Gran Turismo 5 “Car Pack 2” DLC Now Available

December 20th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

The latest batch of new downloadable content in Gran Turismo 5 is slowly becoming available in the PlayStation Store around the world. “Car Pack 2” contains the following new cars and can be purchased for $3.99 in the United States (check your local PSN Store for specific pricing information):

  • 2011 Mini Cooper S
  • 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R
  • 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R
  • 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35

If you purchased the first DLC material in October, you will also receive a special “Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP” along with five “New Car Refresh” cards as a bonus.

It’s also important to note that, since the introduction of the 2.02 update, the Toyota FT-86 Concept II ’11 can be acquired in the game if you purchased multiple copies of the original DLC packs. There’s a lengthy discussion and analysis of eligibility requirements for this special car here in our forums.

GT5 Photomode image by AKps3.

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  1. Dec. 21, 8:45am

    I’m glad they are doing DLC but I’m going to pass on this one…

    • Dec. 21, 9:22am

      I may do the same, I’m honestly interested in one of those cars–but I’d get 3 more I’m pretty sure I don’t want, and may not be able to sell.. PD gave us a hell of a great gift with the 86 ’12 though, when they could have easily just added it to the dlc; if they had, I probably would’ve bought it for both the VW and Toyota..

  2. Dec. 21, 8:43am

    I Said my Boss ” go to hell” cuz’ i Wanda Drive my New scirocco and now that ! Come on Sony..Give Yourself a Big Kick and let us Download……See that Merans mandy $$$$

  3. Dec. 21, 8:42am

    You guys in Europe think you got it bad. It is 2:41 am on the 22nd here in New Zealand.

    • Dec. 21, 8:52am
      Mr Nerv

      And that’s what I was thinking, you guys should have got it first. Chances are, America will get it at a reasonable time, although people have mentioned a 5pm update so 3 hours to wait potentially in the UK….
      Muzz, get some sleep!!!

    • Dec. 21, 9:41am

      Yer Asia and US got it on the 20th their time if my time zone figuring is right.

      Dude I never sleep on DLC day. Sad huh… :o)

      Anyways B-Spec Bob is grinding me a fortune, I got coffee and smokes. All’s good.

  4. Dec. 21, 8:38am

    we want to give them our money and look at the delay … imagine if someone needs a refund for a reason ….

  5. Dec. 21, 8:37am

    PS Store Italian says it is available, but when I go there to see :S

  6. Dec. 21, 8:35am

    I wann’s know whats happen…. No Information on the Website…..nothin…..WTF ???

  7. Dec. 21, 8:34am

    is 15:34 in greece and still nothing

  8. Dec. 21, 8:29am

    Until now 14:30, no DLC cars for us people here in germany
    Why we have to wait, what have we Germans ever done bad?

  9. Dec. 21, 8:27am

    spain 14:25 is not ready jet ! whats happen?

  10. Dec. 21, 8:13am

    13:13 Uk, Nothing :(

    • Dec. 21, 8:17am

      this sucks still nothing after 13hrs of the 21st have past

  11. Dec. 21, 8:07am

    Where is dlc in PS store UK? I see only first dlc, second where? Maybe 21-12-2012

    • Dec. 21, 8:10am

      still not here in UK 13:10.

    • Dec. 21, 8:20am

      Still not in uk :(

  12. Dec. 21, 7:52am

    None in England as far as I can see o.o

  13. Dec. 21, 7:50am

    I think I’ll wait for all (or most) of DLC to see what to buy or not…

  14. Dec. 21, 7:44am

    no dlc in greece yet

    • Dec. 21, 7:48am


  15. Dec. 21, 7:34am

    What the heck, strange DP tells us whe can use the DLC content with our ohter ps3 acounts. And yes it does aprears in the dealerschip but you still need to buy the DLC for hat acount, well hel land damm fort hat PD and thanks for nothing, by this way you ripping us of. And you do not give us what you say you are.

    • Dec. 21, 7:41am

      Did you download and install the Family Upgrade? You might want to look in that direction. Really you should.

    • Dec. 21, 7:46am
      Mr Nerv

      I can’t see it! But, As a Sig’ Ed’ buyer, when I created a 2nd account, I received another lot of Stealth/ChromeLine cars. And that was from the same PS Store that I purchased the whole pack from, so I never understood why it became an issue and people didn’t get 2nd acount content straight away…

    • Dec. 21, 8:02am

      Sony is greedy. I bet Kaz saw the backlash coming but could do nothing about it.

    • Dec. 21, 8:10am


      familie upgrade not jet in store here.

    • Dec. 21, 8:28am


      Yer I Know mate. I was kinda being helpful for the future.

      Strange it didn’t go up at the same time as DLC 2. Probably a server overload precaution. That would make sence but PD did say it would be up on the same day as DLC 2. I guess it is the usual case of Sony not talking to PD.

    • Dec. 21, 8:44am

      See tika. PureGTMuzz was just being helpful, don’t you think that’s kind? I believe so. :) Anyhow, don’t go blaming PD for all this, it could be sony. Hopefully it’ll show up soon so everyone can cheer.

  16. Dec. 21, 7:28am

    I’m sick and tired of waiting, when the hell they think to release it for the EU (I guess the Turkish PSn is in EU region, right?) Why they don’t release it once and worldwide? Silly move PSN or Polyphony, whoever is in charge, silly effin move.

    • Dec. 21, 7:36am

      I think Polyphony has to wait for it to be approved by PSN. It’s there store so they are in charge. They got to list the product, price and details, the digital download needs to be on there server and tested before releasing it to the public.

    • Dec. 21, 7:36am

      Ok, just flood the Sony servers with millions upon millions of people at once. Smart move, smart move. Patience. It will be here.

    • Dec. 21, 7:42am
      Mr Nerv

      However, it should roll around the world from Asia/Australia region, through Europe, onto the US and whatnot? That world make sense. If they don’t have it in Japan first, timezone issues means they miss out by a day…

  17. Dec. 21, 7:18am

    Still waiting for it in France. Why do only those who purchased the first DLC in October get an additional car. That’s not fair. I only just purchased the first complete pack yesterday.

    • Dec. 21, 7:29am
      Ben Rogue

      Its for people who purchased multiple copy’s by accident or purchase items separately (at additional cost). If you want the concept you can get it if you purchase a copy of one of the cheaper DLC pack from October. To be honest, its probably not worth spending the extra money just to get the concept, it doesn’t have an interior and in my opinion, you get the proper road car free so why wast money on an incomplete concept. But if you do want it, just buy an additional paint pack separately and you will be given the concept when you play the game.

    • Dec. 21, 7:31am

      Only YESTERDAY!? O_O

  18. Dec. 21, 7:12am

    I might buy it someday for the Scirocco.

    Otherwise I probably won’t buy it. I’m going to try to get the 86 or whatever it’s called… wish me luck.

  19. Dec. 21, 7:01am

    For me the cars are an ok price. I don’t mind giving money to PD/Sony so they can develope the game further. I’d even go as far to say I’d pay double and consider it a donation towards developement. I’ve not bought a single game since GT5 was released. This game has saved me hundreds of dollars so what’s 5 or 10 bucks here and there for DLC. Answer, nothing!!!

    On the other hand, yep cars are cool, but more tracks would be cooler. This is my only disapointment with DLC 2. No tracks.

    Hey Aero you reckon we will ever get Bathurst mate?

    • Dec. 21, 7:14am

      You rock. :) Even I double bought myself. ;) Can’t wait to see the classic GT track pack soon I hope. :D

    • Dec. 21, 7:27am

      Agree @ 110%

      Only playing GT5 since 24/11/2010… No other BR enter my FAT 60gb PS3 ;)

      Playing daily in Online events since March and what i would like the most is MORE TRACKS !

    • Dec. 21, 7:41am

      Tell you what Muzz, I reckon Bathurst is very high on Kazunori’s wishlist at the moment, considering the stuff I’ve read.

      And I totally agree, cost really isn’t an issue for me, but I can well understand how it is for other people who don’t have the financial resources to shell out this sort of money. I paid $300 quid for the Signature Edition and whilst I feel that such a commitment alone should guarantee free DLC, I’ve no qualms in supporting PD when it comes to Gran Turismo. I waste more money on coffee each day than I do with GT and to be honest, the game is the mainstay of my Playstation entertainment. I also look at my mates who are paying $30 bucks a month to play World of Warcraft and when you see things like that, putting the whole experience into context is what it’s really all about. I spent $20 bucks the other day watching a movie that wasn’t worth the paper the ticket was printed on. Gran Turismo to me represents THE BEST value for money entertainment I can buy these days. It doesn’t get any cheaper!


    • Dec. 21, 7:44am

      Yer I’m going to double buy DLC 2 too. Once on my NZ account and once on my UK account. Don’t have to but it’s my way of saying thanks to Kaz.

    • Dec. 21, 7:51am

      Wtih you on that one Sonny. Not bad reasoning for an Aussie. Oh I forgot you’re a Kiwi. No wonder you’re on to it. LoLz

      Hey seriously though mate we need Bathurst and some Holdens. I play rFactor on the PC and mate we got heaps of contemporary and classic Supercars. Falcon Phase III, SLR5000’s the lot. Dude they wanna kill you.

      I’d give your right nut for Bathurst on GT5. :o)~

    • Dec. 21, 8:27am

      LOL, no doubt you would! A shame EA may have cornered the rights to the circuit though…. I hear that they’re now playing serious hardball with their licenses and won’t even let Turn 10 near a Porsche… pricks!

      I am looking at getting rFactor on the PC within a few weeks – a game I’ve always wanted to be part of, it might even be my next online addiction… I’ll let you know how it shapes up!

    • Dec. 21, 8:36am

      Yer EA sucks the proverbial mate.

      Wait until rFactor2 comes out. Shouldn’t be too far away. Otherwise pop me a PM and I’ll point you in the right direction of a nice man in a boat off the coast of Somalia who’s got the original rFactor going cheap.

      If you wanna die, drive a rFactor V8 Supercar. Them things is mean.

  20. Dec. 21, 7:01am
    Mr Nerv

    I’m in the UK, cars are in the games dealerships…

    • Dec. 21, 7:06am
      Mr Nerv

      But until the download pack is downloaded…dammit!

  21. Dec. 21, 6:50am

    lol vw is the toyota of europe :) you cannot dodge them.
    though i have to agree, these vw golf mkv gti dsg drivers here are areholes.

    • Dec. 21, 7:33am

      You guys need to come to Australia – real attitude over here. A VW doesn’t even register a blip on the radar. Don’t hate the marque hate the idiotic drivers. I personally would love to own a late-model VW, a GTi would be very nice (although that Scirocco R is awfully tempting). I’m really happy Kazunori has bought some proper performance VW’s to the game, the Golf V was getting long in the tooth and the old R32 is well… old?


  22. Dec. 21, 6:43am

    though I am German I have to say: Please no further VWs… I hate them… Because here in Germany most VW drivers beleave they are the best… more smug than porsche drivers or so… LOL…
    But this is, of course, only my personal oppinion…and maybe some of you agree and some not..
    so why I am writing this at all…LOL..


  23. Dec. 21, 6:42am

    You have a square head

    • Dec. 21, 7:29am

      You guys are funny.

    • Dec. 21, 7:33am

      I agree. XD

  24. Dec. 21, 6:41am

    Themiboi shut up you ballsack

  25. Dec. 21, 6:37am

    We’re sick of being teased by Mr. Kazunori!

  26. Dec. 21, 6:30am

    I`ll not be content until The Big Man sticks his neck out and makes a DLC for the Cerbera Speed 6 LM from the original game

    • Dec. 21, 9:09am

      I would pay for a whole new GT5 if they included more than the 2 Premium TVRs they have (wanna talk about neglect?), would love a Sagaris Manu too..

  27. Dec. 21, 6:24am

    They Said Yesterday Or Today But Still Nothing!! They Are Already In The Dealerships But We Can’t Buy Them WTF!!

    • Dec. 21, 6:31am

      think the actual cars were added in the update, the dlc will just be an unlock. Just a shame we have to wait for the PS store update

    • Dec. 21, 6:32am


  28. Dec. 21, 6:24am

    wow this is bad, been waiting since 7 am this morning and now its 10.30pm in AUS

  29. Dec. 21, 6:23am

    It’s 12.20 PM in Holland now, still no DLC in the PSN store!! This is freaking frustrating. First they tell us the pack comes the 20th, then Kaz changes it to the 21st, now guess what… still not playing the most belonged DLC!!! *mad*

  30. Dec. 21, 6:19am

    Getting pissed off now, still no dlc in uk

    • Dec. 21, 6:22am

      It will be at 4 when the store is updated, everyone should get the DLC all at once regardless the time.

    • Dec. 21, 6:33am

      4 in the morning? Thats the 22nd :(

  31. Dec. 21, 6:13am


  32. Dec. 21, 6:13am

    PSN was down for maintenance a few minutes ago, now up again and still no DLC. Sony, what’s the matter with you?

  33. Dec. 21, 6:06am
    Ben Rogue

    Its now the 22nd in NZ and still no DLC, damn the PSN is useless! Why does it need to update at a certain time? Why cant it just update when something new is released!?!

    • Dec. 21, 6:12am

      Cant believe you still don’t have it, thats out of order!

    • Dec. 21, 6:23am
      Ben Rogue

      The biggest racing title, PS3 exclusive and Sony fails to deliver support for it when they are supposed to, useless! Not blaming Kaz and PD, they have done almost everything for GT fans but Sony doesn’t seem to care less, not to mention the huge mark up in price for the DLC content, when we do eventually get it!

  34. Dec. 21, 6:05am

    Wonder why the americans got it first this time? probbaly so they dont have to give them another free car for moaning.

    • Dec. 21, 6:08am
      Ben Rogue

      It’s probably because they are higher profit markets, so they are higher priority, where as in NZ and Aus we get it whenever they can be stuffed getting around to it, its now the 22nd here and still nothing!

    • Dec. 21, 7:36am
      Big Ron

      Nope, it always depends on when the regular Playstation Store-Update begins. At that is alway first in Japan, US and then Europe.

  35. Dec. 21, 5:40am

    I think the only people that do have it are the Japanese and americans.

  36. Dec. 21, 5:28am

    11:35 am in Sweden and no DLC here too =(

    • Dec. 21, 5:37am

      this is really annoying when other people have had it for hours now

  37. Dec. 21, 5:23am

    i hope the ps store updates soon and doesnt update at 4pm cause got 2 b out of the house for worrk at the latst 4.30pm

  38. Dec. 21, 5:16am
    Coolhand Luke

    why couldnt they just release all at the same time? like other games do

  39. Dec. 21, 5:14am

    In Australia yet?

    • Dec. 21, 6:04am

      10:00 pm in Melbourne and still not in PSN Store.

  40. Dec. 21, 5:13am
    Big Ron

    Nothing new in Germany. Still not available

  41. Dec. 21, 4:55am

    WTF streering weel on right side :S
    This kinda ruins it for me… Its a european car why would they put japanse version of sciroco R and golf R

    • Dec. 21, 5:33am

      Interesting point – I daresay they haven’t travelled to Europe to model the car, hence the right-hand drive. I live in Australia, right hand drive is as normal as a blue sky, but when playing Gran Turismo, I’ve become accustomed to left-hand steerers. Might be odd for me too…

  42. Dec. 21, 4:33am

    Still no sight of these in the UK store :(

    Come on PD / Sony If its a staggered release just be honest about it ;)

    Let us know when,,,,

  43. Dec. 21, 4:31am

    Does anyone know the UK price for the pack?

    • Dec. 21, 5:52am

      £3.15.. :D

    • Dec. 21, 8:49am

      Cheers Lee.

  44. Dec. 21, 4:26am

    Not out in Turkey yet. I keep waiting… and waiting… and waiting. Please end this suffer PD!

  45. Dec. 21, 4:10am

    bloody toy cars wheres the mens cars?

    • Dec. 21, 4:11am


    • Dec. 21, 5:21am

      ^thumbs up^

    • Dec. 21, 7:19am

      If you’re talking about rocket machines, I rather take the Scirocco anyday. Just saying.

    • Dec. 21, 7:49am

      TokoTurismo +1

    • Dec. 21, 8:45am

      Haha, thanks. :)

  46. Dec. 21, 3:52am

    is it out in australia yet ?

    • Dec. 21, 4:01am
      Magic Ayrton

      Probably not. Not worth getting anyway :S

    • Dec. 21, 4:21am

      My boss has a black golf r with black wheels. just want to see how fast it can go on the ring. and th enew 12 gtr is pretty awesome.

  47. Dec. 21, 3:51am

    I wish those “New Car Refresh” cards would remove the chassis reinforcement from my Mazda 787B stealth edition.
    Should have left it stock :)

  48. Dec. 21, 3:47am
    Magic Ayrton

    Very very poor DLC.. I can understand how some people will love these cars, but for me.. mega yawn. Extremely dissapointed.

    • Dec. 22, 10:46pm

      YAAAAAAWN… Your complaint is putting me to sleep… -.- zzzzZZZZZzzzz

  49. Dec. 21, 3:06am

    Not impressed.

  50. Dec. 21, 2:52am

    they say whare is its …Japan its driving aurond allready

  51. Dec. 21, 2:49am

    no siroco or mine typ R yet for Holland. sycks

  52. Dec. 21, 2:23am

    ok can someone tell me where it is in the australian store? i have searched and browsed for it but can’t find it

  53. Dec. 21, 2:08am

    In italian Store isn’t available! :(

  54. Dec. 21, 2:06am

    Just to confirm i bought the 1st dlc pack when it came out then bought some extra paint and received the ft 86 concept 2 2011 via ticket from the delivery truck. Enjoy ppl great drift car on
    ce set right

  55. Dec. 21, 2:04am

    I awake this fine crisp UK morning, eyes wide and a glow… New DLC today me thinks, I dream of the new cars I will get to try as the game loads up… Click the DLC menu button, “hmmm strange” I thought for a moment. “There appears to be no new DLC to be seen, Silly game” I added “I must have glitched a little and forgot to link them to the game menu… oh well to the playstation store I go” I hum a soft and gentle xmas song, as all this thought of gifts has given my freshly woken bones a sparkle and zing worthy of a man many summers younger than myself.

    I glaze my eye across the pictures and words… nothing, no Gran Turismo DLC… I, by now clearly in denial about the release of DLC on this date move to do a seach. I enter the name and begin the search. Lots of results return, as quick a greyhound out of the gates, but alas none for my dear Car Pack 2… the excitement that greeted me like a loyal dog had left my heart… I sank in to my chair, was I a fool to gain my flurry to soon. Counting my digital chickens before they had but a moment to hatch into automotive works of art… I suddenly feel the winter cold strike my body for the first time like one hundred hammers rattling my bones. The warmth and joy I had was all but gone as I would have to wait… I looked, a broken man at the controller in my hands and with a heavy heart and sigh I muttered the words many will mutter this morning…”bollocks”

    • Dec. 21, 2:24am

      I lol´d ahahah.
      (same here too)

    • Dec. 21, 2:53am

      @ MadmuppGT, you sir, put it beautifully. I share your pain for now (no DLC in Australia yet), but hopefully that bitter cold in the UK won’t chill you for too long. Chin up mate!

    • Dec. 21, 2:57am

      Exactly how I felt this morning.. You should think about writing a book mate! such graphical illustration with your words! :D

    • Dec. 21, 4:01am

      Kid Sirs, your letters brought a smile to my weary face. I find solace that I am not alone in this problem, but instead a strong and noble band of brothers, as important and supportive as my knee joint is to my hip and my hip to each joint there after. I would doff my hat to you if we were face to face (and if I did infact own a hat)

      I had hoped that my reply would be one of shared joy, whimsical stories of understeer and bouncing off the rev limiter. But as I’m sure you are all to aware we must sit and wait still for the DLC, wait, like the moon waits for the dawn, yet never beholds its glory. Unlike the Moon I hope we will bare witness to this new content, letting it nourish us like the summer rain nourishes the parched flowers and trees.

      I pray the DLC finds you gentlemen well and most importantly soon, As of this moment it teases our spirits, like a buxom wenches eyes from across the room… oh how I admired Mandy, Her bosom as inviting as warm fire, Cheeks a rose pink, fresher than any English rose I’ve seen since, eyes a blue as a crystal stream but as deep as an ocean… ohhh Mandy, you did have the most amazing norks

    • Dec. 21, 4:22am

      Much like the moon you so eloquently spoke of, I fear I shall have to wait for the dawn before I can get my grubby mitts on the dlc. I will have to content myself with dreams of buxom wenches and driving off into far horizons with a virginal Volkswagen Scirocco in the meantime.

    • Dec. 21, 8:58am

      You sir, can write. Very well said.

      I am relying on the UK store as well..even though I live in Kuwait, but since I own the UK version of the game…you get the idea.

    • Dec. 21, 11:00am

      If only all the comments here were so eloquent!

    • Dec. 21, 12:34pm

      GT5 poetry! Love it! :)

    • Dec. 21, 4:42pm

      Reading back over these you’ll have to forgive my spelling errors and questionable grammar, but it was early, I was wondering when the DLC would be out and I’d not had breakfast or a cup of tea so my blood sugar was very low. haha

      But on the matter of the DLC, I’m really impressed, The Scirocco is the star in my opinion and as for the GT-R, I’ll admit I was a little let down by another GT-R joining the game, but I dont know if its just me but the 2012 GT-R seems a different animal from the Spec-V, seems a lot punchier and seems to turn in better, and over steer that little bit more than the older GT-R. This of course isnt bad as when it does step out it feels so balanced and light. I love the handling of the GT-Rs but as I said Im not sure if its just me with rose tinted glasses but the 2012 seems like its taken it to another level.


  56. Dec. 21, 1:55am
    Coolhand Luke

    oh geez is that because the americans have to get it first because last time it stuffed up on them?

  57. Dec. 21, 1:31am

    Will be getting it in a few min! I hope next DLC will include Mugen Civic RR and Spoon Civic EK (K20A) :)

    • Dec. 21, 3:05am

      Spoon Civic EK is already in the game…?

  58. Dec. 21, 1:17am
    Coolhand Luke

    does anybody know if it will be relased in australia tonight? or will it be released tomorrow?

    • Dec. 21, 1:50am

      Hurry up PSN store Australia, it should have been updated midnight last night. But im guessing its going to be 2 whole days late and release midnight tonight, a day after americans got it.

  59. Dec. 21, 12:44am

    Remember Motorstrom? They offered tons of freebies + DLC tracks, cars and entire game expansions for less than what these two packs cost together. I recall paying $6-7US for 3-5 cars, a couple tracks and the equivalent of 4-5 unique seasonals with the original game and here we get 4 cars. They are pulling the wool over by releasing the 2.02 just before this…playing on peoples joy with finally being able to change wheels on standard cars. You could change them on the last game, but here thy’ve held out (my opinion) till just before the holiday to renew a persons possible fading interest. As gamers young and old unwrap gits in the coming days, they may shy away from GT5 and this drop in the bucket DLC along with the Standy wheel change is just to tide folks over…keep them putting the GT5 disc in the PS3.

    • Dec. 21, 2:27pm

      Motorstorm LOL ya how many cars did you originally get with that game ? Seriously, it was way less than the 200 + premium models in GT5. Those free race events are nothing more than the free seasonals you get in GT5.

      Dang some of you people are straight up moronic.

    • Dec. 21, 7:51pm

      Says a person that uses the word dang. How the hell can you afford an internet connection in your trailer. You’re the type of pussy that would be happy with a kick in the teeth if it were for free.

    • Dec. 21, 10:13pm



      I feel sorry for you.

  60. Dec. 21, 12:24am

    It is not out yet in Spain. 6:22 in the morning. And PSN updates every Wednesday at 17:00 more or less. (some ‘special’ content should appear close to mid day, sometimes)

  61. Dec. 21, 12:10am

    Its not out on Asian PSN Store yet!

  62. Dec. 21, 12:03am

    Can anyone explain why this is so rubbish? I’m really disappointed right now. This is my favourite game and in my opinion it really needs good dlc to keep it alive. GT5 basically my hobby, like a lot of people. I do play other games though. Why would pd think that we would be happy with these cars instead of cars that rule? These little slow coaches suck, and big wow, the 2012 gtr. It probably took a couple of minutes to copy and render from another gtr. Maybe their research team is rubbish, maybe kaz is the research team and he has exhausted his knowledge? I was expecting the mclaren mp4 12c gt3, aston martin race car, some more f1 cars old and new, mercedes black editions, drag cars for the guys that have been asking for them since day one, british touring cars past and presents, at least one more australian v8 super car, more versions of only the greatest car in the world the mclaren f1. And make some cars premium. More special race suits. More tracks.

    C’mon pd you have made your money now your sleeping on us? Problem is they don’t even read this or anything here I bet.

    I don’t know how much gross pay they have made, but if there has been over 7 million copies bought, lets say at a conservative average of 30 british pounds, thats 210 million british pounds. Why treat the people that have made you that money like this? Hire out more people unworkable on rendering better cars and research cars better, full stop.

    • Dec. 21, 3:04am

      You paid what, 40 quid for a game with 1000 cars and you’re whinging? Get a life bro, you should be front page of “1st World Problems”. You don’t like it, don’t buy it, simple.

      And have a think about licenses and the issues of legalities with all those cars you mentioned.

    • Dec. 21, 7:45am

      The VW Scirocco is an excellent addition to the stable.

      I suspect the 4×4 Golf R is too, but not tried that yet.

    • Dec. 21, 2:25pm

      DLC every 2 months

      Who said everyone would like, want, or buy every dlc pack released ?

      Drag cars ? Are you serious ? Don’t you think there should be a drag strip first ?

      I LMAO @ your logic of PD sleeping, some people just will never understand natural disasters, moving a company, not being able to please everyone, how much work is really put into each car and track model, how much debugging goes into every new addition to a game.

  63. Dec. 20, 11:46pm

    because it doesnt show up in my downloads


  64. Dec. 20, 11:45pm

    Umm so does anyone know if I can redownload it againg on my other ps3?


  65. Dec. 20, 11:44pm

    so does anyone know if I can redownload it againg on my other ps3?


  66. Dec. 20, 11:31pm

    nice! with this car pack DLC, we just need to wait until PD releases tons of new premium cars (more lamborghini, mercedes benz, bmw, or even add porsche) we just dont want more japanese cars!

    • Dec. 20, 11:37pm

      Second that!

    • Dec. 21, 12:05am

      Well said.

    • Dec. 21, 7:44am


    • Dec. 22, 8:21am
      GT5 X1

      YOU BLIND? Porsche have the given the license to EA!

  67. Dec. 20, 11:31pm


  68. Dec. 20, 11:30pm

    The cars rock and for $4.00 Rhys awsome it’s a dollar a car alot beter than other games

  69. Dec. 20, 11:15pm

    Also tesla roadster rapes at that new seasonal besides Daytona

    • Dec. 20, 11:20pm

      I can’t believe some people are complaining about $4. It’s the price of a Starbucks coffee.

    • Dec. 21, 1:14am

      Exactly why I refuse to buy Starbucks coffee. lol.

    • Dec. 21, 12:18pm

      Lol – agree to both comments. Fair for DLC but sbux can keep their coffee!

  70. Dec. 20, 11:15pm

    Still no DLC2 in my Playstation store. 3:15pm Melbourne, Australia. What the?

  71. Dec. 20, 11:14pm

    V dub power loving those two

    • Dec. 21, 2:55am

      Indeed! I’m pretty impressed with the Scirocco! New FF King?

    • Dec. 21, 12:17pm

      +1 I love the VW’s

  72. Dec. 20, 11:08pm

    I like the free 2012 86. Before i test drive it i spent 20 min putting some rims on my standard cars lol.

  73. Dec. 20, 11:07pm

    So happy to have this wonderful car in my garage finally. :) I was so worried I wasn’t going to get it, even though I bought all the DLCs. So I as fars to buy the paint chip DLC again even though the psn store said I purchased it already. The paint chips I’ve used in GT5 from the DLC was added to my “Items List” again from installing it in my downloadable content list, just for $1.99. :D

  74. Dec. 20, 11:02pm

    Thanks for the new DLC PD! How about a Lamborghini Aventador in the next DLC please please please please please, I know that just came off as begging, but seriously PLEASE.

  75. Dec. 20, 10:58pm

    I just bought dlc on my ps3 and It doesnt show up on my other 2nd ps3 whenIi look for my latest downloads, can someone help on how to redownload it on my other account?

    • Dec. 21, 12:06pm

      It won’t show up on second PS3, just 2nd account on same PS3.

      Bummer for me as I have 4 PS3’s, one for each family member.

  76. Dec. 20, 10:34pm
    Ben Rogue

    Hey Sony! Learn how to convert currency properly! You screwed me over with the first DLC pack being $23NZ, now this pack is $8 when it should only be 5…

    • Dec. 21, 2:54am

      You forgot GST! :P

    • Dec. 21, 7:35am
      Ben Rogue

      @AERO_HDT GST is only around 16%, that would only make it $6, they are still adding an extra $2. As for the original DLC pack, it was $12US but $23NZ, when you calculate the conversion and add GST it should only have been $18

    • Dec. 21, 2:18pm

      Are you sure it’s Sony’s fault ? Maybe your government has some sort of tax which Sony just passed onto the consumers making it cost more.

  77. Dec. 20, 10:19pm
    Captain Bacon

    Thank god there are no more touring cars :-)

  78. Dec. 20, 10:14pm

    $4 for 4 cars is the definition of insanity. Buying multiple packs just to receive one additional car…I cant think of a word yet to describe that action. At least we can now have a jolly good time seeing all the rooms online that will be dedicated to any of these cars.

    Oohhh, I wonder when the first series featuring these overpriced (DLC $ not real life) starts up???
    •2011 Mini Cooper S
    •2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R
    •2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R
    •2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35

    And you know people are going to be excited to show off their new cars same with the paints, the gear and the TC from the original. Wonder how many folks who passed on the initial *crap fell hook line because they found out a new go kart was available. Overpriced DLC for any game is just another way to designate the haves and have nots. Yea, that was an SSA, but I’m willing it make the leap.

    • Dec. 20, 11:04pm

      $1 per car.. Jesus Christ.. And I only cared for the Scirocco, so I’d be wasting the other $3.. The last DLC was great (price and content wise), this is horrible compared to it; they shouldn’t have gone so big the 1st time if they were gonna follow up like this, knowing PD though–maybe they have something waiting on Christmas..

    • Dec. 20, 11:04pm

      $4.95 AUD. That’s how much the “Lamborhini Countach pack” costs for NFS Hot Pursuit. That’s two cars, a stock one and a police one along with two race events. Seriously, the same price as 4 perfectly modelled cars on GT5 for a car, a livery and a couple events. I found that out while looking for the new DLC on the PS Store this morning.

      Some people just don’t know when they’re on to a good thing, if you don’t like it don’t buy it. Before you start saying “$4 for 4 cars is the definition of insanity” you best look at what other game companies are doing.

    • Dec. 20, 11:20pm

      Comparing Need for Speed to Gran Turismo (either by developer/publisher or the Games themselves) is like comparing Scarlett Johansson to Caeser from Planet of the Apes.. NFS isn’t even in the same genre as GT in most racers’ eyes, its pure fiction–and lets not even try to compare the developers.. If you love what you’re seeing, and like the direction you see the prices going, more power to you–buy it and do a happy dance, but I expected better from Polyphony this isn’t EA..

    • Dec. 21, 1:05am

      I agree that EA can’t really be compared to PD, and i haven’t bought a NFS game since Most Wanted. Just sayin’ that PD aren’t the worst developer for it.

    • Dec. 21, 2:27am

      Are people really freaking complaining about a dollar per car, you’ve got to be kidding me! 4 dollars is a bargain, a mere cup of coffe or subway meal, hardly the “definition of insanity.” there is absolutely no excuse to be complaining about this price.

    • Dec. 21, 5:04am

      Are you “really freaking” excited to pay a dollar per car when you could have bought 15 cars in the last dlc for almost the same price??? All I’m saying is that’s a heck of an upswing, something that I hope won’t become a trend, I am a grown man who has an overwhelming amount of responsibilities at times.. 4 dollars isn’t much no, but 4the cars isn’t much either–so if they are releasing a 20 car pack in the future will you be racing to the PS store to spend that $20 even if you were only interested in a few of them? And just how expensive will the Tracks be getting?? If they DO release a ‘Classic Tracks Pack’ that may potentially cost a lot of money, considering the last pack cost a few bucks too and it was for just 2 tracks; be a Blind Defender if you want too, but I’m looking past these 4 cars and mostly griping about the general money management–I’d spend a USD on a Scirocco, but I have no desire to purchase a Mini, a Golf, nor a GTR (because I have an absurd amount of them forced into my garage that I cant even sell, sad thing is I like the car but c’mon), overall I’d rather choose what I want and be done with it, I’m not rich over here either (Verizon Wireless, Rent, Electricity, Food, Hygiene items, Car insurance, Gas, Wardrobe, and a job that won’t allow overtime, and a government taxing everything from my check, to the property I own, see that I remain that way.. If I’m paying a dollar per car, make them well worth it, and let’s not see anymore price inflation either–especially when those Tracks (hopefully) start rolling in..

    • Dec. 21, 6:22am

      Wow… I never know these cars would be such a big deal. :/ Really? Anyway I’m happy with what I bought so I’m staying out of this, “COMPLETELY”…

    • Dec. 21, 10:56am

      WOW!! maybe you should save your $4 and spend it on chill pills.

      the guy was clearly comparing the price and quality of DLC between GT5 and NFS, and not claiming that the games were equals.
      In fact the point you were making about the differences between the two games highlights how a good a deal this new DLC is compared to other content on the PSN.

      PD dont have to make new content for a 2010 game and you dont have to buy it, maybe the cost of this DLC is slightly more than the previous content released for GT5 but its still reasonable when you compare it to what other developers are asking for. How much do you think its worth? and what kind of effort do you expect PD to put into further DLC if people are allready getting upset about $1 cars.

      Spend an evening at the cinema watching the usual sequel or remake and see how far $4 gets you.

    • Dec. 21, 12:04pm

      I bought it, think its fair and will buy anything else they release. I too have a job and blah blah blah, I’m sure the same people that complain about $4 leaving their wallet have no problem with McDonalds daily or driving their car too fast and waste gas (money)

      I don’t really care, just amused by some people.

      I feel like with a pack of gum at almost $2, we should easily afford a $4 expenditure. I worry about people will do with themselves…

    • Dec. 21, 1:00pm

      I agree with two of you below me, funny how it’s always “GRAN TURISMO” to blame for just DLCs. Honestly don’t buy it and just stop whining already, geez… I can’t believe it’s a big deal, a BIG DEAL for freaking sake…

    • Dec. 21, 1:07pm

      Guys guys guys…. this is a GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Something that is NOT the center of your life and that is there to have fun……….

      Are you really complaining about dollars ????????????
      Cut the six pack for this week, the cigarette or the Big Mac meal and you are in business. It will be better for your health and you will be able to enjoy your favorite game with a smile !!!

      I understand your point about the trend, but come on.

      Completely agree with you !!!

    • Dec. 21, 2:03pm

      Whoops, thought ahead of myself. ^^’ I’ll take your side.

    • Dec. 21, 8:26pm

      @Toko Turismo

      U MAD BROS!

    • Dec. 21, 10:42pm

      Nope, not at all, but nice try though. We already switched the tables around, Nuuj is the mad one. ;) lol

  79. Dec. 20, 10:10pm
    Mac K

    That Golf is smexy! Cool pack.

  80. Dec. 20, 10:10pm

    Dynamic camera ( camera shakes and moves ) in outside view.

  81. Dec. 20, 9:59pm

    Sucks that only people who bought more than 1 DLC pack get the Toyota FT86 II but not the people who got the complete pack.

    • Dec. 20, 10:37pm

      spend $2 for another paint dlc and get the car, it’s pretty nice, you can always use the paint :)

    • Dec. 20, 11:01pm

      hey I only got the new toyota 12 for updating my game and not for my dlc thatIi bought before, can you tell me how?

    • Dec. 21, 7:40am

      is the Toyota FT86 II already in the game?
      Do the people who got multiple dlc in october just get it for free?

    • Dec. 21, 12:11pm

      I got it and I only bought the complete pack.

    • Dec. 21, 12:27pm

      I’m sure you got the 2012 and not the 2011, unless somehow you are the special one.

  82. Dec. 20, 9:51pm

    Whos got it in uk? Its 2:51 in the morning here lol

    • Dec. 20, 10:16pm

      I have it. :)

    • Dec. 21, 6:32am

      :o im checking again now

    • Dec. 21, 7:26am

      i haven`t got in the uk yet and its 12.26pm

  83. Dec. 20, 9:50pm

    Anyone seen the Family pack upgrade yet?

    • Dec. 20, 9:59pm

      Its in the Playstation store right next to the Car pack 2 DLC.

  84. Dec. 20, 9:32pm

    hey need to make the Supra a premium car…

    • Dec. 20, 9:44pm


    • Dec. 21, 4:56am

      They already have. The toms super can be won as a premium version on B-spec mode

    • Dec. 21, 11:53am

      I think he means street version. Some people like to drive their daily driver at the track type of thing. Racing isn’t just about race cars, even though I love them!

  85. Dec. 20, 9:27pm

    I agree the Genesis should be in the game but other cars should be too like the Datsun 510 and some other nostalgia stuff

    • Dec. 20, 9:55pm

      No need for Minis, vw’s or more gt-r models. How about a 80’s Monte Carlo SS or a WS6 Trans Am? I will gladly settle for an overpriced missing track pack as well.

    • Dec. 21, 2:49am

      The Datsun 510 is already in the game.

  86. Dec. 20, 9:26pm

    Whoever previously told me the Golf R was FF can suck it! I just built up the car and i saw the Carbon Driveshaft available for it, and i looked…. 4WD!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Dec. 20, 9:18pm

    Not in uk yet

    • Dec. 21, 5:41am

      Yep still not here :/ please don’t say that it’s going to be like US when theirs was delayed

  88. Dec. 20, 9:10pm

    for the next DLC they should add both the Genesis 2.0 turbo Track version and the Genesis 3.8 Track version

  89. Dec. 20, 9:01pm

    Small correction:
    It’s the 2012 86, not the 2011 FT-86.

    • Dec. 20, 9:03pm

      Never mind, I’m a horrible context reader. :P

    • Dec. 20, 9:04pm

      There is both. The 2012 86 is given free to everyone. The 2011 ft86 II is given on top of that to those who purchased multiple copies of the October DLC

    • Dec. 20, 10:35pm

      If I buy a second copy now, will I still get 2011? Or did I already need to have the second pack downloaded?

      I purchased $11.99. Can I just order an extra paint pack and get the car?

      Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Dec. 21, 12:17am

      Yes. I´m going to do this. I have the full pack from October and ‘only’ got the KART 125 SPL but with the paint pack again we´ll get the Toyota FT86 II 2011 concept.

    • Dec. 21, 12:23am

      @Foxiol yes I did I got the complete pack on release today bought another paint pack and not complaining got two of all those colors and got the ticket for the ft 86 concept II ’11 wierd thing it has no interor looks like a stardard.

    • Dec. 21, 12:26pm

      Thanks for the response. Will purchase more paint tonight.

    • Dec. 21, 9:27pm

      Did it and have it.

  90. Dec. 20, 8:59pm

    LOVE THIS 2012 GT-R!!! has 925 hp after tunes :)

  91. Dec. 20, 8:58pm

    2012 GTR o yeah!!!

    • Dec. 21, 9:42am

      I really want it but don’t have the money and it’s still not available here.

  92. Dec. 20, 8:55pm

    I just checked for the car pack & I had a hard time signing in. It disconnecting me & then the main menu screen sort of froze up. I never could get to the DLC menu.

  93. Dec. 20, 8:52pm

    Honestly who picks these cars! I get the 86 and GTR, but who cares about VW’s and Mini’s? Especially since those three cars are essentailly already in the game. GT5 needs more !!!! M3s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dec. 20, 8:59pm

      NO! The Golf R is amazing! It feels so weird to drift with it though. :S
      I can understand the Mini, and perhaps the Scirocco too.

    • Dec. 20, 9:30pm

      yea and a skyline has never been in the game nor an 86, what are you trying to say..? there are so many people who would rather have the scirroco and golf over the skyline as we have about 60 of those in the game..

    • Dec. 20, 9:57pm

      Do tell me where I can find a Scirocco thats already in the game.

    • Dec. 21, 8:56am

      Well, personally, I care the most about the VWs, I have really been missing these cars since release. And neither a Scirocco or mkVI Golf have previously been featured, in contrast to the GT-R R35, which already existed in the game in several variations.

      How many Golfs have there been in GT5? The mkI GTI, mkIV GTI, mkIV R32, HPA Motorsport R32 and mkV GTI. That is 5 in total.

      How many M3s have there been in GT5? The E46, E46 CSL, E46 GTR, E46 GTR Race car, E92, and also the E92 Chrome Line. That is 6 in total. So M3s “are essentailly already in the game”.

      Don’t get me wrong, I would love to se an E30 M3 in GT. But I want to point out that hot hatches from Volkswagen (the company which introduced the hot hatches to the world) are just as important.

  94. Dec. 20, 8:50pm

    Boom!!! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus… or you can just call him Kaz!!!

  95. Dec. 20, 8:49pm

    thanks PD, but in the next DLC try to include the aventador and the huayra!!! want to drive that nissan R35!

    • Dec. 20, 9:02pm

      The huayra is, unfortunately, exclusively licensed by the evil overlords at EA.

    • Dec. 20, 9:31pm

      everything pagani except 2 or 3 cars is EA and the aventador is EA, there might be grabs for the new 800-4 but who knows

    • Dec. 20, 10:23pm

      A certain other to remain nameless game not from EA has the 700 aventador, so EA must not be totally hoarding that one like they have with Porsche. Might still be a possibility in GT, but I wouldn’t swear to it or anything.

    • Dec. 20, 10:32pm

      Can I just say, if EA insists on exclusive licenses, can they please make a game that is not just a rushed piece of garbage with a new year or subtitle????

      I stopped buying EA games a while ago do to this.

    • Dec. 21, 8:54am

      EA does that crap because they’re afraid of competition, you saw what happened to them on the Action Game and Basketball Game fronts; they got annihilated by 2K, Rock Star, etc so they buy all the contracts they can so others can’t out do them.. But we all know PD would have the Ultimate premium Porsche dealership if they had a fair shot at the licensing..

    • Dec. 21, 9:09am

      With EA having the exclusive rights to the Huara and the Aventador, no ones gonna know what its like to truly drive those cars :D…with the unrealistic physics and all. what were these car companies thinking?

    • Dec. 21, 10:23am

      I didn’t know they seized the Rights to the Aventador, that’s disappointing, really looked forward to seeing that one.. Does anyone know if the Reventon or Diablo was bought off? Lamborghini is my favorite Manufacturer, wondered if I’d ever see those 2 (among others) in GT5..

    • Dec. 21, 3:30pm

      When exactly did EA get the aventador rights anyway? I just got it DLC recently in a non EA game in November of this year.

    • Dec. 21, 3:46pm

      Qoute “MyFavoriteGame
      With EA having the exclusive rights to the Huara and the Aventador, no ones gonna know what its like to truly drive those cars :D…with the unrealistic physics and all. what were these car companies thinking?”

      From what I can tell from googling it, the Aventador is an “exclusive collectors edition car” for the NFS Run game, but EA DOES NOT have exclusive rights to it. They’re just saying it’s exclusive from the point that regular edition buyers won’t have it. Other game devs can, and have, been able to put it in their games, and PD can get rights to it has well.
      The Huayra is said to have been “Exclusively digitized ” by EA however, and that does appear to be exclusive in the sense that only EA has it. :(

    • Dec. 22, 8:07am
      Nissan Skyline

      Do u know u can buy the Huayra in Car Town?

    • Dec. 24, 11:38pm

      The Aventador is in the November Speed Pack for Forza 4. I don’t see why its not in GT5

    • Dec. 31, 12:23am

      Yep, and now it looks like FM4 is getting the 2012 Pagani Huayra as well, so I came back to correct what I said earlier. So much for the exclusive EA content excuses.

  96. Dec. 20, 8:48pm

    The .:R !

  97. Dec. 20, 8:47pm

    So if I purchase the first DLC pack now, I would not get the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP?

    • Dec. 20, 8:51pm

      I got good news for you. If you don’t have one you can trade for it.

    • Dec. 21, 2:20am

      can u send em? my mate didnt get 1st dlc and I want to know if its possible to send the old 125

    • Dec. 21, 3:01am

      I can send the 125 SPL if you send me a Friend Request, same PSN name. The other 125 I don’t think is tradeable

  98. Dec. 20, 8:47pm

    The DLC Hasn’t gone live yet here in New Zealand :(

    • Dec. 20, 8:50pm

      Hopefully it will have made it to us by the time I get home from work.
      Can’t wait to pick this DLC up!

      I need to give my 86 a test drive too, ran out of time last night because I was too busy switching rims on my standards

    • Dec. 20, 8:53pm

      Same with Australia :(

    • Dec. 20, 9:01pm
      Ben Rogue

      Can’t wait to check out the Scirocco R, come on NZ/Aus PSN servers!

    • Dec. 20, 9:07pm

      South East Asia too..

    • Dec. 20, 9:22pm

      Same with Venus, you humans…

    • Dec. 20, 9:38pm

      I’m still waiting for it here on neptune.

    • Dec. 21, 2:49am

      Urgh, I forgot us down the bottom have to wait til late tonight for the PSN Store to update…

    • Dec. 21, 4:52pm

      it has now but $7.99 is a bit of a rip for 4 cars tho

  99. Dec. 20, 8:46pm
    V8 Rumble

    The GT-86 is a great car! I was pretty excited to try that out. Just need to try the rest out.

    • Dec. 20, 11:55pm

      It’s HELLA tail happy…

    • Dec. 21, 2:19am

      Wonderful car, I thought it was perfectly balanced.

    • Dec. 21, 3:46am

      It aint no V8 mate merry xmas!!

  100. Dec. 20, 8:44pm

    Love that Cooper and GTR.

    • Dec. 20, 9:49pm

      Can someone tell me if you can buy each car separately coz I’m only after the 2012 GT-R Black Edition, I only have $1.70 AU on PSN so I can’t afford the whole pack.

    • Dec. 20, 9:53pm

      Pack only

    • Dec. 20, 9:58pm
      Carlos Fandango

      What Honda guy said, and its AUD5.60 here…

    • Dec. 20, 10:24pm

      Oh, Crap! *runs to buy new DLC pack*

    • Dec. 21, 12:45am

      07HSVGTS I thought I heard you can purchase the dlc pack cars in the online dealership or one of the dealerships with the new update using ingame credits

    • Dec. 21, 3:03am

      Love that Scirocco R! I bought the “real deal” a month ago (the 2.0 TSI though…), so now I can finally test it on “the green hell”. Nice one, PP! Thanx! :)

    • Dec. 21, 7:20am


    • Dec. 21, 7:38am

      Love that Scirocco R! I bought the “real deal” a month ago (the 2.0 TSI though…), so now I can finally test it on “the green hell”. Nice one, PP! Thanx! :)”

      very nice, and yes its always fun to try cars in the game that we drive in real life.

    • Dec. 21, 9:35am

      Thanx guys but it’s still not Available in Aus yet. I think it should be that if you buy any DLC you should be able to pay credits to get all the other cars in game.

    • Dec. 22, 11:54am

      it doesn’t seem worth it to me?

    • Dec. 23, 6:26am

      I LOVE The Scirocco R, Golf R & GTR B.E!

    • Dec. 27, 7:39am

      Cant believe i havent bought this yet

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