Gran Turismo 5 DLC Hits One Million Downloads in Two Weeks

In an interview at the GT Awards party, U.S. Gran Turismo producer Taku Imasaki shared an interesting statistic about the game’s recent batch of new content, which included Spa Francorchamps and 15 new cars. As of November 3rd, two weeks and two days since its European release, it had received over 1 million downloads.

Taku remained coy about confirming plans for future DLC packs, though European Sony representatives have already mentioned “many batches” of new content is in the works for GT5, which Kazunori Yamauchi also confirmed would be released approximately every two months.

GT5 Photomode image by Ferrari_458.

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  1. wheelman990

    The reason it sold so much is simple. Everyone was wishing they could get Forza 4, but since they have ps3’s the dlc was the best they could do.

    I own PS3’s, and this is true for me. I think Forza 4 looks insane, and I was looking for something to help me from going out and buying a xbox 360 for one game. Sadly, for me the dlc wasnt even close to doing the trick. Too many Nissan GTR’s. Wheres all the new cars, standard to premiums, and new tracks??

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      oh how i wish…my Ferrari F1 s are by far the most driven cars in my garage. just wish there war more, especially redbull

  2. Big Ron

    11€ for a DLC is too much, when they will offer them every 2 month. And I will not see an entire japanese car in future DLCs.

  3. tika

    Funny in the interview he is saying Kaz doesn’t like micro transactions and there for he was not A enthusiast for DLC. I guess with the Announcement that future DLC will come every two months. Kaz has Seen that millions of micro transactions equals big money.

    There for I hope they will bring out some good DLG in the future, Tracks and Cars worth spending our money on such as new super cars and GT racing cars

  4. fitftw

    PD rules. GT5 has been the best videogame investment of all time for me. I’ve spent hundreds, probably thousands of hours in it.

    I agree please bring the Ariel Atom 3 Supercharged.

  5. Rayb677

    I’m from a country where PS Store is not available. So I cannot download updates. I can still buy updates on disks … if available.

  6. SCUD77

    At least with these kind of figures Kaz cant run away from DLC now. BUT was this a fluke of some sorts? being honest its the first dlc ever for a gt game so there was an element of novelty, and plenty of people including me will probably think twice about paying out next time especially for tracks which can be used online without buying them anyway I would like to see & buy NEW cars NOT remakes or rebrands things like the ferrari 355/Cosworth’s/ premium veyron SS (modelled correct performance wise).

  7. Kamuifanboy

    I love GT5, but isn’t it a bad sign when the US head guy doesn’t know the price of the DLC? 2 to 3 dollars? Come on man, the paint and clothes were that much. But I do recall the tracks being 4 and the cars being 6?

  8. African Kat

    – Spa is so awesome
    – Kart Space is cute
    – Cars are forgetable, i probably just downloaded them cause i’m a GT fan, but only used 2 so far. New models is what is wanted – preferably older European classics eg. Ford Escort, e30 m3, Sierra Coswoth

    -PD definetly need to spruce up customization – add new rims with the ability to change wheel size/width will help the cause.

    …AND PD, SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT CAR SOUNDS.. probably only possible for GT6, BUT START PREPARING NOW. Start head hunting for new staff in that department if need be. I prefer GT5 to Forza4 – i have both – however Forza’s car sounds are so involving – it dramatically changes the game for the better.

    Another request for PD – Please sort the clutch out. In reality it IS possible to change gear with the acceleration pedal to the floor – damaging yes, but possible. The 1 to 2 change is ‘pull hair out’ annoying, and drifting is frustrating with the current clutch set-up.

    I have paid so much money for my G25 setup only for you guys to limit me enjoying it with unrealistic software parameters.

    Overall great game PD, we really do appreciate it! – just pointing you guys in the right direction towards total market dominance :)

  9. terminator363

    Old Mercs and BMWs. Actually you know what. Screw that. I want a 30X Nissan GT-Rs and Skylines. Don’t forget the 20 hybrids you guys must add.

  10. zeeeohsix

    I hope they add another Prius and continue to add cars to the stellar premium Suzuki line, they already have 6 wonderfully modeled cars, please add more useful Suzuki’s.

  11. R35-Vspec

    Wow .. I never expected for this even though I didn’t buy this DLC .. y’know I’ve got lots of new games to play .. so I’ll wait for the next DLC.

    But 1 million in two weeks? C’mon PD all you have to do now is to give us bunch of new road cars and super cars .. and it will sell 4 times the first DLC

  12. jammed79


    1. jammed79


    2. TeamCZRRacing

      Consider your challenge accepted. If I remember to, I’ll take my GT-R, tune it as you have your ‘Stang, and we’ll see who comes out on top.

    3. MadmuppGT

      Ooooh Horsepower at dawn!

      No offence to Jammed79, I love the Mustang, but my money is on the GT-R, It will win it in the bends I think! Any more takers?

    4. jammed79

      you pricks cant read good i was saying in real life the gtr is slow..and if u have one. ill out run it with my 93 5.0……do u see a 93 mustang in the game….noooooooo…soo u should know i want talking about the game.OOO AND TEAMCZRRACING IS A PUSSY…I TRYED TO GET HIM TO RACE ME AND HE NEVER ACCEPTED SOOO I SEE YOUR NOTHING BUT MOUTH!!!!GO AWAY BAD DREAM

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Wait…I have you on my friends list! Good to see you Doodle! And I agree – the more karts the better. :)


  13. Foxiol

    I´ll feel better if PD give us in the next DLC more premium cars to each car dealership that it is already in the game. Like more: Audi, BMW,Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chevrolet, Pagani, Ferrari,Lamborghini,Aston Martin, and so on. I´ll be happy with an E-Class, MB Stirling Moss,MB 190E (but premium), Audi RS4,Audi S3,Audi R15, Aston Martin One 77, Aston Martin Vanquish,…the list is huge but specially European car dealers need more cars.

  14. p-coletray

    Downloaded twice here, ripped off by deceptive PSN. I’m sure it is also well known that Spa and space kart are virtually unuseable for single player gamers. How could they not think to add some playable A-spec events? Practice mode is not fun.

  15. mr_pepps

    New tracks are unlikely to feature; no news of techies out in the field ‘measuring up’.
    New cars though – that’s a believable scenario.
    I’m gutted there’s a wall up around Porsche, but the scope for a refresh of some contemporary sports cars is huge.
    Much respect to all involved in GT5 – it’s a glorious game and it plants a smile on my face when I think how it’s moved on over the regenerations.
    Great job great game.

  16. CorvetteConquer

    I hope PD doesn’t get too complacent. While I am happy the DLC did well, which in turn will help create a better GT6, they should sell NEW car models. Race mods are cool, but for DLC, we’re looking for NEW and current cars. Or at least I am.

  17. Jocke2002

    The most important thing as i see it, is that they add new tracks. Cars in second hand. I hope they add some old ones and some new ones, like el captain or seattle. It would be cool if they add a tokyo night track, and some real world tracks =)

  18. SavageEvil

    Why do people complain DLC is more expensive in your region? Does that make any sense? The value of your money plays into the cost of goods in your region as does the exchange rate so stop complaining and blame your government for having money that is worth so much.

    Great to hear GT5 DLC is moving pretty well, lets hope we get only new cars and the odd standard to premium upgraded car tossed in there along with our old GT favorite courses. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the franchise with DLC.

  19. masaki7026

    Can I feature one of my photos for the next news headline that’s game related? :)

    Or do you have to do something first?

  20. TeamCZRRacing

    The way the PlayStation Store sh*t itself as soon as the DLC was released, you’d think the DLC hit one million downloads in two minutes.

  21. lintels123

    Can’t wait for there new dlc to pop up in the ps store! I wish the thought could cross PDs minds on putting Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, CA. Though i’m not sure if iracing has a license to that(exclusive that is) but would be nice to have a small oval for NASCAR & the inside open for Drifting, kinda like how The Tope Gear test track is and put cones on the infield, would be fun to knock more cones around.

  22. Magic Ayrton

    “We send a sound engineer out to the cars to record the engine sounds or noises” .. so how come 65% of the cars sound very very poor??
    Seriously, we are in 2012 nearly and we can’t get authetic engine sounds?? very disappointed.

  23. skebe

    A good example why you shouldn’t take interviews when drunk. He says 6 categories and only gives 4 for breakdown. CORRECTION: 5 categories – Domestic, European, Import, Truck, and Hot Rod. Also One Million is probably referring to those who downloaded FREE content, not DLC. This guy needs to get his act together!

    1. tehPete

      Basic customer relations mate; not to mention it was hinted at in the Winds post:

      “Greater reunion will ask for great sacrifice to be made in order to get all present and future treasures without new sacrifices needed, while smaller reunion will come in form already known, asking for more sacrifices if future treasures catches the eyes of the birdtamers.”

      This reads as the original plan being that those buying the more expensive versions (certainly the Signature ed.) would get any future DLC without further charge, which would be fair (certainly not a leap of logic) given the price of the DLC and the cost of the Signature ed. We’re all hurting for cash so I guess it’s expected that this would be the first idea thrown to the wind, but it’s still disappointing.

  24. Scuderia Paul

    Good stuff for PD. Im really looking forward to future DLC. Those saying “No more race cars”, are forgetting how many incredible race cars there are – The Audi R18 TDI is one of my most wanted DLC items.

  25. elston87

    Hope they are happy. PD must be thinking we are suckers for DLC…

    I hope they do better with the next DLC release… :/

  26. MadmuppGT

    I bet my left nut that the new DLC includes the 2012 Nissan GT-R and the Toyota FT86 Concept II? Any takers on that bet? haha

    1. MadmuppGT

      I hope they have the FT86 concept II, or the production model Scion FR-S.

      Buy would like the Vauxhall VXR models, Scirroco and maybe some Skoda models

      Of course the new Lamborghinis and Ferraris are good too!

    2. IzzyDoom

      Wat about.more.old school musle cars like the Oldsmobile 442 the Pontiac GTO THE JUDGE ’70 ’64 chevy impala or the ’57 bel air or even the old classic cars like mercedes-bendz or bmw. I’m a huge fan of of the cars.back in the 50’s-80’s and exotics like the Maserati mc12

    3. MadmuppGT

      I would love some old school muscle cars… always a big fan of them. But I do think some Aussie cars would be a nice addition or who knows maybe a Luxury pack, BMW 7 Series, Merc S class, Roll Royce Phantom, Jaguar XJR etc… Wanna have a barge race haha?

      Ohh subject, but anyone a little surprised the Bentley Continental wasnt in GT5? anyone know of any licencing issues?

  27. Jason_B

    Just out of curiosity, how much did it cost to make the game? They did a lot of traveling let alone years worth of development is not cheap.

    But that number is impressive.

    1. Jason_B

      Thanks Jordan, so that’ll offset the cost of the new facility, moving into the new facility, and relocating everyone and their families. Which probably took some of the profits from the game itself already. Also this new influx of money will probably go a long way to making improvements in the content that we receive down the road and in the future of the series.

    2. another_jakhole

      Not even close, Forza Mclaren.

      The number of sales GT5 has will more likely cover the cost of GT6. I’m not sure GT6 is the only game that they’re going to be making.

  28. jimmywizz

    I think this exactly what kaz was going on about: if they can make enough profit from the DLC they will keep it coming.

    1. Nismoleb89

      Yess i want to see the my12 GTR and the my13 GTR with launch control and new colors. F10 M5 and 1M bmw’s wont hurt also 599GTO, nismo370z, ariel atom v8. And please pd make the hakasouka kphc10 premuim!!!

  29. WTFnews

    if they only sold 500.000 times the complete they can alrady easily buy the porsche licence and rub it in ea’s face!

    1. t.o.

      You DO know it has nothing to do with the cash as much as the contract between EA and Porsche. EA could have bought the license for 20 bucks and no matter how much money anyone throws at Porsche EA would still have the license and PD be left out.

    2. killer tiller

      I’m with you GTS…. More Holden’s and get licensing for HSV’s as well. A few more Aussie cars wouldn’t hurt

    1. dr_slump

      I’m not talking about the 12dollars, I live in switzerland……. hard swiss francs. (It’s much more expensive here)

  30. Bom15

    Nice work and great encouragement for PD. But why do i need to know this? I would like to know when the new dlc will be released. Not how much money they’re making.

    1. saturn01

      Those two guys also probably cry foul because there is no livery editor so that they can make Miatas, RX7s, Evos and Skylines look like touring cars. :| face.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      @saturn01 I don’t really care whether GT has a livery editor or not. It would be cool to make some of the uglier cars in the series look better, but there are just some cars (Ferraris, McLarens, etc.) that are just such masterpieces of vehicular art that to touch them would be to ruin them.

    3. MadmuppGT

      I dont think his point was no more race cars EVER! as that would be silly, But for the next DLC I think its the turn of some standard road cars. Some new 2011 models… who knows they may please everyone and have the stock models with the option to race modify.

    1. RoarOfZonda

      the reason why I play racing games is because I can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on race cars to race with in real life.
      but everyone can afford “normal” cars and there’s nothing special about them.

      PD: More race cars and less normal 50 hp road cars please

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      @RoarOfZonda If you want only race cars, go play GRID. GT is about celebrating all sorts of cars, not just fast ones. I like my Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX because it’s as good at being an efficient, nimble city car as my Nissan GT-R GT500s are at racing and going fast. If you can’t appreciate all cars in the game for being good at what they were designed to do, then don’t play GT.

    3. ErikAndre71

      No more race cars? I would like more race series in game. Now we have NASCAR and SuperGT as premium race series. And a lot more road cars. I like to race this game and like any racer who use a track I would love to do it in a race car. I like drive around seasonal event with what ever PD make me use. I also love using road tyres. But it doesn’t give me anything beside some cr. and a helmet or a racing suit. The adrenalin rush I get from racing SuperGT online is totally different.

      They upgraded the NASCAR cars, I would love if they could update the SuperGT cars as well.

      So please PD don’t listen to the no more race car junk. I love to drive road cars and race cars. And I like to drive them in GT5 as the physics is the best for any console.

    4. GT Fan

      Yeah, I agree. We need way more Yugo, green Pinto’s with brown doors and other regular cars that you can see at any used car lot anywhere in the world. Really?… Your copy of GT should turned back in. Please stick with Mario Carts.

    5. TeamCZRRacing

      I’m not saying “no more race cars.” I love race cars; I race in real life. I’m just saying, GT is about appreciating all cars for what they do. Only when you embrace that can you enjoy GT to its fullest. Besides, let’s face it, it’s hilarious to take a Fiat 500 ’69 to a track with a steep hill in it and watch them try and fail to get over it, and then slide pathetically back down again. :D

    6. lebes14

      That’s ridiculous. Only reason I play GT is for the race cars. Everything else has terrible physics. I hope to see some dtm and fia-GT soon.

    7. TeamCZRRacing

      @lebes14 I know it seems ridiculous to you, but not to me. I’m just sharing my opinion, that’s all.

      I would like to see more DTM cars and FIA GT rides as well, but EA currently has the FIA GT World Championship rights. That sucks; I really liked the Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 in Shift 2 Unleashed.

    8. MadmuppGT

      The fact is one of the main draws for the original GT was the fact you could drive normal cars, even your very own car if you were lucky in a video game. See how quick the neighbours hatchback can go around the Ring. As for the comment saying stick to Mario Kart, Thats a tad harsh and elitist. The Fact is as TeamCZRRacing said, GT is about celebrating all cars, from the mundane to the Heroic race cars.
      I think the point we wanted to get across was if you just fill GT5 with race car after race car, what really separates it from the likes of Grid, Shift 2 etc… sure the Physics but what about the charm that won our hearts all those years ago?

  31. eran0004

    That explains why they are hiring more staff right now :)

    Hopefully this means that they can speed up the work and keep the good stuff coming.

    1. researchALLwars

      @2:42 “we even fly out a sound engineer to record the engine noises”

      ……. and then we send those recordings back to PD offices where a few interns mix and master them with sounds from the utility closet. Perfection.

  32. SimonK

    How are they calculating those numbers though? Is someone downloading the full pack counting as one download or four? I’m betting the latter.

  33. Ecchi-BANZAII!!

    More DLC? Sure, if they unlock the region based cars as well.
    I don’t like racism, nor do I like that I can’t complete the car list because I’m not in all countries at the same time on the same account.
    Also, let the Stealth Model cars be sold separately as DLC as well…

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      The European Signature Edition has already lost lots of its value because of the fact that PD has released both the GTR GT500 Stealth and NSX GT500 Stealth free to anyone. I’d hate to see the same thing happen to my GT5 Collector’s Edition. I paid a lot for my Mercedes SLS AMG Stealth; I’d hate to see it go to waste because of the fact that PD released it to everyone.

  34. FastTech

    Imagine that, a million downloads every 2 months. Lets hope new DLC consists of 2012 Model year cars (or at least new road cars) and more real world tracks.

    1. MadmuppGT

      New road cars would be very welcome indeed, I wouldnt even mind them including the new models that you have to buy afterwards I’m just hungry for the latest models of cars or even completely new models

    2. Nato_777

      Lets hope that with that kind of support they realise that the price could be reduced and still make a tidy profit.

  35. diegorborges

    1.000.000 x $12 = 12.000.000

    WAY TO GO PD! Now go buy Porsche license and rub the money all over EA face! LOL

    J/k, nice job… that means we’ll gonna have more DLC because they are worthy for them for sure.

    1. sikbeta


      Doesn’t matter, if you didn’t buy the complete pack, you were paying more, the only cheaper packs were the Paints and Gears, kind of the less populars, while the car pack and track pack were more expensive

    1. MadmuppGT

      Indeed, they did say they’ll make new DLC depending on how well the first packs were received… I’d say thats a pretty good reception.

      Maybe thats why the 1st DLC wasnt as, shall we say, as exciting as it could have been (the cars just being racing models of already existing ones) PD didnt want to sink pot fulls of cash into something that people didnt want or would pay for… but I think after this we could see more exciting and ultimately brilliant DLC coming over the next year!

    1. Taunto_Svt

      15 bucks ish for the download….plus a million downloads….. Well I’m sure u can do the math lol. Good to see people are staying with the game

    2. researchALLwars

      @4:09 “..a pretty HEFTY DLC with, with a bunch of cars, bunch of tracks…”

      No need to lie. Spa is a great track. Cart-space is ok. But whatever those two are- it ain’t a bunch.

      -Also, slick move by Mr. J to play a clip highlighting the out-of-place american muscle car from the DLC pack while this pod vocalizes company lines. : /

    3. iridegravity

      Agreed: they are probably counting each pack as a download so were talking about 1/4 the actual number most likely.
      More likely 250K to 350K actual purchases. Now if we could get something to do with the DLC cars, would be great.
      Spend that money wisely PD.

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