“Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition” Full Details, Box Art Released

More information about the recently-leaked “Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition” has just been posted by online retailer NewEgg. From the product description:

Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition features the full original version of Gran Turismo 5 game, the best-selling racing game on PlayStation 3, all of the downloadable patches and free feature and content updates through Spec 2.0, as well as a voucher for all of Gran Turismo 5’s current and yet –to-be-released DLC valued at over $25.


  • Original Gran Turismo 5 game
  • 1000+ customizable cars
  • 20+ Tracks, 70+ layouts
  • 16-player online racing
  • New online racing challenges updated on a regular basis
  • All game patches/updates since launch, including new Spec 2.0 update released in October 2011.
  • Voucher for over $25 worth of DLC, including 25 new cars, 4 tracks, and more
  • All of the DLC from October, December, and early 2012.

As you can see, the description offers a few small hints at what we can expect in 2012. Both NewEgg and Amazon currently list XL‘s release date as January 17, 2012, though no official announcement has yet been made by SCEA.

UPDATE: Sony has now officially announced GT5 XL, offering different details than what were originally posted by NewEgg above. See this post for more information.

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  1. Foxiol

    I´m sure that we will see only one more DLC content. 6 cars (who knows which ones) and the Test Track and maybe one more (who knows which one). And that will be the last we will see from GT5.
    Then more updates and upgrades to the overall game experience until Kaz feels that the game is finished.
    (all the this GT5 development and feedback is more for help PD to the real development of the upcoming title -GT6- , this game hopefully is going to make GT6 ‘perfect’…and i believe it will be ready for the launch of the next PS4)

    1. Foxiol

      Cars in a logic way could be… Nissan Oreca 03 Signatech LMP2, Nissan 370Z GT Academy and the others who knows. The tracks as i said before could be the Test Track and maybe one more from the past GT series like Pikes Peak or even the Drag Las Vegas or maybe they want to include a real world track from the real competition as Dubai 24Hs or Sebring (Florida) because if you take a look in the calendar from the endurance races you have 6 real tracks there and all can be included in the game. (but you need licenses for every track if you want to put it in the game and same happens with the cars, we couldn´t see in GT5 the Pagani Huayra for example because EA had the exclusive licence until the past year -2011- and now Forza 4 hurry up and put in the game now with a DLC)
      I don´t know what has in mind PD for the upcoming and last DLC (in my opinion) but following pure logic it could be any of that.

    2. Marcs2606

      I completely agree, although I would like to keep open the possibility or at least hope of GT6 on the PS3.

    3. Answeer dis

      “Please answer”


  2. 37kazzmark

    PS Blog: ‘The XL Edition will also feature a new reversible inside coversheet featuring the new Red Bull X2011 supercar, to add a different look to your game library shelf.’

  3. 37kazzmark

    Sony just posted officially on the Playstation blog that XL will be released 17 Jan, and includes ‘Voucher good for over $20 worth of DLC content, including the Racing Car Pack, Car Pack 2, Course Pack, Racing Gear Pack, and Paint Pack. *Keep in mind that’s Australian dollars.

  4. evanzo7

    Will this include the stealth cars and the dlc cars specific to one country like the Camaro Special Edge?

  5. Fryto

    On point of caution about the following though:
    •Voucher for over $25 worth of DLC, including 25 new cars, 4 tracks, and more
    •All of the DLC from October, December, and early 2012.

    Keep in mind that this is info from a retailer, it doesn’t come straight from PD…
    It might be that they missed the ball a bit at NewEgg and both lines are actually referring to the same.

    1. kollosson

      It has been stated DLC every couple of months, Kaz did say that the priority was ‘ new ‘ cars but that standard to pemium was still on for some cars, he also stated that standard to premium was going to feature mostly classic models. As far as tracks go most likely Pikes Peak and the Test Track but i’m hopeing for El Capitan, Seattle infact any of the most popular classic tracks but i think we will also see a couple of new tracks aswell, whatever we get its all good : )

  6. Fryto

    I’m guessing 1 or 2 new tracks in the upcoming DLC.

    Hoping for:
    – Macau
    – Bathurst

    But more probably :( :
    – Test Course
    – Pikes Peak (this track would be a really cool addition, although I prefer closed tarmac circuits)

    1. Knievel47

      Fryto you read my mind with the tracks tou asked for. Barthurst Macau Spa and Watkins Glen are the 4 tracks I ever wanted as DLC, one down 3 to go then! Cars are always welcome especially new ones and not fictional special editions like the RM and TC but if I had to choose, new tracks would be my choice.


    I think they count the curcuits is the way you select a curcuit when opening a room,so count them.yep,im right,dont argue

  8. Praggia

    No no no
    this pack just includes everything that was made available as DLC
    there is no new additional content

    What they should do is make DLC available via the GT official site so people who dont have internet access or have a crappy service (no disrespect) can download via pc, copy to a flash drive and update their game on the ps3 and of course paying for it via the site.

    They cannot expect people to go out and buy a new copy of GT5 with updated contect each time it gets released??? at least those who have little or no internet access

    1. OmarBaez53

      nope, look praggia, many companies did somethings like that before, and the result was the way to hack they’re consoles.

      example, the psp is hackeable by downloading a demo from pc and moddifiying it, so, making future DLC downloadable from PC, hackers may have a change to discover an exploit and hack the ps3, so i terribly doubt that.


    but it says “Voucher for over $25 worth of DLC, including 25 new cars, 4 tracks, and more” “All of the DLC from October, December, and early 2012”. It sounds to me like we’ll be getting 25 new cars and 4 new tracks

  10. miclai

    GT: You should provide the DLCs to all buyers of the special editions including collectors’ edition etc. However I know it is hard for administration.

  11. marktyper

    Who wants a MERCEDES BENZ C63 AMG Coupe Black Edition for the next DLC!?
    plus maybe Shelby GT500? More and more :)

  12. LarryL


    If you would get upset over something like this, you aren’t a fan I’d really be interested in having. Neither Sony or PD is doing anything wrong here. IF this doesn’t come out in a particular region (though I don’t see why it wouldn’t eventually be released anywhere GT5 proper has been released), what is the big deal? If you already had the game, why would you buy this version when it would cost you more money? And if you don’t already have the game and this isn;t released in your region, buy a used copy for cheap and buy the DLC, which would probably cost you about the same thing as this version (maybe 5 or 10 more depending on how much you pay for the used copy).

    There’s no logical reason to have the reaction you are having here (or pretending to be having), so you are obviously just being a typical online “noisey negativist”, more commonly refered to as a troll.

  13. BWX

    ”as well as a voucher for all of Gran Turismo 5’s current and yet –to-be-released DLC valued at over $25.”

    That sucks. That means that all of GT5’s DLC, past and future will only be around $25 or a little more. That means we’re close to being done with DLC for GT5.

    1. Quakebass

      What? no – their just basically giving you $25 towards purchasing GT5 DLC content – it doesn’t mean the total price of ALL of the future DLC will be $25…

    2. NA

      Depends on how one reads it.
      What sticks out to me is “ALL of Gran Turismo 5′s CURRENT AND YET-TO-BE-RELEASED DLC”. Key word “all”.
      I won’t be surprised if PD is winding down the GT5 effort, and moving on to the next project. Mabey they might tack on a few DLC that arn’t planned currently, but it sure doesn’t sound like there’s much more coming under the current plan.

  14. Zuel

    I want more race cars and not having to option to add parts to the motor. The tracks are a plus and lose the PP system is fliping sucks.

    1. Gyro1780

      My point is that you all get excited about what you think your gonna get in GT5 DLC & then moan & bitch like hell when you don’t get what you wanted.

    2. TokoTurismo

      I have to say, I agree with Gyro1780. It’s funny how the complainers aren’t here when it’s not DLC, anyone noticed?

    3. Gyro1780

      I’m not pointing fingers or picking out individuals. I’m just saying as an overall. No matter how hard PD try with the DLC the majority of people on here always seem to be unhappy & find something to moan about. Either that or their just ungrateful.
      I bought all DLC & am more than happy with it. I will also continue to buy all other DLC in the future too. The Gran Turismo series has always been my favorite game to play so anything extra that becomes available is a bonus.

  15. Quakebass

    Wait… so is that 4 tracks and 25 cars that aren’t already in the DLC? or is this the total? that would mean only 5 NEW cars, and 3 NEW tracks… Also, it says 1000+ CUSTOMIZABLE CARS – does this mean livery editor/body design? or just the paint, wheel, and aero kit swaps that already exist…? Or maybe EVERY car gets a race mod? I hope so!

    But anyways, 4 NEW TRACKS!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!

    …I wonder what the price will be, and if the other content will be in future DLC, or if there will be “GT5 XL Exclusive Content”…

    1. NA

      “Also, it says 1000+ CUSTOMIZABLE CARS – does this mean livery editor/body design? or just the paint, wheel, and aero kit swaps that already exist…? Or maybe EVERY car gets a race mod? I hope so!”

      You do realize what we have now is what Sony/PD once marketed has “customize everything” at E3. They also described the current level of customization has “if you can think of it, you can customize it” in at least one interview. To the marketing people, wheels and paint chips equals 1000+ customizable cars. We’re not getting 1000 new race mods, and I seriously doubt we’ll ever see a livery editor for GT5 either. All it means is just the paint, wheel, and aero kit swaps that already exist.

  16. BubbleBelly542

    No more GT-R’s please PD. I doubt there in any new DLC here, but please… It’s supposed to be a driving simulator, not a GT-R simulator.

  17. Demon2330

    I am not one to moan but I feel really cheated by sony now because if you think about it they have gone and cheated everyone outside of the US and Japan!.

    Sorry sony I hoped i would never say this but I am leaning back to Microsoft because at least when they release a special edition of a already out game like F3 with all the content released for it they released it everywhere!.

    This is a massive fail sony you have neglected 2 of the biggest regions in the world Europe and Australia both of which combined are bigger than Japan and the US.

    1. GT HP Nut

      Relax… I believe that the Special Editions are soon going to be announced for Europe and Australia…

    1. stjimmy

      I don’t think so, it says includes DLC from October, December & early 2012 + $25 DLC voucher towards 25 new cars & 4 new tracks. The 4 tracks you mention are included in the existing updates.

    1. Foxiol

      But with the Signature Edition i got Chrome Edition cars and Stealth Cars in 2 vouchers…We paid that money more than a year ago from a new game.
      This is not a new game anymore and i think is good what they did.

  18. Amac500

    I would hope for Sebring to be the next add to the game, with all it’s history and being one of racings premier events. We could get to run the 12 Hours of Sebring. However, I would really like them to fix the Daytona infield road course. Is it so hard to add the runoff in turn 1 and the bus stop. Also they have us running the motorcycle bus stop, not the race car bus stop. The infield is also empty, add some campers, the infield grand stands, and put up the famous ferris wheel in. Then we are time and weather away from the 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race, or the Rolex 24 at Daytona as it is known today. But just start with fixing the runoff areas and give us the right bus stop…… Just a thought, those 3rd gen Daytona Prototypes are out. The Riley and Corvette chassis are cool, the Corvette DP is ultra sexy if you ask me. Anybody else want those in the game maybe?

    1. NoonenF1

      Sebring with time change would own, as well as adding a time change to Daytona, then we would have the “Grand Slam of Road Racing” in GT5!

    2. Amac500

      Oh yeah it somehow passed my mind that we would then have the famous Triple Crown of Endurance Racing! That would boost the game so much in my mind!

  19. TommySneak

    Thank God, I haven’t been able to connect to PSN for a while now, no matter what I try. Looks like won’t be a problem for much longer, I just hope all my data transfers :/

  20. HKSBro92

    Im actually satisfied with the cars. I only want 3 more cars, a Cadilliac CTS, Dodge Charger SRT-8 and a Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca.

  21. Crowftw

    Red rock valley high five that patter!! am loving that track still play gt3 and gt4 just for the tracks :) :)

    1. TokoTurismo

      Well for one we seen it only once then never again before GT2. It’s a really great track for super cars and race cars if you want to go fast, really really fast. It looks like a great track to race 2 hours in. It’s scenery is so, *motorsports* like. Yeah, I want it back so bad too. And it’s soooooo *Red*.

    1. jdmbb

      all the updates should have already been given to you for free except for the dlc. i would not buy a new copy of the game just for the dlc. its cheaper now to just buy the dlc

    2. Strikey182

      It kinda sucks that people who paid the full amount to buy GT5 when it originally came out get less than the people who haven’t bought it until now and for a lesser price, but hey ho, thats life and I can’t blame PD, since they are a business and this is one way to extend the life cycle of GT5.
      Im just hoping this means more money to PD, so an even larger budget for GT6 :D

  22. kdchris

    I have no idea what cars will be included in future DLCs, but wouldn’t one of them be the ’71 Chevrolet Camaro that won Best of Show at the 2011 SEMA show?

  23. OmarBaez53

    well, if they put 25 cars that means 6-5 if we dont count the old ones(hope they put 25 new ones lol), and 4 tracks, if we count the others theres 1 new track to come.

    1. spikeyhairdude

      just ring sony to fix it. my blu ray reader broke. and got it fixed for free and my ps3 is 3 years old

  24. spikeyhairdude

    They could of done better with the box art. looks exactly like the old one in different colour. I wont be buyin it because i allready have a copy of Gran Turismo 5

    1. TokoTurismo

      Umm you don’t need to buy it again if you already have the copy of GT5. This is a good thing for those who don’t have internet and stuff, such as newcomers I’m greatful to see join in GT5.

  25. Meatwad67

    Gotta have some sort of new 500 Abarth. Either the Essesse, Assetto Course, or the 695 Tributo Ferrari would be cool. The stock one on it’s own would rule too.

    1. NoonenF1

      Silverstone + all variations + weather & time would be amazing, so much to do!

      I still want the Glen, with the NASCAR short course and the full Grand Prix circuit.

  26. Kayoss

    I would like to see a DLC where you get to drive through the Highway of Japan online with other drivers and if you want to race an oponent you High beam them to race through the highway of Japan. Anyone remember Tokyo extreme racer? Implement that idea and with GT5 graphics, physics, and game play this would be awesome. Street racing simulation online against real live opponents… Drooling…


      sounds like you want Tokyo Xtreme Racer: GT5 Edition ya? i would love to see something like that but i highly doubt it.

    2. AcenSpades

      would be nice, but SSR7 is the closest we’re gonna experience that. i missed playin tokyo extreme racer though. i hated the followed zero cuz i couldnt get 1,000,000,000 credits to take on a hidden car before the final racer. the damn game only went up to 999,999,999 credits.

    1. Nismoleb89

      not sure if that was sarcasm or not but the fact that PD developed the R35 center diaplay means we will always see GT-R’s more often than any other cars, but a premuim supra and bugatti along with new m5 and 1m would be nice. Aventador wony hurt either

  27. DA6righthand

    We will always want more. Will we ever be happy? We gtplanet users are much like the hard-to-please girlfriend of PD…

    1. Nish_280z

      A girlfriend that pay’s for you better be pleased… Then again I love GT period and want it to continue to evolve.

    2. CarBastard


      Though some of us are who are critic, do it in an actually constructive way because we adore and support this game they’ve made for us. However the “Z0MG PD DO EVER1TH1NG I WANT CUZ WHATEVER!!! ADD ALL CARS EVER MADE AND MY LOCAL TRACK PL0X” crowd is the one that really has no use to the community.

      I only hope we as a community manage to show PD that we are mostly the constructive kind that take them seriously and appreciate their work. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK PD!!! :D

  28. IceKoldKilla

    So future DLC as well and the UNofficial release date is January 17th? I’m guessing it isn’t but I’m damn sure this January or February we’ll get more DLC, maybe more than just 4 cars!

  29. RoarOfZonda


    1. ml_paladin888

      We’re still missing GT-Rs though. Namely, the US-Spec GT-R Black Edition (left hand drive with Spec V wheels)

    2. HPUnleashed


      Those two vehicles have been specifically licensed for EA’s use only, unfortunately. :(

    3. EliteDreamer

      Yet Forza has both. So EA does not have an exclusive license. Or a sub-licensing contract took place that we don’t know of.

    4. HPUnleashed


      Good to know. I’ll have to check back on the place where I read about the licensing issue. (That is if I can find it back again.)

    5. Stephen220378

      EA’s exclusive licence for the Pagani Huayra expired at the end of 2011 so it’s possible that it may come as DLC since Forza devs had the idea of making the car in advance and releasing the DLC after the EA deal expired, I would be surprised if PD haven’t thought of doing the same.

    6. C-ZETA

      @ml_paladin888 I know one GT-R that PD has crucially missed, it’s the new Super GT GT-R’s that have no difference to the ones before last.

      Well…one new one did win the championship this year, so that is a GT-R that should be put in. Lol.

    1. Obli

      No, it could be interpreted as 4. The track pack includes:

      Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
      Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (with weather change)
      Kart Space I
      Kart Space II

    2. PaMu1337

      @obli There are also reverse variations of kart space. Why would you count weather change but not reverse. Counting weather change as a seperate track is misleading, counting reverse not really.

    3. play3man

      No… All of the DLC from October, December, and early 2012. = SPA and Kart Space.. + Voucher for over $25 worth of DLC, including 25 new cars, 4 tracks, and more.. so, 4 new tracks

    4. Obli

      @PaMu1337 – I didn’t realise Kart Space had reverse configurations. Anyway, the way tracks are presented as individual when they have weather / night / reverse is confusing. Obviously wouldn’t be an issue if all tracks had weather, day/night and reverse options. I still don’t understand why they don’t.

  30. GTPM118

    I wish… in late 2012 before “the end of the world” they could give us a DLC “GT’s Memorable Tracks”
    But, this sounds nice.!
    Thanks PD!

    1. Obli

      tracks or layouts? :P

      Remember all that confusion, people? ’20+ Tracks, 70+ layouts’ seems so clear now.

    1. jrkiwiboy

      It sais “4 tracks” with the dlc. There has only been 3 tracks released as DLC meaning we could get a new track soon

    2. BubbleBelly542

      I think it means the weather variation of Spa… Spa, Spa Weather Change, Kart Space I, Kart Space II. 4.

    3. HSV-010

      But surely you would have to count both reverse Kart Space tracks if your counting layouts and weather change…

    4. BubbleBelly542

      I’m not counting layouts. Why not? Because I’m pretty sure most tracks in the game have reverse variations, but very few have weather change. I think that is important to consider because if they were counting reverse, they would have 6, 7 with weather, tracks for DLC.

      Also, I bet they would have announced new DLC before they announced this so people would know there is more DLC that is brand spanking new and will be there right away.

    5. neema_t

      “It sais “4 tracks” with the dlc. There has only been 3 tracks released as DLC meaning we could get a new track soon”

      No, it says you get a voucher, meaning that the content won’t be on the disc but you get a discount on content that is released later on. The DLC that has already been released is on the disc already, therefore meaning we can expect around 25 cars and 4 tracks fairly soon, I would’ve thought.

      Also there hasn’t been any DLC this year, does this mean we’ll see some arrive at some point in the next 11 days, if that release date is accurate? Also I wonder if it would work out cheaper to buy this if you haven’t already bought the existing DLC but intend to buy every piece of GT5 DLC? Not that I’m complaining, mind, just wondering.

    1. Bigbaz5229

      Jesus the states are well behind the uk had this update 2.0 on 22december with the new tracks 15 new cars how come they are so far behind

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