Gran Turismo PSP: 1.8 Million Copies in Three Months

Polyphony Digital has updated their sales figures for the Gran Turismo franchise, and the company’s latest title, GT PSP is now on the list. In the three months since its release on October 1st, 2009, it has sold more than 1.8 million copies around the world, making it the sixth-best selling title on Sony’s portable console.

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  1. abcaa

    Editors of GTPlanet please correct the title asap. The 1.8 million record is in just 3 months, not 4 months. Don’t you see the “”as of December 2009” in the Polyphony offcial site?

  2. Hernan

    This sells are kind of weird because i havent seen this game in any top 20 even, sounds like they shipped lots of units but i really doubt that the game sold this much.

    Also i think is the worst GT ever.

  3. El_Ten

    For the drop between 3 and 4 there are a couple of reasons, first 3 was a leap in graphics from 2 so it sold more. Also remember 3 (at least in the US) had a PS 2 bundle… that’s how I obtained GT3 myself. Most people don’t buy every version of a game only major iterations. It’s only the hardcore like us on this site that may buy every version. I am surprised how many copies GT 5 P sold as it’s only a fraction of a whole GT game.

  4. luis

    maxpontiac gt5 prologue already outsold forza
    As you may know, Polyphony Digital publishes the sales figures of each Gran Turismo game on their website, and they just updated the numbers for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. In the last four months (going by the numbers from May), the game has sold approximately 700,000 copies, bringing the total to nearly 4,000,000. No doubt, the Greatest Hits price drop helped drive retail sales, despite the fact that prices on eBay. Regardless, this is an impressive milestone for a “small” game – and one which will, no doubt, pour fuel on the the fire of the endless GT / Forza debate…

  5. Delta-64-

    I honestly believe GT PSP was a scrapped project. There are too many similarities between GT PSP and GT4. So my theory is that GT4 Mobile was really being developed and PD wasnt happy (i.e. the night tracks werent up to par or 6 cars was too much for the PSP) with it so they scrapped it and wasnt touched for a couple years, but Sony said “no way, we paid you all to develop a PSP game.” So, they took what they had completed, added some newer cars, left out the night time tracks all together, took the license tests and renamed them challenges and added the drift mode and released it as is.
    Still fun but really not a complete game. Thank god for ad-hoc party…

  6. Moon

    so people fell for PDs marketing move… release GT5P… delay GT5, Release GT PSP… Delay GT5… and with nothing but a 2 year old “Demo”… obviously we are going to get any GT we can get our hands on… and that GT being the PSP.

    Smart move sony.

  7. spats

    I bought the umd copy myself… I was under the impression that this didn’t sell very well but I’m glad I was wrong!

  8. MarcoM

    Just for the record: GTpsp was released in the EU a week before the Japanese release. So stop whining an lying.

  9. Detroitbb

    Imagine their sales figures if PD did something more substantial than just stripping down and porting GT4’s arcade mode to the PSP. All the bad reviews asking “Where is the game?” certainly don’t make people want to shell out hard-earned cash.

  10. Hentis

    To Be honest the figures mean nothing to Sony Execs. At the end of the day they will release stuff for Europe either last or with America. Europe wont see a Before Japan release date. Neither will America EVEN though looking at GT PSP’s Figures the European Userbase is the biggest.

    Sonys antiquated (<—-spelling) way of splitting regions by the Pal / NTSC coding really needs to be sorted out. How can you call India or South Africa as part of SCEE? It just does not make sense.

  11. Tompie913

    It also interesting to see on that list that GT5 Prologue is the best selling PS3 title. And GT3 and 4 are second and third for the PS2. And GT1 is first on the PS1. And GT2 is third for the PS1… It really is Sony’s biggest franchise.

  12. Hakosh

    1.420.000 total In US and EU… And they still don´t care about us (EU and US) and force always the Japan release first… I don´t understand that…

  13. S3 Racer

    definately the best racing on handheld ever made and that will last for a couple of years.
    only competitior is Gt itself…
    Bought the psp fat only for gt. Who thought there will be 3 psp inbetween till gt release

  14. Beast

    Well I enjoyed GT-PSP although there is no way I’ll complete it. Actually I’ve considered getting a PSPGo just so I can use my Dual Shock 3 with it and make the experience more enjoyable.

    If the GTPSP –> GT5 thing turns out to be significant I will play GTPSP more :)

    ps: I too bought the downloadable version despite only having a PSP-2000. UMDs are so passe.

  15. NLxAROSA

    @S3 Racer: there’s an option in GT PSP to store the entire game on Memorystick, eliminating the extra load time from the UMD version.

  16. MarcoM

    @ S3 Racer, I bought it two times. One UMD version the day before release (thank you lady in the shop ) The other was the psn version as I hate needing UMD’s.

  17. Paul Mc

    I see GT has sold 55 million copies since the franchise began. Interesting to see the drop in sales between GT3 and GT4.

  18. S3 Racer

    Me too, one free one special edition.yeah what the numberswould be if the psp would not have pirated games? Double it

  19. riph

    thank god piracy don affected GT5 this it will huge profits for PD after this…i can’t figure how much it will sold..

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