Gran Turismo Series Tops 68 Million Copies Sold

December 18th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As the Gran Turismo series approaches its 15th anniversary on December 23, 2012, Polyphony Digital has quietly updated their sales statistics, revealing over 68 million copies of the games have been sold worldwide and correcting the previous, smaller sum first reported in early November.

Total sales for each title, including special editions (such as GT5 XL and GT5 Academy Edition) now stand at:

  • Gran Turismo: 10,850,000
  • Gran Turismo 2: 9,370,000
  • Gran Turismo 3 A-spec: 14,890,000
  • Gran Turismo Concept Series: 1,560,000
  • Gran Turismo 4 Prologue: 1,400,000
  • Gran Turismo 4: 11,600,000
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: 5,350,000
  • Gran Turismo PSP: 3,860,000
  • Gran Turismo 5: 9,190,000

Thanks to Roberto for the tip!

GT5 Photomode image by ceiling_fan.

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  1. Feb. 8, 8:23am

    We need more Australian cars, and less of the really cheap standard cars that no one drives. Including Bathurst would be awesome and to have the cars that won there would be even better. Even adding normal Australian made cars would be brilliant.

  2. Jan. 2, 11:36pm

    If GT6 is a (soon after) launch title for the PS4, even then I think it’d be a miracle for it to beat 15 million copies, I think 10 mil would be satisfactory. If it comes out on PS3, well, maybe 3 :P. imo, prolouges and psp titles don’t really count, so I’d say genuinely, GT has sold 55.9 million (based on the stats above).

  3. Dec. 19, 11:05pm

    GT5 FTW!!!! Sorry, I had to say it. ;) At work I imagine Porsche being added in GT6 for the very first time, man that’ll be so awesome, and perfect for GT6 as well. Love the GT series, and I have faith in Kaz and PD to make GT6 the best racing game ever. Hope they make rally one of the best in it, such as having the co driver with you on circuit/sprint tracks, that’ll rock! :)

    • Dec. 20, 7:44pm
      Tenacious D

      GT5 could be more awesome, but seriously, the game is nicely detailed in physics and performance. And it does have a ton of cars, and a reasonable number of tracks.

      I know people grouch about sounds and graphic shortcomings, but one, they act like no sound improvements have been made – hello. Two, the PS3 is really being pushed hard by the game engine. I suspect if the 3D aspect was an installable option, performance would improve. I can’t think of too much else that was wedgied in since Prologue to make the game look WORSE.

      For those lamenting how PD does nothing but cut corners, yeah, sure. And like Kaz doesn’t confess that he’s about the most self-conscious game creator out there, and takes all the criticism of his games personally. Which he does, guys, believe me, he’s aware of all the bratty bellyaching and honest crap-free criticism from fans around here. He’s determined to make GT6 something GT5 wasn’t. And I’m sure that GT6 is going to be complete, full featured, expansive, and have a pretty darn good selection of cars, though I expect a lot of tracks. I expect online to be much more like any other online racer. I’m looking for very few odd inclusions like those collectible car horns, and much cooler inclusions such as the Movie Maker, the ModNation Racers-like Course Builder, a real Race Mod system for about all the cars – and even a Tuner Mod, as well as some form of Livery Editor so we can tune and make our own race cars.

      GT5 has sold almost as much in two years as GT3 and 4 did in twice the time. No matter what anyone thinks, this game has rocked, and continues to. And will, until GT6 – and likely the PS4 – hits the market.

    • Dec. 20, 9:09pm

      +1000. Very well said. :)

    • Dec. 20, 10:42pm

      I agree…they have been very busy this year…and I.m sure most people are very happy with all the stuff we got 2 years down the line…my self if wee get another 5 years like the one we just had…that’s how long it’s gonna be a least until I bye another telly….I’ll be we’ll happy…gt5 best money spent so far….

    • Dec. 20, 10:50pm

      Couldn’t have said it any better Tenacious D.

  4. Dec. 19, 7:28pm


  5. Dec. 19, 6:43pm


  6. Dec. 19, 1:34pm

    HoHoHo. Think people. If this decrypted files are true its for sure it will he in the game. Question is when? Christmas is around the corner :) PD might surprise us but dont keep the hopes up! We can only wish

    • Dec. 19, 6:07pm

      No, you have no proof of that.

      It is highly doubtful it will see GT5 daylight.

    • Dec. 19, 6:54pm

      I imagine those content being in one of the updates someday, but I doubt it. Would be nice of PD to do that though. :)

  7. Dec. 19, 10:43am

    My favorite is GT1.
    It is sad how GT5 has the same formula of a 15 year old game.

    • Dec. 20, 10:33pm

      A lot of games still use the formula that the first of their respective series used. It it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  8. Dec. 19, 10:21am

    GTPLANET remove, moderate ForzaTroll post. This is insulting.

  9. Dec. 19, 10:18am

    I wonder what sales figures the DLC have netted PD.

  10. Dec. 19, 8:45am

    For a company that has made in the area of 3 billion in profit, I seriously except more from the franchise and GT5.

    • Dec. 19, 6:43pm

      3 billion in profit, and you know that fact from where?

  11. Dec. 19, 8:30am

    9 million? I wonder why there are so few people doing the Time Trials. :(

    • Dec. 19, 10:17am

      Most of them bought the game and only played it for some time after it came out, and others might not have a playstation network account, also, the game is two years old i doubt that there are still many people playing it, considering the amount of games that were released in the past two years.

    • Dec. 19, 12:13pm

      Even only 9 months after Forza 4 was released, you’d see less entries in a Forza 4 rivals event over an entire month than you’d see in the first couple of days of a GT5 time trial, despite GT5 being a year older!

    • Dec. 19, 1:09pm

      You have to remember that you have to pay for Xbox Live though so that could explain why there’s less people.

    • Dec. 19, 6:44pm

      I like the xbox 360 yes, but for me I feel more comfortable being on the PS3 better imo. U_U

  12. Dec. 19, 2:48am

    Although the number is still short of previous GTs, it’s still quite amazing considering the game industry and gamer’s preference have shifted considerably since GT4 and GT3. In 2004 when GT4 was released (yes, it’s close to a decade), the competition even among racing games was few.

    Interesting statistics when you look at the sales numbers since the release in Nov 2010. Two years later (in 2012), it still sells 1.38 M copies. Forza 4, released in Oct 2011, sold 1.42 M copies in 2012. Large portion of GT5 obviously sold in the first 10 weeks (5.7 M copies) but the fact that it remained within striking distance of the more regarded Forza 4 in both 2011 and 2012, means that gamers are still buying GT5 in spite of reviews and general perception of the game.

    If you look at car enthusiast site like Autoblog, GT5 is completely ignored (any updates are never mentioned) while Forza has received numerous mentions (deservedly because Forza 4’s car list is quite amazing). I believe what has propelled GT5 in the last two years is GT Academy. If that’s indeed true, hats off to the guys at Polyphony (and Sony).

  13. Dec. 19, 2:42am
    Turkey :D

    Look at how the sales numbers are decreasing rapidly! Maybe it’s a sign that PD needs to change their release strategy and design philosophy. They need to keep people interested somehow.

    • Dec. 19, 5:35am

      You need to understand something…

      GT5 has ONLY been out two years and has sold just about as much as GT1 which has been out 15 years.

      Knowing and understanding that fact is key to realising that GT5 is going to continue to sell in the same manner GT4 has.

    • Dec. 19, 8:27am

      GT5 has been out for two years. All of the other games have been out substantially longer, and therefore, have had a greater sales opportunity.

      However, let’s look at some sales figures for hot selling 2010 releases ( as up to date as possible )

      God of War 3 – ~5.2 million units ( PS3 Exclusive )
      Final Fantasy XIII – ~6.7 million units
      Gran Turismo 5 – ~9.2 million units ( PS3 Exclusive )
      Halo: Reach – ~9.3 million units
      Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – ~9.11 million units
      Red Dead Redemption – ~12.5 million units
      Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – ~15 million units
      Call of Duty: Black Ops – ~26.2 million units

      GT5’s pretty low on that chart, but since racing is a niche market, unlike more mainstream games like first person shooters, let’s see how it fared against its competition:

      Need for Speed: Shift – ~4.36 million units
      Need for Speed: Shift 2 – ~1 million units
      Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – ~4.6 million units
      Forza Motorsport 3 – ~5.23 million units ( Xbox 360 Exclusive )
      Forza Motorsport 4 – ~3.28 million

      GT5 alone has sold more units than both Forza games combined, and almost all three of those NFS games combined.

      It’s not just me talking, people are pretty interested in GT5.

    • Dec. 19, 8:29am

      Sorry, FM4 is Xbox 360 exclusive as well, in case anyone was wondering.

    • Dec. 19, 7:21pm
      Turkey :D

      I understand what you’re all saying, but GT5 is at the end of its product life cycle with (luckily) a skeleton crew working on patches/updates. Yes, collectors and a few without PS3s will continue buy it and the re-release editions, but the demand that existed when the game first released is gone. There will be a point where copies of GT5 stop being printed and then we will see how many have been sold.

    • Dec. 20, 11:05pm

      I think I can breathe now! I seem to see more and more true Gran Turismo fans like KFM!! I’m sick and tired of whiners.

  14. Dec. 19, 2:12am

    Sucks that it hasn’t passed the other GT’s, well besides GT3. The racing genre is in a sad state. It used to be one of the mainstays of the industry but now it’s more of a niche genre. Sucks really because obviously GT5 is the best of the series even with the minor glitches and stupid choices made. It goes above and beyond any other GT in almost every conceivable way. Anybody who says anything different has let nostalgia and/or too high expectations get the better of them

    • Dec. 19, 4:19am

      So anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion is wrong.

      Ignorant fool.

    • Dec. 19, 5:39am

      Niche genre? Please TomBrady, that comment is so off-based it isn’t even funny.

      GT5 is the #1 selling PS3 exclusive and no other single racing title anywhere can even come close this gen.

    • Dec. 19, 8:51am

      TomBrady as usual thinks his opinion is always right.

  15. Dec. 19, 1:15am

    15th Anniversary has to be BIG! I’m sure PD will gift us some 2013 rides!

    • Dec. 19, 10:20am

      Don´t expect anything for GT5, although it would be good if they released some previous Gran Turismo games for the playstation store, like GT1, GT2 or GT3.

  16. Dec. 19, 12:28am

    15 years & only five games? Geez, PD works too slowly.

    • Dec. 19, 10:24am

      True, they released so little amount of games in 15 years, but unlike many other companies PD keeps suporting the game even after a long time after their release, and they take long time to make their games because they want to make every little detail perfect, and, also making about 400 cars per game takes a long time.

    • Dec. 20, 11:06pm

      looks like someone likes hyped up game quantity over quality

  17. Dec. 18, 11:49pm

    Gran Turismo 4: 11,600,000 says it all doesn’t it?

    • Dec. 19, 1:58am

      No. GT3 has more sales and it was worse than GT4 (the best overall).

    • Dec. 19, 10:26am

      Was it zzz_pt? GT3 was a huge game for the time when it was released, and many people still consider it one of the best Gran Turismo´s ever.

    • Dec. 19, 6:42pm

      swynder, GT4 had a noticable graphics upgrade over GT3 if I remember right.

    • Dec. 19, 11:43pm

      mef, you are are absolutely right about GT4 having a noticable graphics upgrade (if I remember right it could run at high definition) yet what you have to realise is that GT3 had been made 4 years (ahem, 4) before GT4. GT3 was also an amazing and revolutionary game that rocked my world in the early 2000’s and in my opinion, a far funner game than GT4.

  18. Dec. 18, 11:08pm
    euros only

    The more money they get the lazier they become. Us buying their game only tells them that we like it for what it already is and we don’t need improvement, which is not the case as many will agree with me. This game did not live up to my expectations. I call it 4.5 not 5. They took short cuts in making it with all the recycled cars from the previous game and cars that did go premium did not get their standard counterparts deleted from the game. That leaves us buying the same cars over and over again constantly. Having the cars that we actually want to drive in a game makes it a whole lot more fun. Yes the graphics are great but it’s not always about visuals especially if you’re trying to make a real simulator. Give us cars that we want with the physics that go with them and sounds. This is the problem with consumers. They keep buying the products so the manufacturers see no need for improvement and so they sell the same product generation after generation.

    • Dec. 18, 11:40pm

      I think that you’re correct about huge sales being seen as gratification for the producers, but I know nothing about the goings on inside Polyphony Digital so I wouldn’t be so quick to label them as lazy. I do feel that unless there’s a marked impact in sales as a result of a poor release then there’s little incentive for PD to make the huge advances that we want them to, but the truth is that you (probably) and me will buy the next Gran Turismo release regardless of reviews if it’s in any way different to Gran Turismo 5, so it could take a very long time before we see the sales impact that triggers big leaps forward for the series.

    • Dec. 18, 11:42pm

      ^ Agreed. :)

    • Dec. 19, 1:27am

      I hear ya. If you still have Prologue, check it out again. It is much more polished than GT5. The in car view is more defined and smooth. I was hoping for that type of finish in the end with GT5. Still the fun factor is there, but it could have been better as above.

    • Dec. 19, 8:16am

      We will see how sales are when GT6 is released. What if PD cuts a ton of corners again like they did with GT5? Because of the improvements made in Forza and NFS (Yes…NFS, personally I hate it, but a lot of gamers have low expectations), there might be a drop in sales for GT6. And if that happens, what will PD do? I’m not saying how it will be, just giving one possible future.

    • Dec. 19, 6:49pm

      ^ I’ll be surprised if PD actually had worked out GT5’s problems and highly improved them in GT6, (thanks to the updates mind you), and get perfect sales again just like GT5 or even higher than it.

  19. Dec. 18, 10:55pm

    Finally getting a wheel!!

    • Dec. 19, 5:12pm

      Well done …. What one ?

  20. Dec. 18, 10:52pm

    9.19 million copies in two years mind you! GT5 will very soon pass the original grand daddy of them all in Gran Turismo 1, and that game has been out for 15 years!

    Lifetime total for GT5 will EASILY exceed 10 million copies and that is with serious competition too. It’s really no wonder GT6 doesn’t have a launch date with GT5’s continued success.

    Thanks again PDI, you really do deserve the sales!

  21. Dec. 18, 10:44pm

    GT4 has more copies than GT5? Wow!

    • Dec. 19, 10:29am

      It´s because of the time, GT4 has 6 years of difference to GT5, GT5 sales come close, and at this rate GT5 will have more sales than GT4 by 2014.

  22. Dec. 18, 9:55pm

    Gran Turismo 5: 9,190,000

    Not bad for a beta game, which is what GT5 is, if we’re honest. We are all beta testers and we are all paying for the privilige.

    PD, i have bought every GT game ON THE LAUNCH DATE since Gran Turismo 1 (including prologues) so i can call myself a proper GT veteran. Stop with the prologues (or demos as i call them lol) . Stop wasting your time making a rubbish PS Vita version on a tiny screen. Stop messing with with GT5, you are creating more issues than you can fix, clearly! Just concentrate on GT6 pleeeeaassseee

    • Dec. 18, 10:11pm

      by “issues” i mean disconnections, fuel bugs, tyre wear bugs, sound bugs, graphics bugs, game save corruptions, etc.

    • Dec. 18, 11:03pm

      I hear you. I’m also one of the original GT players, still following the series as something that is part of my life, and will still follow it till the end of times. Gran Turismo is still salvageable I think. It’s just a matter of PD organizing their priorities, keep an eye on the competition and start listening more to their followers. I can safely say that GT is still the best driving game out there. It just needs some tweeks, fixes and additions that will really make it the ultimate driving simulator.

      They have done it once already. Just remember how much of an improvement GT2 was from GT1 (and it’s still probably the best GT title so far in my personal opinion). Also, more is not alway the best. We’ve seen that with GT3; a game that despite having only 120 cars, proved to outlast not only it’s predecesor, but also its successor when it came to replay value and gameplay.

      I won’t say to keep your hopes high for GT6, but I want to feel confident that GT6 will be the Gran Turismo to remember. All the criticism (good and bad) that GT5 has had, will help GT6 reach the title of the best driving game ever in history.

    • Dec. 18, 11:19pm

      +100 Very well said @HuskyGT, couldn’t have said it better myself. :tup:

    • Dec. 19, 2:35am

      Regardless of it being a “beta”, which it really isn’t. There were barely any glitches compared to most games that are rushed but regardless, it’s still the best in the series. Could’ve been better, sure, but that doesn’t make it not the best one. Just because you expected more doesn’t make it something else, it is what it is, you being dissapointed doesn’t change the game.

      If you took someone who’s unbiased and had them play all the GT’s there’s no way you can say they wouldn’t pick GT5. I can’t see how anyone would argue with that. It has all the elements of a GT game and then some, plus it does the core elements of any racing game much better. The only people who say it isn’t the best are oldschool GT fans that expected more, and they forget to realize expectations don’t change the quality of a game. People like that ruined this game for themselves long before they even gave it a shot. Good riddance honeslty. If you haven’t figured out where ultra high expectations leads you by now than you deserve to be dissapointed.

      The most important qualities in any racing game, physics, graphics, gameplay, fun factor,sound, content/cars are all best in the series and in my opinion tracks as well although less of them, and I find it strange that people ignore those things like they’re not the most important and focus on things they wanted that aren’t in the game. IF the release didn’t take so long I don’t think it would’ve got so many negative reactions, but really, what does development time have to do with the quality of a game you’re playing in the present? A long wait for a game, that’s in the past, that’s where it should stay, and it has nothing to do with what the game is on release day or now yet it factored into every single review done of GT5, and some peoples opinions. It’s irrelevant. Otherwise you’re ruining perhaps the best racing game ever for yourself just because you can ignore the positives and can’t ignore the negatives. Great way to look at things

    • Dec. 19, 8:13am

      +1 TomBrady, that´s what I say, don’t have high expectations in nothing, you can “can fall from a higher place” if it doesn’t corresponds to what you was expecting, for me GT5 is the best of the series too, I still have GT2, GT3 and GT4, and I still play them sometimes, but man, just prefer GT5, more realistic, the fun factor is also bigger, everything is bigger and better, but that’s my opnion.

    • Dec. 19, 8:48am

      @TomBrady: What a silly post. I love how you say it’s people fault for being disappointed in GT5 when Sony and PD themselves hyped this game so much before release. Stop blaming people for being disappointed in what is obviously a flawed game. Oh, and maybe people think the past GT were better because they were the best at what they did at the time. But with GT5, there’s stiffer competition now and alot of people think GT isn’t the best in every way anymore.

    • Dec. 19, 11:50am

      I think you’re using your own opinion in place of the “other player’s views” portions.

    • Dec. 19, 1:11pm

      True. It’s easy to do that.

    • Dec. 19, 6:50pm

      +1 @TomBrady and @Renan_ :):tup:

  23. Dec. 18, 9:25pm
    Ferrari Enthusi

    I wished if there were DLC which included newer Ferrari, Pagani or other non-Japanese brands. Too much focus on Japanese brands. I want to see the new Dodge Viper, Ferrari F12, Pagani Zonda Cinque etc. please.

    • Dec. 18, 9:47pm

      I also would kind of lime the new BMW M3 because it’s the last year for the M3. I want some TCs of European cars like the 458 and such. I love TC and RM racing but there are no European supercar TC models.

    • Dec. 19, 1:36pm
      e30 freek

      Yeah i heard they were dropping the M3 in favour of M4 completly new series i was gutted but specs on the M4 sound good 3.0 straight 6 tri turbo 450 hp estimated

  24. Dec. 18, 9:23pm
    Ferrari Enthusi

    I have contributed to a few. I am glad I did because I love the series. lol

  25. Dec. 18, 8:41pm

    Cool now they should reward us with more DLC cars new ones like new M5, F12 Berlinetta cars in that manner or atleast standard to premium seeing how we made them so much money

  26. Dec. 18, 8:41pm

    GT5 not the greatest seller sadly, quite poor in comparison to its previous installments…hope GT6 can change that

    • Dec. 19, 8:13am

      GT5 has only 2 years, that’s why it has less sales

  27. Dec. 18, 7:59pm

    GT3 all the way baby!!!

  28. Dec. 18, 7:15pm

    I’m surprised that the cover photo/thumbnail wasn’t a GT-R.


  29. Dec. 18, 7:08pm

    Brilliant game just as it is don’t change anything….well done boys at PD…
    Now what I would like to see for more of my money….

    Premier of manufactures new car…(chevi will do)…with
    Team colours ,paint,suits and helmets
    Wall papers backgrounds
    Livery chips and paints
    New American photo location
    New track…(Latona Seca) with time and weather changes brill
    Track editor template.
    And there best newest car for first time anywhere…

    Long live GT5

    • Dec. 18, 7:24pm

      I like how you say don’t change a thing, yet you made a list of things you want in the game…lol

    • Dec. 18, 7:36pm

      What is Latona Seca? If you mean Laguna Seca, its there.

      And who’s best newest car for the first time anywhere? If you want Chevy’s (chevi’s), its there, the next gen Corvette DLC.

    • Dec. 18, 8:05pm

      stupidest post ever

    • Dec. 18, 10:06pm

      disconnected from the lobby server

  30. Dec. 18, 7:01pm

    I can’t believe that 3.86 million copies of GT PSP sold… or maybe I should say I can’t believe that with 3.86 million copies of GT PSP sold there isn’t a GT VITA.

  31. Dec. 18, 6:57pm

    GT is Amazing, I love them all just like I did the First and ill continue to love any future iterations. Well done Kaz and PD keep up the great work.

  32. Dec. 18, 6:41pm


  33. Dec. 18, 5:29pm
    Mac K

    15 years already? Wow.

  34. Dec. 18, 4:51pm

    You should update the article to let everyone know that all they did was remove the XL/Academy editions, lumped them with GT5, and corrected the total. This is still as of September just like the previous news article has it. It makes sense considering it’s all GT5 only the newer ones have the DLC for free.

  35. Dec. 18, 4:47pm

    Congrats to Kaz and PD and Sony!

    Best game franchise for me!

  36. Dec. 18, 4:26pm

    Nothing will ever top Gran Turismo 3. So many childhood memories.

    • Dec. 18, 5:28pm

      For me Gran Turismo 4 it kind of reminded me of gt2 with the menu music

    • Dec. 18, 7:24pm
      e30 freek

      I think no other gt game will top the days staying in playing gt3 wish it had a bit more cars though!

  37. Dec. 18, 4:22pm

    The numbers are the same released before… if you sum all regions before the number was 9,190k but the WW table showed 9,010k… so PD just fixed the sum for WW and removed the sales per editions.

    • Dec. 18, 4:40pm

      Yeah I noticed that. All they did was remove the XL/Academy editions, lumped them with GT5, and corrected the total. This is still as of September just like the previous news article has it. It makes sense considering it’s all GT5 only the newer ones have the DLC for free.

  38. Dec. 18, 4:07pm

    Congrats Kazunori and PD! It’s really amazing seeing how well GT5 is selling despite all those flaws it had, but thanks to the updates it got GT5 somewhere. Well done. :)

  39. Dec. 18, 4:00pm

    On to 70, PD!

    Congrats on this outstanding score :)

  40. Dec. 18, 3:58pm

    Congratulations to the PD team and Kazunori

    Not bad for a game that is considered a failure by many and second best behind Forza in terms of quality.

    I always like using these figures to combat fanboys. normally the conversation goes like this…

    Xbox is better than PS3…

    Whats your reasoning behind that?

    Sales, xbox has sold more than PS3 facts dont lie :)

    So I guess Forza is better than GT5

    Of course this is a fact…

    But I’m sure GT5 has sold just as much as the whole Forza franchise put together.

    err, yeah… but…. err…. *Nose bleed*


    • Dec. 18, 4:14pm

      Sure Forza is good but do they ever care about what the people want? PD does take a long time to do things but at least they listen what we want as a community whereas Forza just wants to steal all our money.

    • Dec. 18, 4:29pm

      Actually you’d be surprised but PS3 has sold more than xbox …

    • Dec. 18, 4:39pm

      @Ericiscoollike: Exactly Gran Turismo 5 is trying to be The Real Driving Simulator but Forza 4 is the Real DLC Simulator.

      Gran Turismo is a more wide game despite the unfinished product that GT5 is. It is an ambitious project if you take a look at what is trying to do- Yes Forza 4 did it well, it is a better product than GT5 but also it lacks on features more relevant to the simulation aspect of the game as weather effects and day/night cycles and surfaces as dirt and snow. (I don´t doubt that it is their main goal for the 5th game though)

      But as I said some people begs for DLC´s when we really “don´t need that”…probably if all those 1000 cars in the game will be premium no one will ask for DLC…of course we want more cars but that just because we haven´t those cars. But what about those games that comes with just 50 to 70 cars? People never complains about them but when you give more to people they just want more and more and more, and also different stuff that what you have…weird isn´t it?

      The truth is that we need a finished product next time with tons of features, tons of cars but all in the same state (not going to use the word “Premium” here), and proper tyre and suspension model, flags and regulations, better online in where you actually can hit other cars instead of passing ghosts, better single-player/career mode in where licence tests have relevance within the game, proper “level-up” system instead of just collecting A Spec points (a career in where you start playing with karts, then go to turism, then open wheel cars with low HP, then Rally, DTM and finally F1…like being a realistic pilot career not just events…), team career in where you can drive with an AI in your team or a friend online…events in where you and one guy can compete against AI´s -C Spec perhaps?-…etc.

      Hope the next game blows out of the water every other racing game in the market. (and I am a fan of racing simulators on PC like rFactor, rFactor 2 and the others)

    • Dec. 18, 5:10pm

      PD listen to the community? lol

    • Dec. 18, 5:49pm

      @ZedMan1996. And if you remember The Xbox 360 had a whole year of advantage over the PS3 wich was released also a year later at a very high price tag. So it is amazing that the PS3 is tied with the Xbox or surpassed the it in terms of sales.

    • Dec. 18, 6:38pm

      The point here is after 4 titles..we just don’t want another game to burn out…lets do it different this time…lets just build a platform to make a game that just keeps getting bigger….we want all the stuff that’s been before and all the new stuff to come…this was the future of racing games 10 years ago…DLC you just know we’re gonna get loads more….they proved they can manipulate any aspect of the game. And add any content new or old……off course I would love some off those old tracks back..but bring on the new ones to…

    • Dec. 18, 7:58pm

      @Ericiscoollike: lol…You got it wrong mate… It’s all the way around…

    • Dec. 18, 10:29pm

      LOL PD listens to the fans. Stop living in dream land people.

    • Dec. 18, 11:12pm

      ^ Yyyyeah, they did in fact listen to us. Don’t you remember? When we complained about the Honda HSV-010’s engine sound, they actually changed it. May not sound good to you but at least they’d fix it, AND of course they’d fixed GT5’s online issue we had. AND the other problems we also had and discovered in GT5.

      Believe all you want that PD doesn’t listen, but to me they do listen when it comes to fixing bugs and other issues through updates… I don’t see OTHER certain driving games doing that now do I? When it comes to ripping money off of fans through DLCs, that’s the only time they’ll listen, so easy. LOL! Talk about easy for the devs. I rest my case. U_U

    • Dec. 19, 8:21am

      +1 TokoTurismo

    • Dec. 19, 9:49am

      Maybe other devs don’t bother because unlike GT5, their games are actually finished when they come out.

      And it’s so funny how people accuse Forza of “stealing money” with DLC when GT5 has rip-off paint DLC where you have to pay again and again if you want more than one of each chip. And let’s not forget they were going to do the same thing with the first DLC car pack until enough people got pissed off at them for it. Let’s stop being hypocrites people.

    • Dec. 19, 10:18am

      Oh I’m sorry. Who’s the person who believed PD doesn’t listen to us, NOT DLC wise, but update wise? You’re just funny. I agree that maybe PD shouldn’t have made those race suits and paint chip DLC before imo, but did they abuse them for money? Nooo. Excatly.

      Look who’s calling people hypocrites, when you’re buying a pack that was BASICALLY taken out from SAID spin off game to get money off you, AND especially on recycled cars from the old games too, even though they SHOULD HAVE been included in the game from the start. Even if that SAID game is a spin off, to me it seems like a game that was only created to rip money off of you, but hey, you can’t see it so why should I even bother.

      And I see you got bored with the pack already it seems, is that why you had enough time to type that post hmmm?

    • Dec. 19, 10:23am

      Again I rest my case… Have a nice day.

    • Dec. 19, 1:18pm

      But am I defending Horizon’s DLC for making people pay for cars that are already in FM4? No. Never have, never will. So sorry, not seeing your point. Just because I bought it doesn’t make me a hypocrite. I also bought the first GT5 DLC too. All of it. The paint chips, tracks, cars and suits/helmets.

      And yes, they did abuse the paint chips for money. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have made it so that you have to pay with real money again and again if you want more than one.

    • Dec. 19, 1:48pm

      Like I said, I rest my case. I refuse to extend this conversation over DLCs when we’re really suppose to be discussing how GT5 is selling. I wish Forza wasn’t brought into all this, I really love the game, but can’t have as fun with it than I do with GT5, only my opinion though. So I’m going to kindly say, *lets end this conversation*

      Do enjoy your game and I’ll enjoy mine. Lets hope (but not to high) if Kaz and PD are planning something special for christmas for us alright? I know you won’t reply to this but hey, that’s cool.

  41. Dec. 18, 3:58pm

    skewed numbers if they include all of the hundreds of “editions” of GT5 in that number.

    • Dec. 18, 4:04pm

      Do that many people buy more than one version of GT5?

    • Dec. 18, 4:15pm

      So how is that skewed?
      It’s still GT5

    • Dec. 18, 8:01pm

      Its the same game…
      MVC3 on the there hand is not the same as UMVC3 since it cannot be upgraded to that status
      What your saying is the GH version of allot of games dont count since they included extra content and bug fixes on the disk?

  42. Dec. 18, 3:43pm

    Just goes to show how successful that the Gran Turismo Series has been in video gaming history! Congratulations PD and KY!

    In fact, Kaz was on the Jeff Probst show yesterday when Jeff was racing Helio Castroneves on GT5 lol

    • Dec. 18, 4:05pm

      Really? That sounds like a fun watch. I’ll have go check out that clip.

    • Dec. 19, 1:07pm

      haha That’s awesome. I just looked it up.

  43. Dec. 18, 3:40pm

    Incredible, congrats to Kazunori and PD.

  44. Dec. 18, 3:40pm

    My favourite GT3 most seller

    • Dec. 18, 4:46pm

      That was my least favorite GT….

    • Dec. 18, 5:10pm

      If you take away the technology gap, my pick would be GT2.

    • Dec. 18, 6:41pm

      All Gran Turismo’s from 1 to 4 surpassed my expectations… They were all amazing. My favourite of them all would also be GT2, but the graphics of GT3 were insanely awesome.

    • Dec. 18, 8:02pm

      If i could pick a Granturismo game disregarding physics and graphics id pick gt2.

    • Dec. 18, 8:33pm

      Cars, cars, cars… that’s what Kaz’s original explanation of what GT was to him… ‘an automobile encyclopedia…’
      GT1 had a race version of each car… most missed concept
      GT2 had over 700 cars, not including all the Skyline versions… BMW 840Ci, Wiegert W8 and Jaguar XJR-15 are personal favorites of the series.
      GT3 did not have as many cars but did include 4 or 5 of Senna’s (and team mates’) F1 cars… most appreciated Kaz!
      GT4 fell way down in the SURPRISE!!! department but did make up for it by introducing la Sarthe and Nurburg to the masses.
      GT5? Well, no surprises but did manage to turn out the lights and make it rain.
      The entire series continues to be played by the family… XBox and Forza are held in reserve for visiting scrubs ;)

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