Gran Turismo 6 Demo Coming July 2 with GT Academy 2013

During the Racer X competition finals at E3, Sony revealed the release date for the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 6 demo which will host this year’s GT Academy: Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

The demo will be available to download from the PlayStation Store. After speaking with an SCEA representative at E3, GTPlanet can independently confirm the demo will contain only Nissan cars, as they are obviously the sole sponsor of the competition.

Stay tuned for more details, and be sure to join the discussion in our GT Academy forum and Gran Turismo 6 message boards!

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Comments (226)

  1. RaceReady

    Is this “demo” going to be availible to play offline as well once its downloaded? The day itcomes out I will be leaving for the beach the next day.


    I’m a huge Gran turismo fan but I don’t have a ps3, asoon as I buy one and both gran turismo 5and 6 I’m gonna seriously challenge this guys. I been checking GT Academy for some time now and I know I can give this guys a run.


    I’m 15 and can ANYBODY try out on the GT6 demo for GT Academy or do you have to be 16 and up?

  4. kekke2000

    Im guessing wildly but I think I will have a small benefit by practicing Shulze GT3 on Suzuka ;)

  5. 100111

    The demo will be out on the 2nd for USA, 3rd for UK an 4th for oz, they all will be with in 24 houra cos the time dif

  6. JackC8

    I’m looking forward to getting a first look at GT6, but just like with GT5, all regular non-sim loving gamers will expect an actual demo and when they get this time trial thing, they’ll be horribly disappointed.

    1. another_jakhole

      Too bad if they’re disappointed. I’m excited to get this small taste of what GT6 will be. All I’m looking forward to in the demo is the physics and graphics/visuals.

  7. Redline900

    Whats with them and GT Academy? I get it it’s something they’ve made and they’re proud, but they don’t have to base they’re whole game on it! -_-

    1. kekke2000

      This demo is a host to GT Academy. Not really a GT6 demo. Last time we got a demo for a (full) GT game was on PS1

  8. Amac500

    Nissan GT Academy will always be Nissan’s, I understand that. I am however kind of surprised that the demo is only Nissan’s. like I said, I know that all the Academy stuff will be Nissan, but I’m surprised we can’t turn TT laps a couple of those other cars they’ve showed so far, the the Mercedes Benz GT3 and the rocket.

    1. another_jakhole

      I’m thinking the floor…guy didn’t understand the question right. The GT6 booths have the demo with the GT Academy competition and Arcade Time Trials in separate spots. The Arcade Mode has multiple cars, while the GT Academy has GT Academy decals on them.

    2. another_jakhole

      Even if I’m wrong, you’re talking about a demo. And without Nissan, GT Academy would not have been possible because of the close-knit relationship they have with PD. You should be blowing this out of proportion.

  9. infamousphil

    As much as I dream of being a professional race car driver, as a family man, I don’t have the time to pursue it AND I don’t do abbreviated GT. Gonna miss out, though, on any bonus content. Still hoping for an RM/TC McLaren F1 GT1 car in GT6. The late 90s saw an unprecedented level of prototype (super ‘street legal’ car) racing the world has ever seen. Those were truly great times.

    1. infamousphil

      A nephew of mine, Amac, has been holding out for PD to do the Lotus Elise GT1 from GT2. It really hurts, to the heart bone, that they have dropped the ball on such an important class of cars. Even the support classes, GTS, GT2 and GTO, brought the same amount of diversity. The current GT3 class is looking good, but my satellite provider conspires to prevent the US to really enjoy the series.

    2. Progress823

      Don’t forget about the brief time that racing variants of TVR’s Speed 12 were run in the GT1 class in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

  10. Rynogtr23

    @Jordan There is a great video of the GT6 GT Academy demo that’s supposed to come out in july. It shows the 370z tuned car version at Silverstone. Would be a good idea to feature it here on GTPlanet. Search gt6 gt academy on youtube.

    The video comes in at a healthy 17 minutes long and shows all the TT events & menu options.

    1. another_jakhole

      Just watched it and understood 1/4 of what they said and asked about. It was definitely worth the time to watch both videos, but I don’t think it would be necessary to feature them on the front page, especially when you consider that the demo is just over two weeks away.

    2. another_jakhole

      One unfortunate thing I noticed was that we still probably won’t be able to precisely change any of the driving views and for me, no BGM skip song or select a song in the pause menu :(.

  11. hairystig

    Not to put a downer on what is clearly great news but isn’t the 2nd of July a tuesday? but psn store doesn’t update until thursday meaning Joe public won’t be able to grab it until the 4th…..
    To be fair though 2nd or 4th doesn’t matter its still not half as long as I was expecting to have to wait for this.

    1. hairystig

      Ok its pretty early here, I could be get my days that begin with the letter T confuddled but fairly certain the store updates on thursday in UK……

  12. Hentis

    I would expect to see Silverstone as the main track that is used. With perhaps one or two more other tracks added.
    I’ve been told its quite a big size to d/l as you have the demo / academy in one big file :)

    Looking forward to see my cable modem stretching its legs!

  13. Longa23

    I hope we can drive a full lap of Nürburgring Nordschleife with the New Nissan GTR N24 2013….!!!!
    That is enough to wait for GT6

  14. ScotteDawg

    I have a question…

    As last year’s GT Academy was not even available for download in Australia, will this year’s demo be available for us because of the GT Academy inclusion?

    1. Louie_Schumii

      The demo was available to everyone eventually. Those who were really keen to just set times in the Time Trial even if they weren’t eligible made U.S. or U.K. accounts to get the demo a couple of weeks before the release of the demo to the rest of the world.

      So in short it would be easier for Sony and Nissan to just include New Zealand and Australia in this competition every year to stop us clogging up the PSN network with duplicate accounts!

    2. ScotteDawg

      Thanks Louie! In that case, really looking forward to this!!!

      I’m not worried by the fact that it’s an All Nissan Extravaganza, I just want to see what’s in store for us in the physics department come GT6!

      Some say… “Why can’t PD bring out a demo with more cars like the one at E3 and keep the GT Academy separate?”

      All I know is.., I’m happy with what is being offered! I don’t want the surprise spoilt for me!

      So let’s hear it for Gran Turismo – the best driving/racing game…….. in the world!

  15. TomBrady

    Forgot to ask, can anyone tell me if the GT Academy demo was shut down after the contest last year? I think I remember it working after the competition was finished, but does anyone know how long it was functional?

    I know that once the competition was over we couldn’t set leaderboard times but we could at least still drive. Does anyone know how long they allowed you to play that demo offline?

    Because I’m hoping to play this GT6 demo many times until the full game comes out. Hope I can do that, unlike the first GT5 GT academy demo, the one that was out before GT5 was out, and the one I never got to play because I only got a PS3 months after it ended in 2010

    1. Quakebass

      That is a good question… It would seem that you would still be able to play whenever you wanted, it being a demo and all… But it’s GT Academy as well…

      Were there times lest time where you were blocked from a certain events after they close? If so, then that may happen again, or not. Really hard to say. It would suck if we were eventually blocked from certain things…

    2. Quigz125

      Last year the GT Academy part shut down. Like you could still open the game but it wouldn’t let you past the start menu. Idk how the demo was after that or if there was a demo but the GTA didn’t really work after the event.

  16. TomBrady

    I hope it doesn’t take however many weeks like last time. Just give it to us all at once, and give us a deadline. No more of that waiting crap.

    1. Louie_Schumii

      GT Academy is a cross promotion exercise between Sony and Nissan so I expect them to do something along the same lines this year.

    1. HarVee

      Yes but last year it was the “2012 GT Academy Demo”. This time it’s actually being called “GT6 Demo”. And if it is to be called the demo of GT6, then there should be more content up for demonstration. After all, how well the demo is constructed can indeed change ones mind about the final product.

      First impressions are lasting ones.

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      It means the demo itself with have GT Academy in it instead of the full game having it as dlc or something….anyone can download the demo.

    2. CJSpencer77

      Anyone can be a GT acadamy player, its demo TT used as the first round of GTA, no different to the last one, whats not to get?

    3. Eks

      I wasn’t around last time GTA was held, so I have no idea how these GTA demos work. Chill :)

  17. TomBrady

    Not soon enough PD. You need to have it ready for me by this tuesday, or we got problems. I don’t play that crap yo.

    1. Quigz125

      Slow down buddy no need to rush them into pushing the game out sooner than they have to. Otherwise it turned into another one of those 1/2 assed games we see all the time that suck. Let PD do what they do best at their own pace.

  18. JaySamurai

    Off topic but wasn’t there any PD reps at E3 that could of spoken about the games development. The game is looking good but it would have been nice to of got some info shedding some light on some of the features. I guess we will have to wait until TGS.

    1. sepulturite

      I found a video interview when I searched with a guy from PD talking about gt6 at e3, but he pretty much said what we already know, only thing he said that I didn’t know was that all the gt award cars will be in the new game

    2. biftizmo

      @sepult…have you a link …who said what…The GT academy prizes will be available for GT6 .is that what your saying….I wondered this myself….some times I wonder these things out loud but no one seems to notice…

    3. sepulturite

      I can’t find the site that I watched the video on again, been searching for it for ages there! It was a PD guy and he was talking about the game, and when I say gt awards cars, I mean SEMA cars and any other awards that gt has been involved with. But this guy said that those cars will be in gt6.

  19. biftizmo

    On the GT6 game screen clips we have..The dealership menu shows Nissan and GT Academy…. I wonder if you choose another manufacture it will show a different event. Such as BMW and BMW academy…or other such events? Who knows different academy’s for different makers..Nissan academy could just be a prototype event for future manufactures to show case there new models..”win a BMW challenge” this could become a great marketing tool for future car sales…I’m sure they would all be interested…

    1. Pit Crew

      I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Seems your reading alot into the implications of the menu. Plus if other manufacturers such as BMW were going to be involved in GTAcademy, im sure it would have been told to us by now, either at the 15 year celebration, E3 or even a major car or autosport periodical.

    2. biftizmo

      I’m not saying it is or hope it is but ..maybe a could be or a posabilaty ..and PD are very good at keeping secrets about what there up to until there ready to tell us…you know this…so you must admit its a good logical idea..that’s all…

    3. Pit Crew

      It’s more probable it wouldn’t be a secret, if the formula for GTAcademy changed to allow other manufacturers. It would be considered a new feature just like Adaptive Tesselation, or Showing us new Course creator locations. Why should PD keep that secret. Basically the only thing we don’t know is GT6 official release date and the Full Car and Track list. Good idea, Yes. Chances other manufacturers will be involved with GT6, as far as vehicles GTA hopefuls will use. None.

    4. deanince

      It’s a great idea in principle, but I’d imagine it would affect the amount of money PD pay the manufacturers to purchase the rights to use the cars and all the other affiliated content, such as badges, model names and all that jazz. It would also essentially turn GT into a marketing outlet, as the manufacturers would surely want to plaster their competitions and challenges all over the game. While it wouldn’t make the game less enjoyable for me, some people don’t like stuff pushed in their faces.

      I actually think you’re right though – I reckon loads of people buy or lease a car based on what cars they like when they play GT. In that respect, it is a digital showroom for potential customers. It isn’t too far away from the smartphone apps made to promote new models, so it’s definitely not a bad idea.

    5. biftizmo

      its known that kaz had ideas along the lines of Gran prix FI type events…but again to much money was wanted by the big wigs…FI is completely dominated and funded by sponsorship’s and advertising deals of ridiculous amounts of $$$$$… its not hard to believe that GT could offer just as much scope in the future…the tide may turn and gt could be just as much a money lucrative venture if not more so…does advertising hinder the “racing game” or motivate it…? at the moment racing is for the eleate and not the bedroom boy/girl..its not even for girls to be truthful…

    1. Rafael F

      My wheel is old, i’m afraid the same happens to me. I better stop using it until the demo comes out. D:

    2. khkenni

      Well it’s a old G25 from like 2007 which have been overheating when used for too long ever since GT Academy last year. (I wonder why) And about 3 days days ago the FFB stopped working while i was trying out Test drive Ferrari Racing Legends, and after unpluging the wheel and giving it a rest then trying it later on, it simply wont do its calibration and the wheel isn’t useable anymore, everything works but the steering input and FFB.

  20. Roxa_p

    I’m happy the demo is comming else whe would have to wait till release to know how GT6 will feel to drive. Now only 3 weeks to see what it can do.

    And it’s a DEMO so not a full version.

    It maybe not be what whe expect, but once the full game is out… then.. Then it’s time to sheer or complain. For now it’s only speculation an candy in a jar on top of a shelf you can’t reach.

  21. VrapPlus

    It’s called the NISSAN gt academy, I don’t understand all of the whining, now if it was just a gt6 demo then there would be a problem.

  22. TheGTGuy

    Hey guys if anybody is on GT5, please join my room for a Le Mans 10lap race around De Le Sarthe :) not many are joining but it will be a good clean race. JurassicDinoX is my ID.

  23. QuikSlvr223

    I got silver on the last test last year (by .108, I was so mad I remembered). All the rest were gold. And I was promised a special GT Academy suit. I NEVER GOT A SUIT!!!

    1. HuskyGT

      I got my suit! DS3 all the way. But I sold all my GT Academy cars because they were a waste of space XD

  24. ZDUPH

    Can’t wait for this GT6 demo. I wonder if they’ll release the 2013 GT-R N24 race car as a “goodbye DLC” thing for GT5. Wouldn’t mind having some fun with it until GT6 comes out.

    1. ScotteDawg

      I’ve got a feeling that PD won’t be offering any further DLC for GT5. There’d be no point with the release of GT6 being so close!

      Anyway, the 2013 GT-R N24 would have already been made for GT6 and the physics of that model would not be able to be used in GT5!

      I could be wrong, I could be right…
      I could be black, I could be white…
      They put a hot wire to my head
      Coz of the things I did and said
      They made these feeling go away

      Sorry, got carried away there for a bit…

    1. TokoTurismo

      You and I know you’re going to try out the GT6 demo BWX, especially for the physics that got compared to PC sims. >:)

  25. HuskyGT

    What matters here is getting the feel of GT6. Cars are cars. If you’re a car enthusiast, you wouldn’t care if this demo only had a Fiat Panda XD

    1. diegorborges

      Exactly! And real car nuts would even love to have a Fiat Panda.


    2. HuskyGT

      The Fiat Panda is a great car with all its 80’s Italian boxiness. Wasn’t it designed by the same guy who designed some serious sports cars like the Lotus Esprit? Giugiaro? (don’t know how to spell the first name)

    3. JohnScoonsBeard

      The Panda was my first car in Gt6. Ooh the memories. Been through a few changes me and her together……

  26. theradicalness

    This is off topic…but has anybody else
    noticed that the UI for GT6 looks similar to tourist trophys?

  27. KiroKai

    I don’t like GT turning into a Nissan advertisement. I love the GT-R and FM5 seems to follow similar ad strategies hugely featuring the McLaren P1 for now but in general I dislike such sponsoring in games that used to be universal. I doubt we’ll ever see a Porsche (911) inclusion now with Nissan (GT-R) being featured this much.

    It’s nice to have a demo of GT6 but it still doesn’t seem to be done really properly. Why can’t they just offer us the demo that was available at E3, and add the GT Academy mode where you’ll drive Nissans only to that? Is it really 100% clear they won’t do that? I could imagine both possibilities so I’ll keep my hope.

    1. KiroKai

      No, obviously PD does not understand capitalism, since years they’ve delievered nothing but delayed, flawed, incomplete products that struggle to have any identity (what is GT5 meant to be actually? A… driving game? Car collector’s game? A racing game? It tries so many things but it’s not great at any of them).

      If a company does a poor job that should be reflected in their profit, appearently PD is on such a scale and sponsored by Sony in such a way it didn’t hurt them so far, but I don’t think that ‘should be’ further sponsored until they deliever proper products.

    2. drag lab 101

      Plain & simple.. You feel that way KiroKai. Then stop supporting!
      It’s clear that all of what you say is a matter of opinion and not fact.
      You feel that way… Seek out a product more suited to your personal wants.
      Good luck!
      eric1127 is right…

    3. oneloops

      erik1127 : PD doesn’t need sponsors, they have millions of costumers who pay (even before of a release, for a pre-order).
      Ok for GT-Academy with Nissan, but not for GT6

    4. drag lab 101

      Sponsors are a great thing. You want these companies to invest in the product. Not like none of this is affiliated. Stuff like this is how you’ll eventually get all of what you want. Bringing more to the table, input, ideas, options. It’s a good thing.
      Players act like they pay so much themselves. The entire group.. Yes, you alone.. Not so much. Plenty of reasons to have & support sponsors.

    5. infamousphil

      It’s quiet simple, Kiro. Nissan, from the beginning, saw GT as a possible way to sell their products. There’s nothing wrong in throwing money in GT’s way. Also, there are other manufacturers out there that make money licensing the use of their products. As for the number Nissans and Skylines in the game, you dont have to drive them. If you ignore, or refuse to drive them, their are plenty of others to choose from.

      It can be said that PD is wasting man hours spent on modeling so many of the same car, but I see it as a close partnership to which both parties benefit mutually. And we are all have a mutual relationship with something or someone. Too much… well, I eat too much Mickie D, but I live to race online another day.

    6. biftizmo

      We may never have had GT at all if Nissan hadn’t been involved..who in the western world would have sponsored one mans 15 year dream..not Porsche thats for sure ..they just wanted loads of dollars witch even sony couldn’t afford. even Microsoft wouldn’t do anything unless the got a immediate return for there investment greedy capitalists..with no passion …

    7. Pit Crew

      ^ Porsche has nothing to do with it biftizmo.^ After all this time some of you are still faulting either Kaz or Porsche (Even Nissan) for not appearing in GT series when its always been EA and the fee they asked PD to pay for use of the Porsche Sub license.

      And why shouldn’t Kaz look to Nissan to help Sponsor his dream? Their a Homegrown (Japanese) Product, Kaz is a Native of japan. Why shouldn’t they collaborate?

    8. Quakebass

      …Uhh… Guys…

      It seems that you’re forgetting that EA is at fault for Porsche not getting into GT… It has NOTHING to do with Nissan sponsoring. I don’t get what you’re saying with “I doubt we’ll ever see a Porsche (911) inclusion now with Nissan (GT-R) being featured this much.”

      But I agree with one part – Why DOESN’T PD release a full demo for GT6 with the other content we’ve already seen? (Maybe there will be later on?) Seems a bit odd…

      GT-Academy has always been a Nissan event – it recruits drivers for the Nissan racing teams around the world. It’s a little ignorant to expect much more, unless Nissan specifically partners with another manufacturer. And again, video games, specifically simulators, are GREAT ways to advertise new cars, AND the game. It gets word out to both communities at the same time, likely increasing sales for both sides. To see that a game can make to a real racing driver will pull people into gaming. Seeing that it’s heavily sponsored by a certain manufacturer shows that the brand has something to offer. PD is doing it with Nissan. EA has done some advertising with the 2012 911 and a few other porsche models. I know CoD did some Jeep advertising. The was advertising for the BAC Mono with GRID 2. It seems the Forza is mow advertising with McLaren.

      I don’t see this as a problem until a car is overused in a game – most of the GT-R problem in GT5 was from the standard car copy-and-paste. There were a LOT of copies of the MX-5, RX7, and NSX along side the GT-R’s, but the new GT-R content WAS getting a bit excessive, I admit.

    9. MeanElf

      KiroKai, sorry but just because you feel GT should be better, does not mean that PD shouldn’t get paid by those who buy the game or any sposorship. Clearly a large number of people feel differently, as it’s not just Sonys sponsorship that is keeping PD going, or Nissan’s.

  28. Quakebass

    I can handle all Nissans if there’s good variety… Silvia, maybe two or three different GT-R’s from VERY different time periods plus the GT3-spec. 370z, and maybe a classic z – 240 or something. Maybe a Juke? Don’t know if it’ll be in the game, but it’d be a good idea…

    I’m REALLY hoping the DeltaWing will be in there, and (though I don’t much care for it,) I’d bet the Leaf will show up. It’d be nice to see some older/classic Nissans in the mix…

    1. TomBrady

      Me too. Delta Wing was the only Nissan I wanted at this point other than a premium Skyline 2000GT-R C10 Hard top 1972. And a premium r390 road car

    2. HarVee

      Keep dreaming. All that is going to be available of this “Demo” is a tuned 370z & GT-R with Academy stickers on it.

    3. Quakebass

      Considering that the last GT Academy had a Silvia, Leaf, and R33/R34 (I can’t remember which model), I’d imagine at LEAST those would show up, too… Maybe the GT3 as well. We already saw a Leaf in GT Academy-spec livery, so it’s pretty much confirmed. I’d expect an older Skyline/GT-R as well; we saw one CG-renedered in “ghost form” in the early GT Academy preview, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be there. It’s highly likely, though.

    1. MeanElf

      If your comment was being kept to yourself, I’d have to agree, your whining fits that assessment nicely.


    I like having the nissans Their great cars. And we will probably have 1000 of them in the demo because of all the gtr’s

  30. Strop

    … and in other news Kaz announced today that there will be 1400 new cars in GT6 – 1399 variations of the Nissan GT-R and a Trabant 601 for people who don’t like Nissans :-)

    1. KiroKai

      Not true at all. They said it will be 1799 new Nissan models in GT6 (but it will still only cover about 10% of all Nissans ever built and most of those will be PS2 models since you’ll still buy it) and the alternative will be an Infiniti.


  31. rex1825

    Looking at that GT6 E3 trailer, and how car handles from vid… especially the A110 going through corner in slow mo, all tire deformation and suspension handling… I think this is going to be something big :)

    Nissan or not… demo is showcase of what new the game will bring… and I can barely wait for it…


    …the real sound, M-Power…long live E38…

  32. AndRome

    I got to try the demo at the expo. I is good and worth drooling over. The lighting, graphics, and smoothness of the game was so good I thought that maybe they were using the ps4. But it was on PS3.

  33. chevyisthebest

    SO EXCITED!!!!CANT WAIT TO TRY!!! but only Nissan’s? come on at least put some Cheavy’s in.

  34. ChicoMaloXD

    This is what I was expecting. GT:A 2012 was really fun.

    Too bad it probably won’t last long.

  35. AcenSpades

    Awesome, now i can play that demo and GRID 2 to keep me goin till GT6 arrives since i slowed down a bit in GT5.

  36. oneloops

    What about a demo (like E3 one) for GT6 pre-order people in the end of july for a happy summer ??? :D

    We want to test those GT3 cars ! Z4, SLS and R8

  37. Umbra344

    This is exciting. I don’t mind that, I like Nissan anyway as long as its a variety. Hopefully its not just GT-Rs and GT-Rs with different liveries.

  38. gt5racer97

    I really get confused right now. in this demo the gt academy will be included, right? And yea i already know that you will be driving nissan cars only on gt academy. what about the time trials? we will have the chance to choice from various of cars such as the xbow? if yes then everything its gonna be okay as we will have a chance to take them for a ride. i really cannot wait for gt6 demo because im sure its gonna be a step forward compare to gt5. xbow its gonna be the first thing to check out ;) . Bring it on gt6!

    1. Tyger

      Last year there was a downloadable, standalone version of GT5 called GT Academy, which only featured Nissan cars and a new challenge was released every few days. If you passed, you could also then use that car in GT5, though for the most part they were really just tuned cars already available in GT5 anyway. So what PD are doing here (and I think it’s a cool idea) is releasing a new downloadable GT Academy, which also doubles as a demo for GT6, so has the new physics, tyre models, etc etc. It will only feature Nissan cars again but will use the engine (or at least an early version) from the forthcoming GT6.

      So no, you won’t be able to try the other cool new cars but just be patient for the full game. The challenges are fun (remains to be seen if they are in the same vein as in 2012) and who knows, perhaps we will get one of the new tracks too =)

  39. NCRthree

    It’ll be here before you know it. Awesome it’s so soon. Psyched to drive with improved physics.

    1. AudiMan2011

      That’s probably likely. If PD did the same format as last year, maybe the S15, R32 and R34 might be in there as well. I’d like to have a go in the R35 GT3 version as well.

  40. hobanator24

    Kinda figured it would be a Nissan demo from the start. Maybe the GT-R shown above will be available.

  41. AAR_CobraJet

    That pic looks extremely realistic! Like alot of you, I’m looking forward to the new physics. This thing could be the “real” deal. Bring on the demo!

  42. Flaco13

    “uuuuugh Nissan Nissan Nissan GTR GTR GTR me wants an audi”

    Seriously, can´t wait to get my hands on the demo and test the new physics engine myself, last thing on my mind is wich cars to choose from.

    1. Quakebass

      I would be irritated if there’s several similar models of Skyline/GT-R… If there’s good variety (Maybe a Juke, Silvia, several different era’s of Z, and maybe two VERY different evolutions of the GT-R), then I’m fine. I don’t want a bunch of very similar cars, even if it IS a demo.

  43. HuskyGT

    Well, at least we won’t be spoiling the fun with the other cars. What I’m interested in is on how the new physics will feel. can’t wait!

    1. HuskyGT

      I get the convenience of online play, but there is something that sitting next to your friends, drinking soda, eating chips and racing in split screen that cannot be replaced.

      I would be very disappointed if they take it away. I don’t mind if it’s limited as its always been.

    2. Quakebass

      I know – split screen, in my opinion, is WAAAY more fun to me than online multiplayer, even when it’s with your friends. There’s just something about BEING THERE with your friends that’s so much more rewarding.

      I’d like to be able to battle AI while doing split screen racing… It’s a little boring after while when it’s JUST you and your friend battling it out.

  44. TokoTurismo

    YES! Thank you thank you Kaz and PD, I hoped for this date. Now I can play GT6 all summer long, this made my day a happy day. No wonder in my side it’s sunny. :D

    1. TokoTurismo

      Oh, I just notice the demo contains only Nissan cars. 0.0 Heh, still getting the demo cause I must try out the new physics. :)

    2. Both Barrels

      You mean you’d consider NOT playing the demo based on the cars available? Wow. If you don’t like Nissans in a Japanese game, you’re in for a world of disappointment…

    3. MeanElf

      Nah, Toko knows what GT is like and what to expect – he was just hoping maybe for something like the demo available at E3 ;)

  45. GTHEAD87

    This is gonna be nuts! Its only a few weeks away. It must be a decent sized demo, probably a gt academy style of thing.

  46. eran0004

    That picture looks extremely real. if it wasn’t for the lamp post and the stone wall to the left of the car, I would probably still think it was real.

  47. Fogerty_Jr

    Nissan cars only?
    Where, no room for complaints then: that’s about 40% of the whole car stock. LOL.

  48. marktyper

    Yes!!! JULY 2 . I don’t mind if it’s all Nissans as long as there’s S13, S14, S15, 240Z, 280Z, 350Z, 370Z, R32, R33, R34 (fk R35) , Datsun GTR KPG, etc :) I hope all these cars will be Premium in game. OH BTW, I’m more than excited with DriveClub and The Crew!!!

    1. HuskyGT

      Thee will most likely be only Z34 Fairladys and GTR’s. I would risk myself to believe that they might include the Delta Wing as well. But it’s not likely.

    2. DigitalBaka

      No reason to think they would have any more than the 8 from last year. The Juke R might be the only one that would be added.

    3. marktyper

      haha well, if that’s the case, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up. I’m good with just Z34 and R35 as long they really did something big like performance, handling wise and exhaust notes sounds better than GT5 i’d say based on the gameplay E3 released. GUYS! just 2 weeks to go!!!

    4. MeanElf

      Considering that the first GT Academy only had two cars and last year had all those Nissans, we might well get ten…okay, that’s me being optimistic.

  49. sind3ntosca

    Of Course only Nissans… it’s GT Academy :) …well, i hope there would be one more GT6 Demo in.. maybe August or September with lot’s of cars hoho :p

  50. liampage123

    Cool! I’m escited to try out the new physcis. Hopefully they can change the sounds before official release.

    1. Pit Crew

      Nissans sponsors GTAcademy. Far as I know, no other manufacturers offered to integrate their racer trainee programs into a video game, or to use said game to recruit amateur talent.

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