Gran Turismo Sport 1.41 Update Now Available: Adds Five Cars, More Events

Stupid question :

If the servers are down... How is it that we are able to download the update file ??

I am stupid...
Sony server (the one that stores updates and game downloads) is not the same as PD server (the one to facilitate online play and DRM).

The same reason why you can now still download updates for GT5/6 even though their PD servers are long down.
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So for the curious, new events:

Hatchback Championship
Race 4 Sardegna B Reverse, 6 laps
Race 5 Nurburgring Nordschliefe, 1 lap

Nostalgic 1979
Race 4 Goodwood, 7 laps
Race 5 Sardegna A Reverse, 6 laps

Race 2 Sardegna A, 30 laps, fuel 3x, tire wear 6x
So the GR3 Cup still has only 3 races :( .
So far, I've raced an AI 930 in Guards Red and now black.

After looking at the new cars the first thing I check after an update is, when you repaint the Alpine A110 '18, does the interior body coloured panel stay the original colour? That has bugged me all along.

Looking forward to maybe buying the gorgeous Jaguar D-Type and taking the MX-5 TC to Dragon Trails.
4. Sport Mode
 - 'Time Trial' has been added to 'Sport' mode. Various events will be hosted within the Time Trial section.

Ooh, sounds interesting.

6. Lobby
 - Added "Practice/Qualifier/Race" and "Practice/Qualifier/Endurance Race" in the Room Mode of Basic Settings. When these room modes are selected, a Qualifying Time Trial will be held before races. "Qualifier Settings" will also appear within the Event Settings. (After completing the Qualifier, the game will automatically transition to the race screen.)

Yesss. Sounds great.

"A penalty reason message will now be displayed when receiving penalties."
Sweet. Sounds awesome.
Pretty good time for an update as i have 2 weeks of work. I am glad the Mazda won’t be in gr,x. The Porsche is the vehicle i most excited to get first got to have it in dark green for sure. Civic is welcome now i can do some battles against dc2 integra