Will Gran Turismo Come to Sony’s NGP?

As you’ve probably heard by now, Sony has just announced the true successor to the PSP. Code-named the “NGP” (Next Generation Portable), it features some impressive hardware specs and the titles announced so far look great. Popular games such as Uncharted, Killzone, and Call of Duty were all confirmed to arrive on the NGP when it’s released at the end of this year, but one special franchise was nowhere to be found this time: Gran Turismo.

GT games have always been used to introduce new Sony hardware in the past: Gran Turismo 2000 was a tech demo used to show off the PS2, Gran Turismo HD came along with the PS3, and Gran Turismo PSP was (somewhat infamously) announced alongside the first portable console, eventually resurfacing as a “launch title” for PSP Go.

Of course, Polyphony Digital can certainly be excused for having not spent time developing mobile title – GT5 has kept them very busy for the past year. However, other high-profile developers were on hand for the event, even if they didn’t have game-play material to show off or a specific title to announce (to see exactly what went down, review this live blog).

Though Kazunori Yamauchi mentioned another hand-held title back in 2009, the future of the series on mobile platforms may not necessarily be a sure thing.

GT5 Photomode image, above, by TVR&Ferrari_Fan.

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  1. Gran-Turismo-5

    I would love to see a GT game that allows you to play on your home console and then continue playing on your NGP, like what kojima is planning for his next tittle! :)

  2. ray

    Of course PD will make one. It will be out in 6-10 years but will probably be slated to come out in 2012, but just get pushed back a few weeks every week.

  3. TokoTurismo

    FlareKR @
    I truly liked the way you said that. “collect cars, drive them however you want to, and have fun!”

    Thats the reason I love playing Gran Turismo games, all because of what you’d just said. :)

    I hope they do make a remake of gran turismo for the NGP. Naming it “Gran Turismo 2 PSP or NGP”, I really do hope so. Colleting cars is why i even play racing games, just for the cars them selfs. :D

  4. PedanticNerd

    I was almost convinced to buy a PSP especially for GT PSP, even though the game wasn’t very well received, and I’m sure if there’s a GT game released for the new NGP then I’ll still have a hard time persuading myself that it’s not worth the money.
    In other words, a GT title would be good for the new console, because it will convince more people to buy and play it despite the fact that the handheld gaming market is waning.

  5. led86

    IMO, Gran Turismo has no place on a portable device. The GT series has always been called a driving simulator, and a mobile device, no matter what the platform, is in no way a candidate for any kind of simulator. PD NEEDS to focus on getting GT6 ready for the release of the PS4. Also, Sony needs to make sure the PS4 is up to the task of delivering the performance we all want, and need. If GT6 is to be the simulator Kaz always wanted, then the PS4 has to be designed strong enough to handle it. The groundwork was laid down with GT5, as has been mentioned before. The physics engine is spot on, the graphics are proven to be possible in many places, and the online aspect is a good start.

    Leave the series to the big consoles people, it has no place on a portable.

    1. sennarose88

      “…and a mobile device, no matter what the platform, is in no way a candidate for any kind of simulator.”

      Why? The NGP has far better processing power than PS2, and if PD decides to build GT for the NGP, I bet it can outdo GT4 as a simulator.

      And I saw somebody playing his GT PSP with a steering wheel.

  6. Invictus321

    All I want is FPV in GT6. The FPV F6 is the fastest production car in the southern hemisphere, and it’s not in GT5. Come on!

    1. Foxiol

      useless in my opinion…is like going one step back…from my bigger full 47¨HD 3D TV with the G27 and seats and 5.1 High Fidelity sound…meh…pass…
      This kind of games is useless in that type of portable thing…for tetris is good xD but not for GT5 or 6 or maybe GT689…at least it´ll come with a G50 wheel with force feedback and a big laser screen with a tripod holding the portable thing…
      (wow…i have an idea…people don´t read this…haha)

  7. BWX

    I hope they just finish GT5 and continue to give me a reason to keep playing.. I also hope they get their act together for GT6 and don’t get sidetracked with lame portable versions of Gran Turismo like they did when GT5 was in development. Screw those damn potrable devices. GT cannot be properly played on them.

    1. Detroitbb

      GT PSP didn’t ‘sidetrack’ the team at PD. It’s a straight-up port of GT4’s arcade mode and most likely took three people a long weekend to complete.

      What did distract Polyphony Digital for the past two years (by Kaz’s admission) was implementation of 3D.

  8. devilmaycry2020

    Yeah not gonna hold my breath for that or any news on it seeing how they handled GTpsp we will be lucky if we ever hear a peep about it.

  9. MrSkyline

    GT has always been announced as a launchtitle, and they never made it at the launch, so maybe they have learned from their mistakes and didn’t announce it as a launchtitle because they’d never be able to release in time.

    They started work on GT6, and if that’s introduced for the PS3 being what GT5 should have been, i’d be a happy man.

    I couldn’t care less about GT7 then. I still play GT4 because i think it’s better than GT5.
    At least it’s finnished, GT5 is just one big piece of work in progress.

    1. Sub-Zero Racing Team

      Unless Polyphony (being a first-party developer) knew of the NGP post production and have been aware of the specs from the get-go and have been working all along on a title and are keeping it secret so…

      #1: It can be announced shortly b4 it drops &

      #2: If they have production issues, the world won’t even know it was supposed to exist in the 1st place, and therefore, can not complain. (See GT5 production history for a reference)

    2. MrSkyline

      yes but then they’d still be working on something completely irrelevant because fixing GT5 and making GT6 is more important.

      GT PSP was a laugh, it was useless and boring, and it was developed while GT5’s release got pushed forward constantly.

      So to prevent f-ups like this from happening in the future i’d say:


      just finish the unfinished stuff first

  10. GatorAdam

    The comment was made during the NGP announcement that PS3 games will be easily ported to the NGP. If it really is that simple, then there would be no real reason for them NOT to release a version for the NGP.

    The issue I see in that regard, though, is in game size. With GT5 taking up as much of the blu-ray as it does, that’d make for a mighty pricey flash card to punch out.

    1. Jordan

      I’ve seen such a list on Sony’s website for the NGP, though it only included third-party developers. Polyphony Digital is a first-party developer as part of SCEJ.

  11. MoLieG

    GTPSP is the reason why GT5 failed so miserably… And yet they may do it again for GT6??? Well… it seems that is only a matter of time for PD and the Gran Turismo series to become just another game of the pack…

  12. Shouden

    I don’t think we’ll see a GT for the NPG for a while. I mean, PD’s still working on DLC content for GT5 and GT6. I’d say they have their hands full at the moment.

  13. pasigiri

    If a Logitec wheel could be hooked up to this thing, then yes this would be a good move. For me, GT just isn’t the same without a wheel. I say FIX GT5 and continue modeling cars to premium standard. That way when GT6 development really gets rolling, remodeling tracks with greater detail, making new ones, and adding features is really all that’s left.

  14. Lambob

    GT5 is worth making my PS3 and wheel and pedals to be portable to and from work. I would feel so naked just playing a GT game on a PSP(2) without a wheel and large screen.

  15. shazbot

    Its likely that Kazunori and PD were snubbed from the invitation to develop a launch title for NGP. Their recent working history (PSP and PS3 with GTP and GT5) certainly hit a low mark with regard to collaboration between the developer and the publisher.

  16. TakeshiSkunk

    Honestly, I really hope they don’t release one on the psp2…I am normally all about picking up new consoles but the fact that it lacks any form of physical medium for game distribution REALLY bothers me. I hate paying for things I don’t get a physical copy of, so they’d need to have something I absolutely MUST play for me to pick one of these up.

    1. TakeshiSkunk

      Wait, really? For a long time they’d been saying psp2 would be download only. If it’s not then I’m all over it.

    2. Shokz

      I don’t think that was anything but rumour by third parties; i’m pretty sure i remember reading something by someone high up in Sony saying they’d learnt from the PSP Go that the market wasn’t ready for download only.

  17. BANZAI123

    No console will ever be released with a GT game as a launch title. The amount of money that goes into making a GT game is enormous and Sony needs a large enough user base where they would start making that money back ASAP and eventually profit. System launches are traditionally very limited in actual hardware and I’m pretty sure Sony won’t take the risk unless is a Prologue title which in GT language means DEMO.

  18. R35-Vspec

    What? A new Gran Turismo game? Hell, we waited damn so long for a new GT game and now we want another new portable GT? Umm … not really but would be nice.

    All I want is a different GT game .. not a driving sim .. that has nothing to do with graphics, tuning, vinyls, etc .. but just racing with sports car as first class and FIA GT cars as high class

    I want a PS3 version of a hardcore sim like the PC ones .. but it’s called Gran Turismo .. I know a lot will kinda disagree but c’mon there should be some variations.

    You see, Kaz can’t includes all what he needs in a one single game unless it’s a PC game.

    TL;DR, no thanks I don’t want GT for NGP but I want another GT game that is known as the first hardcore sim racing game on the PS3 .. PD can do it!

    I know I went away from the topic my apologies lol.

    1. Bubblebelly542

      Wow really? the whole point of the GT series is a racing sim, and you want them to turn in to every other racing game out there (NFS, GRiD, arcade style is what I’m going for here)? Why? You already have those types of games. We need racing sims for the ps3. not another arcade game

    2. FlareKR

      Name one game on the PC that even compares to GT5 in any aspect of it. None, it’s either they all drive ok (compared to GT5) and look like crap, or the look ok (compared to GT5) and drive like crap.

    3. Detroitbb

      GTR2 has a great physics engine (as does GT5). GT5 has better graphics (well, sometimes! All the glitches aside) and a better car selection (such as typical production cars). GTR2 is fully customizable (dedicated fans can create their own cars and tracks to be used in the game). GT5 is also very buggy and incomplete. For me, GTR2 is better than GT5, but it’s a 5+ year old PC game.

  19. Razor BR

    Well , i sure would like a GT for NGP , but i don´t want it to get in the Way of GT6 , or GT5 future updates(Standart to Premium)but if any of you saw the press conference , the NGP is very powerfull , and can play graphics that are PS3 level(almost), so it would be amazind to have a GT5 portable

    1. Foxiol

      yeah sure the NGP for about …let´s see…600 Euros…meh…no feeling about nothing. GT5 useless in that thing.

  20. Rylan

    I wonder how long it will be before PD sets it up so that you can configure three of these to connect to the PS3 via Wi-fi to act as a rear view and wing mirrors.

  21. jbthbt

    If the integration between platforms turns out to be as phenomenal as it promises to be, I’d love GT5 on a mobile device that works alongside my PS3. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that PD is going to put out what and when PD wants to produce so getting all up in arms about it is pointless. I’m going to buy whatever they make so it’s not like all my threats of boycott could amount to much anyway. I bought 3 PS2’s and 3 copies of GT4. I bought a PS3 just for GT5. So what, I’m a mark, but even a mark can dream right?

    1. FlareKR

      GTPSP was exactly what I was looking for, sure it was annoying that the dealers would shuffle, but that added to the fun of the game. That’s the point of it; collect cars, drive them however you want to, and have fun! That’s what I’ve always enjoyed in GT games, the freedom of it. I barely ever finish the game 100%, the only time I did was one summer for GT4…then lost my memory card.

  22. j8mie

    I really hope not. They need to finish/fix GT5 first before they start mucking around with yet another pointless mobile version.

    Update 1.06 is far more important than this.

  23. scoop2004

    They’ll mage a GT for the NGP, just because it’ll make money, but i wont be buying it.

    I just want GT5 patches, and news of a PS4 with GT6 being a PROPER LAUNCH TITLE

    1. Sub-Zero Racing Team

      This^ With B-Spec anywhere integration and a direct port mobile ver. of GT5 that let’s you port your save data over from your PS3 so you can continue your gaming on the go.

      Like Kojima’s “Cloud” service vision for MGS.

  24. FishyJuice

    I think that they’ll send it to some other developer. Uncharted & Resistance for the NGP is being developed by Sony Bend & Nihilistic, respectively.

    Let us just hope that there will be at least some DLC, we want a 1.06 update. Pretty much now.

  25. GT4Ever

    Sony finaly understands thats there is no use to announce a GT game for a new console/handheld since it will take at least another 6 years before it’s released.
    And PD should be busy making DLC for GT5, dont want them to waist time on a mobile game that will probably disappoint anyway.

    1. Foxiol

      GT5 is the platform for GT6 as Kaz said some time before…GT5 is just the base of the upcoming series. Now we have HD and 3D and new physics , but the reality was that the PS3 can´t handle very well the game as you can see on your PS3 i believe…(shadows and dust and some tiny glitches loosing a little of FPS (frames per second) and makes all cut for a bit. We need no this PSP staff we need a PS4 with more power and multiprocessor (core) and a lot of RAM!! and GPU´s etc…If Kaz has this now GT5 could be so much better than the PS3 done with it.
      This was a limitation for him.
      Now, Sony…come on…give us something useful not that portable thing…i love my house, my room, my seat, my PS, my G27 and my GRAN TURISMO…

  26. waynz

    This is the reason why PD fall behind in Gran Turismo console performance. GT5 would have lived up to expectations had it not been for PSP…

    I fear GT6 will be in the same boat with the NGP.

    1. Detroitbb

      You’re quite incorrect. It was 3D that kept the bulk of the team busy for the final two years (Kaz stated so in an interview at GT5’s launch). GT PSP is a port of GT4’s arcade mode – PD didn’t labor over it for more than a few days as all the code had already been written.

  27. TheFlyingKiwi

    Yes it will, but i can expect a wait, they’ll probably roll it out when GT6 comes like they did for the original GTPSP and GT5.

  28. spunwicked

    I would rather PD worked on GT5 some more, and GT6 than another handheld title. Perhaps they could outsource a port of GT5?


      no that’s rediculous. they need to put a handheld title out for this. gt6 can be started at anytime and it shouldn’t be released on ps3. GT6 should be a launch title for ps4. I think they should work on GT5 but not as feverishly as you’re expecting. I would love for the veyron and jaguar xj220 to become premium but not at the cost of another handheld GT.

    2. FlareKR

      I suggest they stay on GT5, the PSP2 is not a big deal to focus on now, probably won’t get one when it comes out in the US, I’m still gonna be playing GT PSP, KH: BbS, and FF:Dissidia 012 on my PSP for the next year and more.

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