Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.05 Goes Live, New Seasonal Events

February 16th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As previously announced by Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo 5 version 2.05 is now available. It weighs in at 25MB, and apparently brings with it only one publicly documented change, according to Polyphony Digital’s website:

  • The issue of experience and rewards not being received in online races has now been corrected.

New Seasonal Events have also become available in the game, introducing the following new A-Spec races:

  • 400PP Autumn Ring Mini /5 Laps
    1st: Cr.133,200  2nd: Cr.81,100  3rd: Cr.71,200
  • 500PP Nürburgring GP/D /3 Laps
    1st: Cr.301,000  2nd: Cr.183,100  3rd: Cr.160,900
  • 650PP Special Stage Route 5 /5 Laps
    1st: Cr.447,600  2nd: Cr.272,400  3rd: Cr.239,400

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated; head over to our forums for a complete list of the new selection of vehicles. Thanks to RACECAR for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Joie de vivre!

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  1. Mar. 9, 1:55pm

    Can’t get the update to work :(
    Keep getting an error message every time I try to download it.

  2. Mar. 6, 1:49pm

    Just updated to 2.05 and now my Saved Data is not being recognized. The game freezes up and all I get is a blue screen with audio but no video. Only thing I can do is manually turn off the console. I saved my progress data, then deleted what was on the console and it works like a charm, except I have to start all over. I don’t want to lose my CR’s or all the cars I have. Anyone else having a similar problem?????

  3. Feb. 20, 2:39pm

    just saw that duuno why

  4. Feb. 20, 12:41pm

    9 hour maintenance on february 23? for what?

  5. Feb. 19, 8:33pm

    Did anybody notice that you can change the wheels on standard cars now? Or did I miss this a long time ago??

    I was just able to change the wheels on my 2002 wrx, my 1998 Mini Cooper 1.3L and a mitsubishi 3000GT.

    • Feb. 20, 8:15am

      It’s was possible since 2.03

    • Feb. 20, 6:52pm

      Welcome to Earth bro…

    • Feb. 20, 7:34pm

      Yeah :P

    • Feb. 20, 8:31pm

      Lol yeah I am so far behind. I had so many updates when I signed on. Thanks for the replys.

  6. Feb. 19, 6:50pm

    I have a problem, after I crossed the finish line in a seasonal race the car would cruise by itself(49mph) and the race won’t end! Can’t exit or anything, icons go invisible.

  7. Feb. 19, 1:14pm
    young car joc

    Is anyone else haveing the issue after the update that your game runs great untill ur about to enter a track, it doesnt load then when you hit exit, it laggs out?

    • Feb. 19, 1:40pm
      young car joc

      turns out its just when u use the edge special

  8. Feb. 19, 8:12am

    I have a few problems with my online experience:
    1. Kids should not be allowed to play online or join rooms with racers above 18 years. Many times, this juveniles drive backwards or do dumb stuff.
    2.Some hosts are egocentric losers. I will not mention names, but u know them. These are some reasons why i say so; i get kicked because i win too much, or get kicked for refusing to switch to manual gear control, mostly its jealousy. They cant believe the times i run with a controller or car.
    3.DRAG rooms should all be banned. I love indy road track, but can never find real races there, instead I see stupid jdm drag races. Its really stupid.
    4. DIRTY racers and cowards. By cowards I mean racers who duck me by exiting room rather than get defeated, and ofcourse guys who wreck you and lie about it.
    5. We need rankings for online races, with most points awarded to clean and well rounded drivers who can race anywhere, not like nurburgring one trick pony racers (660pp)

    • Feb. 19, 11:13am

      Not trying to start anything but posting your concerns n ranting here is not the right spot

      Now I agree with you on some of your views. Not being able to play unless ur 18. I know this would be very difficult cause kids now a days can find ways around easily. I have also found that they dont half to be under 18 years old to drive dirty or show no respect to other players.

      The drag race rooms. Now I am tired of seeing drag race rooms as well but honestly its a racing game and they will always be there. I think a good idea for pd to do for the online rooms would be some how to group rooms together by a category. Could have drag race, NASCAR, and drift rooms all grouped individualaly. This could help searching for a room you may enjoy instead of shuffling through 30 rooms of drag,NASCAR,drift that I don’t want to join.

      Please make a post on the fourms tho if you want to rant. Posting here is for the topic, I.e the new update and seasonal events.

  9. Feb. 18, 6:45pm

    Sorry, not right… I meant to say. I want to turn LEFT!

    • Feb. 18, 10:11pm

      I think a cool idea for the seasonal events would be alowing no tuneing and it does a shuffle for car select for the races. Make things a lil more challenging and different.

  10. Feb. 18, 6:44pm

    WOW! I don’t think it’s my imagination, but the SSR X track now has a few blinking red lights on that TALL tower. Thanks PD! Now if we just had the option of racing in reverse, I want to turn right…

  11. Feb. 18, 2:53pm

    was pretty stoked to get the update.. however my game has stopped playing as soon as i finished the update. Just will not load anymore. Anyone else having any issue with the update?

    • Feb. 18, 3:35pm

      I can play, but game locks up in the transition screen. The black screen with the GT logo on it.

  12. Feb. 17, 10:58pm

    Wish they would add the Hockenheim Circuit.

    • Feb. 18, 12:46pm

      Ow yes. What a track that is.

  13. Feb. 17, 10:53pm

    I miss Apricot Hill Raceway…

  14. Feb. 17, 10:06pm

    …Cape Ring although one of the newest original courses, just never really interested me.

  15. Feb. 17, 8:19pm

    I’m curious… what 1-2 tracks and 1-2 cars would everyone want added to the game. Perhaps 1 street car and 1 race car. I for one would like Audi R15/18 and more Aston Martin. Plus what are peoples least favourite tracks and cars. I never race the cape ring…

  16. Feb. 17, 7:02pm

    Seasonal Event was boring as hell, make it interesting with weather change, tire wear, etc or don’t bother

  17. Feb. 17, 6:55pm

    I still think Seattle is just too far out!

  18. Feb. 17, 6:54pm

    I don’t know why everyone talks about wanting the Seattle street circuit. Yet nobody ever mentions (my favourite), Paris Opera. (I’m also a sucker for ferris wheels)! That Seattle circuit isn’t one that I miss, it was a bit over the top… that hilly section in an LMP car or gran turismo F1, nevermind that there was train tracks to run over.

    • Feb. 17, 7:22pm

      What about the Tahiti Road and Tahiti Dirt Route 3? I want those two tracks back too. And Rome Short, Rome Circuit, Grindelwald, and Seattle Short…

  19. Feb. 17, 4:28pm

    Great, we finally got some A-Spec, but too bad it’s the same old boring unimaginative A-Spec. Where are the longer races with pitstops and tire wear? Where is the weather? How about the expert seasonals? What happened to those?

  20. Feb. 17, 12:58pm
    Chad Esposito

    What all should do is stop playing GT5 for a long time and go Forza (that’s what I did btw). Maybe then PD will learn something, wait, maybe not even then… I want my great Gran Turismo experience back!! Guess that is long gone now… Please PD, wake up…

    • Feb. 17, 1:19pm

      “kids should be banned from the internet!”

  21. Feb. 17, 11:32am

    nice, 3 new races…
    they should have put a event creator from the git-go, 3 RACES, that’s 5 minutes one guy put in the game for the community, and it’s the usual PP classes, this is BS.

  22. Feb. 17, 10:53am


    If Kaz has each car (new/old) mapped then converted in order to capture handling, engine sound and so forth.

    What would happen if PD indeed got permission to use Porsche? Would they then map each car, or would they just stick a livery on any old existing frame they have? What’s more important, would you as a GT player even care?

    Do you want an authentic virtual Porsche, or just the body work without the car’s true mechanical specs?

    And would Kaz allow that, or would he insist on accurately re-creating each car? In fact, would Porsche insist on accuracy if they allow their cars to be used?
    With the exception of the Touring Car DLC, I think each of the new cars have gone through the mapping process for realism.

    EA did block Forza from using Porsche in Forza 4. So what’s the deal with that?
    Is EA “pimping” the sub licensing of Porsche cars? If so, is Sony/PD going to buy?

  23. Feb. 17, 10:36am

    Ii haven’t installed last weeks update and i live in Europe, would the corrupt file thing happen to me? Because i don’t want to spend over 50 hours getting my cars back.

  24. Feb. 17, 9:56am

    i hope they fix the bug called onlineplay….

    • Feb. 17, 10:28am


      Yes, and I have a feeling it’s got a lot to do with their (PD) server network. The black screen of death, being kicked multipule times from on-line lobbies, and having on-line races that start with 10 players and end up with one or two when the race starts. All this stuff started with the 2.00 update. At least for me. In other words, prior to “tail view” camera issue.

      The response time just went to $h!+ on-line. I am not sure, but I think it’s server hardware. Memory/video memory can not handel the sessions. Only guessing.

    • Feb. 17, 1:21pm

      I love GT5 as driving simulator, but i have to admit Online play is a bit “unfinished”

  25. Feb. 17, 9:32am

    It is strange… I did the update of 25MB to gain back two things that were in the game before, minus the 25MB space it took just to gain them back. (The online credit and experience, plus an oil trolley). WOW!

  26. Feb. 17, 9:23am

    Why are they not fixing the interior for the standard Audi R8 ’01. It is still very blurry looking. Compared to the Audi R8 ’05, which has the same cockpit, but it is sharp and in focus… WHY?

  27. Feb. 17, 8:49am

    I was racing last night in a private room with 5 to 7 people in and mic’s were cutting out and several of us got “disconnected from lobby server” 3 or 4 times. I can’t speak for everyone in the room but I have fibre optic broadband with an Ethernet cable straight into my ps3 so I know its not my connection and this has only started happening since the last 2 updates, I am a massive fan of GT5 and play it nearly every day online, please stop concentrating on fixing missing trolleys and wind noise and stuff and make your servers better PD.

  28. Feb. 17, 7:47am

    I guess I’ve been lucky too. I’ve never lost a single save from GT1 to GT5. Also note that I have never had (or wanted) the full list of cars. The most I’ve ever collected was 200 in GT3. As far as GT5 updates and DLC’s are concerned, I always restart/reboot the PS3 before I run any update. I sometimes leave the PS on for a number of days. So no matter what, I’ll restart it when I want to play GT5 or anyother game. You folks who lost your save data, have a right to be pissed.

    Because if special considerations must be made prior to updating or downloading, PD or Sony should tell their users about them in advance. If it’s a hardware issue, or result of software install, it still sucks. If they know of the possibility of curruption and loss of data, they should issue a warning.

  29. Feb. 17, 7:18am

    Um torque split is now adjustable by 5 instead of by ones

  30. Feb. 17, 5:32am

    I hope there’s a car pack 4 and adding a new Mercedes Benz and Cadillac cts v coupe and also Toyota Camry 2012 new BMW m5 we Need gran turismo to be better than forza Motorsport
    Thank you

    • Feb. 17, 6:02am

      Got to admit at the mo forza has got a better line up of cars including 2011 and 2012 modles and GT could do with some new toys to throw around the track. And no im not a GT hater cos its the nuts but I like both games and and if you could mix GT with forza then just think how perfect a game that would be.

    • Feb. 17, 6:54am

      I like both games aswell. :) I like how forza handles the list of cars in their game, seems proper. Maybe someday Gran Turismo will do the same with their car list, I really miss the Ford GT90 and Jaguar Sport XJR-15. Find those fast models in japan PD, so you can do America and Europe cars. ;)

    • Feb. 17, 7:00am

      TokoTurismo do you play forza then?

    • Feb. 17, 7:50am

      Haha, yes I do. Aswell as GT5. :)

    • Feb. 17, 8:45am

      Add me on xbox then bud and maybe we can tear up the track a few times. My gamer tag is brianuk1.

    • Feb. 17, 8:57am

      Sweet, I’m cool with that. ;) We can create our own car club aswell. Woohoo. :D

    • Feb. 17, 9:02am

      Hi, what I mean the gran turismo 5 team can do this but they didn’t
      Thank you for the reply comments

    • Feb. 17, 9:36am

      I already have a club if you want to join that one. That gos for anyone else to.

    • Feb. 17, 12:03pm

      ^Sweet, I’m in for sure. :D I made some “Evolution: History Of Racing” designs too. :)

  31. Feb. 17, 5:19am


    • Feb. 17, 4:40pm

      Cool I will have a look at them when I get on.

  32. Feb. 17, 2:38am

    My x button does not work when gt5 starts also i guess no buttons work i started game several times does anyone have that problem

    • Feb. 17, 3:12am

      you sure its connected as controler1 ?

    • Feb. 17, 4:02am

      try re-assigning the controller number, then back to 1.

      it happened to me 1 time and was only able to select things by clicking the PS button. Once I got to the settings, I coudn’t back out, It happened after re-assigning my wheel and DS3 to the same controller port number, making them both change at once.

    • Feb. 17, 4:05am

      I used to have that problem. if its the same thing that was happening to me my ps3s wifi signal was too slow and gt5 checks for updates when youre on the main screen. the problem is it doesnt time out if it cant reach the server so you get hung up on the main screen. I fixed my problem with an ethernet cable, hasnt hung up since.

  33. Feb. 16, 9:34pm


    I know that with all the issues about these updates, my issue may seem small, but is annyone is able to use ps eye for 2.05?

    it was working for me yesterday, but not tonight…


  34. Feb. 16, 9:31pm

    how does this loss of game save happen,i cant find anything in the forum.Just wanna kno what not to do.

    • Feb. 16, 10:30pm

      Think it was only affecting European users, and has been fixed since anyhow. Should be fine to proceed with the update but as usual make a backup of your save data first ;)

    • Feb. 16, 10:54pm

      ok M8 thanks

    • Feb. 16, 10:58pm

      Oh,i forgot,im in Australia and we are classed as Europeans,this is 1 thing that really annoy’s me,we arnt in the Asia region.Its not good enough,Singapore uses english so language isnt an issue.

  35. Feb. 16, 5:58pm

    That march update and dlc rumor is really getting to me. >_< Is Seattle really coming back?

    • Feb. 16, 7:00pm

      Nevermind this is not real…. Forget it… I hate rumors..

    • Feb. 17, 4:17am

      It was the only ‘track’ I’ve ever been to.

    • Feb. 17, 7:54am

      I love Seattle dearly. Hope to see it come back someday. *.*

  36. Feb. 16, 5:45pm

    Still no chase cam view change like it was introduced in update 2.03? WHY? WHY!!!!

  37. Feb. 16, 4:47pm

    My game started as 9GB, now it got raised to 21GB from the patches alone, don’t forget the 40+GB from the 520+ pictures I’ve taken on the game

    • Feb. 17, 6:40am

      How does your 520+ pics take over 40GB? My pictures are 2.5MB max at maximum resolution.

  38. Feb. 16, 4:22pm

    Well, unlike some, I am fortunate as my game data did not corrupt with the faulty update patch released in Europe today, only my game save file was corrupted. Which (luckily) I was careful to backup to USB last night before I logged off, and has restored ok.

    I accept that bugs occur and have been relatively lenient before but I am sorry, but whether this is PDs fault or Sonys – THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE. I feel so much for those who now have to restore EVERY update (see the forum for an example) as well as their backed up save file (if they have one).

    So we have a new fix today for today’s faulty patch for a faulty patch from last week. Does anyone not think this is outrageous? How many faulty patches can they reasonably release in one week?

    I am an accountant. If I gave a client a faulty set of accounts and then sent them a revised set a week later with a virus in it which corrupted their file (closest analogy I can think of) and then had to send them a third set of accounts later that day, I would be fired!

    Ok, rant over. I hope these Seasonal Events help to calm me down…

    • Feb. 16, 5:21pm

      Thats kinda weird that PD and everyone says this but i always forget to back up before updates and yet none of mine corrupted, maybe im a lucky one :) but one day, bang… gone…

  39. Feb. 16, 3:51pm

    I have a question…. What car are people using to win these events with 650PP requirements? The only car that I own right now that can keep up with the fastest in these races in my Ferrari Enzo. I own 602 unique cars and haven’t been able to find one that can easily win this or any other 650PP races.

    • Feb. 16, 4:04pm

      I use either Zonda LM Race Car or BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car. These win every time if you use them correctly.
      If you are going to use a road car, the CIEN, McLaren F1, Furai Concept, and W12 Nardo Concepts are your best bets.

    • Feb. 16, 4:07pm

      ok i do have that zonda, cien, mclaren f1, furai (which i never thought was going to be fast enough lol) and the nardo. i dont know yet if i have that bmw. ill try the zonda out first and go in order. thanks alot :)

    • Feb. 16, 4:15pm

      RX7 TC works everytime fully loaded 642pp

    • Feb. 16, 4:26pm

      I use my Corvette ZR1 RM. It is a bomb….

    • Feb. 16, 7:13pm

      I find that the performance of the nomad Diablo quite good for those races. All I have on it is a new oil change and soft racing tires. Works well for me. Please note: the Nomad may take a few tries. Not that more money is a bad thing…

    • Feb. 16, 9:01pm

      i use my Audi R8 ’01 orAudi R8 ’05 oreca.My best lap times bob gets is using half downforce so i can have a bit more power.

    • Feb. 16, 9:01pm

      and i dont race if the Mclaren F1
      GTR is starting,i go back and start again :)

    • Feb. 16, 9:28pm

      agreed zonda LM is the McLaren slayer

    • Feb. 16, 9:48pm

      I use the Mazda Furai Concept, usually have the lead within 2 laps

    • Feb. 16, 9:51pm

      GTR V-spec 09 – 648 pp

    • Feb. 17, 1:45am

      Buy a yellow hat gtr that’s what I won it with

    • Feb. 17, 4:07am

      chapparel 2j is usually pretty good around 650 pp

    • Feb. 17, 9:37am

      Furai or Lambo Diablo…I haven’t tried the 2J since PD “adjusted” the PP, the 2J used to be my ringer car. I don’t even try if the F1 is up front.

    • Feb. 18, 7:15am

      Ok people thank you very much :) i used the zonda lm in the third race on this seasonal event update. i got to second place. i tried the 2j and it was not very good…. only use i found for that car was the 2nd historic race. i also do own the diablo nomad but have yet to try it out. not too concerned about completing this seasonal event cuz i probably have the car that it’ll reward. i now have 659 cars out of the 1000+. yes im trying to get all the cars in the game lol. now my next question is this… what car is best for japanese classics seasonal (yes i know its old). what car is best for 400PP and 500PP races? i wish they would raise the money for seasonals again… i have a lot of 20,000,000 dollar cars to get and could use the money for them lol. btw for the japanese seasonal i did beat two of the races with the dome zero. is this the best one?

  40. Feb. 16, 3:31pm

    …but please…1 LVL ticket for all wins…?

    • Feb. 19, 5:19pm

      But you do get nearly 200,000 more so and I was lucky I got the best car you van get from it,The s800 Honda race car if tuned goes about 180mph weighs same as a x2011/x2010 but it only has 93bhp but still fast keeps up with Corvette C2 race car if tuned well

    • Feb. 19, 5:22pm

      sorry about the word van I ment can but I use a touch screen and I have big thumbs so sorry about that.

  41. Feb. 16, 1:31pm

    If they would only fix the exhaust note when you install a full control transmission.

    Wonder how many Ninja Edits were done in 2.05? LOL

    • Feb. 16, 3:33pm


  42. Feb. 16, 12:28pm

    Do we get a ticket for seasonal completion?

    • Feb. 16, 4:06pm

      Yes, LEVEL 1!

    • Feb. 16, 5:18pm

      Joking right?

  43. Feb. 16, 12:11pm

    I think it’s amazing how much time PD has been devoting to this game and making it as awesome as it can possibly be. Most companies (I’m looking at you, EA) would have long since ceased updating it in preparation for their next game. Thanks PD! :)

    • Feb. 16, 2:01pm

      They would have given up on day of launch.

    • Feb. 16, 7:15pm

      I agree with Brianuk1. I was unaware ANY of there games were updated. It always seemed to me that they stopped fixing their games several days before launch. :D

    • Feb. 19, 5:41pm

      Yes I agree because some companies just leave it after about 1year but PD nope went the extra mile with 2years and they are doing this as well as making gt6
      I’m not trying to sound like a fanboy but PD work extremely hard so let them do what they do best and make the gt series better every once in awhile this is somebodys whole life (I mean cars)if Kaz were to read all of the hate comments do you think he would feel fine?I certainly would not.

  44. Feb. 16, 12:09pm

    GT5, The real patching the patch simulator.

    • Feb. 16, 3:09pm

      if only our cars in game, would rust after a rainy race, I am certain the patch job would be excellent.

  45. Feb. 16, 11:32am

    So its only an update to fix the last update ? LOL

  46. Feb. 16, 11:25am

    I wonder what bugs patch 2.05 will introduce?

  47. Feb. 16, 11:25am

    Anybody know’s when that new nsx comes out?

    • Feb. 16, 3:09pm

      According to Acura’s website, and my driveway, it is 2015.

  48. Feb. 16, 11:07am

    Sorry but we can manage our pictures in many many ways .. too many .. waiting to manage our Replays! always!

  49. Feb. 16, 11:03am

    Just noticed another fix, although minor. The cursor (arrow) in both A & B-spec is now starting at the bottom of the list, with beginner. Which is how it always was, until 2.04. (Instead of the cursor at the top of the list, with extreme… which is the way it was in 2.04).

    • Feb. 19, 5:49pm

      I noticed that to,small but useful fix I kept clicking endurance instead of beginner (I wanted a ticket)since i was used to bottom cursor I thought now why is 24hours of le mans in beginner?

  50. Feb. 16, 10:11am

    Can anyone help me out? It has been there for awhile now, but I still don’t know what for. In the top left of the screen under your position number is a small U symbol followed by a number and %. What does this mean? Is it like in GT4 in arcade mode where there was a number before the race with like our odds / chances of winning. I remember the higher the number the harder the race was to win. It was all based on your car selection, (the lower the number the easier the race).

    • Feb. 16, 10:22am

      I think that is the amount of water on the track. Ex. 72% water ion the track

    • Feb. 16, 4:16pm

      The “U” you are referring to is the icon they use to represent your tire, the dashed line underneath the tire represents the road surface. There is a little water drop beside the tire as well.% sign indicates the amount of water between your tire and the road surface at any given moment during the race. It changes based on current conditions.

  51. Feb. 16, 10:09am

    Currently most updated and supported game in our game libraries.

    I’d take bug fixes over Dlc and no fixes.

    • Feb. 19, 6:11pm

      same because there could be a bug so you cant use dlc (wait there is my mates can’t always use the track/maps even though they have done the download and installation)

  52. Feb. 16, 9:46am

    One thing I have noticed is when I tune tranny and set top speed, it always says something different when you look at the tuning sheet selection screen.

  53. Feb. 16, 9:31am

    It’s almost hard to believe, what started out as a 9GB game has grown to 21GB. Don’t forget with every update/patch for a previously introduced glitch that our HDD just keeps getting smaller…

    • Feb. 16, 2:33pm

      Grow it to 50GB! I’m not concerned. I’ve got plenty of HDD space. Let’s do this!

    • Feb. 16, 7:21pm

      Wouldn’t suck if you had the really old 20GB playstation? You would need two of them: one for most games and one for GT5. That would be funny, assuming you weren’t that person.

  54. Feb. 16, 9:13am

    YES!!! The little red trolly for the oil man has returned.

  55. Feb. 16, 8:58am

    My own music playlist doesnt play in online mode after 2.04. Hope they fixed it!
    Add much more Aspec championships please, its so boring game without friendly leagues with rules.

    • Feb. 16, 9:21am

      mine never has, only offline races and arcade

    • Feb. 16, 9:25am

      Mine music until 2.04 has played one time and one time not, but from 2.04 has never played in online.

    • Feb. 16, 10:36am

      Music online only works when you have mics turned off. It still works since 2.04. Past 3 days i’ve been online with my music.

    • Feb. 16, 11:32am

      My custom tracks have always worked, you just need to be racing in an online room where mics are disabled (doing this also increases the connection speed of the room too, so it is a win-win-win as you don’t need to hear people talking, can jam to your own tunes, and have an increased connection speed!).

      For some reason though sometimes my music will not play in menus. To remedy the problem I need to go to the option page and just re-click the playlist. Not a major problem, it’s just some kind of bug probably.

    • Feb. 16, 12:22pm

      1+ both Bom15 and NoonenF1. My works aswell if mics are off.

  56. Feb. 16, 8:08am

    Wonderful photo Joie de vivre! I’m inspired. :) I loved this new seasonal event and update. The last event was pretty tough, but I made it. Just won a Honda CR-Z. ;) Can’t wait till March. :D I’m also loving the new OCD aswell, I love classic rally cars.

    Thank you very much PD. :)

    • Feb. 16, 8:50am

      I’m looking forward to getting that alfa spider and maybe the starion but I have all the rest already.

      p.s. can I have your autograph? *

    • Feb. 16, 12:26pm

      ^ Haha. Sure you may my friend. :) *Writes autograph for hairystig* There you go. ;)

  57. Feb. 16, 7:48am

    Oh yea, you can win a new ticket, “lvl 1” !!!

    Now I have at least a reason to do a seasonal race, after a long time. :D

    Thanks, PD.

  58. Feb. 16, 7:42am
    Raggi Boy

    is the oil change guys skateboard still invisible?

    • Feb. 19, 5:52pm


  59. Feb. 16, 6:56am

    Well, I just got screwed, did the 2.05 update and while installing it had an error, went to download again and now I have to download 15 updates. WTH!!! So much for my day off.

    • Feb. 16, 3:42pm

      Yeah that happened to me aswell. apparently it’s a defected data issue according to the error code. But you’re lucky this error seems to have been stuck in my system! can’t even download anything without the instalation process being aborted!

    • Feb. 16, 3:55pm

      Finally finished installing all 15 updates, now this is the fun begins, all my DLC is gone, paint chips….gone,racing gear….. gone, all RM cars are now white and all tracks…..gone. SMH! Have to see how I can get all my stuff back.

    • Feb. 16, 9:24pm

      I had to delete all my update files as the same thing was happening when I tried downloading them again. After deleting them downloading went smooth. Hope you get your update sorted.

  60. Feb. 16, 6:36am

    automn ring sound fun….nürburgring might be good too…
    bye the way: COOL PICTURE WITH THE LAMBO@Joie de vivre!!!

  61. Feb. 16, 5:55am

    wondering what else there would be

  62. Feb. 16, 5:03am

    i would gladly pay for new tracks…

    • Feb. 16, 6:20am

      I’d gladly pay for old tracks, by that I mean tracks from previous gran turismos but inexplicably not in 5, it could be the retro map pack and damn easy money for PD.

    • Feb. 16, 6:30am

      #track not map :-/

  63. Feb. 16, 4:21am
    Joie de vivre!

    It’s drifting because it can! :D

    • Feb. 16, 4:36am

      I love this car. Its fun to drift and the pic is pretty cool to.

    • Feb. 16, 4:48am
      Joie de vivre!


  64. Feb. 16, 3:52am

    :/ hoping for more

    • Feb. 16, 4:50am

      No probs

  65. Feb. 16, 3:04am

    Yes! Only 25mb! That is about 5 minutes with my internet speed. I’m glad I won’t have to wait because I’m anxious to get the last DLC car pack. Tomorrow I’m buying a PSN card and driving the ’66 Beetle for the first time!!

    • Feb. 16, 8:56am

      Your comment makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Thanks.

    • Feb. 16, 9:29am

      LOL…25 seconds to me. lol

    • Feb. 16, 1:08pm

      Well, not everyone has a super fast internet service. It’s not that I can’t afford it, it’s that the maximum speed available here is 3mbps. If I had an option for 100mbps like in some countries, I would get it in a heartbeat.

    • Feb. 19, 5:56pm

      Mine took about ten times as long (50 minutes to bad mathmaticions sorry forgot how to spell it)

  66. Feb. 16, 2:52am


  67. Feb. 16, 2:40am

    Any update is welcome as far as im conserned. Even if its just to fix an old update. It just gos to show that they still working hard even after a year of gt’s release date. Thanx PD and team for your constant hard work.

    • Feb. 16, 3:05am

      uuuum, you’d like to think they’d work hard to fix problems they create….

    • Feb. 16, 4:08am

      @daics: Yeah you’d think so wouldn’t you. Played any in-house EA game lately? -_-

    • Feb. 16, 4:49am

      The fact they still keep bringing out updates, update fixes, extra content and DLC shows they are still working hard in my eyes.

    • Feb. 16, 9:03pm

      35 daics collingwood champion??????

    • Feb. 17, 11:15pm

      @pigboy – yeah mate. collingwood supporter since birth, fav player of all time, peter daicos, racing number 69. legend for life

    • Feb. 17, 11:18pm

      also, i’m not trying to argue with the bloke that wrote the initial comment. it’s just that when they release updates that break the game, that’s different to them releasing a broken game. so its EXPECTED that they work hard to fix the problems. overall i love gt5 but i’d volunteer to test the patches for bugs if they asked, but they just seem to put em out there and hope for the best these days. i’ve had the game since day 1, signiture edition and early updates never had problems. just the recent ones. peace

  68. Feb. 16, 2:35am

    I love these seasonals, I spend so much time grabbing a car and tuning it to 500pp and trying to beat the AI on sport hard tires. it’s a fun battle. Some cars are just a handful or poo, it’s interesting. Some cars should not leave their performance brackets for any reason, Honda Accord SiR Spec S I’m looking at you. Now if Kaz would put a patch that would remove the 20 mil cap for those who already have the penniless and multimillionaire trophies. No point in stopping us from amassing insane amounts of cash, it’s for the greater good of my enjoyment, to just be sitting on billions and just feel like splurging on 20 mil rides for no good reason but to built my own fleet of marauders in different colors just for the fun of it.

    • Feb. 16, 4:40am

      EA has got to be one of the worst out there for problems with there games. Shift and shift 2 come to mind.

    • Feb. 16, 9:08am

      Have you ever raced online? I don’t see how you could’ve raced online and then go back to racing AI and think that’s fun. Holy God it’s boring and WAY too easy.

      To all people that do not race on line, start doing so. You are missing out on a huge portion of this game. Now the open lobby can be a scary place. But if you take your time and find some good drivers to race with, I promise this game will be 1 billion times better for you.

    • Feb. 16, 9:47am

      @granddriver – Dude, take it easy. Stop assuming that all people think like you and like what you like. I love A-spec, prob more then I do playing online (since I play it more). A lot of the people on this site are oldskool Gran Turismo fans, long before there was ever online play. I personally put in over 500 overs into GT2, and prob more into GT3 ….and never got bored.

      I understand this new generation is all about Online play, DLC, and what not, but thats the beauty of Gran Turismo, it has a wide appeal and very deep and loyal fan-base….you play online all you want, stop hating on the people who like A-spec.

      P.S. Racing the A.I on Sports: Hard is very challenging. I do most of my endurance races on sport:soft/hard

    • Feb. 16, 9:06pm

      i cant get gold on some of the SPECIAL(above speed test).the 1 with the lambo in the dark and the eiger race …grrrrrrrrrr

  69. Feb. 16, 1:52am

    For some reason my Online Network to join a different region NO longer includes JAPAN? Why is this?
    (I use to play with Japan users all the time with me being in USA/CA. Please help if anyone knows?

    However I noticed I can now join users from the Middle East, More Euro Countries and Australia…

    Can someone please help with this?


    • Feb. 16, 2:23am

      nevermind…Update 2.05 fixed the issue. lol

  70. Feb. 16, 12:59am

    Im definatly not moaning about DLC ,its good they are fixing things instead of adding more, having said that i do have to have a moan though which is : why dont they seem to test anything??? this patch and many before it are only fixing things they have broken with prior patches. Seems like an odd methodology to me

    • Feb. 16, 1:12am

      it’s cheaper

    • Feb. 16, 1:45am

      C’mon give those guys a break. You think they had time to test the latest patch? These people are NOT machines who can do several things all at once. I think it’s a monumental achievement that they were still able to fix the online rewards issue in v.205…

      … despite spending all of their time and resources looking for that poor mechanic’s misplaced floor roller! Anybody who has ever done any DIY work on real cars will attest that it’s pretty easy to lose such a tiny thing.

    • Feb. 16, 2:17am

      legobrainboy lmao

    • Feb. 16, 2:49am

      i’m glad PD does not work on real cars

    • Feb. 16, 3:07am

      @ legobrainboy – HOW MUCH DID PD PAY YOU TO MAKE THAT COMMENT?!!

    • Feb. 16, 4:42am

      Sorry should have been a reply to GTandy36.

    • Feb. 16, 9:10pm

      gawd lego…id happily be a tester for PD,ive got the time,have no life except to troll round here 24/7

  71. Feb. 16, 12:46am

    sorry. no more beautiful red-sunlight nurburgring time18:00-…..? in online…?

  72. Feb. 16, 12:38am

    Hmm, seems they forgot to mention there most important fix ever, the oil change trolley :O disgraceful PD, how could you forget such a thing.. *Walks off whistling the Entertainer*

    • Feb. 16, 1:49am

      I liked the anti gravity suit my mechanic had. It was cool to watch him float effortlessly underneath my cars to change the oil. One of the coolest glitches ever.

  73. Feb. 16, 12:18am

    sorry my english ::russia::

  74. Feb. 16, 12:17am

    Where did the red sun in nurburgring?. after upgrade 2.00 or 2.10 or…? beautiful red sunlight at (18:00-20:00)

  75. Feb. 16, 12:08am

    25 MB with one “documented” fix. Just a wild guess, but I think there’s probably a bit more than just one fix.

    • Feb. 16, 12:12am

      the intricately detailed 3D model of the floor roller is 24mb.

    • Feb. 16, 12:14am

      If that’s the case, it had DEFINITELY better be drivable ;)

    • Feb. 16, 3:08am

      probably includes future dlc that we’ll have to pay for to use/unlock when they decide its a good time for a cash grab

  76. Feb. 16, 12:05am

    Yay for new OCD and seasonals.

  77. Feb. 16, 12:05am

    And the guy who changes your oil seems to have found his floor roller.

  78. Feb. 16, 12:05am

    *Cue the whiners who want DLC instead of bug fixes…*

    • Feb. 16, 12:07am

      I want the floor roller as DLC!!! Imagine freewheeling that thing down the corkscrew at laguna seca…

    • Feb. 16, 12:10am


  79. Feb. 16, 12:04am

    Why is an Aventador drifting?

    • Feb. 16, 12:09am

      Why are you questioning it? Its a video game.

    • Feb. 16, 12:10am

      Maybe the floor roller got stuck under it and is messing with the traction control. Hope the oil-change guy got out though…

    • Feb. 16, 12:13am

      @lego: If there was a way to +rep, upvote, whatever I would do it to your post. I got a great laugh out of that mental image.

    • Feb. 16, 1:29am

      @legobrainboy +1….but also -1….its 1:30 am here and I just LOL’d and woke up my wife.

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