GT Academy Racer X Competition, Live Stream from E3

Gran Turismo 6GT Academy 12 June 13, 2013 by

The last stage of GT Academy 2013’s Racer X competition is about to take place at Sony’s booth inside E3, and it’s being streamed live on their Ustream channel.

For the past two days, members of the public have been lining up outside the Los Angeles Convention Center to give GT6 at try and set a hot lap on the Silverstone National Circuit in a tuned Nissan 370Z.

Now, the four fastest contestants from the week are taking place in one last competition, to determine who will ultimately become “Racer X” and score a direct ticket to the United States’ GT Academy 2013 National Finals.

The top 4 drivers are:

  • Nicholas Sladecsek
  • Patrick Crider
  • Christopher Hill
  • Armen Aghakhan

UPDATE: After some good battles, Armen Aghakhan won the competition and is Racer X! GT Academy 2013 will be available to the rest of us in North America on July 2, 2013.

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