Gran Turismo PSP: Download or UMD?


If you didn’t pre-order your copy of Gran Turismo PSP and you just can’t wait until your local retailer opens up, you can fire up your PSP and start downloading from the PSN Store right now. To encourage that, Sony’s offering a special incentive: a free Nissan GTR in a limited “metallic blue” color. Despite the bonus and convenient access, is it enough to entice you away from your physical game store to participate in the sacred act of purchasing the latest GT game? (For you snidely commentators: that was a joke.)

Of course, those of you purchasing a PSP Go don’t exactly have a choice, but with so many older PSP-3000’s out in the wild, it’s going to be a common conundrum. So, I’m curious: which version will you be purchasing? If you’re a forum member, head on over to our Gran Turismo PSP message board and vote in the poll, or share your thoughts – and reasoning – in the comments below.

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  1. Andres

    I bought the PSN version. It took forever to download directly into the PSP, then when it was installing somehow the PSP got disconnected and everything was lost. Fortunately I have the alternate PS3 which downloads faster and installs faster.

    However, after the PS3 installation the game shows up on the memory stick but it does not work. It goes to a black screen and the memory stick’s led keeps blinking perpetually. Does anyone know how to make it work?

  2. Steve

    I’m leaning towards PSN. I normally hate download games because I can’t re-sell them when I finish the game, but given that GT games are practically unfinishable (like an RPG or platformer), it’s the perfect candidate for download. Besides sure is nice having it with you all the time without having to carry along the UMD.

  3. Super T

    Had the same problem as Tim a few posts up, got the ZR1 instead of the Veyron I was supposed to get with my collectors edition UMD, and there’s my problem with downloading stuff right there.

    Not sure I’ll ever buy a game via download if there’s a UMD/Blu ray option available, maybe I’m just getting old but I’d rather have a hard copy of my purchases than a file stashed away on a hard drive somewhere.


  4. Pilotofthestorm

    Bought on UMD and have installed to MS Duo (took forever and I was surprised that it still needs UMD to run game).

  5. JDigital

    Still trying to decide if I even want a PSP… Have an international flight coming up soon so that would sure help pass the time…

    But I dunno. Kinda pissed that GT5 got shelved for GT Mobile…

    And it certainly wont be a Go, I like to own the things that I buy.

  6. Robert

    i got my version from GAME Walsall this afternoon and didnt get any free cars so as much as im disappointed im just glad to have an “uptodate” version of GT.

  7. Jonathan

    With adjusted currency, the retail price of the PSP Go in Sweden is between 380-420$..
    I don’t think I’ll be playing GT at all this week.. :-/

  8. Tim

    On the collectors Edition there is nothing on the centre of the UMD like others where it say’s UMD it’s just completely blank the disc is pretty simple in black with the usual logo’s for a gt game like polyphony , sony and the GT logo with the text in white

    and also I dont know if there is an error but I got the ZR1 instead of the Bugatti veyron even though that is written on the box.

  9. JToipa

    PSN! Of course I will buy via PSN! With the money left from buying it (I’ll be using a PSN card of 50€) I’m gonna buy Tetris and Fieldrunners too :D

  10. Doctor Weird

    Who else kind of likes UMDs? They seem like a perfect mix of old-school cartridge cool and new age laser efficiency. I wish more movie studios would support UMDs also, and for a wider range of films than action, sci-fi, and teen comedies. There is an adult audience for the PSP, myself included!

  11. oppylocky

    definitely the physical copy. Because I want to see the artwork on the UMD, the instruction manual and how they have done that and the illustration/artwork on the inside cover of the main inlay. If I did not care for all those things, then I would be happy to pay for the download.

  12. guzmann

    I ordered the European PSP-3000 GT package, haven’t got a PSP yet…

    Also have the free SLR which I got through the flash game yesterday.

  13. Napoleon_Ist

    it’s been a loooong time i haven’t entered a games store to buy a game anyway, i import them from Japan or HK or whatever eshop with cheap prices… :)

  14. ev0lutioNX

    I just got out to get the UMD version, because in the EU/Norwegian PS Store GT didn’t appear available as I left for work around 2 hours ago. I didn’t expect it to be available immediately after midnight, but I did expect to see it when I woke up. So the UMD version it is. The cover looks sexy though (;

  15. Corey

    I’ll pick up the UMD version because I have a PSP 3k and I’m going to trade in a game to lower the cost.

  16. MarcoM

    On September 30 I could not resist getting the UMD in a shop. But I will also get the psn version in order to not be using the UMD.

    I will keep the umd version thought, just for the beautifull artwork on the box.

  17. Doctor Weird

    It all depends on who you would rather own the game, you or Sony? If you purchase a UMD, you own the right to transfer it to whomever for whatever purpose because it is your property. If you “purchase” a download, you are in effect leasing a restricted digital file that can be used only as Sony’s legal department allows. DRM is a result of unchecked piracy for illegal distribution which has provoked an even worse state of restrictions. The PSP GO makes the PSP look like open source. You have no option but to submit to carefully constructed restrictions on use. DO NOT BUY THE PSP GO. If you do, it might change the future of portable entertainment in a terrible way.

  18. Doctor Weird

    I’ll be at Target 8:00 AM tomorrow for a hard copy, you can still install the data. DRM is villainous.

  19. bkeljda

    seeing as how i have already pre-ordered it a gamestop i will have the physical copy although i was really hopin for the GT-R as the bonus(dont much care for the veyron) i was kinda disappointed to find out a few days later that the GT-R was on the PSN Dl game but all is good

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