Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.43 Now Available: Adds Three Cars, New Races & Engine Swaps

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So we actually didn’t get a trailer. Is this a first? Is this significant?

Feels wrong for sure.
The wierd oddballs like the ambulance, alpahd, etc had their place in previous GT games, that had huge car lists to begin with and the oddballs were just that - fun oddballs. But when we have a car list shot full of massive holes and we get stuff like the Jimny, Ambulance, etc it really is just questionable, besides the obvious "GT has wierd cars nostalgia"
I think it's become obvious by now that PD is holding back on releasing newer race cars for GT8. This may be why they're releasing these oddball cars. It is true we could use some more events to use them in, but they are a lot of fun in one make races and online lobbies. And they're also fun to drive in VR. I wish they would bring back some of the cars from previous games, like the 1886 MB Motor Wagen, Model T, Schimmwagen, '48 Hudson, and the Tank Car. And of course you can't leave out the Lunar Rover. :D
Me waiting for the GT7 update blog post & teaser video:

I’m going guess SOPHY has learned more cars to use as well as PD tuned cars for Chilli races. ;)
We’ll get a save feature to link Custom Races(riiiiiiight). :cool:
Glorious Mid-field reveal showing the front straight signage, tunnels/underpasses and new to Gran Turismo 7 for the first time ever wet weather surface. :sly:
I don't need a new car. I don't even need a new track.

I would love to see multiple endurance races on our favorite tracks
So we'll have to wait until tomorrow it seems. Maybe we will have 12 new circuits, 5 layouts and 300 new events together with 40 new scapes, so PD couldn't fit that much in a render, I mean trailer, and they gave us nothing.
It has happened before that the trailer was published after the update had gone live. Not a big deal in my opinion.

I actually think it happened with the one below. Autopolis was a complete surprise when players started up the game:

What a beautiful update trailer, not sure when gt7 did something beautiful like this.