, Candy rushes out, stumbling across the mildly crowded city pavement.

Candy: "Good gosh, I'm late, I'm LATE!!"

As she turns towards the parking area however, something suspect seemed to have happened as she shouts in distress..

Candy: "Ehh?? The MINI?! Where did it.. it's.. not there again?"

Thinking of her condition, she comes to a halt in her psyche, familiar with this situation once..

Candy: "Must keep calm. Keep the body in check. Someone ought to know what's done about this.."

Now dashing to the nearby parking booth, she sees the lone attendant watching the screens.

Taking his attention with a few knocks on the window, he slides it open to hear her speak mildly mannered..

Candy: "Good morning sir."

"Morning to you too, miss."

Candy: "Can I ask you a thing?"

"Go on ahead."

As she begins to describe, she points towards the empty spot..

Candy: "Right. There was a blue MINI here, white stripes and with a UK registration. Thing is: it's mine and well, it's not here..

Then follows with taking a pair of keys out her bag, embedded with the MINI logo, showing it to the keeper..

Candy: "And the keys I have RIGHT here. You can figure out what I mean, I hope.. Don't you have some security feed or something that can tell me where it's gone?"

"Sure thing. I'll see what we got. Maybe you should go call 911?"

Candy: "I'll take that consideration, thanks."

As he heads on to his laptop, Candy looks towards the road, calmly telling herself..

Candy: "But maybe I need to see if I have a ride. Or, I can always Uber.."


But on the driveway, she then noticed a certain small car driving up.

Candy: "Is that a Copen? In America? Peculiar.. if I knew better, that's probably just big sis.."

The door opens, for Candy to hear a happy little shriek out of the car..

Rin: "Candy-san!"

Candy: "Me and my big mouth."

She's not in the mood for surprises, muttering as she walks closer..

Candy: "This kind of car screams you, Rin-san. It strikes me as peculiar why, even, but you know: I should've guessed."

And by the side, she speaks to the driver, with an inspecting mood behind those crossed arms..

Candy: "Well there, I'm not expecting such an instant response, big sis."

Pointing to her own cheek, Rin replies enthusiastically..

Rin: "Hehe! I knew you'd say that."

Candy: "Annoying, aren't you? So is this some.. one of your Mythic Initiative pranks or.."

Rin: "Pranks?"

Candy: "Car's gone, Rin-san.. you don't know?"

Rin: "No.. I mean, of course not! I just got here. And prank you? You obviously mistake me for Bern-san."

Candy: "Yeah.. the last time this happened, it was with Nirvana. Oh well. I suppose I have to ask how you're here with such impeccable timing."

Rin: "Well, long story short.. how about you get in the car before someone else says I'm hogging the driveway."

Hearing her request, Candy walks across the front, pulls the door open, and enters, noting as she closes it..

Candy: "A roll cage? A race car dash? What the heck is this?"

Rin: "Well, this one time, Interpol had requested this model of the greatest Copen to ever exist for.. reasons I shouldn't explain! Sorry.."

To follow, Rin carried over an earlier request..

Rin: "Oh, to answer your other question? Well, you're being watched."

Candy: "Disturbing.. but by whom?"

Rin: "I guess by people who have less than pleasant ideals for you."

That quiet response got Candy agitated, not in a way that she wants..

Candy: "Urk... okay, keep calm Candy.. do you Interpol people need an incentive to help me on that? Please with a cherry on top?"

Rin: "Haha. Don't worry. Zumi-san and I are already on the case, little sis."

She then belts up, relieved that she's got friends in higher places..

Candy: "I, uhh.. thanks, Rin-san."

Rin: "No problem. Hehe. I know you're expected in Road Atlanta."

Candy: "Oh? What more is there you know of what I'm doing later?"

Rin: "Aside that.. dinner together? Seriously, not much else. He's withholding on me again, that dastardly Son-son."

That last name's not one she's familiar with, but using her mind..

Candy: "Son-son? You mean the pompous ass?"

Rin: "Pompous? What's that mean?"

Spoke Rin with a question mark in her head, but as this was to continue, the man from earlier came up and waved out from the outside, getting Candy's attention to open the door to hear..

"Hey! Excuse me."

Candy: "Oh, you have something for me?"

"Yeah, umm, the security footage's been on a fritz the moment your car's gone up and left. A coincidence, am sure."

Candy: "Or.. we're dealing with some real professionals. Well I'm sorry I'm wasted your time. I got 911 here to help me."

"Don't worry about it. Good luck to you, miss."

As he leaves, the Copen readies to leave, but the driver isn't quiet about that last notable comment.

Rin: "911? Well now.. there's a hint of the past."

Candy: "You used to be a cop, like in America?"

Rin: "Hai! Hehe.. well, not just any small county in America, but in central Los Angeles! [gasps] not to mention this is how I got to know Lyle.."

The excitement then comes up, with Candy excitedly mentioning..

Candy: "Oh! You mean old Leo? Tell me more, big sis!"

Rin: "It'll make the drive less of a bore, so sure!"

Lightening the situation of the missing MINI's loss, Rin began to start a quick story..

Rin: "So, after marriage, we came, and the only thing I have qualified is to be a police officer.."

As she was to begin a hint of her good friend's past, she then notices something menacing just as they leave the block..


And you'd have to be some kind of loser under a rock to not recognize the car in front.

Candy proves she's definitely not in that jurisdiction, as she glees with that quick glance.

Candy: "What what WAITT!! Ferrari F40.. hold up a minute!"

Rin: "Ehh?"

Candy: "That's.. real right? We're on the wrong side of America for this show of wealth."

Knowing what's up, Rin had to pretend..

Rin: "That? Umm.. I.. have no idea what you're talking about."

But the results of this gesture has other expectations..

Candy: "The dishonesty! HOW DARE YOU!!"


Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
Braselton, Georgia, USA


It's a beautiful midday in this renowned East Coast circuit hosting various events from the humbke beginnings of a racer's career, to the pinnacle of it all.

For today, a session of the Supercar Festival is underway, more specifically: the continuation of the Duel series.

The event's scheduled for tomorrow, but it doesn't stop the attending roster to begin practice early.


From the old to the new, cars come in all shapes, makes and of course, performance..


No doubt being in America, locals come in to show their stuff for the good of their nation's pride.


As well as a set of a more foreign, yet exotic presence.

For today, Candy looks on as the Copen come in to a closed off area, containing an exclusive roster of a much higher standard..


Now out of the car, the two women walk out in the sun, but with another fact to talk about..

Rin: "Like.. with her leg? Not choking with an arm or a weapon??"

Candy: "Yup? I swear, she might've killed some poor foal with them. You think she's capable of that, right?"

Rin: "Well, there was that one time I met that Samantha personally. I just.. don't see a violent side of her. Not that I want to pursue an investigation there.."

As Rin looked around, she then gets another message from her phone, to which she reacts in mild bewilderment..

Rin: "Nanii.. Zumi-san's not here? Pardon me for a moment, if that's fine?"

Candy: "Go right ahead. I see my crowd right up ahead."

She then walks off to the side, with Candy seeing in the distance a trio of men, in a semi heated discussion.

Hamza: "You trust me there are more obnoxious paint jobs in Dubai, my brother. Some I swear are illegal elsewhere."

Sonny: "Yeah, I don't agree with you. Gold coat's not exactly illegal. Besides, this GT's MY prize ride. Don't you give me that ad hominem crap, lor."

Paul: "Lad still remembers what I've been meaning to not.."

Sonny: "My bad, man. Just rememebered your hatred on that phase of the Supercar Festival.."

Paul: "Don't worry about it, lad. It be in the past. Not like anyone else going to sour it further this day."

And she arrives, inserting herself into their conversation..

Candy: "Gentlemen."

Happy to see her, they all spoke in reaction..

Sonny: "Candy baby!"

Paul: "Lassie."

In her mind, still buzzing like an angry hornet, Candy let that insect out..

Candy: "You never guessed what happened. The MINI's gone again."

Paul raised his voice in concern of this however..

Paul: "Lass, that's news I never would be awfully cheery about."

And Hamza notes of this with curiosity as he strokes his facial hair.

Hamza: "Again? So it's the second time?"

Sonny: "Yeah, that was in Deep Forest that time for that racer's festival thing. I mean, the unofficial street meet you weren't around for, Hamz."

Hamza: "That explains it."

Paul: "Well, yer here now."

Candy: "Yes I am. Well, it's thanks to Rin-san. She's here and all, but I don't see any hint of the dark one anywhere."

Paul: "Jake? Well, Sonny?"

He didn't have an answer, which is out of character for him..

Sonny: "Good question. I haven't seen him since he nearly took the win that time from.. that freaking Nirvana."

Thinking, she shared her take on this behaviour..

Candy: "I guess he never had the heart to see his name in the world of success.."

Hamza: "But there's no doubt he's got the talent to revel in it. I know."

Candy: "Obviously.. you know?"

Hamza: "We shared a chapter before The List even existed, so you know."

Her next thought followed with a different angle..

Candy: "You sure he might not be in this weekend's festivities?"

Paul: "Aye, this time we scanned it proper, lassie. No Jacob. No Outlaw. No whatever other alias that lad's probably sneaking round with."

Hamza: "Not to mention, as his advisors of sorts, we'd know if he would be here."

He's been quiet for a bit, but this Asian American hybrid then spoke up with something else in mind..

Sonny: "By the way, Pall Mall.. I'm afraid I do have a mention for you."

Paul: "Eh? What's this now?"

Sonny: "Come with me, then."

With a wave, Sonny turned around and moved, Paul following suit.

The ones who waited stood in silence, but it didn't last 5 seconds as Hamza had an idea..

Hamza: "May I suggest you accompany them, Candy? I need to observe a few things alone."

Candy: "Sure thing."

Following them from behind, Candy shouted..

Candy: "Wait for me!"

They then stopped, allowing her to catch up.

Candy: "So, what's the menti.. oh?"

Paul: "Oh is right, lassie."

The 'oh' came warranted as the quick glance earlier turned to a full fledged preview..


Her first sight was definitely on the Ferrari, but the man coming out the Camaro also took her fancy.

Candy: "The sharpshooter.. Emile.."

Paul: "Meaning to ask, but.. aye, it's an Emile, is it? A sharp dressed bloke he be.."

Unlike Emile, though, the other woman by his side: a figure known to her friends as Ginoa Fantoccia, comes off as both familiar, and to Sonny: casual, as he approaches..

Sonny: "Ginnie! Enjoying your time off, baby?"

Ginoa: "Hey, I plan to use it more without you in my face.. insert expletive in Mandarin here."

Sonny: "Fuiyoo, that's my Gin! Always thinking ahead for the strangely also Singaporean crowd. You want me to say, or you okay doing it yourself?"

He points towards the flatcap wearing Scot, who waves nervously, but with a smile.

Paul: "Sonny's quite the arse to have us reunite at a place like this, lass."

Ginoa: "Ehh, it could be worse. Let's see how off the radar have I been, Paulie.. How's the wife and kids? Did they miss their Aunt Ginnie? Hehe.."

Paul: "Carrie sure does. Amelia? Might have to get back onto you fer her."

His whole expression is behind his face, but he raised an eyebrow, asking..

Emile: "Aunt?"

Ginoa: "Not literally, of course."

Emile: "Hmm.."

Now facing her employer, Ginoa then talked more formally..

Ginoa: "Before you ask.. this is Emile. Fellow Guild mate. Also the only man who's shot my arm off and lived to tell that tale."

Emile: "Not like I wish to use that to brag.. regardless.. Gunny Jake told me about these three. How are you holding up, Miss Lam?"

Looking at her, she talks back, thinking of her recent encounters with this shady group.

Candy: "Other than my MINI getting confiscated again.. not bad. I met more of your kind just recently. Tall Scandinavian and this one in green who I don't want any mention of ever."

Ginoa though follows this with sentiment on her mind.

Ginoa: "Madame and the Helwalker."

Emile: "Figure that's no riddle, Ginoa."

His serious tone did however give her reason to raise her voice.

Ginoa: "Yeah, I didn't ask, Emile! Who's she, though? Quite a bold, petit one."

Emile: "Do I?"

Intruding this line of thought, Candy stepped up and spoke..

Candy: "No, you don't have to. Candy Lam. GT racing savant under Toyota. I hear a lot of you, indirectly, I mean. The Trinitia woman known as Ginnie."

Ginoa: "That you do? I'd ask from who, but.. nah."

Thinking about who spilled those beans, she only had a non-answer to say..

Candy: "There's a whole roster of them.. him included."

He spoke with no emotion about it, mainly to tease..

Emile: "So, am I in.. trouble?"

Ginoa: "Why would you be? Ah, well.. she even knows what the Trinitia is, so I suppose it'll be all fine."

As Ginoa flips in, she walks around her new acquaintance, noting..

Ginoa: "Hmm.. nice slippers."

Candy: "Thanks.. custom made for me, but that sure is odd for you to notice?"

Ginoa: "I'm a woman of the little details, Ca, umm.. Candy was it?"

Candy: "Yu-yes?"

Ginoa: "Your eyes look elsewhere."

Not lying about her senses to inner details, Candy however can't hide that..

Candy: "What? No. I mean, it's just a, well.. looks to be an incredibly maintained.. twin turbo Ferrari that I must inspect!"

Curiously seeing Candy run towards her own car, Ginoa then asked Sonny..

Ginoa: "I must ask.. she is one of your race rivals, is it?"

Sonny: "That she is. I know you're thinking: no, I didn't bring the shepherd's hook today."

And her observation did lead to an infuriating thought..

Ginoa: "She's not like Kate at all.. she dares treat me like an item.. as if we're all items!"

Emile: "Then if you have a need for.. a lesson, we will watch from afar, Ginnie."

Seething with anger, she turns to her employer, bowing and calmly retorting..

Ginoa: "Then.. may I be excused?"

Sonny: "When I say it's your day off.. ehh, go knock yourself out, lor."

Watching her grin as she turned away, Sonny steps back to stand by the men as they watch, but not before a question came forwards..

Sonny: "You know, I think I've seen you around before. Worked for Nirvana a few times, I bet?"

Emile: "He knows. Perhaps if you need my.. services, don't let her get in the way of that."

Sonny: "Gotcha. I notice that Nirvana's tobacco not being around means.. you're here for another reason?"

Emile: "Official Guild business. We received a hint that Miss Lam might be in.. some inconvenience. And outside Japan, that risk increases. That's as much as I will say on the matter."

Keeping information behind from him, Sonny stumbles as he questions..

Sonny: "Beh, I thought Ginnie's on hiding from those guys."

Emile: "You heard right. I asked for her personally, not as a fellow worker, but as a friend. Though, about having what might be the world's most feared lady of murder under your roof is unheard of."

Paul then finally knew it was time to speak.

Paul: "Tis a long winded tale, mate."

Sonny: "I'm surprised you know, Paul's for the course."

Emile: "Let's watch this act of rage with interest, shall we?"

And as Ginoa finally sees Candy being a complete fan girl towards this V8 monster's heart, she approaches..

Ginoa: "My my, look at that!"

Candy: "I know that engine anywhere.. this IS the real deal!"

Not having a master plan on her head, Candy looks to see the owner opening the driver's side door, with no realization..

Ginoa: "I'm thinking it's for a good reason, so.."

Candy: "Dreams.. really do come true!"

About to closen in , Ginoa then slams the door at an instant, then used the car's body to leap off above, moving forwards while flipping backwards.

Landing behind, Candy couldn't get a moment to catch her breath in awe, as she gets binded by her neck, held by Ginoa's leg, who then readies her right arm, revealing a high caliber gun's barrel embedded within, aimed at the side of Candy's head..

Ginoa: "I got you now, you little gremlin.. you made the critical error of disrespecting who I am and what I carry."

Candy: "Wuh.. WHYY?!"

She shouted with fear all in her throat, but not an answer was provided on this..

Ginoa: "Move a twitch, and the gun will fire. Catch me off guard and there is an already armed flamethrower at the cap of my knees.."

Candy: "Gah! (There's no trick in that deadpan tone of hers!)"

And from a distance, the men overhear this all..

Paul: "Ach, that's a real threatening sight."

Sonny: "Paul! Look, man, it's like old times."

Emile: "The flamethrower in the knees is obviously fake, though.."

Ginoa then moved ahead, not hiding the satisfaction of this on her face, as she bellows out a speech..

Ginoa: "Now, it's a shame the Guild does want you breathing and living your normal, dull life.. If one wants to ride this mint F40 with its owner's permission, you're going to need to prove me you're a woman people look up to, as they look up to me. I'm not looking for a racing lightweight like you and all of these folk.. Show me something. Show me something, bebe."

And as she releases her new prize, she followed on..

Ginoa: "Show me something that proves me wrong."

..topping this all with a shot of that literal arm cannon to the sky.

To exit this calmly for Candy was a complete lie, as she escapes..


Ginoa then returned to the small group of men, now not in a tense form..

Ginoa: "Well then, was that too much?"

Paul: "It would'a been for me. But lassie, I thinking you be breaking her spirit too."


Finished with a quick tap of her phone's keyboard, Candy finds herself cowering in the corner of an empty garage, not feeling overwhelmingly sad or angry, but afraid, mixed in with stress.

Candy: "Ughh.. she sure is one scary customer.. getting me tearing away in the corner like that.. if only Miranda was here.."

Not a minute in however, another pair comes to join her.

Rin: "Little sis! There you are! Oh, Zumi-san.. she's here."

Izumi: "Yup, that's the one.. AHAHAH.. how are you doing?"

Candy: "Wh-what does it look like?!"

Rin: "Looks to me... aha! That day in Big Sur, only that.. things have changed, Candy-san."

Both coming in, cheongsam enthusiast Japanese woman Izumi steps back a little, observing the moment..

Izumi: "You poor thing.. Keh, don't tell me.. HEHE, it was Ginnie, was it?"

Rin: "She's being a bully, was it? You know, that's not quite what I had in mind for someone like her."

After some time to think, Candy spoke honestly..

Candy: "Rin-san, it truly is that day in Big Sur! But.. well, you can say it's karma."

Rin: "Fret not! Now I'm the one going to help you.. first things first, as Jake-san taught me, you do not mess with Ginnie-san EVER."

Izumi: "Yeah.. she's also not the type that'll come and say sorry to you. That I'm sure you've figured out, hehe."

Now on her feet quicker than the last times she's had this, Candy then brought it all out..

Candy: "Thanks for consoling this.. sour mint.. I leapt at the chance on her F40 and she.. threatened to kill me."

Izumi: "Typical Ginnie, heehee.. well, she's good at making swift, effective threats. When I said she's a taboo figure.. you now know why."

Rin: "Not to mention while we know each other on a personal and professional way, I too want to be careful with her. Let's go now."

Now exiting the garage, they head back towards the V8 sports cars, but with one major difference, and it's not the weather.

Rin: "Hey, where'd everybody go?"

Candy: "No idea.."

Izumi: "WHO, BAHAHAHAAHH!! I mean.. er.. at any rate, is this your first time here? It sure is for me."

Rin: "Same."

Candy: "Same."

Izumi: "Well, if anything.. ghkk.. you both are showing the fact you might be sisters."

Even with that, the replies Izumi got hinted it even more..

Rin: "Heehee.. my bad."

Candy: "What, why?! You don't need to apologize!"

Rin: "After what you've been through, well, I suppose a bit of cheer will help."

Candy: "Well, that's nice. But really, my heart says it'll settle as soon as I get my hands on a car as nice as that F40.."

Hearing that, Izumi inches close to the F40, inspecting it with interest, then saying.

Izumi: "Fair enough. I too would like a go at Ginnie's F40."

Rin: "Me too.. Yes.. (Zumi-san probably remembers that time I did..)"

As Rin closes in to her partner, she speaks to her with her mouth closed..

Izumi: "(Rin-san, let's not get her berserk..)"

Rin: "(You think?!)"

Izumi: "(Just hinting away that might backfire.. hehehe)"

Rin: "(Zumi-san, I don't understand how we're completely understanding one another without moving our mouthes.. not to mention you're laughing NOW?!)"

Thinking it strange, Candy comes in and asks..

Candy: "Umm, what are you two scheming?"

Izumi: "HAHA, nothing.."

Rin: "Like she said."

Done with the dishonesty, she however chose to not pursue it as she still reels in to earlier complications..

Candy: "Whatever.."

Rin: "But, let's turn things around for ourselves back from Big Sur, Candy. Let's live in the moment and drive the Copen. I'll ride shotgun!"

Candy: "It's not the F40, but.. sure thing, big sis."

Izumi: "Heh. Go on, ladies. I, uhh.. think I see Emile over there."

Now on the track, Candy brings the Copen around an FIA sanctioned road, with Rin on the side seat, looking back the day they met.


Rin: "Candy.. remember the last time we were in this spot? Kei car with you pushing it hard on track.."

Candy: "Trust me: I wouldn't forget it voluntarily."

Rin: "Right? I remember.. you have a berserk button when someone calls you cu-I mean the C word."

Candy: "Right.."

Rin: "And the idea of being sisters.. ohh, it set the tone for us in general!"

Candy: "Right.."

Rin: "I'm just happy nothing came in the way of that, you know?"

Candy: "Huhh... Me too. I mean: me right now compared to me then."

Rin: "You don't look too elated though, Candy-san."

Candy: "I have my thoughts elsewhere right now. You're smart, right? I doubt you need a hint."

Rin: "You bittersweet ahh! Don't make me get Jake to gas you again!"

Candy: "Oh? (Does she know of what happened last time? When I got the immunity to that one?)"

Fred V & Grafix
Hospital Records

And ladies and gentlemen.. do we have any ladies around here? Ahh who cares.


The Copen RJ VGT is once again another one of those cars that really only require a singular analysis.. we're on a roll with these, are we? I hope that's not the case with my formatting, because I already wrote a nice little opening paragraph of this and it somehow disappeared... that's also the case with getting in the car for the first time. It looks really nice and fetching from the outside, but wait till you get into the details: the enthusiasm just disappears.

There's a whole roster of these traits that contribute to this downfall, actually. For starters: it's marked as a race car, but comes with sports hards: the beginning of these dumb fallacies that surround this thing unfortunately. And while Copens are no stranger to being raced, this one really can't justify the 1 million credits expenditure like the strange, no end in sight supply of R26B 4-rotors lying around GT Auto. I don't see diamonds in the front lamps and rubies in the rear. A lot of carbon fibre I'm sure isn't this lofty, see the AMG Black Series that's with a much more sophisticated.. everything than this.

So, let's say you don't mind it's a race car. Alright. Fair enough. Let's compound the fact it's a Vision GT car with a specific scope, being that it has to just be the ultimate Kei car. That is a philosophy I'm down with, but funny enough, that title's already taken to a 13B-REW swapped Suzuki Cappucino, which slays. Now that philosophy's put out of the question and into a fire, I'm not even sure what's up with this quirky little thing. Oh yes, it's quirky. If you take the car around places with excellent flowing turns like Tsukuba, Road Atlanta or Yamagiwa, you're bound to find this is like a junior Group 4 car in its handling, excellent braking included. Only that this thing has much less in the numbers so it's much easier to make work with.


And that's really all the good I can find about this car. How about everything else? It's anguish on a whole different level. Let's see.. Adjustable downforce on a car, where in its power range, don't even matter. Acceleration? That's actually pretty good in the lower gears, but as you go higher, you're going to wish you were in something like the S15 Silvia that's much nicer to put power with and is in the same PP range. And speaking of gears, Daihatsu decided to put in a 7 speed sequential gearbox. Now I don't mind this, but I eventually will when I see that the car launches perfectly fine in the first 3 gears, and I will always want to launch it at 3rd because like I said: kids a-I mean it has good low end acceleration. That Sundowner though..

Now I want to touch on why the heck you want tight gears. Because in this car, you're going to be questioning the fact it's got 7 of these. After my test, I still am. That test is me taking the car on Daytona Road Course. Reaching 7th isn't even possible in this situation unless you have nitrous, but OOPS: VGT no want funny haha gas to become fasterer. So, that leaves Route X, but no, I'm not that dumb; I'm bringing Week 12's Silvia in that case. By the way, aside this, the car's powerband is simple enough that you just want to shift when it tells you.

I'm supposed to pent up all my frustration at this upcoming tuner's segment, because as a racing delegated VGT car, the only thing you can perk up is its suspension, and you can't do nothing to the camber and the ride height, so that's a bummer. Plus: they locked out adjustments to transmission, differential and strangely ECU. Kweh, your inner tuner's just coming home like he got fired or something. If I were to make a suggestion? Umm.. harden everything especially the rear because it has procedural understeer upon turn entry? Seriously, since nobody's tuning it, I'm drawing blanks.


Man, if only it was a real Copen LA400. Coping is the only correct header for this analysis segment anyways.

Sitting alone with the Copen, Candy has her thoughts filled, but has something in her head, telling her to talk..

Candy: "Rin-san's not here, but.. I don't know. I have this gut feeling."

Facing the Copen, Candy sets it out, not holding back as nobody else listens..

Candy: "She must be the sort of woman that talks to cars just to make her feel better.. I think I feel better."

Remembering this is the scene preceding her first moments with her late sensei's daughter, she remembered her first approach, being a bully to who she now calls her big sis.

Candy: "Maybe the next time I see her.. I should apologize for being too hasty about her property. I guess social connections do have limits."

Focused with the car, a man walks in, giving a friendly gesture as to not startle her..

Hamza: "Greetings."

Candy: "The voice of the century.. Hamza? Is there anything you want?"

Candy gets off her chair and meets her superior eagerly.

Hamza: "Matter of fact I do. Now we're alone, I'd like to share about the future being laid in front of you."

Candy: "What? I liked what you've decided for me in the grand scheme of my career."

He remains calm and cool like he always has, replies intelligently like he's in his day job..

Hamza: "Not that I wish to manipulate that any more we've discussed. You see, they call me Hamza the daring, Hamza the wealthy, Hamza the adventurer. But it's never Hamza the generous. I wish to be so, but to do so is to say these people I've supported have been provided, not earned."

Candy: "You're saying I need to deserve the blessings or something?"

Hamza: "More or less. Your name has value in the racing world, Candy, joke or not. The thing is with that reputation already sitting nicely, I feel that Nash might get involved on bolstering or exploiting that. Something about Mythic. I can't get any more cryptic than he already hinted me with."

She hasn't a thought of this lecture, but the last sentence took her fancy than the rest of the drivel, as she thinks of it..

Candy: "Intriguing. I'll probably be ready about it."

Hamza: "I believe you will be. Now, as you know we're here as guests to this event, right? You had your fun on the track?"

A little miffed, she replies..

Candy: "Fun? I believe it's more for practice for our opening ceremony race tomorrow. I'd need something with more oomph to compete with the likes of Paul's One-77. That MINI was just right."

Hamza: "Was it? It's not an idea I can measure in my head. Don't you have any other cars?"

Candy: "Just a GR Yaris. Quick swift AWD hatch, but I've yet to touch it around for a real road racer's feel."

Hamza: "Right. So as you said: the MINI's missing. That means I might as well lend you something for today and tomorrow."

Having no other option, Candy eagerly replies..

Candy: "Give it to me."

Hamza: "Very well. If you head down the garages, you'll see this orange tuned Cayman. I suppose it's a good start if you're on the lookout for more high powered sports offerings for future journeys."

Candy: "I'll take your word for it. Maybe one day I'll go shopping for a more rooted supercar. I'm not sure what I'm saving for."

Hamza: "Or.. when you're back home in Japan again, might you hand the Yaris to my team? We might get something going with a bit of tuning know how and some performance parts from Understeer. Of course, out of your wallet."

Candy: "Saving or not, let's see if I can find the kind of car that suits me, and what the wallet wants to say about that should it happen.. haha."

a few moments later.jpg

Now behind the wheels of a well tuned Cayman, Candy takes to the track in a whole new race worthy view..


Weaving through the esses and rocketing past the large back straight, the car ekes out all kinds of mechanical joys.


The driver behind the wheel has full control of these manuevers, not even giving out any disappointment on what's being offered.


Candy: "What a thrill! Hamza can cook up quite the quick little Porsche!"

Later in the Void.jpg

In her bed, Candy wakes up unwanted..

Candy: "Ugh.. 11 PM?"

Says Candy as she checks her phone's home page.

As she tries to lie back down, she then realizes..

Candy: "Can't sleep. And of course.."

Back on her phone, she then brings up the social chat app, seeing that..

Candy: "Nobody's online? I.. right.. Hamza left the Cayman at the track. I suppose.. another run's due. Get some good American air while I'm here."

Getting up, she takes off her night gown and gets on her more usual clothing.

Now down and outside, she looks for a nearby cab, and getting in, don't realize the few vans waiting in the side..

15 minutes later.jpg


Arriving at the track, Candy notes that with the noise of cars still on the track..

Candy: "It's dark, but still open?"

As she walks alone through the pit lane, she checks the empty Michelin Tower, hearing of its fame..

Candy: "It's desolate.. hmm?"

But the cars took her attention as they pass through the start line..


Even in the darkness, she can see clear enough that..

Candy: "It's those two.. Assassin's Guild people?"


And watching them on the track, the blend of V8 harmony covers up the sounds of foosteps from behind..

She then noted, as they take on the first turn.

Candy: "They're not racers.. their line's all over the place.."

As she drew her head on track knowledge, she can't help mention..

Candy: "That Ferrari's such a dream boat.. maybe Carlyle can help track me a few.. oh what am I kidding, wallet won't like it."

Her line of thought soon gets interrupted by a swift blow to the back of her head.

Candy: "URGH! HEL-NGGH.."

Before she knew it, her hands are tied and carried by a stronger man's shoulders, unknown what might happen before she loses sight.

Later on, the V8 sports cars come in and park, with their drivers getting out, starting to relay their thoughts of their quick drive.

Ginoa: "That car's quicker than I thought."

Emile: "Oh, I had some lessons from a friend. And the car's modified too. Yourself?"

Ginoa: "My closest associates outside the Guild are people of UK racing crew. The ones called The Prophecy. So.. I'm never going to escape their unwanted mentoring."

She walks on forward, past the cars, Emile calmly following.

Emile: "Them, huh? I see the Ferrari being maintained well is with their assistance?"

Ginoa: "And of course Sonny Meng's posse of vagabonds being his pit crew helps."

Emile: "Ah yes.. mind if I ask about this talent.. are you going around the street scenes in LA?"

Ginoa: "No. Not yet.. but.."

As she walks ahead, she stumbles, then turns..

Ginoa: "Que?"

Now seeing what's on the floor that caused this act..

Ginoa: "Slippers on the floor.. aren't these.. Candy's slippers?"

Emile: "Oh? So you presume.."

Ginoa: "Presume.. no.. it's definitely hers. And it's not visible, but there's a struggle. Slippers like these don't remain unworn forever."

As the puzzle comes close to being solved, Ginoa has fury written all over her..

Ginoa: "Men. They come over, come get their women, and leave without saying goodbye. I'm saying she's here, and them getting away with it just PISSES me off!!"

Enraged, she brings that to a pause, then turns to Emile, in her professional tone she hoped to never emerge on her off days..

Ginoa: "You're ahead, right? What's your thoughts, Em?"

Emile: "Sensing.. professional thugs? I can have a quick look at the exits.. but.."

He points towards the nearby Michelin Tower..


..and then asks..

Emile: "Do tell: was the Michelin Tower lit up earlier?"

Ginoa: "Non, I don't think that's the case. Are you thinking.."

In unison, they thought of the same conclusion with what a tall tower can achieve in these men's shoes..

"Helicopter escape."

Not a moment, they then evaluated this decision..

Ginoa: "Smart move.. keeps the police out of the question."

Emile: "Not to mention the speed and ambiguity. Then I suppose we team up for a quick and deadly rescue?"

Ginoa: "Just the words I want to hear. How about I go all out if they shoot first?"

Emile: "Trust me, if I know every large underground organization, they will.."

Shaking her limbs, Ginoa readies up..

Ginoa: "Fine. I suppose this body needs some grease to de-rust. How about you, Em?"

And Emile, placing his fedora back on, looks back at Ginoa with this stunning gaze that earned his name..

Emile: "I know you only said that to hear these.. beautiful words? 'Sniper support'."

Ginoa: "Just like old times."

Emile: "Indeed.. just like old times. Ready in 5."

As soon as they're done with the briefing, Emile takes his place on the empty, dark track.


Emile: "Ginnie, I'm in position. I see at least 3 on 2nd. 5 up top."

Ginoa: "Ohh, child's play! I'll send you back a postcard after I'm done, alright?"

Ceasing communication, he then opens his car's boot using his remote, takes out a suitcase placed by his saxophone.

Inside the suitcase is a well placed composite hunting rifle, with similarly cushioned long range scope, and a bipod.

After they're finished setting up, he positions himself at a distance from the building, consuming a pair of minor sedatives..

Emile: "Let's see.."


Reloading his rifle, Emile then watches on what his mind says to him is poetry in mass murder..

Emile: "Area secure. Move up."

Wiping her daggers and embedded blades with the shirts of the men she's killed in the atrium, she glees as she counts her remaining supply for tonight's work.

Ginoa: "Ha HAAHHHH! Em, I wish you were here. I do so miss these rivers of red.."

Emile: "Now is not the time! If you think it's bath time, I'll shoot you myself.."

Ginoa: "Shoot me?"

Emile: "You're very exposed from where I'm watching."

Ginoa: "Try me, mon vieux."

Just as she gets up, she then feels a bullet fly through the glass, barely touching a strand of her hair.

Any normal person would react with surprise or shock, but for Ginoa, it was Tuesday, as she spoke back on her communicator..

Ginoa: "At least you're not rusty, I take it. What's the caliber?"

Emile: "308 Wins, Ginnie. Now can we speed things up a little?"

Sternly spoken as Emile reloads his bolt action rifle in record focus, Ginoa finds herself entertained..

Ginoa: "Alright, you've enthused me at least.. though.. Why do we have to go higher.."

Emile: "We have no choice.."

At the top of the tower, Candy then comes to, and realizes talk is the only thing she can do, as she's binded by her feet and cuffed by her hands..

Candy: "Ughh.. it's windy here.. Hey!"

The men leading this outfit then replied calmly..

"I'll speak with her."

He approached close, now in range of Candy's usual speech..

Candy: "Umm.. hi. I figure the MINI not being around with you people means.. you're with them, right?"

"I probably don't have to answer that, ma'am."

She can't panic now, she thought, as she speaks back calmly..

Candy: "Polite? Look, I don't think I've done you any wrong. Is this how it's going to go?"

"Am afraid so. We're on their payroll too, you know."

Candy: "Who exactly?"

"Umm.. once we complete extraction, we'll see.."

And she replies, looking away in similar disgust.

Candy: "Great. You know I don't want that."

"Before anything, you're in no position to bargain. Let's see if that can change with.."

As he was to get his phone, he then sees the lack of a signal..

"Radio's out of order.. or.."

To answer this anomaly, the only door up here gets kicked down, with a bloody mistress tossing the guard aside as he has more holes in his head than a cheetah has spots..

Said mistress has words for these men..

Ginoa: "Candy and the kidnappers. Ca va?"

The leader tenses up, and aims his rifle by at this intruder's presence.

"The Killer of Killers! Open fire!"

Candy chooses to not see it clearly, but there was acrobatics, knives, dodging, gunshots and a lot of blood.

And as soon Candy looks another time, the scene drastically makes a change, leaving two people standing..

Ginoa: "Now it's only you.."

The leader of these men sees his subordinates dead, and not able to figure out how to get out of this, thus leading to the last resort as he grabs Candy, rips her leg bindings and brings her to the edge of the building by her neck..

"Stay back, or she gets it!"

Candy: "Is this a gun.. not the first time today.."

Spoke Candy in a much less tense tone than what usually comes, which got Ginoa to mention..

Ginoa: "Calm? Strange.. well? What are you waiting for?"

She inches closer, coming with quip after quip..

Ginoa: "Obviously this means whoever you shady folk aren't that bloodthirsty.. you still want her alive."

Candy: "G-Ginnie.."

That call for help didn't fall on deaf ears.

Ginoa: "Two minutes, Candy. Deux minutes, c'est tout ce dont j'ai besoin."

And she then comes even closer, sensually speaking her taunts..

Ginoa: "Show me something.. show me something, bebe.."

Not able to take it, this leader of men then grabbed something from his back pocket and swiftly tosses it, detonating near instantaneously..

Engulfing the area, Ginoa then notes..

Ginoa: "Gas trap?"

And from afar..

Emile: "An explosive smoke detonation.."

After being tossed aside, Candy then sees and shouts of this, as if..

Candy: "Hey! This gas?!"

She's familiar with it, the color, smell and general purpose..

The leader of these mercenaries followed as he then spoke with confidence..

"We're going to play my game now."

He wears a mask to protect him from his last resort, as he starts getting around to evaluate a position to ..

Ginoa: "A deep hue of red won't save you.."

She remains confident, but.. the gas then, as Candy feared, started to take effect..

Ginoa: "Hiding won't help you.. what's happening??"

As the man readied to fire at this woman as the gas fades..

He was going to pull the trigger, but the next thing he saw was a flood of red coming down his eyes.. then fall, dead..

To answer his bewilderment, the man who shot from afar puts it perfectly, as he pulls the bolt..

Emile: "An exposed head.. now he lays dead.. All clear."

As Candy gets herself back up, she then fails to realize how close she was to the ledge, almost tripping.

Candy: "Hu-HEEELLPPP!!"

Just in range, Ginoa flips and dashes her way, managing to get Candy back on the rooftop with a pull..

Ginoa: "Gotcha!"

Candy: "Oh goodness. I am so SO sorry this happened!"

Ginoa: "Don't be.. don't.. what.."

But from where she's standing, she faces imminent death, thanks to the mix of the debilitating gas earlier, and her greatest fear..

Ginoa: "Candy.. I'm losing it.. oh.. do what you can.. to catch me.. sil vous plait.."

Thinking it's done, Candy panics, replying to see Ginoa weaving by the edge..

Candy: "Catch you? I.. am still tied up!"

Ginoa: "No time for arguing.. this gas.. and this height.."

Candy: "Ginnie!"

In desperation for the last time, Ginoa spoke up..


She did so, unsure how it'll help in this desparate time, but then..

Candy: "GAAAAHH! How did.."

Emile: "Subtle, but I got that.."

Spoke Emile upon firing his round towards the bindings with near perfect accuracy.

Now able, Candy leapt forwards, grabbing Ginoa's arm just barely out of reach..

Candy: "NYAH!"

The momentum now back to the center, the women then start lying down, exhausted.

Ginoa: "Oh.. phew.. I surely won't survive that fall.."

Candy: "Ahh.. well.. case of vertigo?"

Ginoa: "Severe.. and it's acrophobia, not vertigo. Easy mistake, I know.."

As Candy mistakenly holds Ginoa's torso, she then feels..

Candy: "Your body.. it's hard.."

Ginoa: "Hush, let's talk later."

Both now back up, they prepare to head down, with Candy supporting Ginoa as she turns her communicator on..

Ginoa: "Emile, the package is secured."

Emile: "No time for rest, you two. A van's come over. I see a few more of these goons. I'll do what I can down here."

Ginoa then sighs as she shares the news..

Ginoa: "Well.. you heard that? More of them."

Candy: "Ohh, I so want this nightmare to be over! Can't you do your magic for one more time?"

Ginoa: "Whatever that gas is.. it's knocked me out good. It has to be you to, save yourself now. Here.."

She then gave Candy her hair clip, folding it in such a way, it becomes a well kept blade.

Candy didn't take long to tell..

Candy: "Oh.. I.. don't think I can do it!"

Ginoa: "Candy.. Em and I would agree, now.. I'm sure he's said it once, but.. it's kill or be killed."

And back to her communicator..

Ginoa: "Report?"

Emile: "Thinned their bunch.. but there's a couple coming up."

Pointing to the side, Ginoa orders..

Ginoa: "Head there. I trust you know what to do."

Candy: "Ginnie.."

And just as she hides to the side of the entrance, a man comes up with gun aimed at Ginoa.

She raised her gun concealed right arm before he could fire, and just as he opened, she put one square on his forehead.

She took in a few rounds with her lack of speed, and thus unable to reload her arm gun in time, noting on her communicator..

Ginoa: "Erkh.. And that's the last shot.. Emile?"

Emile: "Double timing it to your position.."

And the last man coming up isn't a friendly, also with his gun ready..

"Everyone's dead.. but I will now.. be the one to end this infamous assassin!"

Ginoa: "Really.. this is your time.. Candy.."


Realizing it's do or die, Candy then runs up, and makes her intentions clear..


Then runs this man through the neck, and slices it clean, gushing blood all over her arm..

It was for the good of her future, but she's not mentally ready for it, as she whimpers..

Candy: "Oh.. [sobs] oh no.. I did that.."

Emile: "It's kill or be killed. You remember.. Miss Lam?"

She turns to see Emile, still in mint condition, walking up..

Candy: "Emile?"

Emile: "Nice to see you unharmed.. but.. Ginnie?"

She's still on the floor, wounded, but no blood's visible.

Raising an ear to her name, she replies in a glum manner..

Ginoa: "You know I f[BLEEP]g hate heights, Emile. Let's get out of this place.."

With Emile helping these women, they then walk down the stairs, just as Ginoa then spoke..

Ginoa: "Oh, and Emile?"

Emile: "Yes?"

Ginoa: "Candy's no lightweight.."

Just as the scene then fills with various groups, from medics, to Assassin Guild employees, Candy rubs her wounded neck in the back of an ambulance, conversing with Emile.

Emile: "My guess? Rodulf found something and they've come to sever all ties."

Candy: "And we got nothing? I mean, that guy you scoped clean even said they were an external outfit."

Emile: "Mercenaries looking to bloody their hands instead of their benefactors.."

Candy: "The more I think, the more it's going to stress me out. I.. need a moment alone."

Emile: "If you say so."

Earlier it was a Ferrari, Candy only can think of the kill she's managed..

Candy: "Wow.. that felt surreal. Kill or be killed.."

And the law enforcement handling this issue came by..

Rin: "Candy-san!"

Candy: "Rin-san.. big sis.. I.. this should've never happened!"

She then received a hug, only not a playful one she got from that time..

Rin: "I don't care. I'm glad you're fine, right, Zumi-san?"

Izumi: "Of course. Ginnie told me everything. You stepped up and saved her bacon.. hehe.."

Candy: "I.. oh God.. still feel uneasy it had to be done. That's under self defense, right?"

Rin then couldn't hide her sorrow on this, showing tears..

Rin: "Yes.. but.."

Izumi: "Rin-san?"

From Candy's perspective, she sees a face that she once saw from before..

Candy: "It's like that day in Maggiore.."

Rin: "No.. well.. yes.. it's that.. killing. I'm not a monk or some peace loving hippy, but it's just.. one of the things I definitely try to dodge."

Unsure if it's the right move, Candy then had to say..

Candy: "Tch.. I'll have to break it to her. Those mercenaries had the gas. The dark one's gas."

And to her surprise, Rin couldn't accept it..

Rin: "No! Impossible.."

Candy: "I'd say so too, but.. a while back, my body developed an immunity to it. That happened again. I don't know how to say it, but has he been.. selling to the highest bidder?"

Concerned, Izumi raised this fact and asked her partner..

Izumi: "Rin-san? This is quite a plausible scenario!"

Feeling offended, she acted defensive..

Rin: "NO! I refuse to believe that's the case! He's a good person!"

Izumi: "He is, but.. we're not so sure."

Candy: "I have my reservations.. he's, to me, the dark one, Rin-san. Please understand.."

Rin: "I.. I.."

No more rebuttals to make, she ran off, and began to show her saddened emotions strong.

Izumi: "There she goes.. heehee.. no.. I'm not laughing for laughing's sake."

Candy: "I know.. I still believe she's truly soft. When will she realize?"

Hiding in the ambulance, Ginoa then rushes out..

Ginoa: "Da jia hao! Umm.. where's Kate off to?"

Izumi: "Weeping her fears as Candy confirms the source of that gaseous attack on you.."

Candy: "It's her husband's concoction."

With her hand rubbing her forehead, Ginoa replied with questions in her head getting answered..

Ginoa: "Oh? Is it? Sonny did say it, though.. is how you're not affected somehow what made you figure this out?"

Candy: "S-something like that.."

Ginoa: "Fair enough."

Izumi: "By the way, you seem unharmed? Nobody packed a high caliber rifle, I presume?"

Ginoa: "Your run of the mill shop bought AR. That Kate though.. if theres something me and her disagree, it's her mantra of not killing. She needs to be mature about this.. if she was in your shoes tonight, Candy.. one of use might come out more than hurt.."

Izumi: "Well, should you want some compensation.. ehe.. umm.. I'm all ears."

Ginoa: "Don't worry about it. The Guild wants Candy in safe hands, and after tonight.. that's definitely what might be the future.."

Izumi: "Even at the risk of your multi million dollar bounties, Ginnie?"

Ginoa: "Bounties? Hah. I'm sure Sonny won't miss me.. Candy, I'd like a few words."

Candy: "Oh?"

Ginoa: "Firstly.. Izzy, I suppose you go find Kate and ensure she don't do anything rash."

Izumi: "Affirmative."

Now alone, Candy asked..

Candy: "What's on your mind.. aside more thank yous?"

Ginoa: "First thing is.. I thank you from the bottom of whatever heart I have, oh little bebe.."

Candy: "Wait, I mean the other way.. I mean.. you're welcome! Uhh.."

Feeling Candy's body, Ginoa then thought after a quick rub on her skin..

Ginoa: "Aww.. you're chilled to the core. Did you know Boniface told me.. madame shaped you good with that harness.."

Candy: "You know Boniface? My sweet bon bon?"

Ginoa: "Yours? Ahaah! He's our sweet bon bon, it appears. Don't be so afraid.. my intentions is that you're going to be protected by the Guild. And after saving my life trying to save yours.. consider it returning the favor."

Candy: "I.. think I'll pass.. if I can, that is."

Ginoa: "Get used to that idea first.. when the going gets rough.. that's when I'll come knocking."

And after she let go, Ginoa has more than gratitude with these words..

Ginoa: "And another thing, and ooh, you're going to like this."

Candy: "Like? What would I li-WAIT, DON'T TELL ME!"

Much Later.png


As morning came, it's as if nothing happened.

The scheduled 10 lap race was to begin, with a sizeable crowd watching..


But Candy's misadventures earlier in the morning didn't come off as entirely fruitless, as she's earned the respect of a certain Killer of Killers, thus getting a request to lend her car getting approved.


And as the race began, it didn't take long for everyone to put up a show.


Not to mention how these cars keep up with each other: a testament to their skill and their connection to their cars.


To everyone, their cheers flood towards the black F40: a car that shouldn't be able to come along in the race, but Candy says otherwise..

Candy: "[screams] oh wow.. I'm in a harmonic V8 bliss!!"


On the whole, the car is an enjoyable little experiment that I truly love to drive. It might say race car, but dangit, you can't disagree it's just a road car with kit. The issue comes with the fact that it serves a specific niche, and it's so specific and stiff, the real purpose of taking it out is just yet another car that exists to work only in one make races at this pace, and you'd have to be someone special for that.

It's a complete Beater if you look in the details, cost and the flexibility, but as a driver's car, it's no doubt a 'maybe barely' Sleeper. I'm not sure how to balance it precisely, but it's fair I give it a Neutral. They free it from this veil of being an untunable Vision GT car, and I wouldn't hesitate to delegate it as a Sleeper.

Not an easy choice, but it's a given Beater, but barely.


It might be Copen and the Cooler Copen, but I'll take the original L880 Kopen any day. Or, y'know.. bring in the LA400!

You know, I know it's way too much to ask that this should've been Week 21: Ferrari F40. It has overshadowed everything this episode hopes to nominate.. unless it's a Grouped race car.

The story really would fit any car, but it'll just go back to that. But if I had a chance on what Candy sees as a nearly impossible but still viable opportunity, wouldn't you too take that chance?

Looks to me I'll be dropping the mandatory common appearance of the blue MINI from here on out. That means more time with Candy's signature ride the GR Yaris.. or will it? Believe it or now, the MINI Cooper S has an ownership to someone else in story before the COTW form came to be. Maybe I can bring that back for its inevitable nomination.

Perhaps the most recurring mentioned character I've yet to debut until today, Ginnie finally makes her return. Internally codenamed 'assassin' as she's the, again with this word, genesis of it, she's definitely my take on the femme fatale from 10 years back, it shows I sure have this fondness of these cliched women assassins, prompting me to pile the eventual later introduced bunch of killers together within the Assassin's Guild after all. As is, Ginnie is the most overpowered character when it comes to being a force. How? The fact she's now more cyborg than before. Formerly having weaponized prosthetics, now to straight up being a living weapon, probably the closest thing to a Metal Gear Rising nanomachine fueled entity in SPD form. Just not as overblown in cybernetics, and without the philosophical speeches about memes, nanomachines and having a.. quite well justified but bat[BLEEP]t insane dream. She's also incredibly feminist: a mixed bag of a personality trait, so nothing has to be perfect, right?

For Rin Nishimura/Jessica Ross (5)
see Episode 2

For Sonny Meng Xian Zhen (5)
see Episode 3

For Paul Henderson (5)
see Episode 5

For Hamza Abd-al (6)
see Episode 14

For Izumi Yamazaki (5) and Emile Orson (Sport)
see Episode 16

A technological marvel with a sharp finesse in her life ending work that got her the moniker of the Killer of Killers. Formerly the most sought out assassin for hire, she now lives in refuge under a guise, hoping nobody would find her unless you have a problem and no one else can help..

Theme Song: KMFDM - Professional Killer
Racing Duel Music: KMFDM - Virus (Pestilence Mix)
Gender: Female
Nationality: French
Age: 30
Current occupation: Maid? (obviously in disguise, she's actually the self proclaimed greatest assassin in the world)
Distinct features: Black, medium well combed right side bob. Smooth triangular face. Thin green almond eyes, thin tall nose with wide tip, and narrow mouth. Slight perky, blemished cheeks. Shiny white teeth that seem unnatural (actually bombs). Bright caucasian skin, with average height, weight and proportions. Small creases over arms and legs (actually hidden blades).
Choice of clothing: Your usual frilly maid outfit (definitely not intended). Outside, she's usually wearing a dark colored halterneck blouse/tank top, with black jeans and comfort slippers. Wears a red butterfly clip (actually a hidden knife), a golden set of bangles on her left hand (actually a hidden taser), and a large banded watch on her right (hiding the barrel of a hidden gun in her arm)
Cars: Ferrari F40

Perhaps the most well known member of the Assassin's Guild that serves as the example to not follow for any prospective killer due to her actions of infamy. Taking on a rural upbringing just out in the hillsides of the Pyrenees, this killer to be had a name, and being the only child of a family. Taken by an unknown sickness, her father left the family, forcing her to migrate with her mother to find better pastures. While they found refuge within a millionaire's estate, the man was a predator by the definition, taking his mother to satisfy his pleasures while the lone child would run away finding that truth out with intents to exploit it. Being on the lam by child police and this richman's associates, she learned to not only hate men, but also to hide and survive.

She would then meet one of the very few men she can respect: a Catholic priest who took her in. Informing him of her farmland origins, the christened Gino would come through living on and off the sanctified church grounds, using this time to hone her athletic and martial skills. However, as she came to adulthood, the men in pursuit of her finally caught up, and further her hatred of these people by not only destroying anything she comes to contact with, but also using their influence and wealth to frame her for that act. To get back at these people, Gino would conduct the perfect crime: one she's been planning ever since her arrival. To get this near impossible task done is to help kindle her inner perfectionist, but put her on the most wanted list in the country.

Her escape all the way to the southernmost side of the country got the attention of the Richelieu family, who would massively profit of these crimes indirectly, and thus led to their favor for her. Befriending the profit minded alpha and her wine loving little brother, the once again renamed Ginoa had revenge in her heart, now striking anyone who would exploit the poor, declaring herself a self serving assassin based by the Richelieu's turf. Her most pivotal moment in this career came when she was to bring to the end of an experimental surgeon: the man who would grant her artificial augmentations of her body who apparently was a high ranking member of the Assassin's Guild. This eventual clashing would lead to her joining, as well as the birth of the Trinitia L'Assassina that stemmed from their efficient, effective service.

Within this organization and thanks to the jealousy of the Richelieu matriarch, Ginoa finds herself travelling all over the world, even mastering a roster of languages, but these days finds herself hiding away in the center of Los Angeles, unwilling to step out of this shadow for the amounts of deathly gazes awaiting to end her. She did however learn two more important life lessons thanks to a few close friends, inclusive of The Black Flash, her short gang leader lover and an angry fellow known as The Messiah: vengeance is a strong motivator, and similarly so is love.

3 women, part of the unbeatable Trinitia L'Assassina: a mythical group of assassins now remaining hidden to the masses. (5, Ginoa Fantoccia) (7, ???) (Sport, Miranda Summers)
Will: first of the new age The List members, also Lucia's older brother, a Ring racing specialist and lover of German exotics.(5)
The Scott Brothers: Texan oil magnates who's also Sonny's main sponsors. (Sport, ???) (Sport, Theodore 'Teddy Fabulous' Scott)
Mister V/Vulture: Izumi's more Chinese leaned brother. Once a Japanese CEO of a multi million financing organization. (5)
Rex: Keith's unseperable pal: obese rich son, but just as smart as he's fat and talented on the race track. (6)

Members of The List Foundations yet to be introduced proper:
'Clean Gator': A hearty, overweight truck racer (5)

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