GT5 Online Service Maintenance Coming April 23rd & 25th

April 21st, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Late last week, Polyphony Digital announced two upcoming maintenance periods for Gran Turismo 5‘s online services, each of which will last for approximately two hours:

  • Tuesday, April 23, 2013 between 03:00 GMT and 05:00 GMT
  • Thursday, April 25, 2013 between 08:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT

The game’s online services will be offline during both of the maintenance sessions.

Although maintenance does often precede the release of online updates to the game, it is not guaranteed. The last maintenance period occurred on February 19 and saw the release of GT5 update 2.11. As always, stay tuned for more announcements.

GT5 Photomode image by MrEverest.

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  1. Apr. 26, 5:15pm

    Damn it. No DLC this time.

  2. Apr. 26, 12:53pm

    Ummmm… Did the second maintenance ever happen?

  3. Apr. 25, 9:04am

    Anyone have any ideas on today’s maintenance, as to what it might be. Hopefully with taking away the hackers they will give something back.

    • Apr. 25, 9:19am

      The only thing I’ve seen so far was one report that “the remaining hybrids I had are now gone” from skeebz.

      Other than that nobody has said anything about it yet.

    • Apr. 25, 4:06pm

      it might be a pm maintenence but i dont know theres know am pm signs :/

  4. Apr. 23, 2:22am

    the only thing the update said was: Fixed small problems.

  5. Apr. 23, 2:04am

    Update already. 24MB. Just a heads up. Don’t know if you want to add it to the original post or anything.

  6. Apr. 23, 1:03am

    No more 10,000HP cars!!! Hopefully the cars with insane ride height are gone as well. GT5 is a serious racing game, not some goofy arcade racer.

    Though I have mixed feelings. Especially for people who actually did realistic performance and visual tunes. Hopefully PD will add a feature to permit those things. I’ve always wanted my Mustang GT without the spoiler.

  7. Apr. 23, 12:39am

    CURSE YOU 2.12!

    • Apr. 23, 12:56am

      I’ve lost a lot of respect for PD. First they cap the trading to 1,000,000cr, and now this.

    • Apr. 23, 1:25am

      Yeah, I think that stopping cheating makes PD look bad too….pffff

    • Apr. 23, 1:31am

      Hacking is when you wrongfully use 3rd party devices or programs to influence the result of an event.
      Cheating is when you exploit flaws in a game to influence the result of an event.
      Hybriders are not cheaters.

    • Apr. 25, 3:05pm

      The reason why there is a cap on the cars is due to people not keeping there end of the trade when GT5 first come out. Two weeks later after all the complaining people done about the punks we got a patch that put a cap on trading cars. And now that people hacked the game to get more out of it. S

      So all of this falls on the shoulders of the people whom play GT5. Every action has a reaction.

  8. Apr. 23, 12:16am

    i had one hacked car and just went onto gt5 while they were doing maintenance and my 1200hp GTR is now 500hp guess they actually patched it whoo!

  9. Apr. 23, 12:03am

    We’re going to need to make sure they didn’t also “fix” the photo glitches if what the early reports are saying is true about this being a hack stop :-(

    • Apr. 23, 1:07am

      What? No more braking into the interior of the car? That would suck.

    • Apr. 23, 6:19pm

      ^ Indeed. Those pics are beautiful.

  10. Apr. 22, 11:57pm

    I wonder if the hackers are able to hack the hackstopper?

  11. Apr. 22, 11:54pm

    I’m glad the hacking has finally been removed. This is supposed to be a realistic driving simulator, there’s no place for 10,000hp cars. About the update, the game says it’s now version 2.12.65628842. So far I cannot see any obvious changes, maybe it was indeed only to remove the hacking.

  12. Apr. 22, 11:45pm

    DLC turns hacked cars back to normal as soon as you select one in your garage.

    • Apr. 22, 11:51pm


    • Apr. 23, 12:02am

      It’s just an update. There should be a way around this.

  13. Apr. 22, 11:28pm

    Servers currently undergoing maintenance for me.

    • Apr. 22, 11:29pm

      Same here

    • Apr. 22, 11:33pm

      same here let us know what the update does okay? 8)

  14. Apr. 22, 11:22pm

    GT5 does need a final update just to make sure everything is left working properly, that means bug fixes, network fixes and of course, no hacked cars.

  15. Apr. 22, 11:18pm

    Yup small update 24 mb for v.2.12

  16. Apr. 22, 11:10pm

    Come on last hurrah!

  17. Apr. 22, 10:43pm
    Pit Crew

    Think about it, the last three DLC we got where “tipped off” or hinted at:

    Motegi DLC in GTAcademy

    Subaru BRZ graphics video/ PD headquarters tour

    C7 Vette hinted at in GT5 in game Demo.

    The modding thing has been the most recent game changing factor PD has taken notice of.

    • Apr. 23, 11:06am

      Exactly. It’ll stay that way.

  18. Apr. 22, 9:51pm

    There is another racing title coming out in a couple weeks, and when that happens, PD usually throws us a bone. As if, somehow, some DLC is going to stop those bound and determined to buy an Arcade game with excellent AI is going to somehow stop them.

    • Apr. 22, 9:57pm

      There is another racing title coming out in a couple weeks, and when that happens, PD usually throws us a bone. As if, somehow, some DLC is going to stop those bound and determined to buy an Arcade game with excellent AI. -corrected. Sorry, I can’t find the “edit” button.

    • Apr. 22, 10:46pm

      An edit function doesn’t exist for news articles. Apparently Jordon doesn’t believe in comment editions.

  19. Apr. 22, 9:01pm

    It’s probably going to be a hack sweep without downloading any data.

  20. Apr. 22, 6:39pm

    GT5 is dead.

    • Apr. 22, 6:41pm

      I agree.

    • Apr. 22, 7:35pm

      Pretty much, yeah.

    • Apr. 22, 7:46pm
      e30 freek

      I said that when they gave us the Vette

    • Apr. 22, 10:48pm

      Uh no, not really. GT5 can’t be dead because it was never living. Yay for paradoxes!

    • Apr. 23, 2:24am

      GT5 is dead to YOU BWX. >:)

    • Apr. 23, 4:05am

      Not dead – really I’m amused at all of these over-the-top statements of ‘fact’. Go become a journo BWX – they love those kind of headlines in the popular press…

  21. Apr. 22, 5:28pm

    Dlc coming

    • Apr. 22, 5:29pm


  22. Apr. 22, 5:28pm


  23. Apr. 22, 5:19pm

    I’m so bored of people anticipating all these ridiculous upgrades from maintenance downtimes, and then being disgusted when nothing new is introduced, and announcing that Forza is the better game etc.

    Maintenence updates do exactly that: maintain.


    1. Cause or enable (a condition or state of affairs) to continue: “maintain close links between industry and schools”.
    2. Keep (something) at the same level or rate: “prices will have to be maintained”.

    • Apr. 22, 5:37pm

      Lol. Sho you right, SCER.

    • Apr. 22, 10:51pm

      No point in wasting your time trying to make these folks understand. These people won’t understand regardless of how you approach there arguments. Idiots just don’t understand.

    • Apr. 23, 8:17am


  24. Apr. 22, 4:16pm

    Most likely the response to the hacked cars. Probably a system which prevents there use online and bans you if you try, at a guess.

  25. Apr. 22, 4:03pm

    To be honest, I can’t see much happening with these maintenance periods. Even if an update does appear further down the line, the hackers/unrealistic modders/realistic modders will continue to run rampant without fear of repercussions.

  26. Apr. 22, 3:29pm

    If this maintenance does lead to an update, it’s probably just going to be the banning system…

  27. Apr. 22, 1:55pm

    I agree Explode.Just wish I could use my motor swapped vehicles in my own private rooms with other motor swapped vehicles not concerned with other rooms like I always have. Oh well theres always good ol split screen with local friends to use them thats fun too.

  28. Apr. 22, 1:34pm

    Probably just a) actual maintenance and b) a solution to all the hackers. Nothing more, nothing less.

  29. Apr. 22, 1:33pm

    I use my motor/drivetrain swapped mild hacks(max 1200hp) in private rooms between friends and I. If PD does brick hacked save files I will not be playing GT5 nearly as much. I will continue to make some imaginative and cool motor swaps offline idc what they do they can keep their online, I just cant go back to the bad exhaust sounds if I want better performance and the limits. Ill fire up my crap box 360 play some Forza 4 and wait on my long awaited Grid 2 which will soon be here, and also just keep waiting for GT6(10 years away).I’ve gotten way more than my $$ worth out of GT5 fun wise for a gear head like me before and after the implemenatation of hacked vehicles.Gran Turismo has always been there to pick me up through bad times and GT5/GT4/GT3 will always be considered the best racing games of all time in my book at least.

    • Apr. 22, 6:07pm

      Yea, I hear you E46. Your post somehow, like so many others, maybe on purpose, skirt the hacking issue. This thread ain’t even about hacking parse. You and other hackers, for whatever reason, feel it necessary to post your guilty complexes into these forums. Got time to criticize those who would intentionality enter a hack job into the online competitions? I didn’t think so.

      I just enjoyed driving a stock TVR RM and 512BB in the TTs. But now we’re not able to globally compare our tuning settings with the best of the best. Before you point a finger at who’s responsible for bastardizing GT, take a look at yourselves in the mirror and drop dead. Good riddance ;)

    • Apr. 22, 6:16pm

      Yea, I hear you E46. Your post somehow, like so many others, maybe on purpose, skirt the hacking issue. This thread ain’t even about hacking parse. You and other hackers, for whatever reason, feel it necessary to post your guilty complexes into these forums. Got time to criticize those who would intentionality enter a hack job into the online competitions? I didn’t think so.

      I just enjoyed driving a stock TVR RM and 512BB in the TTs. But now we’re not able to compare our tunes beyond friends’ and random meetings. That aspect of GT will be sorely missed… not by you but true fans of the series. Before you point a finger at who’s responsible for bastardizing GT, take a look at yourselves in the mirror. Good riddance ;)

  30. Apr. 22, 1:14pm

    SPEC III and Acura NSX Concept coming for free. My source? Mr Speculation and Ms Hope. ;) xD

    Now for real, it can be a little update to fix stuff as usually, and I don´t mind the Acura NSX Concept at all if it comes for free. After showing that car for ages I just want it.

  31. Apr. 22, 12:35pm

    It’ll probably just be a fix-up for the laggy servers.

  32. Apr. 22, 12:21pm
    Pit Crew

    Like others I figure PD found a way to “brick” Hybrids/Mods from online lobbies private and public.

    Probably no Bannishments.

  33. Apr. 22, 12:16pm

    I hope the maintenance is to ban the fella’s with the hacked cars, after hours and hours of playing certain tracks and doing my damnedest to reduce my times and coming nowhere near the times posted it was always so demoralizing thinking you were just not good enough! Already with the new time trials PD is posting with the already set vehicles I am much much closer to the fastest lap times….so to the hackers (cheaters) good riddance, now it’s a fair fight on the track and much more engaging….Oh and by the way Hackers, I really enjoyed setting my cars up for a track…SO THANKS FOR F*&%^&G THAT UP FOR THE REST OF US!

  34. Apr. 22, 12:14pm

    I really don’t expect any DLC from a game of this age. Sorry to be a pessamist, but some of you really shouldn’t get your hopes up, seeing as a group of 140+ experts simply cannot cater for two advanced racers at once (GT5 & GT6).

  35. Apr. 22, 11:44am

    The maintenance may be just maintenance, or it could be something only time will tell. Though there are a lot people hopping that the maintenance will bring DLC’s. It would be nice to get some new items to add to GT5 but what. May be the maintenance will fix the hybrid situation or both, only time will tell. For the ones that want rapid content coming out move to PC sim racing, pending on the title you’ll get new stuff each week or every month. One title released 15 new cars in a month.

    @ Tenacious D

    I’m having the same trouble as you along with others, though you’re the first that I’ve seen speak out about it. With all the patches along the crazy activity on the GT5 servers “which we know off all too well” the load up time has gotten pretty aggravating and the restarting the game has gotten to the point where I don’t even want to start GT5 up again. Though I’m not sure getting the XL copy would help but if it does please let me know.

    • Apr. 22, 4:37pm

      Maybe the long loading time is due to all the modding and stuff like this. Think about that… I saw somewhere that there was a flight simulator that used to allow users to mod planes, then after a couple of month they had to pull the plug because of the loading time or something like that. I think it’s the same thing that you mentioned above.

  36. Apr. 22, 10:03am

    If I remember right almost nothing (if anything) happened after the last BIG maintenance (or was that the Corvette and online freeze fix?)

    Either way this means one of two things IMO…

    It could be a continuation of preparations begin during the last maintenance period and will bring something decent OR… they found more problems (like the hybrids) and are doing something there.

    I don’t really expect anything at all from this honestly, just noting a few possibilities.

  37. Apr. 22, 9:25am

    People need to stop asking for DLC, Polyphony doesn’t want to listen, get the message.

    • Apr. 22, 1:08pm

      It’s not really a case of not listening, it’s more that they wouldn’t make their money back on developing DLC for a game of this age.

    • Apr. 22, 4:42pm

      @ScouserInExile Excatly.

      @TetreRouge Get overyourself please. You can’t be serious saying PD doesn’t listen to their fans by releasing DLC, for a 2 year old game which will only be a WASTE. Why on earth will they do that, when they’re focusing fully on GT6? Some people just makes me laugh it’s funny…

  38. Apr. 22, 8:47am

    Would people stop asking for new DLC? If you ask me, support for GT5 has been nearly, if not completely, abandoned to get maximum productivity on GT6 (Probably so that it can actually be released in a reasonable amount of time, which I doubt will happen).

    • Apr. 22, 8:56am

      Well we know that GT5 still has some support since the seasonals are still being updated. Didn’t they recently take down the servers for GT5P? I’m sure the servers for GT5 will still be up & running when PD starts production on GT7.

    • Apr. 22, 12:24pm
      Pit Crew

      DLC support maybe, but this maintenance cycle can be defined as support.

    • Apr. 23, 8:19am

      DLC was what I meant. If the seasonals stopped, people would go absolutely ballistic. I’m sure even Polyphony is smart enough to see that.

  39. Apr. 22, 8:36am

    If PD do not bring a DLC at this time, I would be REALLY sad. C’mon PD, do something good, please.

    • Apr. 22, 4:45pm

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but PD is in NO WAY releasing more DLC for a two year old game. Stop hoping so you won’t end up disappointed and then go on complaining…

  40. Apr. 22, 8:29am

    I was really hoping that GTPlanet wouldn’t publish any article about this maintenance notice. Now, I fear that it has been jinxed. So if we were to get anything, you can just kiss those dreams goodbye. How ’bout, when the next maintenance notice appears, we don’t talk about it & just see what happens…

    • Apr. 22, 8:47am

      I like the way you think.

    • Apr. 22, 9:16am

      So what you’re saying is by reporting this as news (which it is) it has somehow angered PD and any DLC they were going to release now won’t be? That’s a bizarre theory to say the least.

  41. Apr. 22, 7:54am

    Is this the patch that will stop calculating awarded XP points at A-40? Cheers PD and Sony, please do release GT6 with PS4 together at launch, until then, Thanks for the GT5 memories, but I’m taking a good long break from this game, for two main reasons:

    1) I was addicted, and played a bit too often, getting my $1,000 worth of gear and cost of Game and PS3, and time invested
    2) Lack of communication from devs with their fans, has weaned me off, enough to wait until the next best installment (only after public review)

  42. Apr. 22, 5:48am

    :/ Really getting curious on what’ll happen.
    DLC would be good.
    Fixing the hacked car issue, I couldn’t car less but it’ll make people happy.

    Which ever one it is, I hope it’ll be decent :).

  43. Apr. 22, 5:34am
    Tenacious D

    While giving the game updates is cool and all, I’m hoping that GT6 is pretty much refined and bulletproof. My game is getting senile from all the patches and updates. My brake settings are goofing up and I’m having to adjust them or use ABS 1, weather is acting up, loading is becoming a pain and tracks are failing to load. I have to quit GT5 after two or three races and reload it.

    I warned you guys about getting a game too early and relying on patches. A finished game with few patches needed is always more stable than one fixed as you go. This doesn’t seem to be a universal issue, but it’s becoming more common with a lot of us. I think I’ll buy an XL copy, backup my save file, delete GT5 and reinstalll that, and hopefully that’ll fix a few issues.

  44. Apr. 22, 5:03am


  45. Apr. 22, 4:50am

    It;s about time for a new DLC track guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Apr. 22, 3:48am

    Their is only 1 reason why people use hacked cars and it’s really common sense if you think about it I say ban them all you want to cheat treat them like cheats ban them.

    • Apr. 22, 4:52am

      Ummmmm wrong thread. The hybrids news is further down.

    • Apr. 22, 8:31am


  47. Apr. 22, 3:26am
    Johnny Lomax

    Gt-5. The Car catalog !

  48. Apr. 22, 3:26am

    Oh here we go again, the hopes and dreams of people thinking they are going to get DLC, I’ve noted in a few posts that people are getting fed up of having their hopes dashed ……… Erm well don’t get your hopes up. The game is over two years old maintenance updates is what they are. 99.99999% certain there will be no DLC for the simple fact about work carrying with GT6 and don’t forget the 2013 GT / Nissan academy.Thus as I’m not expecting any DLC i won’t be disappointed like the majority of people on here and I will enjoy seeing people throwing their toys out of their boxes!

  49. Apr. 22, 3:19am

    The game is dead. Has been for almost a year. Give us news on GT6 and get it released.

    • Apr. 22, 5:28am
      Tenacious D

      Seems to be a lot of online activity and board chat for a dead game. ;-)

  50. Apr. 22, 2:05am

    Hope for new BMW’s, RUF’s ect.

    • Apr. 22, 3:34am

      RUF :)

    • Apr. 22, 4:01am
      e30 freek

      BMW :)

    • Apr. 22, 6:15am

      Nissan :)

    • Apr. 22, 6:35am

      ^To many nissans

    • Apr. 22, 6:36am

      To many nissans

    • Apr. 22, 7:45am

      Or not too many nissans, that is the question

    • Apr. 22, 9:03am

      GT6 show gameplay! :3

  51. Apr. 22, 1:55am

    The Thing with me is Kaz said there was a bunch of DLC coming an we should expect it every other month an we were also told gt5 would release on 500 different dates, Being an American you think i’d be used to these empty BS statements but it drives me nuts. If Kaz worked for me an said stuff like that and couldnt keep his word i’d fire him, If you couldn’t make deadlines i’d fire him. 1 Delay is acceptable but it’s become so common with PD as soon as another company steps into the FORZA GT5 World PD is going to end up being hurt because that crap pushes the fan base away.

  52. Apr. 22, 1:06am

    The new Modding craze has brought a new excitement to the game. Not everyone is ruining seasonals and online events. There are many that remove spoilers and Lower the suspension. There are many positives if you have an open mind.

    • Apr. 22, 2:01am

      I agree with the ride hight adjustments and removing a few wings not being problem. But why are people getting upset because others have moded hp, if you dont want to race with them then kik em out the room i don’t see this as a reason to bann users. ‘but hey’ thats my opinion.

  53. Apr. 22, 1:01am

    Really hoping this fixes hacked/modded cars and all of that BS

  54. Apr. 22, 12:49am

    My guess: They will only reinforce the situation with hacked cars.

  55. Apr. 21, 11:04pm

    :( or well then lets hope they do something good after these updates 2 maintenance in 1 day you hope it’s something half decent.

  56. Apr. 21, 10:06pm

    1. Realistic Damage would be great.
    2. Paying for fuel is total rubbish.
    3. Hope by harder you meant smarter, don’t care for the difficulty but A.I are so dumb.

  57. Apr. 21, 9:56pm

    Look up my gran turismo net on google go to news its the first article it’s for a big update that they will be adding realistic damage as well as paying for fuel and much harder ai.

    • Apr. 21, 10:33pm

      read the very end… it was a april fool joke

  58. Apr. 21, 9:11pm

    this better b good

    • Apr. 22, 8:35am

      Your grammar is not.

  59. Apr. 21, 9:01pm

    I doubt and hope its not dlc. Leave the new stuff for gt6. I bet strongly its a fix for the hacked cars. Fix that and polish gt5 and add new stuff to make gt6 for the ps3. It should be almost done by now and would make sense to launch it as a ps3 and ps4 title.

  60. Apr. 21, 8:58pm

    New DLC, with 2 or 3 repeated cars.

    A new Mini, new GT-R and new RX7 variant. One dollar each…

    • Apr. 21, 11:42pm

      More like two race-variant GT-R’s and one Toyota 86 clone. :sly:

  61. Apr. 21, 8:43pm

    Get ready to be disappointed. Not complaining. Just being realistic. Ofcource I’d like to see something new and exciting from PD for GT. But I don’t care. Haven’t for a long time and am happy with what I got now. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of GT5. Not even when 6 is released. Don’t dig hype. I expected too much in the past….

  62. Apr. 21, 8:39pm
    GT5 Level 41

    This is my main problem with PD. Zero communication with its customers. We’re left to wonder and read the tea leaves every time these maintenance periods come up. Other developers bad and good will drum up anticipation with some build up to DLC or a cool update that fixes a common problem. Not PD and Kaz. Unacceptable IMO by today’s standards.

    GT6 for PS3 or PS4? Just say it!

    More DLC for GT5? Just say it!

    More major updates for GT5? Just say it!


    • Apr. 21, 8:48pm

      +10000 to that im fed up with their crap i wish they would just talk to us

    • Apr. 21, 8:54pm
      Downhill Dino

      I prefer the element of surprise.

    • Apr. 21, 10:36pm

      ^ +1,000,000,00. Surprises are so much better then wanting to know everything and then complain about it. That’s GOOD PD won’t say anything, deal with it until E3 2013. >:)

    • Apr. 22, 12:22am

      Well guys, the reason they don’t talk as much anymore, is because of all the delays. They always have to delay stuff and they know we all get furious, so they’d rather say nothing and not have us expecting things than tell us a date and get ripped if they miss the date.

      I kind of liked when they would announce DLC less than a week before it was out but it is kind of stupid that they’re SO BAD at meeting deadlines that they have to resort to never setting dates.’

      That being said, this maintainance isn’t going to be anything trust me. These douches don’t care about us, why would they give us DLC? At best we get a lame patch. ANd what ever happened to Spec 3? Screw PD, they’re lucky GT5 is awesome or I would have completely moved on just to spite them. I’m sure they’re busy scanning a bunch of crappy compact cars and random junk no one uses instead of giving us the cars we all want for GT6 (lotus 49, lotus 98t, lotus 79, McLaren MP4/4, premium veyron, porsche, radical SR8, ariel atom, agera, etc.)

    • Apr. 22, 1:00am

      @TomBrady …lol! I hear you bro …that is exactly how I feel. On the one hand I love the game and am addicted ..and on the other I am getting to a point of point blank dislike of its makers. And there is something else I do not get …this surely cannot be the way corporate Japan rolls?? Is there no communication and transparency?? This is not how Sony …or Toyota …or any of the others I know operate. We knew about the R35 years before it came out. Why is PD allowed to just get away with this? I seriously would like to hear from users in Japan …I mean, is Kaz not being constantly followed by paparazzi-like gaming journalists there constantly asking “WTF??”??

    • Apr. 22, 3:50am

      @johnypiston Very good point – what’s the relationship between Kaz and local Japanese fans? Is the man in hiding? Is he harrassed by game journos all the time? He ought to be.
      Many PS3 users actually acquired their consoles specifically to play GT5 – how long was that wait??? Ages!
      I love the secrecy, it keeps a little of the magic alive. But in order to maintain the excitement surely we need a few metaphoric juicy carrots dangled now and again?
      Poly-“phony” Digital indeed.

    • Apr. 22, 4:46am
      Flying Scots


    • Apr. 22, 9:04am

      +1 well said everyone.

      @Downhill Dino – I love a good surprise too, but this silence from PD is not good enough. They need to talk to us NOW because GT5 is badly flawed. We need to know for sure where GT6 development is at.

      Hacks, PP mismatches, 800+ standard cars, terrible sounds, boring A-Spec races, repetitive seasonal events, forced SRF, too many duplicate cars, not enough racing cars, lack of Racing Modifications, boring tracks, lack of original tracks like R11, Red Rock, Midfield, Grindlewald, terrible servers, 21 major patches, countless minor patches

      Need i say more?

    • Apr. 22, 9:12am

      And we STILL don’t know for sure whether GT6 is coming to PS3 or PS4!! That’s the worst part. PD must know the answer to this by now, they could at least let us know. That’s not asking much IMO.

    • Apr. 22, 2:11pm

      ^ Well to your question, it would seem that GT6 is indeed coming to PS3 for sure. No doubt.

    • Apr. 22, 6:07pm

      Yeah it is looking that way TT, I was just in a bad mood when i wrote all that stuff but i’m all good now lol ;)

  63. Apr. 21, 8:32pm

    DLC with several cars and a few tracks is coming. In not, the GT5 players will simply create them on their own…………….
    LOL…………… But honestly, it is time for PD to keep their promise to their gaming clients. And yeah, they are going to kill hybrid racing on-line and maybe in your garage.

  64. Apr. 21, 8:17pm
    Downhill Dino

    In no way can an update eliminate the usage of hybrid/hacked cars. However it possibly could eliminate their uses in online lobbies and seasonal events.

    Might be interesting to see what comes around.

    • Apr. 21, 8:33pm

      If they change the encryption on the game save it will stop users from creating new hybrids. (At least temporarily)

      However, i do agree they can’t do anything about the existing hack cars.

  65. Apr. 21, 7:57pm

    Patch for hybrids?

    • Apr. 21, 8:05pm

      Yeah, i think this is highly likely

  66. Apr. 21, 7:41pm

    you didn’t hear this from me, all i will say is Premium Supra RZ.

    • Apr. 21, 7:45pm

      this is getting silly now

    • Apr. 22, 5:55am

      it’s possible.. The car “Supra RZ” is been passing Kaz’s twitter some time ago.. also Volvo and Trueno was mentioned is the same message. Time wil tell what will come.

      I rather like to see new tracks. Nascar only got 3tracks, hard to create a championship whit only 3 tracks.

  67. Apr. 21, 7:25pm

    I feel like I should point out that I haven’t once said that I actually KNOW anything.

    • Apr. 21, 7:38pm

      “Conclusion: DLC coming SOON – I THINK it’s now, but probably SHORTLY after. Don’t burn me if it isn’t coming in this batch of m/tenance, I can’t know WHEN.”

      You certainly heavily implied it.

    • Apr. 21, 7:44pm

      You’re right, you’re right.
      I apologise, I shouldn’t have been so suggestive. ;)

  68. Apr. 21, 7:15pm

    Guardian why are you trolling and ignoring the AUP? You don’t know anything.

    • Apr. 21, 7:17pm

      Ok, genius, telling how you can call me a liar?
      Do you know ANYTHING about IRL – no, so don’t jump to conclusions.

      I think your forgetting that I haven’t once said that ‘I’ know anything.

    • Apr. 21, 7:17pm

      Tell me*

    • Apr. 21, 7:18pm

      About ME* IRL

  69. Apr. 21, 7:08pm

    Probably, trying to improve banishment on hacker’s.
    I would love a DLC but because of GT6, I wouldn’t expect it.

    • Apr. 21, 7:15pm

      So you don’t think were getting DLC for GT5 until *****ber 201*?


    • Apr. 21, 7:28pm

      I think there’ll be no more DLC. I would love DLC but I just can’t see one on the horizon.

  70. Apr. 21, 7:01pm

    In fact, they tell you so little – that it’s almost impossible to know WHEN the DLC is coming.

  71. Apr. 21, 6:59pm

    People on the lower levels of the scale get told WHAT, but not WHEN.

    I.e – you’re getting this, but not telling you when. Incase you tell others.

    So – it’s coming, and by slight calculations, it should be now, or at least shortly.
    Conclusion: DLC coming SOON – I THINK it’s now, but probably SHORTLY after. Don’t burn me if it isn’t coming in this batch of m/tenance, I can’t know WHEN.

    • Apr. 21, 7:01pm

      I guess time will tell then ;D

  72. Apr. 21, 6:50pm


    • Apr. 21, 6:52pm

      Well going by the evidence i’ve seen, most online rooms have hacks in them so PD would have to ban a hell of a lot of people. I just don’t see that happening. More likely is a patch to cancel the hacks.

  73. Apr. 21, 6:48pm

    I have another tidbit of info:

    It’s DLC.

    • Apr. 21, 6:49pm


    • Apr. 21, 6:49pm

      I told you the hackers were gonna get clamped down on – shortly after, PD announce it themselves.

      Take my advice.

    • Apr. 21, 6:51pm
      The Stig Farmer

      Itz Spec3!!1!i lololololol


      If it IS new DLC it’ll probably only be a single car like the ‘Vette.

    • Apr. 21, 6:52pm

      or a new GTR

    • Apr. 21, 6:52pm

      Nope, think more along the lines of:

      4 cars, like the:

      ******** ****
      ******* ****
      ******* ***
      ******* *** ******

    • Apr. 21, 6:54pm
      The Stig Farmer

      Guard, do you work for PD? ;D

    • Apr. 21, 6:55pm

      I’m screencapping this …. Just in case…

      I’ll give you 10 bow down emoticons if you’re right.

    • Apr. 21, 6:56pm

      I refuse to answer that, I’m not getting into bother by unintentionally posting information that is false. ;)

      But, hypothetically, if I did work for PD – it would be a good idea to limit the information shared with the public, right? ;)

    • Apr. 21, 6:57pm

      I was talking to Stig there, lol.

    • Apr. 22, 8:44am

      No no, if you WERE talking to The Stig, it would be like: “–. ..- .- .-. -.. –..– / -.. — / -.– — ..- / .– — .-. -.- / ..-. — .-. / .–. -.. ..–.. / ? -..”

  74. Apr. 21, 6:38pm

    I hope there’s an update to sort out all of this bickering about hacks. Like them or hate them, they are causing major hate between all of us. There’s no need for it :)

  75. Apr. 21, 6:33pm

    I wonder what it could bring? Or just maintenance.

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