Gran Turismo 5 “Direct Feed” HD Videos for Download

Keep an eye on our friends at TaxiGamer – they’ve got a copy of Gran Turismo 5 and proper HD video capture equipment, and have already shared the game’s intro and two race replays in glorious quality with a promise of even more to come. The original MP4 video files are also available to download, so you can load them up on your PlayStation 3 console to see what’s in store for you next Wednesday. Check out all of their GT5 content right here!

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  1. Eduardo Jorge

    I have just watched gt5-005-nurb.mp4 at 720p and I must say I got a little disappointed…

    Isn’t the shadow of the car a little strange at the end of the movie? it seemed horrible to me! even during at gameplay, shadows at the dashboard are looking really bad… also the anti-aliasing of the car at the replay is worst than I expected. But physics really look amazing, the car balance looks perfect.

    I am REALLY anxious to get my copy of GT5, it’s pre-ordered, I bought a Fanatec GT3 V2 wheel almost exclusively to play it. I’m downloading the other videos, let me see if they are better than this one, becouse I got a little scared… Am I the only one with this feeling?? =(


  2. CaliBoy1990

    Just another 4 days…………Too bad I probably won’t have my PS3 by then, but at least I’ll hopefully have a copy of GT5 waiting in the wings………maybe even the Collector’s Edition! =)

  3. Tompie913

    God, now that I hear the intro properly: the song really sucks.

    Unlike some other people, I’m not too bothered as it’s a minuscule part of the game ultimately. But wow, that guy’s voice if awful.

  4. Fernando

    Can someone please post these videos to fileserve, rapidshare, hotfile or megaupload? I been trying to access that site for over 12 hours now to no avail. Someone a few comments up posted to megaupload but only the madrid one works.

  5. DemonBlade

    Site down for me. Kind of glad as I’m trig to resist seeing too many spoiler videos. 3 more painful days of waiting to go!

  6. dimbo01

    I downloaded the gt5-003-la-sathe.mp4.

    My conclusion for this moment:
    GT5 will be GT4+ (O, alright GT4++).
    My remarks:

    :(La Sathe circuit is just in GT4 way to bumpy (unrealistic), so nothing changed here.
    :(Sound of the LMP’s are .. the same as in GT4. So PD didn’t put any effort in replacing these placeholder engine sounds by their real one’s.
    :)doppler-effect is awsome (as it already was since GT1;o)
    :(No glowing brake disks any more? (lmp’s without glowing brake disks at the end of the lemans straith looks al little bit cheapish graphically).

    I hope some (improved?) sound effects and the new physics.
    Back in 2001 GT3 was magical experience for me. I don’t think it will happen this time. Why did PD focused on quantity instead on quality? Still I very glad that GT is back again.

    1. dimbo01

      I saw one glowing brake disk in the ‘GT5 Gameplay Circuit de la Sarthe DayNight Transition’ video thought so PD left it in the final build ;)

    2. dimbo01

      At 00:07 in the gt5-003-la-sathe.mp4 you can see that (some of the) LMP’s are no premium cars, but a straith port from GT4 (low (4k)polygons/same sound).

    3. dearlybeloved

      HI there, are you well. I read that comment “Back in 2001 GT3 was magical experience for me. I don’t think it will happen this time.” and I think the same thing is going to happen to me too.

      It felt as though GT3 was a totally new experience and to be honest, the reason that I reckon the feeling will not be the same has to be the useless comments people have made which in itself is not a bad thing but, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

      Otherwise, keep well and Peace OUt.

    4. dimbo01

      @dearlybeloved: Thanks, I’m fine. I have no bad tast in mouth any more. I agree with you that my remark about the ‘magical’ stuff is a bit subjective/useless. I guess I was a little bit disappointed about the quality of those non-premium lmp cars I saw in this video (the pescarolo still has the gt4 advertisment on it, which is of cource historically accurate;). In the longrun all these comments will be like water under the bridge (not only the silly ones). For me, GT is the only game that matters. Being critically in a objective manner maybe can contribute to an even better GT6.

    1. 2 more days...

      Yes, but does he leave skidmarks?……
      And does his arm fall off if you smash him against a wall?…..
      How about shoes? Can you change them, or is that only on F1 drivers?
      I’ll bet you can’t edit the color of his laces either.
      Meh, It’s just Jeff 4.5 if you think about it… :P

  7. machine4321

    Oh and if any one noticed that tokyo bay is located in the “driving park” not sure if this means there is a tes section.

  8. Tintorera

    -50″ Pioneer Kuro plasma: 5000$
    -PS3 : 500$
    -G27 : 450$
    -Pre ordered GT5 S.E. : 260$
    Being stuck on drilling rig in the gulf of Mexico until 16. December………… Priceless!@£$$€$£@

    I wanna go home to norway NOW!!!!

  9. RTSolvalou

    I don’t know why but my downloads were all corrupted with grey all over the screen, The madrid one worked better but these vids are about as HD ad a Nokia 5110.

    Direct vid links taken from the taxigamer site page that you are trying to reach:
    De La Sarthe:

  10. therealgriff

    My how the graphics and computing power have changed. Remember every game prior(GT-GT4) had pre-rendered intros. I remember thinking to myself “WOW one day the gameplay will look this good!” I am not say that this isn’t pre-rendered but it is taken straight from replay footage or what not. And that was just about 13 years ago. My how far we have come. I was 15 then…thanks Kaz for making a childhood dream come true. I can’t wait to put My Favorite Game by the Cardigans in a playlist just for hold time sake, maybe even Sex Type Thing or Dragula. F*&k it i am putting GT2 in my PS3 60 gig right now just to compare. Happy motoring gentlemen!!!

    1. GoldUltima

      and does it bug you that the wings on the cars in Sarth are F-ing sprites? So far it’s the only graphical thing to bug me, but it’s a HUGE one.

    2. jasdo

      I also think Sarthe with time change looks pretty bad until it gets completely dark. This is true for Nurburgring.
      I still dont have the game but from the looks of it the variations without time change look much better than the ones with it.

  11. Belph3gor

    damn.. all video are only about Premium cars.. i want to see Standard car, what can we do about the tuning, is it true about the fact we can’t change wheel on +800 cars? I always was a GT fan since GT1 on PS1 but now there a lots of let down.. i don’t know anymore.. the Physic look awesome but driving a standard car with +500hp on 14″ wheel.. =/

    1. Invictus321

      Err, most cars with 500hp would not come with 14″ wheels as stock. The standard cars will have their stock wheels, but you won’t be able to change them from that.

      Quit moaning also

    2. Belph3gor

      haha i was expecting some reply like that.. its hard to say something here without someone replying something useless.. i know a stock car with 500hp don’t have 14″ wheel, but the car you will tune yes.. If you buy a old car, 70’s and boost it to +500hp, he will stay on 14″ wheel… the handling will probably not be the same as a car on 17″.

      Quit posting useless comments.

    3. Peanut gallery

      It’s official. The number of whiney posts made about other peoples whiney posts just surpassed 3 billion, further proving that the internet isn’t just for porn, e-mail scams, and blogging anymore…..

    1. Duck, Duck, Goose

      No points for second best. Light some tires and kick some fires. Woohooo, I feel the need, the need for movie satire.

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