“Ultimate Gran Turismo Fans” Win Awesome Gear

Remember the “Ultimate Gran Turismo Fan” contest Sony held back in November? They set out out to find the most dedicated fans of the series, and this past Friday, the winners were finally announced. First place went to Michael Blevins of Colorado, who started dirt track racing after years of playing GT, and second went to Samuel Sligh III, a passionate Ferrari fan from North Carolina. For their dedication to the series, they’ve been awarded the two very sweet racing suits and helmets worn by Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust in the GT PSP commercial filmed at Laguna Seca.

Yours truly was awarded third place in the competition, and I appreciate the recognition from Sony as I work to inform and bring together GT fans from around the planet. ;-) Congratulations to the other winners and finalists!

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  1. Black Chamber

    Jordan, you should have won that contest!

    Just look at the community you have built here and all the hard work you do for the fans.

    You should have been awarded 1st place.

  2. 8@No$

    Congratulations to the winners, i agree that jordan should be first, but i do not know the other guys so… well done :-)
    GTplanet is the best !!!

  3. Luke

    Missed something ;)

    Hey Jordan, it`s thanks to us, your community, that you won a PSP. So we want to at least see a picture of it (and yourself) when you receive it ;)

  4. Vivian

    offtopic: there would be a new time atack demo of gran turismo today?? (24 jan. 2010) or have I missed something

  5. DiGiTal_K

    How Jordan was not the winner of this contest is absurd. Uniting thousands of GT players across the globe is apparently not enough :(

  6. ralph89

    Congratulation Jordan you deserve this win. All this years you’ve made GTPlanet great and dedicated it mostly for GT series. Even though you should have won first place. :) Anyway congratulation to everyone who won it.

  7. Viktor Navorsky

    Too bad you didnt win jordan… but a PSP is aways a good prize… :P Keep moving.. you already have the recognition of 100.000 GT drivers… :P

  8. Joshua

    Congratulations Jordan! It’s hard to imagine that the guy who started a Gran Turismo website with over 100,000 members isn’t the #1 fan. Either way, you deserve the recognition and thank you for the devotion and awesome website.

  9. hojo

    Congrats for winning the gear! I hope you get a chance to wear the gear to a track day in a motorcycle or sports car soon!

  10. demonblade

    They should definately reward you with some inside information….hmmm….European release date would be nice :)

  11. marky5244

    Congratulations Jordan! It is well deserved! I have become a much greater Gran Turismo fan through being a member of this community here on gtplanet than I would have been otherwise. Being able to read and discuss the games and how to play them – techniques, tuning etc. – really enhances the games no end. You should be getting a cut of Sony/PDs profits… :-)

  12. Luke

    Congrats Jordan !! You definitely earned it.

    I hate those competition where money gives you an advantage. If i had money i would have bought PD because of my love for GT ^^

  13. S3 Racer

    Congrats. Jordan is first place to me, cause fist plce winner, you need cash to do so, and second also. Jordan did this, more time dedication than cash dedication.
    My opinion, but still congrats to all the winners

  14. GTP_Hun

    Congratulations Jordan. Hope one day you get your home in Nurburg, your M3 … I’ll do my best to pay you a visit, that’s how modest my own wishes are :)

  15. Big Ron

    Yeah, Jordon. You deserved it. To build an own website and build a new community around GT is really a great honor for PD.

  16. Big Ron

    Oh man, the two winners are from the USA. I´ve expected nothing else. I don´t believ, they are the biggest fans, there are much more crazy people in the world.

  17. Slimer

    If wear that helmet and suit EVERYWHERE.

    Need to take a dump?
    Ill be wearing the suit\helmet
    Need to go shopping?
    Ill be wearing the suit\helmet
    Going swimming?
    Ill be wearing the suit\helmet
    Having sex?

    BTW, I think Jordan should have won first place. I don’t kiss ass, but it takes a lot to run a site like this.

    congrats Jordan!

  18. kamisaya

    Lol loved how you address yourself as yours truly :P But they really should’ve given you 1st place just because all the fandom of GT goes right through here in GTP

  19. IronM@sk

    Congrats Jordan. Thanks for all the work you put in here at GTPlanet. I originally found my way here when I did a search for tuning guides for GT4 and subsequently found Scaff’s epic resources. I love the regular news updates though and subscribed to your Twitter, Facebook and Youtube channels. Keep up the good work.

  20. SpecMiata

    Still trying to figure out how you didn’t win Jordan. Congrats on the 2nd place though, and thanks for all you do for the community.

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