Go Karting on Ice in This Week’s Project CARS 2 Community Event

Project CARS 2 13 March 19, 2018 by

This week’s PCARS 2 Community Event is very different than those that came before it. Leave your circuit racing skill at the door because for this one, you’re going off-road and onto the ice. Find that a bit boring? Fair enough — then how about driving a kart on the ice?

It’s an unlikely combo but this is Slightly Mad Studio’s challenge of the week. The Canadian Sampala Ice Circuit is the track of choice and it is probably one of the most simple in the Project CARS 2 roster. It’s a basic oval made more exciting by the ice-laden surface below. Combining this with a kart racer makes this one that most players in the game probably haven’t prepared for.

Driving conditions are clear with nothing but some light clouds in the sky and the kart can be tuned as required. Top times so far are coming in at just over half a minute. As with most ovals even the slightest mistake can be costly; the icy surface only amplifies this further.

The aptly named “Karting on Ice” challenge lasts between Mar 19–26. Full event details are listed below.

Karting on Ice

  • Track: Sampala Ice Circuit
  • Car: Kart
  • Weather: Light Cloud
  • Class: Karting
  • Minimum Grade: U100
  • Fixed Setup: No

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