Two Free Porsches for a Limited Time in Forza Horizon 2

Porsche-911-GT2-RSHot on the heels of Wednesday’s FM6 Garage reveal, Turn 10 has announced a free two-car bonus pack for their current game. While the ten car Porsche pack from last month cost users money, this pack is free. The catch? You only have until next Friday, July 24th, to download it (through the One’s Forza Hub app). After that the pack won’t be available for download, but the cars will stay in your garage.


Which two vehicles? The first will undoubtedly be the more popular – the 2012 911 GT2 RS, all 611bhp of it. The most powerful production car Porsche has made, the GT2 continues the Widowmaker tradition the badge is known for. The second is the divisive Cayenne Turbo. The 2012 model comes with a 4.8L turbo V8 producing 500bhp, which should stack up nicely against the other modern SUVs currently in the game. Take a cue from either of them and be quick… to grab the pack.

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  1. Rubencho

    I’ve played all Forzas on X360 and it’s surprising to see some free stuff in it, I only remember a free Hyundai DLC available for FM4 and something similar for FH1 but besides that I hated their DLC model charging $10 for each pack… of course it was optional but if you wanted to play some of that months Rivals event you needed it

    I was more than glad to pay for the Porsche Pack in FM4 and will do the same if it comes available in any other game

    1. ImaRobot

      FM has offered a boatload of free content on each and every iteration since FM4. It wasn’t as vast on FM4, as it is now, though.

      On Forza Motorsport 5, we got a free car for each and every DLC pack, we got the free Honda Legends pack, We got three free Tracks, free Rolls Royce, the Infiniti Q50 and Eau Rouge for free, the Vauxhaul Astra 1.6 Techline for free, Mustang GT for free, and the Renault E-Tron as well.

    2. SlipZtrEm

      To add to what ImaRobot said, no car pack has been $10 to my knowledge. They might have ended up that way in some locations due to poor exchange rates and/or those old MS Points, but the quoted price from T10 for packs (other than Porsche) have always been less than that.

    1. TJC_69

      Yup zzz . Wondering if PDs lack of CM for 6 is because they are busy making 7 . Or to put it another way , the guy who was allocated the job of making it is busy making it work for both games . Be nice to see 7 this xmas on PS4 though … Shame that PD can’t be bothered with its fanbase .

    2. Obelisk

      Seriously…They JUST released GT6 about two years ago. A game like that takes more than two years to produce, even with the backing of Sony. Not to mention that the team at PD is still working on 6 while they’re trying to make 7. I think we’re looking at a 2016/7 release.

    3. MannYhAvitZ

      When they announced GT6 it was the “15th Anniversary ”
      The Original Gran Turismo came out on 1997…. So on 2017 will be the 20th Anniversary so it makes PERFECT sense if GT7 comes out that year.

    4. Johnnypenso

      Yes it’s just 18 months since GT6 launched but to be fair, there appears to be very little work going on with GT6 outside of a handful of VGT’s and course maker. I’d guess 90% of the effort is on GT7 at this point.

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