Gran Turismo 5 To Release “Shortly” After GT PSP

August 22nd, 2009 by Jordan Greer


In a video interview with French gaming site, Kazunori Yamauchi hinted at Gran Turismo 5‘s release date with the following statement (thanks to reece22345 for the translation!):

“I really understand that lots of people are interested in GT5, and we will do everything we can so that the game is released quickly. But we are focusing our priorities and Gran Turismo will come out on the PSP the 1st of october first. The only thing I want to tell you today, is that GT5 will be released shortly after this date.

Yamauchi’s statements fall in line with what GTPlanet has learned previously, making a 2009 release date even more certain than it already was.  He also hinted at why he is often so secretive in his interviews, adding that he ““rarely wants to talk about the future” and “”likes to be precise, and he’s not happy talking about stuff that isn’t concrete and ready”.  When the whole world (or would that be…’Planet?) painstakenly examines and archives your every word, it would give anyone extra pause before opening their mouth.

The GameBlog crew must have also picked Yamauchi’s pockets, because they managed, somehow, to get hold of these screenshots.  You may remember seeing them before – we originally posted them here in the highest resolution that was available from Polyphony Digital’s own website (they were taken offline shortly thereafter).  GameBlog, however, got some copies that were considerably larger in size.  Hmmm…

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  1. Aug. 30, 9:01pm
    Canadian STIG

    Has anyone noticed the pigeons in photo #5, and the dog in the GT5 trailer( at about the time the group of JGTC cars come lining up in the streets of Europe? It seems P.D is not only working on human animation but also animal animation! Imagine the pit stoppages!!

  2. Aug. 30, 2:59pm

    Notice the dates at the BOTTOM of the pics. This PROVES that the release date WILL BE IN 09!

  3. Aug. 29, 7:25am
    Kevin Jonathan Chandra

    I want it.maybe will 1000 cars and can damage(car)

  4. Aug. 27, 12:54am
    Rhett Mash

    @ cuarache

    Errr… it’s not plain English. It’s Japanese. In fact, I did a little more research and got some reliable translations from a Japanese acquaintance… Here it is…

    ■収録車種 : Included Models
    ・1,000車種 : 1,000 car models
    ・170種類のプレミアムモデル(内装、ダメージに対応) : 170 premium models (interior, damageable)
    ・830種類のスタンダードモデル(『グランツーリスモ 4』から引き継がれたモデルに互換性を持たせたもの) : 830 standard models (it’s compatible with models brought down from Gran Turismo 4)

    So it’s interior (comma) damageable. It’s not damagable interiors. I know we want to believe what we want to believe, but I’m just annoyed that they are trying to fleece us here with vague information. If they had damage, it would be mentioned in the description of the 830. Kaz himself keeps telling how long it takes to make cars and from a production stand point, it makes complete sense for PD to leverage their existing assets. You can guaran-dam-tee based on what? I don’t think even PD can give us guarantees. Seeing how things are working out, my hunch is that PD will either release a half baked but well polished GT 5 soon and release major updates after every 6 months or they will just keep lying about their release date. We know what happened with dates on GT4. It’s PD we are talking about and they do have a history (huh).

    Sorry, but I’m just frustrated waiting and waiting only to see something that looks unpromising. Like I said, if I take off my fanboy glasses and see a non-polarized view, there are games out there that can replace GT. The big difference is that GT has pedigree and I pray that PD do whatever it takes to keep it intact. Oh yes, I’ll wait for it, but while I’m waiting I’m going to also enjoy my driving fix from other greener pastures.

  5. Aug. 25, 3:45pm

    LOL @ rhett mash its written in plain english dude!! some of the “830” cars will have appeared in gt4 before it doesn’t mean they’ll be directly ported you numpty!! could you imagine PD not featuring a ’97 Dodge Viper GTS just because it appeared in a previous game thats just ridiculous. I guaran-dam-tee this game will feature cars completely rendered exclusively for GT5 about 30% of these will never have appeared in the GT series before. The “170” continuously mentioned are cars that will feature damage on the cockpit view, no need to worry every car will feature mechanical and exterior damage.
    EVERYONE calm down and a get a grip PD have never released a half-cooked GT and 5yrs of waiting says they never will!!!

  6. Aug. 25, 2:42am
    Rhett Mash

    Man are you guys blind or what.
    I’m pretty amazed with all this fanboyism. I so wanted this game to be a real GT successor. Seems like it’s being shoved out of the door soon because they have competition. You guys can imagine all you want in your fantasies, but the truth is PD are being vague on 170 cars specifically so that you guys will do that. There is no benefit at this point for them to keep us guessing. They are pressed against some good competition and if they had 1000 cars with interiors and damage they would say it. It’s a great way to win the bigger and more competition and steal the thunder from Forza. Also, why would they mention that 830 cars are compatible with GT4 models or soemthing like that. The answer is plain simple. They have 170 cars designed for GT5 and since they are probably being forced to release early by SONY, they are going pad the number of cars by porting GT4 cars. I was so excited to see damage in GT5. But, seeing it only disheartened me. If they had better damage they would have shown it, considering what Shift and Forza have been flaunting. It indeed they are releasing soon, there should be more reason to show all the cool stuff so they can shut up the cocky Forza guys and divert all the attention. That damage was pathetic. Honestly, I thought Forza’s damage was pretty bad to begin with but when you compare it to what we saw, even Forza Motorsport 2’s damage looks much better. Flip flopping doors sounds cool, but in reality how many times does a 200 km/h crash result in doors flip flopping without a dent or scratch still shiny as new. In fact, if anything doors would either fall off or get jammed in. Knowing Kaz’s eye for perfection, I think they are just starting to experiment with damage and he probably wants to pull off something grander, but the SONY suits want the game out and they end up with this mess.

    After much thought and much hurt after years of wait, I think I can no longer trust PD to entertain me the way they used to. There are newer acts in town. They are called NFS:Shift and Forza. Not only is the Forza date concrete, they have been showing off some very real gameplay elements and to their credit their can back up most of the features they announced. I even visited the Forza community site where Forza fanboys are treated with timely updates about the game and every other week something cool is revealed. All the gamescon videos and demos prove that the game is indeed going to ship soon and you know what it looks gorgeous. Although I will agree that something about it makes it look like a GT rip off. Then again, if I can find my GT like feel somewhere else I’m all for that.

    If GT does miraculously turn up with everything Kaz promises, I will get it and cherish that my devotion to the GT series until now is not in vain. However, it seems that Kaz will let me down and just allow me to drift away to Forza.

  7. Aug. 23, 6:59pm

    all cars will have interior views…update will give as damage for all cars…PD is no1

  8. Aug. 23, 5:12pm

    I thought this section was for comments not a hype-session/wishlist

  9. Aug. 23, 2:07pm
    5gran turismo5

    all i really want in gt is 900 degree steerling wheel and all 1000 cars with detalied cockpit view =]

  10. Aug. 23, 1:53pm

    As long as it comes out this year and has the Radical SR cars I’ll be happy. Nurburgring is going to be soooooo cool :)

  11. Aug. 23, 1:48pm

    If GT5 doesn’t have interior views on all the cars, they are going to lose the FM3 vs. GT5 debate. 400 cars(+ whatever DLC) with interior view is better than 1000 cars with 170 having interior view…

  12. Aug. 23, 11:21am

    i’d rather have them put the most beautiful tracks ever made as DLC

    like no people no city, just nature and lots and lots of details

  13. Aug. 23, 10:49am
    aleksandar SRB

    I have one wish: put Spa track in game!!!! It”s the best and most beautiful track on world!!!!

  14. Aug. 23, 6:12am

    i also think damage will be included on all cars, production cars damaged locked. and possibly pd/ sony release patch to allow it as manufacturers sign for its approval. could be done…

  15. Aug. 23, 6:08am

    my guess is that all cars will have interior views, but the premium allow for full tracking of ur head so u co7ld look around at the interior, the rest will simply have interior with front view and back view.

  16. Aug. 23, 12:49am
    Bank Alexander

    I hope it comes out on December if it’ll get all the minor problems fixed from that GC demo ^_^


  17. Aug. 23, 12:44am


  18. Aug. 22, 9:31pm

    December is fine, I still need to save up, any news about that statement about the premium vs standard models?, All I really care about is having cockpit views in all cars, would be a disappointment if that’s not the case, either way i’m glad we’re finally a couple of months away, i’ve never anticipated a game’s release as much as this .

  19. Aug. 22, 9:09pm

    ^^^ speaks the truth.

  20. Aug. 22, 9:00pm

    Chris said: “does anybody remember wat we were told at e3 we would be told when gt5 would be out SOON and we still havent been told so when they say gt5 will be out soon after gt psp they really mean it will be out in december.”

    You hit the nail on the head. People really need to calm down, because you’re not going to get this in your hands before December 11th. Don’t even let that thought enter your mind, because you’ll just end up disappointed.

  21. Aug. 22, 8:40pm

    I was referring to damage. I’m quite excited for Interior views myself.

    It just doesn’t seem logical to release the game with only a few cars having interiors. I normally race either bumper cam or high 3rd, but with the advent of these very sexy interiors.. I might start giving a go for the real deal feel.

    And a note to anyone else who argues another games interiors (strictly from what we’ve seen) is better than GT5/P’s: GT5P is the only interior view where the hands interact with something other than the steering wheel, the Ferrari F1’s fingers hit the shift paddles, and I’ve seen others that reach down and hit the shifter. No other console sim has that that I’ve seen.

  22. Aug. 22, 7:31pm
    Canadian STIG

    @ Snaeper

    Perhaps your right. I’m just that worried about getting an unfinished games. Leaves me without sleep!

    “AND you’re all getting upset about something GT has NEVER DONE!!!!”

    GT5P had interior views (drool) in all their cars in GT5P besides the GT-R Proto 05′

    …or are you talking about GT never doing damage? If so then yeah! I’m with you. I never fancied or really Really wanted damage. I’m sure you already know what I want ( REALLY REALLY!!! want!) I’ll take those breaths you’ve suggested and be normal and wait for TGS. Cheers Snaeper

  23. Aug. 22, 6:29pm

    Canadian STIG, when you asked about interiors earlier, noone said which cars would/would not have them, now you’re back and upset over nothing!!!! Have you played the full GT5 yet? Everyone needs to take a few deep breaths and come to their senses because this is all insane!!!! The only thing I wanna know about is when Kaz releases more info (which is what I meant in my firt post) NOT what that info means. AND you’re all getting upset about something GT has NEVER DONE!!!! And I still don’t get the fascination of damage anyways, its one of the biggest flaws with racing in rl, now we have a medium where someone can race without worry and you want them to be able to wreck their car!!??!! Insanity I tell you

  24. Aug. 22, 6:05pm

    NICE!!!! NISSAN GT-R :)

  25. Aug. 22, 5:04pm

    I would love it if they beat Forza to the punch…

    Might be a possibility.

  26. Aug. 22, 4:56pm

    If it is released soon after GTPSP I really hope the build shown was 6 months old cause the damage sucked and so does the AI…

  27. Aug. 22, 3:42pm

    Its true we have heard this “soon” business before & they’ve even given us release dates for the previous games then put it back another few months a number of times, but I really don’t think that will happen this time. Consider that its been in development for 5 years, the slim line PS3 is coming, their starting the hype with the demo, GT5P is the best selling PS3 game, they know the whole world is getting impatient including Sony, they need this out in time for Christmas so I am confident this time when they say soon they mean Nov/Dec ’09.

  28. Aug. 22, 2:12pm

    does anybody remember wat we were told at e3 we would be told when gt5 would be out SOON and we still havent been told so when they say gt5 will be out soon after gt psp they really mean it will be out in december.

  29. Aug. 22, 12:40pm

    Looks like he’s learned his lesson when he announced the release date for GTPSP 5 years too soon lol!

  30. Aug. 22, 12:26pm

    Exactly Tenacious D, all the fans need to wait until TGS and stop this pointless speculating. If you are a real fan then cut PD a break, for God sake!

  31. Aug. 22, 12:19pm
    aleksandar SRB

    It’s been delayed so much, we almost didn’t believe it when we discovered that Gran Turismo 5 – NOT Prologue, but the actual sequel – was playable on the Gamescom show floor.

    Playable it was though, albeit a very particularly stingy demo with just a single car and track to try. But it did give us a sneaky peak, for the first time, at actual car damage in a Gran Turismo game.

    Gran Turismo 5 Original production
    2:58 Hands-on GT5 from Gamescom

    Click to playClick to play in HD

    Gran Turismo 5 Original production
    2:58 Hands-on GT5 from Gamescom

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    Gran Turismo 5 Original production
    2:58 Hands-on GT5 from Gamescom

    Gran Turismo 5 Original production
    2:58 Hands-on GT5 from Gamescom

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    Gran Turismo 5 Original production
    2:58 Hands-on GT5 from Gamescom

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    Watch tons of other game videos in HD over on our video channel!

    The course we played is a new track set in Tokyo. It starts off in densely urban city street before branching out into a visually pleasing rural area, with trees lining the track casting gorgeous shadows down on the tarmac and shiny cars – which all looks as brilliant-clean as they did in GT5P.

    Of course, the first thing we did was take out shiny motor – the 2008 Subaru Impreza WRC – and slam it into the nearest wall just to see what would happen. Not a lot, is the disappointing answer.

    Considering creator Kazunori Yamauchi’s constantly touted commitment to realism, we were expecting a pretty drastic reaction from the car – scrapped-off paint, realistic dents, shards of metal sent flying. Need for Speed: Shift, basically.

    Instead what we got was little more than the familiar GT thud, and were hard pressed to see the damage we’d caused. The bodywork was slightly bent out of shape, but nothing major considering the near 200kph impact.

    We did, however, manage to get bumpers hanging off, doors swinging open and even got the bonnet to fly open. Dents covered the car, but again they were way too smooth – there’s just not enough paint damage in there. Hopefully there’ll be an option to set how sensitive your car is to crashing.

    After a few solid shunts our car was struggling to get over 140kph, so we’d clearly caused technical damage too. A Sony rep also told us that crashing too much could result in terminal damage ending our race early, which is great because that’ll stop those cheating twits from bouncing off walls to get faster lap times.

    Talking of bouncing off walls, we managed to wreck a few tyre walls and bollards too, sending them flying onto the track, which was another fun first for GT.
    from :

  32. Aug. 22, 12:12pm

    Its about fooookin time

  33. Aug. 22, 12:02pm
    Tenacious D

    @ Canadian STIG

    1. Just think, you can play around with GT5 this fall, and then when the interiors are done, they can be patched in. The rest of us don’t want to wait for your interior views.

    2. WE DON’T KNOW what features GT5 will have, and won’t know until TGS. All 1000 plus cars may have modeled cockpits. All 1000 plus cars may suffer mechanical damage! We just don’t know yet, so don’t give yourself a wedgie over this. ;)

  34. Aug. 22, 12:02pm

    * Polishes ps3 and HDTV* :)

  35. Aug. 22, 11:34am

    i cant wait for tgs.All i want for now is a release date.Im thinking this game is going to be awesome.

  36. Aug. 22, 11:28am


  37. Aug. 22, 10:31am

    I have the pages of GT5, the PS3 Slim, the G25, and a racing seat bookmarked, and now that i check the one of GT5 again it says “This item will be released on December 29, 2009.”. Not sure how trustworthy is that. Oh, and it appears that the PS3 Slim release date is now closer “This item will be released on August 25, 2009.”

    And also, Amazon is now selling the G27!!!

    What do you think guys? Is this a hoax? Is it real?

  38. Aug. 22, 10:10am

    shortly can mean anything with people these days

    probably 20 days or something like that
    it would be REALLY GREAT if it was 3 days or around that time period

    but hey forza 3 doesn’t stand a chance with all of it’s stupid fans making false claims that aren’t even true

  39. Aug. 22, 10:07am
    Canadian STIG


    I seriously hope your right!!! I’m panicking over this!! I know the TIME (5-6 months) and care P.D takes into modeling interiors and exteriors, and atmospheric, and race track, and human animation…and theres probably more, + working on GTPSP, I would assume that the work load for GT5 might appear to be overwhelming for them. Personally, I say forget damage, I just want my precious(es), interior modeling, the make or break in my opinion for GT5. Sorry to sound like a lunatic but this is serious for me!!

  40. Aug. 22, 9:58am

    Yeah it would’t really make much sense having so few cars with interior views so I trust that PD won’t let us down, I just want to hear whats going to happen with car modifications now.

  41. Aug. 22, 9:27am
    aleksandar SRB

    My birthday is on November 17, so best gift for me would be Gran turismo 5. I”m from Europe…

  42. Aug. 22, 9:27am

    listen….. the game will be release this year…….. and they are not gonna send out the game just 170 cars with interior views…. c’mon this is granturismo… biggest game ever!!!

  43. Aug. 22, 9:25am
    aleksandar SRB

    It will be interior views in all cars don”t worry. Many cars from GT5P was in GT4 and all have interior( skyline GT-R V-spec II nur, NSX,RX-7,SL55 AMG…). But only race car will HAVE BODY DAMAGE. Rest car probable will have mechanic damage. :)

  44. Aug. 22, 9:20am

    I agree Canadian STIG, not having interior views on all cars will be a disaster, I would rather wait until next year.

  45. Aug. 22, 9:18am


  46. Aug. 22, 9:10am
    Canadian STIG

    I still want my bloody interior views!!!

  47. Aug. 22, 9:08am

    Looks like GT is going to be taking over my life this fall. Excellent, I’ve been waiting for this quarter.

  48. Aug. 22, 9:05am

    just saw something that no one else picked up………. backfire from the rally scooby… it in a video on youtube. seems like cars spittin fire is back. thats a good thing.

  49. Aug. 22, 9:04am
    Canadian STIG

    ^^GT5 looks far to beautiful to not have my precious interior views. A real shame and real sign of lost potential.

  50. Aug. 22, 9:03am
    Canadian STIG

    I suppose Kazunori is right, although I’m still livid with the fact that not all 1000 cars will have interior views!!! I wouldn’t mind a Q4 2010 release date or even a Q1 2011 release date so long as I get my interior views!!

  51. Aug. 22, 8:08am

    dont mind niko……….. clearly he is a forza fan/ gt hater…. now why one expect it to release in Q2 of next year? when clearly we looking between october-december 2009.

  52. Aug. 22, 7:47am

    nah, not 2010, he cant afford to lose the massive sales he will get from an xmas release

    its just too far off. They can easily release xmas time (or earlier would be nice) and then just provide online patches for the game with new cars, tracks, physics updated, hopefully variable weather :).

    xmas or sooner is my call

  53. Aug. 22, 6:43am

    Awesome ^^ now start making GT6 so we have it in our PS3’s in 2010/2011 :D

  54. Aug. 22, 6:43am

    2010 Q2…

  55. Aug. 22, 6:40am
    aleksandar SRB


  56. Aug. 22, 6:37am
    don’t know

    Peopel stop fanboying! about forza 3 is not better than GT 5

    Yesterday i went to Gamescom, and i played both of them.
    I didn’t like Forza Motorsport 3 because of the grahpics.
    But GT5 was looking the same as the GT5 P, so if your thinking you gonna see better grahpics, get it out of your mind because thats not gonna happen.
    The gameplay is the same, and the grahpics. For me they have to take there time, and release it next year November. And btw PS3 slim was just a CHEAP ASS CONSOLE! be happy with the first PS3!

  57. Aug. 22, 6:35am

    Thank God, some decent news we all wanted to hear for once, I can see the end of the tunnel.

  58. Aug. 22, 6:21am

    Bye Bye Forza 3.GT 5 is big,beautiful and better controls and not the Lame damage models.
    November/December 2009 My guesse October is too soon.

  59. Aug. 22, 6:06am

    type GT-R Xanavi Nismo SuperGT 08 (car in the pictures) into google. I can’t find one difference whatsoever between them. Nice job PD :)

  60. Aug. 22, 6:00am

    I hope when he means shortly after he doent mean months!

    My money is on it coming out exactly on or just before Forza 3’s release.

  61. Aug. 22, 5:45am

    like what they sayed before , christmas 09

  62. Aug. 22, 5:34am

    I guess it will be available immediately after Forza 3 is released, giving us a real good competition of the two.
    As a die hard racing game fan, I´ll get both games as soon as they are in store.
    Of course I am more exited about the GT5 release. ;-)
    Sorry for my English, I am from Austria.

  63. Aug. 22, 5:33am

    Very Good News! :D
    I hope GT 5 release 2 days after GT PSP lauch…. =D

  64. Aug. 22, 4:54am

    This is some pretty good news :) Always had a feeling it’d be out near the end of this year and this all but confirms it!

  65. Aug. 22, 4:50am
    Aaron Jaggan

    like if its the day before forza 3 data its gonna be released..really crazy up in here..xD

  66. Aug. 22, 4:45am

    (The only thing I want to tell you today, is that GT5 will be released “shortly” after this date.)

    hehe mostly likely will be before forza 3 .. that would really crazy

  67. Aug. 22, 4:45am

    @Snaeper – Improve the damage model :D

  68. Aug. 22, 4:27am

    *jumps up and down* now.. how will Kaz pass the time until TGS?

  69. Aug. 22, 4:27am

    OMG hahahahhahah i knew it I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    i remember yamauchi saying long time ago that the release will be a surprise to everyone and he was right!!

    i swear i used to think the same but then i gave up on it lol .. I ACTUALLY THOUGHT LONG TIME AGO THAT A RELEASE ON THE SAME DATE AS FORZA WOULD BE HECTIC…

  70. Aug. 22, 4:27am

    The same day as forza would be class! Completely steal their thunder.

  71. Aug. 22, 4:23am

    Maybe they will release it before Forza 3. Would be crazy

  72. Aug. 22, 4:22am

    Please be will get the best game ever

  73. Aug. 22, 4:06am

    nice pic’s..tgs so far way

  74. Aug. 22, 3:57am

    Happy Birthday to me or Jesus, or the kids and their annual quest for candy will see note on my door saying, ‘For a real treat, have your parents buy you a PS3 & GT5’.

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