Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.31 is Now Available

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Nurburgring new layouts and physics improvements

SF23 in April update. Where it says 4th of April, I don't think that's the day they become available, but rather the day that this partnership is announced (if they did not leak it early). Expect the update to be end of April as usual.
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Someone posted official English patch notes to Reddit.



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Physics improvements? Wonder how will they improve it.

Many patches ago they reworked the physics for FR cars, but they did not specify if this includes MR cars or not. MR cars are still really tough to drive like how FR cars felt in the release version, a MR car while oversteering just does not want to respond to your counter steering and pedal inputs, and it could only be remedied by excessive alignment tuning.

EDIT: Just read the patch notes, this looks promising.
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So we’re getting the beautiful Audi RS 5 Turbo DTM ‘19 in the update, which is the first modern DTM in GT7, but does anyone know of the licensing agreements or any chance that we could see these older models?

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We have a Gr.2 DTM machine, the classic Alfa that sits in Gr.4, but these would be perfect for Gr.3
Nowadays is hard to say. The series was owned and managed by it's own company, ITR, which had shared ownership by Gerhard Berger and the manufactures involved on the Class One era, taking GB full ownership when the manufacturer's pulled back and the series started using GT3 machinery.
After 2022 ITR folded and sold the naming rights to ADAC, which is Germany's auto racing governing body and already organises several other series.
With the manufacturers involved on championship ownership is hard to believe they didn't have some degree of proprietary rights for their own Class One cars.
Even, when the series was sold to ADAC, it already run on GT3 machinery for two full years, not sure the rights of older DTM branded cars were sold with it. The sell wasn't intended to make series money, just to keep the series running and the lights on
"Optimised downforce and air resistance to ride height"
So, the current setups were higher is better, all gone to the trash can...
That’s a hefty update. Good to see.

If they bring the Super Formula championship with all the liveries and tracks I’ll be as high as a kite.
I guess the endurance layout will be what GT6 referred to as Nurburgring Type V, layout similar to the 24H layout, but instead uses the sprint layout, instead of the full GP layout, also at turn one will not take the shortcut like 24H layout, but follow the same GP route.
For GT Sport they also announced the Super Formula cars ahead of time so yeah, I don't think they're dropping on the 4th, just later in the month
Digging that SF23 news.

Saw this as well. Wonder if the track name will update:
Toyota makes Fuji Speedway a wholly owned subsidiary under the new company "Fuji Motor Sports Forest"
The Hi-Ace from the late 80s/early 90s or mid-engine, RWD/AWD, manual transmission Previa would have been much better choices for a Toyota minivan.

IDK about that. I currently own a van like that and used to own another, smaller one. I wouldn't describe their chassis manners as 'racy'.
Something's not clear, is April 4 the day the SF23 are actually going to be released in the game or is it just the day it was planned to be "formally" announced?
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Something's not clear, is April 4 the day the SF23 are actually going to be released in the game or is it just the day it was planned to be "formally" announced?
I didn't understand too. But I wouldn't be surprised by the special, extraordinary and individual release of SF23. It's better for business purposes.
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I think I found someone who kind enough to share the far more complete patch notes.

If I’m not wrong, there are list of new events and VRR options

From what I can gather, we've got:

- 4 new events: a WTC 800 at the Nurburgring, a Japanese 4WD 600 at the Nurburgring and Tokyo Expressway, and a Porsche Cup at Kyoto.

- 2 new extra menus: one for Toyota family cars, and one for the Ford GT lineup.

- Some new cafe conversations for a bunch of cars, but who genuinely cares about those anyway :lol: