You Gotta Get Drifty in This Weekend’s Forzathon

Grab your favourite Nissan and prepare to drift — this weekend’s Forzathon celebrates the Japanese cars in Forza Horizon 3. The challenges, lasting September 8–10, are solo affairs and won’t require any help from a friend.

Players will be tasked with completing various race events and showing off their drifting skills. The eye-catching reward on offer this weekend is the Nissan S15 HE. The souped-up Silvia comes with (unsurprisingly) Drift Boost and certainly matches this weekend’s overall theme. Other rewards consist of 115,000 XP, 20,000 CR, and three Wheelspins.

Get the full skinny on this weekend’s Forzathon below:

September 8–10

  • Looking For Drivers – Get 3 Stars on a Drift Zone to earn 95,000 XP
  • Top Drifter – Perform 20 Drift Skills in a Nissan to win three Wheelspins
  • Export Exhibition – Complete a Race in a Japanese car to receive 20,000 CR and 20,000 XP
  • Coming Through – Win a Championship in a Nissan to win the Nissan S15 HE

Difficulty is entirely dependant on your ability to drift. Completing a race and winning a championship is straight forward enough but getting three stars on a Drift Zone is the toughy here. Even if you can’t go sideways, you can still pick up the S15 HE in Coming Through and then use that to try and get the XP reward. Don’t fret if your current garage isn’t up to the task.

We’ve listed all upcoming Forzathon events coming to the game for the next few months here. Give it a visit and see what FH3 will be challenging players to in the near future. Some events will require playing online, so if you’ll need help with those, why not stop by the FH3 sub-forum and find a friend to pair up with? The selection of prizes offer some elusive Horizon Editions so don’t miss out.

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