Gran Turismo 6 Unauthorized Player’s Guide Now Available

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Politics, religion, and Gran Turismo 6 are perhaps the three most hotly debated topics on the Internet (it will seem that way, at least, if you spend any amount of time around our forums!).

Complaints aside, there has been a common theme: experienced players claim the game is too easy, while newcomers lament that it’s too difficult. It’s easy to understand why – how do you tackle a game with so much content in a way that’s both challenging and fun for your skill level?

That’s where our very own Andrew Evans (better known as Famine in our community) steps in.

As the author of GTPEDIA, he knows the Gran Turismo series better than anyone, and for the past year he’s been working on a special project: a comprehensive guide for GT6, designed to help everyone get the most out of the game.

Today, his work is finally complete: we are very excited to announce the release of Gran Turismo 6: The Unauthorized Player’s Guide! Weighing in at 135 pages, it includes detailed walkthroughs, tips, and car recommendations for “Beginner”, “Competent”, and “Advanced” players for every race and every event in the game.

A detailed trophy guide will show you how to best score that elusive Platinum trophy, and the game’s toughest challenges are featured in embedded videos that demonstrate exactly what you need to do. Better yet, you can keep track of all your accomplishments with the included Trophy and 100% Checklists.


My personal favorite part of the book – “Create A Tune” – offers a highly detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of how to create the perfect tune to suit your personal driving style, for any car in the game. Of course, it’s complemented by a full tuning chapter, which explains the tuning parts and how each one will affect the handling characteristics of your car.

You can download the book right now direct from GTPlanet (and the free sample chapter), or you can find it on Amazon and the Apple iBookstore, specially formatted for Kindle and iOS devices.

gtpedia-gt6guide-bundle-save20What about GTPEDIA?

Andrew’s first book, GTPEDIA: GTPlanet’s Guide to the World of Gran Turismo, is the authoritative reference guide for every game in the Gran Turismo series, going all the way back to the first game in the series.

Pick it up with the new Player’s Guide thanks to a new bundle pack available at a 20% discount – a nice savings on over 500 pages of content – to help build the ultimate GT library.

Already own GTPEDIA?

Thousands of you have purchased GTPEDIA, and we really appreciate your business. This new Player’s Guide wouldn’t have been possible without your support, and we’d like to say “thanks” with a special 25% discount available exclusively to existing GTPEDIA owners!

If you purchased GTPEDIA from GTPlanet before August 14, 2015, we’ve just sent you an email with your discount code to use during checkout. Note that the email will be sent to the email address you used to purchase the book; if you don’t get the message (be sure to check your spam folder) or have problems with your code, just send us a message for help.

What is the GTPlanet Store?

As you might have noticed, both GT6: The Unauthorized Player’s Guide and GTPEDIA are the first products in a new section of our site, called the GTPlanet Store. You can securely pay by credit card (no PayPal account required!), view your order history, and re-download the products you’ve purchased as many times as you like.

There’s much more to come for the new GTP Store, so keep an eye out for announcements in the near future. If you have a sim-racing or automotive product that you think would be a good fit for our marketplace, please send us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

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Comments (15)

  1. getmlh

    hello great job really, but you could not make a version in French , I would buy the gtpedia and this guide for gt 6, but I do not read English, it is a shame , as told in France google is your friend , but that translated as deages this is not possible, if you did the french I bought on.

  2. dylansan

    Taking a page from Parnelli Bone’s GT guides? I’ve been waiting for a guide like this to come into my life. It’s so hard to find the right car for an event that doesn’t leave you eating dust or falling asleep at the wheel. I’ve been from one to the other extreme, and it gets pretty frustrating. Some guidelines to make it challenging but not impossible are what I’ve been searching for so urgently.

    Years now I’ve been waiting for something new to make this game “alive”. I remember Parnelli’s GT4 guide made it feel like the first time I had played it. Next time I boot up GT6 I’ll check it and see if it can renew the game for me. It used to put stars in my eyes, now it just fills my eyes with double vision.

    Can’t wait to check it out. Thanks Famine for writing this, and thanks Jordan for making it possible!

  3. Keithdoom

    This is awesome. I would be happy to support this site if the store expanded. Maybe a GTPlanet t-shirt or posters from the GT series. I miss my GT1 poster.

  4. Hayden

    I bought GTPedia not long after release and will certainly be picking this up in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the work and time you put into these projects Famine.
    If GTPedia is anything to go by, the quality of this is sure to be top notch. I’ve been seeking motivation to play GT6 again and I think I just got it!

    I’m excited to hear about the new store Jordan! I’ll buy pretty much any wacky thing you can put a GTP logo on to support the site (return of the thong?) but would be particuarly interested in signed items. Whether it be GT Academy winners, Game developers, car makers or forum admins I’d be first in line. Game covers, discs, official posters or even photomode prints would all be great things to have signed. Either way, good luck with it!

  5. ryzno

    I remember y’all sold or someone was selling GTP stickers. Does the new store mean a possible return? ;) I would love one with member name to put on my never ending project Honda! :D

    As far as the guide. Show some love to us Droid heads.

    1. Jordan

      Yep, @jay*doc sells official GTPlanet stickers here. We’ll try to get them in the Store soon.

      As for Android, the Google Play Bookstore is no longer accepting new publishers. However, you can read the PDF version on almost any Android device, or you can simply download the Amazon Kindle Android app and purchase the book through their store.

    1. TRLWNC7396

      You can always print out the text if you want. The videos, though, might be a TOUCH difficult to print… ;)

    1. Jordan

      Thanks! Be sure to check your girlfriend’s email address (or whatever address she used to purchase GTPEDIA for you) for your 25% off coupon.

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