“Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition” Leaked by Sony & Retailers

December 25th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

In a Christmas Day surprise, Newegg, Amazon, and Buy.com have revealed a mysterious new game: Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition. Both Amazon and Newegg list a release date of January 17, 2012 and a price of $39.99 USD, but offer no further details on what this “XL Edition” will actually contain.

This actually isn’t the first time the “Gran Turismo 5 XL” name has surfaced; it was originally included in a brief Sony FAQ about their “PlayStation Rewards Program” earlier this month, but didn’t garner much attention without any other supporting evidence or rumors of its existence. With three major U.S. retailers now officially listing the product, however, it is all but confirmed.

XL will – most likely – be the North American version of the Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 disc update recently announced for Japan, which includes all of GT5‘s software updates and DLC out-of-the-box. As you may recall, Sony Europe has already downplayed the chance of Spec 2.0 discs for the Old World.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

GT5 Photomode image by jBhlpS.

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  1. Jan. 2, 10:17am
    New Yorker

    Making DLC content available to those with no Internet hookup is a no brainer. And to those who feel the low price is unfair, remember; you paid more, but you also got to enjoy all this before everyone else. That’s worth something.

  2. Dec. 28, 3:14pm

    if they put all the cars stealth limited ed all of the ones i can’t get because of the edition i currently have and because i didn’t buy the dlc before the 8th i would buy the new copy i pray it will be like socom3/combined assault same game more content unlocked in the second edition <3 plz plz plz pd plzzzz

    • Dec. 31, 9:27am
      GT5 X1

      M3 d0n1 und3rst1nd y0u!

  3. Dec. 28, 7:59am

    To name it XL edition with only a few more cars and 2 new tracks is a bit crazy and can hurt the good name of PD.

  4. Dec. 27, 5:43pm

    Afterthought – I pre-ordered Prologue Collectors Edition $59.99 (got the chrome line stuff, a toy car, key ring) plus all the DLC(1&2) content $17.00 = $76.99 – and now someone can get the same products for $39.99? Kaz – what are you thinking, how about some luv to all of us who purchase your products (preordered), a Christmas card message seems the only apparent thing I get for the extra $37.00. Hummm, how about something to reward all the loyal that spend the $$ upfront, not the converts from FORZA who get the goodies for half the costs…….In my opinion – bad deal to the loyal…

    • Dec. 28, 11:20am

      Well we did get rewarded with a few gifts, for helping them patch almost a lot of things. Starting:

      1. The new patch “2.02” (Which is awesome)

      2. The brand new Toyota 86 GT ’12 (Which is hot.)

      3. Some newest DLC (Which I like in my opinion.)

      4. And a christmas card made by Kaz and PD (Which put a smile on my face.)

      5. If you download both DLC, you get something special with that.

      This XL edition is helpful to those who doesn’t have good internat connection, I can’t wait to see them join in the GT5 fun.
      Yep. In my opinion, I believe PD is on the right track with this one. Well done Kaz and PD. I hope to see the “GT Classics Track Pack” for the next DLC. If you could you can also get the Pagani Huayra into GT5 aswell, take your time.

    • Dec. 28, 2:08pm

      I think this guy (txmoveguru) forgot to think about that he is playing since more than a year ago…and a lot of people because of this personal issues (network + money problem, not everybody has this type of ‘advantages’ in their houses) can´t or buy or play GT5 as they maybe wanted. This mean more sells for GT5 but also add more fans to the series.

  5. Dec. 27, 3:10pm

    I agree Foxiol and Leadpaint. :) I can’t wait to see everyone join in the GT5 fun too. :D Hurray for PD with this wonderful idea they’d came up with. ;)

  6. Dec. 27, 2:14pm

    This is great news. If you supported PD from the start, and bought the game on the release date,and the DLC when it came out. You now have about $75 invested in it. Now someone can obtain everything you have for half the price($39). What a great way to treat your loyal fan base PD. Smooth, very smooth.

  7. Dec. 26, 4:19pm

    I paid 149€ for the Signature Edition here in Spain with Chrome line and Stealth cars, a GT wallet, a book (Apex,still reading), a 4GB pendrive with GT5 logo (i use it), a key chain with GT5 logo metallic, a photo book. Then paid for the entire DLC and the last one + other pack of paint to get the Toyota FT86 II concept. The game is up to dat with spec II 2.02. And i am very happy with it.

    This is a very good deal for those people who does not have a network connection at their homes and want the best from GT5. Very good job from PD for thinking about it and the price is reasonable if it comes with some DLC cars too.
    And don´t forget that GT5 is one of the unique racing games that sells millions all over the world.

    Good job PD.

  8. Dec. 26, 2:15pm

    stupid north america gets everything again

  9. Dec. 26, 11:41am
    Dominic Toretto

    that box art sux… GT5 “The real driving simulator” with a fakeass car in the cover WTF?

    • Dec. 26, 1:25pm

      sorry ‘Dom’ but i think you’ll find that’s the spec II boxart for the jap version… GT5 XL artwork has yet to be released.

    • Dec. 26, 2:10pm

      I agree with Dominic

  10. Dec. 26, 10:55am

    I’m buying it..

  11. Dec. 26, 3:16am

    what if I wanna buy a poster of that GT pic… like, now?

  12. Dec. 26, 3:05am
    GT Pro

    Test Course with 400m/1000m/Max Speed modes? If not, not worth it.

  13. Dec. 26, 2:57am

    GT XL for NA? Perhaps they could have Chevy Suburban Chromeline as exclusive car?


    • Dec. 26, 2:25pm

      Yeah and a ford f150 SVT raptor supercrew

  14. Dec. 26, 1:03am
    SZRT Ice

    Classic Track Pack, and Super/Hyper Car for next DLC, with added race mods for existing vehicles, and new rims. (Colored with chrome lip). And yeah, nice pic, but this doesn’t interest me as I have all current DLC.

  15. Dec. 25, 11:39pm

    @Bobert Power I would pay for that……

  16. Dec. 25, 10:19pm

    Fyreandice how is all the DLC and the entire Game up to spec 2.0 making Sony money grubbers? It’s still cheaper than original owners of GT 5 got, at $39.99 which is $20 off the main game and another $11.99 for the DLC…now perhaps you should add that up and notice that GT5 XL is a bargain. Works out well for those with gimped internet and those who can’t get internet. Sheesh people always find a reason to complain about something…is your existence so boring that this is all you can put your time into?

    • Dec. 25, 11:48pm

      @SavageEvil That’s what I’m trying to say about others finding ways to complain… I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows about it. Thank you.

    • Dec. 26, 3:48am

      they put down an insane amount of working hours on this game. Release it for a price in line with any crap production. Then adds some new features and some new cars for free. After that when they finally put a price tag on their extra work, they are moneygrabbers. If I was in PD’s position, I would try to grab a lot more money than that. Just look at sports series, releasing the same game over and over again, same thing with Call of Duty. Where is the free content there?

  17. Dec. 25, 9:44pm

    This is interesting I wonder what will be included with the preorder purchase this time. I got a few nice cars for preordering GT5.

  18. Dec. 25, 9:18pm

    Bring back aero for my Taurus sho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i cant supercharge it anymore….omg nooooooooooo
    my interest in this car is because i own a taurus

    • Dec. 25, 9:27pm

      And sony fanboys claim Microsoft are money grubbers rofl.

    • Dec. 25, 9:28pm

      oops, didn’t mean to reply to pigboy, was a general statement.

    • Dec. 26, 5:15am

      The guy above me is clearly ignorant. This is just a CD version of the latest update and dlc for GT5 for NA. Its for people who have bad internet connections or none at all. Microsoft or Turn 10 shall I say are clearly money grabbers….releasing an Ultimate collection with EXCLUSIVE DLC pissed many fans off not to mention dlc on day one and first month lol. Oh yeah lets not forget their desperation to have money due to Forza sales being underwhelming in comparison to GT5’s: every article they say please buy our T-shirts and season pass xD. In my life I have never seen PD beg their fans to buy their T-shirts.

    • Dec. 26, 9:47am

      totally agree with GT6mebe. Nearly every computer gaming company or console manufacturer rips you off to a certain degree. Turn10 just go that little bit extra. Sell u cars ALREADY in the game. Then get you to subscribe so u get the cars ‘apparently’ cheaper. then in 2 months time release ultimate edition with ALL the Dlc attached for have the price of the original game. But as i’ve said before most companies do it. EA, Codemasters etc etc. But PD Differs because we do get continual updates and brand new DLC.

  19. Dec. 25, 9:12pm

    This is really great. :D Happy to hear about this news. All PD needs to do now before the Gran Turismo 5 XL Editions comes out, is to make a “GT Classics Track Pack and other tracks they’ve had from GT1 to GT4” to make it as exciting as it is now. You can do it PD, were counting on you. :)

  20. Dec. 25, 8:49pm

    XLarge = Gran Turismo Spec 2.0+

    Sorry about triple post … got this new keyboard :-)

    • Dec. 25, 8:50pm

      …aaand meant for up top

  21. Dec. 25, 7:54pm

    If there was more A-SPEC, I’d buy it. No more off-line A-SPEC? No big deal.

    • Dec. 25, 9:02pm

      They should have moved all those disappeared seasonals to A-spec. Really they should have been doing that for months now with every update, along with archiving the TT/drift challenges to an offlilne section. Very few places to drive many cars now aside from online or practice/arcade.

    • Dec. 26, 3:55am

      Yup, and that’s a big problem that PD continue to ignore.

  22. Dec. 25, 6:55pm

    @Jordan: the link to jBhlpS seems to be incorrect, it goes to justpushstart.com.

    • Dec. 26, 12:16pm

      Please use the link above the comment form to submit corrections so I can address them quickly. Thanks!

  23. Dec. 25, 6:42pm

    they better include a windshield wipers dlc pack for the standards.

    • Dec. 25, 8:39pm
      Bobert power

      How about make it as an update. no one wants to waste money on that.

  24. Dec. 25, 6:40pm

    Maybe they should first fix all of the glitches that they created in the update (2.02) before they go selling these XL copies (or any new GT5 coppies for that matter). The 3rd person stutters, the Carousel at the Nurburgring has the racing-line stuck on it, when I was racing the Tsukuba 9HR on B-spec; my pit crew and my opponent’s pit crew were absent and my car didn’t even look likes its tires were getting changed, they totally ruined on-line racing (it regularly drops the connection), and when I started a race yesterday; the screen went black and showed the Gran Turismo 5 logo on the bottom-right hand side of the screen and it just froze. They really messed everything up. But I am glad for some of the new fixes and features, such as fixing the PP on my 2010 and 2011 Red Bull X1 cars, attempting a dynamic 3rd person camera, premo wheels on most standard cars, and giving you the option to use multiple car tickets at a time.

  25. Dec. 25, 5:35pm

    This has been my desktop for a long time, thanks jBhlpS for this awesome picture :D

    • Dec. 26, 9:41am

      never had the issue with the karussel. Tsukuba as far as i know never had a pit crew. although it was 8 months ago since i did that enduro. I agree with the discon issues online tho.

    • Dec. 26, 9:49am

      Darn that post was supposed to answer nathanielweir below. Hangovers and tiredness i suppose.

  26. Dec. 25, 5:19pm
    Bobert power

    Well your ps3 should already have the update. I would by it for a EPIC cover.

  27. Dec. 25, 5:13pm

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! Btw, I wonder what is the difference between this disc if you’re always updated in GT5 :o

  28. Dec. 25, 4:25pm

    Just Pre-Ordered mine

    • Dec. 25, 4:37pm

      specifically which version of 2.0 and how much DLC?

    • Dec. 25, 4:44pm

      I would think it’s 2.0 with the previous DLC. Just like the Japanese version. If it includes this latest DLC and update (which I don’t think it will) then Japanese gamers are going to be very angry.

  29. Dec. 25, 4:22pm

    Nice. Merry christmas to all

  30. Dec. 25, 4:21pm

    AMAZING! I knew that they would eventually release it here! can’t wait :D

  31. Dec. 25, 4:20pm

    Citroen X2011?

    • Dec. 25, 8:56pm

      GT by Citroen 2012 with BMW advertising theme… Let’s see what they have chosen for the non-japanese covers.

  32. Dec. 25, 4:17pm

    GOOD! my internet will not pick up my PS3 wherever I place it!

    This better make it’s way over to Europe!!

  33. Dec. 25, 4:02pm

    sounds good, Merry Christmas!

  34. Dec. 25, 3:55pm

    Sounds like an good entry to 2012

  35. Dec. 25, 3:47pm

    Wow, this looks amazing.

  36. Dec. 25, 3:47pm

    Sounds awesome, merry christmas!

  37. Dec. 25, 3:46pm
    Dominic Toretto


  38. Dec. 25, 3:39pm

    That pic is ridiculously awesome! Oh, and Merry Christmas to all! :-)

    • Dec. 25, 8:02pm

      I hope you’re talking about the GTbyCitroen pic….because the japanese Spec 2.0 box art is ridiculous, period.

  39. Dec. 25, 3:30pm

    Awesome pic jBhlpS!!

    • Dec. 25, 5:30pm

      Touche, much better than both the GT5 and SE covers! Hopefully they’ll do something creative like that for the ‘XL Edition’.

    • Dec. 26, 12:45am

      Lovin that picture ;)!!!

    • Dec. 26, 8:51am

      It should be the cover of Gran Turismo 5 XL ;)

    • Dec. 26, 9:01am

      that picture is freaking awesome!!!!!! i want it as my desktop!

  40. Dec. 25, 3:30pm

    Sounds like a good plan by PD.

    • Dec. 25, 6:32pm

      I take a Medium.

    • Dec. 25, 8:45pm

      Small = Gran Turismo HD
      Medium = Gran Turismo Prologue

    • Dec. 25, 8:46pm

      Large = Grand Turismo 5

    • Dec. 25, 9:00pm

      Extra Large = Gran Turismo 5 Spec II + DLC

    • Dec. 25, 9:10pm

      XL stands for EXTRA LARGE….alot easier for yanks to understand than spec II…..and yes,we have power down here in Australia…………..lol

    • Dec. 25, 9:45pm

      Yeah but only as long as people keep feeding the Kangaroos while giving them a break from running in the giant mouse wheels.

    • Dec. 25, 11:44pm

      Can I pre order and get my missing 787b and R10 TDI Stealth cars?

    • Dec. 26, 8:36am
      Raggi Boy

      Extra Large like their….

    • Dec. 26, 12:38pm

      +1 to PIGBOY and Raggi Boy

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