Gran Turismo PSP Free for PSP Go Owners (Again)


PSP-GO-ps-storeIf you missed out on the free Gran Turismo PSP promotion when the PSP Go was released earlier this year, you’ve got another shot. Sony is once again making the game available to download at no cost to all PSP Go owners…as long as you’re not in North America. Much like GT Academy 2010, this promotion is only available to people outside of the United States and Canada. You can read the official rules here and, if you’re eligible, follow these instructions to get your copy of the game. It will be free through January 10, 2010, so don’t worry if you plan to receive a PSP Go on December 25th – just make sure that you tell Santa Claus about this so he can buy you something else with all that money he’ll be saving! Thanks to Marky264 for the tip.

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  1. FlareKR

    Sheesh, I smell lots o’ hate in the air.
    @ Alan
    If Europe has so much common sense not to buy the PSP Go, why is it that their spending so much money on that “global warming” meet in Copenhagen. Oh wait, all the reps there rented OVER 1,000 LIMOS, yep those huge things with four wheels that waste a lot of gas, instead of riding the transit system (oh yeah, only 5 of those limos were hybrids, and none of them car-pooled). Lots of common sense, huh?

    @ Rick
    If heard the stories of trolls? Well if you haven’t lately (I just have it up on my head), they LOVE to feed on your anger. More anger and cussin’ gives the trolls a good daily nutrition to keep on trolling! Ignore him.

    @ Everyone Else
    If PD keeps skipin’ over the US and Canada (poor Canadians, your caught with us), surely their business is going to start to fail, right? Either it’s “just good business” or “something personal” (maybe a bully from America picked on Kaz at school, I don’t know :D)

  2. Rick

    @Bogie 19th

    why must you troll? if you’d like to troll so much then go to the FORUMS instead of being a f***ing retard HERE!

  3. Alan

    The reason why its being offered free in europe is because people here have too much common sence to waste money on this psp crap, im european and guess what, im still not buying it, even if they offered it free for life.

    If it wasnt for gt on the psp we’d all be playing gt5 now

  4. goonersems

    i have gt psp it is the best game i ever plyed on the psp but speaking of gt5 i expected an interview with KY on the demo it is less than a week to go

  5. S3 Racer

    Question: Making a euro account, is it possible to get it than. I don’t know if it’s only access to the store, or they control regional ip’s.????

    @tim :
    You could tell us a little bit more of your secret knowledge??? ;)

  6. Tim

    Hmm I am not sure but I there might be a reason for it , because I do know that next year the converter cable and other bits for the Go are being released in the us and japan but not europe. I am wondering if sony know this and are trying to make the european market feel less left out.

    Me :
    PSPgo (Rewards 1.0 , 2.0 , PS3 3.15FW , DSL , WII (modchipped)

  7. Gejost

    It’s ridiculous that this is not available for North America. I know I would be pissed off if I was American or Canadian. This is bad marketing.

  8. Luke

    Or they just want the USA to keep buying it, so that they still earn some money with it, even when european people download it for free.

  9. S3 Racer

    lol razor.
    I got it too but when it got out, and got the special edition too. It’s a really good Gt game. Always stunned by the graphics on a little system.
    But for those who maybe bought already Gt with the go there is an other good hint :
    In germany, Luxemburg,… (don’t know which countries else participate) you can choose which game : if i’m correct you got the choice between GTmobile, Assassins Creed, and Motorstorm.
    It surly written on the euro ps site.

    But I don’t understand why they are so selective in their promotions. In marketing that’s called PR suicide. Because it surly pisses people off that afterwards buy Weee’s and Xbows.
    On the other side, in the states, sony is behind mintysoft, maybe they have given up on you (sad)

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