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    Welcome to the GTP's Drifting Board. Hopefully you have come to share your ideas and help with out Drifting community. Though if you are new and your looking for some answers before making a new thread. Please take some time to look through our links. If it isn't here, do a quick search and then make a new thread. Hopefully we will help you out in anyway we can.
    Useful Tips & Advice to help first timers.

    General Discussions ( Wheel Talk)
    Toe and Camber
    LSD settings
    Weight Reduction Discussion
    Comfort Tires = Professional Tires?
    The Diary of a Controller user the movie!
    Weight transfer : the basics of all exercises
    Big Suspension(Now only $100)
    Newbie's car discussion..where shall thou start?
    The personal ads
    Show off your Drift car
    * Possibly like Your favorite drift car?
    Wanna show off your Touge monster
    Your favorite Drivetrain?
    How do you like your car behavior?
    Looking for a companion to drift with?
    GT5 Drift Nights, Events And Meet's
    Needing tools of the trade?or simply want to share yours?
    Rate my drift!
    Drift settings depot(currently updated)
    Need guidance? Look no further
    Bearcut's Prolouge to GT5 transition
    Kaspa's Educational Center
    Need a pick me up?
    Inspiration Videos
    Inspiration Pictures
    Looking for a alternative? Touge(toe-gay) is here!

    Want to join the fight club? are you the next Takumi or Bunta?
    GTP's Drift Tournament: Round 2
    Don't want to play but want to watch?
    GTP's D1 Channel
    Looking for a room? Want to give a shout out?
    Welcome to your rant!
    Looking for Teams?
    If you feel like this is your first time on the interwebz, feel free to watch this flash video
    Say hello to Billy!
    (feel free to PM if I am missing anything. I did lose the old information yesterday.)
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Thread Status:
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