Forza Horizon 2 ‘IGN Car Pack’ Available Tomorrow

Additional content continues to make way to the 2014 open world racer and this month is no exception as tomorrow Forza Horizon 2 is set to receive an additional 6 cars; 5 of which are included in the IGN Car Pack, with the final being available to all players for free. Available tomorrow through Xbox Marketplace and the Forza Hub app, the car pack will cost $5.

Cars included in the IGN Car Pack are as follows:

Nissan Juke NISMO RS_Forza Horizon 22014 Nissan Juke NISMO RS

Audi S1_Forza Horizon 22015 Audi S1

Lotus Evora S_Forza Horizon 22011 Lotus Evora S

Plymouth GTX 426 HEMI_Forza Horizon 21971 Plymouth GXT 426 HEMI

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S_Forza Horizon 22013 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

The car available to all players for free is the 2002 V12-powered Ferrari 575M Maranello:

Ferrari 575MM_Forza Horizon 2

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  1. mykeleasie

    Idc what nobody says, FH2 is pretty boring once you beat the whole game. . .Very cool selection of cars though.

  2. infamousphil

    Today is not a good day yall.

    Only the S1 is a justified purchase. Because it’s a new car. And it’s just a daily driver. Sorry fans of Forza. And if yall think I’m being rude or nonkind in saying so… your welcome to some solis… my truck won’t start. Dead battery = no work tonight = lost wages = expense gains.

    Karma… ain’t it a… @$#&*

  3. HarVee

    Sometimes I’m under the impression that Turn 10 purposely releases these DLC packs to piss Gran Turismo players off.

    1. infamousphil

      I don’t see it that way HarVee. DLC for dollars is practically nonexistant in the franchise that is GT. Sarcasm maybe?

    2. mokalovesoulmat

      Yes, somewhat I am pissed off. Why? Forza has 3 games on next-gen, GT has 0. No slight info about GT7 at all. At least one realtime game screenshot.

      It seems Turn 10 make (premium) cars faster than PD.

      PD is perfectionist in making car? Pfftttt. What about those Standard and duplicate cars? Kaz and whole PD stuff must get their grip right now.

    3. infamousphil

      Do you have Forza ,MokaLoveSoulmat? I have played both… whilest GT5 and FM4 were out at the same time.

      IMO, FM4 fell short more aspects than GT5. Yeah, FM was better in many ways. But GT5 was better in more ways… to each his own. And I don’t have the luxury of a dolting elder to cover the expences of a game gone wild with DLC for dollars. Easy decision for me. Have fun playing Forza… I did ;)

    4. mokalovesoulmat

      Yes I play FH2 (ocassionally), leaving them for upcoming FM6. Other games are assetto corsa and driveclub (I play driveclub a lot :P ).

      I mean, duuuuude, what the hell are Kaz and PD doing all this time?

      If there is only Forza and GT, somewhat I am forza fanboy right now. GT7 must be 200x better if PD want me to love GT again.

      Should I put my faith for GT7? At the moment? No. PD must show us something.

      Meanwhile I will play other games (I played other genres, sometimes it is not good if we play only one genre)

    5. Johnnypenso

      Pretty laughable to compare Forza DLC and GT DLC. Forza releases cars people actually want to drive and with good sounds, GT releases imaginary cars, cornering at 20 g’s, powered by lasers and magic dust. Your game has turned into Wipeout, it’s no wonder the DLC is free, who would buy it?…lol. If you can’t afford $5 for DLC once in a while, get out and mow some lawns or wash some cars, it’ll do you some good.

    6. SZRT Ice

      Why is it that even after all this time, people still can’t see that VGT & GT6 are synonymous? Doesn’t mean that GT7 won’t have real car DLC. VGT was PD’s “gift to the fans” for the 15th anniversary of GT. Granted, it’s picked up steam & may return to some degree for GT7. But it was meant for GT6 and is a paceholder while premium vehicle content is worked on for GT7. If they released their real car models as DLC for GT6, GT7 would feel more like an update than a new game. Chill out. New real car models will return in a big way for the next GT. Watch & see.

    7. BMfan

      Hey Johnny,i agree it is pretty laughable to compare fm’s dlc to GT6’s free DLC.

      For one thing Turn 10 let you buy the cars you already own from their last game and what most people seem to forget that Polyphony digital has got so many motor manufacturers to take the time out of their busy schedule to create cars for a game and some of them have even created one off’s for shows.

    8. ginsunh

      SZRT, go back in this site’s archives and read about what was PROMISED us by Polyphony. For THIS Gran Turismo, not GT7. The first VGT was cool, but my credit card has stood at the ready for 18 months now, and I have yet to (gladly) flex it for a real DLC. Shame on me for believing, huh?

    9. Johnnypenso

      Exactly @ginsunh, most of us are willing to pay for good quality DLC, especially if the alternative free fantasy cars and nothing else. I look at Assetto Corsa’s first Dream Pack DLC. Many good cars, a laser scanned Nords, and the overwhelming sentiment in the community is that they didn’t charge enough for the DLC and it was more than $10!! Most people that play AC love AC, and it could be the same with GT. Release packs of cars along the lines of Forza or AC, cars that people are asking for and want to drive and if you want to give the community a break, charge less money. Charge $5 for 10 cars if you want, just give us something to drive besides spaceships cornering at 20g’s.

      That’s not a slight on the VGT Project, they could still do that and produce other DLC. With the modelers added recently they probably have the capacity to make 50-60 cars a year now, which means 75-90 since launch. That’s an awful lot of cars to hold back for the next game.

    10. HarVee

      Even though my original post was a mere joke, I must say that I do agree with Johnnypenso, and ginsunh. I’m not really seeing the big leap in DLC. The Track DLC has been nice, but where is the “quantum leap” in vehicular DLC? If releasing a bunch of fictional sonic-cars is Polyphony Digital’s and Sony’s idea of a “quantum leap”, then I can only imagine how dry the water basin will be for GT7.

    11. Prenny

      Atleast GT6 did get some DLCs with Real Cars, Does the BMW M4, Toyota FT-1 and Nissan LeMans Prototype come in mind? they are also free.

    12. Johnnypenso

      You mentioned 3 cars…in a game with 1200 cars…in 18 months. Look around and see what other games are doing with DLC, Forza in particular, but pretty much all other games. Nothing spurs interest and keeps you playing a game after the initial honeymoon period like good quality DLC and community events to go with it.

  4. Chikane

    and you say IGN is not in bed with m$ haha.. never really trust that site with anything playstation

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