Race Marshals Keep Multiplayer Races “As Clean as Possible” in Forza 6

August 6th, 2016, courtesy of RandomCarGuy17.

For those steeped in the world of competitive multiplayer racing there’s no escaping ill-mannered racers, souring an otherwise fruitful experience with practices of bad sportsmanship. In response to this Turn 10 have kicked off a new program, Forza Race Marshals. The intention of the program will be helping to keep multiplayer events in Forza Motorsport 6 “as clean as possible.”

The intuitive feature employs “a small number of players” from the community that will be on the lookout to spot racing incidents between other players, such as the aforementioned bad sportsmanship, deliberate crashing, corner-cutting and cheating.

Marshals are easily identified in any multiplayer lobby by the small “T10” icon adorning their Gamertag. It’s worth illustrating that the chosen few have no control over the game, whether it be glitches, wishlist items, or other issues – they’re strictly there to keep the racing fair.

July 4th, 2016, courtesy of HighSeaHoMastr.

Players can assist the Marshals by alerting them to lobbies where incidents most often occur, and are encouraged to report further incidents in the official thread using the following format:

Spec League – Elite division
11pm [local time zone] August 3

With the recently announced Forza Race Championship that kicked off just earlier this week, the Race Marshal program, while in its infancy, could potentially lead to a more robust set of features for multiplayer racers as the franchise moves forward.

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  1. TRLWNC7396

    It’s about time someone started doing this! I sure hope ALL other race games get on THIS band wagon!!!! (I may prefer GT by a huge margin, but this isn’t seen ANYWHERE. Sure, the host can boot in GT, but a floating moderator just isn’t around.)

    Awesome to see this! Please yell about it to everyone!!!!

    1. BrunetPaquet

      I’m glad they’re doing this.

      I think they did this because there’s a *stunning* amount of dirty racers in Forza games’ public lobbies.

      When I tried no-collision lobbies, everyone would cut corners except for me and maybe another person so we’d both end up in the last places.

      Now I know my post right below sounds over-joyed but I hope there won’t be abusive Marshals who kick people at the slightest mistake…

    2. SavageEvil

      Thing is who wants to do this and how variable the judgments will be and what if the judges aren’t impartial? We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.

  2. BrunetPaquet

    That makes me VERY happy. The bad drivers will probably avoid online more often now…

    As for me? It attracts me. I may finally be able to drive a few runs without corner cutters!!

    JOY!!! ∩ω∩

  3. Blood*Specter

    I hope all the console and PC racing games follow suit. I would lie to see the Marshals be able to kick dirty players for either a single race, an hour, or for a day depending on what was done, and how often.

    1. GTP_CargoRatt

      PD would actually have to care first about their online player mode. If they did actually care, they would have came up with something like this a long time ago.

    2. ImaRobot

      IIRC, isn’t there a host in a room that can boot people? As long as its a respectable room, you kind of have its own moderation as it sits. With Forza you have a vote to kick system that never ever works.

    3. Johnnypenso

      The host is usually racing though. I am assuming these marshals are just roaming from room to room to watch and not participate which would be much more productive.

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