Gran Turismo 5 To Release “Shortly” After GT PSP

Gran Turismo 5 74 August 22, 2009 by


In a video interview with French gaming site, Kazunori Yamauchi hinted at Gran Turismo 5‘s release date with the following statement (thanks to reece22345 for the translation!):

“I really understand that lots of people are interested in GT5, and we will do everything we can so that the game is released quickly. But we are focusing our priorities and Gran Turismo will come out on the PSP the 1st of october first. The only thing I want to tell you today, is that GT5 will be released shortly after this date.

Yamauchi’s statements fall in line with what GTPlanet has learned previously, making a 2009 release date even more certain than it already was.  He also hinted at why he is often so secretive in his interviews, adding that he ““rarely wants to talk about the future” and “”likes to be precise, and he’s not happy talking about stuff that isn’t concrete and ready”.  When the whole world (or would that be…’Planet?) painstakenly examines and archives your every word, it would give anyone extra pause before opening their mouth.

The GameBlog crew must have also picked Yamauchi’s pockets, because they managed, somehow, to get hold of these screenshots.  You may remember seeing them before – we originally posted them here in the highest resolution that was available from Polyphony Digital’s own website (they were taken offline shortly thereafter).  GameBlog, however, got some copies that were considerably larger in size.  Hmmm…

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