Kazunori Yamauchi Hopes to Achieve “Human Drama” in Next Gran Turismo

Last week, Kazunori Yamauchi joined the European GT Academy finalists at Race Camp and spoke with them, answering some of their questions.

A video of his session with the UK and Ireland finalists has hit the web, which you can see above.

The question that prompted the most interesting response was asked by GTPlanet user and finalist Des Foley (Dessy182), who wanted to know what the next “big step” would be for the Gran Turismo series:

“The next step is exactly what you are experiencing here at GT Academy. Racing is a human drama and I would like to achieve that in the next game.”

Although his answer is classically ambiguous, it likely hints at an evolution of the online and social aspects that were first introduced in the series with Gran Turismo 5. How that will translate into specific features, of course, remains to be seen.

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  1. WedgeX

    So why is fallowing this series like trying to decipher the Da vinci code? … why is all the information on upcoming content always from vague statements like this … or from ongoing online rumors? why the secrecy to begin with?

    try iRacing, the human drama is already there… its called racing.. the one thing GT5 fails at IMO… but it could be great, just not without realistic crashing, consequences and dedicated servers… I’m assuming, rather guessing this is what he’s talking about but who the hell knows… all I know is that when I look at gt planet i get rumors, on iracing I get exactly what’s going to come out for the foreseeable future, there are no secrets…. I know the Lotus 49 is coming out soon, a few new tracks… with about a dozen others in development, I know about the contracts with new car manufacturers… I pretty much know everything they are and are NOT working on….. gt5 …. gt6 even? .. not so much.


      IRacing is very realistic in ONE way, the method in which iRacing drains your wallet of funds for absolutely EVERYTHING that you do in it, is very like real racing. The quality of iRacing’s graphics are very reminiscent of the finest PS2 technology. Hello 5 years ago………

      In all fairness, they do have some advantages in the organization of racing, but they are still very controlling. A racer has no doubt who is in control of all things, iRacing tells you who to race with, charges you peanlties if someone else hits you.Etc, Etc.

      If it works for you, I urge you to gravitate toward that, instead of trying to evangelize and “convert ” all the GT players to your “new doctrine”..


    Screw all that. Just focus on making up for the shortcomings of GT5. Better sounds, more raw feeling when driving, more camera choices. Just a better looking, better sounding, and feeling racing experience should really be the focus.

  3. HarVee

    I think what Kazunori means by this when he said it, is that he would like to achieve how real humans react when in a real race car. So basically, The other racers on the track with you, could also become angry at you cutting them off or shunting them, and potentially do the same back to you.

    If done correctly, it could make the AI potentially act more realistically and act like as if it were a real human being driving those computer controlled cars.

  4. mef

    this head line makes me laugh every time I go to GTP and see it on the side bar. Yes Kaz, GT5 is human drama indeed but for different reasons you think

  5. ProjectVRD

    Sounds like GT6 will be more orientated for online racing. This could include:

    Better use of custom tracks (voting, uploading, sorting)
    Online leagues and events
    Perhaps a microphone/mic with every copy of the game
    Race against other people’s ghost times
    Permanent Damage if severe enough
    Maybe team capabilities in Rally (Driver + Navigator)
    Pit Crew issues
    More than 16 cars


    I hope He means real life car damage, more intense racing experiences, Ai’s that actually try 2 beat u in the races and ALOT more CARS RACING on the TRACKS……. I hope up to 72 cars !!! that would be a huge GAME CHANGER!!!!!!

  7. e30 freek

    Does he mean that if a player crashes into the back of your Miura your player will get out and teach the other guy a lesson in physical abuse

  8. slidinsidewayz

    well if they were to do that then it’ll be alot better because personally i belive it’ll force alot of these ignorant drivers to stop ramming people and actually start racing the right way… after all it is the real racing simulator… most of these immature people just join lobbies, get a really fast car and speed around the track slamming into people but if they did this they woun’t have any cars left to do so with.. thus for in the long run, weeding out the good racers from the bad…

  9. Roger the Horse

    Gran Turismo 6 pits you as young racing driver Elisabeth Elevan, as you attempt to infiltrate the North Korean state racing team and find out what the isolationist state is really up to, only to discover something truly shocking.

    ‘It’s all just a joke.’ Elisabeth can not believe anyone as she attempts to become the most successful racing driver in the world, but is she really that good, or are her suspiciously bad opponents only a set up to make her believe that she is better than she really is, and when the martians invade, will she be able to defeat them?

    That’s drama isn’t it?

  10. Guildenstern

    If I wan’t Human Drama I’ll go live the REST OF MY LIFE! I play GT5 to play race car. If I wanted a damn social interactive people thing I’d play iRacing, If I wanted some kind of crappy “storyline” I’d play F-1 or some crap.

    I just want to get in my virtual hot-wheels cars and go for a race, not to pretend I’m a super duper racecar driver, not to socially interact and measure my self up against others, I just want to go play racecar!.

    Make better race classifications (so I can make my car competitive as opposed to way overkill or way under-kill) , make an offline event creator so I can do things like Spec Miata and other CLASS related events on MORE TRACKS, and Bring back the damn qualifying!

    Oh yea and Tire Pressure, the most Basic and Fundamental car setup control. Get that in there already.

    1. MeanElf

      I think watching the vid above, it’s clear he’s talking about precisely that sort of thing – making the experience more like the GT Academy and less like an easy competition.

      I don’t really get where people are thinking this is going to be story based – that’s more the area for Codemasters to exploit.

  11. driftking9

    I would definetly love to see some drama, crashing your car and having no money to repairing it, that would be a great idea!

    1. MeanElf

      Birds of Steel uses this, you need to pay for repairs to your aircraft after online combat missions. It fixes itself after six hours for free, so the feature’s only there to encourage people to use other aircraft in the meantime.

      The feature in BoS caused some controversy but works well – it might not be a bad idea in GT6 therefore, making people use other cars instead of their go-to beast.

  12. TokoTurismo

    Are we going to have a new GT Life mode that’s a open city world to use this “human drama” thing with, along with other features?

  13. HaylRayzor

    It’s completely irrelevant what other games are doing. All that matters is reality. What matters is making GT6 the most realistic RACING simulator. Racing isn’t just driving the car. Hopefully his real world experience with racing will lead to a more complete racing experience in GT6.

  14. nurburgring

    The best for me will be if they do organize online racing (real people, no AI) events the same way they they do with the time trial or drift events.

  15. BWX

    I bought a very old mid 1990’s game, ”Daytona USA” – redone in 1080p for the PS3. Very very simple racing game with simple gfx, simple physics, simple force feedback.. Sad thing? It has more competitive ai than GT5. Human drama in GT6? Make me believe ai are real human drivers, or at least try to fix it, at least make an attempt to give ai personalities.. Don’t just give up on ai, like in in GT5.

  16. Nissan Cima

    Maybe he should work on getting rid of standard cars so that there won’t be any drama whenever GT6 comes out…

  17. GRAFX21

    While Kaz is working on “Human Drama”…

    Forza HQ is listening to all GT5 comments and applying what users want/need onto there games/Forza to draw users. Same thing what Apple did to Blackberry.

    If you have knowledge you understand this message.

    1. TokoTurismo

      That’s excatly what Forza HQ is doing nowadays. Have you seen half the cars that were in their DLC that were from GT so far? Not like Kaz would care, because he’s to busy doing NON interesting stuff for the game. BOOORING and to easy to walk over… >_>

      Also. Where is that last DLC? Kaz said they will be contining making DLC for GT5. Not even updates are being made. WTH is this man doing? Grrr. O_O

    1. Teflonicus

      “Dummiest”? The word comes from “dummy” and relates something being a copy or a human figure. Unless you’ve already played GT6, you aren’t in a position to know whether the word applies.

      “Dumbest,” on the other-hand, would suggest GT6 on PS3 is the idea of a “dumb” person. Assuming you’re referring to a person of low intelligence–and not someone who cannot speak–the comment means nothing unless you describe how it is “dumb”. Is the fact that both GT5 Prologue and GT5 came out on PS3 “dumb” too?

  18. kollosson

    GT5 is a great game however it would have been so much better if it had all the classic tracks from GT4 and the old photo locations and i prefered the map interface from GT4 aswell.

  19. Benjamino72

    I wish they just remade GT4 with better graphics and steering controls. That was literally the best game I had ever played! Kaz is trying to change the GT series into something completely different, and I think he should stop all these crazy Nissan Skyline ideas and just remake the old Gran Turismo (preferably GT4 and GT3).

    1. kollosson

      I agree Benjamino72, GT4 was an exceptional game, if any game could be called ‘ next gen ‘ it was GT4, it was so far ahead of the competition and the content was huge, i do miss all the classic tracks, what Polyphony managed to squeeze out of the PS2 was just sheer genius, the fact that we are using old assets from GT4 in GT5 shows just how far ahead of its time GT4 was.

  20. DeeJay574

    GT5 is still a human drama!
    Why develop another one?

    Please go back to the roots and produce a proper racing simulation.
    Let EA make the RPG-racing games……..

  21. SZRT Ice

    You know, this is actually hilarious. Because if you look back at it, he just caused so much “human drama” in this thread, and he literally said absolutely nothing. At the end od the day, he just spoke on what he’d like to achieve.

  22. SZRT Ice

    +nine hundred ninety nine billion, nine hundred ninety nine million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine.

  23. TurboProp

    He has become detached from the game, he is living some type of uber reality and wants to translate it to his next GT game. His developers are probably pulling their hair trying to figure out what this guy wants…he needs to let go and just be a figure-head. Game won’t be out for at least 4 more years.

    1. CorvetteConquer

      @ Turbo: haha! Yea! At times, I feel that way, too. He’s so busy it seems like he’s never actually in Japan working on the game. There’s so many things that could make GT a true car enthusiast’s game. Customization, more car variety, more upgrade options…long career mode with LIVELY A.I….Kaz appears stuck in the 5th dimension, racing karts and Nissans throughout his mind as other games tackle GT and suffocate it to death.

  24. SaintSaiya

    Ever since Gt5 realesed,I always wonder if Kaz payed attention to the competion,forza 3 or 4,and what he thought…

    1. DuskTrooper

      Seriously though, story lines, human drama, online features, GT academy?

      That’s not the GT I knew of. The GT I knew of was just a simple little racing game.

    2. Neilson248

      Maybe he’s gonna start aiming gt towards Iracing… Imagine racing in proper leagues and for real cash? Maybe that’s what he’s on about

    3. TokoTurismo

      I know what you mean man. I ask myself that everytime nowadays. GT is just not the GT I remember from back than. Its disappointing…

  25. stangkid64

    Could this mean some kindof story, like a story mode or what not with cut scenes? I don’t mean cheesy ones but something that would add drama, drama real drivers face with rivalries, maybe issues with money like on an amatures level, stuff like that would be cool. But the real question is, will they go openworld like Forza Horizon, at some point? Because that would be awesome.

    1. SZRT Ice

      “But the real question is, will they go openworld like Forza Horizon, at some point? Because that would be awesome.”

      +nine hundred ninety nine billion, nine hundred ninety nine million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine.

    2. TheEzekiel

      NO!!!! GOD NO!!!! no cutscenes….it would be like fu***ng need for speed…and open world? what the ****?? that would be sooooooooooooooo boring

  26. Mike712

    Think it’s time for Kaz to step down and take a back seat, he did a hell of a lot for the GT franchise in the early days, now it seems he’s lost touch with reality and the competition and it can only mean bad things.

    1. CorvetteConquer

      Mike, that’s not a bad idea. Kaz can always have a hand in the series, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a new leader. Basically, what I am saying is your idea is nothing radical ad has some merit to it. Like I said, he could always have a little hand in the series, but I, personally, would not worry about new management.

    2. MeanElf

      He never paid attention to what other games were doing, ever; so your rationale isn’t really valid on that score.

      I hope he stays at it – another person or team would just be a mistake, turning out another amalgam version of the other games out there.

    3. Neilson248

      ????? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about…Kaz’s achievements are unparalleled you don’t even know what he’s hinting at.

    4. Mike712

      I worry that he will focus too much on unnecessary and unwanted features while neglecting much needed improvements to the core driving game.

  27. SZRT Ice

    Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, iRacing, LFS, Forza, Grid 2… The throne is under serious attack… If Kaz wants drama, he just may get what he’s looking for if this idea blows. The competition seems to have the right idea, does Kaz? A sad day for the GT series may be amongst us. No pressure Kaz… No pressure…

    J/k, We’ll all get GT anyways right? What does he need to make a better game for? More gruel please, I hate 5 course meals.

    1. TomBrady

      You really put Grid 2 on that list? LOL

      That game’s going to be terrible, even worse than the first. They’re taking out the cockpit view lol GT5 got tons of heat just for the standards not having cockpit view, nothing in grid 2 will have it. That’s pathetic. Even TOCA rd 2 had cockpit view and that’s like 10 years old. Same with F355 challenge.

      Codemasters sucks

    2. SZRT Ice

      @ TomBrady:
      There are other things that CodeMaster’s has that are better than GT5.
      A better sense of speed, better crash physics. Better street environments. A simplistic livery editor, a better GT2 and GT3 lineup (Ruf race cars, Koenigsegg RM, Veyron RM, etc). More racing classes. Better Carrer mode layout/system, fun, action packed , adrenaline filled gameplay (arcade sime, the crashes are more sime than GT’s). And the First person cam may make it’s way in, but honestly, I never used it, and neither has hundreds of thousands of others. I’d rather go hood cam or 3rd person for drifting tbqh.

      @ mikecustom:
      Forza did good in many places Gt did not, but GT did better in more places than Forza could keep up with. It would take more for Forza to be GT than for GT to be Forza. They both have thrones in different categories, but GT has THEE throne, Forza has “A” throne.

      @ MuoNiuLa:
      “People will slaughter you for thinking Forza is better than GT.”
      ::Fixed:: J/k, to each their own.


    It great to hear that Kazunori has got some fresh ideas for Gran Turismo. Making racing more dramatic would definitily add alot to the game. One idea to add more drama to the seasonals would be to simply add qualifying to the seasonal races. Giving drivers a set qualifying time that people have to achieve before they can enter a race would add too the drama especially if the time it was quite a difficult to achieve. Qualifying also makes the experience more realistic. In the actual races they really need to add standing starts or have the grid rolling far closer together in a more tight pack. If there was tight pack of cars you would not have to select a fast car that just cruises past the back markers and then has too just chase the “rabbit” car. People want to be fighting for position not just sailing past the opposition easily.

    As for the online lobbies. More options to customise lobbies would help alot. For me one of the biggest problems is people using highly tuned “cheat” cars which seem to have an unfair advantage even with pp restrictions in place.

    An online matchmaking option would be nice too. ESpecially if they restricted the type of cars that you could enter into the the online matchmaking. Would be great to have FR BMW 500pp sports hard matchmaking one week followed by something different a few weeks later. They could even make these tie into the seasonal events.

    What do the rest of you guys think?

    1. MGTTTTT

      I actually would quite like to see my driver standing on a podium now and again. Would sure beat the same old spiinning gold trophy !!!. Why not have a different types of trophies for different races, these little touches would help.

      AS far as codemasters games go they completely removed any sense of tension in their games the moment they added the ridiculous rewind feature.

  29. BWX

    To add to people talking about frustrations with menus in GT5..

    Yeah and I’ve never heard the end of a GT5 music track! I’m always interupted by UCD music, dealership music, car buying music, GT Auto ”music”. And then I hear the beginning of a different BGM track!

    Why the hell can’t I just listen to BGM?

    Why am I FORCED to listen to the same brain melting song over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over when in the used car dealership, online car dealership, New car dealership, buying a car, in GT Auto, before a race etc?

    Why does Kaz force me to listen to the same horrific ”kids singing” songs before a race, with only option to turn off all music?

    It’s almost as if Kaz has never actually played GT5, so doesn’t have a clue what needs to be fixed.. like forced music torture option, or NO music option.

    1. SZRT Ice

      You obviously either don’t understand his comment, or haven’t tried it yourself. Even with a custom soundtrack enabled (BGM saved to your PS3’s hard drive), the music in GT Auto, used car dealership, online car dealership, New car dealership, and in other various places, cuts in and stops your songs from playing. There should also be a controller function (those with standard tv’s know about the zoom function when holding one of the trigger buttons) that allows you to change the current song playing. (NFS HP anyone?) Say L1+Dpad up for skip forward, and L1+dpad down for rewind/double tap to replay last track.

      Obviously not for those who just want to listen to the car whilst driving, but for the music players.

    2. BWX

      LOL GabouMachine44, you can’t read or something?

      I didn’t say I didn’t like GT5’s BGM, Where did I say that?

      I said I didn’t like the FORCED MUSIC that you CANNOT TURN OFF (UCD, OCD, GT Auto, New car dealerships, Tuning, before a race, BUYING a car) without turning off ALL MUSIC.

      There needs to be an option to LET BGM PLAY, not constantly interrupted by horrible forced torture music (kids singing song before a race).

      It’s typical Kaz/PD – Greatness marred by something so incomprehensible, frustrating, infuriation, ridiculous.

  30. masaki7026

    Okay, that’s it, I think I know what he means by ‘human drama’. This is only my guess, I’m not sure.

    You get a certain feeling when you play Gran Turismo games that makes it feel somewhat special in a way, like you’re a car enthusiast traveling the world, or a race car driver on the world’s highest stage. It combines the cars, locales of race tracks and tourist attractions and other landmarks across the world, and the music that sets the mood to it. I felt that while playing GT4, and I still felt that a bit when I played GT5 for the first months or so.

    And frankly, I quite welcome that in GT6. I loved that feeling and I can’t wait for more.

    But I also hope that it doesn’t hinder gameplay and the game itself at all like the rest of you. I still want the game to have a larger selection and variety of cars and tracks and other new and exciting features in the game, to keep it exciting. No one wants to have a lack of that in a game.

    1. TomBrady

      Agreed. I like the whole “human” thing he’s talking about because I think the best thing for GT would be to improve the physics first, and then the multiplayer. A way to improve multiplayer and give more “drama” is to make heavy physical/mechanical damage permanent in A spec races and public lobbies.

      I don’t think people realize how much having heavy damage on improves the way people drive and treat each other on the track. Even clean drivers are much more likely to take more calculated risks when there are instant and brutal consequences. I race with plenty of very clean leagues but when light damage was on, you would see people taking sometimes crazy risks to make a pass or whatever, myself included. When damage is switched over to heavy, drivers stop taking crazy risks and start driving more realistically.

      To me the best racing is when you feel like you really are racing in the real. For me, to have human drama, GT needs physical/mechanical damage to be on all the time

    2. mikecustom

      what feeling? frustration? for having to bare with GT5?, I don’t get it, I don’t feel like I’m race driver, I feel like i’m on track days and not even close to that, because gameplay is seriously boring, I don’t feel like I’m testing cars because sounds are horrendous, I can’t look around the car or inside it, the only feeling I get is anger

  31. moparmanmike

    If he understands English, why dont he speak it while doing a Q&A with English speaking interviewers?

  32. dalmaximus

    Make it more easier to have access to lots of cars and just have fun races, rather than having to churn away for hours to race in a decent car.
    I’m looking forward to project cars myself

  33. Patrocles

    No! Please Yamauchi-san, do not do this “human drama” story for GT6!

    As others above have mentioned please focus your efforts on GT6 physics and graphics. Also improve the hardware interaction to translate FFB to the pilot!!

    Please take a long look at the italian racing sim (now in development) Assetto Corsa (sp) and the features they are including; an optional penalty system for hosted servers, excellent AI, fewer cars accurately modeled in physics and graphics. Also take note that AC is starting with a serious, extremely realistic physics modelling and then AC will include options to tone it down for beginners.

    Good luck!

    1. BWX

      (picture mixure of ”Triumph the insult commic dog”, playing the role of ”Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld – barking my last comment at you)

    2. BWX

      Yup it is sad.

      GT5 GFX and physics and force feedback, but with GT4 gameplay- That with better ai, would be way better than what a multiple personalities disorder mess GT5 turned out to be.

  34. Rushton1996

    Hopefully at least one more GT5 DLC and big update (like 3.0) before they finally put all their resources into GT6. They did say there was still more coming for GT5. Also remember the NSX Concept which has to be included as well.

    1. Razor

      Hahaha. I was on a server for a 50 lap race on Daytona. And on the 13th lap, this guy started cursing and acting all dramatic

  35. RobDoggy05

    It would be nice if PD acknowledged their mistakes in GT5 and told us that it is their priority to 1st and foremost fix where GT5 lacked.
    I know it would personally make me feel better if PD come out and say :

    “Look, we know the engine sounds weren’t the greatest, we know the rolling start aka chasing the rabbit wasn’t the best idea, We know we made the game TOO Japanese based, We know the credit limit of 20mill credits was TOO low, We know we didn’t listen to our followers, But that is our 1st priority in the making of GT6”

    Then they can do all this “human drama”
    Just acknowledge when you wrong sometimes, remember, in ANY business, your customers are ALWAYS right.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      Kaz did say that GT5 should have had more events. Hopefully, he is not full of it and will make sure GT6 has a great carrer mode.

    2. JaySamurai

      you nailed it@Robdoggy05. I wouldnt mind having GT5 all over again if it ment doing things properly.

      That means no standard cars or tracks, fixing the sounds, rolling starts, AI chasing the rabbit, stop being bias with japanese cars, the out of date car list, the out of date approch to the career mode, and the pointless B-spec mode amung others.

      Things that would be nice is if they payed more attention to what other game developers are doing, payed more attention to there fans, allow for more options so the player can create a race and play it the way they would like for both offline and online.

      GTP is there some kind of complaints section, moaning section or some section of GTP where by we can have a good old BF about all what was wrong with GT5 and the series as a whole? Not so much as a wish list section but more about having a dig at what is wrong with GT5 and the series. If Kaz isn’t paying attention i think there should be a forum where by enough ppl raise a big enough argument that he will have to take notice.

      Some of the flaws in GT5 look like school boy errors compared to what other developers are doing.

    3. HuskyGT

      Totally yes!! Well said, Robdoggy05

      Even if they don’t come up with an immediate solution, it would be good it they let us know that they do care about their followers.

  36. Olegonic

    If I will be given a choice between 2 human dramas – I would definitely pick a Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstars know how to make a Real Human Drama and driving simulator in ONE game.

    1. TomBrady

      Are you insane? did you just call GTA a driving simulator?

      And despite GTA V being in Los Santos, it’s still going to end up being the same boring ass grind in every rockstar game. Not to mention, ZERO replayability. I don’t know how rockstar still sells games, they do the same crap almost every time. Red dead was good and max payne seems alright but otherwise rockstar is crapola

      I honestly have had more fun with just cause 2 than anything rockstar has made

  37. a5kylar990

    Human drama… I think kaz actually read one single comment from this site/app/forum and a little lightbulb went off, and thought I will say something that doesn’t make sense and troll all these idiots that are waiting on a game called gt6

    1. dylansan

      GT5’s only been out a little over a year. If it came out now it would be the quickest release of the series.

      I think you can wait a while, they may be working on some really cool stuff.

    2. dylansan

      Almost two years I think you mean. Specifically 1 year, 9 months, 4 days.

      Maybe we’re close to how long it took between GT1 and GT2, or GT2 and GT3, but GT4 took 4 years and GT5 took 5, so there’s no reason to expect GT6 will only take 2 years. Perhaps it will, but if it takes longer that’s no reason to complain, especially if they’re taking that time to add some actually interesting stuff.

      In fact, after GT5, I think the last thing most people want is a rushed game. The fact that Kaz has high hopes for GT6 is by no means a bad thing.

    3. Tvensky

      Im sure it will not come this year and next year! GT6 will take minimum 3 years and maximum 4 years, I think PD and SONY does understand that releasing games sooner will make you more money, and lesson with GT5 releasing so long should be learned (it was not a bad thing, but for majority of players it was, maybe more employees at PD HQ could solve the problem)!

      Thing is that we still dont know nothing about PS4, if we would know when ps4 is coming, we would know when GT6 is going to be released. I still think that GT6 will be on PS3, but than again that means that PS4 will not be out for 2 -3 more years (very unlikely)!
      maybe GT6 will be on both PS3, PS4 with better graphics!

      Many hings can happen! I can say for sure that you will not play GT6 at least for a year or two! ;)

  38. KingDejch

    So many people so many wishes, they can’t make every wish come true you know. But they seem to get the game better every time it comes out, so i have a lot of faith in PD and Kaz. They will make changes, but they can’t make all the changes I WANT them to make for me specifically and nor they can make them FOR YOU.

    Don’t have too much hopes for yourself and just take the game for what it is, it’s a game for petrolheads with soul.

    Can’t wait for GT6 baybe!

    1. MuoNiuLa

      I don’t agree completely that they get GT better every time it comes out. GT5 is filled with weird design choices and is actually worse in some ways than past GT games. So I’m very cautious and I’m not getting pumped about any info about GT6 nor the game’s release. I really want to see first if Kaz and PD learned anything from the criticism of GT5.

      If they didn’t decide to learn anything and GT6 is a scatter-brained mess like GT5, they are not getting a penny from me. They need to quit cramming so much in the game and have some focus so the gameplay isn’t shallow.

      Really, what I ultimately want out of GT6 is a fun and long carrer mode like in GT2-GT4, which sadly is something GT5 doesn’t have. There’s no reason that PD can’t do something they’ve done well numerous times before.

    2. Progress823

      +1…. It seems like GT ditched the great career mode of 2-4 in favor of online racing and leveling up for GT5. Give me both for GT6 and it will be perfect – F**k human drama and definitely f**k standard cars.

    3. SZRT Ice

      I want GT4’s & GT2’s track list back. GT5 failed there too. And what happened to the Vector M12? The Ford GT90? That Renault Espace Super bus looking vehicle? The 2 drag cars? The other Pikes peak car? The GTO Twin Turbo Racing Mod, The GTO TT LM Race Car? And a bunch of others from the GT heritage line. Ugh…

  39. avgtuner

    How about uploading replays to You Tube since we have an actual app for it? And how about a first ever for the GT Series. ACTUAL ENGINE REPLACEMENTS! Not swaps but replacement engines to be able to go from stage 3 back to stock. Online racing with actual 1/4 mile, 1 mile, and Top Speed Racing where we can truly start a race specifically for straight line runs. The full track of Route X is pretty nice. Mostly just to show who can draft better and has there car setup for 300+ mph turns. I’m more interested in longer drag races that prove who really has a better trans setup. And do something about that crap where people tune their vehicles where they have their nose in the air and the rear of the vehicle on the ground. The new updates have prevented people from doing the top speed wheely trick, but you can still keep this setup and it still makes your vehicle faster. Try and make it so that the cars are slower or so that the cars do a back flip as they would in real life as this is supposed to be a real driving simulator. Last I checked when too much air was getting underneath a vehicle especially in top speed runs, the cars would flip into the air and slam on their tops. That would cure this bad tuning trick that is hardly real at all. It’s tunes like that which are killing the game from being a better “Real Driving Simulator”.

  40. WedgeX

    well hopefully we’ll see actual fair racing in the future…. seriously after playing iRacing it makes not only GT5 seem meaningless, but pretty much every other racing game as well…. in FPS gaming pretty much 90 percent of shooters are worth playing online…. racing is totally different, generally Online play in Racing is a new thing, with Online options tacked on at the end of gaming developement… its not like the FPS genre where most games are Online first and Single player secondly – but can you imagine if your favorite FPS game was on broadband but every other online FPS was still stuck with the option of 56.6 K or Bots? … that’s what its like going from iRacing to anything else…. mainly the lag but in GT5 in particular is the lack of fixed class racing where its about the driver … GT5 all about the car, iRacing All about the driver…. that’s where the human drama is right now, GT5 could get there if they added dedicated servers along the lines of the BF3 on PS3 though and fair option races….

  41. berettagt88

    I want how GT2 was lots of tracks and A-spec races I think B-spec ,rallying,Nascar and Go-karts took over GT too much other stuff added instead of trying to do everything I think just concentrate on RACING how it used to be make lots of tracks and alot more cars and way more RM versions and a mode same as what was in GT2 that picked a car that could keep up with say my bulit Camaro SS and then pick a track and let us qualify again GT2 was great for it’s time and so was GT4 and if we still have B-spec let us decide if we want to tell the driver over and over to hold the pace like a good balance between GT4 B-Spec and GT5 B-spec because for a 4 hour race with my B-spec driver a 37 he keeps slowing down and won’t keep pace with a great tuned car that I could lose the other racers with in half the time it just doesn’t make sense seem like he learned nothing getting to level 37.

  42. Tiddy

    Best thing they could do is just make the whole experience a lot less sterile, GT is a great game but I can’t help but feel like the experience isn’t as gritty as it should be, I think the dynamic track audiences helped but I think there’s still some atmosphere missing that makes the whole thing feel a bit fake.

  43. Mubble

    To me this just sounds like a lot of time wasting on features that don’t add anything, like eye tracking, and other ‘innovations’ when all we want is the stuff we’ve already told you about in these forums.

  44. tpark103

    I’m not a huge NASCAR fan but, they know how to entertain their fans by not holding back emotion!!!! It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.

  45. BWX

    My human drama is a horrendous XP system that makes the once very cool ‘racing licence’ totally worthless and pointless in GT5, and chasing one rabbit car while navigating rolling roadblocks that slam on brakes mid corner if you are behind them, known to PD and KAZ as ”ai”…. Oh and it involves giving you a 20 million cr. limit, and then having a bunch of 20 million cr. cars to buy. And having a 3 lap race and calling that a championship, or maybe three 5 lap races… Yup, dramatic. Maybe it’ll be watching GT ”play with itself” -meaning dumb ai racing other dumb ai, but we have the completely mind numbing task of telling one of these ai to be calm or angry? Maybe this mode should be an entire half of the human drama mode? What could this human drama be? Maybe it will involve jacking up the front of your car, and slaming the rear of the car to the ground and cranking up rear downforce because that makes your car faster in a straightaway than a realistic setup, but that obvious and incredibly large physics problem will never be fixed- now that causes drama in the time trials. Maybe it will be to ban ai grid starts completely and totally and forever in Gran Turismo because that’s easier than figuring out why the ai are so slow on grid starts. Better to just make them rolling roadblocks.. yay, more drama. Having one set of physics offline, then totally different physics for online? Drama on the forums arguing about it.

    Drama. Yeah, I have an idea, before trying to ”wow” everyone with this all this ”human drama”, how about fixing the core of Gran Turismo? How about fixing the broken and sometimes incomprehensible parts of the racing game underneath? That will be much more appreciated than some hyped up overblown human drama mode that takes PD’s time and energy and focus away from fixing all the totally obvious and basic problems in Gran Turismo as it stands.

    1. Swagger897

      Dear God……… This person my freinds is the answer to all your problems!!!! Thanks… Just thanks….. Everything I hope you say will be read, analyzed, in-sighted, in-haled, lived…… If anybody disagrees that the physics are wrong, do this…. Take the R10, which is sooo underpowered for 649 stock HP when those were the regs back then…. Get a tune from the forums…. Then in practice mode, drive it through Porsche at 155 mph…. Easy right..?? Then go online, into an open lobby, with All realism on, aids off, the whole nine yards, tell me do you reach 155,? 145?, 130… Noooo, instead 128, ya, then lie to me and say that it was the aerodynamics……. Suuuuuurrrrrrrrrre….. Thats What WE ALL thought……

    2. mef

      BMW, you make a lot of good points but I doubt PD care much. It’s frustrating to see the stubborness the studio displays in light of obvious flaws in the game which you point out. Last sig edition I ever bought, that’s for sure.

    3. JaySamurai

      I agree with BMX 100%. All this pussyfooting around Kaz isn’t helping the GT series get any better. If the noise is big enough Kaz will have to take notice. GT5 to me was like an “okay” game that was dying to become a “great” game, but was let down by to many flaws. Instead of asking what can we expect for the series i think we should start every question with “Is there any chance that such n such will be fixed” Dont get me wrong, i too am a fan of the series, but it just frustrates me seeing PD make silly design choices that other developers have stopped doing since the PS2 days.

    4. Quakebass

      @BWX: Let’s hope all this is fixed in GT6. It’s apparent it isn’t going to be fixed in GT5. I’m hoping GT6 will be GT5’s ambition, only successful, not like Top Gear’s “Ambitious, bur rubish” formula. I’d like both drama and these fixes, but I’d DEFINITELY take the fixes over the drama, don’t get me wrong.

    5. ajrichar

      BWX – that was spot on. The sad thing is, this comment will never make it to Kaz’s ears. But it needed to be said. Thank you for saying it. We love GT5, ‘but it can always be better and fixing this will go a long way to doing that.

    6. BWX

      To let you guys know, I am a huge Gran Turismo fan, and I like GT5.

      I’ve played it at least a couple times a week since release, sometimes a lot, lot more.

      As a GT fan, I am, and have been continually frustrated by Kaz’s inability or lack of motivation or lack of desire to just simply fix GT5’s biggest problems that I’ve even seen Kaz say himself needs fixing. Short, pathetic off-line A-Spec, the problems I ”dramatically” listed above, the problems other GT fans mention here all need attention. Instead it seems finite resources are spent on things like B-Spec and racing suits/helmets and other distractions (who knows what) such as future ”human drama” mode, while the core of Gran Turismo is left broken, bugged, and abandoned.

      If we hated GT we wouldn’t expend the time or energy it takes to try to get through to Kaz. We know he has people who read forums such as this one. You never know who might take notice if enough people start saying what really needs to happen for GT5 and future GTs to be better games/sims. Fix the huge problems first, then do anything creative you want, like causing human drama in a driving game, whatever the heck that means.

  46. TokoTurismo

    Ohohoh, I remembered. Is this drama gonna be like TOCA2&3 or something? :D Oh, wait. The driver will be showen out in the open… Better than getting cust by the drivers after the races. lol XD

    1. TokoTurismo

      ^ Hahaha. Also commanding your drivers punches and kicks. That’ll go to far something that in GT, lol. XD

  47. montecarlo87

    So if you get into an accident with another car does that mean they’ll jump out of the cars and start fighting each other??? Oh wait that’s just NASCRAP.

    1. tpark103

      See that’s not fare they don’t always fight, sometimes they simply toss their head gear at the others car.

    2. Quakebass

      Fights are still pretty uncommon (though, I would say more common than other motor sports), and all of the other leagues get driver arguments, not just NASCAR.

  48. cemus

    can i just say; do you remember the indy500 video game? oval circuit, 32 cars, 200 laps race.. you never know what will happen and when.. cars get broken down, slow down and rest at pits, then you see their problems, suspension or gearbox or an engine problem.. and crashes are all random.. all of a sudden they end up in walls, and sometimes they take you with them.. pure luck..

    i really miss a bit of that randomness.. and it’s really a shame that gt5 doesnt have what 1.7mbs of prehistoric video game has..

    1. a5kylar990

      Yea I remember there was a few games that if you followed someone they would become nervous and become sloppy and spin out or brake too soon and would let you pass

  49. Xamado7V

    Give us “another GT5”, after you’ve postponed it (GT6)…

    Then you’ll get plenty of “Human Drama” ; )

  50. Boosted_01_R

    Getting the game right will have enough drama……. broken suspension, engine, transmissions….that’s real drama

  51. HuskyGT

    I’m affraid of what this might end up like.

    Yamauchi San, do you remember GT1/2/3 and GT4? Can you please repeat the formula in a bigger and more detailed way instead of trying new things when there are other things that need to be fixed?

    New and innovation is not always the answer. After almost 100 years, cars are still rolling on wheels, and it seems like it still works fine despite people dreaming of flying and floating cars. Yes, they are there, but do you see them on the streets, lakes or in the air everyday?

    Let me give you a friendly advice as a lifetime admirer of you. Sometimes you have to stick to basics, and do what works the best. I’m sure that if you made the next GT title based on GT2 or GT3’s career mode and career dynamics, following with today’s trends, of course like cockpit view, new gen graphics and such, and adding the so needed fixes and features that we all want and that other lesser games have, no one would complain. Your game would be on top of everything else for decades to come.

    Don’t make the same mistake that you did with GT5, when you wanted so much that Sony at the end didn’t let you finish it. And please, hire more people! Have a large group working on the game and another smaller one working on GT Academy or other distracting activities.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      Amen. And I especially agree that Kaz need to look at his past games.

      Please Kaz, take a thorough look at GT1-4 so you can remember what a good racing game is.

  52. Lambob

    oh no, not another 3 year long thread about “easy things to implement in the next patch” ,

    oh the humanity!

  53. huhobanut

    As long as GT6 is 3D I’ll be happy … Just got a 3D tv and it’s made GT5 even better …!! Just wish I’d got one sooner ….

  54. RobDoggy05

    Again with every topic relating to the next GT series, becomes a wish list. We all already know what the next GT series needs, its a case of hoping Kaz and PD can see our vision as well..

  55. 05XR8

    Maybe starting from entry level racing to formula/ GT/Prototypes? I’d like to see multi-class racing this time around.

  56. karelpipa

    To me it looks like Kaz has got some serious illness, he is very skinny looking. Especially if you are compare him with 10+ year old video showing GT2 developing….

  57. Yauma9

    Probably he means you start as a GT Academy finalist, and you have to live with other finalists.
    But, it can be anything, so I’m probably wrong.

  58. Raggi Boy

    Ahh your all wrong! Your characters racing chums will die in-game and in the final mission you will die, just like in red dead haha killed by a fireing squad of 20 men!!

  59. urmie

    If by “Human Drama” he means feelings or stress like in B-Spec, there already was a game that tried that “emotional” story and it didn’t work. I really hope this isn’t what he means.

    1. HuskyGT

      That could be a possibility. I would personally hate it if my steering starts acting up because I’m “stressed” in the game, when I’m completely relaxed in my gaimng couch. That would certainly suck.

  60. SZRT Ice

    It’s basically going to be a racing story mode that will immerse the player in the world of racing more. The consequences of a loss will be felt more, and winning will feel like a greater achievement rather than an arduos and repetitive task.

    I wonder if he will make the game entirely online? With a minimum required player quota for set events placed up at set intervals, that you have to actually qualify for to enter. And where ever you rank in qualifying, you are placed in a lobby of people with a similar/close skill set/times/rank to compete against. You’d probably be able to attempt the event repeatedly until you are successful, but your rank will be effected as the result. Far fetched, yeah. But one can dream…

    Lol, I contradicted a statement I made in a different article about GT6’s release & dissecting hot air. Oh well…

  61. ChicoMaloXD

    Human drama = More career events.
    More variations in the events, more challenges a la GT Academy.

    I hope this means Goodbye to A-spec as we know it.

  62. TokoTurismo

    Human drama? Sounds pretty intresting, it maybe the GT Life’s story mode as a new feature separated from the events or something. :) I guess the characters are gonna look like Final Fantasy-like characters right? lol

  63. force ewerby

    Maybe it’s just cutsceanes before and after races (I wish they would bring back the pre-race garage sceanes from Gran Turismo 5: Prologue).

  64. HuskyGT

    I hope this doesn’t mean there will be some sort of “story” mode involved. Something crappy like most NFS character stories for example.

    If this has to do with the game being more like a social network, I hope this is just something optional for people who like to play online. I personally like the sense of ownership in my games, and the sense of privacy. I really don’t like the whole social network crap in videogames with notifications, whose playing what and all that rubish. But that’s just me.

    1. researchALLwars

      I’m with ya, big husky. Especially with the way gt5 online racing is like watching waterbugs shifting around on the track. Very unnatural, unnerving, and unlike any kind of real racing I’ve ever seen.

      Even with identical online/offline physics I will still prefer the offline experience against good a.i. (I know… we don’t yet have that in GT either..) just for the simple factor of control over the whole thing. I shouldn’t even have to mention that many players do not have proper access to hi-speed net.

      Come on Kaz. Hire more than TWO a.i. programmers please!

    2. HuskyGT

      Yeah, I totally get you. I’m not completely against online play, but is just that I don’t find it appealing enough how it is right now. THe main problem is the very little options, though I understand that people are able to get creaive and make up their own gameplay, but the main thing I hate about online is the physiscs.

      I honestly don’t care for new things. Since I’m a NES gen gamer, what I care about is having a bigger and better version of the old things. However, new features are welcomed, as long as the essence of the game is kept, and the little negative details are polished.

    3. HuskyGT

      I meant to include this, but the comment box is acting up strangely.

      Anyway, I would like to see what Mr. Yamauchi will come up with. Let’s just hope thatthings that make Gran Turismo are not placed aside because of some new-not-so-interesting feature.

  65. smskeeter23

    Human drama… live tweets from Kaz in game about GT7 lol.

    Seriously whatever. I dont like the way it sounds but who am I kidding I’ll pretty much buy just about any old pile of garbage PD puts their name on o_O

  66. HKS racer

    Human drama?

    GT mode grinding is the real human drama!! -.-

    Kaz you didn’t even played GT5 and realized how Career mode sucks ass big times.

  67. Dessy182

    After spending a whole week driving fast cars at Silverstone I think I understand what he means. When you play at home it is easy to be relaxed and very comfortable. When you are out there on track however there is a whole new level of pressure, fatigue and discomfort to deal with.

    A lot could have been lost in translation here. I would like someone who speaks japanese to translate this as his translator on the day seemed to give a very brief summary and that was they text used in the video.

    With regard to the drama he speaks of, here’s what my thoughts on what we could see.

    – Larger consequences for mistakes by you.
    – Way more variables that can affect your race that aren’t in your control (e.g. mechanical issues)
    – Possibly only getting one chance to do a specific challenge. No restarts.

    I do expect live track weather, track evolution (grip and marbles) and destructible environments to be all in GT6 though ;)

    During the week I joked with an autosport journalist about linking Gran Turismo to your bank account before some big races. If you screw up and damage the car badly you will lose a set amount of money, if you win you may gain what has been lost off of other players. Of course if this ever happened there would have to be a lot of regulations or it would become too much about gambling and then if there is fool play there would be issues. I really do think that would be the first set to introducing more pressure.

    This week I had to deal with pressure on a level I’d never felt. In a dog fight with Thomas Gibson (GTP_rutter200). 2 lap races around stowe in the race spec 370, best of 3 wins and I lost the first race. I had to win twice in a row or I was going home. GT never simulated that level of pressure so I think it is important it starts trying to.

    1. dylansan

      Lots of other racing games have difficulty options including driving aids, damage, and GRiD had an option to make restarting a race impossible, all of which would give you more rewards for more difficulty.

      I really hope this is something Kaz plans to implement, as currently there’s very little choice of difficulty for A-spec events and no incentive to make it more difficult.

      They’ve started to realize the basics of this by making the PP-bonus seasonals. That’s at least one way to make players want to challenge themselves. But we need more, and I’d really like to think that’s what Kaz means here.

    2. SZRT Ice

      “During the week I joked with an autosport journalist about linking Gran Turismo to your bank account before some big races. If you screw up and damage the car badly you will lose a set amount of money, if you win you may gain what has been lost off of other players.”

      This idea is worth billions.

  68. MuoNiuLa

    Human drama? I hope Kaz can present this idea in a way that makes sense and is relevant to a racing game.

  69. TheGTGuy

    There will always be doubters about GT6 but I for one will buy it, and I like the direction Kaz is going in with his ideas for GT6, Im Excited about it :)

    1. SZRT Ice

      Vinyl editor, rim editor (ala MCLA), & customization and I’m sold on 3 copies of the collector’s edition.

    1. HuskyGT

      Yep, that’s the first thing I thought, and I’m affraid that PD is going at it again. We can kiss good sounds, customization and all the things that we suggested goodbye.

  70. DaveTheStalker

    I’d like to see somerhing similar to EA’s AutoLog. Competing against friend’s times in GTA was fun. Not having the ability to setup the cars kept the TT’s equal to everyone. The Seasonal TT’s should be like the GTA events, so they don’t favor tuners.

  71. praiano63

    Is he not talking about a “safety rating points” like Iracing ? any “in race” penalty system only work punctually and the clean driver can always be prejudicated in every random online room he try to race.
    This is the only way to simulate a human sensation , fear and danger control…. in a video game.

  72. leexr2i

    I think he means that all the AI in say the sunday cup will have tested lmp cars at some point and give you a real good run for your money…
    Sorry sorry :-) I’m just kidding!

  73. justinq19

    I think this means 3 things for GT6:

    -Much better AI that can show emotion (frustration, cockiness, ect.)

    -Better online system.

    -Better GT Life system that is more personal (might include some RPG elements).

    2 out of 3 of these things would probably require the extra power of the PS4.

    1. Flagmo-T

      I think you Nailed It Bro :o) Human Drama is that we the drivers experience the Nerves when Racing against AI and also online against friends and other drivers – Did somebody say Human Drama = Boring – well i guess that simple comparison sums it up ..

      K.Y Knows about the issues that lots of us, Dare to talk about, and this is His way of Saying it .. More Human Drama is Coming up, so don’t loose the fate in the GT-series .. Thank you K.Y :o)

    2. Flagmo-T

      Forgot to add – Regarding “Did somebody say Human Drama = Boring – well i guess that simple comparison sums it up ? He didn’t get it!!..”

      Human Drama is a Positive for the Game, Not a Negativ bro Hahaha

  74. Olegonic

    I might want that every personal A-Spec career would devolop in its own way. Someone become a GT500 driver, NASCAR driver, road car driver, drifter, drag racer…depending of his preferences. As better you perform you get more contracts from teams and sponsors with their stickers on your car. The life time of your car’s engine depends on treatment you do with an oil exchange, it should be not so easy to buy a new one, but you can always go to online “Cough”-Bay auction where people sell bad, good, cheap or tuned and thus expensive engines, parts, body kits, tires…..
    You can take a part in team management: -Experienced Chief engineer would make car repair in pit quicker
    -qualified refuelling team would top up the tank faster AND without explosion on pit line
    -Higher salary you pay them more better their duties will be carried out
    You can earn reputation in online world as a Clean, Dirty, Consistent, Skilled, Experienced…..driver or combination of those
    Your experience starts from Rookie until Veteran, which must take around 100 000 km to drive ( NO RUBBER GRINDING)
    I would even like to see the option when you drive 1000 laps on Nurburgring, for example, you can become a Green Hell Master Ranker.

  75. Jaycue58

    Here’s a really great storyline for GT6…………………………………. You win races you get prizes ,you lose races you get FA ,i think it might catch on …………………………Doh!

  76. Quakebass

    I was wondering a little while back if there’d be a fake in-game GT Academy going on in the GT Mode of the next game… Sort of like a realistic simulated driving career progression. I don’t know if he’s hinting at something like that, or if he’s hinting at something else entirely. Kaz is quite poetic, no?

  77. rjcraft16

    this is ridiculous i have been playing GT since 1 the only thing i want right now is more DLC i don’t think GT6 will be around for the next 3 to 5 years my opinion about a story line in a gran turismo game is a big no but i still have confidence in PD so if their planning it i will support them

  78. csm07cb

    i think it would be sweet if you had a race you click in Aspec, it takes you to an online lobby with 10-11 other people using the same type of car for that specified event and then you did like a 3-5 race series or something, the winner gets a gold trophy 2nd ovr silver and whatever

  79. affan

    Whatever it is will probably take 17,000 years to develop.. judging by the ambiguity and possible scope of its meaning, you know, given that its Kaz and all..

  80. Slashfan

    I wouldn’t mind a storyline that combines A-Spec and B-Spec, as long as we get a livery editor and other goodies.

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