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Discussion in 'WRS Archive' started by EDK, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. EDK

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    United States Boise, ID


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  2. dhandeh

    England England

    Excellent news, been waiting a while for this! I'm glad nordscheilfe is being used as the qualifier and even more glad its just a sector run.

    How are replay verifications going to be handled, as I believe they don't save a separate file as in prologue?
  3. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Great combo. Worth waiting for.

    I have a tough choice now, grind b-spec for the rest of the day to reach level 30 this evening or to do this. hmmn.
  4. crazytortise


    Respect to all race admin :cheers: This is going to be fun.
  5. Sphinx

    Staff Emeritus
    United Kingdom England

    Good luck everyone. :tup:

    If anyone has any spare luck, I'm willing to trade an X1 for it please.

    Please send to PSN: GTP_I'veGotNoBloodyChance

  6. DTM

    Netherlands Netherlands

    First of all. I wish everybody a happy 2011 with alot of WRS fun

    And now it's time to start your engines.
  7. jimantonic


    So glad the qualifier is being run on the 'ring'. I've been running this track a lot recently racing online so now I have a chance to show how slow I really am!
    Best of luck guys, lets see who will be joining me in division 42!
  8. Pluscat

    Belgium Belgium (Gent )

    Do we have to register again :nervous:? or am I wrong
  9. EDK

    Online Now!
    United States Boise, ID

    Yes, you must run the new qualifier to remain in the registry.
  10. Rutter200_VR46

    Northern Ireland N.I

    As CT said, Respect to Race Admin! Top job you guys do. Looking forward to it.
  11. Pluscat

    Belgium Belgium (Gent )

    Ok thanks EDK, looking forward :)
  12. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Very happy new year to all GTP members and especially of course to all my dear WRS friends.

    Thanks a ton to the admins who have concocted this excellent new qualification round. Where would we be without you guys? :D

    Good luck to everybody in achieving a qually time that reflects your level and ability.
  13. ammad94

    PSN:AM-MAD-XD & GTP_anwar

    Looking forward to this, first time ever participating in a WRS. :)
  14. 01GTP

    United States East Canaan, CT

    This is looking like a great way to start the year.

    Thanks to all of the OLR Administration for getting the Registry up and running. :tup:

    Kevin are you still awake? I hope it's from New Year celebrations.
    If it's from your dedication to the GTP Registry, well :tup::tup: to your dedication.
  15. Master Weasel

    United States Georgia

    Can't wait to give the new qualifier a shot. Thanks a lot to the admins. :D

    And good luck to everyone! :cheers:
  16. EDK

    Online Now!
    United States Boise, ID

    Awake again, not still awake. ;)

    (Don't tell my wife)

    **goes to bed**
  17. Marcio Cardoso


    Hi Kevin

    Nice one.
    It's good to be back.

  18. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands Under your bed

    Excellent, can't wait to run the qualifier! :tup:
  19. Crispy74

    England Hemel Hempstead/ UK

    Excellenté... we're back!!

    Happy new year to you all, and thanks to Kevin and the rest of the OLR admins for getting the new WRS up and running :cheers:

    Now, it's time to jump in the Merc :tup:
  20. GTP_Cobra

    United Kingdom Nottingham/UK

    Been looking forward to a new WRS for GT5 ever since prologue was released, and its finally here please dont let it be a DREAM!!!

    Going to give this one ago after BOB as finish his 1000km endurance.

    oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all fellow GTP members
  21. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Wow within 3 hours of it going live there is about 15 people participating, and most americans won't have woken up yet. :)
  22. pk_090

    England stoke on trent.

    oh yay....the ring....

    see you in division 1,000,001 silver..
  23. rock-ape84


    Im new to this WRS...... how the hell do i register? It seems a bit confusing :s please someone help as i want to get in with the action!

  24. ragnar666

    Australia AU
    PSN:rayuki_84, GTP_Ragnar666

    yeah im very confused, am i reading it correctly that im going to have to create a NEW PSN ID with GTP in it?? just to enter?

    that also means having to regrind up to a high enough level just to do the AMG challenge?
  25. DGiant2000

    England The Gravel Trap

    Correct, then run the events as listed and when you are happy with your time submit it.
  26. ragnar666

    Australia AU
    PSN:rayuki_84, GTP_Ragnar666

    wow thats gonna take alot of effort lol but might be worth it as i love nurburgring.

    its just i've put so much time and effort into this account :(

    oh well will give me something else to do other then grind i suppose lol.
  27. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    You've got a few years of GT5 to play anyway!

    Nice combo for the qualifier. Have fun all!
  28. dhandeh

    England England

    Not really much effort. Gift your gtp account a nascar, and do the Nurburgring bonus race in the 2nd seasonal events. Win this and you are level 16 and 1,000,000 in credit. With you winnings buy the other cars to complete the 2nd lot of races.

    The next day gift your gtp account a Nissan gtr v-spec and win that seasonal race, should be level 20 at least and another 1,000,000 credits, you can then buy the other cars and complete the races. Or vice versa it doesnt matter!

    Should take about an hour for each day. You are then set.
  29. Rutter200_VR46

    Northern Ireland N.I

    You can just copy your current game save data to your new account.
  30. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Thats just what I was thinking.
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