GT6 Replays: Post Them Here!

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Damn you were doing good too perfect line you were holding that car is a monster hard to control on any track especially this one

I can upload a video of a perfect lap tomorrow ^^
I have done a 6:22 i think, I'm not sure how fast i was, but it can be faster than my time, there's always time left on the track.
With that car, you should never hit the higher curbs on the nordschleife.
GT6 Nurburgring Nordschleife RX 8 concept (Type l) 500pp Lap Time 6:30:058 with tune Real grip.Real Slipstream No Nitro No aids but ABS

Mustang GT350R at special stage Route5/ Reverse 1.20 lap time includes tune that works at Nurburgring as well

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