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The break even is not at double the budget? I don’t get the notion for the threshold then. I could ask google sure but the article could help a bit for the unfamiliar, like me, with this. Thanks in advance
The break even is not at double the budget? I don’t get the notion for the threshold then. I could ask google sure but the article could help a bit for the unfamiliar, like me, with this. Thanks in advance
It's generally held that break-even is 2.5x, but the better a film's relative take in the USA (because cinema owners get less of the cut) the lower it is.
Just saw it with my wife. She whooped and laughed and cried. Also, many audible “Yes!” from other moviegoers. I guess job done.

I feel Kaz should have a “Stan Lee” cameo, in every Sony movie production. Well played.

I was entertained, but David Harbour’s character said it best(almost as if the writers read the update threads in gtplanet :lol::sly:), lower your expectations. ;)
Finally got the free time to go see the movie today:

  • Maybe I don't watch enough movies, but at the theatre where I watched it, it was being displayed at 30FPS compared to the typical 24FPS. This was something that stood out to me, made for quite a different viewing experience than what I was used to.
  • Very slow beginning in my opinion, but it picked up after the first hour or so.
  • No forced humor at all! The movie felt like a very genuine experience, didn't have to shy away from the screen, I was paying attention the whole time!
  • David Harbor is a phenomenal actor! Talk about an awe-inspiring technician to have on your team.
  • When Kazunori Yamauchi made his cameo appearance as the sushi chef, I stood up from my seat and shouted "THERE HE IS!" Everyone else in the theatre started laughing and had questions for me at the end of the film... :lol:
We've had a lot of video game to live action adaptations these last few years, and this was one of the better ones I've seen. Not bad. 7/10.
The film's Senior sound effect editor, Sam Fan, is a Chinese 。He introduced the sound production process of the film to his peers in the Chinese film industry

The Sound design for this film was done by Source Sound UK(Leaded by Charlie Deenen).
The sound team found that their existing library of materials could not be used for the sound production of this film. So they asked Sony for a lot of money to record the sounds of real racing cars.
Sony paid the money, and the sound engineers left California to record the sounds of real racing cars from around the world, like Nissan, McLaren, Lamborghini,Audi and Ferrari.
Neil, the film's director, is a racing enthusiast, so he wants all sounds to be close to the sound of a real racing car.
When showing Nissan's GT3 racing car, they specially enhanced the high-frequency sound of Gear/Transmission Whining. This sound makes this kind of racing car different from ordinary racing cars, thus giving the audience a completely new shock.

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Surprisingly I was the only motorsport/sim racing advisor that they consulted. When Jann arrived (about mid-way through production) and started stunt driving he pitched in sometimes. But besides me and Jann, there weren't any other official advisors.

I did manage to get @Tidgney on a call with the fact finding team though! They needed some info about what happens at GT Academy so I put him in touch with them :)

Finally watched the movie yesterday. It was an ok movie and I was decently entertained. However I was incredibly disapointed in the terrible racing that they decided to show. When in the months leading up to it I read that you were consulting for and working with the film I started dreaming that this might be the first (I guess?!) movie in history to actually display real racing and race craft. Just to be clear this is in no way a criticism of you and your work just my disapointment in the producers.

I would think that if a movie would be hailed by subject matter experts as the most realistic movie ever while still being thrilling and fun for the non expert (which I believe is entirely possible) then surely this must be a huge marketing plus which would generate a lot of buzz even outside the expert bubble. This same effect happened to many of the great anti war movies like All Quite on the Western Front or Saving Private Ryan. They realistically depicted the true horrors of wars and were applauded for it. Or to some degree movies like The Big Short or Money Ball. They correctly explained the underlying processes, which was important for the story, while not making it boring.

Instead we got this:
  • the magical "I'm just going to press the gas pedal extra hard for more acceleration, because magic is what propels a car"
  • making cars going wheel to wheel towards the finish line into this super exciting thing without any consideration of the actual deciding factors
    • why not show what actually decided the race in the final corner?; the slight wheel spin at the exit for the loser and the supreme cutback of the ultimate winner
    • focus on that and tell the viewer why this is important and make it exciting; the cinematography was so superb they could have easily pulled it off
    • go into slow motion while zooming in on the slipping tire then fly your camera drones around the cars during the cutback like in Matrix; somehow visualise the winner getting the power down this tiny bit earlier; it could have been so good; instead we get the "magic pedal press"; just gotta push harder bro
  • boring the viewer with explaining some "I'm so smart I just magically go around the outside all the time while they stick to racing line like idiots" pseudo logic
    • they could have just as easily have Jann explain race craft and how you're getting overtaken if you stick to the racing line rather than taking a defensive line covering the inside and how to overtake someone when they don't defend
    • going into when actually passing on the outside is appropriate would probably be pushing it
    • they could have also used their thing with the orange and red racing lines to depict how Jann is visualizing his overtake before it even happens before his inner eye; and then for an actual normal overtake that would actually make sense
  • insanely dirty driving that would get people banned for live
  • fake downshifts (no this not your grandpa trying to overtake a tractor at 1,500 rpm, these are race cars which would obviously run into the rev limiter when they actually tried this); I understand how most non racer have no idea of the relationship between revs and power output and ultimately acceleration and that is fine but this age old trope is just so increadibly terrible that it hurts my soul

Watching a stream of @Tidgney commentating over how beautiful of a move some other driver just made (love Tidg's enthusiasm and fairness) is a thousand times more entertaining than this nonsense. I think that would be totally possible to bring a brief rundown of other race craft into a movie like this; to the non expert viewer it does not matter whether some explanation is made up or actually true but if they later (or before) find out that this is exactly how the pros do it, then they might be pleasantly surprised by it.

Rant over now, like I said, I was still decently entertained, just sad that they blew their chance at making the best racing movie ever. Ford v. Ferrari and Grand Prix still the best in my opinion. Even Rush was better. Heck maybe even Days of Thunder, ok guess I'm ranting again.
I went with my Uncle who doesn't have any interest in racing whatsoever, or even owns a car for that matter. He absolutely loved the movie and said that Mardenborough's journey was very inspiring.

As for me, I loved the movie of course. Aside from the need to squeeze the Hungaroring in everywhere to cover for the other tracks, the cinematography was incredible. Blomkamp is a master behind the camera when it comes to motorsports, which is the thing I'm most pleasantly surprised by. This type of movie isn't his wheelhouse (pun intended) but he feels so at-home and comfortable directing the racing, it's incredibly impressive.

About the crash scene, I agree moving it before when it happened in real life was a questionable decision, but I would not be surprised in the slightest that the emotions Madekwe conveyed in the hospital was something Mardenborough felt in those moments, regardless of when in his career it actually happened.

Also, the scene with the 992 GT3 RS lapping the Nordschleife with Bon Iver playing in the background left my eyes wet watching that in the theatre. Porsche should clip that scene and use it for a commercial. It was beautiful.

Overall, I feel this is the Top Gun: Maverick to racing films. It's not the greatest movie ever made by any stretch, but the technical feats in filming it are worth praise and raise the bar for any future racing films. It's one you need to see in the theatres to truly understand, any subsequent home viewing will leave me depressed and longing for last night.

Another way it is similar to Maverick is with the supporting cast. Maverick had a dozen other pilots that hardly got any screentime and were quite underdeveloped. But they weren't the focus of the movie, the point is to tell a dramatic story involving a single character and the mentorship between them and their close supporting cast. To that end, David Harbour and Orlando Bloom were brilliant in this movie too I think.

Finally, the last few corners of the Hungaroring CGI'd into Le Mans upset me deeply, but I understand it was necessary to complete the film. At least they had the proper grandstands from Le Sarthe there.

Here's the Bon Iver tune used in the movie, you should listen to it again, and again, and again. Makes me want to make a cinematic movie of some Porsches in Assetto Corsa with that as the background track.
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I'd noticed that the lines it showed Jann taking were almost always outside. It's OK for the casual observer, but I find that the faster line is actually an early apex, then you pass on the next straight.
My wife and I went to a double feature that day. The next day I told some friends what movies we had seen, one said, "That's a good movie."
"Sound of Freedom?"
"No, Gran Turismo!"
People were on their feet and cheering when I saw it too, and these folks could easily have no idea exactly how long Gran Turismo has been around.
According to Kaz, Sarah is in the movie! I have to watch it again... :sly:
We posted this in April:
According to, there’s also a role for Gran Turismo 7’s in-game host, Sarah, as played by Selin Cuhadaroglu — and if you were ever curious what her surname was, it’s apparently “Eaton”.