Polyphony Digital Take Action Against “Illicitly Modified Game Data” in Gran Turismo 5

April 5th, 2013 by Andrew Evans

If you’ve been playing Gran Turismo online at any point in the last couple of months, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there are a whole lot of cars out there that just seem to be too fast.

Whether it’s been 1000mph Red Bull X2010s and Civics or “realistic” modified cars, the proliferation of cars modified beyond the normal parameters of the game has been meteoric. It made sufficient dents in the Seasonal Event Time Trials that Polyphony altered the events so that they were single vehicle events only and the car was provided rather than coming from the player’s own garage.

This morning they’ve stepped up the fight back against these “hybrid” cars with an announcement of intent to ban the accounts of players found using what it terms “illicitly modified game data“:

Notice of Account Ban Measures – Last Updated: Apr 05, 2013

We have recently confirmed usage of illicitly modified game data in the online services of Gran Turismo 5, and the relevant accounts have now been banned from the service.

Hereafter, these Online ID’s in question will no longer be able to access the online portion of Gran Turismo 5.

Please be aware that usage of illicitly modified game data and any mischievous conduct against other players using such data are strictly prohibited, and will be subject to penalties as soon as they are found.

We ask everyone for their continued understanding and support.

How this will be achieved isn’t known, however GT5 does exchange a fair bit of data with PD servers when booting up and after certain in-game actions. What they mean by “illicitly modified game data” is also uncertain, as it could apply to those who possess these cars but haven’t used them online, those who use them online or those who make and distribute them in equal measure.

What is clear is that, despite developing GT6 at present, PD are still supporting the community of GT5 gamers to keep the playing field level.

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of ZDUPH.

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  1. Apr. 5, 12:07pm

    woahhh i hope i’ll not get banned, i hope i’ll be lucky with that and avoid that ban.

    • Apr. 5, 12:08pm

      that sucks so much, engine swaps and drivetrain swaps shouldn’t be forbidden.

  2. Apr. 5, 12:05pm

    Well done PD!

  3. Apr. 5, 12:04pm

    So I could get banned for using a Mini Cooper 1.3I with a GSX-R engine? Or a RWD converted R35 drift machine?
    The 1,000,000,000HP Cars I can understand, but engine swaps and drivetrain swaps that are realistic?
    And before anyone points it out, I know that hacked cars full stop are against the EULA, so in doing this, PD is just enforcing it. However many GT fans like myself have enjoyed the oppurtunity to create ‘new’ cars, much like those who own Forza already do. Engine Swaps, Drivetrain Swaps, Painting of nearly all cars, chassis swaps etc, these are all things we want, and the hacks brought a fresh breath of air to GT5, which PD want to stifle. For all but the most diehard fans, I can see this being the end of GT5 :/

  4. Apr. 5, 11:57am

    Finally, get rid of those cheats …take the most drastic action possible… ban them …take away the accounts …ban the console. you can not go far enough for me on this.

    • Apr. 5, 11:58am
      SZRT Ice

      Not everyone used them to cheat.

    • Apr. 5, 12:01pm

      +1 Not everybody who mods cars is a dirty cheater don’t be so narrow minded

    • Apr. 5, 12:10pm

      but they did break the terms of service agreement.

    • Apr. 5, 12:16pm

      I know plenty of people who haven’t personally took part in hacking, but have these cars, so the terms of service have NOT been violated knowingly by that person. FACT!!

    • Apr. 5, 12:18pm

      ignorance is not an excuse

    • Apr. 5, 12:24pm
      SZRT Ice

      “ignorance is not an excuse”

      Right back @ ya!…

    • Apr. 5, 12:29pm

      i’m not the one getting banned so yea, have fun.

    • Apr. 5, 12:38pm

      Grow up.

    • Apr. 5, 12:40pm
      SZRT Ice

      Will do, for many it’s not fun without them…

  5. Apr. 5, 11:52am

    Wonder how they plan to decide what accounts to ban.

    Say you received a car as a gift. Not knowing it was a hybrid. Maybe it sits in your garage and you have no clue.

    This idea is good. However careful how you implement it PD/Sony. You may harm innocent users.

  6. Apr. 5, 11:46am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL dumbasses, “hay man i’m goona sendz you a hax civic” OH NO YOU’RE NOT!!! I dont want that crap! if you can’t win… get better. serves you morons right

    • Apr. 5, 11:52am

      Hybrids and mods are used for other things than winning a stupid online race, you know?

    • Apr. 5, 12:01pm

      getting banned is one of them

    • Apr. 5, 12:08pm

      yeah and Frankenstein was noble experiment. get real.. these vehicles pollute the game’s integrity. play it straight or play Need for Speed.

    • Apr. 5, 12:27pm
      SZRT Ice

      “Play it straight or play Need for Speed.”
      Really? NFS doesn’t hold a candle to GT… Enough with telling people “… well, then play such and such…” They are not Gran Turismo… Get over yourselves…

  7. Apr. 5, 11:45am

    Oh no. I have to wait 3 hours before I can get home and delete everything! If not, then I will use my 2nd account for now on.

  8. Apr. 5, 11:42am

    good to hear. i dont mind people doing this offline, but online should be dealt with.

    • Apr. 5, 11:59am
      SZRT Ice

      What’s wrong with it online if everyone in THAT online room agrees to it?

    • Apr. 5, 12:02pm

      something tells me if you read the terms of service agreement it states that it’s frowned upon.

    • Apr. 5, 12:47pm
      SZRT Ice

      Ugh, in this instance, ToS needs to be revised… GT5 is unfininished, plain and simple. People found a way to get their moneys worth and now PD is punishing them for it and alienating them in the process. They should atleast have a place where they can come together and express their passions as do the drifters, karters, draggers, rally’ers, stock’ers, F1’ers, GT3’ers, TC’ers, tuners, etc… Stop being so black and white. You’ll miss out on a beautiful shade of gray. Some of you stone throwers should consider your ways as well…

  9. Apr. 5, 11:40am

    I’ve never seen such biased comments on this website. Is there actually anyone who didn’t just write ‘Yes PD, great, I agree with you, amen’?

    I do. I use decent, realistic hybrids when I cruise with my friends and don’t want to get banned.

    Also, as long as there’s no complains rising in the forums I don’t believe there is any actual action being taken.

    • Apr. 5, 11:46am

      +1000 I actually stopped posting here because of the bias. I was constantly trolled just for having an opinion lol ;)

    • Apr. 5, 12:06pm
      SZRT Ice

      Don’t stop! Or we then become the minority! There are so many opinions that need to be heard and our voices shape GT as a whole! It’s not just one segregated groups of Gran Turismo as a franchise that matters! If you feel GT should have nitrous, underglows, and muscle cars should be able to pop wheelies you have a right to voice it! I’m tired of ignorant “say so”‘ers that think their opinion is the only opinion that matters. I don’t care if I’m the only one feeling my opinion is important. We are just as much a part of the GT community as anyone else. Speak up!

    • Apr. 5, 12:26pm

      The thing is, Polyphony doesn’t let us, the players, speak to them about our opinions, and what we think. They kind of have that ‘we decide, our opinion is the only that matters, gamers will get along with it’ attitude you’re mentioning.

  10. Apr. 5, 11:39am

    I believe in being able to “mod” the cars, thats fine and dandy if its for personal use but then when you use it for rankings in the online seasonal events thats just lame. What do you gain from it? What kind of satisfaction do you get knowing you cheated?

    • Apr. 5, 12:07pm
      SZRT Ice


  11. Apr. 5, 11:38am

    i wonder who submitted the image of that x1 in the dirt

    • Apr. 5, 11:44am

      It tells you in the final line of the article. “GT5 Photomode image courtesy of ZDUPH.”

  12. Apr. 5, 11:38am

    I agree PD should go ahead and ban cheaters online, but they have no right to take action against players who are doing this offline, on their own. Think of the hacking community surrounding GT2. They’re still finding stuff, fourteen years later. I miss the days when hackers were given free reign to explore a game fully, but now devs are so overtly cautious and eager to ban because they can track everything a player does at any given moment. There’s no fun in it anymore.

    • Apr. 5, 12:11pm
      SZRT Ice

      If GT was an open format game, we could take what’s already in the game and create new/original tracks, race mods, and more and share them with the community ala LBP. I would bring an unlimited amount of replay value to the game. But the one-track mindedness of the GT community leads me to believe something like this would be frowned upon.

  13. Apr. 5, 11:37am

    IMO, the car-provided TTs are betterr. I hope we don’t lose those as a result of this.

    • Apr. 23, 8:47pm

      That challenge was actually quite fun, focused more on driver skill rather then tune.

  14. Apr. 5, 11:31am

    I can understand some players want to see their cas to go beyond what was not made in the game. But hey there’s a fine price to pay for… but hell, I do like 1k hp cars myself, got Viper at 1033 hp… but then again, D didn’t add engine swap for an reason, I guess.

  15. Apr. 5, 11:28am

    Hybriding, Bans or whatsoever – can someone explain me Why Do I not Whant to play Gran Turismo online while 3-4 other racing games were just meant for being online for me???

  16. Apr. 5, 11:26am

    I panicked, ran upstairs, got on, sold the car, rebooted with a savedata I had made before I got the one car that I had that was hacked… and nothing yet.


  17. Apr. 5, 11:24am

    Great news!! Finally.. Polyphony Digital throwing out the trash…. Happy to see these morons get banned… play a game how it’s supposed to.. if you get bored of it.. play another game. Simple as that.

  18. Apr. 5, 11:22am

    Well I only use them offline so I hope they ban people for the right reasons. Like I said, i only use them for fun and not to cheat

  19. Apr. 5, 11:22am

    the chance of hacking the game could be decreased if he didnt put such boring in it. i mean like the 100 nissans where 50 of it are the same type. instead of putting more european and amarican brands. the game is just stuffed with to much jap cars that you even cant modify the way you like

    • Apr. 5, 11:23am
      Rod Carvalho

      The modding issue is just possible due to the lazy programming they did to Gt5.

  20. Apr. 5, 11:20am
    Rod Carvalho

    Remember that Sony sold a game with features listed on the box that never got into the game. We have the tools to sue them back and its a 100% garanteed that we win, at least in my country.

    • Apr. 5, 12:06pm

      then go for it, but you better have very deep pockets so you can get your $59.99 back in 10 years.

  21. Apr. 5, 11:19am

    Good work PD, you’re doing what some of us have been talking about. Banning the account is good though the PS3 should be banned also.

  22. Apr. 5, 11:19am
    Rod Carvalho

    If my Gt5 account gets banned I’ll jump to Microsoft/Forza or PC Sims. Sony will for sure lose one certain ps4 customer and I know many people like me who just use modded cars for fun.
    Is not my fault if someone has gifted me modded cars. how the hell are the players supposed to know if a car is modded or not?

    • Apr. 5, 11:20am

      Who cares. See ya later…

    • Apr. 5, 11:21am

      THIS +1

    • Apr. 5, 11:25am

      I guess a bunch of you will be leaving hahahah.. later.

    • Apr. 5, 11:40am


    • Apr. 5, 11:43am

      what can I say …
      I will not see you in Forza… or …
      I DON’T CARE

    • Apr. 5, 12:03pm

      You will care when GT6 sales flop because PD have banned most of the players of GT5.

    • Apr. 5, 12:07pm

      guess what, Forza is banning people for the same. have fun playing both offline.

    • Apr. 5, 12:15pm
      SZRT Ice

      Such ignorant people this community has. I guess uniforms are to your liking, who cares ab out freedom of expression? More oppression please! :-/

    • Apr. 5, 12:19pm

      lmao freedom of expression??? where does that come to play in hacking a game?

    • Apr. 5, 1:02pm
      SZRT Ice

      There is a “hella flush” modding community, some who make chassis swaps have modded GT3 league cars like Murcielago RGT’s and other vehicles… It’s not all about speed boosts and such. And most of them simply make online lobbies and cruise. I’ve found some interesting threads on it, and don’t see the harm in it. I don’t judge these people, and don’t see why I should. They stay to themeselves, bother no one, and are just as passionate about GT as you or I… It’s cool what they do, and takes much effort. They shouldn’t be punished for being GT fans and wanting to play the game differently than you. Just as people who only use photo mode, or only drift, or only drag… Hybriding has been around since GT1 or GT2. It’s an art that some have used in the wrong way. But not everyone.

  23. Apr. 5, 11:18am


  24. Apr. 5, 11:16am

    Thank you.

  25. Apr. 5, 11:13am

    Heh, those modders who loves to do something or to cheat, will never learn lesson, I mean never because they will just come back with new acct. And doing it again. So cycle commerence……..

  26. Apr. 5, 11:10am


  27. Apr. 5, 11:09am

    LMFAO – finally, PD actually do something good. Haven’t laughed / smiled so much for along time… I doubt PD well ban all relevant IDs, PD have a habit of not testing they’re updates/changes – but at least it’s thrown a cat amongst the Pidgeons for the ‘hackers’ (whatever you want to call them). One of them will probably find a way round this sooner or later, but for now – AWESOME, LMFAO…

  28. Apr. 5, 11:07am

    About damn time these jerks got what they deserved!!! It wouldn’t surprise me if some dumbass tried to sue Sony over this:) GTFO!!!

  29. Apr. 5, 11:06am


    I’m actually gonna drink to that tonight.

  30. Apr. 5, 11:03am

    I think banning is a bit too far. A “3 Strikes and Your Out” Kinda thing would be better.

    • Apr. 5, 11:21am

      I agree with you,that would be much better,besides in my drift lobbies no one ever takes out an X1,they just bring out regular or realistically modded cars like an F20C in an AE86. I absolutely LOVE it this way since I hate X1s

    • Apr. 5, 11:26am

      Banning is the perfect solution….. 3 strikes gives too many chances… but hey, they’re banning so none of our opinions matter anyway :) PD is just simply taking out the trash…

    • Apr. 5, 12:17pm
      SZRT Ice

      Right, so nobody should give you second chances in life either? You seem more like the “trash” to me with that kind of logic…

  31. Apr. 5, 11:02am

    *Throws hand in the air


  32. Apr. 5, 10:57am

    Yes, thank you. Ban them all instantly, and from GT6 too. Since it’s a violation of the terms of service and all that, it should ban their PS3 console as well.


  33. Apr. 5, 10:47am


  34. Apr. 5, 10:47am

    Makes sense, but if people aren’t using them online, why ban them? They haven’t effected anyone else’s gameplay experience, so why ruin it for them?

  35. Apr. 5, 10:47am

    Hopefully after the hybrids are gone the time trials can go back to normal.

  36. Apr. 5, 10:40am
    SZRT Ice

    Too bad for the people who just wanted to chill with friends online, show off new cars, and have a blast for $#!t’s and giggles. Maybe a warning not to use them in Seasonal Events or banning will occur. Or room restriction implementations would be better. But flat out banning people… Those people will not have anything to do on GT5 without Online Capabilities. Maybe restrict them from seasonal events or something. But a permaban on everything GT Online? That’s a GT-Axe to even the greatest of GT-Fans. GT5 is pretty much unplayable without some form of internet capabilities. That’s wack.

    • Apr. 5, 10:52am

      +1… Maybe a warning or prohibition from the seasonal events is proper, but a flat-out ban borders on stupidity. The realistic modders (like myself) would go to cruise rooms just to show off our equipment, but not actually race in a room with our hybrids. I’m still going to use my hybrids, I don’t really care if PD bans me or not – maybe they will learn something from the hybrid era that can be applied to GT6.

    • Apr. 5, 11:32am

      Progress823 is right. and also if they put a hp limit instead of an pp limit it would go much easier because the pp sometimes glitches negative so you can compete with no problem.

  37. Apr. 5, 10:38am

    Hahahahahahahaha! Seen this coming a mile away!

    Glad it’s finally happening.

    • Apr. 5, 10:39am

      Take your stupid hybrids and shove them. :sly:

  38. Apr. 5, 10:37am

    Thanks for ruining our fun.

    • Apr. 5, 11:00am

      Fun, as in using a 1000000something BHP car and smashing them into other things? Or unfairly winning? How’s that so fun? You’re certainly ruining fun for others.

    • Apr. 5, 1:32pm

      U people don’t understand there are some actual good guys modding cars realistically just ban those 10000000000 hp x1’s and stuff like that.

    • Apr. 5, 7:44pm

      I don’t like the crazy ones. I prefer the realistic ones.

  39. Apr. 5, 10:33am

    Although it’s probably for the best that this is the result of the hybrid cars. I hope that PD learn from this and implement a legitimate way of chassis and engine swaps in GT6. They can’t just ignore it’s popularity.

    • Apr. 5, 11:57am

      For some reason, I doubt it’s going to happen…

  40. Apr. 5, 10:31am

    lol hybrid or non hybrid i will still win so this still wont affect me lol.. slow people will always be slow and fast people will always be fast…

  41. Apr. 5, 10:12am

    Sad, but good! Was not a big fan of the 1000’s HP club.

    • Apr. 23, 8:48pm

      I’m with you on that one.

  42. Apr. 5, 10:12am

    FINALLY. Good work PD

  43. Apr. 5, 10:07am

    gt5 was a good game when it come out then people started hacking and it got better before it got board but then when u figur out how to put a 427 in a mazda rx 7 just to here it rumble is a good feeling. it made me mad seing these hacked cars that was 20000hp. it was crazy so i started doing realistic hacks u no ones under 2000hp. that way i could have fun annd people that dont hack can have fun. gt5 should not do it this way they should put a 1800hp limiter and call it a day. not take away the fun out of the game thats just my opinion

  44. Apr. 5, 10:06am

    Yea!Very good PD,Thoes cars mess my game up & I didn’t even Owen one.I had to keep kicking ppl,thay use hack cars and after my game don’t function properly have to keep erasing my game data.

  45. Apr. 5, 10:05am

    It’s about time.

  46. Apr. 5, 10:01am

    Good, they earned it. Now give us a new dlc.

    • Apr. 23, 8:49pm

      DLC might be done, but don’t take my word for it.

  47. Apr. 5, 9:45am
    Pit Crew

    Im so glad I was never interested in the whole Hybriding thing. Now I can go back to Public Online Competitions.

    I think you really gotta blame the hybrid owners who are irresponsible with the Modded cars they own when while trolling Open lobby they indescriminately join any room and disrupt whatever event that may be going on there with 14,000 HP vehicles. As for those that tried to promote Sensible modding and mature Online usage, Kudos for trying to bring Sanity to offset chaos.

  48. Apr. 5, 9:42am

    It was fun while it lasted. Shame they had to do this.

  49. Apr. 5, 9:33am

    I saw yesterday that someone was selling hybred cars to order on eBay for £3 each !!!

  50. Apr. 5, 9:30am

    Thank you PD, it’s been a long time coming! Maybe now they will think about letting us do engine swaps in GT6, like in forza and shift

  51. Apr. 5, 9:29am

    First: I do not adhere to these “hybrid’ hacking.

    I have been playing GT5 since it came out and by a year or so i finished all achievable events (ie. attained gp 100%, reached lvl 40, got all golds, got all cars, etc, etc). Now if PD have not stop it to level 40 only, then people would not be bored with this game that’s why they hacked it. and now its very easy to get $2,000,000 plus a race how unrealistic it is! i thought i will continue to play the “best racing game” but it failed. PD, open up unlimited level to true players and we will continue playing the Gran Turismo series.

    Polyphony Digital (phony) its your own fault. the game became BOOORING period.

  52. Apr. 5, 9:28am

    To those hackers who now say they won’t play the game anymore, let me tell you what you told me to do when I said the hybrids were ruining the game for me … “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.

    • Apr. 5, 10:02am

      They sucked and now they can play need for speed

    • Apr. 5, 11:02am


  53. Apr. 5, 9:27am

    I don’t ever race my hybrids online and as matter of fact I don’t race online hardly at all, it has been a year since my last race in the open lobby so this doesn’t really effect me much. I can understand why they would ban people for using them online, that does make it unfair for others, but me personally I don’t think they should ban people who use them offline.

  54. Apr. 5, 9:26am

    So that explains those impossible times on the leaderboards.

  55. Apr. 5, 9:22am

    Sounds good. Thank you based Kaz

  56. Apr. 5, 9:20am

    About bloody time is all I say!!!!

  57. Apr. 5, 9:18am

    Way to ruin probably the best thing that’s ever happened to GT5 and the community here. Yeah there were some stupid cars, but a lot of people were making realistic cars, and it brought life back to GT5 for A LOT of people. Thanks, PD for reminding us of how much you :censored: up GT5

  58. Apr. 5, 9:15am

    clap clap clap
    good job kazu

  59. Apr. 5, 9:12am

    I’m glad to see Sony/PD finally taking action on these hacked cars. Yes, the entire series desperately needs a wake up call for more customization options, but going outside the parameters of the game and hacking the data is not the way to send that message across.

  60. Apr. 5, 9:11am

    Ye…. sorry im not going to drive a normal s14 again. They dont realise how many people came back when the hybrids where in the scene. This benifited the drift community so much.

    • Apr. 5, 10:01am

      so TRUE!

  61. Apr. 5, 8:58am

    This I think this is possibly the wrong way for Sony to do and it could do more harm to the GT5 followers than good…..
    I’ve been into the GT series since it first started and a petrol head for as long as I can remember!
    When GT5 came out I was playing it on the same day and was amazed at the accuracy of the cars and the game play itself. But after a year the game was virtually completed and nearly all the cars bought or won, the game that I loved became ‘stale’ losing the sparkle and attraction it first had.
    I’ve played the online lobbies with Track days, Drifting, Nacar, Dirty Nascar, Cops n robbers etc. and again I’m bored of the game again.
    Then I started to see these cars that were flying past at 1000mph with 60000bhp and wheels that stick out like wings on a Jumbo…. Now to me they seemed a total waste of time and space , what is the point in going so fast in a straight line and crashing into everyone else? they serve no purpose what so ever!
    However it did open the opportunity for a group of Petrol Heads to create some cars with engine/chassis transplants that were appetising.
    For example dropping a 1969 V8 from the Ford Pace car into the Aston Martin Vanquish gave it a sound that an Aston should have when driven hard, that deep growl with a hint of a rasp sounded exquisite (ok the Vanquish was a V12 not a V8 but it sounded right) and with the right tweak here and there it had the proper Bhp too. And I’m sure there are lots of other combination people have done that would be a dream to drive….
    Personally what they should of done is to restricted the online play so no ‘modified cars’ could be used in any of the online challenges and then to add an option in the lobby set up so that modified cars or hybrids can be excluded when desired. Also putting a limit on the BHP increase capping it at say 1800bhp to stop the silliness would be a good idea too.
    Now that the recent injection of life to the game has been removed I feel that GT5 is no longer a game I wish to play, there is nothing exciting there making me want to play it now. (there is only so long one can play a game that has been completed)
    I dare say I am probably not the only one who will now be looking for an alternative game to play…..
    GT6 better have some good options or tuning/customization features or I’m not going bother buying it nor a PS4 to play it on. It will be just the same as GT5!!!!!
    I’m not parting with any money for the same game that will be completed in 2 years even if it has got better graphics……

    So Sony you will have ‘Poop or get off the toilet’! You say you will ban everyone involved and that’s a BIG statement. Just remember if you ban everyone who has done it that’s going to be a very large number GT5 gamers who buy DLC’s and potential customers of GT6 and the PS4.

    You could lose a lot of business here? (This is where Microsoft come forward with a fully tuning game with all the bells and whistles lol) but for now its sayonara from this GT5 player…….

    • Apr. 5, 9:04am

      Look at it the other way; maybe it will attract MORE people because now we know they will not let this things happen. After 2 years of weekly playing for hours I am still not boared with the game. You know why; because we use it for what its made for : Clean Racing.

    • Apr. 5, 10:28am
      SZRT Ice

      Having a modded vehicle automatically makes you a dirty racer? It will attract more of ONE CATEGORY of racer, while completely alienating another. Whereas proper restriction option being implicated could make EVERYONE happy, losing no fans in the process and keeping everyone PRO-GT. Idk, just think it’s a bit extreme and a shortcut to cut out people who just want to continue enjoying what they own. What is fun for some, is not for all. Now, if someone modded new tracks into GT5, I bet no one would complain.

  62. Apr. 5, 8:57am

    I’ll still be using hybrids. The realistic hyrbiding brought GT5 back to life for many.

    • Apr. 5, 10:14am


    • Apr. 5, 4:00pm

      Same. I was getting bored with it. I mean, what’s wrong with a Lotus Elise that has a Civic engine? People do it in real life.

      I don’t want to become number 1 on the leaderboards, I just want to have fun.

  63. Apr. 5, 8:47am

    Now that is what I call a nice late eastern present.

  64. Apr. 5, 8:34am

    As little as I play GT5 these days, it’s good move from PD. Better late than never. The cheaters on the seasonal leaderboards deserved it, rightfully so. I hope the drifing community won’t be slammed completely.

    I tried hybriding, making realistic ones, but couldn’t make any sense of it, or didn’t have the patience for it to be more precise. It is just way too much hassle for a few simple features that should have been there from the start. Next time, perhaps?

  65. Apr. 5, 8:32am

    Hahaha, now I get to laugh at my friend with his hacked cars, hacked menu’s, and 999mil dollars. I am both surprised and somewhat pleased that PD is taking this seriously. Let’s just see if they follow through with the punishments.

    • Apr. 5, 10:46am
      SZRT Ice

      You get to “Laugh @ your friends”? “Follow through with punishments”? Angry much? What kind of “Friend” are you?

  66. Apr. 5, 8:31am

    I think this had to be done for all the reasons I have explained in the relevant thread… However, I don’t think just threatening people will deter them… I hope it does, but some form of real action, like a patch for example, should be taken…

  67. Apr. 5, 8:23am

    Good job PD ;)

  68. Apr. 5, 8:23am

    wait, would we really have to Delete them? that’d be a shame… oh, well. not like I played GT5 a lot anyway anymore…

  69. Apr. 5, 8:17am

    Finally. As good as those slammed s chassis and wingless evos looked its about time all the hybrid users getting banned. Someone of us like my self refrained from these no matter how tempting they were because we knew this would happen eventually.
    I’d love to see this as a feature in GT6 but hacking for it just isn’t right. Ruining the gaming experience just for yourself is selfish no matter how realistic your hybrid is.

    • Apr. 5, 8:57am

      Not everyone with hybrids is getting banned. Only the people who took them online. And hybrid making isn’t ruining the exprience for anyone if you just do it offline.

  70. Apr. 5, 8:12am

    I don’t understand the people that are saying its ruining the game I’m sorry but I for one was completely bored with gt5 until the “hybrids” came along it breathed a new life into the game for me….HOWEVER I do not agree with the ridiculous impossible HP cars that is ridiculous .guess I’ll just have to let the game collect dust if I get banned

  71. Apr. 5, 7:40am

    I’m with PD in this. Well done :tup:

    • Apr. 5, 7:48am

      good thing i only had like 10 cars whatever if anyone thought this was gonna last forever your a dumbass ya it was fun while it lasted but im glad there doing it good ban them all im going back to tuneing the transmission

  72. Apr. 5, 7:39am

    It made sufficient dents in the Seasonal Event Time Trials that Polyphony altered the events so that they were single vehicle events only and the car was provided rather than coming from the player’s own garage.

    Best thing you done PD, because that’s fair for all ..

    Any cheater is banned incl. the Online iD as done here, but IP should be banned too..

    • Apr. 5, 7:44am

      You are very funny!…

      You forgot to say that PD sould come and throw out of their house all cheaters and also build a prison for these people…

    • Apr. 5, 8:46am

      A hybrided car has no benefits in terms of performance/pp, sy y can’t actually ruin time trial unless it is at the point where the pp goes back the faster the car gets.

    • Apr. 5, 11:28am

      @CostasDrifter that would actually be even better… gotta get rid of the trash…

  73. Apr. 5, 7:34am

    PD will not lose by doing this.Now if GT6 doesn’t have swaps of just about every kind within the manufacturer then this is all for nothing and they might as well let you hacker fanboys have your fun. imo

    • Apr. 5, 9:11am

      How will they not lose? Cutting out a large proportion of online users will drastically drop the amount of online rooms.

      Hacker fanboys? Someone’s mad and possibly jealous that they haven’t done it? You have your opinion, of course because its the Internet but your silly pot shots aren’t needed.

    • Apr. 5, 10:28am

      Yea i said hacker fanboy is that a badword? Dont get your panties in a bunch because PD cut online hackers.Grow up this series was made to be a REAL DRIVER SIMULATOR not a a chassis/engine/grip calculator hybrid driver sim.Driving is what this game is about,practicing your racecraft,and tuning for better lap times.Now if others here play for other reasons thats fine too,but dont get mad when PD tries to cater to the users who are interested in being as fair and realistic as possible.Plz dont comment on realistic hybrids because there arent ANY regardless what your PP limit tells you.Im more than happy to wait untill PD makes this a option later in the series.For a while this whole forum was basically GT5hex editor edition.SMH…. Thank You KAZ

  74. Apr. 5, 7:27am

    Thank you PD! That’s the Spirit!

  75. Apr. 5, 7:25am

    …By far one of the lamest move ever made by PD !!

    all that because some crybabies can’t put decent regulations in their lobbies or because some STUPID KID wanted to be the 1st in the seasonal events leaderboards…

    meanwhile, some real car lovers are simply trying to give some cars the beauty they deserve ( sure, that stock premium S15 is sexy as hell with those narrow tread… )

    i never ever used a hacked car in any race lounge or whatever; i have respect for players that try to come up with a fast setup…but not anyone is smart enough

    virtual drifters were asking for swaps since day 1 and PD, who is supposed to be be the D1GP main sponsor, will F**K them like throwing them back home with a 450hp silvia with ugly wing? AWD GT-R and GT86 with stock engine….sounds like a joke!

    PD, show us drifters some LOVE !
    GTFU with your drift events on eigerW and allow us to get wider, lower and more powerfull cars.

    • Apr. 5, 8:08am

      I’m a drifter and I hated the hybrid movement. If they’re not in the game they’re not meant to be in the game. You don’t need more power or loud engines and technically, you could make the GTRs handle like RWDs with the torque splitter. Cars were perfectly drift-able before hybrids were discovered.
      Want swaps? Over fenders? Slammed cars? Play a PC game instead. Talk about crybabies.

    • Apr. 5, 9:21pm

      @Dekropttiv: Who are you to say what we don’t need in this game? That is up to me and everyone else who bought the game.

  76. Apr. 5, 7:13am

    I dont understand why people just dont hack? Leave the game alone, i know its fun but hackers are killing the game.Theres plenty of ways to have fun in this game in the traditional sense.Ive never even seen a hybrid because i stopped going online as soon as i heard about it.There are some realistic looking hybrids but by tuning a car with a hex editor and than calling it a realistic hybrid tune is just ridiculous.Want to have better tire physics,swaps,and livery go play Forza.If your bored of GT5..go play another game.Simple as that.

    • Apr. 5, 8:55am

      Bethesda never included non-crap looking hair in Skyrim, why can’t the Nexus Mod Community just NOT MOD THE GAME? That is literally what you’re saying. Hybrided cars do not increase performance/pp, and PD knew about hybrided cars long ago. Its the Secret Menu that is ticking them off, not the hybrids

    • Apr. 5, 9:18am

      I’m going to keep hybriding because it revived this game for me. If you are against it, then don’t do it. To each his own.

  77. Apr. 5, 7:11am

    I do miss the old way me and my mates used to race around Nurburgring in 500pp race. In my opinion PD should learn from this. We want engine swaps, drivetrain swaps etc. In the real world it is possible then why not the game

    • Apr. 5, 11:32am

      “We want engine swaps, drivetrain swaps etc.” speak for your self.. you don’t represent anyone else but you. YOU want Engine Swaps and all that other crap. Also I’m pretty sure there are other games out there that do that.. go play those games. That being said.. it’s just a video game..

  78. Apr. 5, 6:57am

    I’m going to continue using them.

    Not many people know but there is a hidden menu within the options that you can unlock. It allows you to set a ‘Guest Name’ which means you can change your name on the PD servers.

    I have a feeling PD are referring to this type of stuff.

    • Apr. 5, 8:51am

      Yeah, Secret Menu is pretty messed. That’s why they started banning. People on “that forum” warned people about this. PD obviously knew about hybrids before this.

  79. Apr. 5, 6:53am

    At last!!!

    • Apr. 5, 9:07am

      Yeah they were indeed. I genuinely don’t think the car hacking will be a banable offense or it would have been done already. Think about it… Those using options in the ‘secret’ options menu are the ones who will suffer. Like I said, in the very small amount I play gt5 due to its mind numbing and boring game features and content, I will still use my hybrid cars. If PD ban me, so be it. If 1 gets banned then they all need to get banned and that’s a lot of the online community.

      The ball is in PD’s side of the court and for the sake of the games online aspect, I hope they give the ball back.

    • Apr. 5, 9:17am

      Replied to wrong thing hahaha

  80. Apr. 5, 6:52am

    Perhaps the most interesting thing about this entire situation, now that I think about it, is that it reminds me a lot of old school Formula 1. For fear of ruining the ‘sporting’ nature, many many technologies have been banned over the years. Some of which were clearly attempts at cheating, but others of which were examples of customization and uniqueness.

    The difference is that Formula 1 was a single type of race with a specific purpose. But Gran Turismo is a simulator of both racing, and a community. If they want ANY realism in that simulated community, they should start considering what some of these hackers are doing, and how it has improved parts of the game significantly. Just like when turbos were invented, or the rotary engine, or the ground effect, or wings, or disc brakes, or blown spoilers… the list goes on.

    For those who love GT5, remember that Forza has attempted to emulate the community, between Forza Horizon, available engine swaps, etc.

    If Gran Turismo is the most realistic driving simulator in the world, but is a completely unrealistic simulator for the [i]experience and community[/i] of automobiles, well, a lot of people may get fed up with it.

  81. Apr. 5, 6:52am

    Well Done PD !!!!!

    I’ve encountered them several times through a few of my friends in the past few weeks..I don’t have any and don’t really approve of them so good on you PD.

    Strip them all of they’re game data I say so they all have to start from scratch !!!

    • Apr. 5, 8:50am

      And that benefits you how?

  82. Apr. 5, 6:42am

    There is no way they will bann everyone that has these cars. It would be a loss for them with over half or more of the community gone. How ever i agree with their decision to bann people to using these cars against people on the drift/time trials. Not anyone that simply just has the cars and has not used them in these online events. Still do not think that is going to happen and still has not happened yet.

    • Apr. 5, 6:50am

      The game is online now and you can´t modify files in the game. Try to modify files in rFactor and join a community to play a championship. You can´t do it and if you do that there are plug ins that you need to install that gives info about the game and stats that says if you are cheating.

      Since GT is a simulator too and not a simple child arcade game without online mode, you can´t modify the files. The article says that they can´t play online but they can still play the game offline. You don´t need to stay connected to your network to play GT5.

      Banned from the game means just that, you can´t play online in GT5. But you can cheat and glitch whatever you want offline with your game.

      More than fare for me, this is the right thing to do. You can´t have this behaviour in online competition.

    • Apr. 5, 7:38am

      One of my PSN friends got banned from GT5 online, so they are taking actions for sure

  83. Apr. 5, 6:37am

    Stupid hackers, good to see PD taking action against them and their stupid games.

  84. Apr. 5, 6:36am

    The problem is that they should have allowed such modifications as a legal, regular game mechanic to begin with. Maybe not all, but some.

    Fact of the matter is, they made a game that was sort of fun. But their PP, tuning, and modification system was way too simple and left little room for excitement or play-ability. Drag racing was almost solved, so that skill was basically out of the equation (once you learned to find the proper tunes) and their physics updates were the only thing shaking up the playing field.

    When hybrids were discovered, it become obvious that many players who didn’t want extreme modifications began to use them as well. The drifting community in specific, one of the largest sub-communities in the game (possibly the largest, given how much drift support GT5 gave them) grew tastefully and surprisingly well. This shows that if PD had properly made the game’s modifications to allow for the swapping of most engines, tires, etc. there would be a much smaller group of people actually trying to hack the save file, and those who are would be making much more illegal cars.

    The issue is not that people hacked the game. [i]People are going to hack video games.[/i] It happens to nearly every game that has come out in the last thirty years. They become modified, they get hacked, it happens. They should accept that. The problem is that so many people are hacking it, that it no longer fits their vision of a proper game. The “customization” aspect moved from “not very fun”, passed “just right” and went straight into “way too much” when hacking was introduced. PD has a wonderful opportunity now to dial it back just a little, but allow a lot of the unique modifications.

    If they ban those who are using the cars to achieve faster competitive times in races online or offline illegally, then I completely understand. If they ban the entirely of hackers however, they they are just moving the game back to its stagnant space that it occupied half a year ago.

    The smart move would have been to let this go for another six months, and then start banning during a GT6 promotional or near the release, and rectify the problems in GT6.

  85. Apr. 5, 6:36am

    it’s inevitable.

  86. Apr. 5, 6:31am

    Good news! Nice to see that PD is taking some action into this.

  87. Apr. 5, 6:26am


    I hadn’t played GT5 online since I heard about these hybrids floating around. Nice to see them being ridded of.
    However I hope people with ‘realistic’ modifications don’t suffer from the ban hammer – especially if they have not used them online.

    Serves the 12 year old’s with 1k X2010’s right though.

    • Apr. 5, 6:37am

      I can hold my hand up and say I am one of these people. I have cars mainly modded for aesthetic looks or for drifting so never exceeded 1000hp. Regardless though, they can’t police what is an understandable Hybrid and what is just ludicrous. They all need to go if they are going to do it right. But along with the hybrids, PD will lose a massive following.

    • Apr. 5, 6:43am

      @D-Max: This is what I call “clean the garbage”. Games should not allow such things and less in online multiplayer modes in which people use to compete.
      Glitch offline if you want but not online to show off your ridiculous and unrealistic crap.

      As simple as that. Less people doing this…just less glitchers and best experience for the ones who actually wants to play this game as it should.

  88. Apr. 5, 6:24am

    Hackers aren’t happy unless they can hack. Giving them the boot is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Please let the door hit them on the way out.

    • Apr. 5, 9:25pm

      You do know people can still make hybrids despite this, right?

  89. Apr. 5, 6:19am

    Sony are missing a trick here, it would make much more sense to have modified and non modified lobbies, and leave the modded cars race against each other.

  90. Apr. 5, 6:15am

    This is the biggest mistake ever. This will definitely result in people not having any faith in the GT franchise, which means less people will buy GT6.

    • Apr. 5, 6:24am
      e30 freek


  91. Apr. 5, 6:09am

    Well done PD!

  92. Apr. 5, 6:08am

    Yes, let’s see how big are their “balls”…I will continue use my hybrids with or without PD…Forza 4 is waiting for me!

    • Apr. 6, 1:31am

      See ya Forzas cool

  93. Apr. 5, 5:59am

    Ok PD. Let me see you ban the Thousands if not hundreds of thousands people using these cars……

    • Apr. 5, 6:33am


    • Apr. 5, 6:42am

      This. :s

    • Apr. 5, 11:34am

      Good Riddance.. I don’t see why they wont do it.. there are more normal players than hybrid creating morons playing the game.

    • Apr. 5, 9:26pm

      @scoobyonline: Love how you feel it was necessary to insult people. Classy.

  94. Apr. 5, 5:57am

    At last :D

    This is good news indeed.

  95. Apr. 5, 5:56am

    I hope all glitchers get banned, serves them right. Kinda sucked getting stomped by a toyota supra doing 1:48.5’s at Nurburgring gp/f in a gt500 room with no aids. Hopefully the rooms and races will be back to normal and actually fairly competitive…

  96. Apr. 5, 5:53am

    And Thank you Polyphony too .
    Because suddenly some fast guys were under suspicion of using hack cars
    I really appretiate this

  97. Apr. 5, 5:48am

    Happy to see that, “glitchers” and people who change the base files of the game should not be allowed to play online (not even mention that they shouldn´t modify any content at all)

    I don´t like how PD did the PP system in the game, and I don´t like how you can modify your car to make it run totally in an unrealistic way.

    That´s the main reason why I never race online. I just did a couple of times with stock cars and people who liked to drive stock cars (as it should be) not with weird modifications or unreal tuning setups. Fault of the people or the game to allow this? Both in my eyes.
    You can´t make a proper simulation if the tuning is unrealistic and not limited in some areas so you can make proper races instead of looking at which car “goes more in rails” than the others.

    Hope they take note for the next game.

  98. Apr. 5, 5:47am

    GOOD!!! Heads are gonna roll!

  99. Apr. 5, 5:45am

    Never encountered these types of cars?

    • Apr. 5, 6:41am
      Veyron Tony

      It would`ve been a brief encounter, they went pretty fast. I was in a SSRX race, in a Bugatti (of course) and lost the two lap race by 1:28 min. I never actually saw the other car, just a cloud of tire dust and the timer letting me know how far ahead of me it was…

  100. Apr. 5, 5:41am

    nice :) lol

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