Forza Horizon 3 Scoops E3 2016 Game Critics Award for Best Racer

Australia plays host to the Horizon Festival this fall.

It doesn’t feel so long ago that E3 2016 opened it’s doors to the gaming press and eyes from around the world. For racing game fans there wasn’t much actually at the show to get excited about in terms of news – however, the announcement of the inevitable Forza Horizon 3 and it’s trip down under to Australia did excite fans with it’s new locale, vehicles and weather effects. It turns out the gaming media felt the same, and as such, Forza Horizon 3 has been awarded the best racing game on show by the Game Critics Award board.

Featuring competition from Gran Turismo Sport and F1 2016, Playground Games’ open-world racer beat out the two more traditional titles to take home the award. However, it doesn’t seem like competition with the other titles was as close as it initially seems. Evidenced in this tweet from Playground, the gaming media were unanimous in their love for the ambitious Forza Horizon 3. Awards and nominations have poured in from the likes of IGN, VG24/7 and HardcoreGamer to name a few of the outlets rushing to commend Microsoft’s flagship series.

Awards, awards and more awards. Playground had a very successful E3 showing.

There’s no doubt that FH3 is a worthy winner of the award, combining the gameplay of Horizon with new features and returning features alike mean that this latest installment should win not only awards but the hearts of the fans. With release penned for September 27th, if E3 is anything to go by, it may be worthwhile for Playground Games’ to find a bigger wall when the Game of The Year awards come around this winter.

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  1. SolidRacer

    Forza horizon with its physics? And in news in gtplanet, really? Lol… Well maybe it’s OK when you compare it to burnout paradise or other arcade open world…. I just find it offensive and misleading, because I always visit gtplanet for sim games, but now after everything changed and it’s full of kids here, seems like gtplanet got into mainstream…. Fully loaded.. Well all good things must come to an end eventually…. Sadly…

    1. Master Weasel

      Seriously? Offensive? If anyone should be offended, it should be the writers who put forth a lot of hard work to write these articles only to receive comments like yours.

      If Horizon 3 doesn’t interest you, no one is forcing you to read.

    2. JRichter1

      I had to find, reset and recover my one if my accounts from nearly ten years ago (though one of them goes back to GT planets debut) just to say how useless and ignorant your comment is.

      I’m sure GT-planet posts these stories as to remain afloat and for that they need advertisers and for those they need site traffic and for that they need to appeal to a larger fan base (beyond the GT or sim snobs, ahem… wink-sink) and for that they have added info about some of the top selling series available, hence Forza. GT series (my favorite) just probably doesn’t pull enough traffic like it use to so here we are.

      No one says you have to even visit this sight and I see nothing about it being only sim related, though I didn’t look hard (and I don’t see Gran Turismo as much of a true racing sim in the first place even though I love what it is).

      I know GT Planet appreciates feedback but your comment is offensive to them and the writer. You could always maybe donate a healthy amount of money to GT Planet so they can fund it w/o having to appeal to the masses or something more useful than your dribble.

      I for one, appreciate any every story in the news as I like see a few fresh ones daily wether I like the subject content or not. So, Thank You GT Planet for bringing everything you can.

    3. JRichter1

      Really, you don’t see the “July 2009” on my profile page or even read my first sentence. I can find the one that goes back even further if you want me too. It would be JRichter without the 1 on it. It even says I live in Colorado Springs, which I haven’t lived in Colorado for about 6 years now…..

  2. brownninja97

    hmm this award is starting to get a little edgy. We are reaching that point in racing games were the bridges between games are getting close, where we have options on all ends, Assetto corsa, GT Sport, Forza Horizon 3 all fantastic games,all will have reasons to love and hate them.

    All are working to a single goals but using different methods though one has a slightly massive difference in budget compared to the other two.

    1. Kyle Patrick

      GT and Forza both have massive budgets. I wouldn’t even say FH3 is working towards the same basic goal as GTS or AC. FM6? Sure. But the Horizon series has always been the more casual, arcade-friendly companion game.

    2. BrunetPaquet

      @Kyle Patrick

      Maybe you should play on Unbeatable Drivatar difficulty on a top-track created for pro’s only when Horizon 3 comes out when people will know how to use the Horizon Blueprint system, then we’ll see if it’s still casual…

      There’s also a lot of skilled people who play Forza Horizon games because they’re fun.


      Well – people can try both – people can choose both, but since those two games exists – we can’t escape from comparison even if we liked both games – we’ll still think about the difference between them both if we’re enjoying them both :)
      ( Both both both – i know i repeated it too much LOL )

  3. nick98

    This game deserves all the awards it got and then some. It’s gonna be a neck-to-neck fight against GT Sport for Racing Game of the Year, though I’m pretty sure Horizon 3 is going to win by a mile and a half.

    Still need to preorder the Digital Ultimate Edition, though.

  4. 2clickswest

    The game earned it. I hope they will make a bundle with Xbox One S and FH3. Must buy.
    And also, I feel so frustrated that no one else is making these kind of games. IMO even though Horizon series is really really amazing game, it need competition and some sort of alternative to keep being awesome. But who knows, maybe Evolution is making something like that(hopefully).

    1. BrunetPaquet

      They teamed up with CodeMasters so I’m expecting they’ll be making a simulator type of racing game… then again I could be wrong.

    2. SavageEvil

      @Magic Ayrton, I don’t think handling is the issue with FH, it’s the lack of surface interaction that’s the problem. Supers cars driving off road is straight crazy and FH2 had loads of that nonsense, in fact the off road was surprisingly easy to blast across at insane speeds without slipping or being tossed in the air because everyone knows that cornfields and such are not flat. The game has no limits in terms of where vehicles can and can’t drive, worse yet is it’s literally the same as NFS, faster car is faster regardless of the terrain you’re driving on. I would hope they would inject some realism and AWD cars with ground clearance would have an edge in light bumpy off road jaunts and worse terrain would give the big 4×4’s the edge, but I couldn’t tell from the trailer. The past two games didn’t it so I don’t expect the 3rd to shake things up that much but if it does I’ll be all over it like white on rice.

    3. BrunetPaquet

      @SavageEvil I would expect the same than in Horizon 1 and 2. I do admit, off-road tires were useless in FH2: They drove less well offroad than racing tires.

      It would be good if they actually made the tires in question more useful and nerf off-road driving somewhat without equipping them.

      Then again, Forza Horizon is made for speed rather than simulation.

    4. SavageEvil

      @BrunetPaquet That’s my main issue is it loses way too much simulation feel as if people won’t be able to discern that hey perhaps driving a super car off-road doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  5. BrunetPaquet

    I gotta say, I’m impressed by Forza Horizon 3’s announcements, I thought it was gonna be Horizon 2 all over again with mods and etc., but they won me.

    This and GT Sport will make a Fall of 2016 I’ll never forget.

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