Whats that hidden car (Are Open-wheelers coming to GT Sport)?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by StigBelcherStyl, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. StigBelcherStyl

    Australia QLD,

    I was looking through some pictures and discovered a mystery Open Wheeled car in a GT Sport picture.
    it is quite well hidden behind the Peugeot 208. Can anyone help me identify what car it is?

    Mystery Car.jpg

    Mystery Car Cropped 2.jpg
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  2. StigBelcherStyl

    Australia QLD,

    Original Image:
    Gran-Turismo-Sport_Toyota 86.jpg
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  3. sparkytooth

    Venezuela Ruining your franchise

    Closest I can think of is an Atom 3.5R
  4. Craze63AMG

    United States Southeast US

    Looks like some kind of Ariel?
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  5. StigBelcherStyl

    Australia QLD,

    Wrong class for the Ariel don't you reckon, the Ariel would monster these everyday cars?
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  6. Johnnypenso

    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    As would an LMP monster some of the cars we've seen on track with them. It's GT, anything is possible.
  7. ...I'll laugh my head off if it turns out to be nothing more than some old tires stacked together as a trackside decoration.
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  8. TeamCZRRacing

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    United States FL, USA, Earth, Sol, Local Bubble, Milky Way

    That appears to be up on the racing surface.
  9. ...Hey, you never know - it could be a glitch from the work-in-progress build the trailer is edited from.

    As far as glitches go, yes, I've seen some ridiculous stuff over the years.
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  10. sems4arsenal

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    Contributing Writer
    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Only thing that I can think off that fits the bill is the Aerial atom, and the large horizontal thing is the rear wing
  11. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    It's a weird one, PD don't do social engagement so it wouldn't really be like them to throw in open wheelers like this and see if people notice, not really their style. The wing mirror of the Pug throws you off a bit but it definitely looks like a wheel with a fairing, a small, round headlight and a yellow suspension arm.

    At a long shot it could be one of the unreleased VGT, like the Daihatsu.


    The large horizontal thing is the wing mirror of the Pug. It got me to start with, you have to look closely to notice which bits are still the Pug, and which are the thing behind it.
  12. R5

    England The actual north

    They've done it before.
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  13. sems4arsenal

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    Contributing Writer
    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Oh yeah you're correct, well this is impossible now. Could still be an atom or a new VGT but no way to tell for sure.
  14. R5

    England The actual north

    So going from the visual clues (suspension geometry mainly) and the fact it's in such a low performance category I'm gonna guess it's a Caterham, unsure which power output but it seems to fit well.
  15. ...Actually, now that I've paid a bit more attention, it might be (could be) an unreleased VGT. Initially, I thought there's a decent chance that it might be a Caterham, but I can sort of see the other front wheel right below the Pug's lower grille, and for me the track width is too wide for it to be a Seven.

    Ideally, I'd like it to be an Ariel, but then the dark bit just above where the seats should be throws me off.

    So, a good chance that it's an unfinished, as-yet-to-be-announced VGT from someone.

    For a comparison, here's a pic of a Seven.

  16. hankolerd

    United States Seattle, WA

    Maybe PD picked up this concept -

    But my guess is on Nike VGT.

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  17. CLowndes888

    Australia Melbourne

    Well, this is going to bug the crap out of us for a while...:lol:
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    United Kingdom Birmingham, UK

    My first impression was the Ford Vision Grand Turismo:
  19. Heavyduke

    Italy Busy setting up stuff for Christmas.

    All I want for christmas is this right here.
  20. calvins48

    Contributing Writer
    United Kingdom England

    looks like an atom
  21. Nigrick

    Canada Toronto

    looks like blackbird to me
  22. GTPVenomZombie

    England Newcastle

    I was thinking the same.
  23. citroengt1

    Croatia Zagreb

    Maybe it's the Tramontana R?

  24. Probably the Caterham Fireblade that's been in GT since 4.
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  25. rafa3l722


    I don't know what it could be. They could just do the same like GT4 and get some cars like these: toyo.jpg nike.jpg
  26. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Coquitlam, BC

    My best guess is that it's an Ariel Atom, though a Vision GT is a good guess too.
  27. ribloGT


    cold be a catheram or an x-bow
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  28. Haitauer

    Finland Finland

  29. austindeckerGT5

    United States Pennsylvania

    Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged maybe?

    Not as crazy as the 500 V8.
  30. Arixant

    Japan Odaiba

    this also happened along the time gt6 came out, might just be an lod glitch.
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