Gran Turismo 5 Demo at AGS Sounds Good

Here’s brief look at the demo of Gran Turismo 5 from Asia Game Show 2009, where Yamauchi showed off the London and Madrid circuits in the most recent trailer. While it’s hard to pick up too much from the quality of this video, you’ll immediately notice the sounds coming from a race-prepped Lexus IS and ASL Garaiya (watch for them around 1:14 in the clip above) are louder and more pronounced than Prologue. Engine noise has long been considered GT‘s weakest point, and significant improvement in such an important area would be a very welcome addition for the fifth installment of the franchise… Thanks to Marry_Me_GT for digging up this clip in our forums, and thanks to “TCSdisable” for snapping the clip!

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  1. Bryan

    “Ace-01 Says:

    January 2nd, 2010 at 7:46 pm
    “Engine noise has long been considered GT’s weakest point”

    Bulls**t . Since GT2 , Gran Turismo series has most realistic engine sound in racing game world”

    This guy has got to be kidding. I think he means that the GT sieries has the most UNREALISTIC sound effects.

    What a moronic comment.

  2. Tek9[R]

    ^True. I’ve been lucky enough to start up a Ferrari 355 and the sound of that v8 behind my ear changed my life. A few years ago I heard an Audi R8 bounce around Houston’s Reliant park as it ziged and zaged though lower class cars. In both cases sound shook my body down to my SOUL ;) How tha heck PD gonna reproduce that? Right now when I play GT I only Need the info that is going to help me with my lap times. I think to really suprise us fans would take some new VR technology (remember those PS2 era PS7 ads?) lets all just make sure they sell plenty of GT5’s so there will be lots of funds for reasearch and deveopment in this area… for real, eveyone, buy three…

    Some things just won’t be possable sittin’ in front of the TV, you gotta experience it in real life.

  3. JAGUAR1977

    ‘I understand the need for perfection, but what is it that we want PD to do? As long I can tell when to shift, what side someone is passing me, and the tires letting go i will be fine, every thing else is gravy.’

    The engine is the heart of a car, the likes of the Audi Sport Quattro S1 and Panoz GTR-1 are iconic because of their engine note.

    Go to any race event and the sound is what you remember, not the speed, amazing braking or flashy liveries.

  4. Asim

    @ Sam
    This place isn`t urs ( or anybody elses ) private property . Its for GT fans, and not such big fans of GT to discuss the upcoming GT5, and that is what i was trying to do.
    If you had a brain..or atleast normal hearing, you wudln`t have made that comment. :)

    p.s: been playing since GT1…so in a way, GT to me = religion. ; )

  5. Jono Taylorr

    57th comment and still no-one mentioned that the circuits featured are Rome and Madrid not London?! Or am I missing something?

  6. depe01

    @Corrado: Forza 2 has a very good SLR sound (V8 thunder + compressor whine). It sound less good in Forza 3 though. The replays in Forza suck big time, so I hope the SLR have a proper sound in GT5 both incar and in replays

  7. UGH

    Guys, GT5 is supposed to have Nascar and WRC, so far we’ve only seen one bullshit demo. My point is do somehow I feel gt5 RTM is going to be leaps ahead of what we are seeing now, lets just wait until mid February when they start releasing the really good stuff.

  8. Turbo_3800

    @Dbarrade I’ve been in plenty of amateur racing events on circuits where people bring their own cars and there have been cars that passed me with rediculous exhaust and very much noticable through a helmet. The biggest argument of this piece of info is that everyone wants actual car/performance sounds not really so the cars being loud. Far as driving in the cockpit view it’s quite easy for them to capture good sound from there cause that’s what it sound t like they’ve been doing for awhile.

    For those who race outside the car of course the exhaust note has to be louder & distinctive to the car, especially with upgraded exhaust. I think that’s where the issue is coming from because if you’ve ever watched YouTube videos witch exhaust clips, the clips do sound good but it’s nothing like actually being around the car hearing it and microphones can only pick up so much of the exhaust note that our ears can hear. So they have to make due with what they have but at the sametime do something different than just sticking a mic under the hood and behind the car and combinding the two together. Here the issue with PD and GT exhaust sounds, I’ve played around with tuning up cars in GT3 I took a stock supra and just put a race exhaut on and that’s it. It actually sounded like it had a full exhaust on it, the sound was really noticable that it’s a modded supra but once I put other
    mods (turbo,ecu,port polish etc) it sounded back how it did stock but moved alot faster. I figured that PD only records stock cars/race cars and beyond that they compensate for a completely modded car sound with more stock engine noise and louder wind noise to make the car sound faster than meaner! Sorry for this super extra long post lol

  9. GTracerRens

    “DaveTheStalker Says:
    January 2nd, 2010 at 2:05 am

    This will be amazing. If I have ever had 1 single issue with GT it has always been sound.”

    I agree with you, sound wasn’t the best thing. But after playing the Time Trial from GT Academy, I could hear that the sound has improved. It’ll be AWESOME when it releases…

  10. Sam


    A lot of the new cars at 6000 rpm don’t make that noisy sound like old cars.

    Take your Arcade racing game “Forza 3” and leave this site.

  11. tameem

    i am having second thoughts about gt5 release date. i mean only 3 months to go and we still dont know much about it.. any of you guys feel the same?

  12. dbarrade

    I think PD are aiming to replicate the correct sound you would hear if you were driving the car. In most cases this would mean with a helmet on. In the case of most road cars they have ample sound dampening. Those of you that are complaining about the car sounds tell me what a passing car sounds like when you are in a car with a helmet on?

  13. Tek9[R]

    I won’t be happy untill my Ferrari FXX sounds like Beyonce singing “sweet dreams”

    I understand the need for perfection, but what is it that we want PD to do? As long I can tell when to shift, what side someone is passing me, and the tires letting go i will be fine, every thing else is gravy. With replays I want the same controls as watching a movie on PS3(photo-mode/PSeye style special efx would be nice)

    Could someone with sound capture experience explain some of the trouble PD has, I mean since’96 they have been sticking micro phones up tail pipes, they should be pros.

  14. Boylan

    Really??!! Anyone with a frownie face- realize how long SO many ppl been waiting( teased ) with aGT5 !! I’m ecstatic …..period:)

  15. Psychotic

    I don’t care much about sounds, however what I’d really wanna see is modern-looking chart of all cars on the track with their time loss against the lead car. I beg you a pardon, but 3rd/8 is a liitle… you know what i mean. Last time I saw this in professional game (except GT, of course) was in 1996’s V-rally.

  16. potto

    It looks so lifeless. Clinical. Especially when ‘overtaking’ the braindead AI who put up zero fight. Rolling starts should be banned. Lame excuse to have all the cars spaced out and no hustle and bustle racing. Oh sorry, forgot its a driving simulator not a racing simulator.

  17. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    even GranTurismo 4 had back fire when you turned up your cars they will back fire that was back in the ps2 days

  18. Ace-01

    “Engine noise has long been considered GT’s weakest point”

    Bulls**t . Since GT2 , Gran Turismo series has most realistic engine sound in racing game world

  19. IREWolfman

    Maybe if us EU people complain like the US did about damage, we might get better than real life sound! But then we might have to wait another year?

  20. Adam

    the #1 concern to me in the GT franchise was always the engine sounds. They don’t sound mean enough, and too toned down. I would like them to sound mean, especially if this is going to be a race game. I would like to see the car sounding different after you upgrade the exhaust, and turbos, etc. it should be a distinct sound everytime you add or take away parts. The sounds of most of the cars in gt5p were so dissappointing, especially the tire squeel. The ferrari f430 doesn’t even sound mean enough, it’s like really toned down. I’ve heard what a f430 sounds like in real life and gt5p doesn’t even replicate that well. I really hope that Kaz and his team really do something to improve the sounds of each of the cars engine. They put a ton of work into each and every car so why are they not focusing on this is beyond me.

    But it does sound improved from the video and from the latest gt5 demo. the tuned 370z does sound pretty good, but could be a lot louder and meaner.

    And for gods sake i hope they make the fly by sounds in the replay when a car is driving past the camera at high speeds sound more realistic. no game has got this right. When you watch a race on tv and the car zooms past it, you can really see a sense of speed with the cars engine when the car zooms by the screen from left to right. on gt5p, when a car zooms by like that it doesn’t even sound it. Sounds more like a snail driving by. Please fix this!

  21. maxpontiac

    Only two posts that mention Forza 3 in this article. I am shocked over that, but then again, this thread only has 30+ comments.

    Anyways, with it being 2010, GT is closer now, and that’s a good thing. Plus, not a soul here knows what the final sounds will be like…

  22. JAGUAR1977

    For the record I thought the tuned 370Z in GT5D sounded pretty good, I’m not overly impressed with the video above hovever.

    Even on YouTube I’ve been impressed with Forza 3’s engine sounds, I thought they may let themselves down with the Ferrari F40 LM and Audi Sport Quattro, two VERY distinctive engine notes.

    To my suprise they are 99% accurate, GT5 would be transformed if it’s engine sounds were as accurate.

  23. Victory50

    The sounds are the same as previous GT4 and GT3. The “factory” works tuned cars sound different but it’s when you add a high performance exhaust, or turbo/supercharger, when all the cars begin to sound the same. The standard always seemed to just be a differentiation between 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc without any real distinguishment between the engine manufacturers. If they’re going to meticulously model the interior of a vehicle, they should be able to reproduce a correct engine sound for it as well.

  24. TokyoDrift

    Aside from OTT tyre screeching, which they seem to have sorted out now, I don’t have a problem with the audio. Posting this video though, has shown all of those who were down about the graphics in the time trial demo, just what it can look like with a detailed track with more cars on it.

    The UK launch of GT5 cannot come soon enough!

  25. Dominik

    i was interested in this topic so i exported the audio from GT5timetrialchallenge into my protools workstation along with some other racecar demos i dl’d off of the PSN store so i could listen to it in a controlled environment.

    i have to say, GT(5ttc) sounds incredibly authentic. The louder games sound like they compressed and layered and eq’d the heck out of the audio. This is a very common practice to make sounds seem “louder” and able to be reproduced with a decent impact on television speakers.

    this sounds as real as you can get. one thing some one mentioned above is the tranny noise, which i feel could be worked on, but the actual quality of the engine sound sounds like it was recorded from the 370z at both the exhaust and the interior separately… now i havent compared it to an actual 370z, but a friend of mine has a 350z and its not far off… but thats hardly scientific, i admit.

  26. reaperman

    At this point, shouldn’t we be seeing a much more complete picture of GT5? It goes on sale in japan in march, but it must take a fair bit of time to press and ship a million+ discs. In my head, I’m picturing 30 days to do that, meaning that I’m thinking GT5 is getting pressed for time.

    Where are the menus, the game modes, all the new tracks, evidence of 1000+ cars, the upgrade system, the new online system, and heck a shot of the main game map would even be nice. I guess I’m out of faith that PD is closely guarding a really good hand of cards, and starting to feel delay, because all I’m really seeing are tweaks to Prologue. None of the stuff that makes GT great have been on display.

  27. snoopy

    Even in you GT5p you could hear some very pronounced muffler sounds when driving behind another car. I don’t hear any significant improvement really. Just listen to the sound of the car which is being driven, well there isn’t any.
    Recently tried rfactor and the sounds are amaaazing, way, way better than gt5. Too bad GT5 is better in every other way.

  28. Azzer09

    It looks beautiful, the buildings near the start look so detailed. The sounds have defo been improved, I hear the tyres squeal, they finnally changed it from that rubbish whine. When the hell is it out in the UK!!!!???

  29. pegaz2507

    Cmon guys,you really cant tell anything from this poor video! I think that the sound in gt5tt has improved much and is much better than the one on gt5p. That 370z sounds really cool! I have a 7.1 sony surround and I think its awesome! Although I would like to have a Denon, now that is a great sound! 3 MONTHS AND COUNTING! I would really like a feature list from PD. LET IT RAIN PD!!!

  30. Turbo_3800

    Oh wow 1 race car with a “loud” exhuast note?..the 2nd to last car on the final corner,wasn’t that a race RX-7? If so sure didn’t sound like one. Everyone knows a rotary engine isn’t that quiet after an race exhaust is put on! It is what it is this doesn’t make me want the game any less. My biggest concern is actual car performance, for example whenever I get a Veyron I wanna be able to take it to the test track and get it up to 253mph with out drafting, no nitrous, no performance upgrades!

  31. Mitch

    I am listening to this video through some B&Os and I don’t notice that much of a difference.

    Louder does NOT mean better.

  32. IREWolfman

    GT 5 Prologue has great sound on the Big Theatre sound setting(with a good sound system).

    Can’t wait to here the improvements in GT5 on it too.

  33. Stradivis

    I didn’t notice anything special about GT4’s engine sounds, untill I hooked the PS2 to a JVC HT. Night and day difference with the lows pumping.

  34. caribbeantopdriver

    car notes still the same…… i can hardly hear the car being driven…… futher more that lexus isnt as prononce as the gt spec elise in prolouge….. or the s2ooo or maybe the blitz…. noise doesnt impress me….. love the car list tho..

  35. Ddag

    It is a bit of an over exaggeration, but there’s huge room for improvement. My rig is (what I’d consider to be) a pretty good setup, and the engines just seem to lack any sort of “flare” and sound boring, dull and generic. They need to start recording sounds per engine per car, instead of just what seems to be per engine type, and we need a nice idle burble and popping on the overrun :)

  36. iCyCo

    the engine noises in GT PSP are amazing… which is the first sign that it’s vastly improved in 5… the supergt GTR just sounds so amazing also love the engine note of the Levin when you redline it a bit…

  37. No46_TheDoctor

    I must have something seriously wrong with my ears guys, because how anyone can compare the engine sounds in the Time Trial to a vacuum cleaner is beyond me. I’d love to see the vacuum cleaners you people are using !!!
    Maybe it has something to do with what sound system you use? On mine it sounds amazing, mind you I have spent alot of time making my racing cockpit, so maybe thats what makes the difference.

  38. S3 Racer

    You gotta love this.
    Can’t wait to put my hands on the game. Would be nice to get a release date for the rest of the world. And know if the jap version got english in it like the demo.

    Sound: SCC is not bad, but not good either. AI is stupid as my shit, suspension sound is like broken suspension,… Gt ain’t perfect either but has improved a lot during years. Let yourself surprise by the game when it comes out.
    the acclaimed Shift is not realistic too, it’s too raw (yeah that’s right tooo raw). backfiring on every downshiifting is not realistic either,…. bla bla bla.
    Want real car sounds, drive a real car. This is simulating not replicating (difference), and simulating has a subjective element in it from the guy who simulates reality (Kaz in this case)

    And there are cars in reality which sounds like vaccum cleaners or stitching machine (is that right? haha), like my turbo driven car.

    I like that my buttkickers works damn well with the new sound of the demo :D

    Car driven in video is a turbocharged engine not electric.

  39. Aero-R

    I think one of the first things I’ll do when I’ve a copy of the game in my hands, is test few cars I’ve had on real with the units on the game (for physics, sound, etc).

  40. Aero-R

    Louder doesn’t mean better, and that’s what I can feel from this video unfortunately. I listen a louder and different engine, but not a racing engine. I still see as a better engine sound the Seat of my mother than the most of the engine sounds in GT5 Prologue or the GT5 demo itself, and that’s something that make me feel bad when thinking about playing GT5 listening to a vacuum cleaner.

    The ASL Garaiya sounded a bit like a motor bike. Even the System3 games for PlayStation 3 had better transmision noises.

    C’mon… it’s not about the engine sound only, it’s about gears sound, transmision sound, suspension sound, exhaust agressive pops & paps.

  41. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    kaz i think your missing something in hey real race car were hall is the pop and bag sound from hey full hardcore race engine we should her back fire sounds when they doing over 200km don’t they post pop and bag hard when they are change gears? im not saying it crap sound but it just simply as GranTurismo the same think.

  42. Zenith

    Hm.. I dont think we can call it this early, the sounds were taken from too poor a quality camera to be considered an accurate recording of the GT5 sounds. They sound different yes, but something tells me that they might still sound like malfunctioning vacuum cleaners.

  43. depe01

    The exhaust sound of those tuned cars apear to be louder, indeed (nice little improvement). I hope there will be a video of this Demo with some decent V8 sound. Some of bumping physics of the AI cars can also be seen at around 38′ and 40′ and 1.20 (can’t hear the hear the contact though?). I also hope PD will manage to put some more emotion in the engine sounds (during (down) shifting).

  44. Whatbrown

    The Lexus and ASL do sound good. Is the car being driven an electric car though? I don’t hear any nosie coming from it at all.

  45. Asim

    Sounds still sucks..going at 6000 rpm in GT is the same as an engine runnning at 2000 rpm in real should be shouting at 6000 and screamingg at 8-9 thousand…not humming a bit louder so you its time to change gears. :@ .why can`t they put more realistic sounds??.. has anyone heard the VTEC sound on a Civic in Forza?? and how when u over rev the engine and it stays there?? its so real..i played it at a friends house and the sound was so much better than GT… :(

    whats the use of Blue ray shit when they don`t take advantage of it. I guess it was only for piracy issues and thats it..If Forza has nicer sounds on a DVD..(or make it even two of those dvds, they still make up less space than a single layerd Blue ray Disc) I dunno why can`t GT do it..

  46. Cobraagent90

    So gt has improved in graphics,physics and now sounds. So only on-line improvement is missing(or not announced yet). But little do i care about online when i have gt mode

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