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  1. Mistah_MCA


    United States
    I just hope it doesn't take you as long as I did. It seems like I've been struggling to get these times lately.

    ... That, or I am turning into an over-ambitious sucker.
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  2. DanSHW


    Couple of Race Bs and a C last night, no quali into the first B, started 15th in the NSX (my only '16 Gr2 car) and largely by avoiding the chaos, ended up 8th, passing the guy who had been leading for most of the race coming out of the Chicane of Death on the last lap, poor guy must have taken a beating there. Couple of quali laps and into a second race, 9th on the grid, accidentally spun a guy who turned in on me at the hairpin before the CoD, somehow still got a clean race bonus and 7th place at the finish. Looking at the comments on here, might have to try the '08 Lexus I've got.

    Race C is definitely odd, it's a long race for slow cars, and the fuel and tyre usage is negligible, by about 5 laps in I was a bit bored, but by the end I wanted more laps!!! Was 16th on the grid, but slipped off the brake and got a false start penalty, so was 19th by T1, but slowly made my way back up overtaking some and others spun off, let one divebomber through who took out himself and another driver a couple of corners later. Was running 11th a couple of laps from the end on the back of a group of 5, when the one in front of me messed up the last corner, I nearly had a run on him but he weaved all down the S/F straight to block me, then messed up T1 so I was alongside on the exit. I stayed right, but he bumped me twice, and then the third bump sent me across the grass on the right hand kink just before the hairpin, which gave him a 2s penalty. Passed him on the way out of the next hairpin and although he tried to bump me off again, the penalty zone kicked in and dropped him back, and he lost more time in the last couple of laps. Actually quite a fun race when you get into it, feels like being an actual club racer.

    SR back up to 99, DR up by 500 to over 8000 for the first time in a while...
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  3. 250Cal


    That's brutal. In the spirit of @MIE1992 , it could be suggested that the ghosting needs to take effect more quickly. Clearly if the software knew the exact location, dynamic status and inputs of the spinning car, it would see the situation was irrecoverable and ghost it fast enough that it didn't become your issue.

    The wife situation sounds brutal. Hopefully you'll get at least half the house etc.
  4. Adam Barber

    Adam Barber

    Had a go at race C earlier and it's a bit dull tbh, other 2 raced are way better and more interesting. Nice to see the '08 GT500 cars be useful for once aswell.
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    It took me over and hour and a half yesterday to set my DT time, you’re not alone. The faster you get, the harder it is to keep getting faster. I did get lucky at Tokyo though, I set my 9.0 on lap 5 and my 8.8 on lap 10, that’s never happened before though. :)
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  6. Sven Jurgens

    Sven Jurgens

    Cool, didn't know that. But I didn't count them in the lag measurements since they don't make up one to two thirds of the grids like south Americans do.

    Anyway Johannesburg to London is an average 167ms round trip. Still less than Brasilia to Vancouver, 198 ms. Los Angeles to Toronto is already 50% slower than London to Moscow.
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