Gran Turismo Movie Officially Announced, Inspired by GT Academy


As he talked about the GT franchise during Sony’s Gamescom 2013 media event, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan (check out our recent interview with him) formally announced the Gran Turismo movie, fully confirming the news leaked last month by a Hollywood news site.

jim-ryan-gamescom-2013Kazunori Yamauchi is involved in the movie’s development, and Ryan offered the first hint at the film’s plot, announcing that the “human dimension” will be “inspired” by GT Academy.

“I’m pleased to announce that [Kazunori Yamauchi] and Sony Pictures are currently developing a full-length feature film, inspired by the GT franchise. In addition to capturing the adrenaline of the racing world, the film’s human dimension will be inspired by GT Academy.”

The Gran Turismo film will be brought to you by two of Hollywood’s most respected producers, Micheal De Luca and David Brunetti.”

Ryan’s choice of words is somewhat reminiscent of the “human drama” which Kazunori Yamauchi alluded to in a statement made during last year’s European GT Academy finals, and further discussed in GTPlanet’s interview with him at SEMA last year.

Further details on the Gran Turismo movie remain scant, but such a high-profile announcement has hopefully “broken the ice” for a trickle of more details to follow as the film moves closer to its eventual production.

GT5 Photomode image by RaY29rus.

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  1. varmintx

    Well, at least it doesn’t sound as horrible as the Fast and Furious ripoff that it originally sounded like. I would still have preferred a Le Mans spiritual successor though.

    1. NA

      Hard to tell. Dead people don’t seem to complain much, but then again, they don’t seem to be all that enthused about things most of the time either.

  2. Si6K_WiT_IT

    Movie starts with protagonist having $20k. He buy a civic. He start racing but his car isn’t fast enough so he breaks into a part store does engine swap, hp increase, stage 4 and 5 weight reduction (hacks) and its up to the police(PD) to catch him. This seems like GT

  3. GTwarrior

    Gran Turismo – Drive hard with a vengance Gran Turismo – Live free or Drive hard
    Gran Turismo – Good day to drive hard

  4. Akira AC

    Silent Hill movies = Bad
    Mario movie = super crap
    Tomb Raider movie = meh(kudos for Sean Bean though)
    Final Fantasy 7 = Not bad, dat CGI
    Resident Evil = Source material a joke since 4, movies went the other way and are meh.
    Doom = Meh.
    Hitman = it pains me to say … meh.
    Prince of Persia = meh.
    Halo stuff = meh, even with a well fed source material that started to be meh since H2.

    Now, either you make a movie based on a character(s)(ala Batman, or comics), or you make a movie based on the world or universe in which it takes place (ala James Bond until Casino royale, and then Skyfall again).

    So what is there to have ….a movie like Fast and Furious. A movie like Days of Thunder. A movie like thunderbolt.

    It will be no with no doubt a 2 hour commercial Nissan Comercial, but it might not be as bad as everybody thinks, they should come up with an interesting character(which will be based on Lucas Ordoñez). the universe is all set, we all know it and we practically played part of it … god knows what kind of writing will follow.

  5. Not_A_Guest

    LOL I’m going to watch this just to see what it’s like… Going to be the longest commercial ever for Nissan

  6. Heathenpride

    I’m both excited and terrified at the prospect of this fillum. Definitely waiting for reviews first before watching it.

    Wonder if the drivers will need to visit an infuriating mechanics workshop with bad elevator music to get an oil change or will they be able to do it from the pit lane?

    1. another_jakhole

      No NO NO!!

      I’ve said it before. Uwe Boll is crap. Every video game movie he’s made, he purposeFULLY made it crap.

  7. Amac500

    I’m just wondering how accurately the film will depict the true experience of playing Gran Turismo. Will our main character have to cope with the struggles of bad AI drivers? Will all of the tracks feature PD’s signature tunnels? What about the sounds, will they be the same for all cars? Will the damage in the film be set on or off? Will the visible damage make it look as if someone has taken a blow torch and melted the front end of your car? And of course, the biggest question of all, just how many Nissan’s can they make our main character drive?

  8. nostuner03

    Wow some of you are real original! If you don’t like the concept of the movie you can, and this is pretty amazing, not post in the article about the movie!!! Check this out, also you can, Umm, what’s it called? Let’s see…Not watch the movie when it comes out!

  9. Pit Crew

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the movie is fictionally based on 1guy living all the GTAcademy graduates various real life ups and downs on their way to fulfilling each ones dream of being a Race car driver. If so, Brian Doherty’s road should get the majority of consideration.

  10. Radracing

    Micheal De Luca and David Brunetti

    Movies to their credits Money ball & Social Network so they are not your average lowlife B-Movie makers.

  11. ImmalovemaGTR

    Gran Turismo – The GT-R Black Edition Menace
    Gran Turism – Attack of the Skylines
    GT – Revenge of the Miatas
    GT- a new GT-R
    GT – The Miatas strike back
    GT – Return of the Skylines

  12. belzebutt

    So it’s going to be like Audi’s “Truth in 24” except it will follow Lucas Ordonez and they won’t win at the end?

  13. mrclep

    So GT movie and NFS Movie?? Guess they gonna suck balls… :( Just stick too the game thing IMO?

    But they can still suprice me tough .. :)

  14. Madertus

    Gran Turismo – Skyline’s the Limit.
    Gran Turismo – Reach For the Skyline
    Gran Turismo – Somewhere Over the Skyline

    1. Amac500

      Really, you wouldn’t watch a Steve McQueen film like Bullet or Le Mans? What about the Ron Howard movie Rush that comes out in September? It seems like this movie is going to be a movie based on Gran Turismo that wishes it could be all of those quality films.

  15. ferm65

    So guy finds a Nissan Leaf and enters 2 races, then gets a 370Z and enters 2 races, then competes in a time trial, and enters finals, and gets a ride in a Nissan GT-R

  16. Speedy Samurai

    I’ll give away the movie’s plot right now. Boy grows up dreaming of being a race car driver but never gets involved until one day when he enters a GT Academy contest and makes it as a finalist where, despite some disappointments, shows what he is made of amd impresses the racing team directors and fulfills his dream of driving for a real racing team!

    1. NA

      Needs sarcastic aliens, and a trailer park.

      The trailer park (population less than 5 people) should be equipt with a single arcade machine. This machine would play the GT Academy demo, and used to find the best players, who then go on to save the universe from a massive evil alien space invasion. The invasion should oddly look like “Space Invaders”, only in three dimensions, and using Miata like robotic fighter drones, Skyline bombers ships, and a massive Redbull X1 base ship “boss”.

      Don’t think anyone has done that plot yet…..

  17. Normalaatsra

    Seeing that the movie is INSPIRED by GT, we need to remove the thought of a GT-branded movie and think about how GT and GT Academy will be able to bring ideas to the film.

  18. Boosted_01_R

    the Villan could be NONAME from GT2……… who remembers that glitch ? lol…….. most or all of your cars would be gone next day lol

    “Inspired by GT Academy”……LOL………. one long ass Nissan commercial…. Good luck destroying the Gran Turismo franchise lol

    1. tpark103

      Nah I doubt the Nissan commercial thing. Although ALL movies are completely FILLED with product placement most of the time you don’t notice these subliminal messages. In order for this to be a success we have to see some serious racing not Nissan on Nissan at a Japanese circuit.

  19. Quakebass

    I figured there had to be SOME sort of GTA integration in the film…

    I mean, SERIOUSLY… How do you make a movie from a game that literally has NO story, or even characters…?

    1. another_jakhole

      And it’s going to be exactly alike Battleship. Super Mario. and others…

      Seriously, how close-minded are you people? There’s no storyline for GT games, and the script won’t be restricted to “License Test, Grind, License Test, Grind, UCD, Grind, Grind, Grind, UCD, UCD, Photo Mode”.

  20. Eyes Fried Open

    What are the chances of the main character not driving a GTR? slim to none is my guess. i do love the car but damn GT thrashes the hell out of them

    1. lebes14

      Heck no I wouldn’t, can’t stand the looks if that thing. Also, I can’t see this being a success, not trying to pessimistic, but what could possibly make this movie interesting? Its a game with no story, with the only theme being cars in general. any favricate story would semem pretty tacky. maybe a GTA theme would be interesting, only time will tell I guess.

  21. 05XR8

    So, touge racer/drifter has a close call and decides to keep it off the streets. Meets a retired racer and moves up the ranks in road racing. Thats like the life of Keiichi Tsuchiya.

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