Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.12 Removes “Hacked” Cars

A new update to Gran Turismo 5 is now available, version 2.12. At just 24MB in size, the update appears to primarily address the “hacked” or “hybrid” cars in the game.

Although no official list of changes has been provided by Polyphony Digital, many players are reporting in our forums that cars in their garage which were modified beyond the game’s normal parameters have been reset or removed.

This is, of course, the second time action has been taken against users who “illicitly modified the game data” since Polyphony first started banning players who used the cars to compete in GT5’s online Seasonal Events earlier this month.

Update 2.12 was released after the first of the two scheduled maintenance periods this week, with the next starting on Thursday, April 25th, at 08:00 GMT.

As always, visit our GT5 message boards for more details and undocumented software changes as they are discovered by our users.

GT5 Photomode image by Cerebus.

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Comments (658)

  1. tommo21

    Hacked cars were fun while lasted but nothing lasts forever, and if the hackers did it once they will do it again as and when need to do and polyphony can’t stop them doing it as copyright is always broken and polyphony don’t actually own the cars anyway ??

  2. newworldmystics

    I was playing in a supposed “Subaru car show” lobby and I was drag racing down circuit de la Sarthe in my NOMAD Diablo and I get passed by this Cusco Dunlop Subaru tc going 1000 mph down the hunaudieres -_- wtf. Apparently the hackers use odd server names like “car show” or things like that. Be on the lookout. My psn ID: aHOLYmackerel

  3. gt5 sucks

    people are against it because it was fun and something new for them to try and mabey learn a new skill on the computer

  4. DLRgian

    I don’t get why people are against Polyphony for removing the hacked cars. Blame the turds that ruined it for everyone and if you are against Polyphony for doing that then you are just as guilty as the cheaters on the seasonal events. About time the hacked cars are gone.

  5. gt5 sucks

    if ur gonna band the hp hack can u atleast allow the ride height hack because it does nothing but lower the car and make it look good. don’t be assholes and leave it the way it is people hav a right to a good looking car that touches the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. vlonjati77

    ahaaa thats why I was wondering how come a couple of my friend list players lost half of they cars all of a sudden?havent seen them since,wonder why.


    GT5 needs to sort there engine sounds out a simulator not only needs to feel real but sound real aswell

  8. BookerDewitt

    I’m getting sick of people in hacked cars now, its completely ruining Gran Turismo online! its pathetic. its a “real driving simulator” I was driving an Toyota Minolta at top speed and get over taken by a range rover going like 800mph.. yeah that’s so realistic -_- GET RID OF THEM!!!! or at least ban everyone who has one from the GT5 server. they deserve it.

  9. Hyperspeed

    No the hacked cars are back, now they are adding extra parts like Weight reductions which makes them faster:/

  10. E46fanatic937

    I told you dummies hacked cars will not go away you dont listen. Did all that trash talking and they are still around tsk tsk. Truth is though i havent played GT5 in a long while I used to play everyday for hours not anymore though.I might get on there in a few months its been surprisingly easy to stay off GT5 maybe I was playing it too much b4.As long as I can come on GTplanet and see whats going on in this community I think thats good enough.Ive been having soo much fun on NFS Most Wanted 2012 I know its Arcadey style but the graphics are great the engine sounds are awesome and the feel of speed is fun and its fun free roaming in the city with friends in bentley ISr,New f10 M5,Audi A1,New SRT Viper and others.The car selection is a cool not 1000 cars like GT but these are newer cars and classic cars they sound better you would never see on GT.Never thought I would end up play a NFS but hey what can I say its an awesome dynamic organic game and possibly the best looking car game ive driven on

  11. phat_ed

    i have played ALL granturismo versions since the very first itteration.

    i believe that granturismo has become too focused on telling us what we should be playing, and how, rather than making a game that is fun.

    gt5 is no more a simulator than i am a heptathelete. it is very accurate, but not a simulator. (f1 drivers dont use gt5 for off season practice)

    I have hacked the game for a few reasons and heres why.

    the game has delivered for a few years and has been excelent, however, Forza 4 allows people to drive whatever they want whenever they want, much like REAL LIFE.
    I wanted to have a supra with 1200bhp, as that is possible in real life,
    i wanted a skyline GTR with 1000bhp as that is available in real life,
    i wanted an mr2 with a 3.0 v6 as i have one in real life,
    i wanted to have a racing version of certain cars that just arent available in the game,

    but what made it frustrating for me, and completely on the part of polyphony digital trying to make money, is that “twin turbo’s, super soft tyres, big brake upgrades” etc etc ARE written into the game allready. yet THEY decided when we can or cant use them.


    i do not EVER race online as i am on an raf base without an internet connection (and i have better things to do usually) so i would like to freshen the game up and make it more REALISTIC,
    im not into 10,000,000bhp fiat 500’s, more into suzuki gsxr engined cappucino’s, 4 rotor RX7’s, turning a TTs into a TTRS, etc etc.

    now this should be my Right as a stand alone gamer who has baught the game (including every detail and line of code on the disk) to use as i see fit as long as it does not make money or enable other people to lose money…….. so why is it polyphony digital think they can dictate to me what is “real” and what isnt?

    the fact they dont allow a supra past 750bhp, or a skyline past 800bhp, or the mines r34gtr to rev to its redline (even though the gauges inside show the redline at 9000rpm, and the stock gtr revs to 9500rpm, it still hits the limiter at 7800rpm) the fact that they have the latest Impreza WRX STI as a 2.0 engine when it is in fact a 2.5, or they have the bugatti veyron as a standard car, not allowing turbo modifications on every car (but showing some cars as turbo when they arent and visa versa) showing the lamborghini miura as being one of the fastest cars on the game, (and it certainly isnt)

    the fact that i WANT to do engine conversions that do actually happen in real life, but gt5 wont let me, is ludicrus.

    ENGINE SWAPS MAKE THE GAME FUN AGAIN. it is so boring after 4 or more years doing the same things over and over again.

    SORT IT OUT PD. let people who play offline do conversions, like in REALITY. isnt that what you were aiming for?

  12. deltadave59

    As of yesterday i still see hacked cars online,i have no issue with them but just curious why there still around after all the fuss. When you see a ruf ctr2 smoke the tires for a 1/4 mi its a dead giveaway.

  13. smskeeter23

    Oh wonderful the dumbass HP multiplied cars are back.

    Seriously PD thats the one I most hoped you’d fix.

  14. MOCOCA81

    A lot of discussion about best driver, way of playing and having fun… But a game it is only a game. If you want to know who is the best driver, go to a track… I bet half of these guys never drove over 200 km/h, which is quite slow for racing standards.

    About the game, why cheat? I really don’t understand it. If it is about being proud about your position in timesheets, it is better find something useful to do in the real life. If you think the game is boring, try taking off all driving assistances, like ABS and TC… If is still boring, buy another one.

    Cheating is always something not to be proud about, no matter what kind of activity you are involved.

    1. slidinsidewayz

      fully agreed.. i personally run with no driving aids at all… it really test your driving ability. especially if your on a wheel.. as for those hacking to win,WTF!!!! i understand hacking for show cars but to add over 1000+hp… IDIOTS!!! this is a racing simulator after all.. but then again i did have fun destroying peoples accounts that had unrealistic hp or grip cars. for instance if you ever joined a room i was in and pulled out a fiat 500 with a x1 engine. i would personally go and hack your account and force you to black screen everytime you tried to load the game or i would just personally ban you from online features… its sad that nowadays even 8 year old kids are hacking… kids growing up watching youtube and learning how to catch a federal case…

  15. Progress823

    Wow… What a divided community we have. Seems like there are four communities here:

    1. The anti-hacks – the guys that have played the game as is and thinks that GT is not supposed to evolve as far as tuning is concerned.

    2. The progressives – these are the people that have not hacked the game, but are honestly interested in what the modders have brought to the table.

    3. The reality modders (I fall here) – they brought their slammed and stances cars that they made to street meets, made great realistic variants of cars, or made race cars from streets cars using various chassis and tuning. Yes, this was in violation of the TOS for all of the do-gooders out here – I though I would point that out before one of you did.

    4. The plain hackers – these are the guys that probably broke your precious leader boards. They take no time and just type F’s, ending up with the 1,000,000,000hp cars that have negative PP ratings, also in violation of the TOS.

    I am still trying to figure out this: in some of the comments, one group is trying to say that they are better than the other at driving because they have not hacked or hacked the game. What does altering game code have to do with driver skill? If you were slow with regular cars, you were probably also slow with modded cars, and of course if you were fast with a regular car, then you were fast again with your mods.

    As I said in a previous post I had a GT3, GTE and 650pp league I was running when the modded cars were useable. This was some of the best (if not the best) racing I have had since playing GT5. All of the cars were competitive and close in hp when the PP system was used and vice-versa. There were no ringer cars (even the Ford GT Spec II Test Car and Chevrolet ZR1 RM were rendered competitive when placed up against Gallardos, 458s, 430s, etc.) and there were different winners with each race. More importantly, there was variety on track and car duplicates were kept to minimum (I don’t know about you guys, but I found it irritating to have two or more of the same car on track unless it is a spec race).

    I have violated the terms of use with this, and I half-heartedly apologize to those saying hacking ruined GT5 for them. Personally, I don’t think I ruined anything with my modding.

    1. Progress823

      Forgot another point or two – someone made a great suggestion a few days ago (I believe it was Pit Crew) for a hand-built chassis feature. That would have been a great implementation for GT and especially being able to make a race chassis with downforce. If the feature was available, my modding would have been nearly nullified, other than engine swaps and slammed suspensions for my show cars.

    2. infamousphil

      Nicely put Progress. As an ‘anti-hack’, I have to say that you’re sorely mistaken. GT not only evolved, it revolutionized the genre. Having visited your room before, I know you’re aware of this fact. The problem with your fellow ‘reality modders’ is your inability to accept limitations and damn those who can’t accept the changes as dictated by YOU… PROGRESS. Lol… As soon as someone slick SoB begins to dominate your ‘races’ you’ll be 86in’ them and/or hanging up your racing shoes sooner than you’d think.

      I know you like to switch up those custom circuits after each race. It gives everyone a chance to practice for 5mins before race start. Thing is… You wind up with have the field tripping over each other and/or ruining someone else’s chance at a win because halve of your visitors are too busy oogling each other’s contraptions. You know what I’m talking about? ;)

      OLT… Gran Turismo is a driving simulator… with rules. Change the rules… Change the game. Thanks a lot Progress… You’ve changed the game.

      Don’t bitch and moan about the accusations… Accept what you’ve embraced… Own up to it. See you soon, Friend ;)

    3. Progress823

      I’ll see you at HighPerformanceStreet sometime. I’ve been working on a car for the HPS (S) class.

    4. gtrx251

      I’m “anti-hacks” – because I am a calm balanced person and I was not interested in these childish antics are called “hack” “hybrid” cars. I’m a old fan of this game. I just want to GT5 does not turn into chaos. Word “hack” “hybrid”>in gt5/ makes me laugh but not much more:))

    5. Progress823

      See, I am an old fan of this game as well – GT1 came out when I was 18 – and have been racing since. Hybriding has been around for me since GT4; some people said they have been since the first one. I’m also calm and balance unless pushed to a point – but people’s demeanors have nothing to do with why someone hacks or not hacks.

      As MuoNiuLa said in the reply to the post above, not everyone used their “hacks” to cheat. I know I did not and I’m proud to say that.

      Additionally, trying to make real life cars is not childish in the least bit, even if I violated the TOS doing it; for me it was worth driving some of race cars that could have been in game, as well as going to meets on SSR7 with my 1000hp Supra RZ.

    6. infamousphil

      Solid, Progess! You may, however, find it a bit doring though. It doesn’t get the attention your ‘clean…’ room gets. Please allow me to explain to other readers what HighPerformanceStreet (HPS) is about.

      HPS is a hp/kg racing room focused on era and categories. Example…

      HPS[GT1] is for GT1 cars from ’97-99 with a hp/kg limit of 700/1150kg. Toyota’s popular GTOne does not meet the regs here. You have to understand the GTOne’s history in GT1 racing.

      HPS[R] is for fully tuned street machines with specific hp/kg limitations and RS tires.

      HPS[S] is for fully tuned street machines with hp/kg limitations and SS tire limits.

      A short entry list, 2-6 cars can expect light penalties, damage and short, quick races. Depending on overall competition levels. 10-16 entries can expect more severe damage and penalties and longer races… again, depending on the level of competition.

      3 races per track and the hp/kg ratio can increase with track changes.

      Sounds boring? Probably does but it’s a formula that i’d like to see PD adapt.

  16. Luckyoco

    HAha GT5 I can hack cars after patch so up u
    Add me so I can give u a hack car if I don’t get back to u it is because I have been bannd

  17. vlonjati77

    hahah no wonder I would see racers(not really racers) going way faster that what the car would pump out at specific HP.I thought many times I must suck .But have a really good set up given from LESS GROSSMAN(he must have kiked your a$$ at Nurb at some point,he is very fair and good driver)Anyway im already wasting time commenting.Anyway whoever hacked are losers appareantly in real life nobody cares about them and in game they feel good.

    1. Amac500

      Amen brother! Idk what the fun in cheating to win a fans is, cus then your not really actually playing the games. But yeah, those guys aren’t real drivers. They’re not even real drivers, they’re valets.

    2. XTRGT

      Real drivers can drive a real car with 2000HP without crashing, but for the GT5 drivers who think they can drive the fake Red Bulls very fast and doing impossible time records and think “I’m a man cuz I can drive”, I will say you are stupid enough to believe you could drive that car in real life…
      And for the blind people (GT5 Fanatics), I will say if you guys go in real life with a 500HP Supra RZ and the other guy goes with a 1200HP Shelby Cobra, and you guys crash and lose the race and the other guy don’t crash and win the race who is the real driver and who needs to learn how to drive a car… ?
      ^And I don’t see the guy with the 1200HP Shelby Cobra being a cheater the only thing I see is a real driver…

    3. McLOVIN5489

      REAL drivers make the absolute best with what they are given…..NASCAR,NHRA, FORMULA 1, any REAL LEAGUE has strict tuning regulations…..this is NOT a street racing game….if you want freedom, go buy NFS…..I’ve stated NUMEROUS times that there is NO JUSTIFICATION for violating the ToS…..don’t complain now and pout about what should or shouldn’t have been when forza, NFS, etc has beenvailable to you for YEARS…..Where was all this hooplah LAST year or the year before? Oh right, you weren’t thinking about it….so a new fad comes into playt illegal,u rolled the dice, and payed the price….if you defect from GT5, good riddance. How can you say it got boring when 90% of the pro-hack community is NOWHERE NEAR the leaderboards? Sounds like you want to cheat. If you don’t care about any of the online competitiveness or your track times, you bought GT5 for the wrong reasons, go have fun with another game….

    4. XTRGT

      I don’t play simulators to have fun, and I have GT5 since day 1… and it’s boring playing online and win 99.9% the times I race in there and I play with the controller to be more competitive…, and I think the people who do the game don’t know nothing about cars cuz it’s stupid saying the R8 LMS is a Touring Car and the R390 GT1 is a LMP and other things…, and the most stupid is most of the people believe blindly on all the things they see in GT5…, even the old Enthusia wins against GT5 in driving…, and I have FM3, FM4, Shift and Shift 2 Unleashed.
      And real drivers can drive any car fast and clean without hitting and crashing if the other drivers can really drive a car and knowing the rules and it’s very rare to see that in GT5…
      And you say GT5 is not a street racing game so for you the Tokyo R246, Circuit de la Sarthe, Nürburgring Nordschleife, Eiger Nordwand Track, London, Rome, Circuito de Madrid, Côte d’Azur, Special Stage Route 5 and Special Stage Route 7 they are Race Circuits and not Street Circuits…

    5. Progress823

      Lol McLovin – so if I tuned my real car in real life instead of leaving it stock it makes me a bad driver. How idiotic of a thought. The “hacked” community, well most of it made reasonable cars and drove the heck out of them, whether in races or tuning with friends. Most of the guys I have run across are excellent drivers that were modding.

    6. Pit Crew

      ^ Then what are you playing the Sims including GT5 for. If your that good GTPlanet has a load of Legit Leagues that do their best to simulate Real World racing and or Time Trial competitions. You should try some, as it seems your quite the Wheelman.

      *And you say GT5 is not a street racing game so for you the Tokyo R246, Circuit de la Sarthe, Nürburgring Nordschleife, Eiger Nordwand Track, London, Rome, Circuito de Madrid, Côte d’Azur, Special Stage Route 5 and Special Stage Route* So youve never heard of Gran Prixs? or Lemans ? The Nurb isnt open to the public 24 hours a day and is hardly anyones idea of what a traditional street circuit would look like much less driving it. SSR5 is a fantasy course with Barriers placed around it that would give the impression of a safety standard, as is the real world street, fantasy track Tokyo R 246.

      GT series has never Promoted Street racing, its called “Track Days”, with a little make believe. It aint half as serious as you make it.

  18. TokoTurismo

    So STANCE_KING. I see you still love GT5 since I met you online today. No need to lie about it. That means GT5 isn’t dead, it’s just the haters and the hybrid folk that say it is… Tisk tisk tisk. All that talk for what?

    1. Progress823

      Yeah it does. It was the post about fair races and hacks – it was always possible to achieve one – but I guess the moderators did not like the fact I used an expletive, which is also b.s.

    2. Amac500

      They should just sensor it rather then delete the whole post, like this: “Why the £*’&@ was your post removed instead of sensored?”

    3. HarVee

      I agree with Amac. If not that than at least an edit comment function. And say, I’m going to gripe about that until it’s implemented…

    4. austindeckerGT5

      i am tired of this site with removing my comment. Must be run by Microsoft little babies about anything with a point.

    5. Famine

      This section of the site is covered by the same rules as all the others. Yes, posts containing expletives will trip the filter. Yes, yours contained an expletive and tripped the filter. Perhaps in future you can make points without using expletives?

      austindeckergt5 – You’ve had three posts removed from the blog (out of nineteen made), so you must get rather tired very easily. One was a link to your own site and the other two were homophobic abuse. Your complaints are noted on their merit.

    6. Nuuj

      If there is some kind of Filter that recognizes expletives, why has the post a few spots above with the word “b****” in it been left untouched since the 28th? Are there not multiple more civilized options available before using that word? I don’t belive there is in fact a “filter” in place, unless it’s malfunctioning (or a person called “Filter”), because it’s not the 1st time I’ve seen expletives (plainly typed) on this Site..

    7. Progress823

      Bitch has two meanings:

      A. (Noun) female canine
      B. (verb) to complain

      Under both of those definitions, I doubt if the filter will trip.

    8. Nuuj

      But a Digital Filter doesn’t understand Context (on any Program or App I’ve ever heard of).. And generally a word such as “bitch” is heavily frowned upon, and relegated to private use because it is viewed as inappropriate in public, there are plenty of other words you can use before that one in a civilized conversation.. It is usually sensored in all manner of Media where the public has access, many words seen as horrid have different meanings..

      No lie when I’m speaking amongst my Friends and Acquaintances half of the words that come out of my mouth would cause this supposed Filter to overload and shutdown, but when I type (or text rather in my case) something on a Open Public Site, I hold back using words I know aren’t very appropriate (considering this place does pertain to a VideoGame that civil people and very young players have the Right to play, and would most likely visit Sites associated with it)..

      Don’t defend the use of the word when it’s wholly unnecessary, and though there are some younger patrons here (which is another reason not to defend it), most of us are old enough and gifted with a better vocabulary than that..

      Filter yourselves since this guy named Filter doesn’t quite get the job done lol.. Besides anything you say in an argument becomes less valid when you use such words, its uncivilized, plain and simple..

  19. WWE907

    I saw a video from danmick121 on YouTube about what hacks can and can’t be used anymore due to the patch, and money hacks can still be used. Would I get banned if I had more than $20,000,000?

    1. WWE907

      LOL I can never remember your username on YT, sorry about that. Anyway, do you think I’m fine to keep the money hack?

    1. Pit Crew

      Odd how the “Im leaving GT5 cause PD took action against mods crowd always have to announce it, like it would change anything.

      In anycase its not out of the realm of reason to get bored and quit playing a 2yr old game. Plus even if Full Customization, including Engine Pulls and Chassis Swapping or Body Off modding comes to GT series in the future, its going to be pretty restrictive far as crossbreeding vehicles.

      Personally id like to see a Engine Builder or Crate Engine and Handbuild Chassis feature That happens in Real Life Modifying too.

    2. HarVee

      No you don’t. You can play without updating by not logging into PSN. You won’t be able to access online features though.

    3. brianblaze

      I have heard that a lot of people still have their cars… but If you are like me and only play ps3 for GT5 then you aren’t missing anything if you don’t update anyways.

      Just thinking about updates reminds me of how there was a time where you couldn’t even put rims on almost every car…

      Oh well our loss

    1. TokoTurismo

      I think you should try to relax alittle STANCE_KING. There was a reason why PD had to do this… It was apart of the ToS. :\


      Yea i guess but they could have put a HP cap instead that was the problem people with 100k hp i wasnt like that i put realistic hp and id stance cars i has a crew and everything now look… PD could have sImply put a HP limit for every car for example 1000-1500hp-2000hp max depending on the car that would be fair but instead they just block everything im just frustrated

    1. HarVee

      If GT5 is the worst game ever made in your opinion, than you must have some ridiculously high standards.

    2. brianblaze

      GT5 Standards:

      One type of brakes for all cars…

      Can Paint Most but not ALL cars…

      50 types of the same car, No engine swaps…


      Lol okay I am done XD

    1. HuskyGT

      Can’t you buy another one? It’s around 30,000 Cr and there are like 20 different R34, although most of them are pretty much the same thing…

      *sarcasm or cynicism, or something…


    Damn you guys do realize that you just ruined the best game that was on PS3 Now its back to the old borring GT5 racing simulator…video games are supposed to be fun did you know how many people were happy and acctualy having fun and moving from Forza to GT5 i used to be a Forza player why? You can slam cars theres wheel spacer and engine swaps thats all that GT5’s was missing and now it had it and now its gone im moving on back to Forza you have ruined the Grand Turismo Series for me thank you thank you very much btw i sold my PS3 and sold my GT5 and got a new XBOX and Forza Horizon

    1. infamousphil

      MicroSoft, Turn10 and Forza are anxiously awaiting your arrival… With their own ToU agreement. ;)

    2. Umbra344

      “You guys”. This is a fansite. GT5’s admins don’t have anything to do with it, so your moaning is mis-placed. Much like 90% of the other comments around here. If was truly boring, then I highly doubt you would have played it for this long.

    3. brianblaze

      I heard that developers actually check this site out and honestly it seems that unless there is a breach in something they don’t care about what we think. We were fans so we are in the right place. We are expressing why they killed this game for people like us, not like you and that is cool. GT5 was in my PS3 from the day it came out to the day my PS3 died (I actually think that’s what killed my optical drive, apparently it’s bad to leave a cd in there all the time?) I loved it from day one, because I waited so long for it I think lol because after I had gotten my level 35 X1 I started to play less.
      This realistic game had some kind of car that could turn going 400 km/h but I can’s bring my Supra to 1000 hp… There were all kinds of problems like this that I overlooked because I loved the game so much.
      After cracking since January, I started playing non-stop again loving every second, showing my friends how to make some of the most unique cars GT has ever seen, and looks like will ever see haha.
      For that reason alone I can’t play this game anymore. How can a game have so many options but not let us use them and basically call it illegal to use them. I wish I didn’t crack so I could still be naive like most of you but… I can not :(

    1. Umbra344

      It really is, most of the comments I see are childish garbage. People that can’t find enjoyment in a game without hacking it. Lots of them are such as “I’m going to Forza, this sucks.” Something along those lines.

  21. KrypticLyfe

    Wow! GT5 stops you from using cars you modified in a way that could give you an unfair advantage and brianblaze decides to take it out on The ps3? Ok.

    1. Amac500

      Oh and Forza won’t let you hack either. I too love Forzas customization options but just can’t play it because GT5 set the bar so high for physics and realism that I just can’t compromise it. You know you’ll be back for GT6 ;)

    2. brianblaze

      I have always had faith that GT will get better and better and graphically it has, but honestly When you compare 4 to 5 it feels like they took out a bunch of stuff I loved. And in Forza you don’t need to crack to swap engines and other cool things like paint any car any color you want… HAHA… that’s all I gotta say about that. And I can’t wait to see what GT6 will be like but like I said before I have no interest in Sony Playstation anymore and have moved on to bigger and better things. Not to mention a car in real life to play with now.
      I see that I will be a PC gamer until I die and iRacing isn’t so bad so I still have good options which is more then I can say for anyone playing GT5.

  22. brianblaze

    Love it… My PS3 broke half-way through the cracking (due to a mobo issue) and so I have been sitting back and waiting to get a new ps3. Seeing as they took away the cracked cars (and baisically everything awesome and refreshing) I will not be buying a Playstation ever again. They restrict us sooo much it’s too bad you are pushing us to Forza.
    It’s too bad that the loudest GT5 fans are the ones against modifying a car beyond slapping on a turbo and doing slight modifications.
    The driving physics of GT5 are what have kept me coming back, the amount of tuning has always had me making up excuses like why engine swap when the game is soo good already *rolls eyes*. But now after seeing and playing with all the hex values and seeing how cool it was to have RB engines in Sylvia’s I can’t bring myself to buy a PS3.
    The options are there, we just can’t use them…

    I am sure that all you die hard GT5 players who will be playing GT10 still without any better tuning options and still happy but I am one fan who has been here since 1 and now officially steer all my friends away from this “Driving Simulator” but not tuning simulator… lol

    The fun has been killed and it’s because you all love your precious record so much like they mean anything in real life while on the other side douches think it’s funny. When in real life more people were playing the game during the cracking time then when the game first came out so even if you disagree with it numbers don’t lie.

    I love how I am now going to be considered a Forza guy because you guys don’t expect more from your video games.

    Goodbye GT5, I will be selling you now and I am happy to know PD doesn’t care

    1. Izzyracer97

      shows how much skill you don’t have
      1. because you broke your ps3 while hacking
      2. you have to use a hacked car to win races

    2. sailworksman

      True gearheads don’t discriminate between consoles or racing titles. Find a happy place and enjoy. Welcome to Forza!

    3. XTRGT

      Izzyracer97 you are those guys who say that “you have to use a hacked car to win races” but the realistic Hybrid modders are guys who beat you and the others ones who say those things, even with normal gt5 cars I would beat you very easy…
      brianblaze welcome to Forza Motorsport – The Real Racing Simulator.

    4. TokoTurismo

      Oh I don’t consider as a Forza guy, but I do however, consider you as being butt hurt. Move along now, and make sure the door doesn’t hit you on your way out… QQ

    5. XTRGT

      I don’t have my butt hurt cuz my CBA-R35 have an awesome seats and I have good eyes so the door never will hit me…
      And you guys are all talk and no show…

    6. TokoTurismo

      You honestly thought I was talking about you? I was talking to the OP… And show what? We’re on the internet dude…

    7. brianblaze

      The only thing that butt hurts is when ppl say you crack so you can’t race lol like I wrote in the original post I am upset for sure but I move on lol

  23. eztgr

    Name a racing game that will allow for engine swaps etc to a car manufacturer?
    Do you really think Lamborghini would sit back and allow for their V12 to be plunked into an Enzo?

    1. Progress823

      That’s understandable sure, but what about manufacturer to same manufacturer engine swaps? R8 LMS motor into road going R8 for better sound? That certainly should be allowed since it is same manufacturer.

    2. brianblaze

      When you ask would they let you, I am wondering would they stop you lol. Obviously it wouldn’t make much sense but still nothing is actually stopping you from doing it. Lambo would be happy to sell you a $300000 engine for you to do what you want with it!

  24. Quakebass

    Ok… Don’t take this the wrong way…

    Many people here may be better-suited with Forza.

    It seems people all want to do all kinds of engine swapping and livery modifications, and I know exactly the game where this is possible…

    Think about it. You’re supposed to buy a game and play it is. This will be a harsh statement: You shouldn’t need to go in and hack a game yourself to make it better. You should be able to be satisfied with what the game has to offer. If you don’t, then it is not your game. Go play something else – something that doesn’t require you to fix it. In this case it would seem to be Forza…

    Now, there are exceptions. If you can give the developers feedback (which has worked for GT5), then the game can sometimes be fixed. Sometimes you know that the developers are capable of better, so you stick with it. This is not the case here – people were mostly fin wit the lack of engine swaps up until the point when they started breaking the rules to do so. Now that they’re being banned or losing access to these features (when they were doing it illegally… essentially), they’re going nuts. And many that are don’t seem to care as much about driving physics, which is what is keeping me here. If they don’t see much of a difference or don’t really care, I don’t see why they haven’t gone to Forza already, which has supported these features since it’s launch. I just don’t get it.

    1. Zuel

      You are so right sir, they so want Gran Turismo to be like so many other brands maybe, from what the comments show it’s so. Too many brands follow suit in the gaming industry lately. Within the last few years this has changed in a major way, no reason to name any titles. If Gran Turismo follows suit it will truly die off. That’s the reason why Gran Turismo has lasted this long with such a large fan base because it stuck to what you can do on the track within the rules of a governing racing body. I don’t know maybe they were thinking we would be able to do that. I’ve been playing this title since 1997, when my old brother girlfriend son was playing it while I was home for holiday from collage.

      After that kid went to sleep I was on that bad boy until the sun came up, then he comes walking in the room yell “WOW you’ve been up all night?!” I “YEP!” but in hoot got lost there for a moment, I agree there are a lot of people that need to look at another title or look at GT5 for what it is. Nothing more nothing less, I one way or another through the years Gran Turismo show cased all forms of race track motor sports not tuner street motor sports. Which so many of you want to emulate so badly within GT5. Wasn’t AH never mind LOL..

    2. MuoNiuLa

      So Gran Turismo will die if it adds engine swaps and livery editor? I hope that’s not what you’re trying to say because that is ridiculous.

    3. Progress823

      Lol – “Look at GT5 for what it is” – there is so much wrong with GT5 and part of the fan base. Think about it – real driver simulator without being able to make an engine swap, race cars that we can modify beyond their manufacturer’s specifications – how much of a real driver simulator has this become in these times – that is what lead people to do mods, and I’m not talking about 50,000hp cars.

    4. Quakebass

      Zuel – I never even HINTED that GT following suit of other franchises would be it’s downfall. It really SHOULD. MY point was that you shouldn’t have to hack a game to make it better. My main point was ore along the lines of what Progress said below – simulators should start having these sorts of tuning capabilities, and since GT5 doesn’t, (and has been around for some time), you should move on to another game if it just isn’t doing it for you. You shouldn’t look at it just for what it is, you should also look at it for what it could or SHOULD have been.

      GT5 shouldn’t have had standard cars. It should have had a more thorough A-Spec. Most tracks should’ve had a day/night cycle, and most if not ALL tracks should’ve had weather options. There should’ve been more race mod options, and different classes of cars and racing (NASCAR, Rally, Karting, Drifting, etc.) needed to be more fully-fledged. The AI needs to be better. The list goes on. Some people can get on with these disappointments – but you can’t just ignore them – most are unacceptable. Just as GT5 is now one of the only sims out there without a livery editor and engine swaps, there seems to be better options elsewhere. I can still find enjoyment in GT5 in deep recesses of the Arcade mode, and the physics are what keep me there.

      I WOULD like engine swaps and a livery editor, but hacking isn’t how I want to go about it. I want it to be intentionally put there by the developers, for a more “thorough” feel. I think this is plenty possible for GT6, which is what I’m holding out for.

      Most arguments for the hacking are ridiculous – including those supporting the realistic engine swaps; I hate to bring this up yet again, but there are terms you agreed to. It isn’t “unfair” that you can’t do these things – GT5 just doesn’t have them available. You obviously want the options, so go somewhere that has them. I’m not trying to ridicule anyone who is being intelligent.

  25. sytfu

    I think the coolest thing about the “Hacks” or “hybrid” tuning was the fact that it gave new life to all the hundreds of “doormid” cars that GT5 offers. I myself was level 40/40 and 99% of the game complete for the past few years… the game had become slightly stale for me. altho i did continue to play it, there was just nothing left to do on the game. i collected over 1270 cars in the game and once the modding became available to do, i was initially hesitant. Once i did decide to jump into it, i vowed to not be the 20mill hp guy. I utilized the HXD to make the cars look as my real life vehicles did, i used the chassis swapping to give the appearance of wider offset wheels and stanced vehicles. altho i do understand that the modding is a bad thing, i have to be honest… i loved the fact that my car was now very unique, that it was now different… i knew for a fact when i went into a room it would be the only car like it. this ability gave us the freedom to make cars that represented our taste. I do understand PD’s traditional modding taste, but I also am heavy in the tuning scene of US and JP culture and i know the cars being built now are no longer traditional in their modding. I was one that didnt do the cross platform engine swaps, but i definitely squished the blitz RB in a S13, i didnt mind borrowing the Asparadrink 20b to make a NA 3 rotor FC… those types of things were cool as he11!! being able to now close the enormous wheel gap left even after lowering the car on race coilovers was a breath of fresh air. Why wouldnt they give us an update to allow us to do that? why would they not inpliment a patch to give us the freedom to increase wheel widths or offsets? I found myself loving more and more… standard cars. I personally loved R30 skylines, and alot of the older datsun/nissans… got to finally create the older toyota corolla’s i have always wanted to. nothing looked better than a wingless MA70 supra, or R35. i rarely ever turned up the HP, simply because i felt suspension tuning would get the car around the track just as fast as a few extra hp, so i never really bothered with the multiplier, but oh what a tease it was to be able to finally properly lower a vehicle and give it proper wheel fitment. OR to go get a mitsubishi eclipse GS and turn it into a GSX. this kindof shut out the creative bug some of us got the brief moment to explore… now were back to the normal drone of the bland GT5 universe. I’m definitely not upset, BUT…. i definitely hope GT6 shows us more freedom. i hope KAZ and PD see what their consumer wants in the game we all love. it seemed like right when GT series was getting amazing at GT2, they cut us down in GT3 then restricted us for GT4. GT5 could have been amazing if they atleast gave us free run of wheels and added all the available tracks, but somehow they felt we didnt need all of that. as a last plea i really hope PD and kazunori yamauchi allow us to get a complete game that is up to standard with modern trend and tuning ethics. i will not compare GT with Forza nor NFS in the departments of tuning, but i must say… GT’s tuning engine is very elementary in comparison with the likes of those two titles. TL;DR

    1. Quakebass

      It kinda will, though… Livery editor, more appealing car variety, engine swaps, more tracks…

      There’s a lot that can be offered for people that have done everything currently available in GT5.

    2. HuskyGT

      Physics and graphics is not always the most important thing if you’re a car enthusiasts that’s not into competing. Forza handles good enough. At least it’s not as trashy as Shift; now that’s an unplayble game in all aspects.

      Although I wouldn’t run to the videogame store to buy an Xbox and Forza, I do wish I could have it, or that GT5 had all those features.

  26. TheGTGuy

    Can anybody help? V2.12 won’t update on my ps3, keeps saying error and the timer is getting longer. 76 percent
    Is the closest I’ve gotten then it stops.

  27. TheGTGuy

    Can anybody help? V2.12 won’t update on my ps3, keeps saying error and the timer is getting longer. 76% Is the closest I’ve gotten then it stops.

  28. Nuuj

    I believe this whole Event has sparked very interesting Conversations about a lot of issues in not only Gran Turismo 5, but Console Gaming as a whole–it’s also shown strong and valid points of view from both our Traditional GT Players and our group of Modders (who I can’t really confirm can be classified as a “group” as it seems their known ranks reveal to be larger by the day)..

    I still have to reiterate that the Terms are clear on what was done here, and Polyphony really does have every right to delete the Vehicles that violate those Terms; I still would have liked to explore the options our fellow GT Players uncovered but I came to this Party a little too late lol, I haven’t played in months but I visit GT Planet regularly..

    There are immeasurable reasons as to why the modding presented new aspects of fun, personalization, and creativity/innovation–but there are also very important reasons as to why it presented itself as a bad mark on Gran Turismo; doing Real World/Full Scale Tuning is an extremely tantalizing concept, which is why I became very interested in it, but Polyphony’s Contracts with its numerous Auto/Tuning Brands don’t cover this kind of activity–and in a Racing Game (as with Real World Competition), Tuning/Modifying/Tinkering with a Vehicle before you enter a Race will always be something that has to be viciously policed, these hacks/mods presented an ability to do almost anything and in Real Life some of the creations that were being used are simply Unrealistic, and had no place in Gran Turismo..

    On a larger scale (as someone else pointed out) Gran Turismo has displayed certain Vehicles that did not make it into the Final Copy of the Game (or not in every region/version), and on the Case of the Game it does state that you will be able to “Customize, race, and upgrade over 1,000 detailed cars, including NASCAR, rally, kart, and drift.” though in reality many of the cars In Game cannot be upgraded or customized (without the hacks/mods at least), I personally have noticed that Video Games all in all have skirted on the fringe of False Advertising for some time now, by making many Products seem to be more than what you ultimately end up with in Ads and Preview Trailers etc, also my Ex mentioned that you never know the Terms and Conditions of a Game until after you’ve already bought it (I believe they can be found Online on GT’s Site in Polyphony’s case, but I can’t confirm that)..

    Many of our arguments went above the reach of this particular Game, but to bring it back down to Earth (or GT Planet as it were) we have to realize that things as they are now will see to it that the Traditional Players’ way of Racing and Tuning will be preserved, and our modders wanting more in-depth tuning will have to Lobby for inclusion into GT6 and their numbers must be high, their voice must be loud, and their case will have to be impressive (remember that the permission to do such things will not only have to be allowed by Polyphony, but the Auto Makers and Tuning Brands themselves), as for those of you who seek unrealistic or cross licensed swaps, unattainable measurements, and/or Warp Speed horsepower output.. I have to break it to you, Gran Turismo will never have a place for you..

    Most of us are here because we love to Race, we love the Challenge, we swoon over the Cars and the Drive; there should be no reason to bash those who wanted to personalize their Vehicles by painting a car that wasn’t able to be painted, or Tuned a favorite car of theirs (to a fair and realistic level) with amenities that weren’t actually available.. Just as there is no reason to argue with or bash those who like to race their cars Dealership Stock, or feel that the menial Tuning or Customizations available suffice their needs..

    I agree with points on both sides, the way “Hybriding” was implemented was wrong, and PD’s actions were expected and smart (for their Legal Team), but trash talking the Modders/Hackers only shows Closed Mindedness–the Gran Turismo franchise needs this level of customization and it has actually taken a step back since GT4, their competition has become increasingly stiff with each release and something must be done, I believe we would all benefit from more tuning flexibility and every player in the Community would experiment with those new possibilities if it was legally presented In Game..

    1. Quakebass

      This. I agre with it. All of it.

      This is what I was trying to get across to players – the mods are fun, and would it would be very nice if PD had included the engine/component swapping, but the simple fact is that it goes against their terms, and may void licenses.

      And specifically on the tuning part – obviously some of the mods were unrealistic, and those wanting those to stay will have to bugger off. As for the “tuning before races being viciously policed”, PD has power and other restrictions available in GT5 already, so if they include engine swapping in the next game, they can make races have power restrictions, and even those that simply restrict any or specific forms of customization.

      What we need to do is get on the ball and get these thoughts over to PD – and excuse me for sounding like a broken record, but –


    2. infamousphil

      I ain’t gonna give in to any hack jobbers argument before they, as a community, acknowledge the fact that they have, in one foul swoop, ruined what was most precious to me.

      Online tuned TT events.

      Prior to Gran Turismo’s entry into online play, I thought I was the bomb. If a friend bettered a time I had set (single mode or split screen) I would go about tweaking my tune (using the established parameters) and demonstratIng a way to go about getting more performance out of the car. Once GT5 was released I’ve had to really step up my game.

      Enter the hack jobbers.

      From the start, I struggled to be a mid-packer in competitive online rooms and in the time trials. But with the thought that I could improve.

      Now that the jig is up all I hear from these hack jobs is ‘it’s our game, we can do whatever we want, it’s PD’s fault… I can’t tolerate ignorance like that. And will not let them ruin the game for me.

  29. testorz

    I’ve used hybrid cars for Offline play just to add a zing to the game when it gets stale and boring ! I never used any modified cars for game achievements !

  30. E46fanatic937

    Using hacks in seasonal events is just totally unacceptable though I believe. People work hard for their times and records.I believe hacks were first intended for private use with friends but then the guy shared and it got passed on into some of the wrong immature people thats where the 29776587475945794584hp dumb crap comes from.

  31. E46fanatic937

    GT5 will continue to be haccked my friend no way around it now. You can still use HP multiplier and some chassis/drivetrain with a certain program a new tutorial just came out today. Basically everytime they update and patch a group of people are working a way around it wont stop sorry guys.

    1. MeanElf

      Wouldn’t it be easier for us all if you posted these replies to the comments you are answering, instead of putting a new comment up – sorry, but it’s a bit tedious having to search for context.

  32. E46fanatic937

    Bone stock on video game is not something I would do. in real life I dont find anything special about bone stock cars especially in the US with emission restricting power and exhaust flow etc. Ex- Why would I have a bone stock 335i which is quick already when I can get a $300 JB4 chip and dual intakes and have over 420rwhp a Camaro SS/5.0 killer Inline 6 lightly modded and add an M technik package just beautiful. Also modding a vehicle for performance or show also lets a persons personality be shown in the car.I try to run vehicles I own with a less amount of conservative government restrictions show some color and personality bone stock=Zzzzz IMO.But too much customization especially with alot of aftermarket moulding and body fittings like the ricers enjoy doing is unacceptable.Those aftermarket bumpers and such that are for more than 1 vehicle make is a big no no in my book and looks cheap along with 8000k super blue cheapo HIDs.I am a little more conservative when it comes to exterior styling IMO i believe you should stick to that companies styling or a replica of it BMW-M Technik,Alpina,Dinan style, Honda-The Si thing,Mugen or whatever you guys do.

    1. liv4hardstyle

      Sorry man but you make little sense. You’re saying modding you’re car is “expressing” yourself but only if its done in the way in which you approve? I think the nazi’s had a similar train of thought my friend. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    1. Quakebass

      When was there supposed to be an update…? It says maintenance… That doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be an update…

    2. smskeeter23

      Sorry thats what I meant, maintenance.

      Still I figured there would be some mention of “I list the rest of my cars” or “the hacks still work” it “SRF is on all the time no matter what” lol

  33. jaytmtb

    I agree with stopping people from ruining the game with hacked cars, once you start cheats in any game,
    the game looses its shine.

    Maybe PD should consider dropping the 20,000,000 credit limit, and the 1 car per day trade limit.

    Roll on GT6, hopefully with all premium cars and the reappearance of a lot of the old favorite tracks.

  34. pinoyboiii408

    LOL never knew their was hacked cars. Guess I’ve been playing too much Shuffle/Spec online races. I never mess with tuning.

  35. Shqiptar

    Very good reading all these comments.

    But is anyone thinking or is it just me, that whoever hacked the game first time Is probably working on another way of hacking it again.
    PD should just give up and concentrate on GT6 instead.

  36. HuskyGT

    I actually found another change. They fixed the Jaguar XKR’s rear bumper!!

    Anyone that likes the car and has one since day one will know what I’m talking about ;)

    1. HuskyGT

      It had some graphical bug that protruded from the bottom, glitching through the exhaust tips. You could only see it in photo travel and while racing. Not in the showroom.

      I hate it it because that car has the sexiest butt you’ll ever see in GT5 and I never could take a proper picture of it. It took them long, but I’m glad they’ve fixed it.

  37. HKSBro92

    I was never interested in hacking until I saw a video of a VW beetle with a RUF engine (which has been done in real life). I wanted to get into it but sadly the party has been shutdown by the PDPD (Polyphony Digital Police Department…see what I did there?

  38. Both Barrels

    It was never about cheating against other users, It’s all about violating the Terms Of Service. Never forget that. Does anyone actually think Sony or PD actually care about infighting amongst users?… In the entertainment business, that makes for good ratings! But come the bloody morning after…one tin soldier rides away…

    1. Quakebass

      Well, cheating in time trials is obviously a problem… It wouldn’t be right for PD to ignore that – it would displease too many users.

      PD isn’t THAT ignorant.

  39. Both Barrels

    I had only one hacked car that was given to me as a thank you, it was a 1250HP SUPERVELOCE, a very modest hack, just HP multiplied. I miss it. :o(

  40. DawgCCCP

    Ohh Snap! Project C.A.R.S. already kicks GT5 ass with graphics! So that is kinda what I would expect from GT6 at least graphicwise!

    1. smskeeter23

      How do you explain my DP class 787b then that lost over 200hp, gained 132kg, and became more difficult to drive then?


      Or actually trying to tune a 1000 whp supra to go around the nurburgring. Or a 600 hp Honda integra RWD to drift and handle. Or a 600 hp Bugatti witch was also lightend to corner etc…

      Izzyracer your point is invalid and definatly missinformed.

      So please. Think before you post

  41. E46fanatic937

    Long live the motor swap.Get off your high horse hack haters you have no right to look down on hackers like we are murder suspects lol especially creative ones. Half of you fools complaining probably are the same ones that had crappy tunes before hacks came about give me a break lol, heard it all before.Seems theres is a little jealous streak for some reason I know I used to be before I started doing it. Again hacks are not dead will be back up soon guys

    1. Izzyracer97

      your argument is invalid I race Ferrari F1with the best in the business and some of them use hacked cars. I haven’t lost to one yet

    2. HuskyGT

      HAHA! “Crappy tunes” This made me laugh! I drive my cars pretty much bone stock and I had no problems reaching level 40 and wining every single Seasonal in gold. Tunning is helpful, but so overrated. When you learn which car is good for certain situation you star appreciating the differences between each vehicle. That’s the beauty of the automotive industry.

      So it’s not about being jealous… It’s about people doing really stupid things that only soil Gran Turismo’s name. And I’m not talking about realistic tunes, realistic engine swaps or wing deletes.

    3. smskeeter23

      Right on Husky. It’s one of the reasons that I’m personally excited about the no choice, no tune TTs. It’s about driving, not maxing out a car and making it drive on rails.

      Remember kids, tuning won’t help you in GT Academy (not that everyone cares about that).

      “No I really don’t know. Turn here? Wedge there? They told me to get in a car and drive and I could drive whats the difference?” – Cole Trickle (lol)

    4. Toyota2jz

      The hack actually made things pretty realistic. Before the hack, I used to run bone stock / semi tuned, as the tuning in GT5 was dead from the start.

    5. Quakebass

      Usually I don’t need to tune my cars much further than the LSD and gear ratios… The point to the hacks are doing things that weren’t possible before, specifically engine/drivetrain swaps. Like 1000hp Supras, shifter karts, “slammed” suspension, and such. It has nothing to do with how well people could tune with what they were given originally.

      But hacking voids the terms of service, so, unfortunately, the “good” hacks can’t continue.

  42. E46fanatic937

    Hacks are still working gentlemen.I can post a video if you like the new tutorial will be up in a few days pm me for more info.

  43. kierster99

    At last they are removing the hacked cars.
    It was fun but it spoiled the game for the user and other people.

  44. TakumiFuji01

    Is it me? or that most people admirer such cool swaps like AE111 4AGE in AE86, K20A in EG6, F20C in AE86, SR20 in S13(’88), F20C in AP2 S2000(F22C Version) in real life but have a problem with it in GT5? Somewhat biased in a way like it’s saying GT5 is more important then real life. I think it’s okay to do this since it’s virtual reality and won’t hurt us etc. What I mean is, I understand it could break such agreement when we bought the game but I feel why is everything so different when it comes to these things?

    1. fordskydog

      It is not that we don’t appreciate engine swaps.

      Are you gonna just trust everyone not to cheat? The racing is what is important, most especially online. If you don’t set limits in development, you over spend and underperform. If you don’t set limits in gameplay, your game becomes anarchy that no serious player will put up with. Just face it. There is no formal framework for this kind of Modding in the game, and therefore no way to control it and keep anarchy at bay.

      If you love this game for the racing, Modding isn’t all that important. Surely a fair race is important. If this no hacking allowed is ruining GT5for you then it’s not your franchise anyway. There are other choices out there.

    2. TakumiFuji01

      “If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

      I mainly just stay offline and only go online for being with friends, etc BUT I understand the high rate of serious racing goes on in these lobbies/lounges. Now the cause of stupidity of these hacks were when some uneducated used there random high HP EK9s, GTR, DC5s, NSX, etc for the Seasonals. I understand the racing is important as I have been adjusted to for a while. I only started modding not long before it started going nuts, I only done realistic stuff though and keep fair with other cars.

    3. infamousphil

      I couldn’t have said it better FSD ;) For folks who dig GT for what it is, a ‘driving simulator’, it’s pure and simple. For those who are in need of a way to swap 1.5 liter engines for 8.0 liter stump pullers, they have no place else to go. GT is not dead to me but the most important aspect of the game is… I’m referring to online TT events.

      What they won’t acknowledge is the harm they’re doing while exercising their right to do whatever they want with what they purchase. I’m still waiting for a hacker’s admission or recognition of what their actions mean to the otherwise “honest” online TT participant.

      Tuning is most important to GT. It allows us to adjust a car’s behavior to better suit our preferences. GT is Kaz and PD’s attempt at real world driving, tuning and racing simulation. What the hackers have done is turn it into a bonified modder/swap arcade.

      To those who would claim that their hacks can be justified, I say this… Go to any automotive competition… air, water, on or off road… your entries will be scrutinized. You may be given a chance to explain. But in the end, you don’t get to participate before you’re green lit by the sanctioning body.

      If PD and Sony were serious about getting back to “tuned car” time trials, they would go about banning accounts and canceling subscriptions wholesale and let the courts settle the score.

    4. sailworksman

      At this time it is not a sanctioned practice. Still against the rules. But, if PD would either incorporate these wishes from some of us either now or in GT6, the engine/drivetrain swapping could be set within the range of the pp system. Then the possibility of cheating is out the door.

      Example: I went into Forza 4, removed the Audi’s Q7 diesel motor, and dropped in a V12 audi race motor. Added a twin turbo and raced it online. It was competitive as the PI was adjusted to fit the upgrades. Do that PD for GT5 or 6, then we can all mod away!

    5. smskeeter23

      “If” this kind of Modding is ever allowed in GT they had better make a way to regulate it in races. I don’t think anyone would want these things showing up in stock or tune only rooms.

      Just sayin.

    6. Progress823

      The engine/drivetrain/chassis swapping was able to be regulated with the current PP system as it does account for weight, power, torque, drivetrain layout and downforce. 600-650pp race car only were a lot of fun with more variety of cars on track than the usual ringers.

    7. Both Barrels

      smskeeter, that’s the plain truth. PP should go off the charts when stupid amounts of grip is added.


      Actually the grip uped the PP to. I just put grip on my Cerbera and it went from 770 to almost 850 So therefore grip was a factor

    9. Quakebass

      If PD puts engine and other component swaps in GT6, there will be no need to modify/hack game data. I don’t know if they’re seeing it this way, as they likely mostly check the feedback section…

      So, if you guys REALLY want these sort of tuning capabilities, I’d go and make it apparent to PD in the feedback area of GTP, not here… This is more for discussion among users…

  45. steebz

    several of my modded cars are still available but i expect they won’t be after tomorrow. This doesn’t bother me because i don’t need them to win. Winning is not that important to me. ENJOYING THE GT experience is more than enough for me.

    1. steebz

      modding, IMO, enhanced the experience for me but if it causes this much b¡tching then i’m glad mods have been blocked. It makes me sad that it caused so much ill feeling in this community.

    2. steebz

      “Go die”

      That is disgusting! How can you say that? Idiots like you deserve to be thrown off this site!

      I don’t agree with fordskydog either but telling him/her to “go die” ia apalling!

      No wonder nobody listens to us!

    3. Both Barrels

      steebz, I appreciate you honest approach for hacked cars, but the nuts and bolts of it is- violation of Terms Of Service…As fun as it was, it’s like that backwoods bonfire with 150 people that the local cops allowed to go on until it got out of hand…then the hammer fell…

  46. mcalva98

    I got the chromline/stealth cars in GT5. For example i bought a 787B race car, then I went to the hacked car program and changed the body to 787B stealth. An md now i have all of them. Lol I even got the NASCAR Fantasy and SS Edge special

    1. GD6WRB

      nice, i still have my reflex purple RE rx7 and in matte white. hopefully those colors dont change. they also have a swapped engine but i dont remember what lol.

    2. TakumiFuji01

      I didn’t update the game BUT my RE RX7 FD3S is in Yellow and has a GT-Spec 3 Rotary Engine(removed the Turbo . It’s a Hot-Version Replica lol Has about 394hp(400ps) and weighs 1100kg(without using any other chassis to keep thw 255/40R17 Tires on all 4 Corners). I also have Spoon Civic EK9 with Spoon’s DC2 1.8L B18C since the original engine(B16B + Spoon 1800cc Kit) was unrealistic with the 12k redline so I used the B18C for a realistic 10k RPM, weighs about 900kg and has Spoon Cross Mission 1-5 Set with 4.400 Final. Many of the other hybrids are basicially parts swaps from late model swaps for early models(like putting C32B, NSX Type S Suspension and Type R Chassis).

  47. ftwyouarehit

    i’ve decided to keep modding till evry car on my game is modded. im not going to play online anymore anyways ,with all the ppl that complained & bothered sony enough about getting waxed on the track by realistic hybrids …so have fun online slowpokes unless u in a x2010 you have no idea how 400+ MPH feels like. Rise against the BAN!

    1. ocaxeman

      lol @ “with all the ppl that complained & bothered sony enough about getting waxed on the track by realistic hybrids …so have fun online slowpokes” by “Realistic Hybrids” you of course mean “Hacked Cars” & hacked Cars mean CHEATING plain & Simple dips&^t! I am VERY happy PD is working to get all you hackers/cheaters banned,and leave the racing to REAL Racers who do not need to cheat in order to win,fact is you never “Waxed” anyone,you cheated moron & that means you lost, I will never understand the mind of a cheater,why not have some dignity & honor by playing by the rules? rules that are there to make sure that the playing field is even,and that skill [with a little luck too] determines the winners,not some unfair Hack..who wants to play cards with someone who cheats? nobody that who,same thing goes in Online Races,so I say good riddance and so long to all the hackers,cheaters & scumbags that infest online racing in ‘GT5″,they are vermin that need to be eliminated,seek & destroy ‘PD”! ban these scum for life~cheers and gr8 racing to all those who play by the rules.

    2. Pit Crew

      Dont think those youtube videos being narrated by people with distorted voices helped keep GT5 modding from being exposed.

      Realistic or Over the top, Mods/Hybrids were always a risky venture.

    3. DBalog

      ftw 400+ mph feels unreal, so, go play some other games, gt is slow 4 you.
      Or maybe you just too fast. LOL

    4. BkS

      @Ocaxeman – I think you’re over-reacting a little bit. Hacking is not cheating. Infact, most people don’t even know what a “hacker” or “hacking” ‘truly’ means, which is; Someone who can find holes in code and manipulate that code. “Hackers” are good intent people, which is why they’re bought by co-operates, and governments to see if they can break through their security systems. Cheating is simply someone who can’t be bothered to “play by the rules” or in another sense “likes to have fun”.

      So it comes to my attention that you sir, are one of many who takes life far to seriously, a close-minded third party who cannot do nothing but giving your opinion on things which you know really nothing about.

      Now, had you have tried these “hybrid” cars, you would see that one is indeed “manipulating code”. Now refer back to what I said about “hackers”.

      The point is this, people are always going to go beyond what the developers limits. If it wasn’t for these people, developers wouldn’t learn, if developers can’t learn from their mistakes then software wouldn’t advance. “Hackers” are always 2 steps ahead of the developer. This is a fact of life so learn to accept it.

      I, myself, did mess around with hybrids until my PS3 semi-died. Hybrids are not a bad thing until they are given to people who will abuse the system. Just like the saying goes “With power comes responsibility.” I am not scum, nor vermin, I am simply one who is open-minded enough to take risks. If you don’t take risks, you won’t get anywhere. I can race just as fast, and just as good without the hybrid cars. I play proper simulation games like iRacing, LFS & rFactor and though I play those games, it’s learning how to take the knowledge about certain car characteristics and apply them to a certain situation. So your statement about leaving the racing to “REAL Racers” is null and void.

      Rules are made to be broken my friend.

    5. Vortex1be

      @ BkS: Your wrong about them being hackers because they are not hackers, hackers do stuff to be good, but you are talking about crackers. They do the same but to be bad. And manipulating code is something bad, because guess what a CRACK does when you download an illegal game… If they did it for good they wouldn’t release it to the public, but they would report it to PD instead.

      Now what you said about realistic hybrids, well it’s nice to have a car which you really like and give it some more power, BUT if you can put that car in the same grid with cars that aren’t as powerfull that is unfair and therefor is refered to as cheating.
      No matter how you put it this is just wrong to do.
      It would be nice if PD would implement this into the game, but even then i’m sure they will try and crack into the game because they want more…

      Besides if you really want to drive with cracked cars, just don’t update the game and have fun offline…

  48. hookedonturbo

    Well, I’ve just been looking into this and it seems that even though the update removes the chassis swaps, people are still able to cheat using hp multipliers and super soft tyres, triple clutches and racing flywheel, not to mention engine stages 4 & 5! So well done PD!

  49. GTV0819

    I updated my GT5 to version 2.12 because I thought they we’re gonna add something but there wasn’t and if I don’t update, my game will just continue to bother me, forcing me to update it if I am using the net. LOL.

    1. GT5fanforlife

      If you don’t want to update GT5 go to Network Settings select Internet Connection and Media Server Connection and Disable.

  50. lspredator

    you know when we could use the triple plate clutch upgrade, but no we can’t. and for us wheel users the triple plate clutch made us happy, because we could change gears faster when using clutch. I don’t understand why Polyphony Digital haven’t fixed it yet!

  51. NewCadillac

    Good riddance! I have a GT5 platinum and can still find ways to enjoy this game without using hacked cars. If you can’t enjoy the game for what it is, move on!

    1. MuoNiuLa

      @NewCadillac: You’re so awesome for caring what other people do with their game when it really doesn’t concern you.

  52. RaduBox

    I come from a CPG marketing industry and have been helping to get products into consumer’s hands for 8 years now, developing brand awareness, consumer engagement, and the successful execution of field initiatives for product launches. Below is what I have to say on the subject of what PD has done, regarding this most recent update/downgrade:

    Polyphony Digital and Sony Entertainment,

    What makes it okay to drive consumers to think that there’s a remote possibility of something being offered, all the while knowing you have no intention of doing so? You upload a picture of the Hennessey Venom GT to your Facebook Page, then create a patch to block people who finally found a way to make GT5 interesting and relevant again in an evolved world, by creating their own Hennessey Venom GT where you failed to deliver (again.)

    Patch 2.12:
    What’s your reasoning behind taking away an organic, crowd-sourced, aspect of GT5 that you could have embraced and capitalized on. Instead of seeing exactly what some of your customers really want in your game and adjusting accordingly, you simply went the way of the dinosaurs and removed yourself from the ‘now’ and reduced your relevancy in the global market with the simply inclusion of ‘hack removal’ in Patch 2.12 (4/22/13).

    Another way you could have handled this ‘situation’ is to actually get online, play the game with the hybrids and hacks to see what was actually occurring, as a trend. You would have noticed a recent shift in interest, going away from unrealistic hacks and steadily focusing on realistic hybrids not offered in the original GT5, complete with equivalent, competitive, and manageable PP ratings. You could have developed a patch to stop overtly power cars, unrealistic by design with mismatched engines from unrelated automotive brands. Then, still allowed the free, crowd-sourcing, of GT6’s DLC, or even GT7.

    Gran Turismo in an Evolved Market:
    You cannot possibly stay on the cusp of innovation, if you’re not crowd-sourcing. CS is the future, not only for video games, but for all products. It doesn’t take too much of a stretch of one’s imagination to consider a world where a game like Gran Turismo actually allows automotive brand consumers to develop, test, drive, rate, review, and share their own versions of what they are really wanting from those major automotive brands; Then go on to submit those ideas that saw traction for further peer-review, all within the public eye; Furthermore, to see those products come to fruition. Imagine the customer dedication that would be created if those customers where able to say “I had a say in this” when it comes to describing their new vehicle purchase!

    Imagine the money it would save automotive brands to allow their vehicles to be crowd-sourced, and not simply passed back and forth in a board room by over-paid bureaucrats, or in an air-tight design studio. Imagine a world with entirely unique cars, being developed by the consumer, then produced by the builder, so that those consumers could buy the vehicles that THEY need.

    As cars prices continue to sky-rocket, they are seen more and more as an investment by the buyer. Smart buyers know that asset management is at the core of any investment strategy and those buyers are going to stop considering automotive brands who aren’t willing to engage them on a personal level for the development of what they truly need. In short, cars need to become more like homes, designed and created by the buyer and not for the buyer.

    Instead of a game like GT being simply a ‘game’ it could develop into a real world developer, in the most literal sense.

    In the end, customers are right, and while some of the GT5 community don’t want the change that has since been repressed, change is good so long as it has sustainable leadership and educated regulation. Now the forthcoming multiplayer and lifestyle leaders, GRID 2 and the Forza Series will now mop the floors with GT5/GT6; Unless GT6 has some real plans to be a true innovator and not just another rung in the ladder.

    1. Zuel

      RaduBox you need to be working for the company I work for to help them get on the same page. You should open your own firm to help companies. Everything you pointed out is spot on and as I thought about it more it was a great opportunity for PD to see what was going on after the whole ordeal unfolded. Yes PD could have learn a lot from what has been going on a may still will once the next maintenance is done but we won’t know until GT6 or a comment from Sony, PD or Kaz himself. Yes they could have gained great amount of information on what was being done, maybe they have. Yes buy seeing what has been done, continue to allow it may cause sales to go up for PD, Sony and the other brands or areas of industry to have increase are profit in the years to come and so. “It may still do so. Do we really know? NO”

      Though in the pass some of us haggled, bitched and such to have things added to GT. Even though those items, actions, option or what it weren’t added we still haggled and bitched until those were added. One action that really comes to mind is the action of reverse lights that Famine spoke about. He stated he gripped for years for reveres lights; he wanted that realism along with others. Once GT5 was showcased one of the actions that were added was reverse lights. Why, it was because people spoke out about what they wanted and pushed for it. We asked for other things pushed for it and got what we asked for. Correct? Correct.

      Have you thought that asking for the option to do motor, driveline, color, wing or whatever to the cars after the fact of the contract agreement that PD made with these manufactures, tuners or any entity that is show cased within the Gran Turismo franchise? Could all of this been avoided if it was asked for BEFORE the release of GT5 instead of some hacking the game to achieve this goal? I think so, but in all you are right.

    2. Zuel

      Though about Grid2, you may have lost it there, Project Cars and one other title are in line for top dog. And those sims will be on all platform not just the PS3.

    3. Pit Crew

      Thought GT5 was a Driving Simulator not Mod Simulator, and the reason PD patched it is there Intellectual Property was tampered with.

    4. PepeMickey

      Yeah, it’s all PD’s fault, isn’t it? Sorry I don’t see how changing the values of a virtual car to make it closer to another virtual car is ”real world developement”, besides, its illegal and there’s no other way around it. Now please stay away from the GT series and quit your job, clearly you are not experienced enough.

    5. Progress823

      Yeah…GT5 is a “driving simulator”. Modded cars are part of real life driving. Please open your eyes – unless you’re one of those people that lease their car or just buy it and leave it stock.

    6. Progress823

      To further add to this, technically PD violated their own TOS and if live in the USA, laws with the 2.12 patch. This update peeks into your save game file, which technically belongs to the end user and not Polyphony. Invasion of privacy, friends….

    7. Zuel


      Explain the reasoning behind the 2.12 being a envision privacy to the saved data. I want to know, I really want to know.

    8. Pit Crew

      But Progress, you bought the game knowing engine swaps and chassis swap werent coded in gt5, and were does Kaz ever talk about his game as being a100 percent Real Life Driving Simulator?

      Hes into racing not Modding. GT series is first and foremost Kazs vision, and his dialogue rarely accentuates a being a big fan of allowing Body off Engine pulling resto mod Customization.

    9. Progress823

      I explained it above, Zuel. The save gave file belongs to us, the end users as per PD own TOS. Patch 2.12 peeks into the file, and it corrects any altered parameters.

    10. steebz

      +1 progress – i too believe that PD violated privacy laws by peeking into our files but people on here are unable to grasp the concept of this. They won’t listen to us. They just kiss PDs behind… i’m done talking about this bs now it’s getting old real quick

    11. Progress823

      @pit crew – the game itself is titled ” the real driving simulator”, and mods fit into this. Are you contradicting what you have said in previous comments? Yes, Kaz may be into racing, but with us being able to modify LMPs (most notable the Peugeot 908) beyond the actual horsepower ran at Le Mans, is it not really all the same? I am a person that love realistic specs on cars – I made actual GT-glass variants of the Gallardo, SLS, 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia, Ford GT, V12 Vantage, DB9……. None over GT-class hp.

    12. ScouserInExile

      @progress & steelz:
      Proper lolz at the internet lawyer wannabe going on. “peeking into our files”? Ha! What do you think the game does every time you boot it up? Or load your save? Or write to that save? That’s right! It “peeks” at it.

      And you’ll find the save file counts as part of the software as far as the EULA is concerned. Granted, this is mostly to stop competitors using the data held therein, but the point stands.

    13. Progress823

      Scouser – read the TOS thoroughly and you will see that the save data belongs to the END USER – it cannot be more clear than PD’s own statement.

    14. mr_pepps

      @radubox Enjoyed reading your opinion, well written and some quality ideas about the possibilities in Gran Turismo.
      A little fatalistic in my view, but I’m glad you popped that idea into my head – nice one.

    15. Quakebass

      Save files are still PD content. How is it invasion of privacy? It is merely code that tracks the data you have in the game – PD built this code. It is free-ranging, for it saves exactly what YOU have done, so, in a sense, it IS personally “modified”. But it isn’t ILLEGALLY modified. Save files are made by PD, and customized by you. And, since modifications OUTSIDE of legalities (as in modifying THEIR save files, and other PD-created content outside of STANDARD parameters) are going on, bans and searching of save files are necessary. You can’t just go online and scan for cars through lobbies. That would take WAY too long.

      And I’ve said this before – some modifications WILL disrupt PD’s licenses – painting of Ferrari F1’s and other liveries, and engine swaps on certain race cars, concepts, and again, F1’s.

      If you have such a big problem with the terms of service, go right to PD with the issue. email, or even a hand-written letter if it’s that important.

    16. Pit Crew

      Progress those mods are pre set by PD and Hacking your save to build rebuild it outside of the written code is a Mod PD and Kaz dont Approve.

      When did I contradict anything, im sure I havent flamed users of Hacks or called anyone a cheat, its just that for some odd reason many seem to think that PD doesnt have the right to regulate their IP. Good Ideas with the Mods far as how some people put theirs together, but it broke PDs terms, like i’ve said it was always risky.

      Whos to say that 908 Peugeot Engine isnt capable of higher speeds non race spec? Thing is far as modding, PD didn’t give me the option to remove the 908s body and replace it withan Audi R8.

    17. ScouserInExile

      @progress I haven’t got the licence agreement to hand, so I’ll reserve judgement on that one. However, the concept that PD are somehow spying on you when the game reads the save file remains laughable.

  53. T7SI74

    Am I one in the few that are happy to play within the game’s preset parameters?
    Those that consider modding not to be cheating, are pretty naive because if the game wasn’t supposed to allow it and you’re doing it, it IS cheating. Whether your car is faster, “sounds better” or not.

    Also to those that feel the game is dead.
    You are an idiot.
    I have played this game nonstop, since acquiring it, play within the parameters and I’ve never played a game like it. It’s intoxicating.
    Sure, call me a trophy hunter cause that is my main drive, but I love the game nonetheless.

    Also, I’m new here and I made an account just so I could rant at the haters.
    Hello to all my fellow fair players, I’m sure it’ll be an honour talking to you, to the cheaters, I’m sure we’ll grow to hate each other like Tom and Jerry.

    1. Umbra344

      My opinions were the same as yours, I loved the game’s preset parameters and I was appalled that people can only get enjoyment out of the game by hacking. People say the game is dead to them, and all that.
      I enjoy all of their updates and patches.

    2. T7SI74

      I don’t get how a game has to be “interesting again” by cheating.
      It’s never not been interesting for me.
      Apart from discovering the difficulty of the Vettel challenges, they can feck off. Lol

    3. Zuel

      I agree with you T7SI74, I also enjoy GT5 within its parameters always have since Gran Turismo. I even enjoyed the power limiter for some time until it got dull, mainly from seeing the same cars ran over and over again. Mainly so to there was no variety in the pp classes that carried over from Gran Turismo Prologue after the Power Limiter was carried over to Gran Turismo 5 after so many asked for it. Though that is hear say on why anyone would want it anyway, it really puzzles me why would anyone would want it after knowing what it does. But this is not the issue is it, the issue is the hacking of the cars due to we never had any variety “RIGHT?”

      To be honest the majority of really never gave GT5 a real chance to prove itself to give us “VARIETY” that we so want. When GT5 first came out, we all looked over what was available played around a little then went on-line to see what that was all about. Then once we got a fast taste of that the next thing we need was start working on our cars and so on. Then it leads to us not being able to control the cars for most of us. I for one will admit to maxing out my cars to get that edge over the other, then after running it for awhile even after the limiter was added I seen like some other how old and dull it has gotten. Changed the way we tuned our cars and started to enjoy GT5 more, even though some of us still had some maxed out cars. For the ones that followed suit seen the variety in the cars once they weren’t over tuned then de-tuned to a controllable state with the power limiter. Even so we have both type of car in our stables normal, mild then maxed tuned cars. Then this got old then the subject customization came up again then the hacking started.

      I’m all for customization but going to the means of hacking the game to achieve that customization is pointless. We asked for thing before F.Y.I within mean a got it and other we didn’t “RIGHT” right.

      I’m glad that you joined T7SI74, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you on the VR track.

  54. marktyper

    Cool! I’m happy since It’s been almost 3 months that I have removed my G27 on its mount because ofcourse it’s gay to race with people that has hacked cars such as Drag. I’m giving PD a huge credit in to what they have done to get this issue right. Now I’m happy to be back in track with my old friends :) Cheers! +1

    1. MuoNiuLa

      So people are idiots because they have a different opinion from you? Yeah, great way to make a first impression on the community.

    2. PepeMickey

      And you support cheating, yeah great way to keep relationships, I don’t want to see you in GT6 nor any future GT game, I will ignore your posts from now on, I don’t talk to cheaters.

  55. Zuel

    Remember people there is still another maintenance scheduled with another surprise update. Just because some of you still have your hacked cars doesn’t mean you’ll have them after the next update. Come on people we’ve already went through one maintenance and the other is just down the line which should also bring another update. We got an update that removed the hacked cars that had motor swaps and such which was a surprise, the other stuff may be removed and locked when the next update comes after the maintenance.

    Do you really think their done working on this? This update should prove other wise.

  56. japlkofk69

    Hey! You guys crying about this patch, look at the bright side, now you can dedicate time to your REAL life, your job, your wife, perhaps kids, personal hygiene….if any of those apply and you actually have any

    1. T7SI74

      It’s not. At all.

      These typical people are moronic and need to be shot before they infest our happy community.

  57. austindeckerGT5

    whatever PD I been playing this game since day one and now you guys turn full retard on us? You PD, is the epitome of a two faced person and need to straighten your acts out a little more. I know there were a lot of complaints about hacked cars and what not but give us a break and at least still be able to stance cars and remove wings. At least give us an option to do all the engine swaps removing wings and stancing cars on Thursday and you might not loose more people to Turn 10 with their Forza series because they were smart and actually have those options(minus the slamming cars with stagger). Just please PD because what I see this whole thing turning into is a big game war. Forza vs Gran Turismo all over again. With the mods on Gran Turismo 5 I had a new found love for doing realistic mods but now I am not too sure what to think of all this.

    1. Quakebass

      When was it NOT a Forza vs. GT war…?

      And why don’t you understand the terms of service that specifically claims you are NOT ALLOWED to modify game data…?

      You got the game knowing fully well these options weren’t available, and yet you are claiming they’ve gone “full retard”.

  58. MockngBrd

    I don’t have hacked cars but damn… I wish PD wld just chill… How about letting us have a tiny crumb or morsel of info on GT6 instead of this?

    1. HarVee

      I know right? Just give us something official related to GT6 already. A screenshot, a teaser video, something.


      here”s some news on GT6 Ol Pal its going to be the same as GT5,GT4,Gt3 there’s only 3 diffrences I see nascars,track editor about 20 cars that werent in the previous versions PD has shot themselves in the foot with this one maybe in the head when they should’ve been taking notes

    3. Quakebass


      I wouldn’t expect to hear much until then. It’s just going to build hype, especially since we know GT6 is coming soon.

    4. Synapticgap

      Or give me the options menu to adjust sfx and bgm volume levels in B-Spec mode and during replays. Or enable VidCap in-game. Or add more tracks that are still mothballed from the earlier versions, or convert the old standard models for premium ones. Or make the photo mode remember the camera settings from last time. Or allow more game modes in online play… etc etc etc etc

  59. smskeeter23

    Glitch “out” is dead.

    I tried every location I’ve ever successfully pushed the car “out of bounds” and it no longer works.

    It appears that the boundaries have been changed. Mainly they areas of breech are now slightly angled so that you can’t get a square “push” on the car. In other cases you get into the car which stops the forward progress.

    However, Kyoto Shoren seems to have more usable space now. Maybe I just never used that space enough to notice where some of the bounds were but I don’t remember ever being able to go behind the ropes with the camera.

    Either way, someone else needs to confirm this. Maybe I just had a bad night in getting it to work.

    One other thing, the JP car first not have a preview in the garage but goes to a photomode location as an invisible car and crashes the system if you try to race it :-(

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      What do you mean by the “JP car?” Is it modded? If so, then you get what’s coming to you. Stick with the normal game, you’re rewarded with a stable, challenging and fun game. Poke around with files you’re not supposed to be messing with, and you get game crashes, and possibly system crashes, and some of these crashes might even result in hardware damage. Take it from the horse’s mouth – while I’ve never modded a console game (and never will, unless console manufacturers open up to the idea), I’ve got plenty of experience with modding PC games, and I’m damned lucky that the worst I’ve ever gotten out of a poorly done modification is a game crash. Some of those mods could have damaged my hardware.

      And for those of you who think I’m making up the story about mods causing irreparable damage to a system – there are tons of horror stories on the Internet about how someone modded their game and it resulted in complete system crashes, or worse. Heck, just the other day I read about someone who had a graphics mod for Minecraft that killed their video card. Consoles are even more susceptible to this because they have NO way to stop the OS after a game crash trickles down to it.

      TL;DR: Don’t mod your console games. Bad things can happen when modding, and they’re a lot more likely to with consoles.

    2. smskeeter23

      Calm down for a minute…

      First, the JP flag Red Bull is a car that does exist in game, it’s just hidden. The code simply called a resource that wasn’t visible before. Now it doesn’t work, big deal.

      Second, I openly admitted that I would accept a ban if I happened to receive one or a patch from PD to take the stuff away. I am not mad at them, they did what needed to be done. It is possible that part of it was to protect hardware, maybe.

      Third, yes I also work with and even develop some software for my daily job. I do understand and agree that hardware damage does happen.

      I love the game the way it was and now is again, the challenge, and everything else. No need to tell me to enjoy it as is. I will for a very long time. All this simply means to me is that an interesting period of experimentation is over. Back to my training for the 24hr Nurb race ;)

    3. smskeeter23

      For some reason I feel compelled to also add that not one single time did I ever take a hybrid online, give one to anybody, or provide info in how to make them. They truly were for my sole enjoyment alone.

  60. Quakebass

    I think this small sanctuary in the internet is falling into the clutches of stupidity, sadly…

    I’m REALLY tired of repeating myself;


    1. loftrash

      You can actually play GT5 without agreeing to the ToS. You just won’t be able to play online. The ToS is tied into PSN which effects only the online services. So If some one were to play the game offline and use hacks, then a person shouldn’t have to “go away”.

      And if you’re so tired or repeating yourself, then stop doing just that and instead, “go away”.

    2. Umbra344

      Not that I don’t agree with what you’re saying, but virtually nobody reads the Terms of Service contract… for any game or service.
      Most people see it as a wall of text that gets in the way when you’re trying to get something installed or set up.
      I did think it was pretty amusing for people to complain and gripe about being banned or having their stuff patched when they were doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing.

    3. Quakebass

      I get that most people don’t read the terms for that reason – but it’s the fact that some people are being ignorant despite realizing the terms didn’t allow modding or hacking. Both BEFORE and AFTER they started hacking. And I keep telling them to go directly to PD with the issue of the terms – I doubt they’ll see, let alone act on the complaint here.

  61. DYLAN777-is-not

    People aren’t very smart. It’s obvious PD are putting effort into fixing the hacked cars and yet people leave comments listing the cars that weren’t included. It’s like getting searched by the police and telling them what they missed: this weapon, these drugs and oh this body. Not too smart…

  62. Toyota2jz

    Reading through the comments.

    Would I still be able to use hybrid cars offline, if I give the patch a miss?

    + I won’t be needing online features for now anyway… Unless there’s something big.

    1. Nato_777

      If PD are smart they’ll put up big fat juicy carrot in the form of a free DLC or something with this next maintenance that you must update to 2.12 to get.

  63. Pinkintron

    Well, I just say good riddance to anyone “leaving” PD behind. Not like you would be missed in GT5, and you will probably end up playing Gran Turismo 6 anyway.

  64. steebz

    There’s a site advertising GT6 again LOL


    The cover has a porsche on it so it must be a joke

    1. marktyper

      why Porsche? That’s always possible since even way back in GT1, people always wanted a Porsche. Who knows… So do I :)

  65. acedition333

    There was a “glitch” in the system. PD just did it’s job to fix it. I’m sure they will finish the rest of the problems on Thursday.

  66. smskeeter23

    Decided to make my wife mad and fire this up (I told her yesterday I wouldn’t) and try checking the photomode glitches since there has been almost no mention at all of that so far.

    It looks like the “vehicle out” may have been “fixed”
    So far I only got to teat Ahweiler but I couldn’t get the car out. Interestingly enough the reason seemed to be because Bob got IN to the car first and therefore stopped forward progress to get the car out.

    I’m going to test a few more in a bit when the kids are in bed but so far from what I see its:

    Bob glitch in = yes
    Bob glitch out = yes
    Car glitch out = no :-(

  67. BTR330

    and ya GTP pro-noob pilots,how is it to realize that after the anti-hacker/cheater update, you are still gettin smoked on track at same speed?? time show off your creativity skillz iin finding an other excuse for your FAILURE on track…….hahaha (btw , i not mean all GTP are Pro-noob,im just asking those who feel personally concerned, when reading it…..subconscience always speak truth,and ya can’t delete it as easy as my comments…..xD)

  68. larsh

    Chrome Line? – Check!
    Stealth Line? – Check!
    Custom Colored Lamobs? – Check!
    All tires when no pp-modification? – Check!

    Yeah PD, well done. I don’t care about the taken X2012 Japanese Edition because I never used it… I am however a bit disappointed that I now don?t have the 4-Rotor RX8 any more, that sound was awesome :)

    1. steebz

      Yeah i still have most of my cars too. It just proves i wasn’t trying to cheat with them because they are actually SLOWER than what they should be.

      1. – Orange Subaru Impreza WRC ’99 with a RUF CTR2 engine….CHECK!
      2. – Audi RS6 ’08 with an R8 LMS engine…….CHECK!
      3. – Opel Tigra with a Opel Vectra 3.2 V6 engine………CHECK!
      4. – Honda NSX Type R ’02 with a Weider engine……….CHECK! (This sounds awesome)
      5. – Orange Honda NSX Prototype LM Race car with Weider engine………..CHECK!

      and the list goes on.

      Now you may notice i used the same manufacturer’s engine in most of them. (Except the subaru but it’s still a boxer engine) It’s funny how they are all still available, eh? Coincidence? Maybe.

  69. MasterSquidP4

    Knowing how ridiculous Kaz can be, PD could miss the point of all this and won’t add swaps or customization. Please don’t screw this up!

    1. Quakebass

      Funny how PD seem to only screw up in one game and then everybody just assumes that PD will never make good decisions again…

    2. Progress823

      PD has and will continue to screw up. They are nearing the point of no return…fixing a pointless issue with GT5 instead of working on GT6; then delay GT6…lol.

  70. steebz

    LOL I can still use my RUF engined Impreza Rally car! And my R8 LMS engined RS6. Probably because the PP is lower than it would be if fully tuned. God they sound good!

    Yes, people my hybrids are slower than what the cars would be if they were just stock tuned. Now tell me how that is cheating.

    1. HuskyGT

      I get your point, the problem is or might be:

      1. Licensing and terms of use
      2. What stops people form cheating in seasonal TT or even modifying their stats?
      3. People destroying the game with those ridiculous high HP cars with X2010 chassis.

      I’m not defending anyone here, but I still think there should be a mid ground that PD should consider. PD should at least give the option to swap engine sounds in the form of chips so we can fix the sounds ourselves and not rely on the (sorry for this) imbeciles at PD that decide which sound goes to what car.

      Or they could create some sort of engine shop where you can buy generic engines and different drivetrains for your cars without naming the manufacturers of the engines. Like not all engines available for all cars, but choices of what would make sense in real life.

      Same with people who like to “slam” their cars to the ground or people who only want something as simple and harmless as taking the wing from their car (why PD even fixed this goes beyond me). The determination that PD has shown to stop hacking is proof that they can do other things. Why they don’t, it’s clear that it’s because they don’t care.

      And last. I don’t really care about hybriding since it doesn’t affect me. I play the game for fun with my almost stock cars and I don’t care if I’m faster or slower that the rest. I don’t even compete online and just do the TT seasonal events for the price. But I’m glad they were stopped at last because this didn’t do nothing but hurt the game.

    2. steebz

      Yes, i totally understand your view on this. You’re quite right about the terms of use and the contracts PD are tied up with.

      They need to re-negotiate these licenses to something along the lines of what Turn 10 have done.

      If Nissan allow the S15 to receive an RB26 in Forza, then we should be able to do it as well.

      I think that’s the main reason why all of this modding started in the first place.

      And as for all of you X1 modding idiots, get a grip and stop ruining it for everyone!! I wish they would take that car out of this game, it causes nothing but arguments!

    3. Quakebass

      Now I like all of these ideas, but really look at it – Are we going to see this in GT5?

      Likely never. Because GT6 is coming up, and I have a feeling PD just don’t want to waste their time with features in GT5 that will re-surface in GT6. So they’ll save them for GT6. And at this point, it’s apparent that we won’t be getting much more than bug fixes from here on out, knowing GT6 is around the corner. We can hope, and in fact ASK for engine swaps and other features… Don’t we have a feedback section here…? I see SO MANY people begging here for engine swaps, yet there isn’t anything CLOSE to this on the front page of the feedback section. Why? No clue. If people want changes so bad, why aren’t they making real attempts to make their voices heard…?

    4. HuskyGT

      Of course, this is thinking in GT6. GT5 has had enough already. I don’t even care for new content or Spec updates.

      I just hope PD finally nails it with GT6.

  71. Hentis

    NO MATTER HOW YOU PAINT OVER the fact that You have used a 3rd party program to illicitly modify parts of the game for , and lets be truthful here your own means whether you cheat or modify your cars, its against the Terms and conditions for using GT5 and playing it over the PSN.
    Surely you didnt think Sony / PD would stop at banning people? If you did then your very naive.

    PD have done right to protect the integrity of their product. If you dont like that then you have two choices…. Get over it and move on…. or dont let the door hit you on the way out.

    1. sorg

      24MB is the size of EBOOT.BIN (i.e. exec file). So, no patches or any hidden addons. Simply to get rid of modified cars.

  72. Revo217

    I’ve been a gt fan since the first game came out for ps so I’ve been in the game for a minute. I think that modding cars is fun because it gives the user a sense of realism. But when you use it to cheat in online and seasonal races, that’s just wrong. I have modded cars with realistic hp and stance just like I do at my job. I think that the creators of the online rooms should’ve set limits on hp or pp then people would have to adjust there cars. I only went to rooms that are free run and I had a good time seeing different setups. But never raced against a non-modded cars. Pd should have made it available with guidelines. What they are doing is making it more attractive to hack. After all, you had the information hidden. What? You think that no ones gonna find it. To the realistic hackers, it was fun. To the unrealistic hackers, thanx! I’m being sarcastic! Jerks!

    1. steebz

      I don’t know, i haven’t tried it yet. I’m not sure i want to waste my time making more hybrids just for the PD game police to take them back off me again

    2. steebz

      I still have my RS6 with an R8 LMS engine, albeit with only 700hp now. I still have my orange RUF CTR2 engined Subaru Impreza WRC ’99 as well. 570hp. Happy days!

      I have lost some other engine swaps though.

  73. p3bucky

    I’m glad HP hacks are gone. As long as I can still modify how they look and kept all the ones I had I’m happy.

    1. p3bucky

      I had fake gt academy cars and stuff like that and the update actaully turned them into real ones ;D lol

    2. smskeeter23

      We’re you not good enough to “earn” the cars?

      If not then that IS one of the definitions of cheating that has been repeatedly thrown around here. That, is a load of crap.

      There are many people who had to work hard to get those cars and they were a reward of that hard work. NOT by simply changing a code.

      If you now have serveral GTA cars as your reply suggests I would say at least part of this “patch” is a fail on PDs part.

      (If you in fact did win them correctly disregard my rant)

  74. HuskyGT

    So this is it? Nobody has encountered more changes? My game is still the same. I was hoping at least for some minor fixes in the sounds or something.

    1. smskeeter23

      +1 I’ve been holding out hope for something too but it does look like this is it.

      Wonder what round 2 brings…

    2. HuskyGT

      I’ve learned not to hope much from PD. still, I’ll be positive and think they’ll probably release another patch after the 25th with some new feature.

      Probably won’t happen… but oh well.

    3. Quakebass

      @Husky –

      You can still have high hopes for PD… Just not GT5. It’s been apparent for some time now that they’re focusing on GT6; there isn’t much they CAN or SHOULD do at this point, since GT6 is so far along. noght as well try and get it out there as quick as possible so they ca stop thinking of the disappointment GT5 brought.

      Sort of like in school – Sometimes its best to work on your next projects or assignments, so you don’t get late on those while trying to work on an old project/assignment.

  75. DawgCCCP

    Hope PD gets the message about modifying cars! :)
    We need more modifications to make cars look awesum!

    Sooo when is the next update with more Premium cars? hehe

    1. TokoTurismo

      Agreed. I’m, kinda hoping it’s Spec 3.0 based on more customising like the hybrids. That’ll be nice of PD, but shouldn’t have my hopes up. :(

    2. steebz

      I hope all of you crying about this are aware of the fact that GT6 has most probably been delayed because of all this.

      What stopped all of you “fair racers” (LMFAO) from making your own rooms with restrictions on PP, BHP and weight? Maybe a lack of friends?………………

    3. MeanElf

      Are you seriously suggesting that the folks who are against this, are responsible for PD stepping in and possibly delaying GT6?

      If so, then that’s as skewed as the criminals’ logic who countersue when breaking in somewhere and get bitten by a dog or taken down by the owner’s baseball bat…

    4. Quakebass

      Ok – going to bring up two points:

      1). If this has delayed GT6, it will have been by a few days, maximum. This is not a problem that requires the entirety of PD’s staff.

      2). We simply WON’T be getting updates for GT5 at this point. GT6 is likely within 7-10 months of launch at this point.

  76. austindeckerGT5

    yup and PD screws themselves out of population again I hope GT6 dies along with the series now

    1. HuskyGT

      No one leaves Gran Turismo. No matter how much disappointing it gets and how much you want to get out, it keeps dragging you in over and over.

    1. BaTsBR

      Mimimi, blah-blah-blah.
      Kids like this that makes so annoying reading this answers.
      But answers like the above that makes it fun.
      Don’t like it ? Don’t play it. Simple

    2. steebz

      The problem with Forza is they ruined the physics (IMO) in Forza 4.

      In Forza 3 i think they nailed it, but F4 just seems too arcadey. LOVE the sounds though

  77. HuskyGT

    It’s funny how PD addressees these problems so quickly, yet other “minor issues” in the game keep going forever. When are you going to fix the sound in the Viper GTS PD? I’ve been wanting to have fun with it since GT2, and I’m still waiting!

    If you don’t I’m going to research on how to hack the car and put the SRT/10’s engine on it.

    1. steebz

      But it took PD over 4 months to release this patch…Is that quick? Maybe for PD but not for the rest of us…

      They should have done this months ago then we would all be happily racing each other in a world of perfect harmony

  78. E46fanatic937

    Yes I have tried other racing games for years but for over a decade I always come back to GT no matter what lol Im a gear head what can I say. GT forever. But im still getting Grid 2 (freaking awesome) and taking a GT5 break but coming back either offline or online.

    1. steebz

      Yeah i had the original GRID and really enjoyed it. I’ll be getting GRID 2 as well, i don’t care if there’s no cockpit view. It’s not claiming to be a real driving simulator, unlike this unfinished abortion of a game.

    2. Yakattack333

      Finally, these hackers made me quit this game, even tho I tried it at one point I saw that it was unrealistic and annoying to have these 30,000hp Honda civics haha. I can finally have fun again by coming back to gt5. Thank you gran turismo.

    3. lspredator

      Yakattack333, then you ar realy bad on making hybrids lol
      If yo tried it, why didnt yo do a Realistic hybrid, like a civic with s2000 engine. Then you ar not betther than those kids

  79. kekke2000

    I used some hacking on a second account. I never gained anything with this online, all I did was have some fun without ruining the experience for others. But since 8-year olds think it’s awesome to have a 24957494 hp car online where other have 400 hp cars I must say we are better of without hacking. Good job PD! Now as E46fanatic937 said:

    “If GT6 can improve power output and exhaust sounds and maybe a few swaps or something that would be great but I think Kaz and PD have learned from this and taken note of what people really want.”


  80. E46fanatic937

    Straight from “The Hybrid Forums”

    We know that:
    – Cars with hybrid parts (chassis, drivetrains) have been returned to stock.
    – Car data now read from game data, rather than save data.
    – X2010 JP no longer displayed.
    – Special Gift items, (such as the L4/L5 turbos, L4/L5 weight reduction and triple plate clutch) can still be applied.
    – Special tyres (RSS, SSS, (C), (V)) still usable.
    – BHP multiplier no longer in effect.

  81. E46fanatic937

    I totally understand that Quakebass and thank you for your input you have great points and yes there are many things missing from GT5 and we all know that of course. Some just wanted to make the game better and it turns out that when some people got their hands on it they acted immaturely and I saw this coming anyway. I have at least 30 back up saves thankfully and 3 backups before hacks were implemented.Yes the modifying of the save files is illegal and legally wrong I guess but hey it was fun to experiment with such a great core game that needed subtle improvements. If GT6 can improve power output and exhaust sounds and maybe a few swaps or something that would be great but I think Kaz and PD have learned from this and taken note of what people really want. On another note on my hybrid forum right now there is already talk of a way around the update or something of that nature I dont know how or when but a group of people on the hybrid forums are discussing making an application for this purpose. So dont be surprised

    1. MeanElf

      Whilst we’re all being reasonable, did it occur to the modding forum members that if PD need to keep countering any workarounds to their previous countermeasure, more delays will come as a result for GT6?

      It has been said many times that this practice does not really harm the game, but it does if PD are forced to keep working at this. Also, how favourably do you think they will look on the genuinue requests for this feature to return if they are not being shown respect? Many modders have also cited a stronger community as a result – well wait until PD announces a delay in GT6 to see how well you will be received by the community. Don’t make the mistake that because the dialogue so far has been fairly even – most community members do not post…and believe you me, they will if things go that far.

      Finally, Sony may step in if this gets out of hand and PD cannot contain it – how could they, the software has been laid bare? If Sony do get involved though, you people will see some direct and decisive action, IP bans for life…all for a bit of fun.

      Just think about more than the present, please, for everyones’ sake.

  82. Quakebass

    I feel like the sanity of this small corner of the internet may now be leaving this site…

    REALLY. It’s been made clear BY THE TERMS OF SERVICE that you ARE NOT TO MODIFY DATA. Fairness, options that “should have” been in the game, etc. have NO MEANING. Sure, It WOULD be nice to have shifter karts and engine swaps and abilities to paint the non-paintable cars, and I KNOW, not all cars are used for cheating. But, as stated, it goes against PD’s terms. You bought the game knowing fully that it wouldn’t have these options. But now you complain that you all of a sudden feel “ripped off”…? When you ILLEGALLY modified data outside of what you PAID for…? The game is more than two years old – if you feel no more excitement in the game anymore, move on to something else. I know GT games are supposed to last longer, but PD screwed up, and there’s nothing we can do about that now.

    It’s apparent that nothing else is coming until GT6.

    Now as for reasoning behind the banning and removal of the content – obviously, it’s against the terms of service, as I said before, and several times in other articles. But, there’s also possible issues with licensing – some people are painting cars that normally can’t be painted, and I’m certain the Ferrari wouldn’t be pleased with their F1’s being painted, especially since they have their cars exclusive to race – you can’t race them against anything else. And PD once had to fix a glitch online where they could be raced against other vehicles. Along with them, the tuning groups or sponsors with liveries that have been changed – I’m pretty certain they wouldn’t want to see their content being edited either. As for engine and other swaps, it MAY upset licenses, depending on what it is. Auto brands know that their cars have their parts swapped out for other third or first-party parts all of the time in reality. But, in this game, their content is being represented – so they may not want to allow this sort of thing, as the content won’t fully represent their car. And competing brands may not want to see their “enemy’s” parts in their cars. And, as a fact, some cars would displease the manufacturers if their parts were swapped (similarly to painting) – specifically race cars, F1’s, concepts, or unreleased models, like the new Corvette. They don’t want to have this sort of thing messed with.

    This may or may not be in PD’s license agreements; some of the hacks may be going against PD’s license agreements, which, in fact, could be the point of their terms in their TERMS OF SERVICE. Or, engine swaps aren’t, but there DEFINITELY are modifications going outside of the parameters that cold get PD in trouble.

    1. iRtheSTIG

      Could not have said it better myself and to everyone who did hack… Be happy they didn’t ban your ass from playing

    2. Toyota2jz


      Hacking can be a good thing too, not just bad. We gained something good & bad from the hack.

    3. steebz

      @Toyota2jz – you’re wasting your time trying to convince these people some hacks were good, they just can’t accept it. They’re too narrow minded to comprehend it.

    4. NCRthree

      That’s how I’ve looked at it too, thanks for posting some common sense. License agreements with different manufacturers would seem to be a big concern for PD.

      No doubt the hacking is fun but the legal issues need to be adhered to.

    5. steebz

      @NCRthree – Forza seem to manage ok with the legal side of things why can’t PD?

      Yes it’s true manufacturers don’t want their pride and joys modified illegally. I get that. But they could incorporate engine swaps if they REALLY wanted too, they just won’t because they’re stubborn

      (And don’t tell me to go play forza because it’s a terrible game compared to GT.)

    6. Quakebass


      That’s why I said that engine swaps may not be the bigger concern (albeit not very clearly). But, there are other issues from modification of data that are apparent (specifically painting liveries), so therefore all modifications have to be removed. But that’s BEFORE looking at PD’s terms of service – which states no modification of their data. It may be somewhat like Porsche – maybe it costs extra in the agreement? Who knows. It could just be that PD didn’t think to include it. But even then, if this were available in the game, it would still stand that you wouldn’t be able to swap certain parts, like that of a Ferrari F1. And that’s the concern they have. I don’t think that swapping engines of “mainstream” cars would be that big of an issue, and likely isn’t. But as I said, as long as illegal swaps are possible, PD could get in big trouble. And that is a big reason behind it, terms set aside.

  83. BoneSawTX

    Anyone that thinks a game studio is in the wrong for trying to weed out hacking is a bit delusional.

  84. BMfan

    That’s so sad,I never raced online or used my cars in the seasonal’s.
    Now i have to loss my V10 powered M3csl and my BRZ with a normal STI engine and RWD.
    Great, i guess i wont be playing for a while then.

    1. steebz

      Yes, unfortunately the majority of modders have been let down by that TINY minority who insisted on using those stupid X1s with 1000000000000000000hp

  85. E46fanatic937

    Im going to work in a while so if anyone has anything else to say to me . PM me or keep responding here it may take me longer to respond but i will eventually and to all the hybrid haters I LOVE U TOO lol.

  86. E46fanatic937

    Infamous I understand your non trust for hackers and I dont expect you to trust me, why would you because I run in pivate lobbies lol. Like I said I used to be a hybrid hater too I totally understand

  87. E46fanatic937

    Smskeeter listen son.I will turn in my GT5 towards Grid 2 anyday i choose or I can keep it and play offline until there is another way to use motor swapped cars online again with my private friends.Dont tell to make up my mind Ill do what I want when I want how I want lol. Im speaking for multiple people in the hybrid/GT5 community.To the hybrid haters I used to hate and hate on hybrids just like you guys also just read some of my previous post. I used to despise them and get all over excited like Stealth Rocket to express my hate for them. But then i sat down and learned to do my first motor swap making a car I saw on Motor Trend an old 240 with an RB26 thrown in magically this brought an whole new interest into the game for me. Many days I did not even go online just doing motor swap idea after motor swap idea it was fun I really enjoyed it sue me.

  88. E46fanatic937

    StealthRocket hush it up.I will dust you on the tunnel drag, just because I like to do motor swaps doesnt mean I cant tune I was tuning and improving my tunes for 2 years at SSR7 before hacks were implemented and ran with the best.Thats what some of you hybrid haters don’t understand some of the best tuners out there use hacks from time to time racing against other hacked vehicles,its just for fun man i get a kick out of it sue me, I will pull on you guaranteed sir lol.Stealth send me a PM ill give you my PSN add me and we will run.

    1. smskeeter23

      No you won’t because you said you’re skipping online and the update :P

      That was after you said you were going to trade your copy at Gamestop…

      Make up your mind man lol

  89. E46fanatic937

    Also thumbs down to the dummies who were using hybrids in special events and the 3000000000 hp ricer boys tsk tsk. How stupid or desperate to win can you be.Now you have ruined it for the sensible people(until theres another way around this) and made the game a bore again.

    1. infamousphil

      Trust don’t come easy, E46. I don’t trust any hacker, including you. So get real. When PD feels secure enough to allow tuned (not hacked) vehicles back into their TTs I’ll be a happy camper ;)

    2. steebz

      You need some happy pills by the sounds of it. Go to your doctor and tell him/her you have trust issues, they will happily prescribe you some ;)

    3. infamousphil

      Win or loose. I’ll put money on you using a hack job in a TT, just to see if anyone could do better. Also, bet no one ever visits your private room, have not more than 30 hacking friends and rage quit races and on your 3rd controller.

    4. steebz

      Hmm, no all of my friends hack. I have 50 of them. I always tell people when i am using a hack because that’s the right thing to do. If you have issues with that, that’s your problem

    5. steebz

      And no, i am on my FOURTH controller because DS controllers are cheap crap. I have never thrown it in anger. I don’t get angry at games. That’s just sad

    6. Quakebass

      So far, none of my 3 perfectly good DS3 controllers have broken… and my system had the original DS3 that came with it – from 2007. And I don’t know who used the thing between then and summer of 2009, when I got it. I’ve dropped them a few times, and still, nothing has happened. The only problem I’ve been having is that the original SIXAXIS is holding a little less charge… But only by about an hour-or-so difference.

    7. steebz

      The rubber pads on the toggles split far too easily. That’s the issue i have with them. I can’t fix them because the controller is never the same when i put it back together. It goes all loose. It doesn’t matter anyway coz i’ve bought a really cheap one and it’s MILES better than the DS.

  90. E46fanatic937

    Screw it lol, ill skip the online portion and the update.I have so many great swaps im not giving them up ill just enjoy driving them with local friends on split screen and on single player and arcade tracks there are many good racing games out there and around the corner coming out that I can play online with and there always GTA4 and upcoming GTA5 endless online fun.

  91. TomBrady

    I was an F1 league that was disbanded because of a cheater so I’m glad that they’re fully fixed the problem. Online racing shouldn’t have cheaters, it’s bad enough we have dirty drivers. The suspicion alone can cause problems so I’m glad they’re gone.

    Part of me does wish the game would let us use those cars offline. My friend had a 50hp shifter kart up to borrow, it was so much fun. I really don’t understand why PD hasn’t added a kart like that. It’s one of the many instances where PD’s judgement makes absolutely no sense at all. They really have their heads up their brown eyes

    1. lspredator

      Yes but it was many other Realistic cars to. And if it was not in the game. And if you dont want cheaters go in a privat loung or play offline!

    2. infamousphil

      That’s the problem, Tom. No ones’ satisfied with normal parameters set by a developer. If you or anyone else ever put together a popular game, such as GT, it would be bastardized by the patronage too. Only then would we have to make a decision to allow it or, as PD hopefully has done, put your collective foots up those “unsatisfied” customers’ asses.

    3. steebz

      You just contradicted yourself here. You hate cheaters but you used a hacked kart? LOL like i said before, the double standards on this site are unbelievable

    4. lspredator

      Not everyone ar cheaters!
      And there Shuld also be Possible to have a god online drift game to, and not only boring Raceing, yo have mebay heard this before
      I have never heard
      Keep racing fun

    1. smskeeter23

      Wow. Do they actually not know how big of a “fix” this is in the community? This is NOT a “minor” issue.

      “Fixes for some minor issues.” actually made me laugh out loud.

  92. E46fanatic937

    Can still do somethings hybrid wise.It was fun while it lasted best 2 and a half months Ive had on GT5 after i learned to do my realistic motor swaps. I made a 335i Sedan(330i with 135i Twin Turbo 3.0 straight 6 engine),Ford Taurus SHO Ecoboost AWD(old Ford Taurus SHO with Mazda MX Crossport Ford Duratec 3.5 V6 with 2 turbos and an AWD system),SLK55(SLK with E55 5.4 Supercharged V8),3.7l Nissan Primera(Nissan Primera with a G37 concept VQ37HR v6 engine with a turbo sounds great), Audi TTS with Lambo Murcileago V12 with turbo(Perfect marriage of engine and chassis Audi GMBH style),BMW E46 M3 CSL with M5 5.0l V10 seen it in real life why not here, sounds and performs great. 2005 V6 Mustang AWD supercharged(used the Mazda Ford Durtec 3.5 v6 again kept the mustang supercharger added an 02 RS6 AWD system,V6 responds very well to supercharger lots of torque produced more torque than some V8s. Goes on and on

  93. mazui

    Well, this is rather disheartening… as a player who built hybrids solely for my own pleasure and for drifting around in private lobbies with friends, this really takes a lot of the shine out of playing the game now. It was a lot of fun playing around with different chassis and setups to get that perfect looking car, and it added an entirely new dimension to the game that got a lot of people to play it more often, so it’s a little upsetting to see all my efforts erased.

    While I don’t disagree with taking steps to curb the use of hybrids in legitimate lobbies, I don’t agree with the method PD chose. They already did a great job fixing the seasonal events on their side to prevent cheating (and IMO, this is the way the seasonal events should have been all along) while still “allowing” hybrids, and I think they could have done the same with online lobbies.

    Implement a system a la Punkbuster that checks the integrity of the game’s files and the save files, and removes/warns users who are in violation. Then, make this system optional for lobby hosts, similar to how many PC game servers are set up. That way, hosts who want to run a legitimate lobby can check the box that enables this anti-cheating system to prevent people from using hybrids in legitimate races, and hosts who want to run a lobby for fun can leave it unchecked and have a good time messing around with their modified cars.

    In any case, I probably won’t stop playing, but I’ll almost certainly be playing a lot less, and might even forgo the online portion of the game entirely for the time being.

  94. steebz

    When Jeremy Clarkson tested GT4 on Top Gear he said it was unrealistic. He raced an NSX around Laguna Seca in real life and then used an identical NSX in GT4 on the same track and even he said the feeling of speed is exaggerated. So stop claiming this is a real driving simulator. It isn’t. It’s a GAME. Games are meant to be fun, but GT5 stopped being fun a while ago. Modding made it fun again

    1. daus26

      That was a PS2 game. Of course it’s bound to be unrealistic. While GT5 isn’t exactly 100% realistic either, it’s A LOT closer than GT4.

    2. steebz

      Yes i know it was a PS2 game. I have bought every GT since the start so i knew this already.

      I know GT5 is a lot closer to realistic but it is still exaggerated!

    3. Efiv12

      Tax returns were cool when I was new to the work force now it’s pretty boring. Spice up your life stop following all the rules, see how far you get.

    4. TomBrady

      First of all dummy, he used racing tires on the NSX in GT4, and he used the Type R model NSX which is significantly faster. Thirdly, THAT WAS GT4, NO ONE EVER SAID GT4 WAS REALISTIC. IT WASN’T.

      Have you even played GT5? That’s such a stupid thing to do, lumping GT5 in with GT4, GT5 is miles ahead of GT4 in realism, just like GT3 was a ton more realistic than GT2. It’s the natural progression of the game.

      GT5 is far behind netKar PRO but it’s still a great sim if you know what you’re doing.

    5. StiggyGT

      Can’t argue with that! ^
      Yep, you can’t compare GT4 with realism, especially when Jezza hadn’t used the adequate set-up…

    6. steebz

      @TomBrady – Well sorryyy then mister intelligent. I’ll be sure to keep my opinion to myself in future? HELL NO!!


    7. steebz

      to quote what i said in a reply to this OP

      “I know GT5 is a lot closer to realistic but it is still exaggerated!”

    1. TomBrady

      HAHA Grid 2 lol that “immersive” racing game that doesn’t even have cockpit view lol have fun giving away your money to a company that continuously rips off it’s customers. You’re just the type of sucker they’re looking for

  95. Toyota2jz

    So they can quickly produce and introduce a patch that removes the hack, but they can’t introduce a fresh realistic tuning option?

    That’s a real kick in the butt for tuners.
    It makes me sick, why we have any tuning in the sim at all?? Would be better off without it. Better off with stock cars. Not much you can do to feel the realism of a tuned car, too plastic for my liking…

    PD advertized and promoted “Customization” before its release. Well, not very promising I’d have to say. No joy.

    Just my opinion by the way.

    1. Progress823

      This is PD we are talking about here – the company of futility and regression. It is even sadder than this type of tuning and customizations will most likely not be incorporated into GT6.

  96. cgg

    In my opinion, it’s very good that they have done this. It shoes that they still care about the game. Furthermore, it means drag racing can now be pursued again.

    1. steebz

      No it doesn’t because every time you beat someone you will be accused of drafting. Sore losers are everywhere in this game

  97. Pit Crew

    Heres a thought PD, how about Crate Engines and an in game customization feature to Hand build a chassis. Oh yeah, Acknowledge the Drift and Drag crowd in this game.

  98. Hyland

    I sincerely hope that PD got the message at this point. We really need more customization and tuning options. Either through a future update or in the next game.

    1. Progress823

      Do you really think that PD got the message by going backwards to fix this issue rather than putting the effort to allow this type of tuning in GT6? I highly doubt that GT6 will have it, especially if on PS3.

    2. Hyland

      @Progress823 – I fear too they don’t get it, but PD can’t deny the fact that several custmization and tuning options are already there. Not to mention the fact that community seems to be loving them and those options can (and should) be ”easily” enabled in a future update/game. As for drivetrain and engine swaps, I don’t know how that works out with licensing and whatnot this time around. I’ll however be surprised if they kept the limited customization and tuning of GT5.

  99. steebz

    WELL THANKS A BUNCH ALL OF YOU TROLLING A******S!! YOUR 1,000,000,000HP X1s have ruined this game.

    Yes i am a hacker/tuner/modder or cheat, as some of you small minded people call us. And i am proud of it!

    I can sleep safe at night knowing i was not cheating because i never ONCE won any races with my modded cars. EVER. That is NOT why i done it.

    So feel free to throw insults around it just shows the level of intelligence you lot DON’T have.

  100. Tommygunn

    PD made a level playing field again. Practice practice practice or quit hackers . All u hackers sound like a bunch of three year olds . Who can’t play by the rules so u run home

    1. Tacobell18

      Ofcourse we can but we choose not to because this game is 2 years old. People been using the same cars over and over again. I can live without the modding but it sucks that it got ruined for people like me who only used it in lounges and with friends.

  101. Super Novi

    this is just the final nail in the coffin. And to think, i was actually gonna start playing GT5 again.

    1. TokoTurismo

      I’m going to say this again. GT5, is 2 years old, DEAL WITH IT. >:)

      @Super Novi Well your fault for being late, too bad so sad my favorite teacher will say. lol XD

    2. sailworksman

      You honestly though PD would would let it slide? It was just a matter of time it was going to be patched. BUT, having said that, I like the idea of hybrids within realistic values, I.E. Forza. I would like to see that next time in GT6.

    3. steebz

      I accept that GT5 is two years old, TT. I HAVE DEALT WITH IT. It was nice to be able to do new things with it, but now it’s just boring old GT5 again. Yawn

    4. TokoTurismo

      @steebz That sucks. Guess another game will have to do then I guess. :P

      @Super Novi I meant by you were late on making hybrids.

  102. hookedonturbo

    Oh well. Bye bye ultra high rpm turbos, bye bye carbon ceramic brakes, bye bye racing flywheels and bye bye triple plate clutches. 8(

  103. Sniffs

    what, did you expect they wouldn’t? At least you guys got to play. only got to use my copy twice before I lost access to a PS3.

  104. Turkey :D

    I’d rather not update and be able to run my hacked cars. I guess I’m not playing GT5 online anymore. What a shame. They could have added simple provisions to keep hacked cars and stock ones in separate rooms.

    1. steebz

      so gt planet, have you reported the player who hacked that rx7 in the photo!?!? talk about double standards lol

  105. smskeeter23

    To the GT5 is dead crowd:

    How many of you are still playing GT1-4 without mods from time to time? Those didn’t have ANY updates after the release and yet there are many people still playing them. GT5 may be done with updates but it’s still a great sim and will remain so for a long time in many peoples collection.

    1. fordskydog

      No. The success of GT is that they recognize that their is a void in the market without them when it comes to a DRIVING SIM.

      If you want a MODDING SIM go play another game. There are plenty out there…

    2. Progress823

      So narrow minded – a part of the “real driving simulator” should have realistic tuning options (including body kits, NoS etc.) as they are available in the REAL world.


    AMEN! Starlight you hit the nail on head GT5 was DEAD! playedout seems like PD is just trying to make everyone wonder “Is hybriding going to be in GT6 NO! this update shows there in now hurry to produce it if their still patching 5. A real driving simulator would include features like part swaps and mods its called HOT RODDING where I’m from, the very basis of the car culture but the designers arent aware of the whole SO CAL movemt in the 60’s Drag racing street racing ITS SAD DAY TO BE A GT5 OWNER

    1. fordskydog

      If you think the franchise was dead, and all this hacked cheater car crapp brought it back from the dead, then why don’t you just let it lie.

      Quit playing GT5 online. Quit cheating. Just go away and play NFS or whatever.

      There are PLENTY of us who are just more than happy with a great sim and good racers to race against.

      In fact, maybe you are right a little bit. I actually noticed that the online gameplay was improving before all this became mainstream. Then I noticed the gameplay online get worse. Thanks for helping me put two and two together, and further cementing my opinion that CHEATERS CAN GO PLAY FORZA.

    2. Voodoovaj


      Let me know when you have a room up. At the moment, PD has not fixed the cheating; only the modding. By all accounts, the secret menus are still accessible as are the super soft tires. The cheaters have been allowed to go about their business.

    3. smskeeter23


      To an extent you are right. Cheaters still have access to some things the no hackers do and will use them.

      Perhaps the next update will correct that as well.

  107. MAidioPT

    i did have realistic hybrid cars… used them online aswell, never have been kicked because people saw the good side of hybriding.
    now to those who had 100’000 hp are ridiculous… and going with hybrid cars to online events are just awww they are ######!!!

    i can live without hybrid :)

    1. fordskydog

      Thank you. You recognize that if you give an inch people will take a mile, and that the game has plenty of merit without hacking cars. I’m with you.

    2. MAidioPT

      is someone of you guys online? i like to spend my free time playing gt5 with people like you/me , because these last days were awfull even with hybrid, people were going crazy with loots of hp….

      i just reminded that i wont have my wingless r34 anymore.. :'(

      so…. someone in for some clean races around the nordschleife? :) add me, MAidioPT, i am online in 30mins.

      sorry for my english :)


    3. TakumiFuji01

      I made my own realistic hybrids too. Some people just never think of realism compared to GT5, they appericate it in real life but they’re so biased in GT5.

  108. StarLight

    Good move PD, not really!
    I quit GT5 …. goodbye PD.
    Hope thousands will also follow me.

    R.I.P. GT5
    2010-11-25 – 2013-04-23

    1. jae66710191993

      no offense but the more of you who leave the more fun we “who dont hack the game” have without you

    2. TokoTurismo

      Bye bye. GT5 is a 2 year game so I don’t know why you think leaving it will scare PD. BUTT HURRRRT!!!!

    3. varmintx

      Why in god’s name do you people, who apparently hate this game so much, come here week after week to exclaim how you’re done with the franchise on a site dedicated to that franchise?

      One might come to the conclusion you people are pathetic losers with absolutely nothing better to do with your time.

    4. Progress823

      It’s not that we hate the game…. It’s that we hate how it has really not evolved. Compared to this game’s peers in the market, GT is starting to lag behind….

  109. jae66710191993

    well to let you know to all those who are hackers or just think ” oh its not hacking if im realistic about what i do to my cars” well heres is a bright prespective on those who agree polyphony digital did there job. read this hackers. Dear hackers if you moded the game file in anyway and say you did and said you were only making it realistic well no matter how you see it you still hacked the game you went in the file and moded the original formats of the game to your view to make it better in your view and your view only so by that you hacked the game all because you though it would be better” to be honest hacking is a cheaters way of saying i suck completely at gaming and the only way i have to modify the game in order to win or look cool well your wrong you profound excuses for gamers hackers need to be caught and deleted from everything exceptions only to government officials who are doing there country a big favor by protecting it. by all means GAME HACKING NEEDS TO COME TO AN END BECAUSE ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FAIR. get it you know for you hackers FAIR is word that has to be spelled out for you FAIR ANYTIME I RACE get it FAIR
    discussion ended with you polyphony digital you did your job congradulations on that you made me and my team mates very pleased

    1. Tacobell18

      I dont really care that theyre gone now. All I want is for PD to actually realise that we want more customization.

    2. jae66710191993

      nobody cares about what 1 person wants yes i do agree customizing is a issue for people but check this one for every professional series of racing no one cares how or what your car looks like they care how it performs i agree that certain areas where pd should fix is in the down force extensions in the gt auto should produce downforce and that rims should affect performance points but that i dont care about im sure gt6 will have those options if they dont patch this up for gt5 but really look at it this did you know all this crap people are doing the game files are options forza 4 allows but my catch is gt is orginal its a real driving simulator i drive everyday in real life ive played both games gt5 is more realistic so if you people dont like gt5 take your hacking POS skills to forza because psn dont want xbox players besides you cant do to much to ruin forza i mean really its pretty much ruined it self by trying to compete

    3. jae66710191993

      hes right pd could careless shoot if i worked for pd and saw hackers leaving you would be making my job a WHOLE LOT easier so tokoturismo is right no one cares if you leave starlight have a good one pd could go without you to

    4. Tacobell18

      GT5 lost that “driving simulator” title when it introduced the X1. That right there showed that there is a unrealistic side of this game. What you’re doing right now is hating on everyone that used a modded car. Yes, there are lots of kids who had ridiculous amount of HP in their Fiat 500 but there was also a different side of it. People that actually rebuilt their cars and made it a little bit faster so it could compete to the already fast ones out there. Again, i just hope they learn from this and not stick to the past. Remember, there are other racing games coming out so they actually have to step up their game.

    1. jae66710191993

      no one cares about the stupid x1 your point is so invalid its not funny maybe you have no sense of direction this is a forum page where people have a right to reply as a freedom of speech meaning if you say its not and i say it is meaning if you dont think it is a driving simulator half of you dimwits would have gone to play forza which in fact you should because all you people talk about is gt this gt that no one gives them any respect for what the do for there hard time and work the kind of work put into these games takes 100s of work hours and there the underdogs who get no credits for there hard work all they get is ” this game could have been better or this game is missing this or that” honestly man go f your self because truely you dont appreciate the time and effort your just like all the hackers make excuses to hate on gt but in return you keep playing it so in all reality if you and every hacker in the forum hates gt so much you would have stopped playing it or not even had bought the game when it came out so there

  110. fordskydog

    Yes. Thank goodness. This is good.

    I don’t cheat. I don’t want to play with cheaters. Beyond that, I don’t want them sneaking into my games and ruining races. It is not fun to play with a cheater, and it is not nearly as fun to play when you are cheating.

    To those who don’t think this is a good idea, go f yourself and quit cheating. Better yet, give up the game. You are a hack. Leave it to those of us who love it for what it is.

    1. Tacobell18

      Youre saying you never used a modded car? So how are you claiming that using one is not fun? Just right there i already got amazed by your comment.

  111. smskeeter23

    Somebody should fund research into the affects of GT5 news on spelling, grammar, intelligence, and logic. I’d much rather spend my tax money on that than another project to determine the environmental effects on leaving a refridgerator door open in the Congo or why ice cream can’t grow hair.

    Seriously folks we knew this was going to happen. Simply decide what you’re going to do and move on with your life.

    1. BTR330

      hahaha the grammar expert is back….! be happy about all the people u see on here,having deficit in grammar and vocabulary,that must actually upper your self esteem no? lol
      But you do realize,that the world wide web does actually exist outside of U.S, or wherever you are from,yes? that’s why it’s called WORLD WIDE WEB ok? and with your level of intelligence wich you are ‘shining’ with on this forum, you certainly already have recognized that not everybody who are posting their thoughts on here,necessarely have english as their native language? i bet you did…My english for example,you critisized so bad may not be perfect,but therefore i speak and write perfectly french and german…now i’d be curious about how many languages u rule apart from english?

    2. BTR330

      and by the way,defining intelligence only through grammars shows me that you are apparently a pretty narrow minded person,and maybe not that intelligent finally as you’d like to make it look like…;D

    3. smskeeter23

      Maybe I should have specified that I am primarily referring to people in the US that insist on mutilating the language. Things like “all u haters on the hybrids so funny shut up I use only realcars lol to realz and beat u all they time your all suk compare to me online lol come at me wit whatever you gots no skilz lol…”

      I’m mainly talking about the endless illegible dribble from people that seem to be from a place where english actually IS the primary language.

      You’re reply however seems to have a better grasp on spelling and structure than some that have been “learning” it since birth. You are NOT what I am talking about.

    4. smskeeter23

      Hmmm, looking back through the comments now I think I may have actually been looking at the other thread and accidentally mixed my thoughts in with this one, oops… well whatever.

  112. Rallywagon

    If you didn’t see this coming… Up next will be IP bans. If you want to hack GT, stick to the older games. Until they stop supporting GT5, they will just keep cracking down harder and harder. Well, probably not. They will probably start IP bans after this, three strikes and you’re out. I can see why people are upset, not everyone was modding like a DB and cheating in DT/TT, or going into open lobbies and ruining people races or freezing the room. Unfortunately people were though. And since the modders are a small niche in the game, PD is going to protect the larger fan base.
    There is no way PD is going to allow people to rip through the code of a game they are still supporting. Look how OCD Kaz is about this game.

  113. smasherguy1020

    Good job Polyphony Digital i hate the hackers that were in the game because everytime that i was in a drag room i always see a hacked car in the room. Thats why i dont hack my games because i want to be fair in my games.

    1. Voodoovaj

      Drag racing wasn’t implemented by PD either, so you’re technically playing against the rules as well.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ At least those who want to drag DON’T HACK THEIR GAME TO DO SO… Why do you think theres Free Run?

    3. fordskydog

      Drag racing has it’s place. I have never seen the fun in it. But it is conducted in the spirit of fair competition for the most part. Also, it takes advantage of the “Free Run” gameplay style availed to us, and doesn’t modify the game what so ever.

      Nothing wrong with drag racing. Something wrong with hacked cheater cars.

      Your argument is called the “Straw Man” defense where you basically try to change the subject. It is a known logical fallacy:
      Person A has position X.
      Person B presents position Y.
      Person B attacks position Y.
      Person B says therefore position X is flawed, while actually proving nothing.

    4. jae66710191993

      to voodoovaj your remarks are invalid see if you really want to get technical i love doing this technical talk i do it everyday to people if the game file did not get modified in any way shape or form that is not a hack nearly it was not implemented by PD but it was not a modified file secondly for technical reasons it is a choice by players to do as they please in open or private lounges depending on the situation of the required elements of the room specifically FREE RUN i can go in a lounge that says 1/4 drag and tune a non hacked car and race that all day PD doesnt see a problem with that same for drifting aswell but when you mod the game and race people who dont of course people are going to get upset and start complaining because they love the fashion of the orginal format as i do so yes i agree hackers do deserve punishment and those who didnt hack can continue there love for the game either online or offline so voodoovaj get real seriously your arguement is invalid and those who agree reply to him

  114. L8erBaby

    Even IF you did “realistic tunes”, there would still be problems.
    1. When you installed the game, you agreex to not modify the game files.
    2. You would still gain an unfair advantedge from players that do NOT modify the game.

    1. Tacobell18

      I completely understand that but why not get rid of the guys that get reported and mess around with the DT/TT leaderboards? I only used those cars in a lounge with friends. People are getting scared when the game changes just a little bit.

    2. fordskydog

      If people only used their hacked cheater cars in private lounges, this wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately,


  115. awr117

    Did you have stop to think that the hacked cars may be breaking the promises they agreed to in the contracts with the car companies while creating their cars within the game? Thought i doubt that is the case. Hacked cars would def ruin online races.

  116. cyanyde2010

    Now I’ll agree seeing those horrible x1 hacked vehicles is great to see I myself enjoyed just slamming and color swapping my hybrids to make them look good and maybe tweak HP on some of the muscle cars for drags (1100 HP tops) but I guess we shall see where this goes I was still able to paint slam camber and get the engine sound from the 787 into an re rx7 last night so its not completely over

    1. fordskydog

      Just don’t bring that S into an online racing lounge, or a TT. You cheater.

      Sounds like Forza is the game for you anyway.

    2. cyanyde2010

      Would you like to explain exactly how I’m a “cheater”…number one I have NEVER taken a hybrid into ANY seasonal event and my game was complete looking before I started hybriding. I lower cars and give them a stance and give the engine a better sound as far as my drag cars I only took them into hack lobbies to be fair with people who don’t have/use them so please enlighten me as to where along those lines I’m a cheater

  117. SLOWROLLA56

    NOW GT5 SUCKS. they are stepping in the wrong direction, now gt5 doesn’t get me excited anymore because I cant hack. THANKS AOLT PD!!!!

    1. TokoTurismo

      Hey, GT5 is 2 years old you know. Get another game to play or wait for GRID 2. Oh wait, I heard that game has no cockpit view. HAHAHA!!! XD Cry more. >:)

  118. QuikSlvr223

    I will admit, I did want to use a hacked X1 on SSRX to see how fast it could go. And then use it on Wings of the Red Dragon…

  119. Giygas

    Relax, guys. While we can’t actually mod cars(for now, possibly) we can still paint the unpaintable cars abd edit our credits.

    So for anyone who wants a Gold or Silver Chrome F1 Ferrari, it’s not too late.

  120. TakumiFuji01

    Big mistake on PD’s part, now they get to watch the amount of ppl online dwindle. Should have made regulations, not just throw it away.

    People saying it’s a great move, funny how you never experience any hybrids yourself, especially when in the inside you want one.(I assume a realistic swap like K20A from Honda Integra Type R DC5 in Honda Civic EG6 SiR II).

    1. polizei

      dwindle? 1) You really think the majority of people were playing with hacked cars? 2) i really doubt they are concerned about an online community for a game that is 2 years old and requires very little to no cost to keep it up and running. 3) No one likes to put tons of hard work into a project only to have some people on the internet rip it apart and modify it. Sony’s response is actually quite fair, imo. They could have just banned accounts with hacked cars from PSN if they wanted to.

  121. CaddyKOP

    “Waaaa! I’m not playing GT5 anymore!!! I’m gonna move to Forza!!!!”

    Great. Go ahead and move. The faithful GT5 players will be glad to see a lack of 9 year olds with their X1s in the lobbies.

    I say great move PD. :)

    1. hookedonturbo

      I think you will find most of these people were faithful GT5 players like myself. Not just kids with X1’s…

    2. JONGREY

      if your hacking the game, you are not a loyal GT5 player. Do I really need to say that…? I’m glad they did away with it. it’s spoiling the fun of a good tune.

    3. fordskydog

      I agree with you almost completely.

      Sounds like Forza is the game for those who “just wanna modify the looks.” SURE.

      Don’t hate on the X1 though. It is fun and entirely race-able if you have enough skill.

  122. JDmsz

    Love the support, now I don’t get accused of using hacks during a 1/4 drag race when I win by two cars or more.

  123. nascarfn

    THANK YOU PD!!!!! i can now play a simulator as a sim :) and for those of you that liked the hacked cars GO PLAY NFS

    1. fordskydog

      I guess you’re not a fan of fair play then.

      Even if there was 1/10th of 1% “good faith” hacks, the vast majority of cheaters make the gameplay unfair. You’d let your favorite game get ruined by cheaters over this??

      Go play NFS or Forza if you must have those aspects of the game.

      Leave GT5 to those of us who enjoy the game for what it touts itself to be: The Real Driving Sim.

  124. Ingenting87

    Please make an update so its possible to get the s13s and s14s more power… it is unrealistic that a s13 can max can have 400 hp… i thought it was supposed to be a “real” driving simulater..

  125. phil_75

    I was all for the banning until i realised you can change drivetrains etc, i thought it was just extra power.
    The proper course of action would have been a simple code update for online spec races and TTs, like if the car doesn’t match the spec/drivetrain/power that can be achieved with what PD originally coded for that certain car you cannot enter!
    I am so gutted i missed out on this modding from my own ignorance.
    I could have made the Focus Cosworth, Rally cross cars and so many others.
    PD have just took the quickest, easiest route and i presume its because they are extremely busy making these options to change drivetrains/engines/liveries, brilliantly advanced AI, amazing damage, proper tyre physics, fluid & fast UI, many more tracks, proper track builder, classic cars that aren’t just Japanese and decent replay movie maker/editor for GT6, or Kaz is jetting around the world trying to become a racing driver on Sonys money again.
    Should be no excuse why GT6 isn’t a launch or at worst afirst year PS4 title.

    1. hookedonturbo

      We can only hope Phil… But at this rate I think PD have became blinkered as to what the actual majority of gamers want from a real life racing sim. You can all say hacking is cheating, but for me it was a means to modify cars to produce one off hybrids that not only looked awesome but had real life performance ratings, eg. 1000bhp JUN skylines, 1000bhp top secret supras, 1300hp lingenfelter corvettes, 500hp focus 4wd cosworths, real GT3 cars with downforce and proper lowering capabilities. Only just last night I even got around to making a rally cross c3 and mini. What a total waste of time that all was…

    2. phil_75

      Oh mate, i wish i’d have met you a few weeks ago!
      So disappointed i missed out on some incredible cars i could have driven.
      I suppose the downside of that would have been that the game would have gotten dull now they’ve gone so i should look on the side of “what you don’t have you don’t miss”
      So hope GT6 has Fiesta/Escort/Sierra XR2,3,4,4×4, RS turbo, RS 1600i, RS2000, Cosworths, E30 M3, Mk1,2 Escort Mexico, Astra GTE/GSi, Capri 2.8i,280 Brooklands, Cavalier SRi 130, Calibra turbo 4×4 etc etc…

  126. lspredator

    I want play any more GT5 Now! it was fun. And why are some of you racist against those who hack, and make hybrids car and you say all of us ar cheaters. i have not been racing hybrids at all!
    and i did not make any unrealistic hybrids cars
    i mad
    – Kenneth Moen’s Formula Drift car: Toyota Supra MK4 wit 800hp
    – Fredric Aasbo’s 2JZ-GTE GT86
    – Steffen Moy’s: Rwd R32
    – Joachim Waagaard’s V8 RX-7
    – and my own car. 200sx s13 with 250hp CA18DET without spoiler
    – Drift Monkey’s 2JZ-GTE S14
    – Ryan Tureck’s 1JZ S13 and his 240sx s13 drift missile
    and DO NOT come here and say that any of those here are unrealistic cars!

    1. HatmanTC

      won’t not want. racist is the wrong word to use in this situation. made not mad.

      just because you didn’t make unrealistic cars, doesn’t mean that there weren’t people out there that were doing that exact thing. it wouldn’t be fair to take away their cars and let you keep yours. plus, you violated your user agreement, so PD was in their right to do what they did.

    2. Umbra344

      Racist against hacking? Oh boy do I enjoy getting up early in the morning to see such an intelligent community on this forum.

    1. lspredator

      no, i am going to drift in my real life car

      and, Nissan 200sx s13 96, pretty unrealistic right. Nissan did not produce Nissan 200sx s13 afther 1995

      In Europe the car was sold as a 200SX and only featured the CA18DET engine producing 169 PS (124 kW; 167 hp) through the rear wheels, taking it to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.5 seconds and onto 220 km/h.[3] The car had a facelift in 1991 with new smoother bumpers, limited slip differential, and larger brakes. This model was sold between 1989 and 1994 until the change to the 200SX s14 version.

  127. GTP_Versatile

    Not sure if to count this as a “yay” or a “nay” based on all the reasons stated in the post which currently has 963 comments. I’m leaning towards the “yay” though, the game lasted this long without the hacks/mods, so I don’t see why it can’t go on that way.

  128. Conza

    If have to say this is quite sad, its almost covering face that their game isn’t perfectly free from being hacked, banning people using it was too far and so is this. I say PD need to calm down and realise they’re attacking the gaming the community by imposing these sanctions in their own creation.

  129. hookedonturbo

    No, it’s the people who think they are so great because all they drive is a nsx or a Ferrari 458! Lol

  130. dimbones

    At least your not banned like t10 would do so be glad you can at least still play..and good job PD..

    1. Sele1981

      Well cheaters have to learn it the hard way… play fair or play alone (not you dimbones)… So T10 is on the right way…

  131. AKsLyricalKilla

    If this true… I won’t update as long as possible. Had a great time modding hot ‘realistic’ cars, hope GT6 has all the GT5 community dreams off or it bye bye xD

  132. Mubble

    Lets hope PD learn from this and see the bigger picture – ie. That players are crying out for more off-track customisation.

  133. hookedonturbo

    Exactly! I had just finished making a Focus 4wd cossie, a Citroen C3 rally cross 600 bhp monster, and all sorts of proper cars that PD just didnt want allow! I might not even update now! This has pee’d me right off! They should have just banned the people who were using them in online races or TT. I was just using them in my private lounge with friends or offline just having a laugh power sliding a 600bhp C3 around trial mountain!

    1. thelvynau

      Great to see someone with a open mind did it not occur to you that alot didnt use the hybrids to cheat but to setup t ealistic cars?

    2. Tacobell18

      For alot of people winning wasnt even a factor. It was all about being creative with your cars. I understand there were lots of kids using 10000hp cars but those were just trolls. The best thing about hybrids was that you could be different than the other guy thats using the same car as yours. This was a huge benefit for the drifting community aswell.

  134. marcus1104

    Okay PD, hacking can be bad, but it brought inactive players back to the boring game. What you should have done is to add lets say 900hp power limiter to cars except Bugatti, F1 and Red Bull. Now see how many people would play your game anymore :) LMAO

  135. Zuel

    This is a very pleasant surprise from PD, didn’t think they would have done this so soon. What will be next?

    1. aronh17

      I’m pretty sure the hacking has attracted the bored side of the community, so has only increased the player count. The true GT fan community are some pretty hardcore fans that will play for fun no matter what.

  136. kaos07

    That’s a very cool RX7 in the screen shot, never seen one in that colour.

    Can’t wait for the hacks to slowly disappear, was getting a bit frustrating racing on some courses.

    1. kaos07

      That’s a shame as that’s a cool colour, very similar to the one I painted my old skool rx7 which I use for drifting :)
      Would be nice if PD allowed more painting options in the next game but can only hope and pray.

  137. SavageEvil

    Awesome, now how about adding grip to pp calculations…there was a wider range of cars to utilize in the game online when we had that calc in there. They can also add the tires to the pp as well as it would really spice things up a bit. Just drop those ultra high grip ratings those tires somehow have. Here’s hoping, but with GT6 rumors abound I’m confused that PD are still pounding away at GT5’s online component.

    1. MeanElf

      But what if Spec III comes along? None of those who were acting so smug will be able to get it without updating.

    2. Streeto

      …and what about those genuine car-enthusiasts who finally had the chance to do things that they wished to be in the game from the start? Realistic engine swaps, better wheel fitments, wing removal etc. ALL gone. Now it’s back to old boring GT5.

    3. MeanElf

      So petition for it to return under PD’s guidance like it was in GT4…

      Yeah, that’s always an if there Hei.

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