“Many Batches” of Additional Content Coming to Gran Turismo 5

October 21st, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Gran Turismo 5 took top honors in the Racing category at the 2011 Golden Joystick Awards, one of the gaming industry’s highest-profile awards ceremonies (congratulations, Polyphony Digital!).

Two Sony representatives were on-hand to accept the award, and offered up a bit of very encouraging news about the future of the game while discussing the latest Spec 2.0 update and DLC:

“[…] this is the first of many batches of new content that will be available, so people need to keep their ears to the ground as there will be more stuff coming, as well as the current upgrade.”

This is the first time anyone connected with Sony has confirmed more GT5 content will be coming beyond what’s currently on offer. The first batch of DLC, of course, brings 15 new cars and 2 new tracks, including Spa Francorchamps.

Details on exactly what’s planned for the future is still unknown. However, as you may recall, the GTPlanet community has already discovered over 25 mysterious track logos on Gran Turismo 5‘s Remote Racing website, and the puzzling Red Bull article on GT5‘s iteration of the Pikes Peak rally course remains online. While these are likely candidates for future updates, be careful to temper your expectations and assumptions, as always.

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  1. Oct. 23, 6:08am

    Bugatti, Ruf must be premium

  2. Oct. 23, 5:37am

    RIP Super Sic

    • Oct. 23, 7:12am

      R.I.P Simo#58
      He will be missed by many. Such potential cut short.

  3. Oct. 23, 5:16am

    standard –> premium

    this is what they have to start doing

    • Oct. 24, 3:17am


      At least the most popular. Forget the GTR´s, we already have them all in Premium form. No need to do the other
      40- something.

      That´s all we need, really. An maybe a couple of old tracks.

  4. Oct. 23, 5:09am

    Just give us the all of the old awesome tracks.

  5. Oct. 23, 3:58am

    Too bad it was not Sony of America making these statements.

    • Oct. 23, 9:08pm

      Why? Biggest market for GT is Europe so your logic escapes me. That said, I would prefer it if Kaz had announced it =)

  6. Oct. 23, 12:12am

    Costa Di’Alamfi!!!!!!!!

  7. Oct. 22, 11:36pm
    Dominic Toretto

    NEW CARS!!!!!…. Bugatti Veyron SS, some Gemballa models since he passed & those are kool, Lambos, Ferrari, Zonda, Apollo (its butt ugly but fast as hell), NO MORE NASCARS OR MIATAS WE DONT NEED THEM & the ONLY nascar that would be acceptable #3 Dale Earnhardt SR., I want USEFUL (not standard) cars, SUPRA RZ PREMIUM, I like the 1000+ car idea but lets face it over half of the roster is useless, engine swaps would be very kool but i know thats too much to ask.

  8. Oct. 22, 11:13pm

    Yes! Can’t wait for MOAR dlc!

  9. Oct. 22, 11:06pm

    Am I the onlt one missing Complex String?

    Not a good track to race at perhaps.. But what a track to try out cars at!!

    I’m one of those who love to test cars against eachother.. But I really miss a track like complex string. It had every imaginable type of corner, long straights, short starights, ups and downs while turning, high speed corners.. A complete test course imo.

    You could claim that Nurburgring Nordschleife could replace it as a test course, but it can’t. Nurburgring favours the more powerful cars (If two competitors are set to the same pp) as we all know.

    • Oct. 22, 11:32pm

      You’re not the only one! I looooooved Complex string for the exact same reasons. long enough to keep you in, just short enough to keep your pace :D
      It’s also a good head to head track.

    • Oct. 23, 11:06am

      Yeah. We need Complex String. Nordschleife IS a great track. And I’m happy to have the opportunity to use the track for testing out my tuning settings. But Complex String was one of my favourite tracks in GT3, and it got some good potential. Though, I wouldn’t be unhappy if they made it better :)

  10. Oct. 22, 10:41pm

    FIA Aston Martin GT1 Race Car ’10 Please :D

    • Oct. 22, 10:42pm

      Infineon was stolen from us too, i saw it in FM4 D:

      New york and other city tracks wouldn’t be a bad add in though! Also GRID START options for EVERY track in Arcade mode! kthxbai!

  11. Oct. 22, 7:14pm

    GUYS LISTEN:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    GT5 should have stalling, boost adjustment, engine swapping and more cosmetic change features, cause imagine if we overboost for fun!
    I guess this isn’t a major changes since it’s not about creating Interior views. WHat do you guys think??? For the upcoming updates….

    • Oct. 22, 9:50pm

      Stalling could be fun, but i only see it useful whith a Logitech or any other wheel with a clutch(remember that not everyone can afford a wheel) . If not, it means that the would need to include a clutch option for the DS3. I remember NFS Pro Street had that, and trust me, although it wasn´t impossible to play like that, it took A LOT of gaming hours to get used to it(it was actually fun, though, specially in 1/4 mile runs).

      Cosmetic changes: Although I´m not into the tunning thing, I would love my cars to have my personal touch. Maybe some descrete aero parts that blend naturally with the car´s lines, more wheels, and other deacent aftermarket parts.

      Boost adjustment: That´s useful if you have a car with a big turbo. Depending on the track characteristics, changing how the turbo delivers its power could be very handy. In GT3 you could play with the power band on Turbo cars and in GT2 you were able to adjust the boost pressure. So it could be possible.

    • Oct. 22, 11:37pm

      I’ve never been a real forza fan, but Engine Swaps were one thing I admired a lot.
      I don’t think it would be too hard either, considering each engine’s values are already in the game..
      It would definately “re-invent” Gran turismo’s take on a Sleeper.

  12. Oct. 22, 4:33pm

    This is what i call a game development company unlike Zipper Interactive.

    • Oct. 22, 10:40pm

      HAHAHAHA… oh MAG…

  13. Oct. 22, 4:11pm

    I always expected more dlc to be honest, I hope they do a bike pack at some time even if its like the karts or Ferrari F1’s where they are the only vehicles allowed !.

  14. Oct. 22, 1:47pm

    I´m so excited! In my hopes for this future content, I´ll follow every ones trend, I´ll do a mini wishlist:

    For cars (being realistic and not wishing for new manufacturers, as I know how the liscensing stuff could be a pain for PD, reflecting in more time to wait for us.)

    -BMW M3 E30, E36, E46, E90(sedan to have a fair rival for the C63) and E92 GTS (all premium)
    -BMW 323 E21
    -BMW 2002 Tii or the Turbo to premium.
    -BMW 850csi
    -BMW M5 E39
    -Audi RS4 (vs. M3 sedan and C63 sedan, anyone?)
    -Mercedes Benz 190 2.5 Evo (premium)
    -Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG (premium)
    -Mercedes Benz SL73 AMG (r129, that body style was so damn sexy.)
    -Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR street version (this one is probably impossible, I know)
    -Toyota Supra RZ (premium)
    -AE86 Levin or Sprinter (premium)
    -Mitsubishi FTO and GTO (premium)
    -Ferrari F355
    -Ferrari F50
    -Lamborghini Diablo (any)
    -Lamborghini Espada
    -Lamborghini Countach (premium)
    -Dodge Viper RT/10 ´93 (with the sexy RM version from GT1. Anyone remember?)
    -Chevy Corvette C4 ZR1 or GS (best looking Vette ever! It deserves the premium treatment)
    -Zonda F (Or the C12S to premium, at least. I know the Huayra is not possible)
    -Any premium Ruf

    As for tracks:

    -Any classic track
    -Pikes peak PLEASE!
    -Test Track
    -More variations of Dusford Park including the full main runway
    -More tracks with weather and day-night cycles.

    • Oct. 22, 11:01pm

      :tup: all the way

  15. Oct. 22, 12:52pm

    Hey guys, this is off topic but GT5 won racer of the year

  16. Oct. 22, 11:19am

    Best statements ever by Sony:
    “he lives and breaths this franchise”
    “a labour of love”

    Wow! GO KAZ, GO!

    Thank you!

  17. Oct. 22, 11:12am

    New tracks and random race generator please !!!!!!!!!!
    Thxs for spa and kart space but wé bref more

  18. Oct. 22, 9:57am

    Can’t wait for driver’s capes in the next DLC

  19. Oct. 22, 9:51am
    TC Duldo

    It would be great to see some genuinely new cars in the game.

    How about a Morgan Supersports or their new 3-wheeler. An Aston Martin DB5 would be pretty cool also. Some additional classic Ferraris (250 GT Lusso – possibly the most beautiful car ever built) would be interesting as well. A Maserati Birdcage?

    Honestly… the “new” cars being offered in the latest DLC are interesting but they aren’t new.

  20. Oct. 22, 9:38am

    i will buy dlc on oct25 in my US store
    but: my game is US and my user UK
    can play on my user UK with DLC(US) on Dec????

    Plz Anwer :(

    • Oct. 22, 9:08pm

      No.until december you cant.

    • Oct. 23, 7:32am


  21. Oct. 22, 8:26am

    Great and my PS3 YOLD’d this morning F*(&(&(**^*&^*(&&^*(*()*()*K!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oct. 22, 1:49pm

      Sorry to hear than! We feel your loss. So you feel better, I had my PS3 YLODed six months ago, and not until know I got a new one. IMAGINE having to play GT5 all over!!!, and not only that, being without a PS3 for almost half a year!

      Cheer up, man. the PS3 is really cheap now. You´ll get a new one soon.

  22. Oct. 22, 8:23am

    Better late than never, PD. Congratulations, and thank you for making the best driving game I have ever played in my gaming years since Pong. GT5.

    Sony, please give Kaz all the tools to have the next great GT game coincide with the PS4 release, and not wait 3 years later, with announcements that he wanted yet another 2 years.

    Looking forward, (except in the rearview mirror at times) to all your work and DLC, much appreciated!

  23. Oct. 22, 8:20am

    We need IMOLA! my Favourite track,+ lotus exige, Ferrari FXX

  24. Oct. 22, 7:46am

    @moxlox: and a premium mk4 and mk5 R32!

  25. Oct. 22, 7:45am

    Maybe we can expect something special on November 24th for the one year anniversary of GT5 release?

  26. Oct. 22, 6:12am

    Wow PD… Just wow…
    Seriously guys, since the launch of GT5 you guys have been bringing us updates, now, just a week ago or so you brought us yet another huge update, and now you guys are STILL anouncing updates? You guys must be the greatest game developers in the world, you guys actually really CARE about your game! Unlike EA for example who really don’t care about their game and their supporters. But you guys… YOU GUYS DO AN AMAZING JOB! I can’t thank you guys enough! Other game companies should be as respectful to their games like you are! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PD! :D

    • Oct. 22, 6:29am

      I agree with you Royboy94. :)
      Now that’s what you call “Caring for something and not to show it off like most racing games” Kaz and PD is just, “shocking” to say. They’re xtremely fantastic of loving thier game and supporting thier fans. Unlike other racing games… GT5 is just becoming more and more powerful everytime. I’m so glad this game is still alive. I’ll never want it to go, not ever. :) Gran Turismo. You are the one that mostly taught me alot about cars, and driving. Not only you, but Kaz and PD aswell. Love this game to death.

    • Oct. 22, 7:27am


      Just loving all the content over the past 2 weeks, so bring on more. Christmas time I expect.

      New cars please….

      ….oh and a VW Corrado VR6 PLEASE

    • Oct. 25, 9:31am

      TOTALLY agree guys, PD have been working their backsides off for us! THANK YOU PD!!! :D :D

  27. Oct. 22, 5:44am
    Magic Ayrton

    @ King something.. “There really is no reason to not buy forza 4” Oh yes there is, it’s not as good as GT5 and also you would need another steering wheel… so please go advertise somewhere else.. not interested, and I think I speak for a whole lot of loyal fans.

    • Oct. 22, 12:20pm

      Magic Ayrton… are you in charge here ? Blatant fanboysih comment…
      Some of you, even want to restric comments…
      Now you say you speak for a lot of fans, fans like BostonGamer from youtube…. ? That kind of fans ?
      Carry on… with your Enzo Mclaren fans /s

      As for the news, not suprised… when they launched the game, they knew that they would have to keep giving updates, because it wasn’t finished !
      And i Like how Kaz, contradicted himself, i remember very welll what did he think about DLCs….

    • Oct. 22, 5:13pm

      I´ve been a GT fan since the beginning, but I don´t mind playing other games. Forza is a really well made car game, for REAL car enthusiasts, just like GT. I dare to say it´s the best console car game after GT, maybe not in par with GT when it comes to physiscs, but at least it´s not a half baked piece of crap, like many broken and worthless titles like NFS, which are only good for a couple of minutes after playing it for the first time, or for little kids that get easily impressed with all the bright colors, hip hop music and loud random noises.

    • Oct. 22, 5:17pm

      … Oh. And I really wish I had an Xbox, just to have the pleasure of playing Forza. And that would´nt stop me from playiing and enjoying The Real Driving Simulator.

  28. Oct. 22, 5:40am

    I whan’t real tracks, not fake ones

    • Oct. 23, 12:51am

      Too bad, because many others want those fictional tracks so guess what? Deal With it.

  29. Oct. 22, 5:23am


    We need tracks as,
    Paul ricard circuit,
    Imola(the old track en the new one),
    And as last we need to see the best driving road in the wolrd to as a DLC
    AND THAT IS THE …..transfagarasan highway

    Cars we need to see are,
    Ferrari,250 GTO, 360, 360scuderia
    Atom arial
    Ascari A10
    More Aston martins DB9S, ect…..
    lamborghini Aventador
    koenigsegg, CCX 2007, CCXR 2008, Agera 2011
    Pagani, Huayra

    Other stuf such as
    Striped paint, double and single striped.
    colored visors

    • Oct. 22, 5:49am
      Magic Ayrton

      I’m sure we will get it all in the end.. a few more years.. in the meantime happy to get some better sounding premium cars such as ruf rgt-8 and better mods like bigger and wider rims (adjustable)

  30. Oct. 22, 3:10am

    Yeah great.
    Lets release a game with 1/3 of the content that GT4 had and then nickel and dime people to death for the rest.
    45 A-Spec races, really ?

    Sorry PD, I ain’t buying

    • Oct. 22, 4:23am

      Agreed , the amount this game is ultimately going to cost is beyond a joke

    • Oct. 22, 4:43am

      Think about it this way, GT games don’t come out once every year like most other racing titles.

      PD build on their games and have an on going passion to perfect their own. Paying for DLC and getting updates is just the same as buying the next edition in a series…

      GT is a much bigger scale game… GT6 isn’t going to come out next week or anytime soon.
      Not like Dirt and Shift that have sequels out pretty much a year later.

      GT is it’s own and caters for it’s real enthusiasts.

      So like it or don’t, play it or don’t.


    • Oct. 22, 5:54am
      Magic Ayrton

      I like quality.. FM4 isn’t quality when you look at ingame graphics and gameplay (just a comparison) GT5 is a premium product and just the spa dlc provides thousands of hours of enjoyment.. forza seems so plastic and lacklustre, we just need some new (special cars) such as RUF RGT-8 with industry leading sound and more mods for the immediate future. And of course all the old tracks that we once had. We need that stuff very quickly, then they can charge for other stuff and I will happily pay for it.

    • Oct. 22, 6:40am

      They’ll never understand what Gran Turismo is about. So it’s best for them to just leave and instend play Shift 2, which I see no meaning in that game thinking it’s “Simulation” NOT! Don’t you think it’s better to work on a game for at least *5 years* or if possible, giving updates to it. I think yes, no let me change that, I say yes… For your homework, “thinking about the meaning of Gran Turismo.” Don’t fail now, theres a BIG meaning to it…

    • Oct. 23, 12:49am

      And you feel compelled to announce this because…?

      Oh and newsflash for some of you announcing that you’re getting Forza 4: Nobody cares.

  31. Oct. 22, 3:01am

    Still not convinced, never thought id say it but im going Xbox for Forza 4, there only updating because Forza came out (which is bull-overwise they prob wouldn’t have even bothered, they didn’t before), think GT5 is pretty poor compared to Forza now, they need to up there game, big time! or alot more will be going xbox!

    • Oct. 23, 12:47am

      Exactly why should we care?

  32. Oct. 22, 12:26am

    Nothing can be funny with gt5 slipstream

    • Oct. 22, 5:56am
      Magic Ayrton

      erm GT5 slipstream is adjustable.. just goes to show you know nothing.. really.

    • Oct. 22, 9:14pm

      Online races only?i want offline too.

  33. Oct. 22, 12:00am

    What about tunning parts and brands? We can’t equip better brakes, nitrous (gt4 have). And different parts brands with different specs and performances? That can bring the 1000hp drag Hondas that a user talked about. And different fuels. Engine temperature, fog weather, vinyls… There are so many ways to improve the game :) that’s just my ideas…

  34. Oct. 21, 11:54pm

    Still wanting a Bathurst.

  35. Oct. 21, 11:15pm

    I could care less about the previous fictional GT tracks, give me more real world tracks!

    • Oct. 21, 11:19pm

      I thought that too, but after being away from them for a long time I miss them. I would like to see more European circuits though.

    • Oct. 22, 4:08pm

      Red Rock Valley!!!!!!!!

  36. Oct. 21, 11:08pm

    Please, God, please. Make ’em lunch Citta di Aria and Costa di Amalfi… OBTW, and Audi R8 LeMans!!!

  37. Oct. 21, 10:25pm

    It appears some of you don’t read and continue even after all thats happened to disregard this part:

    “be careful to temper your expectations and assumptions”

    Assumption is the mother of all *Insert Expletive*

    • Oct. 22, 12:46am

      Well put RACECAR, well put.

    • Oct. 22, 1:49am

      “Ferrari FF, Fxx, 599 GTO, F50, well need these
      oh, I think Forza has these already :(”

      hahahahaha that one was farrrrrrr from tempering expectations.

  38. Oct. 21, 9:28pm

    I’ll be happy to pay for for every and any significant gt5 updates……… If I cand pay $60 for a new madden each year I cand certantly pay that in updates to gt5…… Think about it (8o sorry I had to blow your mind like that……….

  39. Oct. 21, 9:08pm

    More Ferrari’s… PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE more Ferrari’s!

    • Oct. 21, 9:11pm

      Ferrari FF, Fxx, 599 GTO, F50, well need these
      oh, I think Forza has these already :(

    • Oct. 22, 12:51pm

      Agreed. And 3 legendary Ferraris:
      The 246 GT Dino
      The 308 GTB
      And the 250 GTO
      Some of the most beautiful cars ever made :)

    • Oct. 22, 4:07pm

      And Lamborghini’s…Can’t have enough of those either!

      Gallardo SL, Balboni, Diablo, Diablo SV

  40. Oct. 21, 9:07pm

    now now gt…take your time, check for glitches and other things before you start releasing so fast
    take the 2.0 update for example…the enduro save for the 9h in tsukuba is glitched

  41. Oct. 21, 8:11pm

    Uff :) Sweet! hopefully my GT game will be working by xmas time :D so woo! also…Modelling cars aint a piece of cake.. i mess with 3d stuff like that and takes time. also PD its a small company. thats what makes it unique. and one track i think will be available next !!!? Silverstone :) i mean hello they run the GT academy challenges there…

    • Oct. 22, 12:24am

      I agree with the first things you said and,
      Silverstone would be my guess, too.

  42. Oct. 21, 8:11pm

    can’t believe this, woo hoo!! more DLC coming

  43. Oct. 21, 8:03pm

    Add a dragstrip track with staging lights for local(against selective AI cars) and online play. How about Infineon Raceway to give the Nascar’s their natural authentic road track.
    and I agree with others, stop with the 20+ variation of the same car. Give us cars that we dont have, Caddy CTS-V, Mustang GT, Boss 302, GT350, GT500, Camaro ZL1, new 2012 BMW M3, etc. in other words, surprise me with something new and relevant.

  44. Oct. 21, 7:44pm

    New Brands Of Cars Would Be Great

  45. Oct. 21, 7:20pm

    Gosh, I hope they make some more Skylines available.

    • Oct. 21, 8:30pm

      XD Brilliant!

    • Oct. 22, 4:31am

      Don’t give them ideas

  46. Oct. 21, 7:15pm

    I have a feeling that they’ll make us pay for entry to a competition like GT Academy in the future at the direction they’re taking…

    • Oct. 22, 3:08am

      Lol that would be ludicrous, on principal i wouldn’t if it was 10p.

  47. Oct. 21, 7:00pm

    sounds like b.s to me..batches that will be delayed by a month lol..be prepared to cash out

  48. Oct. 21, 6:32pm
    HKS racer

    I would LOVE the good old tracks from previous games, or some real life stunning like Silverstone, Hockenheim (old layout) and Mount Panorama, we want more tracks please.

  49. Oct. 21, 6:20pm

    Two words. Mount Panorama. Oh and two more. V8 Supercars.

    • Oct. 21, 6:59pm

      I think PD hates Australia for some reason, and that’s why the lack of V8 Supercars is inherent.

    • Oct. 21, 7:34pm

      i agree with both of you. Bathhurst is a phenomenal piece of earth. But there does seem to be a strange, kinda smelly discord between PD and Australia, in general. Smells like dead dolphin.

    • Oct. 21, 7:43pm

      I too want this track more than any other currently not in the game. It’s narrow, it’s fast, it’s…I don’t know, it’s a track like none other out there. I REALLY, TRULY hope PD and AU can sort out their beef (if there is one) and include this track and more V8 Supercars.

    • Oct. 21, 8:59pm
      killer tiller

      My only guess is the V8 supercars are licensed to someone else. There have been a couple V8 super cars games in the past, although there is a 2000 ford XR8 in the game so who knows what’s going on.

    • Oct. 21, 10:37pm

      Exactly what does PD hating a certain nation have to do with lack of those particular cars? By that terrible assumption, they must hate Korea since Hyundai is the only Korean car maker in the game and lacks any new models. You also failed to notice that both NFS SHift titles are also missing chunks of Austrailian racing content as well as Grid and many other racing titles.

    • Oct. 22, 12:21am

      Yea that’s an ignorant statement to make, there’s no reason for it to be true.

    • Oct. 22, 1:48am

      That’s directed at sumbrownkid. From what I’ve seen him post, I think he has more sense than to say something like that.

    • Oct. 22, 2:49am

      Bathurst is not that narrow. The walls and fast turns, the speed and the number of cars taking part in the races make it look narrower than it is. Chopper views are striking.

  50. Oct. 21, 6:13pm

    I would love it if we could convert cars to different wheel drive. Like 4 wheel drive to rear wheel drive. And fwd to rwd

  51. Oct. 21, 5:50pm

    Yeah more A-Spec would be cool.. I knew they would have a lot more DLC.. hope some of that DLC is adding onto A-Spec, in-game, not seasonal.

    • Oct. 21, 6:04pm


  52. Oct. 21, 5:42pm

    More A-Spec events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Oct. 21, 5:37pm
    killer tiller

    Pikes peak drift trial yes please

  54. Oct. 21, 5:33pm

    all the fans want, are all the tracks from previous GT titles!

  55. Oct. 21, 5:31pm

    Sorry but, ” Golden Joystick ” …yup.

  56. Oct. 21, 5:13pm

    i can picture a new NASCAR track and possibly a red bull f1 car. hopefully they will bring infineon back. I dont really care for more stealth cars or chrome line, i’d rather have completely new cars like Koenigsegg Agera R or something…. Who Knows!

    • Oct. 21, 5:43pm

      There will only be more F1 cars if they can get them licensed with FIA.

    • Oct. 21, 5:44pm

      But I also want a Red Bull F1 car.

    • Oct. 21, 6:31pm

      Sears point(Sonoma) was in the game if it was an oval then darlington

    • Oct. 22, 2:44am

      Maybe they can get older F1 cars.

    • Oct. 22, 4:04pm

      That would be awesome to do a Bristol Night race

  57. Oct. 21, 5:12pm

    It could be really cool, if there would be the possible to buy a dlc including tuningcars from 9ff and G-Power. Two of the coolest tuning companies. Way cooler than Blitz and AEM :)

  58. Oct. 21, 5:07pm

    Oh YEAH! very thanks to Kaz. to give us big updates, i really appreciate it.

    Thats a want for the next (spec 3?) update:

    -Those 25 tracks from GT4 (I dont understand why the removed that tracks)
    -Some Standard cars upgrade to premium
    – Better menu interface (the GT5 menu is disrupted, i prefer the GT Prologue interface)
    – Other stfu.


    • Oct. 21, 5:30pm

      I mean why they removed that tracks

    • Oct. 21, 11:57pm

      They didn’t remove them, they just weren’t built for GT5. No point in adding some 25 PS2 looking courses in GT5(we already have Laguna Seca man it’s ugly), they all have to be redone especially anything from GT3 and prior. El Capitan might need retooling, I doubt those undulations would work well with GT5’s cars and physics model, you’ll be bouncing all over and out of the final tunnel to that uphill section you would always hit that wall. Lets just hope they bring back the real life courses first Motegi anyone? I say 2 per month or 3, screw new cars for now I’ve got over 1,000 machines to tinker with I don’t actually need any more at this point. More courses are needed and stop with making two versions of weather enabled courses, what is the deal with that since you can make the weather/time change stages sunny permanently, gosh what a waste to even have a separate static weather course. Weather enabled courses should be the order of the day, all courses should support that, the night stuff is a bit harder as yo have to have texture swaps for the lighting changes and tinker with it to ensure that it’s correct.

      No point in wasting time upgrading cars that already work in the bloody game, waste of resources. What is wrong with the menus? Aside from the cursor not moving like an actual mouse cursor the menus are fine, just need to amalgamate a few things into one, like GT auto and the Tune Shop, why are they separate? No point to that, keep it all in one place and be done with it.

      Your last one is clearly confused, no idea what that means or if you are talking to yourself, might be the latter. Cheers!

    • Oct. 22, 2:44am

      They included standard cars along with premiums. I wouldn’t mind standard versions of missing tracks until they’re fully modelled. They’re part of the family.

    • Oct. 22, 5:25pm


      Motegi! how the heck did everyone forget about this track?! That track was so smooth and fun to race at, even though it was not that fast of a track. And that dusky feel it had would look sick with GT5´s lighting effects. Definitely yes!!

  59. Oct. 21, 5:04pm


    • Oct. 21, 10:36pm

      Signature edition owners says no no no……

    • Oct. 21, 10:43pm

      Too bad. Honestly, this false sense of “Only I should have this and no one else” is pathetic. I don’t see anything justifiable about paying a rediculous price just to have slightly modified, Carbon fibre versions of cars already in the game. At least the recent Touring cars weren’t already in the game and contrary to the pathetic notion that they are Just RMed versions, they are actually seperate cars.

  60. Oct. 21, 4:59pm

    Great to hear! It would be really cool to if the next batch of dlc contains some of the older GT tracks. I’ve really missed the Paris track, I used to love taking pictures there on GT4

  61. Oct. 21, 4:58pm

    My money is all ready to go, when you’re ready PD………

  62. Oct. 21, 4:43pm

    If they bring back the classics this and Battlefield 3 will be the best games hands down for me.

  63. Oct. 21, 4:42pm

    They should call the award for GranTurismo “The Golden Carrot Award” because that’s all they ever dangle in front of us…

    • Oct. 21, 7:55pm

      hahahahaha….sad but so very true

  64. Oct. 21, 4:38pm

    Just hope they add some new events or challenges not just the Seasonal Races for this new content. New stuff that works like the GT Tour, or Top Gear Challenge, or Mercedes AMG Academy would be cool.

  65. Oct. 21, 4:33pm

    Let the milking begin

  66. Oct. 21, 4:32pm

    By the way, I think GT5 deserves new reviews and critic scores after Spec 2.0 release. I can’t believe how games like Dirt 3 have built so strong reputation being so basic (5% of GT5 content and features, lame graphics, poor physics)

    • Oct. 21, 4:35pm

      Dirt has built that reputation because it caters to the rally and drifting……That is everything in drift…

      Gran Turismo’s rep is something like buying one of those big cheesecake platters with all the different flavours….You get a lot of stuff, but its all in small amounts…Where as if you preffered New York cheesecake (Dirt Rally) you would go and get just that.

    • Oct. 21, 4:36pm

      Where I mention everything in drift…..Replace that with Dirt.

    • Oct. 21, 5:01pm


      LOL, nice analogy! You just made me hungry! xD

    • Oct. 21, 7:52pm
      Primus Ortus

      Cheesecake, nom, nom, nom.

  67. Oct. 21, 4:16pm

    I’d love exotic and vintage cars, both race and road. I think we already have enough contemporary cars. I hope there’s a plan for adding SEMA awarded cars every year, just like they did with the alfa carrozata and the classic Lamborghini, so beautiful and unique both.

  68. Oct. 21, 4:15pm

    Ready for for the upcoming DLC. All from PD will be very welcome. I have the full pack and i need moreeeeeee!!! lol

  69. Oct. 21, 4:05pm

    Awesome news!

  70. Oct. 21, 4:03pm

    Well done to PD for winning on the golden joystick awards!

  71. Oct. 21, 3:59pm

    Anyone noticed that in the 2.0 intro there is a rally course at the beginning of the montage that isn’t in GT5 now, looks like an older course with jumps like the old rally courses of GT games. So I already thought that we were going to get more courses, I wasn’t really all that stoked about cars too much, but course I welcome with open arms. New tracks are a must and I love how GT5 handles them, no point in adding courses when online no one but the people who bought it can race, splintered base if they split it up that way.

    • Oct. 21, 4:21pm

      That’s Eiger, so it is in the game now

    • Oct. 21, 11:42pm

      Really? I don’t remember Eiger having that many jumps in succession. I will check again to be certain, the course looks more like that exceptionally long rally course from GT3. Be back with findings!

  72. Oct. 21, 3:56pm

    I want the circuits from GT4! I thought they would be included in this week’s DLC, I was very disappointed when I saw there were only two new ones.

  73. Oct. 21, 3:56pm

    Give us Mazdaspeed RX-8 , or at least the body kit as a RM upgrade! Or even the Speed Source RX-8 in the Rolex Series, hell give us the Rolex Series of cars. There apart of that Nascar Franchise! Please Kaz , give us some more American cars from the American racing Rolex Series, we know we can’t have the ALMS , so please consider!

    The Speed Source RX-8 won the 24 hour Rolex twice , another milestone car for Mazda like the 787B! This car should be in the game!!!!!!

  74. Oct. 21, 3:54pm

    1000hp drag tuning options for FWD Hondas ;)

  75. Oct. 21, 3:50pm

    2011 awards? for a 2010 game?

    • Oct. 21, 4:23pm

      The game released after the 2010 awards so it still counts to be in the 2011 awards

    • Oct. 21, 5:46pm

      Goes to show you the state of true racing sims.

  76. Oct. 21, 3:49pm

    Can’t wait for the updates. But can we get Road America please!!!

  77. Oct. 21, 3:48pm

    how about a ken block pack featuring cars he drives like his monster subaru impreza and a drifting track we can drive on. also add new cars like the keonigsegg, the lamborghini reventon and a redbull f1 race car.

    • Oct. 21, 3:59pm

      Ken Block won’t happen. Ever (unless he loses his DiRT sponsorship… which wont happen since he’s really the only reason keeping that title afloat and relevant.)

      Koenigsegg Agera and Lamborghini Reventon would both be very nice additions.

      Red Bull F1 also will not happen. Ever (unless Bernie lets PD have the F1 license, but I’m sure he doesn’t want F1 cars to share the spotlight with other cars.)

    • Oct. 21, 4:37pm

      How about Top Gear love. I know there’s the FM4 deal, but is it exclusive? Wouldn’t it be cool to have that other track they’re always going to? The one where they ran the jag and the starion and the “lorries?” And the old star-in-a-reasonably-priced-cars, and weather on the test track, and maybe some of the crappy home-made cars they’ve done, like the Espace with the F1 spoiler, and the Toyboata, and the Bowlers, and the Marauder, and on and on.

      Just have PD do a Top Gear game.

    • Oct. 22, 12:56pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      Ken Block xDDD

  78. Oct. 21, 3:44pm

    Sweet! I think it just moved!!

  79. Oct. 21, 3:38pm

    Delayed till March 2013…. whatever it is.

  80. Oct. 21, 3:36pm

    Nice. Here we go people!

  81. Oct. 21, 3:35pm

    Coming Soon: 15 more Skylines. I kid

    • Oct. 21, 3:54pm

      lool i wouldnt actually mind that, i love skylines.. if they put more citroens in then ill cry

    • Oct. 21, 6:28pm

      2cv 24 hr race seasonal

    • Oct. 21, 8:49pm
      killer tiller

      A 2cv 24 hr race would be alright, would only be 1 lap though haha

    • Oct. 22, 2:36am

      I wouldn’t mind a batch of Citroën’s, especially the likes of the mythical Traction Avant, the high-powered SM or a premium 2CV. When you know your automotive history, these are gems.

  82. Oct. 21, 3:32pm

    They need to incorporate any new tracks into A-spec mode, not just online. Maybe even through seasonal events?

    • Oct. 21, 7:51pm

      I think they need to add C-SPEC & D-SPEC mode, D-SPEC being all drifting events!!…I’m nit a huge online racing guy, so i just really really with they would add to the games single player mode.

    • Oct. 23, 12:02pm
      SZRT Ice

      D-Spec you say? Drifting you say? O_O
      DO THIS KAZ!!!
      DO THIS PD!!!
      DO THIS!!!

  83. Oct. 21, 3:32pm


  84. Oct. 21, 3:32pm

    Tracks or stfu.

    • Oct. 21, 4:28pm

      Yeah!! Tracks or stfu! lotsa lotsa lotsa… The existing tracks would be nice, but they need to keep making new real world tracks. I’m really happy they did Spa. It warms my heart that they apparently listened to the community, and it would be great if they just go down the list. Also, don’t forget the kart love.




    • Oct. 21, 10:49pm

      Don’t like, STFU and don’t get it. Simple as that.

    • Oct. 22, 1:47am

      hahahaha Nice, RACECAR.

  85. Oct. 21, 3:28pm

    Hope they dont turn into Activision and keep charging loads….

    • Oct. 21, 3:43pm

      It wouldnt be cool… if they plan lets say 25 tracks to release.. and will realease it 2 tracks in a DLC pack + 20 cars for 12$, it means it would have 12 DLC’s and if each for 12$ that would be 144$ for all… I hardly doubt it, its not PD style.. but I hope next DLC will be bigger and for the same price! if not then yes PD would turn into Activision which is not a good thing..!

    • Oct. 21, 3:53pm
      250 GTO


    • Oct. 21, 4:08pm

      I wanna know what is considered to be cheap.

      If you don’t want it all, buy it individually… though buying any three things usually ends up being more than if you bought it all together.

    • Oct. 21, 4:12pm

      Cheap is free. Nothing is free. Only things in life that are free are happy endings. :)

    • Oct. 21, 6:27pm

      Dlc was always part of the concept from day one look at gt hd history

    • Oct. 21, 7:12pm

      no those definitely cost extra..

  86. Oct. 21, 3:25pm

    Nice job PD!! :D excited!! :D

  87. Oct. 21, 3:23pm
    Scuderia Paul

    Congratulations Polyphony on the award. I was always hoping for more DLC not just for additional circuits but for some seriously sexy cars.

    With more DLC on the way there is at least a chance I might see my beloved Audi R18 TDI and the new Peugeot 908.

  88. Oct. 21, 3:23pm

    Great news! Really looking towards the end of the year!

    I’m gonna speculate for a moment:P there are probably new stuff coming in new december update and near x-mas we might get something new aswell :)

    So looking forward to see what they going to bring us in the future

    • Oct. 22, 4:11am

      Haha 6 months to make a premium car! So they worked on it 100 years to get us 200 premiums!I know what your going to say, they worked on more than 1 at a time rite? WELL THEY DIDN’T TAKE 6 MONTHS DIS THEY! Geez

    • Oct. 22, 11:03am

      No they worked with 200 people for 2 years on the cars…
      Geez, are you guys a bit easy in the head?

      Have you actually seen what detail is in there…

      Do you actually think PD is a company with 5 people?


    • Oct. 22, 4:08pm

      If you can make 2 standard cars in 6 months it has taken 3 months per car, if you want my formula I am happy to share!

    • Oct. 23, 12:04am

      Wow. Mrs. Literal fantomas

      Don’t even reply to this fool.

  89. Oct. 21, 3:18pm
    250 GTO

    And maybe some new cars… instead of alternate versions of cars already in the game…

    • Oct. 21, 3:22pm

      yeah true, there just tuned versions

    • Oct. 21, 3:45pm

      You make it sound like completely digitally modelling a car in a game (or anything for that matter) is easy.

      Just because the cars are “already in the game” doesn’t mean that PD didn’t work hard to make those models.

    • Oct. 21, 3:53pm
      250 GTO

      They’ve had a YEAR!

    • Oct. 21, 4:03pm

      And according to Kaz, it takes about 6 months to make a Premium model car. So if it takes that long and they put all of the cars they make as DLC into GT5…. what will be new for GT6?

      That’s one of the nice things about the DLC… is that if you don’t buy it, it’s not like you’re missing out on essential pieces of the game. The cars that would’ve been really worth the money were given to us free with Spec 2.0 (NASCAR’s and Schulze GT-R) when they could’ve easily just charged us for those as well.

    • Oct. 21, 4:11pm
      250 GTO

      Are you kidding me!? You would have payed for x number of NASCARS that are just like the ones already in the game, except for a few new decals and the word 2010 changed to 2011.

      And new car DLC is in no way too much to expect for a racing games, these days. Just look at the amount of new cars they added to Forza 3. And I’m sorry but if it takes PD six months to make one car, then the 200 prem cars in GT5 would have taken 100 years too make…

    • Oct. 21, 4:21pm

      six months? i call BS, also even it were the case then they need to hire a hell of a lot more 3D artists to meet demand

    • Oct. 21, 4:22pm
      250 GTO

      thank you…

    • Oct. 21, 4:39pm

      Well, Kaz said six months and he didn’t specify. Quite obviously they don’t work on one car at a time, but it’s the total time it takes to make a car come together from start to finish.

      You both also need to realize and remember that PD has been moving offices and the entire country of Japan had a massive natural disaster earlier this year. You both also need to realize that Yamauchi-san just doesn’t think the same way as we do and as the guys who run Forza 4 do. He’s been quoted as saying that he doesn’t want to release what he considers to be an un-finished game and he’s never seemed ecstatic about the concept of DLC.

      If anything I give him CREDIT that it took this long. I literally facepalmed when I heard that Forza was going to be offering “Day 1 DLC.” Really??? They’re already getting you to spend more money BEFORE THE GAME IS EVEN RELEASED???

    • Oct. 21, 4:47pm
      250 GTO

      Oh forget it! I’m goin to bed…

    • Oct. 21, 5:07pm

      Luckily as well that nothing serious happened in Japan this year or that they didn’t need to move offices.

    • Oct. 21, 5:39pm

      He means six months from start to finish, not six months for car #1…next six months for car #2

    • Oct. 21, 5:41pm

      I’m sure that with experience, comes quicker car modelling. (I don’t know if “modelling is a word, but it is to me now.) ;-)

    • Oct. 21, 7:48pm

      @250 GTO , Some ppl can’t distinguish constructive criticism from trolling, I understand where you’re coming from dude, but i guess we’ll have to wait and see what PD does

    • Oct. 21, 8:29pm

      Snaeper, the day 1 DLC for Forza 4 was a bunch of awesome cars that I got included with my LCE. That’s no different to giving people who bought the GT5 limited edition some extra cars.

    • Oct. 21, 9:09pm

      “Luckily as well that nothing serious happened in Japan this year or that they didn’t need to move offices.”

      “Snaeper, the day 1 DLC for Forza 4 was a bunch of awesome cars that I got included with my LCE. That’s no different to giving people who bought the GT5 limited edition some extra cars.”

      The Stealth Cars have been out since the game released 11 months ago. Turn 10 did worse with their Day 1 DLC which I didn’t even know had some of the cars from the LCE for FM4.

      “@250 GTO , Some ppl can’t distinguish constructive criticism from trolling, I understand where you’re coming from dude, but i guess we’ll have to wait and see what PD does”

      Snaeper didn’t say anything that made it sound like he said 250 GTO was trolling. This is one of the few cases where I feel like more of a troll by quoting 3 different people. I don’t agree with all that Snaeper said and I don’t disagree with all that you guys said.

      Although the DLC this time around includes versions of cars that are in the game, they still took a lot more time to make than the EDGE Camaro which was free. Kaz’s GT-R should have been (even though I wouldn’t have wanted it that way) DLC like these new racing cars because they’re not just liveries. The performance of the cars, even the sound, are unique to what you can try recreating with the original versions of those DLC cars.

    • Oct. 22, 10:53am

      @250gto’s “They’ve had a YEAR!”

      They’ve had the worst tsunami ever, followed by a severe almost full fallout… Earthquakes hitting Japan at a constant rate of around 50 to hundred different ones a day… They needed to relocate themselves for safety etc…

      In my opinion, what they did in this year is actually incredible, amazing, and shows what PD means for there own fans, for themselves, a hard working company who actually listens to us…

      Plus one modeler works half a year on 1 premium car on average, and 3D stuff like that takes time.
      But we get is the quality finnish, i could wait another year, you know…

  90. Oct. 21, 3:16pm
    250 GTO

    Hopefully it will be a bit cheaper than the first pack…

    • Oct. 21, 3:53pm

      $12 for all of that content isn’t too bad in my opinion. You’re getting a track, cars, paints and suits. Albeit not in the most ideal manner, but they listened and are fixing that problem.

    • Oct. 21, 5:27pm

      Still a bargain as a complete package compared to some dlc

    • Oct. 21, 7:55pm

      No other track will sell for $5. For me, this time around no car is good enough to justify the cost.

    • Oct. 22, 2:24am

      I’m from Europe so I paid almost $17 for the same stuff. Everyone knows we’re half richer than the Americans…

    • Oct. 22, 8:50am
      250 GTO

      Same here.. $17,50

    • Oct. 22, 10:13am

      Guys you must be from an Europe of another planet! :) i’m from Portugal (in Europe) and i paid 11,99 euros for the pack. And considering that 1 euro = 1,38 dolares at the moment i even think our pack should cost less than the american pack. lol just saying!
      But i only paid 11,99 euros and that equals 16,63 dolares…

    • Oct. 22, 10:29am

      Still i think its an expensive dlc! Only thing really worth the money is Spa and considering that they are going to launch more dlcs maybe at the same range of price many people are going to end up with very diferent gran turismos 5…. if you know what i mean!

  91. Oct. 21, 3:13pm

    i really want the 25 tracks :P

    • Oct. 21, 3:19pm

      I would pay good money for the 25 tracks.

    • Oct. 21, 3:47pm


    • Oct. 23, 2:16pm

      How about we get them free? You obviously have too much money.

    • Oct. 24, 1:20pm

      Neenor I think you have too little. Making tracks costs them money. Lots of money – it’s very expensive. There’s no financial or moral reason for them to give them to us for free. Like most of us in society I’m more than happy to pay for a product.

  92. Oct. 21, 3:13pm

    Great to have finally have a statement that ensures we’ll have more than just a few DLC updates until December. This is enough to tell us that there will be more even after December.

    • Oct. 21, 3:20pm

      haha he didn’t know anything about Spec 2. What he did know, there WILL be more DLC.

  93. Oct. 21, 3:12pm

    Thank the racing gods for more DLC!

  94. Oct. 21, 3:11pm

    How about updating B spec remote why cant It be more automated on the ps3

  95. Oct. 21, 3:11pm

    I’m still hoping to get Midfield Raceway one day

    • Oct. 21, 3:38pm

      favorite course in the previous games, some epic battles have went down in 2 player on that course. i think it will go this way next dlc. more tracks and less cars, compared to the one we just had.

    • Oct. 21, 5:16pm


  96. Oct. 21, 3:09pm

    Cant wait! :)

  97. Oct. 21, 3:08pm

    Cool! We need some American cars. The Forza car list is looking mighty tasty. Give me reasons not to go buy a 360 and cross over to the dark side…

    • Oct. 21, 3:11pm

      You should buy Forza 4. It’s worth the money, i got both but prefer GT5 although.

    • Oct. 21, 3:23pm

      If you can afford to buy it, try it out for yourself. It’s not about picking sides, it’s about preference.

    • Oct. 21, 3:33pm

      LOL Ilove those words :) “cross over to the dark side ” :D

    • Oct. 21, 4:25pm
      King Something

      There really is no reason not to get a 360 and Forza 4 if you can afford it.

      The Forza/GT “rivalry” is comparable with the Sega/Nintendo rivalry from about 15-20 years ago.

    • Oct. 21, 4:56pm

      Ya, after 4 plus years of production I think the 360 might last longer than 6 months ( my exp. with elite ). Not bashing Forza but I personally won’t be buying another Microsoft console for any game.

    • Oct. 22, 4:10am

      Funds allowing, I would buy both. I played the demo earlier today and I’m going to get Forza 4. What I noticed was the graphics are better than Forza 3, though not up to GT5s moments of realism, and the cars sound amazing so far. I think better than GT5. It appears to have got the more arcade like than simulation feeling down perfectly and I mean that in a good way.

      With all respect it is the perfect arcade racing game with a tilt to Sim than Outrun from the 80s. Outrun was the classic arcade car racing game then Road and Track Need For Speed (1) took the title in the 90’s but now Forza is King in this area. It’s quick fun that you can get in and out of without dedicating too much time figuring things out or configuring. So it caters to my requirement for the best arcade racing game more than the current NFS series or any other for that matter.

    • Oct. 23, 4:09am

      I can second that about Forza 4 car list, it’s many cars I miss in GT5 like, Ford Sierra RS, Saab 99 Turbo, BMW 3.0CSL etc and Shift 2 has also same cars i miss in GT5 too, like Lotus Cortina, Escort RS1800 etc

    • Oct. 23, 7:38am

      I owned GT5, in fact it was a day one purchase for me. I had a DFGT, cockpit and everything else GT related. At the start of this year I sold it all because it took too much of my time. I crossed over to the ‘dark side’ and got a 360 and forza 3. The races are shorter, you can play it much easier with a controller, more fun with friends, and the customization is much better than GT. GT is, IMO, much more immersive and a way better simulation. Like another_jakhole said, it’s not about picking sides, it’s about preference (and time constraints :) )

    • Oct. 24, 2:11pm

      in went over to the dark side this weekend, Forza 4 is cool but the handling feels better in GT5

    • Oct. 24, 4:43pm

      I also have both GT5 and Forza 4.. unfortunately my ps3 is down and out with YLOD as of lately so Forza 4 has been getting all my attention.. but the level of detail to physics and overall realism is much higher in GT5 and i’ve never minded all the extra standard cars.. also tweaking the tuning settings on the cars feels more effective in GT5.. however looking for a good time if u have a 360 then dont miss out on Forza 4.. both amazing games.. im just partial to GT5.. always will be.. Kaz knows what he’s doing

    • Oct. 24, 6:02pm

      “Kaz knows what he’s doing”

      He sure does! Paying for the game is not enough! The DLC cash cow is now in progress; he’s now taking pocket money from school kids and appearing to be a good guy too! Smart man.

  98. Oct. 21, 3:08pm

    congrates to them winning i hope there is more dlc to come

    • Oct. 21, 3:34pm

      I remember in GT4 was about 55 tracks.. in GT5.. dont know for sure.. about 35.. so it would be very good to have all those tracks from previous GT games.. that would be fantastic.. and dont forget Standart to premium upgrade.. Im hoping for that one alot!

    • Oct. 21, 3:51pm

      yeah i would like the new track back and maybe some SUV premium cars, oh and the next update should allow us to put the roof up or down on convertible cars…

    • Oct. 21, 3:52pm

      i meant new york track back

    • Oct. 21, 4:42pm

      I want Midfield, Seattle, El Capitan, Apricot Hill, Test Course, Special Stage Route 11, Swiss Alps and Smokey Mountain North back. You know, the defining tracks of Gran Turismo.

    • Oct. 22, 5:57am

      Gratulations? Its more like a sad day for racing games if there really wasnt anything better released this year than Gran Yawnismo 5. This unfinished, unfocused mess of a game doesnt deserve anything even remotely award-like.

    • Oct. 23, 12:58am

      I want Bathurst to be added to GT5 and more Holden’s/HSV’s then I would never stop playing it.

    • Oct. 23, 11:07am

      @Flix…..It’s definitely a Bad day for Spelling.

    • Oct. 23, 3:05pm

      Anyone smell a troll in here, I really did just get a whiff of bullsh*t just then?

  99. Oct. 21, 3:08pm

    Sounds great.

    • Oct. 21, 3:08pm

      More N24 Cars please and some new RUFs in premium.

  100. Oct. 21, 3:08pm

    Cool stuff. Can’t wait.

    • Oct. 21, 5:34pm

      …i bet these two clowns have a skype call with Kazunori every day.

      : S

    • Oct. 21, 7:16pm

      I have a feeling that they’ll make us pay for competitions like GT Academy in the future…

    • Oct. 21, 8:09pm


      We already do when we buy the game. If anything it’s payed for by Nissan for advertising and for new awesome racecar drivers for their ever increasingly awesome racing team.

    • Oct. 22, 7:00am


      Technically for the Mercedes-Benz Signature Edition Competition we did have to pay extra to actually compete.

      I wouldn’t mind having to pay a premium (within reason) for a chance to win prizes like a contract with Nissan or an SLS AMG..

    • Oct. 23, 12:54am

      I think the 25 hidden tracks were planted there to be found, or was just a mistake.

    • Oct. 24, 10:17am

      You guys should feel fortunate at how cheap the dlc is, on iracing each car and track costs as much as the bundle, not to mention membership fees, which is about $200usd/year. Compared to iracing gt5 is the bargain of the century,

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