GT5 XL Officially Announced With Reversible “Spec II” Box Art

January 6th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

“Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition” has been listed in online stores for a few weeks, and today, Sony has officially announced the product. In doing so, they’ve cleared up a lingering question about the DLC “voucher” that’s included with XL:

Voucher good for over $20 worth of DLC content, including the Racing Car Pack, Car Pack 2, Course Pack, Racing Gear Pack, and Paint Pack.

Of course, they’re referring to the October and December DLC packs, which can be purchased for a total of $15.98 in the United States. Online retailer NewEgg had previously listed XL’s DLC voucher at $25, but they have since revised their product description earlier today to mirror Sony’s comments.

The PlayStation Blog has also announced a novel feature of XL’s packaging: the cover sleeve is reversible. On the alternate side, you’ll find the Spec II box art as it’s being sold in Japan, which features the Red Bull X2011.

Gran Turismo 5 XL will carry a MSRP of $39.99 and will be released January 17, 2012 in the United States. It’s available for pre-order at Amazon, NewEgg, and Walmart.

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  1. Feb. 16, 2:28am

    anybody know tis XL spec2 copy need which firmware to play?
    cos i cant proceed it when i try to play & system say i would need a newer firmware (my console firmware is 3.72) to proceed with the game…sad..

  2. Jan. 13, 3:54pm

    does anybody know if this copy occupies less HDD space than the one we already have? cause i checked my GT5 game data utility and its 25 GB. if this new GT5 is less, i’ll take it…..

  3. Jan. 11, 1:57pm

    With the voucher.

  4. Jan. 11, 1:57pm

    But for people who don’t have internet, how can they download the packs then?

  5. Jan. 9, 6:57pm

    Just pre-order this!

  6. Jan. 9, 2:43am

    How is it unfair?

    i mean this spec II now has a selection of over 1000 cars, more than 70 tracks as well as a variety of heart-pounding game modes.
    Not only this, GT5 Spec II includes “Car Pack 2“ which will be newly released in 21st Dec, and will provide you additional 90 racing gears, 2 tracks with 5 layouts, 100 paint colors, and 19 cars in the end.and the price is also cheap something like 20 to 30 euro.

    i buy my old GT5 LE for 50 how could it fair???I don’t realy see wat the XL box brings me as an extra.

    The XL edition brings nothing to ypu, but it is a great option for those, who don’t have internet, and are playing with the GT5 1.0. Also, it is a nice pack for those who don’t have the game.

    so who will think about us for who played from the beginning???what will they give to us???VIP pass or free car pack and other DLC???

    • Jan. 9, 9:13am

      LoL? You can buy a new GT5 for 20€ at stores currently. So this is nothing but fair. You don’t get anything with this pack, that you couldn’t get by default. the XL edition is made for those people, who do not have the game already, and want to buy the complete edition. I repeat, the guys who already have GT5, shouldn’t even buy this, because it is not meant to be so. You don’t get anything special with this pack.

    • Jan. 9, 11:15am

      @john860707 For crying out loud like everybody is saying in here, if you already have GT5 and it’s fully updated theres no need to go spending on this one. This one is for those who’re stuck on GT5 1.0 or doesn’t have internet to update it and buy DLC which I find fair and perfect for them. Haven’t you get it through your head yet?

  7. Jan. 8, 4:45pm

    I am buying this so I can put the collector’s edition up and play using this one. Plus I won’t have to buy dlc when my PS3 is fixed

  8. Jan. 8, 6:13am

    I don’t realy see wat the XL box brings me as an extra. I have the version of 2011 with the extra Franchorchamp track and some night tracks for carting. I have with these plenty of fun.
    One thing I regret however, is the missing of creating own paints, vinyls etc. on the cars.
    ( yeah I admit, I’m a Forza racer as well, but still addicted to GT5 ….)

    • Jan. 8, 3:38pm

      The XL edition brings nothing to ypu, but it is a great option for those, who don’t have internet, and are playing with the GT5 1.0. Also, it is a nice pack for those who don’t have the game.

  9. Jan. 7, 11:31pm

    I want this disc version. :)

  10. Jan. 7, 10:40am

    any word on EU/UK version of this,anyone?

    • Jan. 7, 11:01pm

      No word of anything like this for EU.

    • Jan. 8, 5:24am

      ohhh :( I really hope that there will be EU version too…

    • Jan. 8, 5:48am

      Just download the box art print it and then put it into your GT5 box :)

  11. Jan. 7, 4:33am

    Don’t shout , what does GT5 XL do over normal GT5? Im confused.

    • Jan. 7, 7:34am

      DONT SHOUT???

    • Jan. 7, 12:26pm


    • Jan. 7, 12:46pm

      If you’re actually wondering what the difference is, GT5 XL has most of the DLC and has the Spec II update while GT5 has none of it.

    • Jan. 7, 2:07pm

      Haha, you guys are funny. :) I love GT Planet.

  12. Jan. 6, 10:22pm

    is unfair for older player…
    Since its release in November 2010, GT5 now has a selection of over 1000 cars, more than 70 tracks as well as a variety of heart-pounding game modes. Furthermore, in October 2011, exactly one year since its release, with the update of 2.00 the game was greatly enhanced by the introduction of new features such as simplified interior view functionality to all standard cars.

    In addition, there are other exciting DLC (paid downloadable content) such as new cars, tracks, outfits and car paint colors, releasing in the same month.

    And now, Gran Turismo 5 Spec II is out together with DLCs released under name of “Complete Pack” on system update ver 2.00.
    Not only this, GT5 Spec II includes “Car Pack 2“ which will be newly released in 21st Dec, and will provide you additional 90 racing gears, 2 tracks with 5 layouts, 100 paint colors, and 19 cars in the end, on top of the exciting car life experience provided by GT5.

    Sony should cancel all those releases DLC pack 1 and DLC pack 2…it waste money to download…just buy Gran Turismo 5 Spec II for just only MYR$124++

    • Jan. 7, 1:56am

      It’s too late, they’ve already sold well over 1 million DLC packs…

    • Jan. 7, 3:27am

      How is it unfair?

    • Jan. 7, 11:40am

      It’s business. Isn’t it unfair when car dealerships have year end clearances? What about those that bought cars before the clearance sale?

  13. Jan. 6, 10:17pm

    Anyone here knows what is the racing gear pack about?

  14. Jan. 6, 10:16pm

    Any one here knows what the racing gear pack is about?

    • Jan. 7, 12:05am

      It has racing suits and helmets.

  15. Jan. 6, 8:58pm

    The inside sleeve is cool, but the outside “gamepro” reference is lame. I think gamepro is officially out of business too.

  16. Jan. 6, 8:41pm

    Awesome deal. Personally, I don’t thing there will be a spec III.

    • Jan. 7, 11:42am

      There will be one. Probably by summer of this year. I won’t be surprised if spec 3 has bits of gt6 in it.

  17. Jan. 6, 6:57pm

    Wats the point buying it if u already have the game. There’s nothin new on It.

    • Jan. 7, 12:17am

      Collectors need it. Some people simply can’t update GT5. The bonus is the free DLC and the next million copies sold will have be the more refined game. Too bad it won’t have the last 2 updates.

    • Jan. 7, 3:24am

      Then there is no point. If you haven’t got the game yet, however, there are points all over the place.

    • Jan. 7, 7:32am

      some players might not have internet connections and they will be playing the first 1.0 version.New update game is needed for those people

  18. Jan. 6, 5:33pm

    Dang, for a second there it seemed like the “early 2012 DLC” was going to be released Jan 17th with XL.

  19. Jan. 6, 4:51pm

    Don’t mean to be rude or anything, but why did you have to make a new News article Jordan? Just update the other one to avoid confusion. :cheers:

    • Jan. 6, 5:47pm

      1) It’s an official Sony announcement, which I always acknowledge.
      2) The reversible cover is an interesting novelty for the series and a notable announcement for collectors.
      3) The $20 voucher is a significant reduction over what NewEgg had originally reported.
      4) The old post was already updated to avoid confusion.

  20. Jan. 6, 4:38pm

    will the new box art have all the rare stealth cars and also the other preorder dlc????

  21. Jan. 6, 4:06pm

    Euro release please!!!!

  22. Jan. 6, 3:32pm

    Its alright. could f done better. my opinion.

  23. Jan. 6, 3:09pm

    Here’s an idea. Why not have a contest & so everyone that wants to submit their own box cover design.

    • Jan. 6, 4:35pm

      Any other game then yes, modern warfare for example is identical but GT has always had great covers, with the exception of the spec2 cover with the Redbull.

  24. Jan. 6, 2:50pm

    That been said: I would give all the cars and tracks in the world to an overhaul of the Engine/exhaust sound department.

    • Jan. 6, 3:08pm

      i agree dude… only on minor few cars do the sounds actually match up to real life

  25. Jan. 6, 2:48pm

    Got original GT5 for $20 at Walmart Canada during boxing day, even with all DLCs I paid less than this future release… Hope there will be more interesting DLC: some classic GT tracks and Standards to premium upgrades (Renault alpine, GT40, 205 GTI/WRC, Veyron,…) are deeply missing!

  26. Jan. 6, 2:35pm

    What a great price with all the content in it. :D Like NoonenF1 said. For those who didn’t get GT5, this is perfect for you. :)

  27. Jan. 6, 2:28pm

    If you don’t have GT5 yet this a good deal!

  28. Jan. 6, 2:27pm

    May want to mention that the reversible cover art will be for the US only as the Canadian releases do not include them for whatever reason…

    • Jan. 6, 2:41pm

      Now where on earth did you specifically read that?

    • Jan. 6, 2:54pm

      No Sony games including the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection for example contain the reversible cover art in the Canadian editions. Insomniac Games are actually the ones that confirmed this for me a while back when I was asking about the art for one of their games…

    • Jan. 6, 3:20pm

      Well then I would be very interested in the SCEA’s official reasoning behind this, and if this ends up being the case then is the other side blank or is there alternate print for the games you mentioned? Could be a collector’s item if Canada get’s something different… for the hardest of the hardcore GT fans.

    • Jan. 6, 3:36pm

      Canada gets a …wait for it… blank reverse…

      I’m guessing it has something to do with Canada’s language laws and the fact that they have to redo the cover so that it’s bilingual. I have no idea why that impedes them from printing the reverse side of the cover though…

      I just want to make sure that anyone in Canada wanting the reverse cover specifically, orders from a US retailer to be sure they get what they’re expecting.

      I asked for a response from Sony in the comments section of the blog post but I highly doubt that they’ll respond. Insomniac Games wouldn’t answer me about it on the blog either but when I asked them via their facebook page, they had no problem telling me simply that “Canada doesn’t print the reverse covers”.

  29. Jan. 6, 2:21pm

    yeah..but i am talking about the new dlc which everyone was so excited about since yesterday when this news first came out… that we will have a new dlc comprising of 6 cars and 2 new tracks based on the description on

    • Jan. 7, 3:21am
      eran0004 doesn’t sound like a reliable source to me…

    • Jan. 8, 2:24pm

      @eran0004, agreed lol.

  30. Jan. 6, 2:05pm

    Well, the picture of the XL Edition box is obviously for the American version, so, my guess is that it’s going to be released in America, too.

  31. Jan. 6, 1:59pm

    so now that they have specifically mentioned the dlc’s which will be included in this XL edition, i am not sure if a new dlc is coming out along with this guy… the “over 20$ worth of DLC content…” might just be a marketing speak for all the dlc prices counted individually till now and just including that in the game..

    not so sure if we are getting those “6 new cars and 2 new tracks”….

  32. Jan. 6, 1:49pm

    Any news of a future release in europe?

  33. Jan. 6, 1:39pm

    Do the Stealth cars and the country specific DLC cars come with it, cars like the Camaro Edge?

    • Jan. 6, 1:41pm

      no just recently released stuff like the Scirocco, the Spa track, suits, and i’m guessing by the read paints too!!!

    • Jan. 6, 1:51pm

      Aw damn! Oh well, wasn’t expecting so anyway lol

    • Jan. 7, 6:15am

      look for codes for sale on ebay.i just got all 6 for AU $50,best cars ever.more power,less wieght on some,more downforce only some clowns think the road cars are race cars… the clown 1 day who said “its a race car,its got a wing”…derrrrr

  34. Jan. 6, 1:39pm

    good cause mine is fully updated till the next but my dad don’t have DLC or the updates or the game so I might get him this for Father’s day so when he does get the game and Internet me n him can race online against friends xD cause this is said to be FULLY UPDATED to current specs to include the car pack 2, racing pack, course pack, suits, and paints (supposedly) so this is infact a better buy cause i got Collectors Edition for $119, this is better then buying GT5 new with no dlc and have to do the updates for $59.99 (still that price at places like walmart and gamestop)

  35. Jan. 6, 1:36pm

    If pictures could sell you games, that would sell Millions!!! Beautiful cover for a game

    • Jan. 6, 1:37pm

      I’d like to see the Schulze 24hr car as a cover :D

    • Jan. 6, 2:37pm

      You said it Clarky1st and jah24car. :) This is just “perfection”. *v*

  36. Jan. 6, 1:29pm

    still, a lame release imo. Nice for people who buy it.. but need better add ons

    • Jan. 6, 1:36pm

      Lame release?
      I´d rather buy this than the HORRIBLE Platinum edition.. Sony should cancel all those releases…

    • Jan. 6, 1:36pm

      they are said to realease more what they said was “early 2012” so we might see more dlc which might be better, but these are still good that PD themselves made they are good for GT5 but Forza Motorsports 4 (which I own) has better dlc but we might see newer supercars and more great tracks to come in GT5.

    • Jan. 6, 2:29pm


      “HORRIBLE Platinum edition”?

      You are aware that it’s the exact same game aren’t you except for the newest updates (which you can download anyway) being on the disk?

      I don’t see how one edition can be “horrible” but the rest aren’t when it’s the EXACT same game.

    • Jan. 6, 4:31pm

      +1 billion, the platinum cases look tacky.

    • Jan. 7, 3:18am

      It’s a pretty good release for those who haven’t got the game yet. A lot better than buying the original release version…

    • Jan. 7, 6:13am

      How ridiculous.Im in Australia and used a U.S. disk with no dlc interaction so i went and bought a platinum edition to start again.i can put the first cover on it if i want but i never look at them,ever.Its a game not a U2 LP cover

    • Jan. 7, 7:03pm

      Lamborghini Aventador DLC!

  37. Jan. 6, 1:28pm

    Will pick this one and the spec III when it comes ;)

    • Jan. 6, 1:40pm

      by time we get to spec 3 I think GT6 will be out xD

    • Jan. 6, 2:38pm

      Hurray, can’t wait to see how spec III is like and it’s cover. :D

    • Jan. 7, 7:33am

      And i will pick an enormous baseball bat to put in the backside of Kaz if I don’t see any interesting DLC next month!
      The 2011 mini and 2012 gtr !

  38. Jan. 6, 1:27pm

    Need a .pdf of box art RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    • Jan. 7, 5:57am
      Big Ron

      The X2011-Box Art is an epic fail by Sony. Looks like they are advertise for Wipeout.

    • Jan. 7, 11:35am

      @BIG RON that’s why that’s the inside face of the cover art, genius. It’s reversible, can’t you F read?

    • Jan. 7, 12:06pm
      Big Ron

      I know, that´s the inside, you fool. But in Japan for example it´s the outside.

    • Jan. 7, 12:27pm

      Who gives a f… About the cover… Its the game i play….

    • Jan. 7, 4:04pm

      i like to sit and play with the box

    • Jan. 8, 6:44am

      lol, :) .. but yeah its true, this X2011 car is no car.. I rather see Toyota supra or Honda NSX on the cover (but thats matter of taste) and I respect PD hard work on this project (X 2010) with red bull.. I think its ok to have it on cover since it is a fastest car in game.. and its good advertisement for kids who love this kind of stuff/cars.

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