Gran Turismo 7’s New Features Detailed: Used Cars, Body Upgrades, Improved Livery Editor, Dynamic Weather & Time

As anticipated, Gran Turismo 7 popped up on Thursday’s PlayStation Showcase stream with a brand new, three-minute trailer looking at all areas of the game. One vital piece of information contained within was the launch date, March 4 2022, but there was plenty more besides.

Like the original trailer back in June 2020, the new video took us on a virtual luge ride through the game’s features and content, and with further announcements on the official Gran Turismo site and the GT7 section of the PlayStation site, there’s quite a lot to sift through.

We’ve already taken a quick look at all the new cars shown in the trailer, so now we’re going to dig through the game’s returning, improved, and new features.

Dynamic Time and Weather

Probably the biggest new feature of all is the return of dynamic time and weather following its absence from GT Sport. These environmental effects might seem small, but they can have a major impact on racing — and enable realistic endurance races once again.

Polyphony Digital has developed its own path for simulating weather and lighting conditions, which it says it has based on a “massive amount” of data from weather research — including from NASA. That allows it to replicate details like aerosol particle concentrations in a realistic manner to generate authentic lighting and clouds.

Interestingly, the simulations have been compared to the Scapes team’s captures of locations in the game in order to check how the lighting data compares, and PD says it has successfully recreated “real and complex skyscapes” for various times of day.

We don’t know yet if the weather and time variations will apply to every circuit in the game, but the official GT7 landing page on the PlayStation 5 microsite suggests that all “90+” of the game’s launch track variations will indeed offer this functionality.

Campaign Mode

We’ve only caught the smallest glimpse of it, but a full Gran Turismo campaign mode will return for GT7. As you can see above, that includes the classic Licence Tests, from National B through to the Super Licence.

For now, we don’t know that much else about it, but with six months to go before the game launches there’ll be plenty of opportunity to find out more.

Car Tuning & GT Auto

After skipping out GT Sport, proper vehicle tuning is back, and so is the GT Auto section for vehicle maintenance and modification.

We’ve known since June 2020 that vehicle parts and settings were making a comeback, so in a sense the new trailer has only cemented that information, but there’s some new bits besides.

As well as offering all the parts needed to turn your car into a track ready machine, vehicle body modifications are also back. We don’t yet know how extensive that will be, but GT Auto offers “custom parts”; as you can see above this includes a wide-body mod on the Honda NSX above, but aerodynamic parts and roll cages are also available. That’s all you need to make a race car out of your road car, like Gran Turismo of old.

Other GT Auto options include the classic oil change, engine overhaul, and rigidity refresh, which is a pretty firm hint that cars will wear with age just as they did in GT5. It also looks like players can create custom licence plates too.

Enhanced Livery Editor

GT Sport‘s livery editor was one of the game’s best features, and it returns in an upgraded form for GT7.

From what we can see of the editor controls, there’s new functionality to set precise magnification and rotation values for each decal — allowing for easy duplication and orientation of multiple decals — as well as an opacity slider. There’s also a “low speed” function, which we suspect will slow the controls down to allow for more precise manipulation.

The menu screen adds new areas for decal positioning, on the vehicle windows, and it looks as if players can create their own windscreen banner rather than the small selection of presets in GT Sport.

For the most part the rest of the editor seems pretty familiar, if rejigged a little. It certainly looks like it will be easier to select paint colors.

Gran Turismo Cafe

This was first shown back in June 2020, although it’s remained a bit of a mystery until now. According to the game’s official announcement, GT Cafe is a special area where players can get some guidance in the early part of the game.

In something of a return to the days of Gran Turismo being an educational tool, the GT Cafe will provide prompts for players to build collections of vehicles that have cultural significance. This could mean they buy the cars, or win them as rewards from other races or events, and players receive prizes for completing collections.

We don’t know yet how this will factor into later parts of the game or for more experienced players, but we’ll find out more over the coming weeks.

Used Car Dealership

Players are no longer limited to picking up box-fresh vehicles from the game’s Brand Central area, as the used car dealership will make a return for GT7.

Exactly how the UCD will work is something that will hopefully be revealed as we approach the game’s launch. The feature has been a favorite in some of the older games, but it wasn’t entirely user-friendly in GT5.

From what we can see right now, the UCD will simply offer a range of older cars with a few miles on the clock — perhaps needing an oil change, or engine or chassis refresh — for a bit of a discount.

There is a second area selling older cars too, but this looks to be restricted to higher value classic and historic vehicles and race cars. That goes by the name of “Brighton Auctions”, and we’ll have to wait to see some more about that aspect.


Scapes are back and there’s more than ever. As we heard last year, the Scapes team has continued its trek around the world finding new locations and taking highly specialized photographs to capture lighting data.

That allows players to paste their car into the scene and look like it was there all along, to create some stunning still images.

In GT Sport there were just over 1,200 locations in 23 countries. For GT7 this has swelled to 43 countries and 2,500 locations. That should keep shutterbugs very occupied indeed.

New Home Screen

There’s a new hub for GT7, in the form of this little stylized town. It contains all of the various areas of the game packed into symbolic buildings dotted around the map.

It’s not completely clear what all the functions are at this point in time (other than the faintly obvious “Tuning Shop”, highlighted on the map), and we’re not quite sure what the circus big top is supposed to represent, but we can see brand central, used car dealership, classic car dealership, multiplayer, Sport mode, museum, home garage, licences, GT Cafe, user gallery, and the discovery function. The airport is, from previous information, likely a race event hub.

The home screen also fades into a night time mode, with street and building lights, after dark.

Naturally we’re expecting plenty more information to come out on GT7 over the coming days, weeks, and months, so stay tuned to GTPlanet for it all.

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  1. Falcon787B

    Question – great to see about dynamic weather and time progression, *but* is that exclusively for PS5 versions? Or will that be in both PS4 & PS5 versions?

      1. Kazuya720

        It will be on both, PS5 and PS4. Sony didnt sold as many as thought consoles on the market. Therefore, releasing a AAA titel would be stupid, as simple to less people have a PS5. So there are forced to release it also for PS4.

      2. TomBrady

        @Kazuya720 what you just said is what’s stupid, if anything because the PS5 is literally the fastest selling console ever. It’s sold more than PS4 did within the same amount of time so the idea that there aren’t enough, or won’t be enough PS5s available today, or in march next year when the game releases is absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention, GT6 is one of the worst selling GT games and that was made for a console that 80 million people had at the time but it sold worse because the newest console was already out and people moved on so the idea that it needs to be released on PS4 to sell makes no sense. It didn't help GT6, it won't help GT7.

        This is a money grab, nothing more. This is what happens when you have a businessman that doesn’t care at all about the quality of the game running a company.Plus GT7 was literally marketed as being a PS5 exclusive at first and was delayed til next year because Jim Ryan forced them to make it run on PS4. This could destroy the games capabilities when it comes to matchmaking and VR. If it was PS5 only, not only would larger grids be possible, but significantly faster matchmaking for sport mode. That type of thing could’ve been transformative.Even worse is VR. PS4 couldn’t even handle more than 1 AI in VR in GT Sport, let alone with GT7. I’ll bet it doesn’t even launch with VR support at all now.
        Basically this game is a beta, thanks to Sony’s idiotic reluctance to release exclusives the way they always have in the past. On PS4 despite there being less consoles available at the time than PS5, they still released current gen exclusives rather than cross gen. Other than Little Big Planet 3 almost all exclusives on PS4 were not cross gen. This gen is different because Sony’s leadership is different and would rather piss off consumers for a quick buck than make more money in the long run by keeping fans loyal
        Especially with Xbox doing better and better, this is the wrong time to start being more consumer unfriendly the way sony has of late with charging for upgrades, and even worse, releasing cross gen games hampered by PS4’s slow CPU, and slow hard drive
        At least it means 120 fps mode will be almost a guarantee with GT7

    1. Kazuya720

      Well thats a big question right now. But I bet, you can not expect, that both version looks the same and have the same (graphic) feattures. That would be weird, if the look exactly the same… why should you but than the new PS5 ? ;)

      1. TomBrady

        So that’s what you expect?? LOL both versions will look the same? PS4 will have native 4k with ray tracing and a 120 fps mode? Not to mention the same draw distance, shadow and texture quality? Same rock solid framerate??

        You’re in for a rude awakening…

  2. Jump_Ace

    I happened to notice the NSX has 315 HP which comes in at 473PP, it’s HP:PP ratio is .666. Whereas, the Integra has 201 HP and comes in at 412PP, it’s HP:PP ratio is .488. The NSX already appears to be OP’d.


  3. BEBOP_Bill

    Seeing that the car wash is back, I guess cars will be collecting dirt during races and will stay that way until we wash them. Can make some great action photos with dirty scuffed cars!

    1. TomBrady

      Might not happen. Even in GT Sport, PS4 could barely handle VR with 1 AI on the track. I have doubts GT7 will have VR at all until PSVR 2 launches, and even then it might be exclusive to PS5

      This is why releasing GT7 on PS4 is so stupid. They’re making a worse game just so a few more people can play it.

  4. Ghost of Leon

    Got all my wishes except being able to drive from destination to destination on the menu. Looks like we’re getting there tho.

  5. Pmc4068

    Looking forward too the car wash , hope they include it, heres hoping its more than a spinning car that then appears nice n clean :)

  6. Wolfe

    I like what I’m seeing. It will surely still be a Gran Turismo game when it comes to tires meeting the surface, but there’s nothing else quite like a traditional GT game and I’m ready to give the franchise a new chance with this one.

    Good stuff. Now to continue crossing my fingers for the Legacy B4 2.0GT spec.B.

  7. HuskyGT

    I love what I see. It’s taking me 20 years into the past in the good GT days. I’ll most likely never play this game, but it will be really nice to see what PD has been able to do with all this time. The game looks gorgeous, has so many new features to the franchise, though not necessarily new to the genre. All I wish to see is a game as fun, well thought and well executed as GT2 and GT4 without the shortcomings of everything that came after.

    I’ve learned my lesson back in the GT5/GT6 hype days. We won’t know until the game comes out.

  8. Skinny McLean

    Where is the dynamic time of day feature confirmed? PD has only advertised “dynamic weather” on the official GT7 page – there’s no mention of dynamic time of day (i.e. on-track full day/night cycle) anywhere that I can find. Other racing games usually mention such a feature in their PR material (e.g. PC2.)

    From Sony’s GT7 web site: “Each car handles differently and feels unique as you navigate over 90 track routes in dynamic weather conditions.”

    Of course it could be argued that dynamic weather implies dynamic time, but in GT Sport time stood still, yet motion was possible, so GT7 wouldn’t be the first time a GT game is violating the known laws of physics.

    1. Andrew Evans

      “As a result, we have succeeded in expressing real and complex skyscapes and changes in light for different times of day and weather conditions” – via official Gran Turismo website.

    2. Tetraturbo

      Now that you mention it, this might actually be true. In the gameplay trailer, you can only see the humidity percentage, but there is no time of day in the HUD. Maybe they’re still working on it?

    1. Krakenous

      According to the PlayStation blog, oddly all the asterisk parts indicate online required…uh oh.

      GT Campaign, GT Auto, GT Livery Editor and GT Café ALL require “internet connection” as they all have an asterisk next to them. They can’t be serious… surely this is a mistake?

      1. NekoPufferPPP

        They require the connection to update your XP progression server-side and uploading user-designed liveries and whatever else. Don’t panic.

  9. karelpipa

    Home screen screams budget game to me. I dont like it. The previous version looked much better. OTherwise seems to be a GT1-6

  10. FW65Paul65

    Here’s hoping for another (likely) return: Championship mode within Campaign Leagues (vs AI) and not just single races…

    1. Marco. V C

      I’ve been waiting for someone to mention VR! After spending so much money on upgrades such as 2 psvr units 2 steering wheels 2 clutch pedals set’s only to find that not much is being mentioned about VR!

      This game is not for me without VR.
      I’m feeling a bit fed up with being suckered in to buying PlayStation expensive stuff only to find that I’m not catered for!!!

  11. alp

    I like what I have seen up to now. Surely will not disappoint. This looks like a title I will be playing for a long time.

  12. Alex Riden

    you didn’t even notice the transition in the 360 degree video of Scapes and in-game mode of the drivable Scapes parts. eg. Stelvio Pass.

    “PD says it has successfully recreated “real and complex skyscapes” for various times of day.”

    Rewatch the video in the beginning when they switch scapes and watch the Porsche changing quality becoming darker and weather changing from Scapes to in-game with little difference. Watch that rocks and everything is not scapes but in-game! Mind blown!

  13. infamousphil

    One. I noted no collisions in the promo, so no body damage? Actually would be cool with that. It’s not like the car will burn into a pile of rubble in the dirt.
    Two. With next level detail, I expect to see through the inside of the wheels.
    BTW… I expect neither but…

  14. CoopR_26

    Mix class races are a must, imo. Or even better, just let us pick the grid for offline custom races. Have they said anything about grid size changing? Would like to see more than just 20 cars on 1 track.

  15. CoopR_26

    If the AI is greatly improved, I’ll definitely be doing a 24h race at Le Mans and maybe even the Nurburgring, if I can handle that lol. Rewards for custom races should be bigger than in GTS if they’re going to charge 20mil for some cars.

  16. SebiGT89

    I’m thinking about something… the GT world menu showed in the previous trailer could be the ps4/PRO menu, and this one the proper ps5 version?
    I just checked it and they are in the same location, but the new one being 3d starts from the south east.

      1. Guffaluff

        Yes, confirmed on PlayStation’s product page for GT7. This is a quote from there:
        “Each car handles differently and feels unique as you navigate over 90 track routes in dynamic weather conditions”
        You can also see that the clouds are rendered and not skyboxes like GT Sport, and if you noticed in the opening scene of the trailer, you can see how the clouds move and transition in real time.

  17. infamousphil

    I skipped the PS5 because I find abbreviated GTs a waste of time. Glad to see a R33 and some JGTC action. Now we’ll have to wait and see how many times PD will postpone.

  18. NekoPufferPPP

    Man that NSX is so sexy…

    I’m most curious about the exhaust upgrades and if they actually change the sound of the car again. I would like to believe it won’t be as drastic of a change as in previous titles, considering the leap in sound design in Sport.

  19. Stoop Solo

    A proper full-on GT campaign mode. And I’ll be able to play it on PS4. Ouch. Something strange just happened to my face. I think I actually smiled.

  20. MisterWaffles

    Using the scapes feature to make the used car dealership look like an online car auction website. That’s really clever.

    1. mykeleasie

      Yes, and this is the first ever GT game where the used car dealership is all “Premium” cars. It really does look sick.

  21. Tetraturbo

    I’m worried if the game will have its performance decreased in the PS4 compared to the PS5, since I only have my fat PS4 from 2016. If the downgrade is too big, I’ll probably just wait for it until I get a PS5.

    1. NekoPufferPPP

      I doubt it. It’ll probably run fine at 1080p60. PD have always been on top of their game when it comes to squeezing out every single bit of performance out of a console. I’m sure they found some way to optimize it, especially after showing us the dynamic time/weather without mention of performance differences between generations. I’m optimistic.

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