Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.65

OMFG GR86! Hope it's that! But seriously, better that than a tweak on a headlight or an update containing "stability issues" :rolleyes:
It would be good if they reverted back to the old physics from 3 years ago, but that's not going to happen.
I have installed the update and started the game but apparently the server is still undergoing maintenance. Can't check for new content yet.
Takes so long for me. I'd be checking N200 & N300 classes.

If PD wind up giving us the 917K(:cool:), the Living Legends car and the "Lambo Lambo and Omega Moo" Lamborghini VGT, that'd be good. Watch it be nothing but a dormant update to unlock later in the month.

No new cars or tracks, just background changes for the Olympic Games events.

And slight adjustment to the penalty system to avoid major penalties when there is severe lag issues.
Disappointing, but totally expected..

Which cars?? All of them? I wish it were more explicit...
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I was rather hoping for the GR86 but when I noticed that the main menu stream wasn't showing it off I'd made my peace. Shouldn't take all that long anymore for it to arrive though. It's scheduled for the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Race in August. Perhaps someone familiar with data mining could work out where those 3.3 GB went exactly.
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Ya I knew it. People should not get their hopes up for new added content at this point. I feel it though, it is sad cause Sport mode has become such a predictable snooze fest for me that I have not touched the game in a couple weeks. New content would definitely make me play.