Sony Has “No Plans” for GT5 Spec II Disc Update in Europe

Gran Turismo 5 74 December 11, 2011 by
Since Polyphony Digital announced the Gran Turismo 5 Spec II disc and box-art update for Japan earlier this month, there has been some confusion about the changes spreading to the rest of the world.

Sony Europe, however, actually clarified things a few weeks ago in a statement to that seems to have slipped under the radar:

[…] Sony has confirmed to that it has “no plans to release Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 in Europe at this time.”

For now, SCEA remains silent on the updated box art coming to North America. Of course, this remains mostly a formality, considering the Spec II update is available as a free download to anyone with a copy of the game and an Internet connection.

The new Spec II discs will be released on February 2, 2012 in Japan, and may be destined to become a tempting collector’s item for the rest of the world.

GT5 Photomode image by ZEROX.

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