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  1. 05XR8


    Tried the four AWD sedans.

    I mentioned above that I'd probably bring the GT-R out to play next/this week. Car felt gooooood.

    First I ran the Evo. Did a 48.8. Essaywhat? Had to run again. Car felt so slow. I think it's because it has the 5-speed. But I just made it to 250km/h by the braking point.
    Same with the WRX.

    Atenza. Maaann, my first love in this game. PD have somehow botched the handling. Felt like it had four wheel drum brakes. What's the deal, PD? Y'all are killing me. It's fine with early throttle application, to straighten the rear during corner exit. 252km/h top speed, kind of helped it with that time. Wish it felt like the car below.

    GT-R wears the big boy pants in this quartet. From the time auto-drive disengaged, I knew it was going to be a good lap.
    Brakes hard. Corner entry is sharp. Corner exit is easy. I even trailbraked at one bend thru the Village. The car said, "Oh, you didn't know? Easy done.". Sharp!

    256km/h at the end of the straight. Good power. No wheezing. Smooth over the rest of the lap.
    Tyre wear might hamper it tomorrow, but I'ma run it in my first race. Looks good in the replay too. :)
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  2. Groundfish

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    I agree people need to be aware when they are on worn tires.
    I think though that as a racer you choose a strategy. If that strategy places you behind slower cars you have to take that into account. Are you racing the guys at the front when you’re behind a slow car?
    I do hear you though. People should not block. When it’s obvious the guy behind is way faster it’s faster for both cars if you allow the overtake...
    Conversely there’s no reason the car behind is owed anything.
    It’s a problem tho. People need awareness.

    Edit I’ve been enjoying c and b, tonight. To my teammate I saw on track, if you are in race never worry, I got your six. I took care of a few plebs for ya :).
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    I feel like pitting out into traffic falls under the banner of "You should not have done that if you wanted to win".

    Yeah sure, it's faster for both drivers if the slower one lets the faster one go by, but unless you're lapping someone or racing in a multi-class race and coming up on a slower class car then you're never owed track position and you can't really be mad at people for not picking the optimal solution all the time. Nor be mad at PD for not "fixing" this. What's there to fix? Not allow other people to be slower than the car behind them?!

    If he's slower paced than you but picked a better pitting strategy, he raced better than you that race! Suck it up and don't make the same mistake next time. A huge part of Brands this week has been juggling strategies as it's a hard track to overtake cleanly on. One stop or no stop? Do you pit early around lap 6-7, or late around lap 8-9? Start on hards so you have the best pace at the end of the race, or start on mediums so you can keep up in the beginning?

    That's all part of racing. Going fast around the track sure helps, but it ain't everything.
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    So, I have to tell the story because it was hilarious. I was following a friend around Brands in c race as he was working up the field. He got held up in traffic and punted into the sand.
    Little did the punter know that I saw his move.
    Next turn he was reset after I sent him to meet Hasselhoff and passed by my friend he punted!
    It was epic! Dirty as heck but epic!
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    Just noticed that the top times for Race A are on Wet Tyres :odd: I tried it for myself and it looks like the advantage over using Racing Hard is, you scrub off less speed going into the turn and off it (because the tyres are less grippy, so you just gradually "slide" into the turn instead of the tyre grip actually "forcing" the nose of the car to turn). Oh man, GT physics engine never ceases to amaze me :lol: In real life the softer rubber of the Wet Tyres would probably fall apart from overheating and the g-forces at those rotational speeds. Like, why are Wet tyres even available to use in this race anyway? Oversight from PD, or do they know about this exploit? :lol:

    Also the top guy in Asia/Oceania drove 20 laps (~1 hour) just to be 0.2 sec faster than the single lap that I did. I hope he/she puts those mileage points to good use :p
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  6. 05XR8



    Surprised by the Megane. 251km/h top speed. Thought it'd have a higher top speed. 3:15.200 Sector 5. I messed up the 90° left before the run to the flag.

    RCZ felt so lethargic. 254km/h. Handles the bridge section the worse. 3:15.000 Sector 5. Pretty quick.

    TT. I thought I clicked on the Scirocco. Damn near felt like the Scirocco. The Village and bridge sections were a breeze. Can easily keep up with the rwd and AWD cars. 3:14.5xx Sector 5.:eek:

    Scirocket. I blab about its off-throttle turn in and I will continue to. Nothing can match it. 252km/h. Matched the TT at Sector 5, with a 3:14.6xx. 3rd gear is money.

    Left out the Okayron and Ulcercan Just didn't feel like running them.

    Anyway, we'll see what happens.
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    New Zealand
    Finally put my alt up and went for a run on race A. Didnt really feel like racing so this will be perfect.

    Was a mixed room A/S to D/S. My alt currently very high B/S. Start p9 and p10-12 are dropped at the start. I pass 2 people just on acceleration, but coast a bit to ensure I stay in the rear. Lots of bump drafting and blocking ahead. You guys have fun with that.:lol:

    Middle of first turn, big wipe out. 5 cars left. Penalty zone drops 1 more and there are 3 guys going all out ahead of me. 2 are A, one is a D. Guess who is trying to block the whole second half of the lap.:dunce: I time it for a big run halfway through the final turn, pull waaaay to the very top. See the D driver spin on a late block and wipe out the other 2. A lonely cruise to the line in first. I still dont understand people not figuring this thing after a week of it.:odd:

    Done with that. It was wild, but good to actually finish a SSRX race now.
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  8. 05XR8


    Yep. Many still haven't figured it out. P6 started behind me.
    IMG_20200927_181900.jpg IMG_20200927_181904.jpg
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