GT Academy 2012 Launches Today in 15 Countries, Available as Free Download

The search for the next generation of GT Academy champions begins today! This year’s competition will be bigger than ever before, open to players in more than 15 countries in four different regions:

  • Europe:
    • Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain and Portugal
    • Switzerland
    • Austria and Poland
    • UK and Ireland
  • The United States of America
  • Russia
  • Germany

A champion will be crowned from each region, with each getting the chance to drive for Nissan in the 2013 Dubai 24 Hours. Players in other countries will likely be able to download and play the demo, but will not be eligible for the competition’s main prize. As of writing, however, no official confirmation (other than special prizes for Japanese gamers) of this has been announced by Sony.

As previously announced, GT Academy 2012 will be available on the PlayStation 3 as a free, downloadable mini-game via the PlayStation Store. The game will consist of eight consecutive time trial events over the next eight weeks. It’s now available to download in the PlayStation Store (search for “Academy” to find it) as a 3GB file.

GTPlanet’s new GT Academy 2012 Forum has also just been launched, and is available as a free resource and discussion platform to all competitors from around the world. Good luck, everyone!

Meanwhile, European Brand manager Penrose Tackie has included the following information on the PS Blog:

Here’s how everything works – the exclusive Gran Turismo content will be available to download from PlayStation Store, free of charge, from 17.00BST / 18.00CEST on May 1 until 23.59BST / 00.59CEST on 24 June. You can download and take part at any time during this period, so even if you miss the start you can still play catch up and get involved.

Once you have downloaded the content, Polyphony Digital will release new rounds approximately every two weeks; in total there are eight rounds and within each round there are five sections.

Here’s a list of the rounds and when they will be available:

Round 1 and 2: 1/5 (Tue) 17.00BST – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST
Round 3 and 4: 14/5 (Mon) 00:00 – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST
Round 5 and 6: 28/5 (Mon) 00:00 – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST
Round 7 and 8 (ROUND 8 IS FINAL/QUALIFICATION EVENT):  6/11 (Mon) 00:00 – 24/6 (Sun) 23:59 BST

The various GT Twitter feeds also state the earlier time of 1700BST (1600GMT) as the launch time for the European version.

Edit: The download has now gone live in Europe and North America and is a 3Gb download from the PS Store!

GT5 Photomode image by ndbrgr.

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Comments (417)

  1. Totalyy83

    Come on have gold in everything come to register not elgible in canada come on use your common sense

  2. Sp3edst3r

    How is this fair?? i am in australia and i have also waited for ages for this and then it just F***ing appears to only be in specific countries>:( MAKE THIS THING WORLDWIDE DUMBASSES

  3. NewCadillac

    How do you actually win? I mean I have amazing real world driving skill, but can only place in the top 500 in the game.

  4. PeerHag1

    This is a bit of ‘ total bs’ that just ‘handpicked’ countryes can download the academy for 2012……..while there are a whole world out there who breath, eat and sleep GT, waiting fror gt academy…….and then been hit by the ‘you-can-not-play-with-us’ fist….. I just dont see the point in this ??? Please help me to understand this ‘problem’, cuz i just don’t understand… Thank you.

  5. another_jakhole

    I don’t think people realize that there are HUNDREDS of countries in the world. People are just naming countries off now.

  6. xXMann07

    OBITUARY! —- GT 5 is DEAD!!!*** Look at the “Forza.Net” and notice the type of cars are in the Game. and please everyone I know quality when I see, and GT 5 is way behind. GT Academy, please!! so what, not everyone will win.

    Put some quality Tracks, Cars, decals, etc.

    GT 5 is SOFT!! lets face it, when was the last DLC.
    PD Kaz you need to wake up!!!!

    1. another_jakhole

      Dead would mean the sales are dropping.

      2012/ 444,557/ -75.1%/ 7,494,449

      2012/ 302,764/ -83.7%/ 2,157,171

    2. MyFavoriteGame

      Where did you get these numbers?…Did GT5 really sell 0.5 million copies in 4 months a over a yr release?…..If that’s true, its freaking impressive…. especially considering that they only sold 1 million all of 2011.

  7. Graffen

    Not good,GT Academy its joke. Sweden ,Denmark,Norway,Finland is OUT. WHY? And many others. Very disapointed.Its a world wide game.

    1. PeerHag1

      Not to be rude but i think that they put out Scandinavia since the best drivers in the world is from our neighbour countryes like Sweden, Finland, Norway etc etc….. well if we look at WRC just to have mentioned it……..

  8. Youngun

    Think its time to dust off the old G27 to get competitive times on the board, got near top 1000 on nearly everthing but shows ive hit the wall with the DS3

  9. Zamado75

    Woop! I get to download an extra based on something I don’t care about! PD (and more importantly Kazumoron) thank you for spending your time doing this and not expanding your game so it’s not essentially the same as it was when you released it (apart from a premium BEETLE). IT’S GETTING UNBEARABLE NOW! Please give us something GOOD! PLEEEASE! And for those of you HOPEFULS who actually cate about this; whats wrong with a time-trial? 


    1. MyFavoriteGame

      Agreed, I love GT5 academy….and I greatly appreciate what the opportunities they are giving to people who might not have otherwise had it…. but I think PD needs delegation….Serious delegation!

      The GT academy guys shouldn’t be the guys working on GT6….and definitely shouldn’t be the guy doing GT5 DLC, but I’m pretty sure they are, thats the only way to explain “NOT” being able to release DLC every 2 months (GT Academy is not DLC ppl), Yes, I realize it is “downloadable”, and yes, it is “content”….and I understand that “approximately” doesn’t mean “exactly”….can’t people actually use these as excuses.

      hasn’t it been proven that delegation of tasks is always more efficient?

    1. Jacobmurer

      Make or use a uk account then Download. You Can install on your normal profile and play whitout problems. -Danish racer..

    1. Froudeybrand

      Cause people like me have a us account and downloaded it and installed it then started playing it on the Australian psn account.

    1. Jacobmurer

      Make or use a uk account then Download. You Can install on your normal profile and play whitout problems. -Danish racer..

  10. ElGreco

    Not only I can’t get the “academy” but now I can’t even get into the GT5 just to play a little… What the hell is going on ????

  11. Taunto_Svt

    Still no academy for Canada. What a shame :( I guess they Havent realized that we do drive cars here and not dog sleds on our way back to our igloo lol.

    1. HOODGE

      agreed.. From Calgary, and sorry we have some amazing drivers come out of Canada.. Jacque Villinieve ring a bell with PD? Paul Tracy, and some others..

  12. MARcFuLLa

    About this GT Academy “demo”, someone has noted some kind of graphics or sound improvements over the “game” GT5?

    I’ve heard about a graphics improvement, bu i’d like to know if it is true..

  13. GeneralKid

    just found this ….. If you clear all 5 events within a round in Gold, you will receive a car that you can use within the ‘Gran Turismo 5’ game. If you clear all rounds in Bronze or better, you’ll also receive a special racing wear set that can be worn by your avatar in “Gran Turismo 5”.The timing for the distribution and how to receive these prizes will be notified at a later date on this page

  14. chrishan

    Getting gold doesn’t seem to be hard. Possible for everyone by the looks of it.
    With not more than 2 tries I managed to gold everything, but obviously not with a good time.
    Top1000 is going to be impossible for me I think.

  15. Toyota2jz

    Have to say, it is quite shameful to see the amount of DLC coming out for FM4 & not alot for GT5.

    1. jd42

      Yeah no kidding. If my xbox hadnt crapped out two yrs ago i’d be playing forza 4. I just cant stomach buying a third xbox.

    2. Pit Crew

      get over it .play F4 and let us enjoy this gtacademy event. the shame is once again every comments section someone brings up DLC and Forza4 get it every month. this section is bout gtacademy, can anyone (and there are some ) stay on point please.

    3. Lambofanghini

      I don’t think it’s sad at all. All I know is that someone’s gotta help put gamers into a race car and GT is doing just that. Pretty sure after the academy gets well under way DLC will start dropping again.

    4. MyFavoriteGame

      ^ I agree that the academy is a great thing,….and its a lot of fun beating my friends times…but how can you be “sure” of anything PD is doing? I think it always safer to expect nothing.

    5. Quakebass

      ^ That way, if you expect nothing or vey little, you won’t get as disappointed when you get it. Or you’ll be blown away.

    6. HOODGE

      Most of the DLC is crap.. May’s got a smartcar, a dodge transit van, and a amc Pacer. SMH. Ya I have FM4, but sorry it’s a glorified PGR arcade racer with a pinch of sim added to it.. So much crap in their DLC. Maybe 2 cars outta 10 worth having. T10 need to think about track DLC rather then Smart cars. LMAO. FM will never be a driving sim with the graphics and physics of GT5. Don’t forget we got one of the best tracks in SPA for DLC, and i’m sure they are gonna soon release Motegi and more.

    7. TokoTurismo

      ^ lol. That’s why I like PD for paying attention to tracks rather then only cars every month, which the majority of the cars T10 releases are blah… I love SPA so much, and Kart Space, even SSRX. When PD releases the next DLC, I hope it’s the tracks from GT4 & GTPSP, but upscaled. :) There were other tracks too for GT5, such as Pikes Peak, which we’ll either see as DLC or in GT6. *v*

    8. MuoNiuLa

      It’s absolutely hilarious how people keep dissing Forza. Forza’s an arcade racer? From what I’ve seen, which game has the most realistic physics is quite debatable. Just find the GT vs Forza physics thread in the forum.

      And I honestly don’t see what’s so bad about Forza’s DLC. I agree, more focus should be put on tracks. However, some cars I see added are more different and unusual, just like GT has strange cars in it. They also add more popular cars and everything in between as well, so I fail to see how having variety in the DLC makes it bad. Oh, and let’s not forget Porsche being added in later this month. So sorry, I disagree that Forza’s DLC is “crap”.

      Sure, Turn 10 can improve on it, but so can PD on their DLC. GT’s DLC isn’t exactly perfect either.

    9. TokoTurismo

      ^ Who cares if F4 is getting Porsche, (which is cool in my book.) I’m sick and tire of people bragging about it, “Ohh, F4 is getting Porsche and not GT5, OOOooo.” GT Academy 2012 all the way. Still hoping to see GT get more cars and tracks in the near future if possible…

    10. MuoNiuLa

      Relax. No one’s bragging about Forza having Porsche. I just had to mention it to get my point across.

  16. DaScouser101

    @PIGBOY unless you havent noticed gt5 is a asian game so of corse they going to have it if you havent got it buy now its not going to happen we had it nearly 24 hours now

  17. DaScouser101

    type in gt to the search box about half way down the list it says gt academy 2012 its a 3gb file hope this helps

    1. Mikkel1996

      i just found out its because my country denmark is not competing so its not avilable in ps store in denmark :S but australia is not competing too and they can play the game

    2. Mr_Hansen

      @ Mikkel1996

      I have the same problem as I can’t seem to find it in the PS Store.
      It’s just a shame – firstly we can’t participate in the competition, but I still thought I would at least be able to see how I would stack up against the other players, but apparently I can’t because I’m in Denmark.

      I might try to make a UK account instead..

    3. JacobMurer

      Mikkel ! Any luck? Seems it suck AGAIN to be Danish ps3 owner. Just like movie store and other great items we are left out..

    4. Mikkel1996

      nope. no luck :( but i tried a uk account and it worked but the cars i win in it will not work on my european/danish psn account so i did not try it

    5. Jacobmurer

      @ mikkel
      Det ser ud til jeg skal lave mig en ny konto :) ud fra hvad man læser ser det ud til man først kan overføre de vundne biler på et senere tidspunkt. Så mon ikke man kan få bilerne alligevel. Ellers kan man måske oprette en gt5 save på uk kontoen og sende dem til sin danske GT5 save !? Det er da et forsøg værd, når vi ikke må lege med de andre :)

  18. BJ96

    22 minutes? it takes that long for my console to download 60mb, got to wait 934 minutes until it is complete… also, how olddo you need to be to do this? because their not exactly going to let a 4 year old compete in a 24h race in dubai….

  19. sinister_300zx

    knocked out the 1st 2 rounds won me the prize cars but i guess we have to wait for those since it says to go to the gt website to find out how to claim them and on the website it says that it will be updated soon. :)

  20. Zamado75

    Woop! I get to download an extra based on something I don’t care about! PD (and more importantly Kazumoron) thank you for spending your time doing this and not expanding your game so it’s not essentially the same as it was when you released it (apart from a premium BEETLE). IT’S GETTING UNBEARABLE NOW! Please give us something GOOD! PLEEEASE! And for those of you HOPEFULS who actually cate about this; whats wrong with a time-trial?


    1. Pit Crew

      all that criticism for nothing. just dont participate. in other gt5 news, i wonder how much our present racing /driving styles will change after gtacademy rounds complete. a cool change of pace i think. the tru gt5 hardcore ( and proud of it ) should enjoy this though im sure TomBrady feels a little dirty driving that leaf lol. JKJK enjoy.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      I am one of the last people to defend GT5, but really, just don’t participate if you don’t like it. I may not have a chance at winning GT Academy so I don’t really benefit from it, but I’m still having fun doing the events and so are a lot of other people.

  21. DaScouser101

    For every 1 who is asking is it going to be available where they live i think its safe to say if they havent got it yet then its not going to happen

    1. PIGBOY

      the medal tally is a good read…average scores of countrys…..mexico…..2.4…haha…belgium,finland are doing well,mid 6’s

  22. PIGBOY

    HEY GUYS,AUSTRALIA HAS GOT IT…..I WENT TO DEMO’S(every region ps store has different names down the left hand side menu)THEN LATEST….OK…..pigboy over n out

    1. Mikkel1996

      okay i think i should go home from study and search in ps store after gt academy 2012 in eu psn store! thanks for telling :D

    2. PIGBOY

      oh dear,i buggered up……how can i delete these posts….its notr in oz yet…i need to dig a hole to put my head in….

  23. uonram

    10min or less to download…and gold..waiting for 14may.. PD proves that they are number one…again

  24. Racingworld68

    I downloaded it in about 22 minutes (real), installing took me another 4 minutes. Good to go….
    Goodluck everyone.

  25. TokoTurismo

    Yes, the GT Academy 2012 demo was finally finished, and golded on 2 rounds, first try too. Hurray! :D Must not get cocky though, cause it’s gonna get harder later on. GT6’s licence interface should be based on GT Academy 2012’s interface with 5 rounds in it when entered, the leaderboards are perfect in the demo. I’m loving it. :)

  26. GTP_J_Turner

    Was looking forward to this but 3Gb = £15 worth of credit for my internet and about a days worth of downloading. Safe to say i wont be taking part.

    1. sanesh21

      Damn 3gigs! Even though can’t participate, I wanted to try this.
      So much for that lol.

  27. SigmaViper11

    Was there a sign up stage for this one that I missed? If so, when was it?

    Or is it done entirely through the download of this new Trial?

  28. Monatsende

    Over 3 GB of download equals 16 hours of download time for me. Was it necessary to make a stand alone, means a NEW GAME? I guess PD wants people to buy the game after they experienced the GT Academy 2012. Prolongs lifecycle of GT5 => GT6 (and PS4) won`t be launched in 2013. Hahaha. Wild guessing, I know.

    1. nurburgring

      40 minutes download for me. I must be happy. But first round is nothing exceptionnal, particularly with a Leaf…

    1. Mikkel1996

      i think australian ps store and european gets it today? eu ps store updates every wedensday

  29. smeadows99

    tried using my brand new fanatec csr with elite pedals and its not working with this. I know gt5 is compatble with the wheel but not sure if the academy is. This sucks? Can anyone chime in on this? Anyone out there currently using the fanatec in the 2012 academy??

  30. jedisteampunk

    This is what it says on the Gran Turismo US web site:
    ” Receive Great Prizes by Clearing Events!
    If you clear all 5 events within a round in Gold, you will receive a car that you can use within the ‘Gran Turismo 5’ game. If you clear all rounds in Bronze or better, you’ll also receive a special racing wear set that can be worn by your avatar in “Gran Turismo 5”.The timing for the distribution and how to receive these prizes will be notified at a later date on this page.”

    It doesn’t mention anything about it on the UK page. Well nothing that I can see on my phone anyway.

    1. Froudeybrand

      It isn’t officially on the PSN store for Australia as yet. I doubt that it won’t be. I downloaded it via my US account and people in australia do have it cause they have country collective medal tally and we have 72 so people are getting it and playing it.

  31. Meatwad67

    As of 8:49 PM Mountain Time, the Gran Turismo US website is showing that it’s under maintenance. Might mean the prize car answer might be coming soon. Hopefully!

  32. lldantell

    Can somebody please tell me how to get the cars since I got gold in the gt academy 2012 demo

    1. xzeroracer

      yes , I also don’t know.
      Nissan Leaf G (GT Academy Version) ’11
      Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) (GT Academy Version) ’02


    Nice there is also a 35mb update after the install too lol more downloading but worth it

  34. Metallica81

    Guys be patient PD will be telling us how to get our prizes sometime in the near future. also I found the download easy too around 6pm eastern time U.S. i got on ps store and just searched GT academy.

  35. Quakebass

    I found GT Academy plenty easy; it was on the “What’s New” section under the “Playstation Network” column…

    1. Kayoss

      It’s not meant to be hard, its about the best time you can get. This mean mastering braking, acceleration, and passing. you want rank as high as you can and that means lots of terry even if you get gold.

    2. Quakebass

      I meant easy to find… I haven’t been able to download it yet, for I’m low on hard rive space. Sorry for the confusion.

    3. Quakebass

      Try searching it, the “Whats New” section, or going by title and go to “G”… I’m not sure if it’ll be a standalone game or under GT5 in the PS Store.

  36. tpark103

    Sounds like there are lots of issues. I hope that when I get on tonight some of these are worked out.

  37. Quakebass


    I’ve got about 1.2 GB left… deleting videos… 1.8 GB… deleted some songs… 2 GB… deleting more songs…

    I need a hard drive IMMEDIATELY! My PS3 isn’t the only thing low on space, I’ve got about 3.7 GB left on my MacBook Pro due to so many video projects…

    1. crcn11

      I made room by deleting some old game data I never use. Found 3gb in ONE file alone lol, awesome. And try hooking your mac to the PS3 through your network, at least share some storage, on my old comp I only had a few gb left too but it makes a big difference when you share the storage.

    2. Quakebass

      Sharing about five gigs between a laptop and a PS3? That’s not such a good idea… I already NEED a hard drive to back up all of my data (PS3 and Laptop [pictures, videos, etc.]), and will end up needing one anyways if I’m going to continue to edit videos and get new software for my laptop… I’m about to get the Adobe CS5.5 creative suite, and I GUARANTEE you that it’ll take at LEAST 5 GB. I’d be moving all of my picture and video files to the hard drive, freeing up a good 100 – 150 GB on the laptop; I may acquire my dad’s old 300GB drive, or come by a newer, faster one with 1 TB. I’ll need one anyways…

      I don’t really have any files I want to delete; I’ve always made files with efficiency in mind. I’m going to be getting two new games, too… and I have no idea how much room they’ll take up. (Both haven’t even been released yet).

    1. TokoTurismo

      In the competition? Well I can’t get you in, but you can download the demo in the PSN store. It’s in the “G” list of games and go to “Gran Turismo 5, it should be there. ;)

  38. biftizmo

    ha ha..double trouble…Academy gets big sales on DLC in 8 lot get it for free because your hard core loyal “Fans”(Wingers).. If you can all get gold that is..!!

  39. thesycogremlin

    I’ve completed gold on both stages , I’ve been rewarded the leaf and silvia but they haven transfered into GT5 , does anyone know how to solve this . Or is this just another PD failin at last herdle . Please help lol its doin my nutt

  40. BHalpen

    …Did I miss anything? Was there any March or April DLC? Now that it’s May… did North America miss the Japan update to the shared photos or what happened?

  41. mikeonthebike

    I’ve been downloading in northern CA since about 11 am PST
    . it’s going SLOW about 62%.

    1. grzajabarkus

      Thats weird. I started about 10 minutes ago and I’m at 81%

      Must be your connection. Don’t go wireless.

  42. playnthru

    I see it asked, yet no answers..How do I claim my prize??

    Dude where’s my Leaf(academy) ?

  43. Fisha695

    I found it because it popped up in one of the rotating “Ad Spaces” that cycle through various things you can download.

    Alternately you can go to “New Releases –> Featured” and it’s listed in there.

    1. PIGBOY

      my US account it was there in a huge square,didnt have to go anywhere inside the store…….no luck for aussie version

    1. occasionalracer

      Check the Playstation Store… hopefully some prizes will be awarded to the top racers at the end of the competition…. but we won’t be able to join the Academy finalists.

  44. ClassicMini

    Is it possible to download the 3GB game from other countries, I saw nothing on the psn store, neither on the game news list, i’m in Greece.

  45. Dekropttiv

    4:00 pm here in east coast USA, and the download is available. I think you should change 8:00pm to 4:00pm, Jordan. Or just add an edit and says it’s available for US now.

    1. grzajabarkus

      Well, the official news is 8pm, but apparently Sony never bothered to stick with that late schedule, thank god.

  46. RobDoggy05

    I live in South Africa, can i download this and play (but not compete I know) And also I thought the Gt5 update was coming along with the academy on 1 May? Any latest news? Ive been away the past week so im outta the loop @ the moment..

    1. TomBrady

      yea it’s crazy. I seriously don’t understand how the first few PS3s only had 20gb hard drives. What the hell were they thinking. Even 120gb isn’t enough for the average gamer

    2. Quakebass

      I’m trying to delete several songs… I’ve gotten 1.2 GB up to 2.1 GB in the past half hour or so (I have an 80 GB drive)… The first PS3’s had 20 GB AND 60 GB, the 60 GB being MUCH more expensive. I need an external hard drive; my PS3 isn’t the only thing low on space.

      Yeah, advice; delete any videos you have installed, unless you can’t get them on YouTube. It really isn’t worth the space, otherwise.

  47. ND4SPD

    So, Just USA when it comes to North America? I’m le sad. Canada needs to be included as well.

    1. Dekropttiv

      I feel like they’re a little bias towards Europeans :P
      Ah well. I guess its cause where most professional drivers are from?

  48. KiroKai

    I guess the reason everyone in here saying “I don’t get a connection, anyone having the same problem?” is that the people who get connected are playing and not caring about GTP, lol.

    I have the same problem, I had a clue already when I needed 5 tries until I could connect to the PS Store and another 8 tries until I could start the download instead of getting a message saying “Server connection is lost.” … 45 minutes downloading here (not surprised though, my PS3 has to be wireless), another 5 minutes installing, another 5 minutes downloading and installing the patch, and now all I get is a message telling me I can’t connect to the servers…

    I honestly do not understand why they didn’t make it possible for us to play the game offline with deactivated ranking lists…

  49. ChicoMaloXD

    Do I need GT5 game disc in order to play?
    My PS3 broke and can’t read Blue-ray discs.

  50. sepulturite

    I finished the 2 rounds, but when i went on to gt5 the cars i won on it werent there??

  51. Foxiol

    It keeps giving me an error: “server error ID=1:536” and i can´t play. Downloaded with patch installed of course. Spanish servers are crap…i´ll have to wait a little bit more to play.

    1. Hentis

      Yep I get the same message, Not suprising as most of the people who like GT5 around the world are trying to download the “game”, so probably wont get a go tonight. No great shakes TBH.

    2. Foxiol

      Glad to see that i am not the only one but still sucks for us.We have to wait till the servers work properly.
      It was hard to start the download of the game but then it was pretty fast in my case (70 minutes). Now server issues but i think this is caused by the massive amount of downloads.(transit)

    3. Foxiol

      Lol by the time i was writing this i went to the game to turn it off and made a last try and it worked….looooooool. I can play now.

    4. Escort mk1 yum

      70 mins lol, only took 15 mins for me, gutted I can’t play it, as the wife an’t home for another 2 hours, looks like I’m going to take a sicky from work tomorrow :)

    1. KiroKai

      Because Germany has it’s own GT Academy. Therefore you should rather say “Polyphony Digital doesn’t classify Germany as Europe”.

    1. TomBrady

      what? I thought it was Nissan GT-Rs GT academy editions? They added skylines? cool. It’s not a DLC by the way. It’s a seperate game altogether

    2. Quakebass

      Nissan GT-R’s ARE Nissan Skylines…

      Sometimes they’re called “GT-R’s”, sometimes “Skylines”, and sometimes “Skyline GT-Rs”.

  52. GT5 Level 41

    What are the tire restrictions? I’m trying to work in a few practice laps before its available in the U.S.

  53. Escort mk1 yum

    Aghhhh, it keeps saying ” A connection to the server could not be established ( ID = 1;536) even though im connicted to the psn network, is anyone else getting this? Or can someone help please

    1. Escort mk1 yum

      Thought it was just me, thanks bud, I’m having a very bad day as it is, been looking forward to this aswell

    1. vicheous

      Wait until tomorow and it might be there as a demo since the competition is not open for us! If not make a UK account and try it from there…

    2. Flagmo-T

      SO we are not invited to this years Academy Race, as we are being the Skilled Scandinavians ? – Well Well !! They most be tired of loosing the battle Then Hrmm.. Hehe :P

    3. Flagmo-T

      Thanks Vicheous – I could have read the topic before complaining hehe – So No Nordics this time. Yep I will for the fun of it, create a UK and get it.. :o) Happy Racing M8 :o)

  54. SimonK

    10 gold trophies with little effort, far too easy. Don’t even need to brake or lift for four of them.

  55. Rod-Luke

    done the first round which consists of 5 license type events and won a Leaf G ’11 for my real GT5 game. Second round is available and has a Silvia Spec R Aero to dirve around what looks like more licenses. Cool to see how many ppl are online and clocking up mileage by the second

    1. Rod-Luke

      after each segment of event the traction control resets back to default 5, so go to drive options after each part

  56. Rod-Luke

    woah on first round at its a license style round – round a corner on Monza in a Leaf G ’11 car. 30 secs for GOLD

  57. ElGreco

    Greece is out ! ! ! There is nothing in the store…
    Thanks for making me not playing GT5 anymore ! ! !

    1. anastasis14

      It wasn’t shown at the start to me either. Make a new PSN account with UK as a country. I did that and worked for me ;)

  58. zzz_pt

    Where can we register? I made de download, opened the aplication but i cant play because i have no regist… but i cant find nothing in the official site… just to GT Academy 2011 -.-‘

    1. vicheous

      It’s not on our store! At least not yet… And since we’re not in the comp we might not get it at all! Download from UK and try that. Or it might come as a demo with tomorows store update ;-)

  59. Foxiol

    Wow it must have tons of content inside. I still have GT HD Concept installed on my PS3 (my HDD is 250 GB) and it only weights 689MB. Take in consideration the amount of cars in that game, music files, only a track and more cars than the GT Academy.

    3GB means hidden content to me.(i love speculation, lol)

  60. Foxiol

    Live in Spain, Europe. The PS Store is working bad and sometimes it gave me “service is under maintenance” message. Be patient.
    3021 MB. (less than 70 minutes download for me with a 10 Mb DSL network)

    1. Rodh

      No, im from portugal, and i have… Vai as cenas do gt5, onde estao os extras, no ecra pricipal, tipo, jogos mais populares, entras no gt5, e esta la a academy… Sao e 3 gigas, demora

  61. MadmuppGT

    “Polyphony Digital will release new rounds approximately every two weeks”

    Where have I heard something like that before? hmmm :P

  62. Froudeybrand

    I was going to have a middle finger salute to pd for not including Australia but I just relealised that it is only been out for 37 minutes and So people don’t rage that it isn’t in the store yet as I was about to do wait and it should be there later.

  63. baio

    Downloading from italian PS Store! If it doesn’t show up, just search “academy” on the Store.

  64. ThatArtGuy

    Great. Can’t even download it since I’m in Canada. It’s really time to move back down to the States. I’m tired of this jerking around.

  65. Rod-Luke

    if it’s still not on front page then goto Popular Titles on the left and menu and then GT5 is in there, once you click on that you can see the GT Academy 2012

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      US of A store empty, and I gotta go to work in 20 mins….I guess it’ll there when I get back.

  66. larsh

    Like back in 1992 with mp3’s via edonkey: The d/l needs 56 minutes.

    But right now I am on a 20mbit / sec connection :-)

  67. Rod-Luke

    It’s there now but not on front page, had to goto GT5 content and 2012 GT Academy is in there – 3012mb download

  68. BlacqueJacques

    “do you not know of Lotto Quebec’s Monopolostic views on third party contests?
    Bonjour Jacques :)” Lambod

    I do, I also know Quebec is ‘distinct’ and Sony/Nissan could avoid them and let the rest of Canada compete eh. There are contests in Canada (exception is Quebec-La Belle Province)! despoite Quebec!

    1. occasionalracer

      I wish this could settled, but I almost believe Sony/Nissan don’t want to see Canadians in the mix, because USA is a much bigger market and to see a Canadian (or two) possibly win the competition would anger them….

  69. Rodh

    For portugal, whats the hour of the release? I just dont understand, its confusing so much hours, so expectation! Say a time, and i will go download…

    Ayrton Senna da Silva, eighteen years! Not forgotten!!

    1. TomBrady

      dude where are you getting that from? It’s not going to be available for 8 hours and 14 minutes. Right?

    2. another_jakhole

      17:00 GMT is Noon in New York (EST)

      I had to check that. I wasn’t aware that the PS Store updates at different times. If it does update at different times.

  70. uonram

    iam at Portugal , Oporto …so ..still no dlc or any news of gt academy…no preview for portugal ?

  71. Lambob

    Disastrous Fail on PD/ Nissan / Sony for excluding random countries from this event.

    Very sad, and incomprehensible, much like our requests getting zero feedback from the developers,

    Although, understandably (somewhat) , Quebec Canada would not allow any prizes from such contests, so Kaz probably just bypassed Canada for this sole reason.

    1. another_jakhole

      “much like our requests getting zero feedback from the developers”

      How does that have any truth to it?

      Standard cars – improved graphically + interior view, optional wheels
      Ability to take off the HUD
      We got Spa in the first, but only, track pack.
      DLC wasn’t even supposed to happen, but it has, and I doubt we’ve seen the last of it.
      An option to make the AI more aggressive (in Arcade Mode).
      G25 + G27 support that I believe needed collaboration with Logitech in order to do this.
      Cockpit View camera shake has been made acceptable to everybody as it doesn’t make the screen shake like crazy anymore, which I didn’t have a problem with, but it’s fine/better the way it is now.

      That’s all that I can come up with right now. There are so many things that we didn’t ask for that improved the game greatly, but of course, people always ignore that fact.

    2. another_jakhole

      Physics + AI improvement was one of them. If anyone argues that the AI is stupid and wasn’t improved, I say shame on you :)

    3. another_jakhole

      “Disastrous Fail on PD/ Nissan / Sony for excluding random countries from this event.

      Although, understandably (somewhat) , Quebec Canada would not allow any prizes from such contests, so Kaz probably just bypassed Canada for this sole reason.”

      It didn’t have much to do with Kaz. How can I explain it? I can’t show “proof”, but Japan isn’t even in the competition. They never have been.

      Again, people always ignore facts and love their opinions so much that they think they’re being factual.

    4. another_jakhole

      hahaha I read Zero feedback as something else. Whoopsies.

      Either way, they’ve answered a number of our requests. They don’t NEED to communicate with us, especially the Boss of a game developer from a country that doesn’t speak English as it’s main form of communication.

  72. BlacqueJacques

    Did Canada do something to Kaz, PD, or Nissan?

    People do drive Nissans in Canada!

    Some great drivers have been Canadian eh; and French Canadian eh!

    1. Lambob

      do you not know of Lotto Quebec’s Monopolostic views on third party contests?
      Bonjour Jacques :)

  73. another_jakhole

    “You can download and take part at any time during this period, so even if you miss the start you can still play catch up and get involved.”

    hahaha BRAVO! I know some people on GTP that’ll be really happy about this.

  74. batman346

    so the time here in greece is 4:52 afternoon that means that in 8 minutos we take the demo????

  75. PRR

    Isn’t it strange that in the era or borderless internet, when I can type here this messag and you can read it in 2 seconds, there are still stupid region-restrictions for the competition?

    1. jaskingt5

      +1+1+1 for that. every one should get a chance! they want to make something big but not that big …..

    2. SimonK

      But this competition doesn’t take place solely on the internet does it? There are laws and competition rules they have to adhere to.

  76. Dr1veR

    Any ideas what time it’ll be there? just checked the PS store and no GT academy yet…

  77. Ecchi-BANZAII!!

    Swden isn’t even a country according to PD so this isn’t the least interesting…

    1. Azura

      Well, I’m going to be Mr. technicality here but in the game, when you sort by country, Sweden appears as a separate entry so….;)

    2. TomBrady

      maybe there are things preventing them from doing it in sweden. Like canada. Limitations on outside party contests. Or maybe they’re afraid people from finland will cross the border and overrun the contest leaderboards!!! lol

    1. eminembeastfan2

      why would it be 3 hours it’s only 9:02 am here in eastern time(maryland) you will have to wait until 8:00 pm to download my time(eastern time)

  78. eminembeastfan2

    Are you people blind or what

    ” Players in other countries will likely be able to download and play the demo, but will not be eligible for the competition’s main prize.”


    1. Azura

      In the worst case scenario, make a fake PSN from an eligible country and download it using that account :p

    2. King Something

      But if you win and make it to the finals, you’ll be disqualified right then and there for faking eligibility.

    1. zzz_pt

      I hope so. Probably a:
      Leaf (GTA 2012 version)
      GTR (GTA 2012 version)
      370z (GTA 2012 version)

      :D that would be nice…

  79. Medno84

    Question. Even though my country isn’t in the competition, will I be able to download this mini game and try it out?

  80. zzz_pt

    They want a german or russian guy this time… They’re competing appart from all the others.

    1 Spanish (Lucas)
    1 French (Tresson)
    1 English (Mc)
    1 American (Heit)

    I don’t know if they want 2 teammates of the same country. xD Because France, Spain and England have as much great drivers (or even more) as Germany or Russia IMO.

    Just thinking…

    1. GT HP Nut

      Just realized that the current lineup formed a

      a Russian would fit, but not a German… lol just joking, don’t take this offensive.

    2. King Something

      Actually they would fit. Such a lineup would be



    I was well inside the Uk top 30 last year,
    My partner could quite possibly leave me if i spend the same amount of time on it as i did last year lol

  82. m8h3r

    Will be flying the flag for GTPlanet with my GTP_m8h3r account. I’ll be reasonably happy with <5

    1. Foxiol

      They are having a different competition based in Super GT cars. They are excluded for GT Academy but have their own competition.

      Take a look. www. gran-turismo .com /hk /news /d16587.html

  83. Foxiol

    Good luck to everyone…i am going to push to the limits and above. And give me luck too. ;)

  84. TRT18

    I don’t give a monkey’s if I can enter the competiontion or not. All I wanted was a go, just to see how I would stack up against the competion. But Sony said no…Australia, this is not for you.

    To all of you that can, the very best of luck.

    1. TomBrady

      dude, read the post. You can see how you stack up against everyone else, you just can’t win the main prize. It’ll be like the last EU GT academy contest. The leaderboards included people from all countries, and we were able to compete. We just couldn’t win anything. Remember, it was at toscana?

  85. GTPLMurzyn1983

    This’s a joke. Germany and Russia race only between themselves. What the fu.. Everyone knows that Poland is best of the best.

    1. TomBrady

      They’re afraid Robert Kubica will join the contest while he rehabilitates, no one else will have a chance lol

  86. Ben Rogue

    Ah well, was hoping it would be available in NZ.. yet again we get neglected by PD and Sony

  87. XXI

    Cracking my knuckles and putting on my go fast socks for some heel toe action.
    Redbull lovers unite, it will be a long night.

  88. thelvynau

    Would have been nice for other countries to be able to at least try it even if their times arent recorded oh well

    1. spunwicked

      Consider yourself lucky, I managed 151,673 (-ish) on the latest Seasonal Time Trails. Looking forward to similar results with the Academy :)

  89. TheMinion

    No love for Brazil and Australia? This is so lame.
    A lot of talent that don’t have a chance to compete.
    EU and USA only again? Cmon..

  90. anastasis14

    Oh wait, in the info it says GT Academy is not available in greece, although in the photo, greece is shown in the 4th place. Any more information about that?

    1. zzz_pt

      I guess its because the demo will be available for every country. But just a few will be in the competition. Nor sure though…

    1. TomBrady

      They’ll probably do a seperate contest for scandinavia, because you guys would destroy the rest of europe lol

  91. 250 GTO

    For God’s sake I’m tired of hearing af about GT-academy…. how about some new DLC instead, this is turning into a joke!

  92. MrDinosaw94

    Awesome photo! So it can be assumed that Australians and other non-participating countries won’t be able to download it from the store? That is more then a little disappointing, but if worst comes to worst, I guess people could make up “Backup” accounts from eligible countries…

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