Gran Turismo 5 v1.02 Update Available for Download

November 26th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

As was quickly reported here in our forums, the latest 1.02 update for Gran Turismo 5 has just made available for download. 1.02 allows the game to take advantage of Polyphony Digital’s upgraded server infrastructure while enabling maximum power and weight restrictions for online races.

This is apparently the November 27th update that Yamauchi mentioned to Eurogamer, which will “double” the game’s online capacity from 500,000 to one million simultaneous connections.

Photomode image by Fredde_swe.

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  1. Nov. 28, 6:30pm

    Let me just add this. Making a racing game is as complex as the most complex of games. This isn’t a simple first person shooter. Again, this game shines at the details. Cars are complex. Racing is complex. And when you have a good number of them (1000+ cars, 20 tracks), it takes a long time to get everything accurate.

  2. Nov. 28, 6:28pm

    ^ Point taken, but in my opinion even for 5 years, it is difficult to implement everything that everyone wants. It’s all about priorities and this is just the way PD decided to do things. We need to bear in mind that PD practically started the game infrastructure from scratch, throwing away all legacy coding. For 5 years, I’d say they got a lot done. It doesn’t seem like a short game to me when you strive for perfection (gold trophies, all first place wins, playing with different cars, tuning, and playing with your friends online. It took me almost 2 days to get good with the wheel too (practicing left foot braking and countersteering). I’m just happy they finally got the game out because I am having a blast. Too bad I have work tomorrow, otherwise I’d be playing non-stop.

    • Nov. 29, 9:28am

      I have to agree. even if you do ‘complete’ the game you can always go back and do the races with another car, of which there are over a 1000!

  3. Nov. 28, 3:42pm

    Why is everyone complaining? This game is such a monumental achievement yet many people are too blind to see so. Actually, I say this half jokingly. Many of the people complaining are also the same people who just can’t drive. They’re also the people who are complaining about features, but not able to see deep down how good of a driving game this is, namely how realistic everything is and how detail oriented the cars and tracks are. Here’s my advice. Get a nice monitor 24″ and above. Put the ingame display settings to sharpen and brighten up appropriately. Get the Driving Force GT wheel, and adjust feedback settings appropriately. Play with all the settings. Get a nice pair of earphones so you don’t hear the mechanical whirring of the wheel and to be immersed. Last, have the will to learn about the real fundamentals of race car driving and go for the gold trophies. People who are in it just for the cars are not going to do well. You need to appreciate the technical aspects of race car driving. Then you will see truly how great of a game this is.

    • Nov. 28, 3:49pm

      Because we’ve been waiting 5 years now, and there still is so many things missing.
      – I agree, it is realistic and so but for example, you can not change gear ratios separately like in the previous games, you can only change all gears at same time. Also A-spec is too short compared to the other gt games, which means you complete the game in 1-2 weeks or something. I’ve almost done everything… But because im a big fan since the beginning, i love it.

  4. Nov. 28, 3:13pm

    I’we got my Signature edition and G27 waiting for me back home in Norway, while I’m stuck working on a drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico for the next three weeks.
    And I must say, we have all been waiting for this game in 5 years now. And when it’s finally here all you can read about in the comments is people complaining about shaddows in replays etc.
    FYI there is a thread in the forums for glitches etc.
    I’we been really looking forward to playing GT5, but I don’t know what to expect after reading 100’s of post from peope complaining about this game. I’m sure it will be great and i have comfidence that Kaz and PD will “iron out” the glitches and bugs remaining. Cheer up guys!!! You got GT5, I’we gotta wait 3 more weeks for my “release date” Looking forward to meet you on the traks… -Tintorera-

  5. Nov. 28, 1:42pm

    Gosh dang it, that ZR1 is in the GAME?! NIIIICE

    • Nov. 28, 2:55pm

      Jeez, where have you been?

    • Nov. 30, 12:31pm

      EDIT: dang I’m so stupid… I meant the picture was taken in the game XD

  6. Nov. 27, 10:45pm

    are u guys missing the fact that there are NO brake mods? and that the car still doesnt idle with clutch mode on, on the g27? pd really needs to work on theese patches

  7. Nov. 27, 9:37pm

    I do not seen a big difference or what this update has fixed (1.02). Also I will play with my friend in arcade mode 2 players battle and the game runs very lag and the cars consume a very much time to load the thumbnail.. is incredible.

    Not Possible: Auto-Save Turning Off & Make a Backup of Save Game… GT5 don’t coming with those feature, is very stupid… :S why GT5P have it and the final version goes not, WTF polyphony, and other thing.. the save game you can’t copy for backup, what the hell were they thinking, the people of polyphony… I’m very disappointed with that, I think polyphony should make an update correcting the performance and development of the game and also these problems that I mentioned … I know most of you have seen the same thing and is very disgusting, but I hope they make a patch for fix that soon…

  8. Nov. 27, 8:08pm

    2 updates within 2 days after release. At this rate, we’ll be up to version 2.0 of the game in no time :)

  9. Nov. 27, 6:24pm

    Jordan, i think you should take a week off:) you deserve it.

  10. Nov. 27, 4:38pm

    anyone else have trouble with the Lotus 111R’s on the top gear track? I had to turn on TCS and ABS just to get 5th. And I HATE cranking up the assists – feels like cheating.

    • Nov. 27, 5:44pm

      yeah, I know what you mean I couldn’t do the first turn, I gave up and carried onto the AMG Driving School

    • Nov. 27, 6:12pm

      Yeah the car is REALLY twitchy under braking and spins out from even the slightest movement.

    • Nov. 27, 6:25pm

      yay i got 1st place on that one but im a drifter so im kinda used to the strong oversteer.

    • Nov. 28, 12:05pm
      ZR1 Driviera

      The 111R is a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of driving with comfort tires and feathering the throttle, you should be able to turn off the aids. The first corner get it into to 4th and take the left hander while feathering the throttle, and try to brake in a straight line. The rest is really just beng quick enough to get past the other cars.

  11. Nov. 27, 4:35pm

    Jordan, thanks for letting us know what the update was used for. It’s a lot easier for us to come here to find out what the updates mean than it is for us to go anywhere else so thanks for making our lives easier. Man Furismo Jive FTW

  12. Nov. 27, 2:46pm

    i got psnplus so i have automatic download on. i went to turn on my system today at it said that the update patch was already automaticly downloaded. the power of $50 a year

    • Nov. 27, 3:05pm

      this has nothing to do with the article so sorry in advance for the waste of space lol,but is psn+ worth it?i’ve been kinda on the fence about it since it launched…

    • Nov. 27, 4:34pm

      yeah – I’m wondering that too.

  13. Nov. 27, 12:00pm

    ZR-1 FTW!

  14. Nov. 27, 11:41am

    I think some of the issues we have like blocky looking graphics and online stuff will get fixed soon , i think we just need to be tiny bit more patient i know we been waiting ages already but lets be happy with what we have got. at least it is out. I expect over the next few weeks alot of teething issues will be fixed and corrected.

    at the moment the main real issues i see are

    the online stuff , AI and some of the graphics are a little as i say blocky and not don’t look that good.

  15. Nov. 27, 11:00am

    ok so being able to send out invites to track days while in (my lounge is an absolute must.The way its set up now is annoying to say the least.You have to text message people to invite them or announce it in your comment box hoping people will see it which is iffy at best because they’re so concentrated on game play to notice either the incoming message or your comment box.Now i dont mean this as bashing but i can’t believe they overlooked that.

  16. Nov. 27, 10:36am

    First of all, I was quite surprised to see my vette-picture on the front page, but I liked it so thanks Jordan:)

    Second of all, playing online works alot better now. Didn’t have any problems at all when I played with some friends for a few hours today. Well done with the servers PD!

    • Nov. 27, 11:01am

      Fredde, I STILL havnt got online yet. The servers are always down when Im playing.

      How was it? did you notice any lag at all looking at the other cars on track? Whats your connection? Ive got DSL, which works perfect for all other games, but I worried how it woud do for this one. Im trying to decide if I should upgrade to cable.

    • Nov. 27, 2:39pm

      AGNT, i played today aswell, it was alot of fun. no lags, just chose a 4-5stars / good connection Server and there you havit.

      i raced with my R34 804 hp vs a Audi TT , men my friend got that audi tuned, i didnt had a chance. :)

      no, dont change to Forza belive me. There are gonna come dlc with sure new cars, and better damage.

    • Nov. 27, 7:42pm

      I created my own lobby and played with some friends from Sweden and it didn’t lag at all. I’ve 100Mbit up and down.

      If you haven’t got any problems with other games you don’t need to worry, try again tomorrow and I’m sure it will work perfectly:)

  17. Nov. 27, 10:34am

    off subject but does anyone else have trouble with the tuscani rally section of the grand tour section on the special event ?

    • Nov. 27, 1:34pm

      I got silver pretty easy, bout quarter second down on gold.

    • Nov. 27, 10:04pm

      my Focus wouldnt accelerate when i wanted it to and only just managed bronze unlike the rest where i got at least silver :@

    • Nov. 27, 11:45pm

      @robert – Trouble isn’t exactly the right word for what I experienced. I don’t have a wheel and it’s difficult as hell, to drive these Rallye-cars on gravel with a pad. Steering is very different from GT4, which had the best of all GT-series imo. Guess, GT5 is really meant to be played with a wheel. (starts writing a letter: “Dear Santa…”)

  18. Nov. 27, 9:09am

    I’ll add the possibility of fast-forward and rewind in the replays… At least a lap-to-lap selection (although it won’t help much in the Nordscheilfe). It is very annoying to make a very hot lap or a great action at the end of a 10 lap race and have to see the whole thing if we want to watch it.

    • Nov. 27, 11:45am

      I’d like to see a replay Fast forward and rewind too. But the only real big flaw in the game a far as driving goes for me is the lack of torque steer in the front wheel drive cars, this should be blindingly obvious for anyone that’s ever driven a front wheel drive car at any kind of decent amount of throttle and should have been easy to do with force feedback wheels. The rear drive cars also don’t torque steer either, you can see the softer cars lift but it’s just a lift, not the front left wheel and twisting the car. But anyway it’s more important on the front drive cars, for me this is a gaping hole in the physics engine.

      I also think you should be able to buy a bottle of Rain X and switch the wipers off :)

  19. Nov. 27, 8:58am

    The game is an epic disappointment for me. So much so, Im tempted to go buy my first Xbox and join the Forza Darkside. The awful shadows in replay totally ruin what was my favorite part of the game. I dont even save replays, because they are too ugly to look at. Having no wheel lock adjustability in the game is killing me in tight tight corners. I havnt been able to get online once yet. Every time im playing, servers are down. im just so royally pissed off that I paid $60 to be a beta tester for this once great franchise.

    The king is dead on arrival.

    • Nov. 27, 9:43am

      Are you the illiterate fool that post news articles on Autospies?

    • Nov. 27, 11:02am

      No. Do I look illiterate to you? Just because Im upset that the game I purchased a PS3 for has totally let me down, and has a bug around every corner, doesnt make me or my posts illiterate.

    • Nov. 27, 12:00pm

      Are you saying that you play GT because of it’s replay?
      “replay totally ruin what was my favorite part of the game.”

      I mean, I know we all play games for different reason, but I rarely heard someone saying that they bought a driving game not to drive, but to watch themself driving?

      Personally, i watch replay when i did a mistake and want to learn from it + I’ve haven’t have any major bug that truly piss me off.

    • Nov. 27, 12:38pm

      If some sketchy shadows during replays irritate you, I can’t even think how much you’ll be offended by Forza’s graphics. -.-

    • Nov. 27, 4:33pm

      you’ve been whining and trolling since before the game came out. Firsty you whine about one of the NASCAR liveries not being up to date, now you’re crying about the shadows? The shadows don’t look good but how can that ruin an entire game of this size? you’re pathetic

    • Nov. 28, 1:58pm

      @Veyron Standard WTF?

      … says the whiny guy who’s screen name is “Veyron Standard WTF”

      If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

  20. Nov. 27, 7:19am

    I agree i will just install updates as i get them and when i have the time as i work long ish hours

  21. Nov. 27, 7:17am

    360 trolls pops up even in upgrade news.
    Ah, the jealousy. I’ve never seen this before in the gaming world. It’s pathetic.

    I have a 500GB HD in my PS3. Unlike the 360, you can install any 2.5″ STA HDD in the PS3. Suck this !

    • Nov. 28, 4:30pm

      Many poor XBox players heard that last line before too, literally. One more reason why their jealous.
      They can’t seem to enjoy their Need for Poorza or their Glitched Ops? Maybe it’s that Halo: Leach in their pockets. $50 a year is sad.

  22. Nov. 27, 5:51am

    I remember when PD said they wouldn`t release the game before they were absolutely satisfied with it, another lie added to the list.

    • Nov. 27, 6:27am

      I remember them saying they would keep patching and adding to prologue and they didnt. I wont believe what they say and happily take any patches they give me.

    • Nov. 27, 8:37am

      @JustCause – Then what do you call Spec II, and Spec III for Prologue buddy?

    • Nov. 28, 4:27pm

      @ Brandon
      I think they’re called…patches? :-D

  23. Nov. 27, 5:46am

    Unbelievable patching tekkers!! Good work on getting two patches out in less than a week, thats pretty good going compared to just about every other company(f2010 in particular). Keep up the good work.

    +1 for PD!

  24. Nov. 27, 5:24am

    I was going to complain about something, but it seems like everybody else here has already covered that. Guess I’ll get back to playing, enjoying, and appreciating what we have.

  25. Nov. 27, 5:02am

    I agree with the shadow problem. Seriously annoying. They need to make the HUD switchable. I was kind of disappointed in the number of modifications you can do. Past Gran Turismos were far more customizable. Also, where is the damage?

  26. Nov. 27, 4:11am

    Please could we also have online qualifying :)

  27. Nov. 27, 3:19am

    @ corvette picture

    WOW i didnt know you can actually make this good looking pics in the photo mode

  28. Nov. 27, 1:44am

    Thats a good start, but as i was online the past two days their was a room i was in and one that i made on the Nurburgring with time change and the hole room was just running in free run mode till someone joined and decided to start the race.
    I think we need a restriction for just a free run lobby and or an option for the host to be the only one to start the races

    • Nov. 27, 4:49am

      This is something that has to be adressed too. Meanwhile you can ask those that begun the race to leave the race using voice chat/text chat, or as a last resort ban the user.

    • Nov. 27, 5:15am
      – SZRT Ice –

      Agreed, alot of hassles for simple things…

      No invite feature but join my lounge.
      Social tools in a social tool is kinda redundant, no? GT life in PSN is like having a MySpace App in facebook…

      Buy parts here & tune there, Receive a gift, go to gift, get ticket for the gift, approve ticket, car gets delivered, got to delivery truck, “drive car now?”, no,,,,

      Spectating online: wanna spectat someone else?, choose camera, go to list, choose player, view. Couldn’t I just hit up or down on the d-pad? L1? or R1?

      & don’t start, just venting, I love GT5, not Forza, Just getting it off my chest, don’t judge me. Beautiful game, needlessly complexing interface. Hoosah…

  29. Nov. 27, 1:25am

    Anybody else notice that they actually have HOODCAM as a replay-only view.

    C’mon PD just give us that hoodcam. And why in the heck can’t we paint standard cars/wheels? These are fixable issues, right?

    Update 1.03?

    • Nov. 27, 3:36am

      I think that the wheels are ‘premium’ wheels and can’t be added to the standard low poly cars. But what i find quite irritating is the shadows.

    • Nov. 27, 3:54am

      Did they really skip that beautiful synchronized replay from GT4?? :(

    • Nov. 27, 5:20am
      – SZRT Ice –

      I hate painting the WHOLE rim. I want to keep the lip chrome…

    • Nov. 27, 6:20pm

      yea why cant we change rims on std’s?? There is no difference on premium and standard wheels so why not?

    • Nov. 28, 4:25pm

      It would be easy to import the GT4 rooms as they did with the GT4/standard cars.
      @ Bernd
      I’m looking high and low for that, especially now since we have our own music.

  30. Nov. 27, 1:13am

    I just want the stupid copyright protect taken off!!!

    • Nov. 27, 3:37am

      How do you mean?

    • Nov. 27, 5:19am
      – SZRT Ice –

      Copy game data from one acct to another. But then garages will be placed on websites, & hacked/modded game saves will arise. (possibly)

  31. Nov. 27, 12:51am

    I hope soon we get damage updates

    • Nov. 27, 5:36am

      Kaz said in an interview that damage has to be unlocked. It was meant to be an award. But to many people complained, so damage will be unlocked with the next patch.

    • Nov. 27, 6:16pm

      i heard it should be on lv. 20??

    • Nov. 27, 7:50pm

      Yes, me too. I suspected that damage has to be unlocked. But they want to unlock full damage with the next patch, at least in the arcade mode.
      You still have to reach lvl. 20 in GT mode.

    • Nov. 28, 5:43pm

      What are you guys on?!. There is damage already on. Ive crashed my 207 gti up when a car hit me and i ran into a barrier. watched the replay and the grill was hanging off, and the number plate, i also had a alrge dent in the door. I did notice though in one of the championship races, where there are 3 in a row, my car got damaged in a race, but was then fixed when the next race started, bit odd. So you guys moaning about damage, its there, if you don’t see it then its cos you’re a good driver. now shut up already!

    • Nov. 28, 5:45pm

      And im level 7, not 20!! so stop with the bull. Thankyou.

  32. Nov. 27, 12:38am

    ooh pretty :D downloading the update right now. i hope it fixes the connection problems

  33. Nov. 27, 12:02am

    PLEASE release a patch so we can turn the HUD off , its just annoying and takes the 100% realism away , and i wish we could test drive the cars before buying ,

    • Nov. 27, 12:42am

      + 1,000,000.I would love to be able to test drive cars before we buy them in the game.But only if your credit checks out

    • Nov. 27, 12:51am

      SERIOUSLY +1 At least let us turn off the huge list of racers – I can already see what place I’m by checking the upper left corner.

    • Nov. 27, 3:52am

      Totally agree, the driver’s-list is annoying, sometimes you can barely see where you’re heading to

    • Nov. 27, 3:59am


    • Nov. 27, 4:10am

      I would have to agree. An option to turn the whole HUD off, or to show / hide different elements of the HUD, would be great.

    • Nov. 27, 5:47am

      I totally agree not only is it annoying but its playing havoc with my plasma black writing with white outlines equals image retention.

    • Nov. 27, 8:16am
      GranTurismo Disciple

      Man ur right the HUD is annoying i finished the gran turismo rally yesterday and that F___ing map right in the middle of the screen is so badly placed especialy at night stages when the lights don’t seem to light anything up well anyway :(. Thanks god i finished them cos i won’t be doing them again.

    • Nov. 28, 5:07am

      +1 plasma image retention & distraction

    • Nov. 28, 4:23pm

      I agree, I won’t enjoy to the fullest though, I’m stuck with my SD TV. At least GT5 makes my SD TV look great. The only 2 games that did that were GT5P and Uncharted (1 and 2)

    • Nov. 28, 5:53pm

      +1. Turn off the HUD and change gear ratios separately

  34. Nov. 26, 11:53pm

    Hope the update makes the crap talking Forza Fan-boys disappear.

    • Nov. 27, 1:50am

      Don’t worry. GT5 will shut them up when they release patch v.GT6.

    • Nov. 29, 12:18am

      man i have forza3 and gt5 i love both of them but realy forza is way better specially in the online races and features and money wise why the hell there’ no earning on the online games no invite friends if so why the game is to small i almost done i played gt since gt1 but this not i was expected from gt .and i think froza 4 will kick gt butt big offense

  35. Nov. 26, 11:40pm

    for me the patch made it so i wasn’t allowed on the online server at all….. just says the server is going under maintenance, and that i can’t use the server now.

    • Nov. 27, 3:18am

      Happened to me too…

  36. Nov. 26, 11:21pm
    GranTurismo Disciple

    What the… Are they feeding us the same patch with little tweeks lol. Has it put the leaderboards on? I hope a future patch allows us to win credits online

    • Nov. 27, 5:31am

      I doubt winning credits on-line will become available, too many possibilities for exploitation…

    • Nov. 27, 8:58am

      Why not ? We can already win Cr. online in Prologue…

    • Nov. 27, 9:41am

      Because prolouge didn’t have the option to set up your own races if you remember, they were pre-set races with set lengths, people could set the victory money to 100,000 for a 1 lap autumn ring mini race..

    • Nov. 27, 4:02pm

      @Pedz: You’re wrong. If you have the game, check your instruction manual. There’s an online mode called “Matchmaking” where you can earn money. It’s just not in yet. Hopefully, a patch in the near future will bring it into the game.

    • Nov. 28, 4:22pm

      @ Pedz
      Altought that does seem very tempting…

  37. Nov. 26, 11:20pm

    So there’s 2 updates in under 24 hours..

    Lol really?

    Am i going to have to buy another ps3 just to hold all the update-data for this one game?

    • Nov. 27, 12:01am

      Die troll.

    • Nov. 27, 1:44am

      The mark of a good software company is getting product out the door and patching problems that arise as quick and efficiently as possible. Who would rather wait another 6 months? And even then there aren’t anywhere near a million beta testers, things will arise.

    • Nov. 27, 2:54am

      what are you talking about joker? If only Codemasters were as quick to release patches for F1 2010

    • Nov. 27, 4:12am

      Unfortunately I AGREE !!!!!!
      I got the game but big disappointment …

  38. Nov. 26, 11:18pm
    GranTurismo Disciple

    How big is the patch? I have just turned mine off and it said server error, so maybe its not working untill i download it.

    • Nov. 26, 11:19pm

      It’s 133 MB

  39. Nov. 26, 11:15pm

    Thanks for the heads up, downloading now.

  40. Nov. 26, 11:11pm

    now wheres the time trial leader boards?

    • Nov. 26, 11:27pm

      Downloading now. They really did get this update out fast!

  41. Nov. 26, 11:08pm

    Installing now.. 133MB. Downloading slower than 1.01 did, I reckon.

    • Nov. 26, 11:13pm

      Yeah I know right, mine is at 40% and says 10 minutes left.

    • Nov. 27, 12:31am

      Wot? Did the whole thing in less than 2mins just now

    • Nov. 27, 2:23am

      Took me 2 mins to download, 2 to install.

    • Nov. 27, 5:28am

      are all their updates going to be 133mb in size :P?

    • Nov. 27, 11:03am

      @ Pedz
      Yeah, why is that, that was the first thing I noticed. Maybe their adding new cars underneath all of this because an online patch for enabling new servers and a couple of restrictions is never that large, maybe 25mb THE LARGEST (10 megs seems more reasonable) it was already on the disc.

  42. Nov. 26, 11:07pm

    Downloading now!! Online power and weight restrictions is definitely a + if it works the way I envision it.

    • Nov. 26, 11:09pm

      Might have had something to do with my 1100HP Veyron that did 260mph around Daytona hehehe

    • Nov. 26, 11:11pm

      Or my 1000hp RS6 Avant hahaha, just wish it went around corners as well as a supercar..

    • Nov. 27, 11:00am

      @ Fast
      Jeesh, you already got a Veyron? Mine’s are stuck in that portable garage. You just made me remember I still have that carbon-black McLaren F1; I haven’t even driven the thing yet, hopefully I could get it to Killer Veyron status like in NFS PS, but I doubt it.
      4 more minutes left till I find out (plus the loading equals an hour)

    • Nov. 27, 6:12pm

      u get win the veyron by winning the gran turismo championship professional^^

  43. Nov. 26, 11:06pm

    Just did it.

    • Nov. 27, 12:16am

      oeee i want to be in the photomode competition too!!!!

    • Nov. 27, 4:52pm

      hey Jordan, is that corvette picture from your photo mode? if it is, good job. I can’t get photos to look that good

    • Nov. 28, 3:31am

      most of my pics look pretty average but one turned out so well it looks convincingly like real life, if you no what your doing you can make some nice pics

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